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The Danger of Christian Nationalism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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December 14, 2020 4:40 pm

The Danger of Christian Nationalism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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December 14, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 12/14/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

So Beth Moore's made some very controversial comments about Christian nationalism encompasses him issue right stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on a very important broadcast today Michael Brown so glad to be back live and in the studio with you.

This is the day December 14 for the official counting of the electoral votes which were then officially cleared Joe Biden as president of the say hold on, hold on. Still legal investigations, legal challenges, forensic investigations, we still don't know what the final outcome is at a certain point a certain point. This can be an inauguration certain point. Either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be inaugurated, presuming there healthy and ready to go and at that point, we won't be discussing the S answer the bots about who is the president, but the discussion of legitimacy, not this can be ongoing but I can focus on that today I can focus on the today really focus on a broader subject, namely Christian nationalism. What is it.

Is it healthy is a part of the fabric of our nation is dangerous.

Is it a deception, 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 over the weekend Jericho march in different cities in America. Big rally in DC stop the steel. What's that about is that a good example of believer saying enough is enough and crying out to God and coming together or is this an example of dangerous Christian nationalism talk about that returned your best to sort these issues out and go play a phone call from a few days ago from a dear Christian brother, and then some interesting reaction to it that I happen to notice when talking about that I think you find this enlightening. Now I'm not just taking general bottle questions today general theology because I know you can ask me all last week as I was way but any calls on topic your way in on this issue in the moment to draw attention to a Beth Moore tweet that's getting tremendous response for and against.

But a lot a lot of responsible whole article dealing with it.

We'll talk about that first though. It's wonderful to be back with you and I do pray for you as listeners and viewers of the line of fire, friends and supporters of our ministries, I was away last week I had a habit, probably since the late 80s did for well over a decade or I would get away every year or two for three days five days one time for a whole week and just seek the Lord, sometimes a big goal would also be to rest in the midst of a crazy busy schedule, but for the most part, it would be to disconnect and to get with God and to pray for hours a day and to be in the word into to meditate before him, and to bring my life before the ministry before him.

It'd been many years since I've done it many years close to 20 you think that many years for sure and maybe a little less than that for a long time, and normally the first week of December.

Thereabouts I go to India and would be my 20's trip to India, but because of coated of the trip was canceled and I thought you know what one I take time to time, and we know the pre-record shows and we want to take time to get on with God and right as I was praying I did three different people to a North Carolina one Texas quite out of the blue said by the way, if you ever need a place to get away got a place I thought okay II guess this is a real a man from the Lord that I should do this so went down to Texas, met with dear friends may be soliciting now that regularly pray for.

For me and and Nancy and our ministry and house of prayer in Texas so really devoted to us and in the work were doing. So we started Saturday morning together with them flat on a Friday night after radio and then wait for there's been an hour and 1/2 drive with one of her grads over to farmland he has in Texas rural Texas with a tiny little A-frame house and that's where I was for a day's had one break to have dinner with the family and spend some time with them I was. I was also didn't go out of the place.

The beautiful farm I replaced what I just stayed in their and spent a lot of time seeking the Lord and a lot of time worshiping the Lord in a letter to express my love for the Lord and in hearing his voice and turning towards him and then in seeking to to be more pleasing in his sight, and I just just one safe in the heart is the one like the Lord, there is no one like the Lord and I was talking to Nancy about it you know it's just be the most amazing thing that I be praying and pour my heart out and the next thing I just be weeping because of his goodness.

It's like he did anything his sister a revelation of who he is. You get so overwhelmed that all you can do is just bask in his presence and weep and pour your heart out so with everything and befriends. I want to glorify Lord, the Lord, I want to be a blessing in your lives.

Want to help. You want to serve you.

If I ever say things that seem controversial and not just trying to be controversial of 65 years old been through a bunch of battles for the Lord, that of an privileged standing of of learned by my mistakes over the years as well and then no games to play. I've never been about playing games. But if I wasn't playing games and I was 18.

The first summer presumption of playing games. The 65 so I say what I said out of love. Sometimes it may be controversial sometimes may offend you. If it offends you, because it's true then thank the Lord for and take hold of it rebuked loving rebuke, loving correction it's a godsend and I thank God for those that have that ministry in my life and for the Holy Spirit bring correction to my life and rebuke what I need. If if it's offensive because of misunderstanding.

