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Feeding the Sheep w/ Pastor Marty

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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December 2, 2020 6:11 pm

Feeding the Sheep w/ Pastor Marty

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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December 2, 2020 6:11 pm

Mike & Robby are joined by Pastor Marty of First Christian Church in Boone, NC, to discuss preaching salvation to the lost.

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Your host Mike swing is not God day and we have a tree got faster. Marty felt and he is from First Christian Church in Boone and we actually have a wife and I we had spent some time up in Boone this past month just enjoying the beauty and the day that we left it was snowing so you talk about tithing, but all was up there actually met a guy named Pastor Marty and boy does he have a story.

Pastor Marty and I we met one day was actually accidentally came to the church an hour early and Pastor Marty you are having some was that a health problem that you're having her yes the doctors that told me I had an aneurysm and the I was having severe headaches constantly and then you and I met and talked a little bit about it guess the Lord compelled you to pray for me and the we prayed in after that the Lord just took those headaches away and I haven't had a single headache since the day we met, and that it was just a miracle. I know that was all God's doing, not yours or mine but God will heal. When he sees fit to do that in the in that there was a greater purpose behind that and you know, I know Robbie you and I have talked about this a lot where it seems like you pray for people you pray for people your pray for people. I pray for people all the time and I and in the funny thing is is I never really see them again.

A lot of them are an agile pray for. They have a sickness or something so I don't know if they actually get healed but I know Stu Epperson the owner of the Truth Network actually said. He said Mike he said when you're on the radio and I'm sure Robbie you seen this on the radio as well where you're working your work in your work and your telling people about Jesus. You're telling stories and I would say probably 90 some percent of the time we never get to see the fruit of that because people just curious on the radio. They don't have a way to get in touch with us. But every once in a while you get a glimpse you get that Robbie of course yeah is wonderful.

In fact just yesterday, somebody sent me a joke book in the mail.

I guess they like my joke. You have some fresh material. I got your right you you feel like you're talking to thin air. To some extent but and and it's that way with prayer, but you know for me just yesterday. My brother had been out of work since covert in March in Tennessee and I've been praying for an parameter that was fun and he told me how you know he was distraught over the thing yesterday and I really want to praying yesterday in about an hour later he called me and he said, have you been praying again brother because I just got a call from the Chevy dealer. They got a job in a minute, which just like that and I was like oh my goodness yeah this really cool when you get a chance to see it happen and and you know it's like sometimes. Now I am sure it's like when when we get to heaven there and I know Stuart said this to me, but he said Mike he said working see people who we never even knew existed and people who hurt you know and stuff like that but one of the things that we were talking about Pastor Marty was the you actually lived in New Jersey. Yes I did and you said that you did a weekly street evangelism, which in Camden, New Jersey, and I said no you must be talking about another calendar at another city. Because, you know, just go out to Camden, New Jersey, and now nobody wants to go out the Camden and hang out. Yes, I was with that some volunteer work with new covenant ministries in Camden, New Jersey as a street ministry where they would go out and random lots and different parts of the city, usually the worst of the worst parts. This you would not want to go there alone put it that way and they would be as we drive up with the Jesus tracks you can see all the drug dealers and the prostitutes and all just disappear from the area and the homeless would come over and people come out of their homes and we would feed them, give them clothing even furniture and pots and pans. If we had that whatever they wanted for free and we would minister and it wasn't just myself. There's a lot of pastors from different churches that would go in and help and that it was just a miracle to watch the change that you see in some people. They would accept it and then they would follow us around and every time we went into a lot.

We always left it cleaner than we ever got that when we got there it was just incredible experience.

Although I didn't understand why God wanted me there at first and I hated it at first but I got to see God's work first hand so you know, one of the things that we talk about and I know I've seen a lot of this is Marty, and in one of the things I was think about is that the people he said that the people that you least want to talk to are the people that you most need to talk to you know when and it's a lot of times it's the successful businessman of the successful businesswoman or the athlete or some people are going after them. But when I read in Scripture. Jesus talks about talking to the that the drunks or the that the prostitutes and stuff like that and and in its I heard Tony Evan Dr. Tony Evans say one time that sometimes it's easier for a drug addict to come to Christ than it is a successful businessman because they don't really have a lot else going on and they in.

