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The Theology of 2020

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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November 12, 2020 3:54 pm

The Theology of 2020

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 12, 2020 3:54 pm

The Theology of 2020

Today Steve Accepts callers on Theology Thursday to ask “What hit you the hardest in 2020?”


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of light in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well he still have about what I don't know in 2020. Have you ever doubted 2021 Lexington arrived like around. I look at my phone November 12 okay, I see that we go from one week in November the week of November 9 and then I click on that and I can see all of November and then I did see December and I slide down a little bit and I'm like there is click on January 1 20, 21, January 20, 2020 2021. First, 20, 21, still on the schedule look like about their still look like we might actually get there. Will see right so today I theology Thursday.

I would like to ask you a question.

I got some things I want to work through on it. I've been mentioning the Tower of Babel lately in terms of what's going on here in America and I want to when we get the time. Today I want to take you back into Genesis chapter 11 to revisit the tower bafflement look at something from licking your ministries and some other things about the Tower of Babel and then apply that theologically, not as a perfect example that as a kind of archetype of what's been going on here in America and why were still deeply and evenly divided where it got like 74 million people voted over here for Biden Mike close to 72 million around 72 million over here for Trump and why we have this crazy deep divide, where we can even communicate anymore in a productive conversation is becoming extinct. It's on the extinction list here in America and I think that the Tower of Babel in the story of the Tower of Babel gives us some insight to that. So I want to talk about that a little bit today. If we have time. But I also would open up and and calling theology Thursday. Today theology of 2020. By the way, you know we we did theology Thursday for four years with our friends at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary we might revisit that partnership on you'll see what the Lord does there. I would definitely like to reengage and have a regular theology Thursday with a regular list of people.

Pastors, theologians, professors, and do that so I just been a crazy season obviously and starting a new studio and moving in the summer and then everything is going on with COBIT and in the election. Yada yada. So I would love to get back to that in January and get back to kind of a stable theology Thursday so I'm at work on that. Pray for me as I got to look into that and try to find the best partnership and the way forward there but will will just go with where the Lord leads in the meantime. So today the theology of 2020. So here's my question for you and I love you. If you're on if you're on Facebook live you can chime in there or call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. As always, the phone number never changes but I'm curious.

I've been wondering about this and it really touched on it on the show in terms of you and what and what 2020 has done for you and your walk so as a Christian you think theologically what kind of theological aspects or angles have been brought to your mind brought you through, helped you through. Or maybe you focused on here in this crazy crazy year of 2020 for some people at end times theology and the little guy K plagues and pestilence. And this is the most bizarre turnaround in the in the nation in such a short period of time things were normal in January. They were normal in February and then well all the COBIT thing comes out of nowhere and then we've got lockdowns and we have masks and we have school shutting down and businesses and then suicide and anxiety and depression and all the other dominoes. That's I've described it for six months now all these other dominoes lining up on colored 19 give her some people just like this smells like end times, so maybe eschatology or end times theology is something that's been on on you as you move through this year and maybe it's just something.

Maybe it's a Bible verse. Maybe it's particular passage, maybe it's particular book in the Bible that God is really used in your life this year and love. A call and ensure that I like, son on Facebook live said Marinette that come, Lord Jesus, come soon. Okay, that's the promise of a of the second return of Christ. Maybe that's what it has been for you and that's what I want you to call in and ensure that maybe it's just particular Bible verse. Maybe it's contentment all us and you can't go you can't do.

You can't work normally are stuck at home. Maybe it's relationships.

Maybe it's the theology of marriage and the theology behind family and how family unit operates. Maybe it's just contentment is a big one because also you can't do all the things they don't, maybe you lost your job and maybe it's just providence of God talk about that with pastor Chad harpy a lot recently. Do you trust in the providence of God, or do you trust in the trappings of the world.

What has been a big issue for you this year.

Theologically, as a Christian. Going through this crazy year 2020. So please count it again it could be a passage of Scripture could be a book that you study. Maybe it's your quiet time babies had an impact.

Maybe it's negative maybe the theology of the theological angle this year for you that's been negative. Is the church shutting down in churches closing their doors and a lot of them are starting to open up and restrictions and sign up and come in a certain time and we can only put so many people in here and now here North Carolina Gov. Cooper's going up.

