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Best Of MSL 2020 18: Sovereignty Of God

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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May 4, 2020 1:00 pm

Best Of MSL 2020 18: Sovereignty Of God

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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May 4, 2020 1:00 pm

Welcome to the Best of Matt Slick Live where you will get to hear some of the best calls and segments from Matt Slick Live. This week, Matt talks about various topics that range from why God ordered the killing of babies, why God offered up Jesus to die, knowing many would reject him, some news about Trans World Radio, plus so much more.

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I like it. It is great and folks, this is a spontaneous thing but it really you only need to hear the gospel (that Islam is moving in and trying to destroy churches in people's lives and everything Islam is evil exist us love the idea radios quickly so they put these these writers are windup so they can listen, I'm assuming that people just gather in groups to listen as I work they do story. I love the colors we are driving down the road in our director for Malawi says stop it or how and and drop off a radio, not about you Matt, I'm driving down the road here in US. I don't just randomly stop at somebody's house to give them a gift work. Given that the stuff up and I would do.

But when Malawi they decide to do that when the people found out they that we were from Transylvania. All parental radio in the house was. It was God true. It was the bricks were homemade out of clay. The kids were in the front yard playing in the start and dad's laundry hanging on the line and we gave mom the radio. She was just so excited and active will. How did she know about parental radio. If you know should never radio though our our director after the question and she said all the trampled radio through our neighbors. Radio anytime were out working in our farming and farming are field, while that for exactly that.

Just like that they're going to get radio in the house they're going to gather around me listening to TW, are you listening to God's word and you know what God's word go and return void is going to accomplish the purposes which he said that that's the beauty of it, so let me get a phone number again because it's so important that we finish it off would give we get the hundred radios to countries like Malawi, Ghana, and yet Mozambique so many more in Africa. Your gift with the gospel with somebody and somebody years AAA 988-5650 give it again AAA 988-5656 you can call right now. Give one radio maybe five radios maybe 10 radios we need to hear from you call right now triple weight 988-5656. We can always go online Truth stuff to solicit all but God bless John as they slowly avoid so far. I appreciate your volume advice about goblins thyroid, spontaneous, well similarly spontaneous thing was so afraid you write back all the Truth Network on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram.

We love to hear from you. We'd love to hear your feedback and also download a free mobile apparatus we've gone digital only ask you to join us there. Thank you for your old listening that would make you so much for your prayers are what fueled this ministry forward with the truth of Jesus Christ you shall know the truth through shall set is Matt's link to get away Matt Liska to Canadian Catholic welcome welcome back. Surprisingly, a book about when I know that another environment just like you believe that young people leave that anyone who accepts Mary ologies going to hell no, because I think is different degrees of ignorance of people can manifest in various things I do believe that it's idolatrous and, ultimately, as I don't want you idolatrous like I think it (Matthew is believing that Mary was a potential preaching idolatry anything Melvin and then I met you is believing that she's mother of God.

I don't know the it is believing that she assumed it to happen. I don't and the answer is no is believing that she was immaculately conceived idolatry and I said no to that one to get idolatry to gain inspiration from artwork. That's idolatry start soon idolatry is we have to start with God, so God has certain attributes of block to him alone on the presence of militants the ability to hear our thoughts to know our thoughts intention of our hearts, that the Bible never says anybody else could do that other than God.

And so when we give to a created thing, the attributes of belong to God than that's idolatry.

We should only give what belongs to God to God.

So if we would do if someone were to say is the example Mormons do, they will give the attributes of deity to a created thing, which is their God and he's a man on the planet and he became a God so they give him attributes of belong to the true and living God is idolatry. So there you give anything that belong to the true living God to credit thing it's idolatrous that belongs to God alone. For example, the issue of of God alone being able to hear our prayers in multiple languages all over the world.

Both thought and spoke with this is an attribute of God and the Bible gives the quality of the attributes of that to God alone and when the Catholics give that same attribute quality to Mary. That's idolatry. Furthermore, when you pray to God you're trusting in him and you're asking God to intercede in the spiritual realm etc. etc. you are trusting in him. We are praying to him. She's not like talking to your buddy next door who is 5 feet away from you and you're having coffee and talking he could pray for me that's not the same thing is getting on your knees and praying to God because it intercession is not idolatry. When you ask your friend to help, but it is idolatrous. If you ask a false God, the God of Mormonism of the gutter Jehovah's Witnesses of the God of Islam. You can't ask those gods as false gods for intercession to help pray to.