They realize their need for redemption. Did you see that what you rather absolutely, you know the Bible says that this the healthy don't go to the hospital get healed the sick do and that's exactly what is happening is to see those people that truly needed something changed in their life and that change was Jesus Christ. Most of them didn't even know about Jesus or if they did, they didn't remember it because they felt like they were abandoned by God and God says I've never left you nor forsaken you. And that's exactly what they would find us finally discovered that's awesome and you have a story yourself Marty right now but I mean you growing up, he became a Christian, what at the age of 16 or yes I was 16 years old I went to a church friend of mine and the I remember it was the home church. There was about 20 people there may be more, and I listen to the message and I heard the truth for the first time and the member talking to the pastor and he says the right except Jesus Christ. Is that absolutely we went into a pantry that they had in the kitchen so we can be a little of privacy and that was when I turned my life over the God and the of course you know when you're not following God, the enemy doesn't really mess with it too much at the moment I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I became under attack because my father was an atheist. He did not like this. In fact, when I went home and talked about it I got a severe beating for even talking about are going to church. You mean mean there can be persecution for following Jesus that politically and it happened time and time again, but I realize at first I kept going to church because it upset my father. That was my motivation but I learned that Jesus saved me. He carried me through all those and it was worth every beating get that for Jesus because if he can go through what he did die on the cross for me. I can take few ligands for my dad yes to you so you followed so you begin following Jesus and then 20s came yeah my 20s, I had 21 I was legal to go out and have fun. So I thought, and between the age that 20 to 21 until about 32 I was part of the world. The world had gotten a hold of me and God disappeared out of my life so I thought he never really left, but in my mind. I didn't come to him.

I did not follow him anymore. And one day I met a woman and she was a very strong Christian and that we became friends and she started teaching me again about Jesus Christ and so you decided to follow Jesus again and then was it.

After that, you said there there was an experience in jail.

Is that right now that happened much later when I was this woman that I was talking about. Her name was gay. She sat down and we I had a dream one night and my dream was that I was sitting on a hill in the mountains there's all kinds of sheep and animals run around in my friend from high school, Peter, James, he was standing there with me and he said Marty you know God created all this is that a miracle that only God can create this beauty. Nice it's it's amazing and he said you love the Lord and I said of course I do.

In this hand touched me on my shoulder.

I never saw who it was. He says think go feed my sheep.

So I got up I grabbed the bucket and I will start going downhill and woke up so instantly I had to get a hold gay and I said gay. I had a dream. I told her about I said I know what God wants me to do for my life is just what's that nice that he wants me to buy a farm and raise sheep.

She laughed and said I don't think you understood that. Okay which you are willing to be obedient. Yes, I will buy that farm so Woody so what did you find out that the message the message was that was supposed to go out and feed the sheep, meaning the people to feed them the word of God and what Jesus did the gospel which the most important thing about the gospel is salvation right. I didn't realize where my life was going to go at the time after I moved on and there was a period of time where I just walked away from God again. I was just so frustrated because this people were just pounding and pounding it in the median and in the church I went to a church that just said they told me had a demon in me because I was having these dreams which I guess they didn't understand that even the Bible says that men will have dreams and God talks to me through these dreams and and a lot of people say God doesn't talk to us anymore after the apostles died with everything we need to know is right here in the Bible that God still teaches us it may not be a fiery Busher voice coming from the sky but he works through other people. He little make dreams, but every day something happens. As I said I ran from God again and I was working a job as a teacher dance teacher and my boss told me if I was late again for work I was misfired. So I said okay the next day I got up early.

I ironed my suit and get ready go to work.

