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What Does God Say About It?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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September 29, 2020 3:30 am

What Does God Say About It?

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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September 29, 2020 3:30 am

As caregivers, we're often faced with frightening things. We also have others who criticize us or demoralize us with their words or actions. Sometimes, it's the very person we care for.

When these things happen, our confidence ...and our feelings of self worth ...plummet.

What does God have to say about those things?  On today's episode, we look to the Book of Numbers, Chapter 14 to see a timeless principle.

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We speak fluent caregiver here and we invite you to be a part of the show whatever's on your heart. This is your time.

888-589-8848 eight 858.88 or you have been my 35th year now as a caregiver. That's a interesting milestone for me as I look at that the timeframe and what what goes on with it and and and things that you learn and what what are those things and I think the biggest thing for me is a sense of perspective when you spend this much time in the trenches doing the things that that that that are involved in the world of caregiving for those you just enjoy the show never even heard of the show I care for my wife Gracie she's Sheila Carrick a couple years before I ever met her 20 surgeries. By the time I met her, and that is now mushroomed to over 80 surgeries that I can count hundred and 50+ smaller procedures. She ended up losing both of her legs hundred doctors of treater 12 different hospital seven different insurance companies. The bill just a sword way past now 11 million which is it's hard really to cover keep track of accurate numbers because just keeps growing and there's no stability or plateau for this. It just continues to evolve and there is a significant about a flexibility in something like this where you you don't get a place where you just cannot.

Okay this is the end of this.

Is this house could be in the kind of tough but we its routine. Now there's nothing routine about what we do. So how do you function in that that look like and and who are you listening to in today's topic is, consider the source and there's a very long passage of Scripture that I'm not going to read the whole thing to but I want to turn your attention to this numbers 13, 14, it starts in verse 25 that goes always through most of 14 it it's a very sad passage of Scripture. It takes place in the don't know the thing I want you remember but this too works too, works okay what you just never too works.

That's all I care about this morning that all I care about it. It's two words I want you to hang onto when things get a little bit bleak things get very difficult to understand what what what what we do here where we go.

Those two words are kiddush Barney this is a camping ground there in the Middle East. It was evidently a familiar place. It was near there where Hagar and Ishmael work were driven out from from Abraham, when he sent them away. Abraham defeated the Amalekites.

There had a pretty big battle.

It was it was a sign of great victory. This was the place where the Israelites camped before going into the promised land or hopefully before going into it and they said the spies into the promised land. And if you remember the report.

The key Becky others bed is its great places. Everything they said it would be the God said it would be except there are some giants in the land and 12 spies within 10 of them gave a distressing report that this is this is bad may wiggle window view will get looked at her and the people all grumbled against Moses and he said when she brings how you do this will get elected. Then later they actually picked up stones and got us there of stone. Well, at that point God had enough a kid that was just it's so sad what happened but he said it first.

He said he was gonna make a holy nation out of Moses and said just be done with these people because it grumbled and grumbled and grumbled and then Moses split on behalf of the people, but that God did say look, they're not going only the next generation and in Joshua and Caleb that had proclaimed the faithfulness of God's adult would do this, God gave it to us where to go there and do it, but the people outnumbered those two and they listen to their doubts and fears they didn't listen and look at the track record of God what I tell you this about the way that set up the longest funeral procession history for 40 years. I wanted to until all those people decided that the new generation within their the clerk of the way. Okay, so what about this. What is this have to do with being a caregiver. I think it's a lot tougher assist caregivers. We are we are frightened there really are giants in the lands we are frightened and we listen to the majority opinion you ever been involved in the church fight during no fight like a church fight and I remember hearing this in a particularly ugly church fight that I didn't cause but I found myself embroiled in that didn't cause it is molecular divided because I didn't do it, but I felt myself embroiled in enough and I listened to a lot of this dialogue back and forth about the majority speaks for God, which I don't I don't subscribe to.

