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December 15, 2020 7:00 am


The Bible Study Hour / James Boice

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December 15, 2020 7:00 am

When a heroic act of redemption occurs in a story, it is usually a significant turning point with powerful implications for the rest of the narrative. In every Christians story, the redemption accomplished by Christ is even more than a turning point. It is the story.

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When a heroic act of redemption occurs in the story. It usually is a significant turning point with powerful implications for the rest of the narrative in every Christian story. The redemption accomplished by Christ is even more than a turning point.

It is the story welcome to the Bible study hour with Dr. James Bortz preparing you to think and act biblically.

It was accomplished by the ultimate sacrificial life is the basis of our hope is believers. It's one of the most precious words in the Christian vocabulary redemption. Let's prepare to learn and be encouraged as we listen into today's teaching with Dr. Boyce.

I pointed out before, when we began to study the portion beginning with verse three that in Greek.

This is all one sentence, which makes it very hard to outline as Paul, it would seem piles phrase upon phrases and concepts upon concept so concern busy to express adequate praise to God for great salvation that we have in Jesus Christ. Although it's hard to outline there's nevertheless say clear progression of ideas, and one of the clearest progressions is a progression that involves the Trinity versus 3 to 6 deal with the work of God the father in salvation primarily versus 7 to 10 deal with the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God in salvation versus 11 to 14 deal with the work of the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, the primary work of God the father is the plan. Salvation is a work of the Holy Spirit is to apply salvation to the individual? The work of Jesus Christ, about whom these central nurses are concerned is to achieve salvation, which he did by the work of redemption through his death on Calvary's cross. This means of course that redemption is central to Christianity, even more than that redemption is one of the most blessed concepts or words in the Christian vocabulary. The early years of this century, the distinguished Prof. of the back taken polemic theology at Princeton theological seminary. Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield delivered an address to the incoming students on the subject of redemption in which he maintained that there is no title of Christ, which is more precious to Christian hearts and Redeemer. This is because he said that whenever we use it. The cross is placarded before our eyes and our hearts are filled with loving remembrance. Not only that Christ has given us salvation by that he paid a mighty price for in the heart of that address. Warfield then proved his point that this is a term beloved in the vocabulary of Christians, but he did not, as we might expect. By the lengthy or abstract theological arguments, but by the hymns of the church which is Warfield said is that which brings us closest to the real devotional experience of God's people.

He cited such hymns as this whole soul, and offering the to our Redeemer's name while we pray for pardoning grace through our dear Redeemer's name Almighty son incarnate Word, our prophet, priest, Redeemer Lord over a thousand tongues to sing my dear Redeemer's praise.

All glory law and honor to the Redeemer getting Warfield listed 27 selections like that and then he added to it. Quotations from the works of William Dunbar, William Shakespeare, Christina Rossetti, Henry Vaughn and then left. We should miss the point. He went on and did the same thing all over again with the word ransom, which, as he pointed out is very near synonym to the words for redemption. The special character of these works redeem Redeemer and redemption is in their reference to the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

These words are also rich in themselves to begin with. There are three words for redemption in the New Testament. Two of them that are very closely related to one another and 1/3 which is a different word entirely first word is our garage so the garage so the verb is based on the Greek noun under which referred to the marketplace which you would have in any Greek city.

So the word on the rods of the verb means to buy or to buy in the marketplace reverse in spiritual terms to what Jesus Christ did when by his own death, or as we say in Christian terms at the price of his blood he purchased for himself. Great people, great possession. As you begin to talk about a price in salvation. There are people who rise up to object and some of the liberal scholars are among a number they argue that as soon as you talk about a price in salvation you're talking grace because grace is that which is free. Salvation must be free, they say, so if you talk about a price you're really undermining the gospel they attacked his word, redemption, and that way changing its meaning from what it obviously means as basic lexical study would indicate in Greek and Latin were we have the word redeem the same thing buying buying with the price, and so on. A change that to me not redemption through the payment of the price, but the idea of deliverance apart from the payment of the price texts that affect example in the 24th chapter of Luke.

