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Best Of MSL 2020 14: Beware of Heresy and False Teachers

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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April 6, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 14: Beware of Heresy and False Teachers

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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April 6, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about the Jimmy Swaggart Study Bible, how isolation is Biblical, he gives a caller some good marriage advice, plus more.

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Why not the one she can have a couple of chicken maybe it's not the for your family but it is the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens thanks provide nourishment for family and they can sell mosaics at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asian 1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family. Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation or see chickens and camping. This is Truth Network why father found online car Bible church on downloaded it cost me money downloaded and I went through and did some research and boy did I find some stuff and talk about that positive professional stuff and some of the things people settle your so in the meantime want to call 877-207-2276 okay so just flat out jump right in Jimmy's records Bible. I downloaded the New Testament on canola search and things like that and with berries versus an Internet Bible that are important and also want to other websites I have reviewed it and got varies information did my own research and found some things so he what he does is in this Bible is he he takes his commentary and puts it inside the Scripture says you're reading the Scripture you're forced to read what he says about the Scripture is dangerous. The reason is dangerous because you have to read what he says and what he approves of.

If I were ever to so to speak right of Bible commentary on it. It would be information on the side with the bottom and you me I always say this is a view that if you make as concise as I could I would never cite my commentary right there along the lines Scripture I wouldn't do that problematic understand the intention to try make it simplistic the problem is that you never really read the Scriptures without his commentary going into it. That's not a good thing now is send various things and schedule a couple things that are really important here very significant to this return established and do a few things that are said a really important because he's just spoken heresy and the soul one thing. For example, in Romans 715 says sober pulses think I don't want to do. I do struggles and Swaggart says this refers to sin in his life which he doesn't want to do and in fact takes but finds himself unable to stop. Unfortunately, due to the fact of not understanding the cross as refers to signification. This is the plight of multiple Christians. So he said that Paul didn't understand the cross as it relates to sanctification. What we would call that incredibly presumptuous and arrogant and foolish to say something let's see what else is he say this is in Romans 915 versus the Moses I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, I will have compassion on whom I have compassion that God talking is that's it, and his commentary is a God has mercy, compassion on those who meet his conditions is not what the Bible says is altered the text by interpreting it in a way that's not there. With this the Scriptures gets better and send 2012 to set us up for the man was caught up in the third heaven is well known verse and he says the first heaven as the clouds that's correct. The second heaven is the starting place.

That's fine. The third heaven is the planet heaven, the abode of God not go on and on me just tell you that Jimmy Swaggart so-called Bible. I would never recommend anybody study out of it or get it.

I would recommend that you don't use it that you do not get in which interesting is that this idea of having the planet. Well guess you also said that Kenneth Copeland he says heaven has a north and south and east and west.

Consequently, it must be a planet feels that was in the spirit and soul, body, audiotape number 01060151 and 1985 it is now because Copeland also said I will give all the references I got them but the you don't think earth was first. Do you well don't think that God made man in his image and then made the earth at some other image that is not saying there is not anything under the whole sun that's new. Are you hearing what I'm saying this is all a copy gets a copy of home to copy the mother planet where God lives.

He made a little one just like his, and put us on Copeland's example teaches that there is a mother planet and sodas Jimmy Swaggart tells since I got my file open. I want him to do is just continue to read a little bit about that some of the heresies of these guys are taught on the radio. You may be hearing me say do not listen because Copeland don't listen to Joyce Meyer don't listen to Jimmy Swaggart and people may say will met your distal, bigoted, narrowminded, listening to bigoted will bigoted means you have a position that you believe and you will not deviate from, and that's what it and narrowminded. Narrowminded would come to the truth if that's what the Bible says that fine and let's not go beyond what is written first contains four sections. Also, please think of these people are teaching or heretical kickoff and also said these words stuck, struck and spotty in the face, his body and God were exactly the same size really, for God has a body by the father is a body and is a planet called his Mormonism and God's reason for creating at the second: again got reason for creating Adam was his desire that this was his desire to reproduce himself amenable reproduction of himself in the garden. He did just that he was not a little like God. He was not almost like God he was not subordinate to God, even Adam is as much like God as you can get just the same as Jesus, Adam in the garden of Eden was God manifested in the flesh. Incidentally, besides it being a abject heresy.

That's also Mormon theology. Let's eat.

