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God Shows Up - BIG TIME

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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November 29, 2020 12:13 pm

God Shows Up - BIG TIME

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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November 29, 2020 12:13 pm

What starts pretty normal soon becomes something that will give you goosebumps. God is SOOOO good.  Enjoy.

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Why not want chicken chicken maybe it's not the for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them six explanation see chickens and camping pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore wears Robbie hey this morning. Robbie is a little under the weather and have Jerry Matt Rice bodyshop wrecker service sitting in for Robbie with my good friend Bob Young Christian dockyard man used to be now is now just a Christian man about that again, there again is great to be here this morning and it's always a pleasure to sit in VLAN and or help out anyway I can with this this show and the previous one and the Robbie we hope you get feeling better soon and this hope things are going well for you Yep certainly is missed this morning and I'm a break. A lot of people's hearts this morning to the motel you were knocking we do in riddles and that's say that for Robbie so you will be all geared up and ready for me to get back next week. This morning got a couple gets to become an all want to be Duane Carson which is with date that word, and I'm really interested to hear his story and and what he has going on and also Mary Kay Rath who is going to be talking little bit about the hope and love foundation this morning. Also, what was sit there and get get go on if we just talked about in the last joke Christian Cargile radio was talking about just the fact of man.

We've already moved to move out of November into December and just how man is just just doesn't seem like it's possible I sit here name Thomas said I'm I'm just just in all that that that Tom is flown by. The weather's not really feeling like December out there this morning heard that December is right around the corner within the next day or today and in I found myself, not feeling like this didn't feel right and and nothing about this year is for exactly right, we just hope that everybody's dealing with the shutdown and the lockdown and everything as is best they possibly can and and just remind everybody that you put your faith in the Lord and and you'll get there. I've struggled.

I'm sure everybody struggled the fact that we didn't have our usual family gathering and and things have been so much different is just really this is just throw you for a loop and it's just never been more important to trust the that God's got this and that he'll will come out on the other side there. One thing that that's that. I know all the confidence in the world is this call. Lord and Savior by surprise.

I mean, we may struggle through it not know how to react to things in you know it is trusting in God that he is in control.

This morning one of the guests this morning is Pastor Duane Carson and I've got them only he's not in the studio with us. He zoned the line we going to put them on the air and I am really curious to figure out what this ministry is date the word so Duane, you got the give me up to speed here will good morning, your blog for their log your good word is the concept came up with 20 years ago in which I would use very a date, will you love her 28 days date of Scripture for days. God date. The word Matthew Lublin 28 come unto me all you labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you and so 365 days and 366 with the leap year each one of those great, I have a burst to go with it and unique way of blog being able to connect Scripture over numbers easily remembered the elders came about because the above water roommate. One day the court 33. What you think up in our spirit of Matthew 633 you that you have numbers like this try to think of Scripture and so later on Bible study group regarding the question on how I would've liked Scripture told him how I done different ways like Scripture and learn their but here's something weird guy love if you tell me number I try to have reversible go where you just told me what they was all product of Bob's birthday publisher birthday 720-201-3722 4722 there for you will great old Lord God for their nonwhite you know are there any job by you accorded all your bird with your father you like that would Lublin 20 you rang my bell right off the bat with Matthew 1128 because so many times in life I be laying there in bed and just know and I need to be sleep at, but membrane would be racing then just same in around and and I looked up the scripture about rest and there was an just he'll give us rest and it it was said key, and me getting to sleep so many nights when trauma our turmoil or what are we going to do tomorrow I will go to make payroll right here and it just help me clear my head and and the next thing I knew I'd be asleep and get some rest so I could function. The next day instead of sit there stressing about the upcoming day, year, or whatever had happened that day, and then add why what likes it told story. What got you connected to do in this enemy and going about the number of causes is a call in show and hopefully will have some of our listeners to call in and give their birthday to.

Maybe you can match set up a Scripture that the phone number to call in is 866-348-7884 and why what and so says pastor so I guess you are in a ministry and and matches that I first heard your name my daughter is a graduate of Liberty University and I think I had think there's a connection there and never was a look back at it and I had not, but I you him am I right or wrong you know your for you.

Click across the river from Lynchburg and I got to witness firsthand the building of Liberty University. Never thought about your part of it and 1984 the Lord told me to go to liberty University. But Liberty Baptist College may change their 20 years later the one of the greatest joys of my life with been able to book of infested students.

Most college students of the campus pastor will Dr. Paul will and one of the things we stressed while working there was the motivation of Scripture. So the Bible study little bells look over OU football players bucking the figure was book 2001. While that's one thing about liberty universe and I love their slogan is preparing you you to be for the ministry what it is and that's just so cool no matter what the field is we want to go well be a champion for Christ in the field. I look would dart all over. We want to put Christian in front of everything am a Christian. Dr. wall your Christian businessman Christian teacher would line we still with us and later am going to try to get some calls and try to get some dates and give us some some wisdom was Scripture or not they want this for all wisdom comes from.

