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Janet - Mefferd - Today - M.A. Taylor (Biden & China) Jeffrey Johnson (Psalm 91)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 27, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - M.A. Taylor (Biden & China) Jeffrey Johnson (Psalm 91)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 27, 2020 5:00 am

Former Vice President Joe Biden is under fire over his son Hunter's emails revealing his shady dealings with China. How true are these allegations? I'll get some thoughts from M.A. Taylor, director of the film, “Riding the Dragon: The Bidens’ Chinese Secrets." Plus: A closer look at Psalm 91 with Jeffrey Johnson, founder of Israel Today Ministries and author of: "Behold, His Yeshua." That's on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY


This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel.

During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to Janet River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says I again pulling going on over there in the Biden Harris campaign you had that interview with, Harris not trying to pick on her as a human being understand why she giggles all the time. I guess if you are more focused on trying to look likable, then you would do your giggling thing to try to make people think you're endearing, but when you're asked if you have a socialist or progressive perspective, it seems as if you audit just copped to it and lay it out there. So that's one angle and we have multiple videos that are showing up on social media. Day after day of, dancing in the raining, giggling in the microphone and I'm thinking to myself take the party out of it and take the sex of the candidate out of it.

Whoever becomes the president ought to be a serious person. I'm not saying it should be a person who doesn't have a sense of humor or who can't laugh or who can't have a good time you had president Trump just a week or so ago doing a little bit of a dance on stage as much as a 74-year-old man can dance my lighthearted moments what I'm saying is if you are running for the highest office in the land you want to have a serious demeanor to you when it comes to issues and it seems the only thing she's got besides the giggling is the I'm speaking I'm speaking like she had during the vice presidential debates. I don't quite understand her, but on the other hand, when you're looking at the name on the top of the ticket.

I have even more questions. I think many many Americans have questions putting a lid on the campaign.

He's not even campaigning.

He's not campaigning. I guess he's going to go to Delaware. Finally he was calling a lidded 9 AM and 11 AM on a lot of these mornings. Who in the world does not campaign in the last 10 days or nine days or eight days before the presidential election. What does it say about a candidate if he really believes it will be more beneficial to him to stay hidden then to go out and to talk well I'm to give you some examples of why that might actually be the campaign strategy, Joe Biden, former VP, Democratic presidential hopeful had some interesting moments over the week and I want to play a couple of these for you. Let's listen first to Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. Very weird moment. Listen, this is having Al give a little background on this didn't it has been the case across the country where Joe Biden has been showing up her there have been Biden rallies or Obama rallies that now these Trump supporters are showing up and cheering for Tromp and waving their Trump flags and everything. This is become kind of a thing of the last few weeks Joe Biden reacted to those Trump voters showing up like this one. All workers are those who don't support me as those who do included notes from the microphone out there that two things there. First of all calling the Trump supporters chumps. Now it seems to me that if you do have the need for people to go to the polls and support to you might not want to insult them. That's not really a way to get votes is to insult people. But secondly, at the end. He did that little cough. No mask. I just want to point that the guy who says, if I can't get national mass mandates and to go to your mayors and I'm gonna get a mask mandate looked at Kate with the 10th amendment do understand the Constitution but he's standing up there coughing and coughing into his hand. With no mask and so far as I could tell no hand sanitizer, but the chumps thing is amazing. The chumps thing is amazing. Did these people not learn anything from 2016.

Remember this moment.

Cut to you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable's right to raise says sex is homophobic, xenophobic, llama phobic, you name it.

That worked out well.

