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Gospel-Produced Humility

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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October 21, 2020 8:00 am

Gospel-Produced Humility

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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October 21, 2020 8:00 am

Pastor Mike Karns gives church updates before speaking from Ephesians 3 beginning at 33-00.

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Troubles of sale and dangers of fright, though.

Friends should all fail and foes all unite yet. One thing secures us, whatever betide the Scripture assures us, the Lord will provide the birds without barn or storehouse are fed from them. Let us learn to trust for our bread his saints what is fitting shall never be denied. So long as it is written, the Lord will provide no strength of our own or goodness.

We claim yet since we have known the Savior's great name in this our strong tower for safety. We hi Almighty is power. The Lord will provide a trusted you resting in a God like this this week that you have found him to be exactly who he has declared himself to be Jehovah Gyro the God who provides he provides for his children. When we have questions about that and we doubt that and were perplexed and were facing in work up against the wall and we need to reason, the way the Scriptures reason.

If God did not spare his only son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall not only for how shall he not freely with him give us all things.

Everything we have need of he's going to provide and we reason that if he provided the greatest thing the best thing, the thing that met the greatest need. We have, why would we think that he was withhold anything from us necessary for our advancement and for our trust in or are honoring him in this life, so I like to begin with that this evening. Let me tell you what I plan to do will go over a few announcements would got quite a few prayer requests some urgent ones have got to missionary prayer letters and then card and I were at a pastors conference and Carrie went over there Monday afternoon. Back this afternoon. I want to give you a bit of a report on what we enjoyed their preaching some resources that I brought back and then will spend some time in the word prayer so that's what were going to do this evening so in terms of announcements on ruling no change in our church schedule people present service Sunday morning lifestream only Wednesday night lifestream only Sunday night for now children's church. No impact club snow Sunday school nursery were just waiting for direction from the Lord to move beyond what we've been doing? When and Marty have left for Maine to vacation and spend some time with her married daughter Bethany and her husband Bethany worn and their three boys needed to get covert tests and were able to do that. The airport requiring so that they're not have to be quarantined and they can go and visit and in return, so their way clearance to be able to do so. You really nothing no other announcements but quite a few prayer requests. Let me go over those with you quickly praising the Lord the Tiant of the fair is doing well from shoulder surgery.

Trinity French recovering from coven that some guy granddaughter, Betty and Claire driver married daughter, Dawn Hammond is home from the hospital and were thankful for that lien. Michael Hannon is doing well from recent surgery. Mary Shaw shoulder surgery went well but she's facing up pretty long difficult time of recovery. So prayer Isaiah Slawson came through his back surgery. Doctors were encouraged with the procedure and but the concern with him is infection trust the Lord in that regard, and Shirley Watkins is home from a short stay at peak resources can Elliott is recovering from coven thinking that Sue also had cold but I don't see her name here in that regard, but I'm thinking they both contract coven Nelly Hunter had surgery on her elbow and she's recovering from repair of a broken elbow, Jane, mature see she's in California to be with her sister-in-law Becky Jane's brother, Dr. John Johnson in California had quite a battle with his coven. This is from Jane. She writes this was the staff was around 1230 this afternoon. My niece Jessica and I arrived in California safely yesterday. Thank thank thanks for many who prayed for our safety. We arrived to meet Becky, Jennifer and Dennis Jennifer's husband bearing encouraging news from the doctor.

John was fighting an infection probably lungs over the weekend, a broad-spectrum antibiotic has brought his white count down significantly. They have the ventilator on its lowest setting and John is been able to maintain an oxygen level in the 90 rain 90% range is on a different dialysis machine which he is handling better.

The doctor told Becky that he would likely be on dialysis for quite a while. She said he's moving in the right direction.

We are thankful, trusting the Lord to do his work in his way. So that's an update from Jane concerning her brother, Dr. John Johnson Richie Mearns is been attending here for number years faithfully consistently had extensive dental surgery this week and is recovering. So pray for him party mentioned Isaiah Slawson to you Nancy verities brother in law Tim in Ohio.

