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Best Of MSL 4: Catholics, Dinos, and Kanye Oh My!

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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November 25, 2019 6:00 pm

Best Of MSL 4: Catholics, Dinos, and Kanye Oh My!

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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November 25, 2019 6:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. Matt spends some time teaching about what it means when God Ordains something. The first caller wants to know how Dinosaurs fit into the Gospel. The second caller asks Matt if Catholics are Christians. Matt takes a moment to address Kanye West at Joel Osteen's Church.


This is the Truth Network. The welcome mat live in apologetics and research found online that car God to ordain something now there's different ways which it can be understood but a lot of people fail to really understand or there are degrees of the ordination God or danger decrease what will with what he desires and he is the one who brings about what ever social shall come to pass. Ephesians 111 says God works all things after the counsel of his will.

So anybody who would deny the idea that God ordains all things, would violate Ephesians 111 which says God works all things after the counsel of his will and that's what ordination is where God works all things after the counsel of his will, and some people will say to ordain me specifically to get in and to have your hand directly on it and to directly cause something to occur sometime it does mean that and other times it is not so for example Godzilla to be liked and by his direct action, the universe came into existence. But then again did God ordain Jesus to be crucified, and the answer is yes a liniment with ask questions is God ordained that Christ be crucified, did he cause Christ to be crucified.

Did God like you said when he said that the direct cause of his creative word, let there be light caused by his direct actions did God the God because these people to sin by bringing Christ to the cross. Mentors will of course not. God is not cause people to sin, but he does predestined them to sin if it was only a minute mad, that's crazy. How can God predestined them to sin, but not cause them to sin by his direct action most certainly God can bring certain events in the place and by the free will choices of those individuals in those circumstances. They are the ones who carry out what God has ordained will occur God certain ordained the crucifixion. But God did not cause the people to sin in the rebellion against God. Acts 428 this is what's interesting for truly in the city. They were to gather together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed, both Herod and Pontius Pilate along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do whatever your hand in your purpose predestined to occur. So God predestined this to them, both Herod and Pontius Pilate the Gentiles and the people of Israel to do whatever she wanted him to do. You predestined it to occur, but was interesting as we look at this as a goat that was and is and I was asked for 28 four 2728 when you go to acts 223.

This man delivered over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to the cross by by the hands of godless men and put them to death. So the responsibility for their actions is upon themselves. It was a predetermined plan of God, and it was by the foreknowledge of God, and yet God predestined it and yet they're the ones who are responsible for acts 223 know what some people do who are not teachable. What some people do, whose minds are narrow and they don't understand the theological principles they don't know how to balance acts 223 annex four 2728 with the law often do is misrepresent the theology of the Scriptures themselves. God certainly ordained, whichever took on the plan to pass because that's what ordain means to bring it to pass to to cause it to be and he works all things after the counsel of his will.

Ephesians 111. This means every single thing that ever occurs in the entire universe is ordained by God. But at the same time we do not say that God is the one who directly causes people to sin when people say ordination means is a direct cause. Nope, that's not with the different definition is that's not what it does hesitates in that context at all what he will refuse to learn that mouthing the Netzer problem after narrowmindedness, their bigotry, things like that showing up and it does happen quite a bit, particularly those who are against the sovereignty of God against the majesty, the holiness of God is on the sapient's omnipotence in his all power to be manifested in a sovereign right so many people with. They have done theologically is reduced God down quite a bit and elevated man's freedom man's choices in order to say that now God is in ordain or predestined anybody do anything wrong at all after their free will is all up to them. It's all active and God just knows what they're going to do and he reacts to what he knows they're going to do because it's all up to them and their freedom that's amateur ignorant theology unfortunately which is taught in a lot of churches today know it's not what the Bible teaches. I would suggest you would ask for 2728 and Ephesians 111 Ephesians 111 says God works all things after the counsel of his will export with the 28th… Predestined by Christ. Yet Teresa McCall for the lines 877207 I got one a few weeks ago I gave it a try and after the first night I said that I am not getting that I'm not getting as a CPAP machine. The thing is perfect. In fact, when I travel. That's the goal ticket with only to do with click at the top left on the bedfellows they click on the four pack special type in the promo code truth get 50% off the four pack includes two Michael premiums it to go anywhere. Pillows are hundred percent cotton 60 day moneyback guarantee 10 year warranty me tell you they really are good and I absolutely love the one I use. Also, call 800-944-5396 and use the promo code truth tenure working on these babies love them I love them please check them out 100-944-5396 and use the promo code truth get to Charlie from North Carolina to show you are on the air. I Bible no. You'll find out anyplace in Scripture is like night and what about different question.