What's even weirder was this moment, he had a zoom call events and kind of boat concert thing and he was talking while he was sitting there next to his wife, Jill, and discussing the election and this is how it went. Cut three. This is most consequent. Not because I'm running goes one round addresses most consequential election will live a long, long time. In regard to the country and my views about the country of Georgia find ourselves in a position where trying to select the word of the world for more years of George four years of George and Jill is sitting there mouthing Tromp Tromp under her breath while he St. George former years of George somebody came out and said well earlier on that zoom call George Lopez had been part of it and so he was just doing what we all do which is to confuse somebody's name just a little gap right but he said four more years of George had to be corrected by his wife, and I thought for a moment. People were saying out what he's referring to George W. Bush he can run against George W. Bush. He did try to run in 1988 against George H. W. Bush, he didn't get very far because he was derailed by scandal it. Which brings me to a club I have to play for you because this is just irresistible. Shall I say at the old classic comedian Johnny Carson back in 1987 told little joke about Joe Biden and the reason I think that it's relevant now is because it reminds me of what Charles Spurgeon's sermon said about little sense.

That's probably my favorite sermon that that Spurgeon ever preached. You can find it little pamphlet form or in books, I'm sure, but he basically made the point that if you do not commit the little sins you're gonna be in less danger of ever committing the big ones so there really is no such thing as a little sin if you show a lack of character in little things, then why would I trust you in the big things.

That's the whole point of that sermon, especially as Christians, we cannot ever look at San is being asked that one doesn't matter, they all matter because they're all on offense to a holy God that keeping in mind the issue of character. Let's go back to Johnny Carson in 1987. This is cut five dollars on the political dream. One of the Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden abusing the problem he's been having you around and made a speech and apparently he quoted a bar that was a British politician to speech and kind of paraphrase the as his own and in the press got on them and that he was charged also with taking part of Bobby Kennedy's speeches and minuses not to worry, reassured his staff. He said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. There you have it and also fudged his academic record. That was another derailing moment for Joe Biden back in 1987 and the question that I have now is why would he be a man full of character today. If back in 1987. Plagiarism and a falsified academic record was enough to derail his campaign. It shows how far our country has come in terms of what it will put up with, and will put up with a lot more than we used to put up with in the 80s that's that's not a good thing by the way, that's not a good thing. Times change, but that doesn't mean times get better. People change and there's progress so to speak, but that doesn't mean people are getting better they're getting worse. I would say when you look overall at the culture when you look at the moral sewer that were basically all swimming in and desperately trying to get away from because we belong to Jesus Christ and we do not want to be part of the world and embracing at San and embracing its decadence.

Sometimes we look around and we might think to ourselves. This must be what Rome felt like a little bit were not quite to the level of ancient Rome. But it feels like that sometimes but on this issue of character. I want to play for you. A cut from over the weekend. This is Joe Biden interacting with a reporter in Pennsylvania listen to cut four questions of controversy changed under binder songs. No controversy all over. It's a flat wide because the president has nothing else to notice as well. American people were talking about what you he has no plan to date is no point. Everything from the Wall Street Journal over every other major no news on the supporting site is simply not true about my son, but is its classic trunk classic trunk and because he doesn't want to talk about outreach manufactured is gone and the recession. How are economies of the whole. How were approaching a bleak winter is estimated 200,000 more people thought covert if we don't act more rapidly in terms of dealing with right rational basis of social distance were in mask, etc. what to do is go around the country holding these great spreaders of more virus, so he has nothing to say. Think about what is his plan for the next four years except more the same failure is that really the case. All you can decide for yourself working to get into more about the Biden family, particularly Biden family as it relates to China with Dir. Emmy Taylor come back right after this listening to Janet, are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of Liberty help share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses.

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There's a banner to click. Janet is better for you while former VP Joe Biden says all the shocking news of political and moral corruption. Coming straight from son hunters abandon laptop is a smear campaign, speaking on 60 minutes, the former VP said Rudy Giuliani is being duped by Russian disinformation. Despite the fact that the national intelligence director John Ratcliff already confirmed that's not the case and what of that one email about an unspecified business dealing reported by the New York Post as outlining a provisional agreement under which 80% of the equity would be split equally among for people with H, apparently referring to Biden and that curious other line 10 held by age 4 the big guy now who might that big guy be one thing is for sure the Biden family has a lot of explaining to do, which is why just days before the presidential election. Joe Biden is constantly calling lids about the trail of his corruption is not new.