He was cutting a tree in the tree fell portion of the tree fell on his head. He suffered some broken bones in his face, a small brain bleed and a gash but he released from the hospital on Monday and is recovering at home. So that's a kind mercy God's Spirit is life under missionaries see well I get to that we are expressing our heartfelt sympathy to the families of Linda Gruner, Sr. Wendy Lynch died last week. Friend of Larry Noris, Herman Hollifield passed away last week. Then reading a letter concerning Ruth Bixby's father died rather suddenly her stateside Richard Hank Senior and then Jim true look husband of Larry Noris's cousin George also passed away last week. So there are four families that are grieving sorrowing that we want to stand with an ass sister to their to their hearts under cancer can Elliott's brother Russ Elliott will have surgery on Friday is coming Friday to remove a tumor in his long. This is the fourth surgery on the same long so he's been through a lot. Ken is asking beacon saints to pray for his brother, and then only in Michael Hannon's father, Gaylord Rummel. He had a bronco's copy last week and it did determine he is stage one cancer. However, it's limited to just the one tumor found in his lower right lung. Nothing was found in lymph nodes over the upper long as oncologist feels best treatment is to have arthroscopic surgery to remove that portion of the lower right lobe where the cancer exists complete removal means no chemo or radiation is necessary.

He has to have test done before they can determine his heart and liver consisting surgery so that's all good news for which we are rejoicing with Leanne and God's mercy and then to tell you concerning Ben Vestal got this email came early this morning from Ben's daughter Courtney. She says as you all know dad's health has been declining over the weekend he is reached.

What the health experts refer to as the transitional stage in his battle with cancer. The hope is that he will be able to live to celebrate his 66th birthday this October 30 as he shares this birthday with his grandson who will will who will be turning one. We are praying for this gift for him in the family that is been in incredibly positive spirits. His faith has been unwavering.

He has had hospice care here in the house since August. Mom is been very busy with her full-time job from home and now full-time care for dad. Prayers for her as well. The four of us kids and grand boys have made many visits to come help and have had many sweet times with dad. Please join us in prayer for dad that the Lord will continue giving him peace that surpasses understanding pray with this that the nurses will be able to manage his pain with medication in order to finally get him comfortable and enjoy time with family and friends in these last days of and we also pray that he's able to pass away here in the comfort of his own home without struggle or pain so that's update description of the needs there and Ben Vestal's life so a lot awful lot of prayer requests in the design thinking through, let me mention need in our family. Kari has a cousin Dale Blosser. Dale is my age is 64 years of age went to school together Dale's been a longer his whole life.

He's suffered dementia told his family.

You need to do something for me feel like I'm going to hurt myself so they he's a veteran they got them veteran hospital and they overmedicated him and he's gone into a coma is on a ventilator and it's looking like the families can have decision of when to remove him from the ventilator so pray for that family or his wife and he's got a couple of children so difficult, difficult situation. Close our prayer requests.

Let me this time. Cover some news concerning Tony and Kathy pain and then Tim and Ruth Bixby.

This is from the pains they write. Dear friends, we arrived in the states on August 10 drove from Atlanta to Taylor South Carolina where we spent two weeks in required self quarantine appellee Amy and Emily and the seven grandchildren in South Carolina did not wait for the two weeks to visit us. We socially distance war facemasks visited outdoors. We visited my mom and Griffin Georgia. As soon as quarantine was over she was recovering. They say from a broken ankle, but managed to prepare wonderful meals from her wheelchair sounds like a mother a few weeks later, we were able to go back to celebrate her 85th birthday, held in the fellowship hall at Faith Baptist Church of Zebulun.

We got to see Claire and Romain Roman in Chesapeake, Virginia over Labor Day after stopping in North Carolina to visit the grave of Kathy's brother and stay overnight with his daughter Amber and family. Sounds like a lot of running around. They had somebody in the church that was at death's door before they left South Africa did pass away, and Tony's very encouraged by the men in the church who conducted the funeral service and minister to the family in his absence and they got a good report concerning the men who stood in Tony's place while he was stateside, so that's a real encouragement. I'm sure to Tony in that situation. He says our coworker Bill Knight phoned me early in September 18 to inform us that someone had broken into our garage to borrow some of my tools to use to pry open the thief proof Spanish bars from the bathroom window.

Use my crowbar to break open the safe.

They made off with the churches offering from March 1 before lockdown are tied in small marked envelopes for April through August as well as the cash from last ladies retreat. They ransacked the entire house carriageway ministry items in routing cameras, portable speakers and iPad and iPod another ministry electronic items. We will not know exactly what was stolen until we return home. Listen to this perspective, what the thieves did not realize was that we'd given all of those items to God long ago they robbed him, not us. I greatly rejoice into things.