Again: show 866-34-TRUTH 7884 king to pursue that with you. Just one moment. Welcome back to Suzanne. Again, this is: show a 663487884 Jerry Mathis race body shop and wrecker service with Bob Young also have online. Alicia had think she's a call in and asked Pastor Carson her birth date and see if you maybe this might be the date to stop something so I don't think so.

He seems pretty knowledgeable Alicia how are you on your strong here I all right say what will going to lay cells.

Just hang on the line to go to Mary Kay. We do that, Beth and Mary Kay rats, how you doing this morning you all right.

I can.can barely hear you got the baby on our end and everything this morning will going to Mary Kay's: am going talk a little bit him on the let her just sort of have the floor about the hope and love foundation and what that's all about and how we can help and how our listeners can help and contribute in and in that ministry that that is to say thank you for having opportunity to talk about hope that love foundation and the foundation out all the way it there. I hope and battling can't and typically hope and love foundation. There pediatric oncology patient at our local printer hospital here and it was founded by me. Matt Damon will let down and their daughter went down right now with a very rare and aggressive form of childhood looking yeah AL Al with Philadelphia, but don't make it very rare and during her cancer treatment and recovery. He also provides a severe case of meningitis broke and all kinds of talented but one thing that remains current with support they got from their local church and family and being in battle been without a witness first hand that that unique way that pediatric cancer patient and their family could be therapeutic when a child is given a bad battling cancer. One parent or grandparent or family member typically lose their income because they need needed therapy hospital there that child. I don't go through things totally differently than an adult fell in that light open love foundation, their children and their family going by the instruction that Ghanaian 511.

Encourage one another and build each other up, but we do and bed and pandemic pain went back there but looks like the family normally we go in with me all that their entire family. Because they get tired of hospital lien bringing back to welcome each tile at it contained that mediate me that they will have when they're admitted Kyle typically sent directly from the doctors down to the very little preparation, but because the COBIT no one is allowed in that lockdown unit at Brenner after the safety and protection of the kids tell our entirely different unfortunately were not allowed to have the party kids that we often have we look for any reason to celebrate. Really we bring them by then, one of the things that make up time, date and unique from all the other group is that we are allowed. The good news that the car with the children and their family. We are allowed to pray with them. We down and for that, can we pray with you. We have a team that breakdown and in any given year on bread Brenner approximately hundred 25 pediatric patient to come and go over there on treatment and their individual needs are the clinic here, but all of that look different this year because the COBIT cell theory here about hope and love foundation that this foundation yet.

Mary Kay if someone wants to help. How can how can they do that is the website you are at and how could they help what what's most blessed me that you haven't and you know where you plug your answer that just the fact of being able to go in and and and share the gospel. You have just been how powerful that is because you know what they need to know that their Lord and Savior that that loves him. With this story really rings true with me when I was in the third grade. My body rejected.

One was rejecting one of my kidneys and and only had to spend a week in the hospital. Back in that time, not even your parents got stay all night. Everybody had now at 7 o'clock and just to know as a as 1/3 grader being in the hospital and you know how much support would have would've been a really great thing if this sounds like an awesome thing you're doing for the young people absolute change in lot how great the how could we help how can we that we help blisters help. Typically, right now because 2020 and unique) year for all of family who have children where everything that cancer diagnosed on top of the obvious talented among them vulnerable when it comes to contradicting pirate and no extra precautions.

The restrictions that are in place for people from coming in.

Just as you noted that the port of family is extremely important, but that circle of care that the kid that got reduced significantly because people extra people not care foundation event. But there are not allowed in itself a very great that we therapy children and their families every year with typically a Christmas party and typically empath.

We purchased again for every patient every immediate family member and we provided them in the past been here you've been part of party where we print and kind. The only gift that family 3 feet are wet that hope and love foundation provide this fear. We cannot have a party because we cannot even really ghost top for that gift we have in the past, everything found my now that social worker and the people that there is group of patients that grantor have gotten together with it and we come up with this idea, though, instead of an actual gift that the family will receive this dear we are going to each family a gift card enough to serve that family to provide for their needs. Because each family different right though. Last year we provided Christmas for 80 family and that he completed $20,000 all in.