In fact, were to talk about it now with MA Taylor, who is director of the film riding the Dragon. The Biden's Chinese secrets available on YouTube. Matthew just great to have you with us. Thank you for being here gravity great to be here.

Thank you. You make about all these bombshells over the last several weeks about Hunter Biden and the allegations of corruption and profiteering.

I mean, you knew about the back story here, but what's your reaction been to how Biden's been handling all of this. Well, you know that Joe Biden has been calling Russia Russia Russia know because we did our release did a couple months ago. You know everything and are we did know you told me know now. But everything in the film.

A lot of it was public knowledge. Hunter Biden's trip had been covered by the press. 30 when it happened. These things had been had been out there they had not been all put together in one package.

So whether or not the laptop orbiting a laptop or not. We do know that large portions of the story are factual and have been covered by the press so if you have you addressed the things you have for you to be his original piece of just wholesale say none of it is true I don't know anything which I think it's completely in his word malarkey plates yeah absolutely and is kind of funny to because when you mentioned that the media has reported on various stories along the way. Funny how they're not interested in putting all those pieces together at a very critical time in the nation's history right before he might be elected president actually wanted their credo with old news. We already harbored it as any other president of candidate they would become great.

Every last you and will pretend that it is a Russian hope, they should at least take the time out to investigate whether it is because my check. The current sitting president had tens of millions of dollars are put into an investigation on whether it was a Russian hoax or horizon operation. Why would nobody be investigated all of the allegations. What if in fact they are true because if they are true, then we would be electing a compromise with the Chinese so all presidents of need to be vetted only the lease vetted presidential candidate definitely in my lifetime and maybe administrative United States and to write about that's going back to 2013 and we can even go back to 2009 the 2013 was something that you mentioned.

That was when Joe Biden who was the vice president at the time and the point person on Chinese policy. That's a key point in all of this went to China with his son and about 10 days later. I think it was the sons investment from his small investment firm got a $1 billion deal directly from the Chinese government and this is something that you cover in your movie.

Has there ever been an adequate explanation from Hunter from Joe Biden as to why that could possibly be on the up and up will know any companies or anything you back to the matter that when Bo hi harvest, which is the company that was created with this investment was created abilities that other base Deutsche Bank golden back did not have. Granted by the Chinese and of course you know I like to point to the packet. If you have something a company or tech company. When you put anybody on your board you give the money to participate. Usually they have expertise you tech company will hire a build date reported on the board. Hunter Biden has no expertise. He self admittedly has no expertise back that he there, at least as an interview, that are in our movie is probably because Biden is his last name and the only expertise he had been so again, maybe it's all all coincident. But even if it is the: it should be looked into. It should be vetted just this man is running for president and he is connected to all of the horribly dangerous investments with the Chinese yeah while he was making boo coo box as a board member of Marie's, my, as we know in Ukraine. Then we have it on tape that Joe Biden bragged about having put pressure on Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was looking into Bre's mom and yet he stood in front of voters last week at the debate and said nothing was unethical pertaining to Hunter Biden during his work in Ukraine what your response to that will know all of the nation and all the old really show larger. It's all about your bodhi character will show your character because you're right. A lot of the things are not of legal people sit on board Chinese money into US companies. What is where the character comes and what are they doing with this money. What is Bo hi harvest Disney or their investing in companies that commit espionage and undermine the US. No US national security. Yet it is the character is a character election and the character that we see from the deal even though they may not be illegal is very very low and dangerous.

No president of the United States will write Joe Biden on the record saying a rising China is a positive development. He doesn't see China as a threat, China clearly is a threat here. We are still in some accident to some extent lockdown and mass stop because of this Wuhan virus. We got the Chinese Communist Party cracking down on its own people on the Uighurs on the Christians there are lots and lots of scary things going on in China.