Number one, we were the ones robbed and not the ones doing the robbing number two eternal treasures can never there safely laid up with God.

Everything that was stolen will return to dust perspective. Last week we placed ourselves under another two week porn teen because of covert exposure.

Presently we are quite well or plans of been to fly back to South Africa and early November. Pray for wisdom for us fitting in the time we desire with family, especially with my mother or thank you for the wonderful times with them and also with supporting churches in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia were thankful that we could meet new pastors at 44 supporting churches continue to pray for the church plant and Hoven dealt which is feeling the pain of not being allowed to gather for church services. It underscores to these believers there need to erect their own building.

So that's from Tony and Kathy pain and then this from Ruth Bixby. She says dear friends, it is nearly 2 AM. I cannot promise that this will be very coherent. I had planned to write you today Monday to ask you to pray for very important meeting with the building's owners on Wednesday but God has sovereignly rearranged her plans our family spent this morning at church, participating in a five day English club that our coworkers Christie Cole is leading Ruth was in charge of teaching the Bible story on creation. She spoke mostly in French. The children would understand the Bible crews using keywords in English as a language teaching tool. We had lunch with the other workers before returning home. It was then that we received a call that Ruth's dad was probably dying. We find ourselves suddenly thrust into nearly the same situation we had known on the day my father died. Learning suddenly that he was at death's door, but unsure of what the outcome would be together as a family and the exact place with pray three years ago for my dad and committed, Papa to the Lord a second call a few minutes later confirmed the Lord had taken Richard Senior to himself.

He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Just last week, but no one expected that he would suddenly pass out and never wake up. He was known as a hard-working, airplane mechanic and a very generous man, especially to anything that concern missions is a bona fide jack of all trades. He made innumerable short-term mission trips and in the states and internationally during his 69 years to help various ministries with physical needs first thought was that covert pandemic and the resulting prices would make it impossible for Saul to fly back but God opened up one door after another, allowing us to purchase tickets for the whole family to return for the funeral we leave in a few hours are Tuesday morning at 1030 they had to Raleigh Carolina. Please pray for him for much great strength and wisdom during our 10 days in the states will have to get negative covert tests in order to return. Please also pray for Christie and Melody will be teaching all week in the English club this providentially falls during the two week school vacation so children schools not disrupted by this, since that's something they're giving thanks to God for he says please also pray for God's blessing on our church family and our desire to purchase the building. God knows the end from the beginning, and we must walk in childlike trust, so there's the pains in the Bixby's needs in their ministry well.

This is the seventh year that cloning Baptist Church is hosted a pastors conference and carry at the church there and I was uncertain whether they were going to be able to have it because of covert restrictions, but they went ahead and they had 600 men and wives present and quite a few others who participated a virtually began Monday afternoon and included this afternoon. Let me mention some of the speakers that we heard Dr. Irwin lutes are spoke on Monday afternoon and his talk was on pandemics, plagues and natural disasters is God saying to us. Basically, he gave an overview of this book that he has written and basically just his points were the chapter titles. Anyway, I won't reduce chapter titles to you, but were going to secure some copies of this book and make them available to you in the book room because of its timely message pandemics, plagues and natural disasters. What is God saying to us, and I enjoyed very much hearing him. Dr. Al Mohler spoke on last evening and brought out a wonderful message just making an assessment of where we are in the culture and what are the concerns that churches should have and how we should be responding and he has written a book new book is just out called the gathering storm, sectoral secularism, culture, and the church and again secure some copies of this but here are some of the chapters in this book the gathering storm over Western civilization over the gathering storm in the church.

The gathering storm over human life over marriage over the family over gender and sexuality. The gathering generational storm.

The gathering storm in the engines of culture.

The gathering storm over religious liberty and this was a book.

This was a free book that they gave to us as attendees and back in the room on Monday night I read the appendix where he speaks concerning the storm over the courts and the Supreme Court and all that's going on there so it very very timely book and very very needful for the church this afternoon. The last message I heard was again from Dr. Irwin lutes are. He has written a new book that will not be out until the day before election November 2, and the title of that book is we will not be silenced. Standing courageously to our culture's assault on Christianity and he followed a similar format to the other message I heard basically walked us through the chapters of the book and I will mention the titles of this of this book because I don't have a copy of it and I'm really really looking forward to reading it. Got an overview today but chapter number one. Understanding cultural Marxism. If you're not aware that that's what's going on in our culture chapter number two rewriting the past controls the future.

