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The Most Challenging of All Relationships (Part Two), Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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December 1, 2020 7:05 am

The Most Challenging of All Relationships (Part Two), Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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December 1, 2020 7:05 am

Becoming a People of Grace: An Exposition of Ephesians

Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll
Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll

Most of this shortcut for microwave ovens overnight shipping almost anything that delivers instant results, but today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll reminds us that the best things in life. I and that's especially true for most treasured relationships. This is the sixth and final program devoted to a couple of verses in Ephesians chapter 5 where the apostle Paul explains how to cultivate a healthy marriage in his opening remarks for this message. Chuck said that creating a strong marriage is a lot like weaving an intricate tapestry masterpieces and not be rushed. These of the threads woven into his plan for the marriage. It starts with sacrifice if you love isn't sacrificial.

She knows it and it's having an impact on your marriage because your selfish you're unwilling to give up for her. She could tell it and she knows something is wrong.

She just may not know exactly what it is he just comes out as being an un-sacrificial kind of union that will work second sanctified verse 26 so that he might sanctify her world was at me to sanctify something is to set it apart from its original purpose. You set your wife's purpose apart and you would she agree on what that is. You help her fulfill her purpose as a wife, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word verse 26 closes when I read cleansing. I think of forgiving so I chosen that word. Wives need forgiving need forgiveness. Your role is to forgive her, forgive her before she even asks forgiveness.

There's 1/4. I'm calling honoring we don't use it much outside the military honoring our wives placing them on our hearts as objects honor. I looked in my dictionary to find the definition of the metal of honor and I found this definition, a US military decoration awarded in the name of the Congress for conspicuous intrepidity at the risk of life in action with an enemy you eat what you look just like I looked I go intro what you probably know what that means but I don't and I therefore looked up Intrepid. We heard it we know it's name of the ship, we just don't know what it means or some of us don't characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude and endurance. While that's a great one characterized by fearlessness, fortitude, endurance, talk about strings on parade. Talk about a medal of honor winner. All of the things that she is gone through and is going through and living with and it's our opportunity to pin the medal of honor. That's one of the roles of the husband.

Nobody on earth can do it like a husband or should when they do wrong things don't happen in an affair is looking for someone else to get in bed with not initially she's looking for honor she's looking for someone who will see her the significance of her person in her place. That is husband's task, no one on earth has that job with Cynthia Swindoll but Chuck's window no one else can do it like I should was my experience in the Marine Corps to know only two medal of honor winners once stood by me in inspection on an occasion in San Francisco will never forget it. We were being standing under inspection of them of a full bird colonel before we were to ship out, and the Col. walked by and standing next to me was a corporal with the medal of honor when the Col. got to him. He turned and faced him and saw the metal and saluted him and embraced him because he was wearing the metal above all other metals get a number of other metals he could have worn but that was the metal to where if you will hold your place here in turn to first Peter three you will see that our responsibility is to, well, as he puts it, show her on her first Peter 37 husband's in the same way live with your wives in an understanding way is with someone weaker since she is a woman and show her honor as a fellow air of the grace of life that your prayers will not be hindered. Show her honor.

The word shoulder means to assign something to someone.

If you assign her honor.

We have a little red plate in our family and the red plate is enjoyed by family members from time to time for special reasons and every once in a while when it's birthday time or they as they were growing up as they did something unusual we would give them the red plate written around the border of the red plate words like you were special today and it was it was an honor, it was usually given in surprise they didn't expect.

So would all come to the table would sit down and read plate is great when you get the red plate. It occurred to me that I rarely ever gave Cynthia the red plate. Often the children and of all things sometimes need, but rarely do I recall any of us giving her red plate.

Maybe Mother's Day birthday. This is assigning honor because it's a holiday or a special day but because she's who she is.

Now I'm not true, but let me ask you, in light of sacrifice, and sanctified and forgiven honor. Ask your question. Can you imagine any woman treated like this. Having difficulty allowing you to be the head. I never met a woman who's in her right mind was healthy enough to understand what's happening never met a woman who didn't crave to be with her man course is the kind of leader anybody wants to file. I mean I'm not going to battle in dying for a person like that. So what husbands to love their own wives and look at verse 28 here's the second analogy as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself. The first analogy was, as Christ loved the church, sacrifice sanctified, forgiven honor now. It's as your own body is me. Well, read on here he loves.

He who loves his own wife loves himself. No one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, as Christ also does the church here again is a person in their right mind. I don't mean that to be silly. I mean that seriously, only those out of their mind plan to take their lives they hate their bodies.

They hate their lives. They see no reason to go on to sunset or to daybreak, but a person in his or her right mind takes care of himself. We take care of ourselves. We make sure we don't go hungry. We make sure that were clean.

We got up this morning and if you member like me, you showered you ashamed you got ready for the day. You didn't want to bring the church the same thing you had to look at when you first got up so you do something about it and you stood in front of a mirror and you worked on your hair. Are you worked on your Europe body.

You did whatever was necessary so that you would take care of yourself and to bring you before the public.

That's all that's involved here. It's called narration and cherishing nursing is what we do. Cherishing is why we do it nourishing. I nourish my wife when she needs strength. I provide strength as best I can for her when she has doubts and uncertainty. I do my best to reassure her with encouragement and affirmation when she's swarmed with guilt and disappointment in herself. I need to nourish her with words of reassurance and affection and that there will be another tomorrow and it's okay if she needs relief. If she needs tenderness and compassion in grief. I weep with her and I feel deeply about her loss if her dreams were not fulfilled. It's as if my dreams were dashed, and I nourish her because I cherish her and you know what happens when that occurs, listen to this there. There is a union that is formed that is deeper than a word can describe. And Paul therefore chooses mystery mystery verse 32.