To what extent does Joe Biden's attitude toward China pose a very serious concern for the American people.

If he were to become president of Oregon Joe Bob Chinese have made their investment at $1,000,000,001.5 billion it Joe Biden Hunter Biden on top of the fact that all of the email and the laptop are true giant money laundering receipt of money laundering receipt which the Chinese made it investment net investment which means he will he will give them what ever they want when he becomes president. The orders are concerned, he is 100% compromise and should not probably folded allegations are true. Well going back to China. What is the extent of the money that Hunter made in the deals that he cuts aside from the one we talked about in 2013. The billion-dollar deal that went to Rosemont Seneca partners how widespread were his and of dealings that were really shady. Well, you know you made.

We had only so big picture so we can make that, you know if they got $1 billion. They could've made no. 4050% more but more of the information about were starting to discover companies and investment all over the place that we had no idea about Bill. It could be billions of dollars. These are big numbers. The Chinese had deep pocket. They have a very long view on history and money is. No no limitation so I think we can't really project how much is probably probably by small country. The amount of money. The Chinese are thinking their future. They need this man to be president drop what they started with Belton Road general secretary. She ideas well now we had that testimony. Just last week from Tony Belinsky, who had been involved as the CEO of the company that was formed and he made a comment on VP Biden saying he never talk to Hunter about his business but Wilensky said I've seen firsthand that that's not true because it wasn't just Hunter's business. They said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line so went as the FBI I guess is going to have a sit down with Tony Belinsky and is looking into this.

Two questions come to mind. One is where is this investigation going to go especially if Biden is elected will it even continue. And second of all, if the FBI had this laptop going all the way back to last year.

Why in the world and they act on it. Then the great question because the laptop you know number and of course we have an impeachment going on in January where we have all the things happening that law enforcement. The authorities are not acting when this information is critical needed and so I think it put you know a lot of doubt in my mind know about the the allegiance of the FBI. At this point in time. You are clearly to say no. We don't want to have another 2016 situation, but this is different than 2015. These are actual criminal criminal activity that are currently happening now. There may potentially compromise national security. I don't understand why the FBI had not moved has not made an effort to to follow even if it's not Joe Biden right Hunter blighted is a good potential.

But he potentially very very bad. That would quality their jurisdiction. The fact that they're not doing anything deeply concerned security of really good points while you can check it out on YouTube writing the Dragon.

The Biden's Chinese secrets MA Taylor, the director of writing the Dragon spending some very interesting quality moments with us. Important stuff. Any thank you so much for being with us.

It was great to have you. Thank you for having me. You're so well, take care will be back on Jennifer today. This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis.

Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to collect for today here's your host Joe welcome back whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

You might recognize that versus the first verse of Psalm 91, a beloved Psalm for its reminder that the Lord is our refuge and our fortress in the midst of fear and danger. It's also composed of many Hebrew words whose meaning we may not have considered. Some were to consider them today with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson is founder and president of Israel today ministries and author of the book will be talking about behold his you, Sheila, Psalm 91. Dr. Johnson great to have you with us. How are you all delighted to be with you. Well, it's a delight for us to have you here, you wrote this book during the pandemic. This is been a good Psalm. I know to read and study during the pandemic, but to choose Psalm 91 is opposed to some of the other Psalms: great, great question.

Psalm use all my love some of the situations we find ourselves as you know, on of the president of Boudreau ministries work and use principally Israel your post any of areas from time to time you find yourselves and procure positions situation on the Psalm very much when the I was encouraged to write something that would encourage your constituency.

What developed was a a series of nine lessons we then put it on social need and the response was judged overwhelming. We all share publisher you're interested, the so basically the motivational is simply to remind people of the sovereignty of God that he is absolute control. Even if we don't understand why the circumstances are the way they are.

So basically was the back story you know the motivation to write this deceitfully small, very powerful walk so about that was the motivation. That's great. Well, as you point out in your book, the Talmud calls it the song of plagues. Can you give me a little bit of background as to the context of this Psalm 91. Now they're not sure Boudreau or mold you the way it makes you look so it would be applicable to the wilderness wanderings.