Adam was made in the image of God he was as much a female as he was male and said that that's the confusion also said God had no avenue of lasting faith or moving on the earth goddess on the outside looking in order to have any say so in the earth. He's gonna have to be in agreement with a man here if Colton said I was shocked when I found out who the biggest failure in the Bible actually is the biggest one is God.

He lost his top ranking wasn't really an angel lost the first man ever created the first woman that some of you may be filming the familiar city with the undivided broadcasting network TBN Paul Crouch gone on to the he's passed away.

He said somebody is speaking to Kenneth Copeland this what he said.

Somebody said I don't know who said it, but they claim that your you faith. Teachers declare that we are gods. You're a God I'm a God small Gmail, but we are the God of this world. Well, are you a God small G to this Jan Crouch referring to Copeland exclaimed he's gonna say it yes I love it. God's videos on he is THAT he, God doesn't even draw a distinction between himself and us that just damnable heresy that this is fouled teaching for the pit of hell may continue. He said God doesn't even draw a distinction between himself and us. You know what else that settled then. Tonight this hue and cry in controversy that has been spawned by the devil to try and bring dissension within the body of Christ, that we are gods. I'm a little God.

I have his name. I am one with him. I'm in covenant relation.

I am little God expect of you may be familiar with the Kenneth Hagan he said originally God made the earth and the fullness thereof giving Adam dominion over the works of his hands. In other words, Adam was the God of this world and it is foolishness. The conservatives for verses I is for verses three and four the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers got Satan venting hand has said Adam was a super being. When God created him, which means he used to fly.

He also said guardrail regional plan is that the woman was to bring forth children out of her sight. You know that's just what you say stuff like this week is getting this for the book book of direct to me this ridiculous vinyl skating for the book of second Marana cults anyway. In other words, she was created with an opening in her side and children were supposed to be born, and I get that from the very fact that you'll never see birth spiritually except from the side and couldn't think his way out of a wet paper bag. This can think. He also said the Bible says a prophet spoke the word, not knowing that they were saying what they were saying, but for thousand years past when the word became a human being and walked and talked and moved the spoken word became a human being spoken word became flesh spoken word got our legs, arms, eyes, hair a body and he was no longer saying, thus saith the Lord. He was saying. I say to you the word that was spoken through the lips of the prophets was now walking on the seashore gallantly so it's interesting that says that's okay and on and that the tech never ever ever go to the Lord and say if I beat I will don't allow such faith. Destroying work to be spoke to her mouth and says that he also says when you say I'm a Christian, you're saying I am a Sheila Hebrew.

I'm a little Messiah walking on earth. He also said God came to the earth, and touched a piece of dust and turn it into a God.

Are you a child of God in your divine, you are a child of God and you're not. As with any innocent one more thing. When I stand in Christ. I am one with him united to him one spirit with him. I am not me.

I am not part of him. I am him. The word has become flesh in me. When my hand touches someone is the hand of Jesus touching somebody know this stuff is just profound heresy and unfortunately Christians don't know what is really being taught. EW Kenyon was a guy was the Democrat to think about used to help start the stuff for years and years and years ago.

He said this man Adam was actually born again when he sent that is, he was born of the devil you begin a partaker of the satanic nature.

Nothing says that the Bible Fred Price says he's a big guy or teacher in LA for prices.

God can do anything in this earth realm, except that we the body of Christ allow him to do. He said that of God without a business God was out of the earth realm, God no more stock in this earth realm no more none and all. Nothing he could do a thing in the world he could do.

The only way God get back in the earth realm.

He had to have an invitation we do with the stuff you and the peers of the Oscar that Kenneth Copeland settled I'll get a call at this. This is what chemical consent actually break coming up so I'll finish up with that the look of the brick to the college of break out Kenneth Coble to this piece. He apparently had a prophecy delivered him to him. They crucified me. This is Jesus proclaiming that I was God sent Jesus said this, Jesus told Copeland.

Jesus appeared at a vision. Jesus said to Kenneth Copeland. They crucified me for claiming that I was God. But I didn't claim I disclaim any way heresy is why right back after this message is only seven all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on RAM. We love to hear from you lobby. Be back. Also, download our free mobile app Ruth We've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your loyal, listening, that would make you so much for your prayers, your prayers are what fueled this ministry for to reach people with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shall second Matt slick taken away Matt Kiley from California.