Let's try to understand each other if it's offensive because of Judge mentalism in my heart or pride or spiritual, holier than thou attitude in my heart, forgive me that's that's never my intent with everything in me to the core of my being. Please hear me friends to the core of my being, my number one preeminent desire is to see God glorified that is what I burn for that people would know him know who he really is experience him. That's what I live for.

That's what I breathe for. That's the passion of my life and and if that means that 10 million people listen to every word I say if that means nobody ever knows my name on lesson material was, that's material is that the Lord's prayer is answered and it begins with hallowed be your name. The day will come when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus the Messiah's Lord to the glory of the father things on earth.

Things in heaven things on earth.

Things under the earth. Some will do it willingly, so will do it unwillingly, but all will bow all will bow and and one highlights what people know God wanted to know his goodness is justices love his mercies powers, purity to know who he really is and friend. We cannot political differences, we can have cultural differences with the theological differences, doctrinal differences, practical differences, we can have all those differences but to the core of your being that if you love Jesus is not what you want more than anything, you get past her divisions get past her maturity get past our carnality get past the superficial things that stand in the way. What do you want more than anything if if you could push one button and have that one prayer answered wouldn't be all caught the true name would be made whole that everyone would know you are but isn't that the answer to every problem in the universe, this isn't that the ultimate solution that people would know God that people would worship him and adore him, and thereby become like him embrace his values embrace his being embraces character doesn't say during the millennial kingdom on the earth. Passages like Isaiah 11 that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the seas. Isn't that why there is no war.

Isn't that why there's justice is not why the wolf lies down with the lamb because the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is alive.

I've been in Jewish ministry since I got saved right sharing the gospel with my Jewish family and immediately with other Jewish friends in the local rabbi in so I been doing Jewish ministry for almost 50 years for 9+ years.

Laws have been saved three days from today, as is the day by God's grace 49 years ago I set on the put a needle in my arm again. The point of of surrender that I reached in God that was that was when I knew that I knew that I knew that that my sins were forgiven and and and and his life was was filling my butt ever since then 49 years of enduring Jewish ministry and while I was away and focus on that. But I did praying up some my dear Jewish friends, rabbis and others that some of known since the beginning, 49 years, praying for God to open their hearts and minds to review shoots and that's what I want, that they would just know him if they can understand who he was.

Everything would change for the markers for the skeptics for the cynics for activists of other causes and those throughout the from every angle. The many have turned away from God, willingly, knowingly, their hearts are hard, their rebels understand that but but many others have never encountered him. Many others are sinning but their and their accountable for their sin. And yet, like Saul of Tarsus persecuted believers.

He said he did in ignorance and unbelief when he encountered Jesus when he encountered Yeshua, everything changed. Everything changed and he became one of the most mightily used men on the planet in world history. So that's that's mouth with heartbeat you so why get involved in politics what God's called me to be your forcible cultural and spiritual evolution.

God's called me to address cultural issues and cultural issues intersect with political issues so we comment them a comment on this is because right and appropriate, but I am not. I am not a political commentator I'm not a a conservative talk radio host. I am first and foremost servant of the Lord and the preacher of the gospel and that is going to come through and everything on one level or another. Not every article is to be an overt gospel article. Not every commenters can be an over gospel commentary, but upon the fact that's my ultimate heartbeat soul. I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and I pray that that if you don't know them. You really come to know him because no one is to love and all of you that do know him. It may you have a fresh encounter with his goodness with his reality so that your love for him depends. Those of us who left her first love me there be supernatural restoration in the days ahead. All right, 86634 is never the call we come back we'll get into this discussion of Christian nationalism" from Beth Moore. That's getting a lot of attention. If you are onto something important or missing number and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown healthy part of the fabric of our nation is unhealthy is in the mixing of two kingdoms which are take 866-34-TRUTH Sunday morning, Beth Moore tweeted this out and she's got up close to a million Twitter followers and as of last night.

It had like 108000 Licensed Roots Way more than that now. She said this.

I do not believe these are days for mincing words. I'm 63 1/2 years old and have never seen anything in these United States of America found more astonishingly seductive and dangerous to the saints of God, then trumpeters them.