As you know is tightening the screws again was to go from 25 people in a in a gathering down back down to 10. Maybe it's been negative. Maybe you feel like 20/20. Just had a negative impact on your faith inside a negative impact on your churches have a negative impact on the church in America. So, from your perspective theologically. What are kind of the highlights which could be a lowlight.

As a result of this crazy year 2020. The theology of 2020 today on the Steve Noble show this is Steve Noble. Welcome back is always give us a call. I'd love to hear from you on that and later in the show and unpacks more on this tower Babel thing that I been talking about with respect to the state of the nation and the division that's just a normal part of life in America now but give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. The theology of 2020 for you what's been the focus what's God been showing you in teaching in the school. Paulette is gone and from Durham North Ghana Paula, thanks for calling and go right ahead.

I problem that all the lack of being unable should be with my church family.

We have outshot preaching in the cart. We set our part is just hard for people not to see one another out to one another and I think that's one of the biggest problems that out and outline it. She, Scripture, and everything that you learn is just not there. You're not with other Christians, yeah, and I think that's I think for a lot of us, Paulette, it's not. It's like you don't know what you're missing until it's gone. And so we you know, we didn't.

We were going to church. We are doing everything online for probably got four months and then when we went when we went to a church that was open here in Raleigh of this RFA, which at Harvey. My wife and I were both shocked and very emotional to personally walk back in there and worship of other people, unrestricted. We didn't really know how much we had missed that's great point: thanks so much for going on. What a mess.

God bless you think you much will be right back to McAfee normal to see homeless shelter in the corner little bit here and theology Thursday asked about the theology of 20 and I brought up meeting in person and there's a lot of comments and back are going on a Facebook live if you want to be upfront, part of the radio show, but video style like literally sitting here in the studio with me when I literally recall that virtually which takes me to a little corner. I want to turn, turn. Here is online church. Okay, let's let's do that one, because we all went online church back in here North Carolina when they shut down church.

The church is an essential O'Kelly babies did absolutely. And by the way, if you want to go buy some booze at the ABC store and then go to the abortion clinic those are both essential and you can go to Home Depot and get some pansies dues and get some pansies and get some booze and you get some abortion because according to Gov. Roy Cooper, the people of North Carolina were stupid enough God bless you to reelect those were essential and so we all just okay fine and we start doing online church in a person like okay okay fine, but what's been your experience with online church. I mean, for a few weeks or a month or two.

Okay fine but after a while. Did online church just leave you wanting so what's your reaction to my house on turn the corner being sensitive what the Lord is doing in the Holy Spirit in this conversation that's going on Facebook live right now so just go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook the Steve Noble show on Facebook and you can join us, right here in the studio but I'm curious on selects the extent turn the corner.

866-34-TRUTH 87884. Are you satisfied with online church or is it leaving you wanting because that is not the gathering of the body of Christ.

That is not adequacy of that is not community that's a bunch of different people and a bunch of different locations with a live feed to a place where you want that is not a gathering at the substitute in a bad one a week.

One, not even a reasonable facsimile thereof. So what's been your experience of online church has it left you wanting or are you like me on this is great I can say my pajamas happening on Sunday.

I want to go to church.

I don't need to go to church you like Homer Simpson can just worship the Lord in my own way so anything about that weaving about on my church.

Are you done with it is your church open in the nastiest question 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would really love to hear from you on this 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 to and do you think the whole online church phenomenon this year has hurt the body of Christ in America. I do, I think it's terribly unhealthy, but it is it worth the risk.

Well, how many times do I need to quote the death rates for the living rates when it comes to coping 19 because even if your 75th you have a 94.5% chance of surviving pretty good is that anybody else your 99% plus.

But that is up and it had a deleterious effect on it.

When you went back to church. Were you shocked by how meaningful that was actually be back in the body with people face-to-face below to shake the hand and hug somebody and just that proximity did you did you and the theology of 2020. Do you have a new respect. The new love, a new understanding and appreciation for the gathering of the same, so I'd love to know your opinion, your experience this year and the whole online online church that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the phone number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Come on people, friend. You can do it. Pick up the phone call I really I really would love to hear from you on this friends on Facebook like chiming, it's all share some of those comments, but 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. What's your opinion, what your experience of the online church thing venting is very problematic understand it for a little while government orders trying to do. Romans 13 trying to submit to governing authority, trying to look out for each other. But at some point. At some point, isn't church essential. Of course it is in the help of the health of the body of Christ is essential to any country. By the way, the stronger and healthier.