I think sometimes God will speak to the majority, but God speaks all by himself. And we still have to anchor everything in Scripture and in this pastor that was at the center of this particular role. The D. The people that were trying to negotiated through were functional like parliamentarians they were doing no scanning for votes, and all that kind of stuff and and they at one .1 of them said that the pastor needed to with the code to bit the ministry to leave the ministry and that would probably just be best. The pastor done nothing that wanted there was no moral indiscretion, financial discretion or heresy being preached. This was all personalities and and they were saying these things and I looked at these guys who were functioning, no kid like like legislators they would like like cognitive usages On C-SPAN and with Her When Congress Meeting and I Raise Your Hand Was You Driving Raise Your Hand If You Think Any of These Guys Are Leaders Because I Don't See It Myself. I See A Lot Of People Who Are Jockeying for Compromise and Consensus. I Get That. That's Part of Running the Government Know It Comes Stuff but but Leadership Is a Whole Different Thing Is I Asked a Simple Question Asked a Simple Question Is What Is God Ask about This When You Thought That I'd Slap Them Coming for Heaven Sakes Did There Was an Old Movie. Peter Sellers Was Then Called Dr. Strangelove.

So It's Kind of a Weird Movie but It Would Put Rod Steiger's Point Is General Otherness in This Big War Conference Room in the You Know They're Just Yelling, Screaming, Fighting Big Fight Going on in the General Rod Steiger Stood His Character Steps and Gentlemen, We Will Have No Fighting in the War Room Which Is Such an Absurd Statement. Well, You Know, How Dare You Bring of God in a Religious Fight. You think That's What I Felt like What I What I Asked the Question Was, That Trumps Everything. So Today Were to Talk about. Consider the Source.

Who Are You Listening to Let Us God Have To Sit These People Not Going to Take the Land God Told Him Because They Were Free to Go Back to 888-589-8840 8885 Caregiver Here in America. This Is the Nation's Number One Shows You As a Family. Part of the Show. 888-589-4885 Eight There Was a New Month.

They Were to Consider the Source. But It Is Pressing on Your Mind Come to a Screeching Halt Will Talk about. We Don't Give Advice or Answers Here Because That's Not I'm Not Qualified to Do so. We Do Point You to Safety and That Always Involves the Word of God. No Matter What Were Dealing with the Principle of It Is Covered in Scripture Approached Is 35 Years Now Dealing with This and and It's There, but We Had to Dig a Little Bit to Find out What Is Really Troubling Us. So I Go Back to What We Talk about Numbers 13 and 14 in This Very Sad Chapter. These People Had Witnessed the Deliverance from from Egypt. These People Had Witnessed All of That, That the Provision of of That Got It Done Splitting the Red Sea. The Whole Thing and They Get There and There Giants in the Land and the Scared and They Vote. They Take a Vote to Say We Will Weird I Could Do This It Was Tended to and Because the Majority Ruled That's What They Thought Was the Right Answer to Do It. I've Seen This Way Too Many Times in in Our Our Spiritual Lives and so Forth. Our Christian Lives, That Because the Majority Rules. Therefore That Is That Speaking for God and I Get the Concept Because If You Go Back and Looking in Acts When They Picked Another Disciple to Replace Judas the Pig Barton Who Was about My Dad's Listing.

He Would Tell Me Right off the Bat. Thaddeus and Jim, Who Was What and They Pick Out Of It but It Was Somebody That They Dated It Made the Cast Lots or Something. So They All Thought That Was the Right Call to Go to If You Go Back and Look at Jonah with It When the Crew Was Trying to Figure out Who Was the Bad Guy. The Lot Fell on Jonah and Angel Had Him Thrown Overboard.

Okay I Get That but Let's Not Make Any Mistake God Speaks All by Himself.

All for Himself and He Is Laid out. If We Pay Attention the Way to Go with That Word Is a Lamp unto My Feet and a Light into My Path. That's That's What the Scriptures Mean Is That That's the Final Authority. So I Reference His Church Fight and We Were in and in These Guys Will Try to Vote and They Felt like They Had the You Know They Spoke for God. This, Which I Categorically Reject God Speaks All by Himself and the Question Is Are We Going to Do Lists and That If Somebody Comes up to You. Since Thus Saith the Lord, They Better Have a Scripture Verse Close by. His Other Was about to Meadow Scripture Speaks Completely for Itself Because That Is the Definitive Word of God That He Is Provided to Us and and so When You Are Struggling As a Caregiver and You Are Looking at the Giants in the Land Go Back to What Is God Have To Say about You Go to Get A Lot Of Advice from People You Get A Lot Of People Who Counted It Really Sincere and and Religious Sounding God Talk at All That Comes Stuff to Do It. I've I've Had It in You That If You Haven't Had It.