This Christian nationalism is not of God move back from it. This Christian nationalism is not from God move back from it… Grab a clip from Saturday. Membership tweeted on Sunday. This is a Jericho March these events were scheduled for different key cities and swing states where the votes are being disputed skinny little feel for what happened are Americans under attack by Karen force trying to silence our voices and our votes just as the Israelites through the walls of corrupt Jericho Grand Master election fraud and or national market, Washington DC join our battle Jericho more art so there's a very clear statement that there's been election fraud. There's an attempt to steal the election which would then open the doors for radical leftist agenda that would transform America as we know it very negative ways, and Christians responding saying regular cry out to God to pray and fast as as I'm speaking. Let's just put some video footage up to give you an idea of what happened in DC so good size crowd, though the estimates did not get as much did not get as as much media coverage is as one might have expected a Pres. Trump actually flew over in helicopter so that God obviously a roar from the crowd and comment on Facebook today on this Trojan election is not about Pres. Dante trumpets about freedom versus Marxism. All right, so, so many, many would would make that comment that some of Trump.

This is about the freedom of the election and Christian should be gatherings about freedom rather versus Marxism Christian should be gathering. They should be crying out, they should be seeking God.

They should be making statements that they should be saying enough is enough. That's what Christians do. By the way, Beth Moore also put out another tweet saying, by all means don't go the way of Biden's and don't replace trumpeters and with Biden is right, so she's not single Democrat that's that's not the issue but is this this is healthy is this a good thing yet. She said God help us. We don't turn from trumpeters into Biden's him.

We do not worship flesh and blood begin a place our faith in mortals where the church of the living God. We can sanctify idolatry by labeling a leader Osiris Menino Sarris. We have a king's name is Jesus using she's missing the point. She's overreacting. She's accusing of his idolatry recognize Trump is just a man is a man raised up by God for these moments in history and therefore we are standing with them. I understand that I'm again I'm a Trump voter right Trump voter.

When I was a Mike Huckabee show will be recorded late September.

Maybe it aired early October summer on their and I explained why as evangelicals we've chosen to devote for Trump's is the clearest exhalation ever heard those with all the reasons not to vote for him why we did basis. Clearest explanations of her tweeted that out after the show right so II get. I know the Pro Trump argument.

I have also some of the alarm against one of the calling Trump's from the start. From the moment I began supporting him. Once he won the primaries against its associate of Olga silly Clinton. I understand I understand the stakes are very very high I get that one of the Democrats here worst-case scenario they steal the election right they win the other two seats in Georgia. They now have from tens of majority in the house and the Senate even said to be 50-50, Harris within cast the deciding vote if there is a tie they can out vote to pack the Supreme Court so all the years and work to get certain justices pack the Supreme Court is added.

Add five justices whatever number 10 all the ultraliberal bigamist when the borders wide open, but tons of immigrants coming that will they'll all vote Democrat. Then they're going to impose a radical Marxist agenda on the society should not Christians be concerned worst-case scenario that people are warning about should be very concerned should actually be praying. However, the issue is that the cause of Trump becomes the cause of Christ.

The issue is the well-being of America becomes the advance of the kingdom of God. The issue is the Republicans become the party of God and the Democrats, the party of Satan and just black and white. That's the problem. The end and I wrote an article interact with Beth Moore undergo your cosmos will lay out the issues. First, okay, I wrote an article interact with what she had to say was Beth Moore right to sound the alarm about Christian nationalism. The support, Beth Moore cites me love or some of you don't like or mistreating what was put Beth Moore side just focus on the courts. So what was Christian nationalism. Here's my layout and articles legally go through this right exactly do I mean I, Christian nationals, my cancer, Beth Moore, I can see me right so are you a Christian nationalist simply because you love and appreciate America. No are you Christian nationalist simply because you're patriotic and serve in the military no are you Christian nationalist simply because you believe Trump is better for America than by no are you Christian nationalist simply because you believe those electoral fraud in a junior best to fight for free and fair election, no are you Christian nationalist simply because you believe that America must protect the religious liberties no are you Christian nationalist simply because you believe that God raised up America for special purposes in order to bless and help the world now, but you are a Christian nationalist if you confuse loyalty to your country with loyalty to the kingdom of God. You are a Christian nationalist if you wrap the gospel American flag.

You are a Christian nationalist if you quote merge Christian and American identities as defined by pastor Jeremy Beller Christian nationalism is the intertwining of the kingdom of God with the kingdoms of men in the American context is often displayed by describing America through language reserved for the kingdom of God. The marriage between patriotism and righteousness further blurs the line between the kingdom of God in the kingdoms of the world to be sure much of the attack against Christian nationalism comes from left-leaning thinkers. As can be seen some critiques of the concepts.