What about how data is stored in the picture. I don't believe the earth is billions of years old and I have no problem with dinosaurs being concomitant with some people. There are evidences of thumb, the plexi riverbank with human and dinosaur footprints fossilized together their cave drawings with so Stegosaurus with other dinosaurs that have been drawn in cave situations and if you go back to the book of Job. These last two or three chapters, you'll find needles talk about two different creatures. One is land-based motors. One is water-based and there's huge and cynical title. I have both a crocodile is an elephant that they disinfect the description of these things I think are huge and fire kayak on one of them. So I've no problem with firebreathing dinosaurs. We have a thing called bombardier beetle and it's a bug that mixes to chemicals out of its abdomen and fire is produced that I do know that oh yeah and the legend of the drag firebreathing dragon come from someplace. So I think it's from the dinosaurs myself something to do with that kind of thing though and I see why not. There's only 40 or so species less than 60 acts or something I've heard is not very many and as of the series about the whole thing and we don't know really one of the series associated with them is called the canopy theory and canopy theory is the idea that the earth was surrounded by a canopy of water suspended in the atmosphere and because of the sunlight would refract around the atmosphere around the whole earth is within be completely dark.

He would get desk – because of this, and I've missed so when things is in Genesis 6 we don't have any rain mentioned in the Bible until Noah's Ark and so some people think they wonder could it be that the the water because of the water of the heavens and the fountains of the heavens were loose and opened for something that might be what that is. Anyway, the condition of that, the theory goes that would've enabled the earth to keep a pretty tepid overall temperature wouldn't be any seasons that the whole are really interesting theory about where the tilt of the earth came in when it came in as a whole.

I love the three about that.

I read about this great stuff but nevertheless so the dinosaurs the reptiles could've grown a great deal at that point and become quite low because when plant based the plants would've thought I had the photosynthesis effect because the light diffuse over the world could've produced large plants. Hence, large reptiles, etc. this is a theory but nevertheless there are around their accounts of the dinosaurs of things being seen. Apparently my people anecdotal. Of course no photos problem and I am drawn cave drawings and other things like that so think of what quick John the Baptist died before. Yes, Madurai character of the place.

I will is martyred for theoverhaul for preaching the truth side commanding repentance and people killed is killed for that and I think a single happen when we Christians start calling our falling society to repentance. We will be persecuted severely. Guy we need to start doing it and entered calling our society to repentance the same as John the Baptist did you call people to repent of homosexuality, repentance. The polytheism repents of the paganism in Catholicism and the cults repent of the theft that goes up goes on in the government and in various forms the murder of the unborn is the promotion of pornography, fornication and call our society to repentance is to happen and to do so is to be persecuted. Fact Chick-fil-A you heard and heard or not but heard about it and I will be going Chick-fil-A more because of this, but Chick-fil-A for those who don't know stop supporting the Salvation Army and the Christian athletic was attacked at Chris Athletics by something I forgot. And both of those groups Christian athletes, both those groups had spoken out against homosexuality calling it a sin, and so Chick-fil-A is now no longer supporting them and are no longer good giving money to them and they said that their contract or agreement of support. It is run out and that was all it was while the LGBT the home of the homosexual community is praising them, but they want. Now what they want is for a chick flick to renounce the past positions on homosexuality stencil with doing is making demands of what Christians are supposed to be in doing tell anybody.

This is got to stop this is got to stop because they won't stop.

What if they get Chick-fil-A and other groups to renounce the knowledge go against Scripture. There never to stop doing to stop at the churches they will not stop at the church doors will not affect on people don't know this, there have been instances recorded where people have gone in to church services in the to say the gay community and have thrown at the pulpit on On-Q they have thrown certain things to say, the government, the children listing at the pulpit and towards people yelling, screaming, causing problems, disrupting services they are to come into the church and this is part of the sinfulness of the judgment of of God upon them as Romans 118 through 31 talks about that God hardens their heart and then they promote the ungodliness and into do that to get 1/2 to stamp out the righteous.