This revisionist history, denying our history and so on. Number three use using diversity to divide and destroy chapter number four freedom of speech for me but not for the chapter number five cell evil as a noble cause.

That's what's going on in our culture selling evil as a noble cause. Chapter 6 sexualizing our children spoke at length about some various things that are going on in the culture chapter number seven. Capitalism is the disease and socialism is the cure. Chapter 8 joining with radical Islam to destroy Christianity and Chapter 9 vilify, vilify, vilify, arguments are not settled by discussion, you are evil, you're an evil person because we disagree with.

You were not going to discuss anything. There simply this spirit in the culture where people are vilified who don't agree. And then chapter 10 a word for the church from Revelation chapter 2 were Jesus is speaking through.

I think the church of us Smyrna strengthen what remains strengthen what remains so I heard some excellent excellent preaching heard heard some man that I had no exposure to was blessed by them was very very worthwhile. Saul, David Morris and his wife there. Terry Dale Wallace who comes here to the tri-state and become a friend. He was there, Mike Morrison, who attended here for a while, but left here and now is pastoring and adopting Baptist Church. He was there with some of his church leaders so saw some folks Greg Allison from Bible Baptist was there with him and some other men that I know. But it was an excellent excellent conference. It was packed were 10 general sessions in the 2 1/2 days for workshops choices and the workshops that you could go and choose from so really for Monday. Monday afternoon all the way up until 830.

Dr. Stephen Davey spoke the first night open church service to the community. The huge facility over there. The 600 or so conference attendees and I'm sure some folks from the church but he was not congested. It was not crowded at all. The church did an excellent job posting the conference observing precautions provided breakfasts in the morning really did an outstanding job so it's an excellent conference to attend as close as it is a 550 minute drive over there so it's been very very beneficial in me just mention some books that I've picked up.

I'm anxious to glean from and learn from peers. Again, a man I don't know Gavin Portland forward to the book was written by DA Carson finding the right Hills to die on the case for theological triage and he makes distinction says in theology. Just as in battle.

Some hills are worth dying on, and others are not.

How do we know which ones. When should Dr. divide and when should unity prevail just as a medic on battlefield treats the severely wounded first and then moves on to the less serious injuries. We must prioritize doctrine in order of importance, so he has prioritize doctrine in the four ranks essential urgent important and unimportant.

Curious about doctrine.

It's unimportant, but understand driving. Here's a book by Derek prime.

I got a commentary if he is on on on the book of Proverbs, a good old age and A-to-Z of loving and following the Lord Jesus in later years that here's a book by Elise Fitzpatrick that our ladies are familiar with good news for weary women escaping the bondage of to do lists steps and batted vice. Here's a book grandparenting with grace living the gospel with the next generation. So that really intrigued me title again I don't ever read anything by Larry McCall so looking forward to that. The first speaker that spoke on Monday afternoon is costing him and he is a he is the nephew of Benny hand God is saved him out of that prosperity gospel mass and he's written a book, God agreed, and the prosperity gospel how truth overwhelms a life built on lies, and that's what he confesses he was building his life on a lie. He was deceived the audit into the whole thing, and God broken up on his life and save them in is made him a preacher so looking forward to reading that God agreed in the prosperity gospel, then this book entitled for all who grieve for all who grieve navigating the valley of sorrow, loss, anxious to read that so her Lotta good preach and came away very encouraged and helped and edified in challenged and pumped up which is so what you go to those conferences for preachers need minister to preachers need refueled. Preachers need that kind of intensified exposure so it was a it was an excellent time and I was thankful the party was able to go with me, that allow wives to come for like $50 and so it's wonderful she could go and enjoy. She said in on some workshops that I didn't which allowed us to expose ourselves to more than if it was just me. There so that was good well tonight I like to turn your attention to Ephesians chapter 3 Ephesians chapter 3, four, some time in the word before I lead us in prayer Ephesians chapter 3. Let me read verses one through nine. Again Paul is the author of this letter wrote it to the church at Ephesus. He says for this reason, I Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for you Gentiles, if indeed you have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which was given to me for you how that by revelation he made known to me the mystery as I briefly written already by which, when you read, you may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ, which in other ages was not made known to the sons of men, as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to his holy apostles and prophets that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ through the gospel of which I became a minister according to the gift of the grace of God given to me by the effective working of his power to me. Who am less then the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ, to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places. According to the eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in him. Therefore, I ask that you do not lose heart and my tribulations for you which is your glory. Paul says there in verse eight. To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, those are remarkable words when you consider who it was that wrote them. Paul, the great apostle Paul, whose preaching and ministry turned the world upside down. The founder of many churches, wrote 14 of the inspired epistles, worker of miracles man who suffered beatings and Stonington shipwreck and many other dangers for the sake of the gospel. Notice what he says about himself.