I quote Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry with the book take America back for God. Christian nationalism in the United States and an article summarizing their views Christian nationalism really uses the Bible to impose his conservative political agenda by asserting that they are true followers of Christ in a country that is founded on Christian principles. Here's a Christian nationalism cobranded political opponents is both ungodly and un-American by playing the role of an oppressed minority Christian nationalism as moral strength was position while hiding the truth of its ideology is aging out driving young people way through its intolerance. Alyssa is a left-wing critique of Christian nationalism, but what about Beth Moore said in him, and according from article in my view, which he tweeted is correct as a Trump voter interim supporter which he tweeted is correct.

There was a terrible danger of Trump's him. It is infected. Much of the church and Christian nationalism is not the gospel.

So many Christian conservatives today are equating the fate of America with the fate of God's kingdom, making one party to the Republican Party to God's party and the other party of the Democratic party into Satan's board that's wine Saturday prayer rows for election integrity reschedule together with Jericho marches in key swing state cities owes us a biblical thing.

This is just like Israel taking down Jericho. We could say that was to be destroyed, that it's just that clear, righteous versus the unrighteous that this was not simply display of patriotism. This is not just a public demonstration against perceived injustices. This is not just a show of support for Donald Trump. This was about the kingdom of God advancing which will become merge this one. That's why a peaceful protest and prayer marts that took place in Washington DC were participants rally for Americans election system to be free from fraud and corruption was called let the church war. That's why victory for Trump even before the elections were contested meant a victory for Jesus.

All the horses to know that there's widespread perception of the election stole and that's why tweeted as a Trump voter. I may say candidly that is very troubling to see many American Christians. Farber mobilized for Trump and never been mobilized for Jesus. The problem is that the differences between being Christians love America and Christian nationals are often subtle.

Since we have many shared values is being pro-life. Many sincere believers will also it should be.

Just stand back and let our country be destroyed.

Jewish democracy because forever should be simply hand over a nation to corrupt leaders cannot stand up and fight for what is right, certainly not, we should fight for what is right against what is wrong, but the cause of Trump is not the cause of Christ. There is about for the Senate a battle for the kingdom of God.

America, like every other nation on the planet as part of the world system or New Testament or as part of the world is not the kingdom of God, nor is it a special manifestation of the kingdom of God is that God's kingdom values are often diametrically opposed to the values of our country look America note Christian nation. Okay, we've aborted more than 60 million babies and 73 we leave the world and making exporting pornography or murder rates are off the charts. Or, as our rates for teen drug use teen promiscuity, teen suicide, much of our history is been marred by racial injustice we have as many radical elements on the right as we do on the left and we pushed LGBT troop to extremism on other countries. At the risk of losing our finance. There they can lose our financial support they don't go with our agenda, so to equate America with God's kingdom. Merge the cross with the flag is to make a terrible and dangerous mistake. And that's the error of Christian nationalist so you read the whole article. When you get a chance on rest Dr. Brown, the Lord, but the bottom line is if we would put Jesus first in preaching the gospel first and loving our neighbor first.

That would be the best way to serve America is that we don't get involved in other things is just that we don't baptize our political activity into the cross and confuse the two. That's the concern I will come back, take your calls I get a few more things to say and some practical guidelines prior we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. If you read my came out with July more relevant now than when he came out yet and it's can be relevant for some time.

I think you'll find it very very helpful. Michael Brown welcome line of fire as we focus on the question of Christian nationalism.

What is healthy what is unhealthy, 866-34-TRUTH just got a note from someone that's falling away from the Lord been backslidden for some years and said the other day after seeing further evangelical support for Trump and never going to church Gannon and I wrote as a news person for the pastor wrote and said to her, hate can we separate Trump from the gospel for now and just talk about your relationship with God, and so on. And what happened there in an the problem is and and she's very happy to but the problem is that there's a tremendous association between the gospel and Donald Trump right now. Now getting to know your calls. You speak your mind, you can agree as we disagree with me but let me try give you perspective because I reflect on this much. I pray much.

I don't just want to say words that are irrelevant to many of you want to try to be precise and accurate. I have received tremendous opposition for my stands on gay activism, transgender activism gospel three years ago reach out with this. We got to the peak with compassion resist the trend with courage, but because I'm known someone who stands against same-sex quote marriage believes there's a better way than sex change surgery because my views are well known and hated for that right so be it.