As it stands against him that I'm telling people that I've been doing this for 40 years been telling people and warning people about what's coming and this kind of thing is simply the manifestation of unrighteousness in the world. But then he went to hate homosexuals as me with accursed amount, not nothing like that but which can happen is there going to persecute us and is good. It's already happening on collecting information on this to be writing more on it later but more and more the Christian church is becoming under attack and we need to defend ourselves need to be aggressive need to be forthrightly prayerful and we need to be ready as we need to do and we needed and when Christian leader with a conservative Christian leadership. That's right, bold attorney boldness of Friday I got blessed and thought we need Christian leaders to stand up and start calling Christians to to stand on truth and it's going to be costly and is not can be easy but silly Christians are so ingrained in the idea of comfort in that. There's mostly healthy, wealthy, and all this kind of stuff that the idea of risking anything for Jesus and maybe being jailed baby being persecuted is something they want want want nothing to do want to pick up your cross and follow Christ with a one is a wallet. The fall in the Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Michael and Ellen by the way, I've met is a great guy, inventor and CEO of my fellow wants to get back to our listeners. The first time you can get the discounts on all my products go to my right now, and click on the new radio listeners who never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillow tired of sleeping and deep discounts on my mattress toppers bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillows regularly 8999 that with the promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my dog products 60 day moneyback guarantee in a 10 year warranty is go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio special Griffin from Richmond Virginia Griffin welcome the children here like what I came up and go whether our Third and that and I have a nap by it really hell-bent cyanide like that and I got partner and I don't doubt that would, but I wondered if you find out you eyepoint supporting your opinion or through sure when I say is that anyone who believes official Roman Catholic theology cannot be a Christian. It's not to say that there are Christians in the Catholic Church but if they exist, they exist in spite of the Roman Catholic teaching. So for example I don't know how much you know Scripture that the Bible says, for example, in Galatians is commute. Romans 328 says we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. In Romans four, five.

It says to the one who does not work does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness because of the Bible says Einstein going to many other verses like that so I what we have in the Roman Catholic Church in paragraph 2036 of the catechism of the Catholic Church. The specific precepts of the natural law because their observance to bend by the creator is necessary for salvation to the precepts of the natural law is necessary for salvation. What's the natural law paragraph 28 he tells us the Decalogue that's called the 10 Commandments and commitments of Decalogue contains a privileged expression of the natural law is made known to us by divine revelation by human reasoning.

So according to paragraph 2036.

The observance of the natural law is necessary for salvation. Those are the words of the Catholic Church necessary and paragraph 20 80 says says natural law, the 10 Commandments as an expression of it. So you're saying is necessary to keep the cup the law in order to be saved unless very strict that that's a false gospel/default about English is required is a vibrate right within the Savior said I know say no were saved by grace what they mean is this. Understand what with Roman Catholic theology is my tell the people that the jaw drops open what you like Mormons in that they redefine terms and put together in such a way that sounds good but it's you understand what they mean when they say they're saved by grace what you're saying is that Jesus and the prophets and the saints, and Mary.

They did good things, and that good stuff that they did is like stored up in heaven. It's Barrett M a RIT it's merit that stored up in heaven in a treasury of merit and so when you get to be a Christian Catholic when you're baptized all of your original sin is removed, and if you die right there you go to heaven because you are infused with grace infused with grace and grace and merit are kind of interchangeable here in the theological aspect of Roman Catholicism teaches because the Catholic Church is to say they have access to the treasury of merit and you obtain this through the sacraments which they control and so they will teach you that, to the sacraments like pennants and the Eucharist and things like this that will happen is graces and infused into the more grace you have, the more righteous you are. So if you so if you sin you lose some of that grace is like a substance infused into. That's how they define grace when a satyr say Valladares with their singers yes were saved by the infused property of grace that is given to us through the sacraments that the church and its authority given to the priest tell you what to do in order to get to make you more righteous with a meaning that they may vibrate this right guy and that one thing I really that I don't know about the and I vibrate during the bell that I know that you might get Why why they why they need only read the that they did the hike boat will why why the go-between like that they like They did break the reason they don't listen to Jesus is because they say Jesus established the church and salvation is found in the church because the church has the authority to administer grace to the sacraments. So you have to go to the church.

The priest of the bishops it of value need to them what it says because they replace Christ with the church to replace Christ with the church and so the church is the means of salvation is going to cry. So one thing, alas, Catholics is all asked him. Can you pray directly to Jesus and asking to forgive you of all of your sense and no catheter asked will actually do that while they want to go straight to Christ because if you ask him if you pray to Jesus and asked him to forgive evolve, your sins are all of your sins forgiven and I had Catholics not even answer the question is refused to answer answer and then wanting some have said yes to go to what you pray right now, no surgeons, no mocking here would you pray right.

And after you decided evolve your sins and only one person said he would. One person said he was not nice and very respectfully, that's okay. I'll pray with you and he prayed.

He said Marietta come to you. Blah blah blah Charlotte with Mary. He could not do it by last May, as is evident of the incredible brainwashing that goes on in the Roman Catholic Church, the more I have studied it down or I am absolutely convinced that it is in the service of the antichrist – I I learned about Rupert. I don't doubt that the yeah I got decided that they want.