The churches in America, the better it is for America so just curious. For some people they're not going back to their old church visitors and going back to the didn't open and you just go okay just continue that way so not to do it. I'm not going back. Forget it and you appreciate pastors like a lesson we have a church full of mature adults and you guys make your own decisions you get out you drive in the rain today took a risk you get on a plane you took risk whatever you take a risk, but I think the whole church online thing. Okay fine for a month or something. But after that, I think it's been terribly hurtful and I think I think you have it.

I think it's good to have a negative effect on a lot of people's walk is you lose accountability whatever accountability we get in church and just that lack of face-to-face proximity fellowship. I think his heart is hurting and hurts people made a stronger legs made us weaker. What you think.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34. Truth is, go Shelby Cullinan from Asheboro, North Carolina. Shelby thinks recall and what you think about all this. When everything online. That being said, our church is guided art heart. We started dooming Bible study Monday through Friday and happy church services that we could at least check in on each other and we get a lot of pork strap a lot of where and how is everybody doing you need anything, you get out still in some way we get to spend more time in the Bible.

Another yeah armor, but again that the Holy Spirit when you're through the Internet that you get when you get fellowship in person and on together. I think I've somebody sent me some information about what was the name your church. We shepherded my home church because I know I've somebody sent me a message recently about they started doing a Bible study month five nights a week because they were gathering is normal and it was just amazing to watch God move in repeatedly hiring revelation by the end of the year yeah but I mean I totally agree with your point. I mean and that's a wonderful thing that some great fruit that comes off of this bitter tree of the coping 19 season that Warren, but that but there is no substitute online cannot do it in person does just can't. But again we were awesome Shelby thanks so much for calling and sharing that great testimony. I appreciate your welcome God bless you jump over to Shelley's calling from Youngsville, North Carolina, by the way, if you want to call in and chime in on the subject.

I'd love to hear from you guys 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH Shelley thanks work on and go right ahead where online Carlisle back in America you were 19).

Barring that my mean you can tell her I yeah my believer power, experience tightly filmmaking.

I struggled to hold my emotions back every body is crying With the body of Christ in relationship are crucial to think any of us Shelley beforehand. I wasn't going to church a year ago. Going feeling emotional going. This is so beautiful to be together. We took off and I really think yeah yeah I hear you. What a great point Shelley thinks recall and you want to chime in on that. I love to hear from you.

866-34-TRUTH 866 34 through no will to save Noblesville theology Thursday were refocused on the things of God with you really. Every day we try to make sure I try to I were always coming at all the subjects with politics or whatever from a biblical perspective and some days it's easier than others, but on Thursdays we really try to focus on that. So just cannot open it up early talk about okay so we've got the theology of 2020 and that there's a particular scripture particular book, something that God is done in your life. As a result of this crazy year. Okay. As a result of then share that open up the phones 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth. Okay, there's that and then and then because of what was going on Facebook live in a conversation.

There is a get the radio show going on in Facebook libels into thinking one family right which is awesome. And then we turn the corner started looking at what what about the whole shutdown thing in church online and all I can to stop and in and I think most people like hey you know what the online church thing know not getting it done and I understand early on, the concern for each other's health.

The love your neighbor angle, but loving your neighbor neighbor is also means not taking their freedom away from them. So you have freedom. That's what Paul is talking about. I have freedom to do anything. But not necessarily wise to do things okay so I have some liberty there but liberty is always checked by a biblical reality. So here's how I think this works the government cannot get in on and restrict the operation the church underneath the U.S. Constitution. Forget that's not possible. First Amendment both in terms of the free exercise of religion. One aspect of the first moment in the right to gather another aspect of the First Amendment. So every pastor in America if they know the Constitution care about the law which they should when the government says sorry you can't meet to say sorry. You have no authority to do that mightily in America over submit to the governing authority who is the governing authority in America like make pretty good case based on a we the people that us not them. Okay so anyway the pastors at their in and literally thumb your nose at the US government is that you literally don't have the right to do that under the law, and we are people that live underneath the rule of law Sheila Wright do not want to come to the church now and in each individual pastor is that between you and the Lord ultimately I'd say yes, but corporately what's the deal, and I've always thought and I appreciate the pastors that came from this direction to go. Okay not to succumb to the pressure from the government but we are going to try to love our neighbor, and you can we can't force people to going to church and some churches go okay so working open to social distancing and would like you to wear a mask as we really want to look out, especially for elderly population.