Just Wait. It's Coming. People Do This. The Question Is Can You Filter All That out and Go Back to What Is God Have To Say about and I Met with Lisa Discuss It with Us Pastor to Discreetly the Ministry I Looked at Him and I Said What Is God You Didn't Call This Man to the Ministry God It Was, He Had to Say about You Know That Denomination Did Not Call That Man to the Minister. They Affirmed a Call but They Didn't Call up to the Ministry God Called the Ministry until God Says No That We Stay on Course Related Particular Care for and but It's Amazing What Sometimes You Can Just Ask a Simple Question.

What Started to Say but so Is a Caregiver Right Now. What Is God Have To Say about What You're Dealing with and You Could Hear This When People Call in to the Show and We Deal with All Kinds of Things There All over the Map. There A Lot Of Different Circumstances.

You Know How to Deal with This, Mother Doesn't Want to Stop Driving or All the Scams That the Circumstances, How Do I Alter My Mother and Father. When I Do This and A Lot Of People Struggle with That One As Well but Honor Your Mother and Father Doesn't Mean You Have To Honor Alzheimer's Doesn't Mean You Have To Honor Somebody Who Is Active in Their Addiction Say Those Horrible Things about You and Your Self-Esteem Is Probably What Is God Have To Say about You, Your Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. He Knew You before You Were Formed in Your Mother's Womb, and You're Going to Allow Somebody He Was under the Influence of a Disease or Some Type of Substance Abuse to Maligned That and Cause You to Self Doubt Whether Not God Even Loves You Whether or Not You're Even Worthy. He Says Your Work Is Good Enough You Could Ladle That That's Bedrock and He's Got Nail Scars in His Hands to Prove This Is the Way That I'm Hoping That Caregivers Can Start Thinking Is That We We Tune out the the the Fear Because We Really Do See Giants of the Land. There Really Are Scary Things out There That We Can Tune That out a Little Bit. Hopefully, A Lot Of It by Anchoring Ourselves in. What Does God Have To Say about If You Go Back and Look at Joshua and Caleb Who Basically Raise Her Hands As It Though Were Going in There. We Do This We Will Because the Lord Is Given This to Us. They Remember the Word of the Lord.

They Stood on the Promises of God Doesn't Mean You Have To Fight Does Means That'll Be a Bloodied Battle. It Just Means That You're Going in There Because God Said Go That You Are Affirming What God Is Said This Is the Point for Us As Caregivers Is That We Are Faced with Brutal Brutal Things and It's Easy to Get Scared and It's Easy to Have the Consensus of the Crowd, but Being a Parliamentarian Be the Legislator Being a Consensus Builder. While It Has Its Place. God Doesn't Operate by Consensus. He Gives the Decree and We Are Then Faced with the Choice of Wood Available. We Go to Anchor Ourselves of What He Has Direct We Go to Consumer Sales with His Truth, so That When Her Face with Other People's Watered-Down Truth Will Understand. It Will Be Able to Spot It Will Be Able to Avoid. You Don't Want to Things I've Learned throughout This Pandemic That We Been Dealing with Is That I've Heard This over and over and over about A Lot Of Media Interviews about I'm Kind of a News Junkie. I Do A Lot Of Writing for Stuff Back. By the Way of Got an Article out Now the Christian about Real Men and Myth about Masculinity and Mail Caregivers. There Are Theirs. I Don't Know If You Know This or Not but There Appears to Be a Pretty Active Assault on Masculinity in Our Culture, and so I Wrote about That in Terms of Mail Caregivers, of Which I I R1 but It's Noticed A Lot Of Things in Our Culture That a Question Keeps Rising up to the Surface.