When Jesus appears to the Emmaus disciples when they're on their way home after the crucifixion and resurrection and the asked him to explain why they're so sad and they tell them about Jesus and his arrest in crucifixion and they had these words I said but we hope that it should be he who should've redeemed Israel scholars point out, quite rightly, in this case that when they talk about the redemption of Israel are not talking about a spiritual commercial transaction or document deliverance I meant. We hope that this was the Messiah would drive out the Romans is another example. In this very letter of Paul to the Ephesians the fourth chapter verse 30 Paul says do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption at the redemption of our bodies time which, by the grace of God were going to be set free or delivered from sin and bodily decay. Well, they say, see what that word really means is deliverance sending someone for a it has nothing to do with any supposed price that Jesus Christ paid on Calvary. What you stated that what one answer least in terms of the Emmaus disciples is at the Emmaus disciples misunderstood what Jesus was saying they were thinking in terms of the political deliverance, but they had missed what it was.

He was really doing was bringing a spiritual deliverance by dying on the cross and he himself explained it afterwards when he got them all together in the upper room meet interpreted to them out of the Scripture these things and he said these texts teach that it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and die and not on the basis of his death, repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached. All people access interpretation of what redemption is about from the mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's a lot of objection in other ways to look at the Old Testament patterns.

For example the Old Testament there was a great idea of redemption expressed in a variety of words. One of the words was God which means to redeem and the noun that this link to go whale which is usually translated a kinsman redeemer. It had to do with this in Hebrew way of thinking of things. The possession of land was the most important thing because it was a families or individuals share in the inheritance of Israel.

So if for death or some other reason, individual Jew would loose his land.

He lost his inheritance and I was bad so in the law. There was a provision whereby close relative, a kinsman would have an obligation if it were at all possible to buy the land back from whoever owned it at the time and restore it to his kinsman so he was a Redeemer of the land. The land back by the payment of the price we have an example of that in the Old Testament. Bo lasted that in regard to the land that had belonged to the husband of Ruth. Again, there's the idea of a covert alcove or was a ransom price that it was used in this way, suppose you had an animal box and that animal got loose one day and went down the road and board the neighbors of the neighbor died now under Jewish law. The life of the animal could be forfeited for the life of the person was killed was negligence life of the owner of the animal could be forfeited for the life of the one was killed. I was no profit or not for anyone, of course, two deaths don't improve one, so that was a provision whereby, if a man will only animal could agree on a price for the relatives of the man would been killed. He could redeem life either of the animal, or he could redeem his own life he could save his life by the payment of the price.

The point of all that you see is the idea of redemption by a price was common in Israel so it's natural to think that when the Lord Jesus Christ and his disciples use the word they were thinking along those lines as well was not only in Hebrew culture, but the idea was, and it was common in Greek culture as well. Edelweiss and Clinton then his great classic study light from the ancient East and Leon Morris in his study of atonement entitled the apostolic preaching of the cross. Both of these men give examples of what was almost a standard formula of manumission or the release of a slave.

Slaves were bought and sold every day in the Greek marketplace is of course and if somebody for one reason or another, wanted to set a slave free to pay a price by which that slave would be redeemed and then the document was drawn up to that affect the contract and it would go something like this for many, many examples of this in antiquity. I so and so pray. The Pythian Apollo you pay at one of the gods because the slaves were understood to be in service to the gods in the temples and so on. I so-and-so pay to the Pythian Apollo the sum of so many mean I on condition that the slaves so-and-so be set free never to be sold in slavery again.

It was a formula, redemption, and in that particular formula of the price that was paid was always stipulated real argument against anything that would subtract the price of redemption is, however, the clear teaching of the New Testament itself. All of the great New Testament texts that speak of Jesus death have to do with this idea of price. For example, Matthew 2028 Jesus says the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

What was a ransom ransom was his life by paying the price of his own life he ransomed sinners for Titus 214. The speaks of Jesus who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purchase for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good. What is the price. The purchase price and that verse.