Welcome here. I can hear you fine okay great great great great question. I 2020 about what we're doing right now. Part I like going to the house and shut the door, if only for a little while on our are you familiar with care properly applied to lack the right. I haven't looked at the context militarily fits properly applied 2620 so will and it says increase in nation suck you in distress chastising the prototype burst. We are pregnant favored dead will live. The corpse will rise the dust with shout for joy. It was the dominant earth birth to the departed spirits, people that verses been used for the rapture. I could use the rapture come for out at your rapture disclosed look behind you for little while.

Help the ignition pass.

That's the great tribulation. This is a conscious effort use before if they want to use verses that really discuss this issue and they should go to the actual chapters in the Bible that discuss it in Leviticus 13.

The figures 14 and those two chapter talks about quarantining it literally talks about. So there I would use that Isaiah 2620 verse and I'm surprised the people don't do their research.

Read something you barely get mad get it right you the study yourself this. I want people to do with me but you trust the regulating slick so that's not good out my way. You and your family and okay look up the sky.

Let's get to John from Georgia children welcome here by God's grace. I'm doing well.

When you week or two ago about Deuteronomy 2118 21. Okay stone, I'm not sure hello yeah and I've read your link that you sent me figure with the and I don't mean to. Do you know you want more questions. I noted that God is right on about what would God not want to. They doesn't but he allows it.

Okay then why he allowed context.

The context the Old Testament covenants were God's covenant with Israel for the expansion of the people of Israel through Abraham and Genesis 12 three God says Abraham in you all the nations shall be blessed up all the possible quotes that in Galatians 38 and calls that the Gospels and the gospel is preached beforehand to Abraham saying that goes on this process so the Old Testament largely is there is a record of God providing for people.

The time to places the wind the families and etc. in order for the Messiah to get there and arrive so God would have. For example, the Israelites go and wipe out a whole nation, not arbitrarily, but after centuries of warning they would be warned about something they were doing evil so got him to go to care because he didn't want the infection of idolatry and other things in a continuation of abject sin to infect Israel and then thereby jeopardize the arrival of Messiah the same thing goes here with Deuteronomy 2118 through 21 rebellious son yet understand that culture you honor your mother and your father.

It was when the 10 Commandments and so if you did not do that were very bad and you brought shame upon the family and shame upon the village and family. The village were intertwined and so its reputation of the founding family village Township.

Whatever would be damaged by rebellious whatever people and it then others would avoid that area, so there was economic problems that would result. Not to mention the spiritual problems.

If one person checks rebelling becoming sassy parents. The other kids are doing that are not doing their work. Not doing her job. Be disrespectful. The breakdown of society and this kind of a thing was to be stopped.

There is no record.

Incidentally, of any child ever being stoned and so this is an add a very strong warning to keep the children in line and the children are to obey the mother and father etc. the growth would be responsible now in the New Testament. Hebrews 813 and Hebrews 952 16.

It talks about the old covenant is done away with the new covenant is ratified with death. Christ, so the old covenant and the word for covenant in Latin is testament to Old Testament Old Testament covenant. New covenant New Testament for the new covenant was ratified, the death of Christ, and we no longer are to apply those kinds of theocratic economic chaos, not months. God's law, the economic no longer required to apply those kinds of the economic things because it was meant for Israel, and since the messiahs come and Israel is not under theocratic system it doesn't apply anymore. Okay I buy wow what a thought. All of low sure why. You'll notice he fulfilled the law. And there's a thing called abrogation to abrogate means a leader something undoes or modifies something previous plus there's a phrase that's really important say to the sons of Israel, and for example, say to the sons of Israel.

If you go in and you do a search on that you can find out that, for example, Leviticus 20 it says you shall also the sons of Israel fitting that this individual has aliens sojourning in Israel, etc. etc. there certain phrases that are meant only for Israel, and so the youth also understand that the law the Pentateuch, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy was written for Israel's benefit for the Cardinals truth of Israel, and so because the comet was aimed at them and, incidentally, Jesus was not sent to the whole world. John 1515 24 Jesus says that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and this is because of the covenant requirement of that law where he was sent only to Israel, and Israel rejected him and we, the Gentiles are grafted in, so God was covenantal when the covenant is fulfilled in the covenant stops. So, another example of the covenant type thing is my wife and I are married and the covenant that she and I made to each other before people before God is broken ended when one of us dies and so when that happens, were no longer married. And that covenant is ratified. This is taking care of its terminated some covenants had terminations within them and so the idea of saying to the sons of Israel deals with the nation of Israel, and one aspect is nation of Israel doesn't doesn't exist in that theocratic system like it was back then. And so when it came rough. The time of Israel, Jesus, and he ratified the new covenant with his blood.