Because the object is false. So when we talk with this issue of prayer. We realize our God alone.

And so when you give it to Mary and the Saints. That's idolatry. And this is how it works.

Make it work. Your assertion that unless I am worshiping Mary like I'm being in ink and It is this something you assert that I am not consistent. I worship Mary, will I have a quote from Pat Catholic publication or size of worshiping Mary what they want to do is say no it's not true worship was I going to do not worship Mary is in your assertion that I'm being is anyone who does not worship Mary is not following Catholicism that it was meant to be Catholicism teaches in his post at the door.

Mary seek her intercession with the intercession of others, pray to her and I do the Hail Mary and say these things and hopefully give you more grace. Infusing your soul. All of this is a false doctrine idolatrous. Many things that you do not agree with Mary and we agreed that Mary was perfect, but you don't believe those who believe that part out and you also don't believe she was happen but you don't think anyone think that I don't think it do you think that I am not what I just know I sent you cannot look at my membership. Mary is your assertion that I was having never worship Mary is out of the good enough. If you say you don't just begin consistent not truthful with you should worship and adoration on do you pray to Mary do you define what you prayer to pray to God believing thank you knees so to speak. Ask God for things.

Confess your sins to God. You got to God.

This prayer you do the same thing the Mary you talk to Mary Esther obsession you prayer as per okay well don't prayer a lot of only the King change the craving for a government got worshiped. I do this for Mary. No, now you're telling you have given solemn and reverential requests to God in prayer right had you given solemn and reverential requests to Mary Revere had done it, but you just said yes to God when I apply the same thing to Mary 91 different definition see we are trying to do is with a lot of Catholics and a particularly Lotta Catholic apologists do is try and find a nuanced definition that they can steer Protestant tortoises that were doing certain positive assertion and I'm beginning to get away around where I worship openly told you that I do not worship Mary, you're telling me that you do not worship Mary question do you give. I don't know you give to Mary belongs to God you pray to her submit hello to tell you you submit to her in her will you adore her, you exalt her name you glorify her, absolutely. That's what you do when you talk to Mary because deep message you believe that Mary can hear all of your prayers and both spoken and thought I God is capable of letting I asked that I can God do it. I said, can Mary redo it.

Can Mary do this right now. What you can't let the Scottish offense of his God let her know 100,000 prayer simultaneously for people really did like what is okay if so, you can okay hold on. Can I really comprehend 100,000 of these prayers of God gives to her all at once.

Okay so now what you're doing is giving a quality that belongs to God to marry her. This is idolatry.

You are giving to her. A characteristic of being able to comprehend at least 100,000 simultaneous prayers and understand each of them individually. At the same time.

This is what you're saying Mary until now, there is nothing in the Scripture says that at all, but it does say it does say that God can do these things since he hears the prayers of all of us. So now what you're doing is giving to Mary what belongs to God. That's idolatry there so willingly.

I believe that God gave prophetic to get profit if you have like one, but one of them is true. Like, you know that I can give it to get certain you not listening to me. I said, for example, 100,000 simultaneously comprehended prayers USACE possible. That's the exact examples in what you do you sidestep and you go to prophecy of a prophet is not were talking about. You are giving to the created thing Mary. What belongs to God. The ability to simultaneously comprehend at least 100,000 prayers at the same time. This note God. Yes, so that I can get bit of knowing 40 trillion possibility, but knowing which one of them will come to know same thing and consistent variances.

You are not focusing on the issue never calls you a call back later get one if I think they felt to read that Gaffney's messages if you want to call 7707 and now with immensely. It is a false teacher out to the job, the pastor, the other is to guard the flock my mother preaching some comes out On your thoughts. In John 1034 which is a quote from Psalm 22, 26 I would say that the Mormons use and is certainly an essay and some Christian preachers use it this way can open and Joyce Meyer boutiques of God's will that I would say because it needs to be set at that time too many pastors are afraid to not offended in the church might look. Who cares if Jesus were in your church and he was preaching from the pulpit. What would he send now we have to emulate represent Christ saying to score when it's necessary when the time is there, the pastor is obligated to make things as needs to be done. Just as Paul the apostle named names in the New Testament. False teachers, the amount of the job the pastor to do that as well. The job the pastors, not to babysit, change diapers feel good is to teach the word of God. This has been a moment of truth with immensely as Matt slick taken away Matt, why don't we just jump on the phone to get to Russell from Asheboro, North Carolina Russell you will hear is going going out Friday and watch me a life now is three years old and the Lord started reading is the and everything you say and a lot alike.