Well it's the giving of himself giving himself in death. Finally, this first Peter 118, 19. This is probably the clearest text of all Peter writes, you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your forefathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect. This verse, the idea of Christ's life being the price of our redemption is inescapable.

But I said that this concept is rich in part because of the variety of the words that are used render it one of those words stored we been studying his terrazzo. The second word is ask our garage so now that's exactly the same word but with a preface added to it. Preface acts which means out of so I terrazzo means the buying in the marketplace ask our garage so means the buyout of the marketplace is significant.

For this reason, you can imagine to speak in secular terms that merciful employer goes down the marketplace one day and buys slave to God work in his or her home and treats the slave well, but after period of time becomes dissatisfied with the slaves abilities for performance in the side well and sell that slave again. So back to the marketplace goes the slave and the slaves sold on the auction block once more.

That must've happened again and again and again in antiquity. So the position of a slave in the ancient world was never secure. That's not the way it is with a redemption that we have in Jesus Christ. Jesus buys us in the marketplace. Yes, that's true, but he buys us out of the marketplace, which is to say, we might never never return to the marketplace of sin again what some people refer to when they say once saved always saved. Jesus doesn't purchase us with his blood and then throw us back in the world.

We become his his forever. There is no greater price to be paid for the salvation of a man or woman in the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. And that means that there is no one who can top price price and so bias away from them. The third word for redemption which I said earlier, is entirely different from the other words is the word Luo and a means to loose or set free here.

You really do have the idea of deliverance as a number of variations. Luo gave us neutron, which means the price for deliverance process which means the redeem by the payment of the price of Apple process which is the basic New Testament word or redemption means to be set free to go back to the illustration of being a slave once again.

Here is a slave purchased in the marketplace purchase by a benevolent owner purchased by one who says no I want you to come be in my home. I'm going to take care of you and I'm never going to sell you there again. Yes, all that might be very, very wonderful, especially if the owner was merciful but still you see the individual who is purchased as a slave again this is not the way it is with Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ redeems us not in order that we might continue all our lives as a slave.

Although there is a sense in which we are willingly now servants of Jesus Christ in order that the one purchase might be set free from sin, free from bondage. Our own wickedness and holds us down and warps our bath and destroys the best of the things we try to do set free from that in order than the power of Jesus Christ we might serve him in righteousness and do that which is good in his sight, and which will last for all eternity is what the great Charles Wesley wrote about my favorite him the theme of the Bible study our adverse goes along my imprisoned spirit lay fast bound in sin in nature's night by now. I diffuse the quickening way. I rose the dungeon flame with light light chains fell off. My heart was free. I rose, went forth, and followed the what we talked about redemption and in doing it. We've really talked about what Paul is writing of in verse eight, when he says that he lavished this on us with all wisdom and understanding. According to the riches of his grace we begun to see something of the riches of God's grace and redemption.

Yet there's more because the next verses. Verses nine and 10 Kuan speak of two other things, the mystery of God, which is his plan in all history and the fellowship of the redeemed, which follows from Paul Wright said he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times will reach their fulfillment to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ. Funny, I think that he uses the word mystery there because many people have been mystified by the mystery they haven't understood what those verses are about there not all that mysterious.

What Paul is speaking of their is God's great plan in history. Any saying what God has done in history and is doing is to take that which, because of the fall of the Angels in the fall of Adam and Eve in sin has produced a disjointed world now.

By the work of Jesus Christ and redemption. He's bringing things back in the harmony once again in his great study of this chapter Dr. Dean Martin Lloyd Jones points out, I think rightly that the key to understanding what is done here is a word which most of our translations don't even include it's a simple word is the work again AGA IN you look in your Bible and probably won't see that word again in verses nine and 10. Yet it's there, it's joined to the major Greek verb. The Greek verb is a funny one. It's based on the word A, which means head used in different ways that word head can refer to headstone which we would call cornerstone or it can refer to the head of a chapter or at the conclusion of the chapter, which we did a summary of what said I can even refer to a scroll in which all things are summed up as all rolled up together.