Catch the bus look at my watch and late miss the bus. I noticed in fire that day. I sat and prayed to God, why, why is this happening. What happened I thought you were always good to be there but you're allowing this to happen amid the wind blowing this piece paper flute rolled across the road and landed between my feet and I looked down, and on that piece of paper said I've never left you nor forsake in you. I broke down in tears and cried and prayed and prayed for.

Seem like a long time since I got them praying and repenting for all things I done.

The bus drove up.

I got on the bus and ended up at work five minutes or so. Again, God was there taking care of me when I didn't even realize he was always there.

It was always there and he speaks to you. We just have to listen now jail story okay now right so I'm in now New Jersey and some bad things happen because obviously don't just go to jail because good things were happening right so I go to jail and I really thought is to be out after the weekend but it didn't happen and I'm sitting in jail. They put me in a cell. Without going into great detail with a person who wanted to molest me and I was just ready to give up.

I found a little piece of metal that was on the bottom of the rack that was real sharp and I had planned on that night I was going to cut my wrists and I couldn't live like this and suddenly this gentleman walks over and says my bunk roommate just left and I can't be in the cell by myself. Would you like to join me like thank you God and I'm getting out of this situation.

Hopefully not going to maneuver when I walked in there was a sign on the floor that somebody put there and said this is welcome to the house of the Lord and instead of having pictures of women in whatever had Bible scriptures all over the wall. Okay I spent my dress my time there, praying and reading and fasted, so I said Lord I'm in a fast read the Bible for the first time I read the Bible from cover to cover and I said I'm not going to eat until I read this whole Bible. Now, it took me seven days okay now the food is food in jail wasn't very good. It's horrible disgusting minutes enough to make you survive, but that week. I gave my trace to my cellmate. They had the best sausages had all the best food I've never seen food that good had lasagna one night and I'm thinking Lord. Is this a test you know you testing me to see if I'm really gonna follow through with this, and I read by the time I finished the very last word in Revelation. I closed it, and I was so hungry that I ate course. All the food was garbage again after that. But I discovered that God was there again with me. I was there 61 days. I kept trying to get out but they wouldn't get lost lost in the system somehow then I got out and but but while you were there you said there's there's only been a few times in your life where God has actually spoken to you when were you you had Bible verses.

Yes yes yes I forgot about that. Yeah, God would give me Bible verses and just random versus not write them down and not really know what they work as I didn't know the Bible and I start Brighton Beach first down and I noticed that sometimes there would be a, at the end of that verse in the next verse which be in another book or chapter somewhere in the Bible it would start from the next, but when I read it I realized it wasn't anything message for people. It was like a letter from God. It was very specific that follow the topic and it kinda kept going and going and it changed my life knowing that God still was talking to me when I was in jail and it brings me back the thought of Paul going to prison and I God was always with us no matter what you're going through in life, no matter how detrimental you think things are what you've done. God is there in his love is always there for you. If he didn't, he wouldn't have said and get John 316 about rights of low God so loved the earth that he sent his one and only son need that not so we could all be saved yet, but he didn't do it to condemn the world, but to save us, save us and you are talking about why you're in jail and not only that you said afterwards you were to preacher first surveyed and you had everything prepared and planned, and then something happened but before I do that when you pull up it's John chapter 14 and it says I verse 25. All this I have spoken while still with you, but the advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything that I have said peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give it to you as the world gives do not let your hearts be troubled and afraid that you said you had your first sermon you are nervous you are prepared and planted.

Then something happened. Yes, I was standing in front of the church and the I was looking at her body, and I had this whole thing written out and I'm looking at him trying and trying to start, but I just something was stopping me and I felt God telling me know were not doing this today were going to do something else. I looked at the church. I looked at my paper and I loved the church and I took the papers I throw them up and there is a God telling me to do something else okay and I just open the Bible, let it open where it wasn't.

Let's start here and the Scripture start coming again right and down in an talking about the FOLLOWING suit. It wasn't me doing this. It was God's Holy Spirit guiding me through and afterwards the pastor Jim who is my mentor.