He says that he is less then the least of all the saints what Paul says about his authority to preach that it's from God.

This grace that's been given and what Paul preaches about what is the focus of the object or the subject of his preaching. He says that it is the unsearchable riches of Christ. That's what he delights in. That's what he's been commissioned to do to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ. So first what Paul says about himself less than the least of all the saints part of assessment. Come on Paul you're one of the greatest of the greats.

What is this veiled pride masquerading as false humility. No, that's not what this is Paul had an accurate assessment of himself in light of God's perfect righteousness and holiness. He know what he wants.

He knew what he was was because of the mercy and grace of God. Anything that he had accomplished anything that he had done anything noteworthy. He owed it all to the grace of God. He says similar things other places but we won't take the time to to look at those things but here in Ephesians chapter 3 in verse eight, he refers to himself as the least of all the saints. First Corinthians 15 nine he refers to himself as the least of all the apostles, then in first Timothy chapter 1 verse 15 he refers to himself as the chief of sinners.

So what we see here we see that Paul did not have a big head. Paul wasn't full of himself. Paul did not have an inflated opinion of his accomplishments. He knew that he was who he was, by the grace of God and anything that he had been privileged to accomplish. He owed all the black humility will keep us seeing and assessing our lives correctly. Pride, on the other hand, distorts, deceives and causes a man to have an inflated opinion of himself. Paul did not deny the time your make room for all that I care to say Thomas to pray to see Paul had a desire his desire week seven numbers of places, but what comes to my mind right now is Philippians 310 where he says that I might know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made can formidable onto his death pulses that I might know him will call you do know him, but pulses that I might know him in a deeper way that I might grow in my knowledge of him.

The more knowledge of God we have the are since of sin, and personal unworthiness in the presence of this thrice holy God. The more we understand the holiness of God, the more conscious we become of our own unholiness. Philippians chapter 2 verse five let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. What mind is that the spirit of humility manifested demonstrated to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

See, it's evident that Paul regarded the main work of the apostles to be that of preaching. Preaching the good news of the gospel recall there. The record of his conversion and its almost simultaneous that his conversion and his call to ministry are simultaneously take place at the same time, this grace was given, he says that I should preach and preaching is a great privilege of serious responsibility is sacred trust stewardship and as an ambassador responsibility is to be faithful to represent and deliver them. The message that's been entrusted to us and were to Harold were to preach were to declare a message and we have as a Harold no authority to change the message or augment the message or delete the message or choose what we think is more important about the message than others know we have a message that we will be held accountable for an hour distribution of it were, say no more, and were to say no less than what God has said, because he said so much, we better get busy declaring what is said there is no room for foolishness and other things because the message that Paul is preaching is what the unsearchable riches of Christ, the subject is Christ the unsearchable riches of Christ, you can't exhaust this subject so I went to ask a question and then give you an answer not the only answer, but an answer someone were to say to you, you were in a conversation with somebody about the gospel is what Paul was declaring he was declaring the gospel gospel had been entrusted to him and he was preaching, but if you were in a discussion with somebody you were witnessing to somebody in the in the question came up for it became apparent that you had to define what it isn't you were talking about and the issue is, what's the goal what is the gospel, where would you go, what would you say where would you point to give a clear, definitive, concise answer to that question.

What is the gospel with the gospel is is good news. It is not good news and when we say news that helps is, I think, to get her mind around that were talking about something that has transpired in history. This is news is worthy to report. It's a historical fact in my mind goes to first Corinthians chapter 15. Let me read for verses there any fee in first Corinthians 15 from the English standard standard version Paul again. He's a rider there to the church in Corinth and he says now I would remind you, brothers of the gospel I preached to you, which you received in which you stand and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you, unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also receive that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and there's more there about resurrection and his appearances in his ascension, but will stop there, but there is a concise description of the gospel. The gospel is the good news concerning Jesus Christ and it relates to his death, his burial, and his resurrection. Paul says this is something that needs to be preach.