That's why I knew that going in a minute. Theft self-evident and many people feel hurting them, attacking them in hatefulness of the perceived things, no matter how loving and gracious after them, rejecting them understand. So I'll take that flack because my positions biblical and in other words, I can say hey I preach Jesus to yes assure the gospel with you and if you hate me and reject me in my message because my stand on these moral issues that hurts because I love you but so be it. Because it's truth, that's truth there is.

If you reject me because of my stand on controvert controversial cultural issues. Not a problem because I'm basing that on Scripture to your battles with Scripture, but if you reject my gospel message because I so openly support and defend Donald Trump. That's a totally different thing because now defending Trump versus defending Scripture you see the difference.

There, that's the key issue voting for is one thing. Defending is another when looking to a man.

People say Donald Trump is only can save America receive the free world that I say becomes idolatrous but will have a conversation because again I'm not here to stir up controversy. I'm here to advance the kingdom and glorify the Lord and help us be everything God wants us to be a man all right let us go to the phones we start in Rocky Mount, Virginia, Stephen, welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, are you going to very well sir, thank you year old a lot about mama drip one. All you agree with Biltmore to some degree, and through some of the degree and layout the I do know that the atmosphere is very different, even among African-American male and even that is very different than when Obama old Obama was something very different in that it will be one part of the other of the merging of the wonderful achievement and it looks like when I begin you on the VA Q, I have peers within me that that bubble for and when an operable port to invent light history right but with the situation of several things, are number one, part of the congregation on the congregation of never seeing so much animosity, even among believers than from time to like you African-American you have voted Trump or you spend with Tom only metal everything from fans on which you stand on some of the principles is almost like you could feel the tension and what I don't understand you.

If you are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Just as well as we go to the book of Corinthians talks about different gifts, but one spirit, all I don't understand how in the world can be a be so much animosity and if he supposed to dilute the low and for my take on it. When I look at for the caught up in the-isms been but what do we do with Scripture, where 50 pray for our leaders that we may have a quiet life now both praying for our leaders may have a quiet life. Take that to mean that they do will and we know in Scripture. The Lord deals with nation and rights of the developing nation so without the-isms and things like that all my heart goes out for the main because I really do believe you have out there. And truth that heart and my heart is broken. I didn't vote form, but when I see things like move move in the enmity to Israel when there was president before him, but did not mediate the courage to dilute a heart for our main when I see him trying to take back where we can have freedom to pray in the name of the actual my heart rejoiced when I even walked the other dirty on some new channel I don't think Berkeley but I don't think you and even hired when he was reading about the story of Christ must store how he was calling if she will be in the Elohim Elohim, the throne of God and to me it reminds me of uncle you may have a article and you have a alcoholic problem but he's one of the greatest man people you want to meet. If the whole man better right because of the alcoholism so you think you got no I appreciate I want you to take to get to share your thoughts because the movie started speaking.

I knew that you had you thought these things you want to lay them out so I just want to jump in, though in and say this even yet the the level of animosity in the body on either side of the Trump debate is totally unchristian those we can have differences with the way we trash each other down at each other, you know judge.

One of the salvation it's it's it ought not to be. It ought not to be and and yes I am thankful for all the good Donald Trump did. That's why I voted for him without hesitation. In November I voted for him with hesitation 2016, without hesitation, 20, 20 all right because he did the things that he said he would do now.

I also knew there would be a lot of collateral damage.

Him being who he is and to me the key was that we were not primarily identified with Trump but there are message that were screaming to the whole world is about Jesus. Yeshua right.

That's what everybody knows this for them illicitly and we voted for Trump somehow will your for Trump against Trump that's that's it. That's everything now when we stand before God. That's going to be God's big question, did you vote for Trump or not know that's not going to be God's bequest and that name like every other earthly name is going to be forgotten in the sense of in the presence of God's will you be one name that were focused on so yeah we that this is a grade issues are a big massive they are the very big. We understand that in her attitude once with us under come back to that statement that thank you for when you want to get to some of the calls, but thank you sir for weighing in.

I appreciated Lucy one quickly than than more calls. Someone said to me on Twitter. I've heard this before, you don't get it. This Trump is about baby's babies getting killed in by the most to kill babies and Trump doesn't. And that's were fighting for the babies. I don't believe that you're fighting for the babies. What because the rest of the year anything the rest of the by see you qualifies the vast majority of us that are passionate pro-life voters do virtually nothing the rest of the year for babies in the boat is important but devotes much less important than the practical action that we can take on a daily basis to that's a fact. And we we've aborted in the years under Reagan, George W. Bush, George W. Bush and Donald Trump's was it 24 years right 24 years over 20 million babies during that time. As I discussed stop junkets four more years and it's not something a spike if Biden is in.