Who Do You Believe You Believe What Is Truth Loving Pilot Asked That of Jesus and What Is Truth It It It It It Kind of Ironic That He Was Standing in Front of Truth Personified That He Didn't Recognize What Is Truth Legally Legally. Do You Believe Dr. Felt She Believed Trump Do You Believe Chuck Schumer Plea Sado. Do You Believe You Believe What You Believe and You Know and Are They Telling Us Everything We Need to Know about the Coronavirus Are All These Kinds of Things. What Do You Believe What Is Truth.

It Would Truth Become so Obfuscated Watered-Down across Our Country, and Everybody Spinning All the Time. Truth so to Be Able to Leverage Their Power.

It Can Be Extremely Disorienting in Our Nation Right Now Is, Is It Extremely Disoriented. We Don't Know What to Believe. We Don't Notably Do We Believe the Police We Do Believe You All the States, Whether It's George Floyd Briand Title Doesn't Matter Whatever the Scenario Is Nobody Seems to Be Able to Anchor on Truth and As Caregivers We Understand That Because We Are We Are Floating through Such Craziness on Any Given Point in Our Life. It Is Hard to Know What What's Reality What's Truth See This Is Where We Go Back to the Word of God. This Is Where We Anchor Ourselves in Scripture Not in the Top 40 Scripture That We Hear Just Everybody Just Say That This Basic like the First Grade of Scripture, You Will Get That but Are You Willing to Go Deeper.

You Will See the Principles of God in a Deeper Way.

Are You Willing to Go Back into the Book of Numbers. For Example, like We Did Today and Say You Know What Can I Learn from That Is a Caregiver to Things I Can Learn Is How There Are Scary Things out There While God Is Going to Be with Me in It and without Eye and Face with Those Things I Don't Need to Get a Vote among the People of of of What Is God Have To Say God Could Speak Very Clearly from Seven Others Wisdom in a Multitude of Counselors but Ultimately Are You Anchored in Scripture.

You Understand the Concepts of the Precepts. Don't Just Take Verse and and and Cherry Pick This Thing, but Really Anchor Yourself and What Is He Do What Is the Lesson Learned Here Is a Caregiver. This Is Where I Think the Battle Is for Us, so No Matter What We Face with Her Said Insurance Company It's Family Members That Will Help the Way We Want to If It's Your Being Cursed at by the Very Person You're Changing Their Adult Diapers for Whatever the Scenario Is Can We Anchor Ourselves. In Truth, so That Were Not Tossed All about and That's Been the Journey for Me and I Feel like That What I've Seen It. It Appears That the Journey for so Many Others about That Seven Year Journey Is That You Are Just All over the Map and Try to Find a Solid Place for Us Caregivers That Is so Important. That's Why the Show We Don't Really Get into the Specifics Appeared As Though since We Can Work It out but If Our Heart Is Ensuring Maureen's World Is Very Person Driving on.

So What Were Disgusting.

By the Way, If You Would Be on the Show to Think Were All Connected. 888-589-8840 888-5888 40.

What Were Discussing Is a Problem That A Lot Of Caregivers Seem to Have and Were Told by Considering the Source.

Now Let Me Go Little Bit Deeper Because A Lot Of Folks Will Call into the Show with Her Struggling with the Abusive Behavior of a Love One That They're Taking Care Of, and They'll Say Things That Add That up There Very Cutting to You and I Get That but You You in Those Kinds of Moments That Cicadas Barney a Moment. Are You Going to Listen to What's Coming Out Of Them. Are You Gonna Listen to Scripture You Can Listen to God and in This Can Be Extremely Extremely Disconcerting and Disorienting As You Are Doing This Because You've Got Somebody That Is Right in Front of You Saying Terrible Things to Cutting Things to You Hurtful Things to You and They Have the and Some Toughs You Know They They Say Some Is Pushing All My Buttons.

Well, Sometimes They're the Ones That Sold Those Buttons on so They Know Exactly Where They Are to Push You.

Do You Detract with That.

