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Gracie joins the show to share her recovery from COVID-19 and sings a few songs.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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May 6, 2020 8:30 am

Gracie joins the show to share her recovery from COVID-19 and sings a few songs.

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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May 6, 2020 8:30 am

There's a reason Gracie's new CD is titled RESILIENT.  80+ operations, both legs amputated, multiple MRSA infections, pulmonary emboli, and then she gets the Corona virus. (not to mention being married to me for 34 years!)

But she's lived to tell about it ...and sing about it. 

Gracie joined me on the show, and we also performed a few songs LIVE.  Take a listen, share it with friends who need a bit of encouragement today! 

Find out more about Gracie's CD visit 


Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger
Hope for the Caregiver
Peter Rosenberger

The caregiver here and talk to his exam 131.

Glad to have you and Peter Rosenberger.

This is the nation's number one show for you as a family caregiver before I go to for the what ask you something if you wouldn't mind please. I got two things in this week at the prison.

We partner with Brenda core civic and is one of the many faith-based programs and we collect, use prosthetic limbs from all over the country and they go to a local prison there in Tennessee where they will disassemble the workers will disassemble them and I will recycle all the parts I got to specific ones in this week of some shipments of some things from a funeral and I was very very moved by this because the families don't always know what to do with these devices when a loved one passes away. They don't know what to do, but we do and they'll go to this prison. This is something that is unique to what we do, that the inmates will work together to disassemble the pylons.

The knees defeat the socks of the sockets from everything and they'll just dismiss some of the whole leg and then everything that can be recycled will be good. Here's what can be.

You can do the. The foot if it's in good shape into the prosthetic knee. You can do the pylon that connects him. You can do the adapters the conductors the screws you can do the belt system if they have one.

If there's a if it's a hip disarticulation you can do that hip joint. If it's an above knee. You have two different pylons with it. So a lot of that can be recycled and will send it over to West Africa and we work with the Republic of Ghana and it is something we do know for 15 years and I have the founder of that here with me and that is my wife Gracie who has recently recovered from the coronavirus, but this is out. This is a great program that was started to recycle prosthetic limbs and were very grateful for all the folks over core civic who have allowed us to come in there and use.

This is one of the faith-based programs. It is an extraordinary ministry stating stating if you want to pass that word on to folks and let them know a bit if you know somebody that runs a funeral home so let them know this if you know of folks that that are dealing with prosthetics in their life and maybe have a child that's outgrowing them on a regular basis and they don't know what to do with the will take it stating Gracie's with me.

I've tried very hard to keep her quite because is not a mute button on her microphone yes you get the house since I don't wear hose anymore on my legs and into everything that knowest not mess that was doing it it at Midwest when I breathe heavy no-no that is that that hose won't stuff that your heavy breather, but I appreciate you combated, you just got over the Corona speaking of heavy breathing, I'm over the Rhne again.

I was, how was it just like people don't know they did so how was your symptom of what started getting sick. What did you feel like I've I started feeling really tired and really run down, and like I was getting sick but then it just came on run fast and I thought I had a really horrible strap broke good. It was very much like what you had strep before and so I called the doctor and they said let's give it again see if you still in the next day was worse. What was your favorite Dan was 103. Was it didn't make it all without a 303 will be a real problem because we didn't have eight we had noticed yes so that was laid challenging.