I was wondering why I'm not like Dolly and see what was the long time since had any dealings with them but I still live close to their headquarters and by Wednesday sent watchmen yeah's and contaminates great. Yes yes there was. There was a headquarters in Southern California. I live not too far from there I went and I net being threatened by them with loss of but they didn't officially threatening. They hinted at with the letter using was a researcher and so when I why I cannot.

I I went in there and interviewed with or interviewed an elderly told me some stuff. It was interesting to find out what it is that he was teaching and then I received a letter about a week later say thank you for the nice interview truly great. Some people misrepresent us and we have to sue them, but I'm sure you will be like that it was it was a letter like that you know and and I knew what they were doing was just a noncommittal well-written letter about a threat. And so this often happens to be very very careful with groups and I can remember. Unfortunately Too many the problems there's double Christian life series. There's some other issues of gender to get this information and it has been a while. Remember to stay clear of watchmen.

Neither would take to have anything on him to say I knew how bad he and Mall site out for maybe you know are a lot of people can go to prison who are in cold; occult but love them because he is neither true and there's a lot of good things of watchmen. He has said, but I'll do a refresher tonight on it. Maybe you collect more I can do a refresher and we talked a little more you know when I was four years old, a lower pastor friend and gave me salvation of the souls that welcomed staying and I believe the authority of bully and I really really enjoyed it. That is the lack of cyano really know. I out.

I want to have an ally doing the research on the web-I watchmen the and see what comes out and find my you find problems and find plenty of articles talk about problems with okay what it's like that you stay with everybody not just a young athlete releasing a little bit of articles on him this week since June. The problem with Swaggart is that he's disqualified from being a preacher teacher because 1988, 87, 91's, prostitute, and the second time he said that the Lord told him to sit to the car geisha is not anybody's business, so this is just reprehensible that Swaggart sort of their police say Callie I say the music a lamb that is nice black that you know I like you brought banana Apple rock media. I cannot recommend the JGB Swaggart ministry. I cannot recommend them puts all of faithful consciousness. I want to get on TV and start having discussions and stuff about this.

The very nature of what truth is. In the Christian faith and naming names, and in doing what needs to be done because too many Christians who just don't know. The truth is Hunter being railroaded by a lot of people. Since everything is Swaggart says is bad.

A lot of what he says is really good and I'm sure the Lord is used him, but the Bible says that the elders to be blameless and we know of any man who claims to be a spiritual leader and then hug. This is prostitute thing. But somebody else doing the same thing and then three years later gets blessed with another prostitute become a EE is not qualified to be the physician and he should step down and be out of public eye.

That's a switch at the well you are like me that about log. Yes, I will do little research then watchman Nee said you one more thing will go to the other callers second 2012 to and Jimmy Swaggart Bible it says in second Chronicles segment is 12 to such a man was caught up to the third heaven, he says the first heaven is a clouds that's fine. The second heaven is a starry place. That's fine these is the third heaven is the planet heaven U-boat of God planet and this is so ridiculously stupid that anybody would teach that it is just an executive closure. I shake your head look away you put your hands in the air say okay God could do with it because it's just ridiculous.

God does live on a planet. This is Mormonism got it right and so is okay and I'm guided to follow things appreciated. Please keep listening. Okay.

All right. 20 from Wilkesboro, North Carolina 20 welcomed very mad. Thanks a lot Chris Roxburgh: I have a question and been a believer all cried since 78 I was brought up and when I looked at the difference between divinity and human vanity with Christ. It was almost that was actually always call that Christ did not would not have a sin nature in the humanity part. I believe Christ was sinless, but as I've been doing some studying and I came across a couple of something going away about a gospel correlation that caused me to do some digging and it appears that most likely for him to be creation for mankind that he would have to have that sin nature, but without sin did gospel coalition to help the other was actually did some research and I tried to find that just the other day.

Rather, they taken it down and look at again try to opted for about life, but now they're pointing more, no that dumb excuse me that you know he did not have a six is a break on this but Jesus should not have a sin nature to say so is incredible heresy that Kathy's messages is Matt's link to get always meant everyone back to the show, Tony. Are you still there.