This is something that needs to be hair heralded because it's good news and it's something that when people hear it. They are enabled by the Spirit of God to receive it.

And that's what he saying to the church at Corinth, I would remind you, brothers of the gospel I preached to you, which you received in which you stand about helps. I think clarify least and in our minds that the essence here of the gospel. Some people this idea that the gospel is the entry point to the Christian life is the ABCs and once you have received the gospel then it's time to go on to deeper things depending on the church, or Anna, depending on the culture and the history of the church. The deeper things can be a variety of things. The deeper life and the deeper things could be issues of eschatology and so on and so forth. I want you to see what he says here to the believers there in car, the gospel, something that Paul preached it something that they received and it's something in which they stand there standing before God, he is rooted in the gospel is not in what you do. It's what Christ has done for you that he bore our sins in his own body on the tree. He paid the penalty for our sins and secured our forgiveness. But he's done more than that our sin was imputed to Christ.

He died as a substitute in the place of sinners, but the other aspect of imputation is that his righteousness is imputed to us and that's why we can stand before a holy God because worse we stand clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. I think most of you probably heard justification described this way. The justification is just as if I'd never sinned and that's true that much of it is true, but there's more to it than that. That's only the first aspect of imputation are sins are forgiven, they been cast into the deepest sea. They been hidden as far as the east is from the west, so God makes a declaration that we are accepted we are made righteous before him and we sees us, just as if we never sin, but the fact that the righteousness of Christ is been credited to our account. God sees us not only as if we never send but God sees us as if we'd always obeyed every command that he had given the Christ is secured for us a perfect record of obedience and therefore we are.

We have been delivered from a performance mentality. There's a lot of people who profess to be believers who begin every day wondering I wonder how God will view my life today and they have in their mind this image of God and God's.

And okay, let's see what you got to Dale and let's see how you gonna live today and by how you execute your day how you live your day will depend on how I view you at the end of the day. You see, that's a horrible person.

Preset perspective does violence to the gospel because our acceptance before God is not based on how well we live today. Our acceptance before God is based on the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ. So when we come to the end of our day and pillow our head. We are bellowing our head, comforted by knowing that we are accepted in the beloved.

The God is received us through the merits of his son, and God is smiling upon us. God is not frowning on us. God is not reviewing our day and say well you know what you did pretty good but what about this and what about that in which you have said this and I wish he hadn't done that some of us entertain thoughts like that and our theology needs correct. God couldn't be any more pleased with us if we believed on his son. Now, does that mean it doesn't matter how we live know it matters greatly. How we live.

Notice what it says here you received this gospel in which you stand and by which you are being saved. What is that, if I've been justified. What is this about being say let's progressive sanctification that's making progress in conformity to Christ likeness by which you are being say this is how we cooperate with the indwelling spirit of God and our life begins to manifest more and more evidence of the fruit of the spirit we are changed from 1° of glory to the next. So there's both aspects here.

We are striving after holiness, without holiness no one will see the Lord. We seeking to honor the Lord and please the Lord and demonstrate our love for him by keeping his commandments, but were doing that not to earn favor, but because we we received favor with receive merit and are efforts are motivated by gratitude for what God is already done so. There's far more to be said, but time has gotten away from us tonight but pray for me as I stand here, Lord willing. On Sunday morning to preach to you and it's a busy week but God's sufficient his grace is sufficient and I'm confident that I am praying for you. Pray for your pastors. Let me lead us in prayer as we consider these needs that are before us. Father, we bow to give you thanks and praise. We love you. Today we love you this evening for the revelation of yourself in the person of your son, the Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you are God, where we marvel that we are accepted in him that we have been received by you through him, and that we have this standing before you what a standing how the ground of our profession is Jesus and his blood there is in a better place to be standing in this sinful, corrupt, wicked world than there so we thank you God for placing our feet on the solid rock of Christ Jesus, we thank you God that you are mindful of us and our needs. You've asked us to pray, you've commanded us to pray to bring our petitions before you. Our prayers are petitions and we ask our God that you'd be mindful of us tonight. Did you hear us as we intercede for the needs of others. We pray for Ken and Sue Elliott and their needs ask you to return them to full measure of health. We rejoice in what you've already done for tea on a buffet of for Trinity French for Don Hammond for Lee and Michael Hannon. We pray that you help Mary Shaw as she recovers from the shoulder surgery draw near to her and make this process a speedy one in her circumstances. For Isaiah Slawson more. Please keep this young boy from infection cause this surgery to accomplish the things the doctors have purpose for thank you that Shirley Watkins has returned home and is regain strength and you protected her from covert infection. Thank you for Patty who loves her mama and cares for so diligently but we pray for Nelly Hunter tonight and ask you to help her in this healing of her elbow. We thank you God for what we've heard concerning Dr. John Johnson, California.