It's a verb that is translated to bring all things in heaven on earth together under one head.

Leave out in heaven and on earth. That's all one verb in Greek to bring all things together under one head.

That's the translation of but the interesting thing which as I said Dr. Lloyd Jones points out is that in the Greek that great verb is prefaced by the word on which means again, and although it's not translated that way and most of our versions. What it really says is God's great purpose in history is to bring all things together again under one head, even Jesus Christ like that throws on the passage, Paul is saying there was a time way back in the distant past when all things work together under one head was one will in the universe always harmonious, then sin entered in and out harmony was broken and we know the kind of brokenness tragically characterizes our world. Brokenness of human relationships brokenness between nations, even brokenness within as we don't know who we are. Where were going and all of those things that confuse us as we try to live our lives in this world, but says Paul, here's the mystery. This is a great mystery. This is a mystery that is been revealed to us as long as you live in this life you will never hear a Mr. you will never learn the truth that is greater than the strokes God's great planning history center in Christ redemption is to bring things together once again this is not the doctrine of Universalism because that's repudiated elsewhere, the Lord Jesus Christ himself was most emphatic teaching that not all will be saved but is to bring it again together and make a harmonious.

In this sense that those who believe in Christ and submit harmoniously to his wealth are brought together in him and those who refuse to submit are nevertheless forced to acknowledge as it says in Philippians 2 Jesus Christ is Lord of all evil is restrained and limited forever and ever and ever. I mentioned at the beginning of the study that BB Warfield said this idea redemption is the most precious idea and most Christians bought my thing in order to be faithful to his essay I have to acknowledge the toward the end of that message.

Warfield bemoaned the fact that, as he said even in his day.

This seemed to be ceasing to be the case, liberal scholars, even in that they were trying to attack the idea redemption trying to water down trying to eliminate the fact that it was achieved by Jesus Christ for us. The cost of his own life. Although Warfield didn't say this explicitly, I think he suggests in places that it was also in danger of being lost simply by the neglect of Christian people, the way many great theological terms are lost. Perhaps they thought that it was to theological to abstract to impractical just a few weeks ago. As I began the study on Ephesians there was a person who was invited to attend Presbyterian Church. You said afterwards that she didn't like the message because she said it was to biblical cement. It wasn't practical enough. Well let me tell you what Warfield said some of his best writing. Warfield said it's a sad thing to see words like these die and I hope you will determine the God helping you. You will not let them guide us any care on your part can preserve them in life and vigor. The dying of the words is not the saddest thing that we see the saddest thing is the dying out of the heart of man of the things for which the words stand the real thing for you to settle in your minds, therefore, is whether Christ is truly a Redeemer to you whether you find an actual redemption in him, you realize the Christ as your ransom or is actually shed his blood for you is your ransom, you realize that your salvation is been bought at a tremendous price and the price of nothing less precious than blood and that the blood of Christ, the holy one of God to go a step further to you realize that this Christ Sue has not shed his blood for you is himself. Your God. So the Scriptures teach and then he quoted these verses the blood of God out poured upon the tree so reads the book.

All mines received the Foxboro helpless murmur, thou hast vainly sought block room within the for such mystery draw near. Listen to this sweetest suite by God. All mind letting shed his blood for the let us pray our father.

There are many thoughts we have that we receive in here and pass on because they're of no great moment for us or others.

We can't do that with your word, and above all, we cannot do it with those teachings that deal with that which is the core of Christianity Christ's death on Calvary for us. Our father as we thought. In these moments about the meaning of redemption on the price of our Lord. The very son of God paid for our salvation. We asked that we might be lifted up and encouraged to respond to him as we must saying Bob so amazing, so divine, demands my life by soul, by all by your grace may we live for Jesus ever more a you are listening to the Bible study hours with the Bible teaching of Dr. James Boyce listener supported ministry of the alliance of confessing Evangelicals. The alliance exists to promote a biblical understanding and worldview. Drawing upon the insight and wisdom of reformed theologians from decades and even centuries gone by.

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