Then the old things have been fulfilled were no longer necessary. In that sense, it's what we do with the goal of the New Testament because it abrogates the Old Testament okay so what you brought the all thing writing God while in before I but God knew they would always hear we had done. Now when we obey God while death, but the punishment of sin is separation from God. Genesis 217 God says to Adam, the data you to the fruit you will die. That is, the separation is a 59 two sin causes separation. The physical manifestation of the spiritual death is physical death. Romans 623 so we die.

So that's how that would work in that sense that makes sense, that can help the author that now but you will not believe. But now, with colic, they tell you about people we have 100 waiting three open lines. When Jesus called right back to back and Monica okay thank you Sherman no problem to get on with John from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome you on here your ministry. Thank you, thank you yet. Touch on apologetic issues that that most apologist dogs and I think you're good at, but I heard that you also do polymeric counseling for many years by you so you will never have anybody I don't answer because I'm not sure how to approach this issue with my wife, who I love dearly, however, marry later in life. I agree with 98% of your theology. I love it. My wife on the other so good place for years is good. I hold on that right John from Raleigh's on hold. Talk about that what you may call 772-0776 and now a moment of truth with Matt sleep if you believe in Christ then serve and serve that with Anita Mary about the need to hope now the needed anybody, me included. Trust in Jesus Christ and him alone and don't believe you have to keep commands to be saved because this incapable only one person everything good was Jesus I can't. You cannot cannot do any good work and keep commandment same, that is blasphemy is with the Jehovah's Witnesses tedious with the Mormon state is with Eastern Orthodox changes is what Islam teaches Christianity. This has been a moment of truth with Matt sleep is the best way to get away. Matt all right, but it will come back to the show back on the air with John from Raleigh, North Carolina John Ron thanks Matt. Frustrating is the supposed the spiritual head of the family to argue about Scripture so mad because I don't agree with her viewpoint on things going to a charismatic church or a life that is going to the Lord make you think you're chronically yellow like I said, it can have a Bible study with her because my favorite thing is I am who I am only because of Christ chose an important foundation of the world is a fight nor drink their can't go any farther. So yeah frustrating yes it is been doing.

He asked now that I'm a leader inherent in this is what it says that's related. I'm not that kind of guy and yet I understand that I am the leader in the family advice.

Please note over the phone without both of you sitting there like it a lot. See interact is difficult.

However, without hearing her side of things.


The charismatic movement. I believe the charismatic gifts so you know I from them and I come around, come around on Outlook being raised about this. That certainly understand that they're not right either answer so you come around, come around on good and send them my money. A special gift. Apparently commitment to get this thing of noxious new so you have a tough job ahead of you yet to lead by example and not by word. So you have to lead in such a way that she doesn't feel threatened. She's emotionally vested in the church and we talk what you going to church so she's emotionally vested sound like she's up overly emotional about things, not wanting to hear the word of God because it is the word of God, the truth that she's rejecting.

And so when you push it and all she's probably so sensitive that she's going to rebel and not want anything to do with it when she says your unequally yoked. That is not with the Scriptures are talking about the believer with an unbeliever.

I she's she's wrong in that way as well. So what I would do if I were you and the situation is back away and focus on those things that are good that she talks about in the realistic with in the work and in the word that she's there with now this might be difficult, but it takes time it takes patients that you're supposed to lead by example.

You want more horse you want baptism in the Holy Spirit wants to meet and talk with, I don't do as I get going since 12 through the first is 1213 1412 and 14 talks with God gives those gifts to whom he desires and you can pray for those get nothing wrong with that. I pray for tongues many times give up until 2030 years God ever gave the volcano I'm done God's will make you that gift to me if you will and he will not worry about it. I hundred gifts and so that's, so she has to understand that that my head here.