Of course it's important vote. Of course were rallying around with and rally the rest of the year, do some for the unborn.

The rest of the year, so be hypocrites said with passion, I said with a smile, but it's too serious to say with a smile right back to the phones. Let's go to Victor in the rain Ohio you're on the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown I want to thank you for having me on and I want to say thank you for all that you do and I agree with everything you said this far. I think you hit it right on the nail and I think it's just a matter of priority and of Christian, Christ should be our our priority and that doesn't mean that we can be good stewards of this land and be concerned about what's happening and I think we have a biblical responsibility according to Romans 13 to be involved in the affairs of our land. But as you've already said if we become fraudsters over being Christian that for this whole concept of Christian nationalism comes into play now patriarch for four years in the United States Marine Corps concurrently law enforcement officer wound from and I very much respect and love this land, but I understand that if the time comes where I have to choose between the Constitution or the Bible. As Christians we have to be willing to lay down our national pride. The Bible are not Bible the Constitution and our allegiance the country for Christ because that's what were called to do and so I just want to say that you II didn't vote for Trump the first election I didn't think they are both even matter. You know, but after seeing everything that he's done like the last caller said I voted for Trump this past election and ironically it feels like are both in matter this time around, but at the end of the day. Trump is not Jesus Christ. I support him. I pray for him and I want the best for him in our nation, we have to put Christ first off, thank you for have me on. Thank you Vicki, thanks for your your words of affirmation to and thanks for your your service to our country that we can be. We can be good patriots. We can fight for a nation and by all means, if you're convinced it was election fraud keep standing keep standing. Let's all pray for righteous outcome absolutely.

But friends, there is a dangerous mixture. If he so I don't see it premade maybe maybe set your heart is not your life's out there very serious left right back with more hostility. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown 866-34-TRUTH list. You're doing a weekly to check in on a Monday all last week. The prayer retreat will be doing it today.

So for 15 Eastern time. That's less than 30 minutes from now for 15 Eastern time right here our weekly exclusive YouTube cat bison right here.

So on the Esther to run YouTube channel ASK DR Brown. Also, if you don't get my emails which are really informative, useful, helpful, please take a minute to sign up and and when you do. We've got a really neat series of emails to get the next few days was from a soma testimony and background with what we do. Just implemented that folks seem to really love the info they're getting so good Esther to Brown asking your and just click to receive our emails right back to your calls. Let's go to Sue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You are on the line of fire around hey are you good good. Thank you. I had a couple… I activating Mark and wanted back comparable back people are being independent.

You know Brent really people like candidly got work very basically being kind of excited about getting behind but I an income rate.

Is it possible that even rallies that I don't bear that there is like a revival during wallet for being a revival meeting and feel like I want resident old. It actually has been a part of virtual awakening because I think it really be supernatural. After how the old think will president the continued move. It doesn't really make it the very beginning, like I just find it fascinating I ever took it seriously ill up until when he was elected there really could be moving any really powerful spiritual truth telling is always covered with a really strange package of yellow pepper tweets that people lose their bipolar I don't because I think you know what are they think what those are and a lot of people I just want there. I heard a quote that what we think is really bad doesn't know much and what he hate. We don't think it's so bad and you know you I would stand become much more polite. I think it is like a spiritual awakening for me in LNG when you look at what's going on in the Middle East or Israel like God really is using this person and immediate right really this is the part right so silly we jump in and for Sam I'm so glad you called and articulated things so clearly and whenever spiritual awakening is happening in your own life. I'm thrilled to hear that's that's wonderful and I have no doubt that they call you strength in many ways and that I even felt that he was supernaturally raised up put that in writing because the odds were so against it and and so on. Now wore the rallies in DC like revolver is not been a revival of any revival know if there like revolver rallies. People are, but on their faces repenting of sin and crying out Jesus Jesus Jesus not USA USA USA. I guarantee that I served in in the longest running local church revival American history and and somewhat not will become an authority on revival it. In any case, I've written not studied it so know this that that that was a a patriotic revival of Jesus. Revival and when they get confused. That's right get concern so here's here's my my issue right a if God raised up Trump and government supernaturally will right now he's not getting them in supernaturally. The second term.