Our goal is the thing this year to collect $20,000. I didn't out that Maxwell wrapped gift they will be given a gift card and their workers at the hospital are helping with that big nurse to help with the family needs dark and and so our goal is to collect $20,000. Now how do we do that there is a link on our web. Though the website is hope and love found got bored and it's all spelled out know & it now and hope and love foundation.or there they donate and if you get to the web right or pickle link that we had out came Terry Elkin that did anywhere yet think we can get we can get that posted on the letter only bilking to pursuits will get it posted there just go to the king versus website and be able to link it from there. Very very glowing course and I know all the bill ministry because Remo was one of my students going to go to school bill for the Baptist Christian school.

Oh wow I'm so Blair world program together me would do something to you for later from Rob you your blog but just from stupid.

I just want to save the baseball you beautiful here today I am going to play $2000. This hope in Macon very soon for you to get these gift cards that are challenged with what you go of the website and the people of the best ministries that I've ever come across so much Walt, though the people who just really hope God just what I was first told about it above the pool of family are just going well with this so will make up words of $2000 to you and show go to your website help you build the biggest one.

Okay well that's all it says why this together and stepfather. You know what this you just know God is in control. Man, I got a little something to this is following Mary Kay can you stay online for just a couple minutes after the break and will be right back with him: Chevrolet 66348. Welcome back the king to pursuits for missing your own line with us this morning, live from our shores. Probably little warmer in Miami that it is here in North Carolina is the host of the Truth Network program to cure at one Eastern time with Amy Carbo, Amy how you doing this morning. God you were doing fantastic that they watch. Sometimes it in here that and I'm sure you have the same stories way to see where God is in control and this is one of those one of those mornings here. It had the truth booth, that's for sure. Tell me what's up with your show today.

I know some to be a fantastic show always is and so much better so much truth in that program and that you do and in the gas and stuff that so many people's lives, what you have in store for us this week. I think it will show talented, a queen activator queen dividers and beautiful content and approach. Having experienced counterchecks. Love you.

Yes you became an inspiration to many to sell outcome can start out yet. Make it different than I never look for that I am again just have a blessed show and I know you can touch people's lives.

Good hearing from you this morning. Back to Mary Kay and Duane while Ted Bob said, never, ever said and I said we got here standing up on her arms and stuff you know God's got put this together had no clue that there would be a connection there hand and Duane then also had another connection. I didn't realize that you were with Salem Baptist school, which my daughter is also a graduate of Salem Baptist. So, can it is there. I told school really close to what the Lord your absolutely and Mary Kay again give us said that how we get in touch with you and then again, I know from what little bit I've seen of it and stuff and then as you mentioned about that that that the founder of this think of the thing last year when you had the Christmas parties earned the daughter were there and stuff and it is just you know what all God, you know instance things will happen allies we think is just terrible and stuff and then God uses it for his purpose. Man, that is just so powerful and stuff and the lives are being changed and stuff it's debatable. See Jesus Christ in a situation look so dark and it reminded that work all the time all around it and something might work and it always been amazing thing and then Wendy connected not like morning when Chuck laughed out of court birth but went perfectly fine because I had to compose myself. I got pretty emotional Duane after you talk so thank you for staring and I can connect in a God of course you and I want to give an update quickly that reamer in mind, although she was given small chance of survival 18 and going through all the normal 18-year-old thing and I'm healthy and well and it was served well by not blank but my old community but don't anything at hope and love foundation.or all spelled out in the link will be here on that Truth Network web well.

They are a 501-5013.

The backpack that fell any donate made this nonprofit foundation is tax-deductible. If the hundred percent volunteer organization fell all of your donate will get an email receipt and tax-deductible and we would take every donation small large God you can combine it and use it for his glory for the benefit of the children great every hair on my arms was standing up while ago and on the back Monday because we used to be involved with a toy rod that happened for Bringhurst Chapman's hospital and I didn't know how that was going to happen during the pandemic said this will be a viable option.

I mean we we done that for years and had a dear friend. His son was treated at Brenner Children's Hospital and he had such a heart for them and Mr. Jimmy Brown.

He lost a son to cancer, but he receives such excellent care and he would collect through the year-end income to some businesses and ask us to help and then they would go on the toilet and and you know you just trying to figure out how these things. How is that service going to be. How's that going to come full circle. This year, and then goddesses Bob right. Here's how it's going to happen then. So I think I've got a little I'll be able to send some love your way to and I might know other people that that are trying to figure out what to do instead of the toy room because I'm not sure they're going be able to pull that off this year with the pandemic.

I know each other well and I go by that many make light work. We all do it better rather, you hundred be credited. We have to also be willing to when God opens doors to walk through it and then to be able to what we don't have to bring anything but a sale. Sometimes I gotta make it work in again if you want to be able to help with the hope and love foundation is hope and love and also the bill link on the website also Mary Kay. I think even on her Facebook pages Mary Kay Rath. You can look it up.