I think his pocket and know what you think you know about how good God is well does she bring home these these books from Joel O'Steen, Kenneth Copeland Joyce Meyer think like your whole life and is why we have bad content because, you know that I don't like the people he heard a lot of bad dog a lot of bad people at Bill Johnson. Do you think she knows I know are the books in in the house you okay so when she's not listening when she's around. I know that my problem I don't think she does with driving on the way home and killing the woman the garlic so okay so what I would do as I literally lay your hands on those books and pray over them and bind the evil that's associated with so much of their foster demonic teaching if you destroy them.

You can't lie, then what you've done as you set up a barrier and so you can't do that as well.

And if you to put your foot down because she so emotionally vested like a cult person is and something else yes. Whatever you do will cause more problems to what you have to do is back away and you gotta start praying.

Pray that God will deal with her that God will show her the truth.

You need to demonstrate great patience and great love because she's a woman she's emotional. She's obviously emotionally vested there. So you need to be praying and showing her pe grace, love, not a merciful love but gracious grace is getting what you do not deserve. We get the grace of God the kindness of God. We deserve everything else. Now you are going to have to live the toughest of all the doctrines. The first one is to love God and the second is to love your neighbor and your wife fits in that latter category that you're obligated to love her the best of your ability and his dignity hard. Oh yes you can want to just throw for yes reading one is correct. Things yes you are and she's gonna say think that would be heretical in what you have to do is rehearse in your mind what you can say and do in your body language is important because if she were to say something that you know is heretical at this point. This kind of relationship.

You can't smack your four head, put your finger down your throat and then say excuse me, you walk away you know exactly how what and what happens is she reads the body language and she's so negative about everything that now it's a training it's not an automatic reaction to the reaction system has been broken and what you have to do is break it. You're the man you man up. Adam and Eve in the garden she sent. First she gave the fruit to Adam. They both hid in the pre-incarnate Christ said to the man we said for the man's so you're the man kind the man up and trust me, I've had the same speech given to me with my wife sit next to me in a counseling session when I get reamed 30 years ago and I'm glad it happened because the man with the counselor godly men was right, they put this issue similar that summer thing that is same from the different variables and how life is and was so put it where it was, but belong in the husband's lap first in the situation of this you have to love her just to see that love. You need to live the doctrine of Christ love when the barriers are down and you would praying daily for you even lay your hands on her, and pray for you. Pray for her and God would open up her hot heart and mind to greater depths of knowledge and wisdom and passion with what you would want is what I want. That's what you should want for your wife shall agree that you pray for her like that on a regular basis and then went if and when the door opens up for you be able to read the word with her and you read the word don't go to Romans nine it all insert read animal and so on.

For example, my wife, I didn't know she was reformed in theology of for 15 years of our marriage and onto very reformed. I never ever posted on and one day I decided are you reformed really have a shield years ago is and how she was nice listening, listening, you teach all okay and so you know along this line is that I have been praying and praying and praying for breakthrough and conquer realization of truth that she did not agree with. So her being who she is really about working on some more. I found a good church; I got here we go, though I were in your family is the worst thing gets when we went oriented up a Calvary Chapel good that they are will make you think. They believe in the second blessing and all this started the year in expository speech. Sheila caught on yet that he's taken reformed theology. I like to go Johnson every single night sleep and stuff and she's a heretic he's a he's a heretic yeah I've been to that church to experience but nevertheless yes this what you do I even talk to the pastor of the Calvary Chapel through going to tell them what's going on, so he knows how to pray and during conversations with her that might arise.

He might have a word of wisdom or knowledge to impart to her sometime and be patient if you're trying to change her then you are usurping the position of God you not to change her your for your job is to lead her new leader in the ways of Christ.

If you go to acts chapter 17 actually 17.

The title to the unknown God. Paul talks about and instead of saying you taken jerks. He said I'll tell you who this is for he used what they already had and spoke to them and wove it into the gospel truth. She undoubtedly has some levels of truth that are already there you find those you bless those water to the house you do with love and you touch her as a man touches is his wife properly with affection, with the proper tone and body language is super important. You need to practice so that your wife feel safe around you. I know she probably does physically write but spiritually and emotionally as well. Women need the whole package is difficult for us men. Sometimes if you and I get many children we got a dude minute I messed up.

I'm sorry okay forgotten good that's not how it works with the ladies they remember because are damaged internally.