It was challenging and dead did you feel like you have the quote existed, like strip you had in the past. I know what it was. I just know it was still awful. I mean, I thought that it was a really bad case of strep and they did all the test for strep. And remember, you remember that your before she came right over to me with the regular facemasks like you and I and you know and then this has, let's say you know that it was all the stuff with step is negative, then you know she said you have all of the markers for this virus and so work at work and have to do a test and down so they did an idea I have. I had it I don't have any longer as of last week executed and have it for last week with I think that's us with a high don't know what but all I know is they kept us quarantined for months, not what they told us you took the test on 17 March. The test came back on the 20th that you are positive of March and then they said that we were going to be locked up until 4 April then it then it got got longer will my sister I am immunocompromised so my sworn your Baptist, I decided finding out here on national radio, but that's just the facts that the facts are that so I mean it just, I mean I still feel very run down and you know what unique you know is five-hour MRI is enough full-body MRI in front this past deceit because it they should charge you less because full-body for you is different than what it is exactly except I had a know when I lay down my legs without doubt the prosthetic legs. They don't laid down. They just did my wife is doable if you do for the church you listen to the lady is ready to give up now I'm I now I can remember something, some way we can do this value remembered. We know at Vanderbilt last year before we came moved out that date. Strap them down enough so they say down now. It makes the rest of your bot body if it's been broken crushed up you like a piece of crap. But this is a favorite show is a serious history, but there's stuff about life so you got your done with that they tested you, you got any done done with it just it's your done with the Rona yeah you give your not done with life. But it's you've got, you got anybody's in there but they don't let your blood because you had some nutrient engines and where now I'm still on oxygen at night because that I didn't really get scared about it until about five days, five days after we they got back with us that was positive that was the beginning stages of the testing and so I I'm not when I felt like an elephant's foot was had many elephant feet on your chest yeah I have a tell you about that time. The CERT know I went to India one time and I slipped underneath the the electric fence and anyone let me handle the heavy lively humor so but it felt like an elephant was put this pressed his foot down and and that's when I got scared because that felt like you have had pulmonary embolism's and that's what that feels like blood in the upper keyboard and I thought Gracie could sing.

So John will be okay if you Gracie single-family song gave me no, your professional.

This is just that's a really hot might go so but is this welcome by Marty is here that okay can you hear that okay I enter levels okay because we never go ahead Gracie chooses you to Ken, you and Ray is the is when you see we never done it before know know we have a surprise you with this is the only national radio program right now, or somebody who survived the Corona is singing songs well understood and would you like Ed, how much would you like to go hours well no I thought it would be good for people to hear that you have. You live through this, and you, you survived it to sing about your people live a lot of fear and I asked you that in the emergency room when they when they has come down. There were all messed up in your favor was spiking pre-I said you know you afraid can use it a little bit but I've been through worse and you have been to the next week, not when you when you have a hard time breathing at.

That's when it for me. The fear started coming in so when when they observed me, you know that whole day and she said look you need to be in oxygen you want to be on it up there or down here and I said are you kidding me up there at the house. Yeah, up the mountain, but we try to avoid admitting her on the on any given day to simply because most hostile situations are not good for you is just that is, it overwhelms the staff yeah to you have to have a lot of extra care and then you are susceptible to a lot of things. So you don't keep you out of the hospital is a good thing there and they would've had to sit up and haul hazmat things. A lot of work and that makes nurses not like what you know I never went wheat we didn't change a whole lot of stuff around you with this. We just use comes up with the*first infectious disease that you had to. Well, having first been sleeping in separate bedrooms and that we not practicing good detail yeah we practice good, safe distancing, but we didn't get you overly weird about it Manuel just don't get you staircase on, but I felt like people by one of here you from somebody who's lived to tell about it, live to sing about it and any other thought I was taking them out already exists only question you know Godiva might my question all along is been to the doctors down here in the Valley. Can he get it, and they are straight up no-nonsense and she looked at me and goes have no idea yet.

I think a lot of people know and so what to do, but all I just I'm just grateful me.

I know a lot of people have lost loved ones.

This is have not been compromised at all did make a lot of sense does and I just know apparently God's not ready to have Mia will Winston Churchill said I'm ready to be my maker whether not my makers ready for the ordeal of meeting me is exactly there's a reason we call you records resilient so I don't know why we got one less thing to go dispute arose part of this is Hope you enjoy right now with my wife Grace is a Corona survivor.