They like. Bye-bye.

Okay, before you go and recommend something.

Go to my website and look at the stuff on Catholicism and I have it all documented from their writings. It's all correct that they be a lot on the Internet and you could, but I say go to those documents and go looking over repair, so I see if a court improperly okay yeah I that I died. Okay thank very much all right God bless Griffin and read you guys something. Forgive next caller and the it's outs of the book, fundamentals of Catholic dogma by ought OTT. This has a new lopes.and the imprimatur those are two seals of approval of Catholicism stating that nothing in it contradicts Catholic theology and that it's worthy of being disseminated and taught all Catholics and this is the quote in that book is approved by the Roman Catholic Church Christ alone truly offer the sacrifice of atonement on the cross and the power of the grace of redemption merited by Christ Mary by her spiritual entering into the sacrifice of divine son for men made atonement for the sins of man, and they congruent merited the application of the redemptive grace of Christ. That's heresy. Roman Catholic Church has no problem with this folks, I could go on and on. What you noticed, I don't want you to think that I hate Catholics.

I don't. It's nothing like that. I was never Catholic wasn't mistreated by any of is not it is to simply theological thing and when the more I studied more reluctant this is horrible and is not just me. There are many Christians throughout the years. The sentries who've written a lot of stuff against Roman Catholic Church, citing document for document after document, citing the problems the grotesque teachings within the Roman Catholic system folks official Roman Catholic theology is not Christian. It curses the real and true gospel and put roadblocks in the way of salvation it dies. People need to come out of that church at Falls Church and trust in Christ alone and I'll never stop saying Arturo from California hold.

I might address something think about writing an article on this anyway. Kanye West going to Joel O'Steen's church. I'm glad that Kanye West is seeking the Lord.

However, the Bible says do not lay hands on anyone quickly.

Next, first Timothy 522 and with its talking about is ordination and the issue of laying hands for commissioning and ordaining to do ministerial work and says don't do this quickly.

Don't do it hastily and I love to build talk to Kanye West. I'd love to disciple him in doctrine and abilities get on the phone, we just talk this with the Bible says this would assess I know is put out a good pastor, but here's my concern he's already out of Joel O'Steen's church and Joel O'Steen is not a very good preacher, teacher, I've been to his church. I've seen it. I've been there. I've heard him say heretical things just because got a big church makes people feel good, doesn't mean it's true and talk more about this later, but I'm starting just today on my Facebook page exposing the word of faith in the new apostolic Reformation and if you are interested in that. If you want to know you good karma that Oregon just type in covered/NAR three initials three letters NAR to convert/NAR financial information on getting my research on this today as it hit me months to get through a lot of, but only documenting stuff varies people.

Teachers and a lot of with a lot of teachers or other sinus heretical folks just because your populism in the right but I want to Joel O'Steen's church I went to their bookstore and I was with a friend and we were there. And that basically church service with a rock concert with lasers and lights and and all this great stuff. It was just just so anyway I went to the bookstore and asked if they had any systematic theologies of the bookstore was bigger than most churches abilities seriously and the guy he looked at me and said a lot. That's the systematic theology you know it may just theology systematically through doctrine and truth. Teaching a look at what really got one. I don't know the Griffin manager so 20 minutes later because back then we will have didn't like it here. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of books and nothing on biblical doctrine, conflict, and seek this problem thought of telling you doctrine is defense with in which the truth resides and outside of which everybody has their way with outside that fence that that perimeter set up by the doctrines of troops inside of that is the truth and the definition of what it means to be Christian who Christ is and what he's done.

But when people don't know what those boundaries are. They start teaching things that Joel O'Steen teaches and Joyce Meyer teachers and Kenneth Copeland teachers maybe I'll get some quotes together and in a day to week or two. All this will do a bit of a thing right is read culture and these heretics, folks.

I know people say you are hard now just telling the truth.

Jesus called to whitewash sectors overturn the temple tables.

He was loyal to God the father and to the Scriptures and so should we pay and sermons should be verse by verse, word by word. What does God say not a sermon, full of illustrations and God has a wonderful plan for your life delivered with smiles and soft tones that make people feel good because it tickles their ears and it causes our hearts to become weak and so when things don't go well for them. Christianity isn't working, which I the only reason we could have churches and prosperity teaching Americans because of culture and the economy go preach that stuff in Third World countries that are starving it doesn't work. The truth of God's word is always true everywhere but these kind of truths aren't truths for half-truths mixed with lies. Anyway Migdalia for the lines 87720776, a kind of director Kanye

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