Pray that you would continue to bring renewed health to him that he will soon be able to come off the ventilator. Thank you that Jane was able to go and be with with Becky and the see her brother to hear about not able to see them because the covert, but we been reminded that Lily Noris is fallen and cracked her left wrist and bone in her arm.

We pray that you did help her to deal with the pain and discomfort here.

Thank you for Larry living there. Love for you and this church in the ministry that they carry on the we love them God we thank you that their friends to that there her brothers and sisters of ours. Thank you for our Pope ask you to strengthen his dear brother.

We think a rich emergence. We thank you that he's able to have this surgery that was needed dental surgery. Pray that you help them to heal hardware were mindful of been Ben Vestal and the fact that he's come to the end of his life for us very much fastly approaching the end we pray you give him dying grace and we thank you for the. The evidence in this correspondence from his daughter Courtney that you've done very much that help the finish well. Lord, we thank you that his reward awaits what is that reward we talk about rewards for what is that real, it's eternal enjoyment and communion with the father and with the sun, Lord, help them to fix his eye and hope upon that Lord made be wonderful consolation to him and Lord may allow him to receive the medication to him to manage his pain and be able to state the home until you call them away. We just commit them to you for the Bixby's as they've come here to the states. We thank you for the way you've arranged or their travel and we ask our God keep them healthy and them. This covert infection. We pray for the memorial service for Ruth's father, we thank you for this man and his testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Lord, thank you God for for saving this man for making him a blessing and Lord. Nothing catches you by surprise.

We thank you that these are opportunities for your grace to be on display in our lives for us to show to a watching world. What hope looks like what real true biblical hope looks like Lord they're going to sorrow and they are sorrowing but not as those who have no so we rejoice in the hope that we have in our Savior. We pray for these who been called away from family Linda Bruner and that family and the family of Herman Holyfield in the family of Jim true like pray that you minister Lord to these families who been affected by the passing of these little ones for Ken Elliott's brother who's facing yet another surgery on his long, we ask you to cause this to accomplish what the doctors are wanting to do. Thank you for the good report concerning Lee and Michael Hannon's father, Gaylord room thank you that he's apparently going to be spared to chemotherapy and radiation.

We pray that he will be strong enough to to endure this surgery to remove that portion of his long. That's a cancerous or thank you for your kindness in this Lord we are mindful of the needs of our country and Lord, we pray, our God, that you would show yourself to be strong in the behalf of those whose hearts are made right towards your boldness to the churches in your people as they stand helpful not to be timid, help them not to be cowardly. Help them do speak a word in season help our lights to shine. Help us to be salt in this decaying culture and Lord, if it would please you to preserve this United States of America that you bring peace to our streets into government and Lord, we pray that your will would be done on earth, even as it is in heaven. Lord, we thank you that you are God, we thank you that you are everything that we have need of help us to have and find our satisfaction in Lord we thank you for the. The pains for allowing them to come stateside and see their family and see this 85-year-old mother, we thank you God for how your word instructs us to hold loosely to the things of this world and that we are again been reminded that were nothing but a steward of the things you've entrusted to us and we would ask you to minister to the church there. In the absence of of Tony and his wife as they've labored in that place where your church Lord there. We pray we pray the same for the churches in Zimbabwe and for gospel centered, Bible believing churches here in Alamance County and in areas that we know we pray that you'll you bless the preaching of your word that it would go forth with power that would bear fruit. That would save the loss that would build up the churches that did fortifying strengthen for the battle ahead. Lord, hear us here us Lord through your son, your only son, your lovely son, your son, who gave himself for us. We pray in his name, a man named

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