And so in Those Moments That Come When You Are Overwhelmed with Discouragement and Feel like You Have It You Know You're Just Worthless. What Do You Do Are You Considering the Source That Maybe There Impaired, Maybe They're Not Accurate. Even If They're Not Impaired, Maybe Not. I Can Maybe Get a Family Member Who's Observing This from the Cheap Seats and Not Helping You, and They're Not Involved with You, but They Don't Mind Criticizing. They Don't Mind Telling You How Poor Your Performances Are You Considering the Source. What's Got It. Say, but You and I Go Back to What I Said about This. This Minister and and and They Were They Were All Very Sanctimonious and They Look Very Spiritual When They Said All These Things and I Just Simply Raise My Hand and Civil What Is God Have To Say about Laden Care for That They Don't Want to Hear That but I Would Hear What God Has To Say about That. He Will Speak It. He Does Speak and He Has Spoke. The Question Is Are We Listening to. We Just Want to Put Her Hands over Her Ears and Do What We Think Is Ready Go Back and Look at the at the End of Every Chapter in the Book of Judges, Virtually, As Is and Everyman Did What Was Right in His Own Eyes Asked What Cutaways Have To Live Get the Feeling That We Do That in Our Culture Right Now. There Was Doing Was Right in Their Own Eyes.

If We Don't Have Some Kind of Anchoring in Truth Were to Get Tossed All about and There's Nothing like Caring for Somebody with a Disability or or Some Type of Chronic Impairment to Get Us Twisted All about to Get Us in All Kinds of of of Emotional and Often Physical and Certainly Spiritual Distress. So What We Do, How Do We Live in an and I Think That for for Me Is a Caregiver. What What I Came to to Understand or Couple Basic Truths That Make the Help Some of You This Morning. One of Them Is That My Mind Is a Dangerous Place to Go into Unaccompanied. I Don't Particularly like Hanging out My Own Mind by Myself.

I Need Eddie, It's a Decent Company Connector and I Don't Want to Do It in the Other One Is I Don't Believe Everything You Think Is We Will We Will Twist Ourselves in the Pretzels to Justify a Position of Belief That We Want Half an and If You Don't Need Any Other Evidence of That Than Just to Turn on the News Watch. In the Event Happen and Then Watch These Politicians Rush to the Microphone to Explain to You How That Fits Their Narrative or How It Goes against Their Narrative for Whatever and Not Just the Politicians, the News Anchors Being Which News Anchor. Do You Actually Trust Me, They're Just Reading It Teleprompter Most of Which One Do You Actually Trust That Is Informed and Bringing You Accurate News. My Favorite Network of Told You for Television News and so Forth. Still, C-SPAN Because I Just Turn on the Camera. It's Just That Altogether Let You Watch for Yourself but Think about That. Now Think about How Many Pastors Did Many Church Leaders Do That Makes Them Real Spiritual When They Do It so It's Always Good to Have a Healthy Appreciation for How Much People Will Spend Truth and End, and If You Go Back to the Way Our Country Was Set up. The Founding Fathers of the Founding Fathers Knew That about the Heart of Man That Was Deceitfully Wicked Because of Some so Much of Our Our Countries Government Structure Was Set up by the Men of Strong Faith or Men Who Came from People of Strong Faith and That Made an Imprint on This We Have All These Checks and Balances Because They Knew That Men Wanted to Grab Power and Use Deceit and Manipulation to Do It and Here We Are like Our Country and All of the GC Paraded Out Of the News Is Just Keep in Mind Two Words. Every Time You Watch Power Grab and in Just Just It. Did You Start to See It. Do You Really Think These These Politicians Care about You Look at Their Actions Don't Listen to the Look at Their Actions. You Really Think They Care about You and about Your Health Care Needs and This and That Whatever They Promise You All the Sink but Look at the Way They Live.

Look at the Stewardship in Their Own Life of What They've Done, How Many People Have Employees If They Helped Move from Low Income Jobs to Higher Income Jobs. How Many People They Hired the People They Fired Have the Been with Their Own Families and Responsibilities and Stewardship. These Are Things That Are Important. Stewardship Is an Important Word. It's Important Word to God. It Was the First Job That He Assigned He Gave Adam the Responsibility of the Garden to Cultivate Back Way Back Just before the Fall, and These Are Things That Anchor Us and Also If You Start Seeing This in the in the Glaring Light of Scripture You'll See These Things Start to Bubble to the Surface. So I Did Notice That before I Did Notice That an and You Can Filter out the Pablum and the Nonsense and the Self-Serving. This through Scripture That's out Works. That's How You Do It That's I Stay Anchored and If You Can Do That with Your Your Situation Also Is a Caregiver, Then You're Able to Navigate through These Things It Does Knock You around. If You're Having a Hard Time Believing Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump or Whoever Else That You See on the News Every Single Day. How Much More You Having a Hard Time Believing This Particular Doctor or This Family Member or Your Loved One, or Anybody. It Comes at You Relentlessly in Waves and If You Don't Anchor Yourself You Go to Get Lost.