Okay fine but leave it up to your people and by the way, if you're 70 or older.

Because you have a 5 1/2% chance of dying from COBIT which is significant, then hey listen, stay home now if you want to come home. I to tell you that I can and I can't infringe on your liberty. You have a puma right to your conscience and the Lord. If you like the Lord's telling you all worry about your health.

Get in there and worship with your brothers and sisters then come will receive you and love you will try to protect you and care for you as best we can, but I'm not here to tell you what to do respect you enough to give you some freedom there to respect your freedom so overall, I think it's been that a deleterious effect but I want to ask this question for those of us that were out and then he went back in.

What's been your experience going back to church is for us, for my wife and I entered an adult.

One of our kids, our daughter spent awesome in it made us realize how spoiled we were before.

But where we really, that's just what God has for us not to neglect the gathering of the saints right were two or three more gathered his name Barry is in our midst.

You can't get that online it doesn't work doesn't what's been your Experian so that I love to hear from you. Let's go to Kristi Condon from Jasper my logic.

Kristi was gone and from Georgia, but I'd love to hear from you on that one 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH here's another angle Dennis brought this up only do a couple things. Yes, even brought this up Peter guy just had to chime in as a work and I felt compelled to say that's what what is Jesus able gathering together.

Matthew 1820 which says were two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among the that's the power of the gathering. Okay see a community. Dennis said so. Multilocation campuses were the preachers sermon. I love this point are broadcast into the remote locations is not a real gathering either.

I put that in between that lease and the location where the weather bring in the sermon in the people are gathered there together worshiping together. The only thing is piped in is the message but I think that is a downgrade from being in person.

That's why have never liked. Personally I don't like a satellite campus. I want to see the pastor now one of the challenges of multispeed church. Now is the pastors preaching to the camera I might halo here makes my contact about surround the church around here. There the local church. Now some pastors are really gifted like would you multisided Charles Spurgeon, would you have would you multisided all if you could have gone well. Do I want to restrict the apostle Paul's teaching to just that location. If I had a chance to beam apostle Paul to 200,000 churches across America. What I do it yeah, but what about the other parts of the body of Christ. Are you telling me that God can't can all always going to do something to the impossible. No likely Jesus said you'll do greater things than this is the Holy Spirit really is fascinating to follow this trail down just how my brain works just going to get on these things just going to take. Think and explore and apply Scripture look at it like that's an active Christian worldview, which is what I try to do on the show every day and that's why it's good for us together and talk about the six 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 866-34-TRUTH, especially on the if you been back to church. I'd love to hear that experience you go that you go from my trip back to gathering in person.

What's up and like for you certainly been awesome for us, 866 34. Truth is good. Adams Condon from King North Carolina.

Thanks for calling Adam go ahead. Are you doing pretty good man, how are you going good. My question kind of relate what we're talking about right now but my wife started a nonprofit three and again and we have been going on for seven years now.

Hope it everything kind of day that we been working through the process like everyone else here we have a fundraiser that we always do any around the time of year and going outside and have the most people know that when you do 100 people here North Carolina but I didn't know counted as a hero role gathering under a nonprofit umbrella. Well I what I mean is, the question is that is that a gathering that can be spiritual in nature and pleasing to the Lord. Or is that a church gathering is obvious is not church gathering, but whenever we want.

Good we are what we were one record because of the start as a group we kind of had you away from the church and that with your own pain were still 100% religious-based were still 100% everything we do is an act of worship, though I didn't really know if from what I've read, number 100 doesn't really matter much when it comes to religious gathering right now is the way standard for so from the perspective of the law. I have a problem and I'm done taking on my theological hat putting on my constitutional right click from the perspective of the law, the government doesn't have the right to restrict gatherings at all.

I don't think Gov. Cooper for more than about 30 or 40 days because that's the history of using emergency powers as a governor in the state. For more than about 30 or 40 days. Okay, fine. But after that he really doesn't have the authority to do it so I don't care if it's 10 people hundred people are thousand people. The government doesn't have the right to restrict your gathering. Whether it's religious or not that's that's that. Some freedom is guaranteed to us under the First Amendment. So I'm I look at that and okay so do do I need to submit to the governing authority.