There are so would the gospel coalition little bit of research. In the article, scanned through it at the end of it. It said no do this not have a sin nature so good for them and it's very important we understand that she does not have a sin nature. The Krista Delphian non-Christian cult teaches that Jesus had a sin nature, but never send some Christians will teach that in his blasphemy and I will say again, if they believe that their believing blasphemous teaching. Let me ask you a question.

Would you say that having a fallen sin nature is a blemish of any sort. Sure thing or impure thing to say impure thing impure. 17 once it is the law than ever. Jesus was made on the log. Galatians 44 right hit it and he can fulfill the law 315 you shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God in Oaks an ox or sheep which has a blemish or in the defect for that is a detestable thing the Lord your God. If Jesus had fallen nature. We would say that is a defect when I've asked many people and cults who hold this position a few wackos who to be true Christians and holds position as well as who it is a fallen nature defect and went to the question because they know the Scripture speak. One thing and they don't want to say yes at the defect busted so you know Jesus and not having fallen human nature. We know that Adam and Eve were not fallen at one point there created so humanity is not defined by fallenness or unfallen is but by something else. Human nature can be fallen and unfallen Jesus assumed human nature to submit his soon to follow nature and the horrendously bad thinking is that he had to be fallen in order to relate to us or order the review to sacrifice all of that is just garbage. Okay, gargle Bank of America question. I believe it and later the one that you read the coalition started out like it was in paren and I'm actually sinking as I 17 when he became sin right mountain. I don't know is that it night our infirmities is nothing we have everything can't be touched with an idea for yeah but he cannot. I'm trying to think of our Senate. But there's nothing that he doesn't understand that there are many that and that's where it bought me because if he was. I know it was Burton born and it was born from the Holy Spirit of God, but he was still born of Mary, which was of humanity, and I was thinking for him to understand that because I was just doing some studying and what about it.

To my mind again. I was actually going to let it drop in. I was studying. I think it was in Romans six and when he died he died and and and I've always thought maybe dad for the resurrection, but he dad to see and that kind of start to fall back up again. Not that I'm saying & without the letter that was Cora that was all say that for him to be a propitiation for us.

He had to understand that and and and we can only cross I don't see seeking org BP season begin to understand the goats. There were two goats that were what was a scapegoat in the Old Testament, they would put their hands on the head of the one and their sins were symbolically imputed to that goat was loose they didn't have to understand anything case of this idea of having to understand inversion talk about the Hebrews he was 415. We do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses that the one who has been tempted in all things as we are yet without sin. Now the questions it is concomitant with this is will Jesus is God. God can't be tempted. If he was tempted. Therefore, how could he be God if you go to Psalm 10 614 talks about the people in the wilderness is reviewing this in Psalm 106 and this verse 14, but prayed intensely in the wilderness and tempted God in the desert so well you illustrate this is you know I use myself as an example, I have no interest in watching sports there. It's just it's zero is one of interest and consumables on I turn it on in order to watch the commercials in the, that's it for me so you could tempt me with the tickets to the Super Bowl you consider going out to my wife. You could tempt me, but I'm not tempted. There's two ways temptation can be understood in offering the temptation, but I'm not susceptible to that temptation likes not that one is to not go to dinner with my wife and go to the computer parts. Now I'm tempted okay so this depends what's going on here, but understand that Jesus did not have to be able to be tempted the way that I can be tempted and it actually be a temptation in order for him to be a propitiation understand the necessity because it wasn't a necessity. In the Old Testament either but he did understand was tempted in all ways that things came to him and we have to understand we can't we can't know to what extent he felt anything because we have asked questions what he saw. A good-looking woman and he was attracted to a good-looking woman because he's a man doesn't mean it was sinful. Of course, not seeing a good-looking woman doesn't mean that you're lusting like if I married my wife happily married.

If I see good-looking moments I might notice that she's good-looking, but as far as it goes in the temptation there. So, what level is temptation sinful in Jesus of course could not ascend doesn't mean that there is a temptation to him that he would progress into but we could say that there were things he may, for example those that a woman's good-looking but so what in and not gone beyond that so he could understand certain temptations and certain things that come to us, but he always made them always succeeded through them. I was very careful about how foremen push this line to limit further.