It takes a long time for that on that damage to become undamaged and so you have to ride the storm so to speak, and it would be a great test for you great difficulty for you because what you do is pick up your cross daily and follow after Christ love your wife. In the meantime, all right, let's get on the phone to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome your on the air about RN now readily where he had written on it. I word of God because of what it's next to the word because of what it's next to its next to the genitalia and so the thigh was considered the inner thigh area and in the with the male genitalia and circumcision.

The symbol of authority and covenant sign you sometimes covenants were made and you put your hand on your thigh or soils, thigh, and it was a signal and a sign of a very serious commitment. It was anything homosexual at all is just how they do things sometimes.

Some areas because of the proximity because of the proximity it's a cultural thing and every culture has its you know, kind of a unique set of things, you know, we say things like a beach to your black and blue. What was it really mean you and so there are certain idioms and cultural things that we do in Japan for example, made the house literally shake hands. We don't bow, but we shake hands through different cultures and so the thigh was covenantal.

He is significant because of the proximity to the male genitalia and that's why yes I yes right now so you know along the along these lines, the males seed was considered the thing and review my that is, it didn't matter which woman he implanted that seed because it was the seed that we planted in that ground over there, or that ground over there. It was the seed that was important that he did understand genetics and things like that but so this see the male seed carried in authority and that symbol of presence and authority.

So that's more of what was going on there are a alternate yeah he's talking authority. The authority and the covenant aspect of what's going on with the thigh.

People think they tried here. Well yeah you know the Bible says no test I forget exactly where the architect tubes is for the dead. Personally, I like tattoos. I don't understand why, but he would mark the body. I don't get right adjustment so if you want to do. That's well you know that's their business. Nothing in the New Testament says don't do that. So it's missing the motive and and stuff like that so go not just as real and symbolic of what was written on his thigh and is the book of Revelation is symbolic. Understand that it's speaking in symbolic terms, and a lot of errors on America's literal to so that the enough example and in the Revelation 19 to things I could to 12 it says that Jesus has a name that only he knows.

Let me think of the father doesn't know what the Holy Spirit is not what's not what it's saying and Jewishness used exaggeration a lot of time to make points. Truly, truly, truly, I say to you, so they would use those kind of things and they would use representative things to have other issues. So Jesus is clothed in white and white is wool shining as the sun. This is all symbol a name written on his thigh, if not literally on his thigh and Hasid covenant aspect and the authority aspect of male headship so people use them for that reason, or just naturally mean but they just don't know issues there. I don't know studying for so long. People who were to get that. I don't know you liked this remember stuff in the doing this for entry questions for about 40 years now and I know that and yielded recent on the radio site. I have no idea so still and know I do know 25 years so I don't hope, but if it's on some of the work of an article I go to put up a bit on this like 10 years ago so I think think it's on my computer.

Okay, I got stand nearby your support information. We ask for the current small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based on some so the Lord bless you Matt slick taken away Matt look back to show everybody let's get to Eddie from Houston, Texas. Eddie welcome here.

Hermano Matt Studley again Houston to get us.

Although I have a court hearing, and action.

I went to not fall off a horse right fake update date that he did not eat or drink for three days and you go scale on you guys blind would you say that supernatural grant that was happening to him. So you could could take up to 37 to be taught doesn't look like that's what the third heaven thing was, it looks like most theologians can only force the idea that when he was stoned and left SI for death is probably when it occurred, and he does say that that occurred 14 years ago and securities 12 to 2 so that would be appropriate here. So he neither ate nor drink for three days, which is been very very difficult eating. Not a big deal but the drinking become product quite problematic but anyway the scales from his eyes. I don't know that is a but he was blinded and probably because the light I was so bright that that you look at so there's something there. I haven't really done a deep study on good questions. Adhere to the equator. German worry about the government, you wiring violate the vacant amendment of the Constitution, yet they should not violate the second amendment right to bear arms. Catherine things like that but biblically speaking isolation for the sake of avoiding infection is extremely biblical. Leviticus 13 is 14 talks about this and it very clearly teaches that isolation is a good thing to get right. If a disease I slick working houses as well. People leprosy and various things.

So it's very difficult to do this. In fact, 1346 when the black plague wanted plague started in Europe and killed millions. It was people of Austria, Vic Vienna, Austria, who started biblical system of isolation, quarantining, and that abated the disease there in town so the rest of okay thank you

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