It would be applicable to multiple slide down. Good as well.

The ancient surgeon said it just relied upon this all every time or me as you don't into the soul is emphasizes the arrows mentioned good. We don't have to be of three euros and either the reference to play or melodic power salt or breakout of plague that humans created you, we are brought we are under we forget these things that there is a spiritual warfare. So the backdrop the rabbis generally actually referred to as plagues to go to so when everything seems to fall apart. Yeah, it's perfect is perfect and each verse is so good when you go to the first verse, which I quoted earlier.

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty and then going into verses two through four.

I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. His faithfulness will be your shield and ramparts what you pull out of that section. I kinda combine the two, but pulling out of that taxed some of the Hebrew to help people understand a little bit more about terms like shadow or shader refuge and fortress.

What you say refers to the temple for example you you you word translated in English for mercy mercy Hebrew word for show but were huge.

Psalm talks about all work which is all part by wall the shield which completely surrounds the soldier were you can create with the protection of the shield. I have very little to let me explain it this way by Joseph knew something about you all, hospitality. You remember the parable Matthew 25 were the master of the house servants proctologist recounts one to the one talent very good thing for fear we know the story you servants were members of the master's house. We are servants of the Lord know when we are, you are invited into the home where there's a judicial order and parable their unspoken principle. The word or shade shadow will looking at here. When you work in their home you or under their protection, their provision, their safety. The idea, however, is your considered a member of the family you know you do the dishes in their house. You know you parable. Matthew 25 the servants had to do things listen.

One day while this this principles flushed out in the very real way back in 2000 tension between Israeli tanks in the streets. Gunfire about things talking I was with Palestinian Christians. Yes, there are Palestinians who love Jesus I was writing I was staying with little I your mom and the minaret boss.

They pray starts around about a morning person and you can just put F12 one. I heard the box was started. Most or merit a couple days earlier.

I want Dr. will warm up for boarding with no doors. There was a poster of Margaret some guy that blew himself up the cause of radical Islam, only to find out that the owner of one shop was the brother of the smarter couple of days later, I hear over the minaret Americans on so my friends what your mom show you something brother Jeff would encourage you to stay in.

He was talking about an American sign in our doctors as I sorry to interrupt but we do need to pause for a very quick break. Hold that thought will be back with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson to hold his you, Sheila, Psalm 91 is his book will come back on Janet Kevin Sorbo of the hit films. God's not dead and let there be light gives his thoughts on the scourge of abortion. One of the greatest attacks on America was our very own Supreme Court.

Subsequent to that there have been 70 million babies and mothers that is more than the entire population count Australia combined and that's why Kevin Sorbo also supports pre-born.

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Now, the crisis in Lebanon has escalated in the aftermath of cover 19 a crumbling economy and a devastating explosion in Beirut at the spiritual crisis in Lebanon is the most devastating crisis of all because many people there have still never heard anything about Jesus. That's why Hartford Lebanon is on the ground ministering to hurting refugee families in the South in the macabre Valley in Lebanon, providing emergency supplies, Christian education, Bible studies and worship gatherings for these refugee families and the impact is incredible.

Your investment of $116 will help to families impacted by the crisis in Lebanon to get emergency supplies that they need to survive during the next 60 days. But best of all these families would hear the gospel of Jesus for the very first time a gift of $58 is enough to help one family.

Can you help call now 888-247-5499 where talking about Psalm 91 today. What a comforting sound but there's a lot to be gleaned from it.

If you get into some of the Hebrew and some of the background were talking about it today with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, who is founder and president of Israel today ministries and is out with a book called behold his Yeshua. Psalm 91. I'm so sorry, Dr. Johnson would have to pick up the story where he had inconveniently leave off what you are telling is being with a in Palestine. In talking to some of the Christians.