At this moment he's not getting them in supernaturally. What does that say if God orchestrated the first was God not powerful enough to overcome electoral fraud or the things that's that's my first thing the second thing is we know there's a list of things in Proverbs 6 that God says that he hates right one at one of them is a lying tongue, another another is hardier arrogant attitude another someone that stirs up Division I brothers consider Trump does all those things.

The top of the list so y'all God also hates the shedding of innocent blood's of course.

That's why you and I voted against Biden and for Trump against Hillary for Trump pro-life being one of the biggest things in the questions God used him but my perspective is unless we recognize the degree of damage that he also does like many Republican leaders you sent him just except the elections don't your tearing the country apart your your ripping the country apart. My biggest concern is the amount of people who have been turned away from Jesus because we we feel the need to defend Trump at any turn that to me is more important than than a baby being aborted or anything else that if we turn people away from Jesus's of the more important so it's the mixture that concerns me, not ask God at work, but the fact that were mixing the two things not say God use them every flawed man for certain purposes, but I put my trust in the man nor do I defend the man I II see God working in certain that you don't saying that's an end and then a renewed patriotism is not necessarily renewed spirituality. I know a lot of I really got a lot of Christian Trump supporters and none of these people that I know worship Trump but what about worship him is no insanely bow down and see Trump is Lord what he will get went like people like the top and I like that. Term to someone at the parts company eight. I would be considered competent by many people and NIH and I listen to them. Respectfully asked to, you know what they think and why there's so offended and it, when I listen to them as they start talking about them something very very like it is an irrational hatred.

I really can't my finger on it right so so here's what I'm seeing Sue and I so appreciate you trying to listen respectfully.

I have seen almost inevitably that when I interacted links with someone that let's say they salve a lifelong Republican. I'm Christian. I love the Lord but I counsel for Donald Trump and and you guys are totally wrong to vote for him. So they've their code never Trumper's rights to get the trumpet and never Trumper's NNI civil tell me why. Almost inevitably, they start bring up all the left wing talking points and he wants to put people in cages and he's a racist and he's misogynist and they get a rash lesson.

You sound no better than never. Trumper's son no more rational vent than the trumpets so Sue what I encourage you to do is just keep going to the Lord and say Lord I'm yours and I just want to honor and serve you and if there's anything in me putting my trust in a man in the wrong way are confusing patriotism, a spiritual revival show me and were my hearts Rachel and he'll confirm that conjure your attitude that you judge of my God) from what you're saying that's that's the very attitude that I want people have to say okay I don't see it I but I'm hearing what you said. I'm trying to listen and understand. And then we all get on our faces before the Lord. We all get our faces say Lord we just want you and your will and your best hey thank you for the call). I know with every call, we can go on at length, so I apologize for not taking more time with each but trying to to give as many view of voice as possible. Thank you, thank you very much for the call of let's see we go to Atlanta Georgia. Jim just got a couple minutes of dive right right in right hi Dr. were not apply to those last two calls were so good that the Marine repeating his name.

I had met. Of course what you get on I forgot it again with today, but he was a marina police officer and kill it.

I told the screener I don't know her name that Farmer city of Atlanta and I used to, I used to be Catholic became a Christian. 12 years ago 13 years ago and my wife is Jewish and she has become Christian and I actually got to see you speak in Acworth, Georgia. You may not remember it but you spoke a little Christian church there and I was sitting not far like the second row back so I actually have the honor of of hearing you preach and it should one of the highlights of my life and what why I find this topic to talk about because prior to my conversion to Christianity. I put all my hopes and dreams in conservativism to become an idol in my life that's work in one day as I was getting a look ready to listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio, which I had done for years before that.

Every three hours a day. I heard a voice behind me said you realize you meet your turning away from half of my people hating half of my creation, and it was like one of these things like just I actually looked up into the sky over my shoulders and are you serious like this which harassment do I have never listened to political talk radio.

Since that day, so it wasn't like I was trying to conjure up some kind of weird thing II wants the whole turkey from something I've been doing for years as a diamond just changed.

But with Trump and everything is going on. I'm getting drawn back into included TV as you so so Jim is it a matter time, amount time but let me help point you focus on Jesus get drawn in some God, let me help point you keep your focus on Jesus get the word pray, honor him share your faith feel the stand one do it but in a very reserved way the fullback adultery friends 15 minutes. Rachel you to check

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