Well that's it is directly between you and any other leadership in the and the Lord and I'm not can it tell you what to do there.

I would say you like. You need to disobey that than disobey that being sober minded about the fact that you might have to pay a price for that. I think I really and again if you do it. Let me ask. I do this in my ethics class expand the notion of worship. Worship literally for Christian is everything were always worshiping either worshiping yellow or not how I handle myself on the radio how I talk to you as an act of worship. I'm rude to you on worshiping poorly.

If I love you well and were succumbing worshiping well everything is under the Lord nor the reader drink all that you do, do all of the glory of God. As long as you're doing that that's an act of worship. And then what the government usually am ready to tell him to take a flying leap when it comes to things of God. So that's the but that's my decision and you have to make your break. Thank you for work every day. I mentally I truly love everything. Thank you very much for your with absolutely God bless you hat on the not giving anything that's mine that's good coming out of means coming from the Lord. Let's jump over to where are we here, let's go to Aaron Condon from Kernersville here, North Carolina Aaron, to keep you on hold. Is that okay you got a minute okay call him up against the break which I wasn't paying attention to the flock. Also, and I hear the music of Mike hello so here is on hold. I'll talk you when you come back and see from Asper all get you to come back as well. This is the nobleness the noble Noblesville, where you get the podcast grab a show if you miss it previous shows on the website this evening was you can actually search by subjects of the going there and just put in.

You know, eschatology, end times cremation we record unchosen cremation. Then you combine theology Thursday can look that up single and search by topic. If you want to do that. That's the way you really do that on the website.

The student was Facebook the Steve Miller show there.

Yes, believe it or not, even though I have my own name on my phone.

I do get sick this just never been a comfortable thing most people will show you a welcome back.

It's a theology Thursday. The theology of 2020 we can ended up focusing on in person normal gathering church versus online church and had a few more people we wanted to get in on the phone call so we appreciate that. Let's go to Aaron and was talking to.

Briefly Condon from Kernersville, Aaron, thanks for hope for holding go right ahead will thank you for your ministry and what you're doing your outreach don't always get here and very encouraging thing effectively like him.

Men are our churches finally getting back indoors and guided that it not. We were online and only girl there and they were outside for more than an hour if it's just it's just such a blessing to be like together with the body in that regard deftly. But I did. I do know struggle with where we should stand on this issue of meeting together. You know you can use the know where to route 3 or more gather, you know, there I am talking like you know it doesn't require the whole church congregation show their week we have fellowship with them just like a few of us right now. Definitely there's no question about that. I me when I get together with some Christian friends of mine. I mean, that's a powerful experience. If it's two or three or four of us by lunch with a buddy of mine, like my board chair or something is adjusted dear Christian brother man, that's a powerful experience of the worship experience were edifying one another encouraging one another.

We have a shoulder to cry on, but none of that is the same as when we gather for corporate worship and to hear the word of God is just like out out of acts 242 when they gathered together to pray and to worship and to encourage one another in and that you know that corporate worship that coming together specifically for that purpose is a little bit different than our, individual things, but one is not a substitute for the other. So as I what we don't gathering church but I get together with some of my Christian friends every once in a while.

All of us. I think in and Aaron what you're saying. All all of us would find that that comes up wanting that doesn't get it done.

It's just not enough. There's just something unique about corporate worship.

Were you surprised Aaron, when you went back inside the church bite bite by your emotions are by your reaction to the fact that all is in your gathering again the debt take on new weight for you will not be ready for you like I will emotional affect a long time coming and you deftly desired but but in the end.

I'm not arguing that the corporate body doesn't have a different feel and everything. I just think we you know in trying to follow the government and our church were meeting this kind of quality than the restrictions that are on us right now but will you know you know as far as the state or government mandating anything you know II understand that argument. But on the same side, they do mandate things to you know the fire code only allows 300 people in the building that that's a state mandate right there, but we do have restrictions from the government that are put on a and in certain aspects are just struggling with the back-and-forth deftly for the emotional aspect is beveling the night together. Yeah, he's blessing and I think of something. I mentioned this earlier and I think we all pretty much took it for granted.

So I praise the Lord that we can have this disruption because hopefully I'll never I'll never take it for granted again and hopefully none of us will write you. I met Aaron brother and you're welcome to. Thanks you too.