There Are Really Giants in the Land.

There Are Really Scary Things out There and This Is the Lesson We We See Painfully Put out in Numbers 13 and 14. It Should Have Been a Simple Directive All Right regarding Their Discipline to Do It Everything He Promised There Some Scary Things in Their and the People Balked to the Point Where They Didn't Even Come and Say Look Were Scared, Helpless, You'll Never Thomas. That's What My Favorite Prayers about the Lord, I Believe, Help My Unbelief That Encumber That They Picked up Stones. They Were Going to Kill Moses and Go Back to Egypt. Let's Not Do That. Can We Trust God in This Is You Look at These Diagnoses That Come Your Way. As You Look at the Painful Realities That You're Facing Scary Fear Word Courage Doesn't Mean the Absence of Fear. Courage Comes from Devotion You're Devoted to That Love Devoted to God's 880-589-8040. Have You Ever Struggled to Trust God When Things Happen to You. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I Experienced a Horrific Car Accident Leading 80 Surgeries in Both Legs and Became It. I Questioned Why God Allowed Something so Brittle to Happen to Me.

But over Time I Questions Changed and I Discovered Courage to Trust God That Understanding along with an Appreciation for Quality Prosthetic Limbs Led Me to Establish Standing with Help More Than a Dozen Years We Been Working with the Government of Ghana and West Africa, Equipping and Training Local Workers to Build and Maintain Quality Prosthetic Limbs for Their Own People on a Regular Basis. We Purchased Equipment and Supplies and with the Help and Inmate Tennessee Prison.

We Also Recycle Parts from Donated Lands All Is to Point Others to Christ Source and My Help and Strength, Please Visit Standing with to Learn More and Participate in Lifting Others That Standing I'm Gracie. I Am Staining with Help Her Do What God Tells Us Many Times in One Way or Another.

Fear Not Today in the World and Many Are Very Fearful and Afraid of the Coronavirus and Other Perils That Are Going on in Our World. Psalm 91 Verses One and Two Tells Us He Who Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. I Will Say of the Lord He Is My Refuge and My Fortress, My God in Him I Will Trust I'm Joseph Parker and We Hear the American Family Association Would like to Remind You, Fear Not Put Your Trust in the Lord Would like Both Encourage and Challenge You to Aggressively Put Your Faith to Work Certainly Use Wisdom and Insight in Government and Medical Professionals Are Encouraging, but First Put Your Trust in the Lord Would like to Encourage You to Pray Psalm 91 Daily for Yourself and Your Family and Keep Your Trust in Him Giving Back to Get a Copy.

The Psalm 91 Prayer for Yourself, Email Us Here at Rosenberger. This is the nation someone so for you as a family caregiver, did you hear the thing from Joseph Parker on the break.

Fear not know there are so many scripts.

I think that is the most repeated commandment in Scripture is feared and I get it.

Fear is a powerful, powerful thing. But as we face these things understate were not facing them in a vacuum of her own thinking they were facing them as believers with the full confidence of Scripture, that he who began a good work and he was faithful to complete an and again is a sin for the break.

Courage is not the absence of fear is the presence of devotion that within a trust in the good of love greater the book of fear, every soldier will tell you everything that any siltation that the going to battle. They're not afraid is, is there a line to your delusional is a scary thing and in its and also if you notice the unspoken rule of of of our military in this country is not that we hate what's in front of us is that we love what's behind us. It's devotion to this country. While much more so as believers. I was worse was caregivers. For example, that we are devoted to someone so much so, that were going to face terrifying things. It is terrifying to do some the things we do was caregivers and we live with that fear and working constantly around the corner of her mind, and it's just, you know how you do this and that's why go back and so I give you two were sitting. I'll sum up Butler 888-589-8848 885-8984 to absorb what we had the problem with the connection early at the bottom of the hour. A lost cause. I'm sorry but will will try to do the best we can.