She thought she looked at you with hope, Jordan's podcast, I mean I really hope so because on John Butler and I produced show up for the caregivers since it began. I like to think that I'm responsible for the explosive growth. Fisher was enjoying. I like to think that but doesn't necessarily make it so. But all that aside, Peter and I do have a really just fantastic time to show we really love it.

In this podcast we not only publish things from the show, but also include some special bonus materials. We really don't want to have like a subscription section that would exclude people from something, but would rather make all of this available for free to hurting caregivers you can help us out with out by clicking on the become a patron button for as little as a dollar a month you can be a part of the world's number one podcast for family caregivers and help out a lot of people who are really in need of it. All types of gifts that we like to give to you, depending on what tier you like to join. Maybe it's five dollars, maybe it's time whatever you'd like.

Consider sponsoring this podcast today and help strengthen family caregivers. Thanks so much. Sincerely and remember healthy caregivers make better caregivers five 567. Stefan Gracie was singing along with Gracie and Christensen you have because most of you up because I I thought maybe better apologize. It's all good, but you know what is your song and you did it was not you right now.

I live with that but get your recording of and you did a great job with and swelling and rest Is right there yes he did, it usually does.

I wanted to have Gracie on the day she did survive the Corona and she's lived to sing about it and were grateful for that and it's been quite a journey, and quite quite an event for what it also just get put out a plea for prosthetic legs were planning should all the stuff cleared up. Were planning on trying to go back over to West Africa, but Gracie when she lost her legs had this vision of helping fellow amputees with good quality prosthetics and we can recycle parts that I need your help to do that and that is to get the word out. If you go to standing with take that link and put it in all your social media tweeted out email it up everywhere else where you can think of and what will happen is is that when people have a live they can donate from a level passed away. Or that they outgrew Christie's donated some of her own overage. And if you do know from 30 years she's gone through a lot of legs and those parts can be recycled and these inmates at this prison run by core civic date they manage prisons all over the country and this is one of the ones they do in Tennessee and we started this unique partnership with only ones in the world doing this, where inmates will volunteer to do this for us and help us with this in recycle. They love it and Gracie got to go there and spend some time with these guys and and when she was able to in that must've been very meaningful to you wasn't well.

It is because so many of them say this the first time on ever done something good with my hands mean that that comment will always stand out to me that I know it.

Besides just you and sense of clinical we need you note limbs.

If you have lands the heart of it is we use a physical need, like we are reading today why Adam Matthew we use that to be able to say okay all these other people that can afford it but just don't feel like coming or doing it to the wedding feast and finally he entered taking ended up singing Cisco bring everybody in that we can fit in here. You know that Elaine could drop to seven minute of having in your I think a lot of the highways and byways and bring everybody and whether they they were invited to not just bring them in later cripple everything absolute for 10K and I was going near pushy and so perishing is that when I was a AA PT when they see me is in flight woman from America. They most of them have the idea we are all rich. We have no problems with.

We do not have any lack, and if it I don't know. You know, I guess maybe multi-Jillian dollars worth of stars. Maybe don't have to worry about those things that you know those of us who don't do have to worry about those things and when they see me on that level of not just it makes we can share price and when you show love my given land when they don't crawl on the ground where they're going. Say listen in the last six we got interesting courses. She is you survive Corona, mostly because your caregiver was just so awesome is that right is present.

The press release are well is the first step.

The press release you heard is the person she wanted to hear. You know you survive the going and what I did wear a mask Darth Vader mask slip what we would like to call Capt. America got a flag blanket on the slip Capt. America room not, but we had to be smart smart. It's not you are and meet with my baby.

We got ago. Thank you for joining you will come back next week when mom she was doing.

I would love to. I would love to you and I will try to not step on your mom because everything usually see pretty much as say is worth hearing will is will put this out of the will put this podcast later on tonight. Go up to the podcast about everything honors free.

Take a look and see what you like to hear and 400% and we would make it available if you would be a patron of it. It's easy to do for dollar a month just help make it available.economist Peter Rosenberg caregivers make the aforesaid

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