I don't want to hear right now so you understand something about he was and I do not possess as sin nature. He did not possess a fallen human nature absolutely did not okay I'm not trying to be argumentative and be my last question about man when I'm looking at is and what, I'd like to step back, the virgin birth, but I think David said in San my mother statement and understand okay so if Mary then Mary and at that sinful nature. So I'm thinking because there's divinity because she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. But as far as it goes, as being in the flesh with Mary that part understand that had to be the humanity of Christ, but all the same was 100% humanity and understanding. Not saying that he did say environment that's where I'm coming to.

I'm not trying to talk. It was a sinner and Savior. Luke 146 talks about specifically seven talks about this and that doesn't mean that Jesus had been hurt his sinful nature.

One theory is the sin nature is passed down to the father is a theory because of a federal headship of representation. We don't know that's accurate but is a theory and here's another thing the Hague did not have spermatozoa leave in the womb of Mary. It was simply and we don't see any necessity of following the sin and I'll let you go but I did call back in our office more before my eyes are thank you for folks to write back these messages is standing up on your information. We ask for recurring small, that's fine because it helps something decisions based so forward, the Lord bless this is Matt's link to get all the way back to show everybody with schizophrenia from the Canada Frank Rainier thank you so much Matt appreciated just one question that it will be for many years and I to the father number.

I'm a believer. By the way that others equally pastors and never gotten a straight answer as though I thought I thought you might question God came up with the rescue plan for humanity rescue plan is Jesus Christ.

And as believers we know however God known before he ever came up with this plan that a majority of people would reject that rescue plan Jack and reject the rest of plan. I keep wondering well if you knew that. Why did he go ahead and do that no fail fail but didn't offer Christ. No one would've accepted that screw so he offered Christ and his understand this and you knocking like this.

This is an answer.

Pastors will give you God or Danes who shall be saved. He works all things after the counsel of his will.

Ephesians 111.

He grants if you believe Ephesians 129 he grants in repentance second Timothy 225 he hardens whom he wants to and he softens whom he wants to Romans 916. It does not depend upon the many wills, a man runs but got in his mercy was 914 were born again, not of will. John 113 were caused to be born again. First Peter 13 as many as had been ordained to eternal life believed.

Acts 1348, he predestined he chose us and predestined us the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 145 now doing here is getting into a level of theology that few people really want people and pastors we want to delve into God is certainly capable of saving anybody he desires always do shows glory do is move the heart of the king where he wishes it to go. Proverbs 1621 and now acts 1614 God opened Lydia's heart to understand the thing spoken to Paul.

God is a sovereign King. So when people mean this in any derogatory, condescending way at all when people asked me the question why would God do this knowing people would receive him within the answers found in Romans nine 1923 in these verses. Romans nine 1923.

Why would God do this kind of thing. Well, made us review 22 and 23.

You can read the rest of her own with God. Although willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which appeared beforehand for glory to the part of the puzzle.

I'm showing you here is that God is a sovereign King.

He's the one God isn't going to create or not create people or offer not offer Jesus based upon who he looks in the future to see will people will or will not receive him, because in that would mean that God's choices depend upon man's choices and God is independent of man's choices he's noncontingent so this is what we see stuff in the Scripture says God predestines God elects God chooses God opens the mind. God grants to believe repentance is a sort of God. Jesus says you cannot come to me unless the father draws you. John 644 says you cannot come to me this is been granted to you from the father. John 665. So one way to answer this very profoundly simple. God is the one in control he knows what he's ordained.

And yes, most people reject him now. On the other side of the coin, and I don't believe in defending a mechanism in this point where simple human free will know the cost of it just doesn't work I can demolish that. But here's the thing. James 516 says the prayers of the righteous Mandeville much with God.

How can they avail with God very much if God or Danes, whichever shall come to pass. The answer is I don't know I just know that God does. I also know that when I ask God to save someone and somehow someway.

It matters how it matters because her paradox is that I have what I understand these deeper things of God is revealed in the Scripture is why I quote the references to show you this is applicable what it says. The other hand, the more we preach, the more people apparently have many 12 feet deep returned from eternity past to be saved, how's it work. You know what I do not know the ultimate interlocutory yes it is certainly okay to have mystery and you know I pride myself hopefully sinful sense but you know my job is to answer questions and unable to answer a lot of questions and a lot of that sometime just got a come of insight, good question.

I don't know what works.