This would happen, sometimes with tech, but I give you to work today to remember when you go read it for yourself. Read the whole story.

I would recommend when you can in the numbers 13 through 14, but remember these two words kiddush Barney just basically camping site but a lot of important things happen there a lot of very important things happen there.

It was a scene of a great battle victory with Abraham and then 400+ years later, it was a scene of great sorrow when his people that God brought forth from Abraham and Isaac Jake. The people of the covenant chose to reject God's provision and presence, and even took up stones against Moses.

There are scary things in this world terribly scary things. There are giants in the land.

That's when we have to anchor ourselves in the promises and the provision of God and were not good to know these things until we study and go back and see the and start being willing to see the application of this in every scenario that affects the human condition is a caregiver. I can tell you that there are times when I have looked with such despair at the mounting bills. The long journey, the weariness, the frustration that this just the dismay over watching someone suffer the. The rage and the anger that boils up in you throughout this thing. I get I think those of you who know the show and listen. This a regular know I speak fluent caregiver here as of the last thing I want to leave you is yes I do speak fluent caregiver.

I can speak this in a way that makes sense to you as a caregiver. I've learned to speak fluent caregiver. In my now 35th year as a caregiver.

I have learned this over this journey, but it is our Savior's native tongue. This is who he is.

I've learned to speak with. This is who he is and all the things that your you're dealing with is a caregiver, the loneliness, the isolation, the heartache, all those things he truly understands this and is weaving purpose and provision in this in ways that you cannot even possibly imagine any invite you to trust in his scarred hand does and will hold tight to your scared hang on to that picture hang onto the and there will be tears ahead of you there will be heartache ahead of you, but there's also great joy had to and we hang on to that promise.

That's what it means. Don't let these moments. It kiddush Barney for you being the moment where you reject all that you have heard and seen and witnessed because of fear.

It's scary. They really are giants in the land but he's really with you in it and let this be a place of victory. 40.

What is God have to say about let that be your final answer will squeeze in one quick call to Pat in Florida. Pat good morning, how are you feeling wonderful which I run the race Saturday morning confirming the word of the Lord and all the years that I have been a caregiver and I just wanted tell you that and to get all one more little message from the Lord.

Thank like event calendar this morning. I am married to man a list light years ahead of me spiritually.

In fact, he led me to the Lord.

After we were married and we had four wonderful son and our fifth child turned down the garlic and it was only daughter and when we learned as it was the night before she was to be delivered. Although wasn't planned till the end of the week he was in his car when my mother was strata me and we had to go to an emergency in a report that this was going to be the case that was nine months pregnant and definitely Matt has been at LB office and when mother not told my husband with that and then the car all the windows. It was mighty hot day to and he with crying out to the Lord.

Father I never had a hatchet like baby I don't know what to do to help me and he was just crying out in the week at a hearing so we went in and got the record and went home. Went to our pastor and his peace that God within 1012 so when she was delivered. They came out and told him that she would let that a few minutes, that the best command immediately and KK man down on a minute Glove and cutter and they can and held it out to the Lord and said father thank you for giving me a daughter. I understand you will be taking her back. However, if you would have us right there to here on in glory you could get an beautiful story.

Last resting in God through this and the appreciate you sharing what's really very quickly what happened. They clearly got a minute to 40 last March that an out-of-court 40 years amount shall it absolutely love that through it all dated at ~last four years was right there that's not me and his comment always was. Every time we heard the wrongfully as she'd been talking about this morning word to me was at the wrongfully don't wallow in self-pity. They'll be ashamed of yourself that you think range thing happened to you and not as beautiful story. Listen don't think I would put you on hold.

I want to send you my book, you have blessed this point I want to visit the caregiver thank you for this beautiful call. Thank you for just echoing as I know their mothers and fathers right now who are struggling with this very thing you have been a source of encouragement don't hang up Jim's and get your information. This is bureaus for this hope caregiver hopefully caregiver not come collapse describe podcasts for you could hear the show again

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