It has some pictures from some of the past events and study and you know Mary Kay you are. Your ministry is your soaps, you know it is just humbling because of work full-time I had of Bobby hug the name probably sounds familiar. Because Advanta Mary Kay Rath Couple the sales houses that realtors and stuff and I just I'm just so grateful to be able to call your friend in and coworker for Jesus Christ I'm just humbled by that and Duane and then what you're doing and stuff is just also mommy and you know this little things that you just put just plant the seeds and stuff them before we let Mary Kay go give us your birth date able to see what Duane matches up to you what my break was your birthday tend wiser to give you the verse 120 10.

Let's way you would've a bookable calling 121 for me to lose quite good. What a great birthday worse at the great bird out absolutely what again God just works it all out in the wine and then this this morning I found out a lot about you know and thing is prettiest you know court found that the liberty connection and also that the Salem Baptist school connection stuff and is so that that that these kids growing up have that option and be able to learn what you can function this world as a Christian and obtained one why we didn't get many callers up and then the wind on the show I give you my birthday, to see what that what that passage is four 1214 will work. Love you will go will 14 your Romans 1214 school of coal you to reach verse 14 below.

Love those who persecute you left not curse off, though Romanus other than verse a lot close support. 50. What goes was more of those 14 bluff close like why when Carson with dates that were done percent you don't here this morning with this Mary Kay rent.

Thank you so much for being with us.

Bob you with me have another segment always a holy one am I doing wrong.

I don't don't don't go away. I will go back to King to pursue the kind of stuff the door little more would wind will back you glad you losing budget and take my word know this this morning is been pretty pretty amazing amazing morning one with Mary Kay and then did your connection then legend $2000 and that Bob step it up and stuff and what those those kids and those families need to be able to see Jesus Christ and had a dark time and then says little things and is a you know what we all say so many times is many hands make light work in know what God wants us to be a community in a community of believers that pitch in and administer to and with each other so you people really Christian giving really connect with you. What course of the belt got troubled world. We as Christians will work giving world modeling like God and then you know in the head and with with you with your background I mean with the college at Liberty University now with the Salem Baptist where I want to see where you know what that's almost we see the culture of today.

That's a piece it that that our younger generations, unless somebody teaches it, and also shows it in lives. It was getting kind of lost in sort of sort of thing thing this not recognize and people don't don't see the value in it because a buddy we live in a culture now that you want something for everything you do and they don't realize the eternal effects is really what we should be seeking is what what God is eternally going to do for us what so many times so many times and from heaven you a less than great day and and then the things that happened that just fail in our laps, the day that beyond a shadow of a doubt you know God and I am in this. Here's a County year that were not sure they're going to be able to do the toy ride and you know people want to do something for the kids at Brenner Children's Hospital and and then I'm just, feel, and in the day. I'm usually not here this day and I just decided it would be a great day to be there and since Rob is not going be here me injury.

Do do pretty good to cover for AMEX from time to time and just in a fill-in row. I get this late in my lap and it just this really is been a blessing for me to see this happen then the way it unfolded in the wake of the streets. Then it slap me in the face and says hi in the arming the show. I've got this here's here's what you going to get to do this year is not going to be the same thing you've done for years will go under the different way and then this way I can contact folks that I know was involved with other the way we used to do it and the maybe I can't promise, but with little help. I think we can make a real big difference. Duane, one thing that I know sorta goes off the ground were going really thought was a somebody see you talking about that date and the word stuff but I just found out about you being involved with this Christian school and with what's going on. I just love just just for a moment to get your your take on the importance of kids being in school. When the role of a Christian school in the world and will for living in today will work with student about schoolwork were speaking to all for and we don't apologize Christian education, seeking to move far a Christian worldview.

The only look at Scripture, we are taught not just go read it, not just us but will quiet to her why and what were trying to do school first. All helpers apply to their personal lives were Bruce Brooks transformation in their living the way God wants goodwill with them when they go into the world are going to the Waldo salt and light and are able to use biblical principles to transform wherever they may be living and we stress very highly involved in the local church. We stress you want to wherever your liberty. You always have the worker student front of whatever you're doing, you become one transforms New York the culture you are able to go in there and show with wife like you and what Christ living like all.

So I am very much believe you and Chris to the patient for training our young people getting them the word undermine what I was growing up I with the public schools taught the Lord's prayer all the talk of 10 Commandments. That's not happening. Milk rollover student.

The missing meltdown.

So with the Christian school that a high level compromise will are going to work for will was burned up. Why I haven't you on there with Mary Kay Rath. Maybe Carbo and in the studio Bob and horse with her expertise on the other side of the glass again kingdom pursue Jerry Mathis will have a great week for Truth Network

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