I do know this. If he hadn't offer Jesus no ever say and he has that right to do with his creation as he wants and yet at the same time, there's a real interaction between us and him and I believe that this happens in a way is beyond our ability to understand and I'm okay with the unit read that the court God is God and I am not a trick you may say that but with time. Seven. Remember very clearly a man Prof. getting up whiteboard with colored marker to gentlemen who organized the classical someone teaching was most important things are very learned in seminary to sentences. There is a God, you are not him, and he was right will thank you so much Matt. I appreciate your subject light on. Hope it helps. It's a good question and there's different ways of answer. It but I think that the way to go was because God knew it, and he ordained it toward the coordination of different levels. Seven direct causation some indirect other issues to the question that I thank you I appreciate God bless, John, are you still there. Alright, so why would God order the killing of all kinds of people, including babies well the school to some possibilities here right right right will first of all, they were the Amalekites and the Amalekites were wicked people and they were the enemies of Israel through the descendents of Esau and the list to say assert false gods and were evil and were a hindrance in a very real way.

They were constant threat of very real way against Israel. So one of the reasons that God is so particularly difficult with some nations in the Old Testament is to keep the messianic line cure within Israel, the enemy of the gospel will raise up false teachers, false prophets and false nations in order to attempt in this ancient context were to attempt to destroy the nation of Israel in order to stop the Messiah from being born because of God's word is broken and God can't be trusted anymore. This is the the desire of the evil one. So one of the reasons the Amalekites were wiped out.

The order was given is to stop that threat to Israel so that the Messiah could be born to think of it this way. The Amalekites were actually attacking you personally and me personally, but they didn't know they were because what they were doing was working for the enemy and the enemy was moving them to destroy Israel and corrupted Israel for the Messiah would not be born so you will be damp. So God steps in and he's quite harsh. Sometimes is not, and has thing taking care of now. The typical way to God communicate with these false nations assistant people there to warn them of what's coming in after the while they don't repent then God executes the now. Furthermore, murder is the unlawful taking of life and killing is the lawful taking of life, so all murderers killing the killing is murder. All people have sinned against God, and are by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 and so all people deserve the righteous judgment of God's of God were to send Israel into wiped out the Amalekites that is perfectly righteous to do that because he's executing however when we get to the issue. The babies become more emotional little more difficult.

We talk with babies.

We think the babies haven't done anything wrong.

Well actually in Adam all die first print is 1522 and so we see in the doctrine of federal headship with a male represents descendents, we see that Adam represented the people and when he died.

We fell in him.

And so even babies have fallen nature's we do not have to teach infants, babies, toddlers how to be selfish thing they have that quality about themselves quite naturally so we can make them the case that they are deserving of death as well of execution symbol that can't be right disagree. This is the theology behind that possibility. Another issue has to deal with something called blood revenge and blood revenge was something that was alive and well in the ancient culture.

So if I were to break your punch you in the nose and broke her nose. Your brother comes and knocks out my teeth. My brother comes he breaks his arms in Europe. His other brother comes and breaks her legs.

But is escalates is called blood revenge. The apodictic law was given to stop blood revenge.

The increase of bloodshed. Epic law was nine for 9232.

Alright Say that Israel goes in and wipes out all kinds of people, but not the children will the children will grow up in that culture. Recognizing blood revenge and want to take revenge against the Israelites. We have further suffering that would occur in the future so it could be that God removed them from the face of the earth so that the issue of blood revenge and continued attack on Israel would not occur. Another possibility is that all children who die go to heaven. I lean towards that but I cannot prove it from Scripture. I've assigned that item very and he was sentenced. If you are result and when he died, and I believe I will see him in heaven. So I guess my position I can't prove it but that the biblical position. It is my position. So if this were to be the case, then God will be showing mercy to have those children executed because there under the law and fallen nature's and it would be if this is the case of the good haven't been there. We delivered it the hands of God and be saved. But if they had been allowed to grow to maturity, not only would continue to be a threat to Israel, but they might therefore into paganism and go to hell.

So these are some of the issues that relate to this that when you put them together to go okay. I can see why God can do that as a help it like about this many times over the years and those are the answers that have come up with all children, even children deserve to be well wiped out. We are by nature children of wrath, and people think that's just not fair when you come up with a universal standard of morality that God must apply and be subject to, then let us know about it but arguing from a sentimental view does not make something right or wrong this were talking about the issues of Scripture first Samuel 15 three it constantly Amalekites and what we have to do is realize first of all, God has the right to do with his creation as he desires. We can argue with that and we can conclude that whatever As is always right.

So if you were to have them executed and is the right thing to do so with the other answers I gave you basically covers the goblins hope it helps you

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