Thanks for your encouraging words.

I really appreciate that. That's going to Steve back down and not Hasbro, North Carolina Steve, thanks for calling. Go right ahead going young man, are you there I am. Thank you. How are you thrilled about your eye care, our church wedding, like the colors we shut down for him jog through the dark car but it wasn't all that wall along and but we have all services must open parking a bit out of her leg over one member login. We had about the God answer you like my portal up a little for the where were you could be outside in the parking lot.LOL I'm figuring that way outside. Else I was thinking of all that that was all really great but the point all videos will never ever ever reported that worship service in rear window broken apart just like that when you go yup partner communicate with just about any man compare yet.

So Jerry pointed yup rollup door no good.

Glad Gov. Cooper or any Grosvenor or government will get one was 13. I'm all for the bubble to turn around to doing well in advance of member jails and prisons were torn from their general Mr. training we should there comes a place where the government calls that line in and we cannot live theater dictate to the government to restrict what we can come up. That's right. That's exactly right.

I couldn't agree with you more one on for native along the preachers that will auto love, an independent missionary Baptist and Richard Forstall about going farther from a R bomb brethren are brought giving him where he worked remote. I agree with you since I don't remember which one overall parent will one of our more well-known delegate pocket and dips her very preachers and he was so young the girl out of breath at all, but what most of our independent churches and probably even more certain churches that have a more liberal talk the world. I will work on that simply document one.

Moreover, a lot of folks that will not agree with what you whispered earlier, all everybody has might talk about know that personally sued in the book. Love your help over 100% what I am where I can come to church because I'm concerned about church and discovered by Google go to weddings and parties break.

Home is your right right right you that know brother that don't panic and hunt Steve Gray call.

Thank you so much for listening. Thanks for calling us today at 122. God bless you.

Thanks so much, and assumes only great points are, by the way on that one. Should a pastor be taking votes from the congregation as to whether they should open or not know. Here's what I think is one of the one of the things I got revealed in your mail you a couple minutes left to the tower babble thing tomorrow on the show. A number can have Dr. Jeff Myers to run Summit ministries brilliant guy, great communicator Summit ministries been teach in a college student. Specifically, high school, but mostly college students all about apologetics for years.

Dr. David Noble started that no relation but it but he wrote it. He wrote an article Jeff did recently. That's gotten a lot of movement started on the stream and shown up a lot of places Christians must demand just as an election crisis. He wrote that on November 7 so Jeff.Dr. Myers is good be with us, Jeff, and I've known each other for years easily with us tomorrow for the first half of the show. Then I'll impact this whole tower babble thing with what's going on in America back in pastor thing.

Here's what I think the Bible obviously calls pastors to do. Not all Christians by the is that we are not people pleasers.

Okay, not that you don't serve mankind to love your neighbor as yourself. You show deference to others over yourself, but to be a people pleaser is to make too much of the approval or the disapproval of other people saw pastors should fear only God do not fear your congregation do not fear your big givers doing and that's easy for me to say right, not a pastor but I like to think if I were one is God's deftly made me bold that I be like okay now I've seen pastors that do not fear the congregation at all and if you don't like it you can leave.

Maybe there's another church is better suited for you. But that thundering prophetic word of God from a pastor who is not afraid of his big givers, not afraid of his elders. Not afraid of his deacons.

Not afraid of anybody in the pulpit. He fears God and God alone and is not a man pleaser. Now that doesn't give you a license to just brutalize people because that violates love. First Corinthians 13. You can speak with the tongues of angels gets me all the time.

You can speak with the tongues of angels you can prophesy can do these all these things, but if you have not love yours make a noise man bang a gong claim and assemble Bob about Obama blab about. So if you're if if your pastor and your wailing away on the prophet of God. But if you're not doing out of love for the Lord, love your people. That's a problem. I don't care how good you are thundering.

If you have not love, your resounding corner in gaining cleaning simple goodness gracious, do not be afraid of your congregation. Do not be afraid of opinion, do not be afraid of the government that would happen with John Dragomir in front of the said preaching and this guy's name is Jesus thing. Not that I may say we can't help but think about what we've seen and heard. There is a time to violate the lower law of man's law. Cooper's law in order to obey God's law. We had a bunch of churches run by factors like that things would change quickly. Sadly, we don't see no one. The felt God willing will talk again real soon and that all will

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