The mystery is great. It becomes a phenomenon that defies full understanding so profound and unexplainable that two people different can become this unified is mystery. However, the major threads. If we could return to them are clear in verse 33 were to love our own wife. Verse 33 states. That's our part in it and she is to respect her husband. That's your part. Ladies love respect woven together into that which is valuable because it took time to create now. I've had the pleasure of watching you through this message. It's been an interesting journey to what you you have to look at me and that hasn't major drawbacks, but I get the pleasure of changing faces as I watch congregations I been doing it for long time. If I've seen anything on your faces. This is serious, I've seen on the faces of men and women. I just wish we could start over Selassie is not meant as any kind of put down. It's been an observation is not in my notes, it's a spontaneous comment I've seen it on your faces. Chuck I wish you could have married us.

Wait a minute. I may not have been willing to do that back then and had I been willing I may not.

You may not have heard what you've heard is we hear things often after the scars. How much wiser we are years passed, much more. We hear after the terror of our wrongs. The scars lacerations the wounds the bruises we hear so much more.

Wish I had to do over springs me to one of my favorite sayings that I have used for years. It's never too late to start doing what is right never too late. This is your chance to do it right.

Start today when you're all alone and nobody is around and nobody is there to think you're doing it for the galleries and is just human her, put your arms around her have a glycerin tablet ready and say sweetheart been a long time but today reminded me of some things I've been missing and I want to make him right.

Start today does like to do it a second time just like to start over Winston Churchill the great prime minister of England during the war years in World War II was invited to, among other dignitaries to a wonderful evening banquet. This was a unique evening because when the meal was done, the host stood and said I would like all of you who are dignitaries here to answer the question if you could not be who you are. Who would you most like to be if you could not be who you are.

Who would you most like to be one by one. Different dignitaries spoke. It so happened that Churchill was last in everyone was wondering what he would say, since he always had such a way with he stood to his feet and very calmly said if I could not be who I am and he turned and looked at plenty his wife of many years, whom he adored, took her hand and said I would most like to be related. Churchill's second husband little boy one subpoints that night. Didn't most like to be her husband again and so would you like us to bow our heads for a few moments of searching. Thank you single friends for sitting through this so patiently in hearing what I hope for you is a preview of coming attractions. But even if it's not.

These are the things you can pray for us were married who were working on the most challenging of all earthly relationships in a long time since some of you man have thought this deeply about your marriage. We look next time that what the Lord says about parents and children, so that awaits us, but that's really secondary. That relationship is never better than the bond of mom and dad, husband and wife. This is where it starts.

This is the one that's the more exacting takes more time. Think back over the list, sacrifice, sanctify, forgive, honor, nourish, cherish couple of ideas about pinning a medal of honor on her words of vulnerable tenderness. These all help you start over. The only reason you can't do it is easy you don't have the Savior if you're without the Lord. This is all activity of the flesh, and it was some cool again.

You'll be back on your own. So what what wonderful what a wonderful moment for you right where you're sitting sort of built an altar before the Lord, are there in your lap and say here's my life, Lord, you're the one that's been missing. I tried all the other stuff today I come just as I am sinful lost, confused, broken, distant. Thank you for taking me into your family. I come by faith alone in Christ alone, to have a new life that only you can give me. Starting today, contact us and let us know that you made that decision. Don't try to make this journey on your own. You need help with it are few things that some of us do really well but one of them is to help people grow spiritually, we can help you do that. That's why we have a church we have a church family Lord today.

We are admittedly in a culture that lost its way.

Forgotten the pattern if they ever knew it and got the threads all mixed up and the rug is a mess. It it's really a disaster. The fracturing of homes has become commonplace, so that it no longer even raise her eyebrows when we hear of another when it goes under.

I pray therefore that something which was presented from your exacting pattern called the word of God would find root and bear fruit in some lives that you give the man the courage to say I am wrong, I am sorry. Please forgive me.

Let's start over. I pray that you would give the wives who have heard these words. Great capacity to believe their husbands to work alongside them to help make this a reality.

Thank you father for Jesus who is here for us who loved us and modeled all these things before us helpless. Lord help us as we live out his life through the power of your spirit and now what to him who is able to guard us from stumbling into present us blameless before your presence with exceeding joy to the only wise God our Savior be glory and majesty and power. Now and forever more. Through Christ our Lord, we pray, and everyone's a man listening to the Bible teaching of pastor and author Chuck Swindoll. Today's message is titled the most challenging of all relationships and this is insight for living. To learn more about this ministry.

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Gratefully, most of my memories about my sis or filled with hilarious laughter. One spontaneous story after another. Lucy would have our entire family doubled over laughing so hard. Our eyelids flipped out and the memory of those lighthearted moments helps us right now because as most of you know we lost Lucy just a few weeks ago. Her three year decline ended on 20 October when she left us and stepped into the gates of glory. I share this personal sorrow with you because I know that you have suffered some losses in 2020 as well. It may not of been the death of your sister, but perhaps you went through financial setback. Maybe a layoff from your job or even the loss of your health. I want you to know that I see you I hear you and I share your sadness.

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Together, let's tell the world you're not alone. God hears your voice and here's how to respond to Chuck Swindoll right now, listening in the United States dial this number 1-800-772-8888. You can also use our convenient mobile or go directly to our website@insight.or for nonprofit ministries insight for living there's no more important month in the calendar year in December. Please take this occasion to let your voice be heard.

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