And you heard over this minaret something that sounded like American Zionist what happened after that but wanted you know I will tell you what, no problem. No longer your mom was warning presents a daunting and shocking. The point is the recommended I stay inside these dear brothers and sisters in Christian if someone tried to do harm to me would have corrected the point about the connection will Psalm 91. We are under the shadow of protection under his wings. Wayne's Jewish background to briefly prayer shawl what is called the poly.

As you may know house for friendships on the corners of the Kershaw woman reached out in the New Testament, reached and touched the home of the Lord's help have mobile garment. It was one of these printers represent the law, they are also called the book of Malachi talks about this on the righteousness will come with you. They are always, also called springer the woman reached out to grab your friends using the prophet that had healing wounds or the pressure course we know that the or she would feel we are under his way smell the rabbis talk about the connection all some reference to wings of the chirping were the mercy seat where the ship you the glory, the presence of God dwelt either way is consistent with your protected shelter in the presence of God. Your protected under his wings under the shadow of the shelter in the provision of just about every verse indirectly refers to the shield wall surrounds the shield that surrounds the presence of God, the enemy of Israel or the plague. People would run to the temple to get behind the wall close to the presence of God to be protected by you by the plague close to God. Paul reminds us that those who believe in Jesus are of the Holy Spirit. We don't need to place when trouble comes we can go directly to God truth juices in the power of the Holy Spirit is reminding us that night when their fear of the most pastoral horrible Jewish mission work for longer period of pastor when the one who was terminable terminally ill little little in the night they would call and I would go with Scripture. The Lord said that I might wish to watch what Ward whispered to us in the night.

Probably something like what we read in Isaiah 41 were God's right, I will walk with you along the way.

Sheer I will help you and it is night. The Lord speaks to us simply need to understand that and you realize that there is no need to fear say that is so neat there's so much there that you said that really is very deep to consider when you're reading through Psalm 91 something else that you mentioned and that there's so much good hear people have to pick up the book for themselves. But when you're talking about is starting in verse nine. For example, which says if you say the Lord is my refuge and you make the most high your dwelling. No harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent. Now, you mentioned something interesting when you're talking about God's God's dwelling is on high, the most high, which puts him out of reach from the evils that are pursuing us that that was a very interesting perspective. Can you talk about that a little bit God's protection as a haven of rest. One of the names of God on the most married Mary most high shall come upon you by the way.Gabriel's saying that verse, verse 35 one most high will come upon you.

You show, you know very child how God is the you should take refuge in the Hebrew word is meaning to seek protection. The trust and all that we talked about being in the Palestinian Christians home saying concept over and over again said form in different ways and listen God's master.

He protects us and also Janet.

It also connects with the evil we are protected under his wing visual goal. The high predators can reach the Lord puts metaphorically important contacts that the evil reaches mold on mom find that you member.

He climbed up multiple shaking 40 days you got up there at the top. Now you know you read, you read the text and Moses, he went inside the cloud way way up high and he received the word.

Will the ancient that the reason there was a cloud which was part of the chicane of the president of God is that God will show that the evil one will not word of God, because the last time God spoke that intimately to a human being was back in the garden of the now God is speaking to Moses when he put them in a cloud way up high from the evil one. Similarly, we take refuge in the most when the plague trouble. The circumstance that was unforeseen happens to and we can find peace and protection can be cannot touch us now, one more thing. We are never told that we will not face. We are told when trouble comes, you know you know one trouble, more walk with you along the way you drive tribulation, but be of good cheer, so this is basically the visual the idea.

There's a lot of meaning behind the high tech from the there's so much there. I mean it's just chock full of meaning and people will really want to go back and study Psalm 91 and pick up your book, hold his Yeshua, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson who is the founder of Israel today ministries you can check them out Israel today sections like Dr. Johnson happy with us. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much you to God bless you, thank you for being with us here in Janet for today. It is just an honor to have you here with us and we hope you'll join us for the next broadcast. God bless you next time

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