He says to me you know that was the best sermon at her and even afterwards he hoisted the best sermons you ever did was when you just through the papers away and let the Holy Spirit work through you and speak and it was a miracle you know even become a pastor. I wasn't even want to do that.

I was in the hospital and I call that a pastor that I was church I was going to. He didn't show up. It wouldn't come. I called Jim and we met before this and I was just I was is this crazy guy, but he's the one who got me into the street ministry. It was the Jesus truck that made me stop and talk to him when he comes up and visit me and he said you know you need to be a pastor. I said no not me. I'm not worthy. You don't know what I've done. He says we all have a past and none of us are worthy of this calling you and that's when he told me the story of the two-person helicopter.

So what's the story the story as there was a man who is in a flood, and he was sitting on his porch and the boat came up and the guy in the boat says hey get in the boat will take you to higher ground would be safe need the guy says now I have faith the Lord save me okay what about Harry's sitting on the second story of his house and another boat comes up guys since getting the boat taken highbrow would be safe because now I faith the Lord is going to save me. Finally, sitting on the roof because water just bears and is helicopter comes over drops of ladder down to climb up the ladder will take you to fire ground would be say because now I have faith God is gonna save me and then he died when he gets to have any ghost forgot. He says God I had faith.

I believe did you but you didn't save me God looked and said I sent you to both helicopter. What more do you need so Jim says the story the man I laughed. He said so you had to both user helicopter. What you gonna do and I said and climb on board, board, and I started learning and then shortly after that I was the pastor of the church of Grayson New Jersey while and the my life is never been the same. You know they say when you accept Jesus into your life.

Things are gonna change and they don't mean something, everything changes.

That's when I found the enemy would try to really come at me I would at first it didn't bother me too much today. I guess the devil wasn't sure if I was serious about this right, but then I started preaching and I started ministering to people through music to the message and that's when the tech came get anywhere with me. So what did he do next.

He attacked everybody around me turn them against me.

I lost my friends Yemen. If you look at the book of Job, that first one that the devil comes at a tax joke. He actually attacks his family yeah he attacks everybody but Job and then finally war gives them permission to actually attack Joe and Robbie.

I'm sure you've actually seen this yourself but if what I hear Mark Marty saying is that if you're not really doing a lot for the Lord then you know the devil, leaves you alone but you've seen times in your life Robbie where you know you've really been started to get on fire for the Lord and then all of a sudden you had the attacks right now, but again God allows those because when you look at the book of Job, you know, that was how he actually grew into a relationship with God was young through all the stuff that got that Satan tried to throw at him. So what has been thrown at me, whether Jeep or whatever hospitals job losses.

All those things.

It it it if you if you keep diving in and out to the Lord and keep like you said, keep working on that relationship. Listening and open up your ears. You know that the joy of the deal is. But wow you know you grow closer to God. And the more he turns up the heat, you know, the more your font. You know I I almost sometimes. Now II only see it is almost a blessing when when the enemy is attacking because I say oh I must be doing something for the Lord and as matter fact we were to have our meeting Marty you would come over the place and all of a sudden my son had locked the door behind him and and I said because the easy thing would've been just to say well the doors locked. Let's do this another time, but something told me it said no, it's that there something that Marty and I are supposed to talk about tonight and we prayed about it. We prayed about it. We prayed about it and you said you actually found your passport in the car with paperclip edit and you said you don't even bring your passport with you as I write this correct guy. It was there and it was God always has a plan, even though we may not see it certain things will happen and it's always his will. Sometimes you know he doesn't answer what we want, but I believe that that is for our own protection. Sometimes we don't really know what we want really mean only one we don't know. And God is always going to provide just like having that he already knew that the enemy try to stop us will tell you one thing that's Jesus Christ, amen. Of and says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Pray right now that you give your life to Jesus you surrender your life to Jesus you read read Scripture get into a good Bible-based church pastor Marty Felts.

Thank you so much for thinking this is the Truth Network

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