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October 18, 2020 1:29 pm


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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October 18, 2020 1:29 pm

Bringing God Home, Ep 110

Discussing the future of the brick and mortar church on The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo talks to Brother John Hill. Every person who carries the Spirit of God inside them are called to make disciples, love their brothers and sisters beyond brief interactions on Sunday, and destroy the works of the Kingdom of Darkness.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Hey guys so can be an interesting line between and of course Bobby always points Lucy.I okay so will the low Laura but okay honey some interesting show and the music is going to start soon though checks within your home sold it right.

Let the environment nice when you got so so beautiful today so sunny it could be raining like ugly. It doesn't have to be beautiful and blue in different colors at different times so get all Amy Koppel life can bring many difficult situations.

Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Koppel and Q and welcome to the cure my amazing partner for but actually is available live on your radio also like to hear any smart phone, and our website is the care Of them falls that as well as licensing on social media guys and all over the world broadcasting live from Miami to satellite streaming 237 media stations among 11 states after the show on any podcast player Slotnick Sundance 06 channel 131. The family talked to suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit will survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that were not alone. Experts and inspirational speakers can help in this show that testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. I do believe we all suffer. Somehow with the help of God. We can be a source of healing for each other. For me, God was the only cure their other forms of healing presented as well to service everyone life is challenging but there's always hope someone cares. At least God first, I want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the covered 19 and all those who are suffering, trusting a speeding recovery with all new medications will come and that God will heal this nation. The first song I chose to play so I can get my cake is diamonds by Sam Smith.

Some of us really know what it feels like being lost and full of fear and those who are affected most are the loved ones that are near their times. I trusted no one, believing every lie. It was a world of hurt to listen where at one point I hope to die but I survived because of those God blessed me with showed me things I hadn't seen despite what I had been God's mercy gave me peace within. It didn't matter how little I cared how dark my ways were my husband heart stayed caring and never tore he chose to love me anyway and I learned not need is for each other knowing God is loving one another. We can follow him in unity. After all, we are each other's brother even in a world that can be cruel is diamonds stays with you eventually come to realization those of us who never quit the brain. The very few Q Ms. Mangino right. Hopefully today we will discuss how to stay close to God.

Despite these uncertain times, and the ongoing endemic which has resulted from many of us inability to go to church. A person who who has found a solution will be joining us. Jon Stewart heal from find a Jon Stewart.

Hell is a businessman and an award-winning entrepreneur with his Dallas-based company. They got contractors list. He is married with his wife Cindy who is now CEO of the company yes to children three stepchildren and five grandkids. He is currently a counter NCL essential storehouse working in full-time ministry for free. John all right, they say whether John, welcome to the cure. It's wonderful to have you. Your life will figure you really John you share with us you have a story of redemption for which a passion is to bring others closer to God grow what realm a large living banner that was required to live, you always always got apart, walked on the Lord. I will, and it was just horrible. Unfortunately, religion people and didn't understand it ready for the murky water year.

God's world would try to get back your heart with God will be on file for you. You know I will be up direction I want multiple divorces. I will open 2011 Grand Prix predivorce who already living with my girlfriend about the Christian anymore: God's report, Lord, do not go are you get all the things that I've been taught throughout my life.

You know what I would know what I do. Going through a brick-and-mortar church to be more just read what the board in February 2011. I look outside smoking a cigarette and I just kind of woke up coughing or something and mother brought me to the hospital and the mode to start and so maybe in the hospital happened here in the Bell Fort Worth area and went into the hospital where a few hours later I would freeze on the road will John do you want pneumonia to be more just my bloodwork and she came in and she go ship just before the place you call your family and help them come up here in the middle of my life know you really need to pull okay glaucoma family not really know exactly what was going on and overheard her alcohol. She was one of the nurses and she said why don't you have to get permission from the director to move you not in this case to stop. Apparently I've had a map and they were not.

But to me to live out for the cardiologist to get there and on the way God for you blow me down the hall. I felt for the first time in a long time I thought the Lord spoke to me the will.

John spared you want to go and I'm rolling down the hall and I'm thinking about things like Now there's not many people know you the very few people that I've touched them a lot and our time, later, think about locking out. I've been asking to be taken out. But here's my chance. I can repair God to take me home and I'll this is the perfect binary opportunity in my last hours, but the Lord had heart Just here and if you decide to stay. I give you hope at that time I look at the three divorces everything I own the back of my little band that I had I would rock bottom and look like. I hope you know anything heard. I will be with you and I and you will have a book about about and the Lord. Here's the here's the deal.

If that's okay with you, but largely given I'd like to be remembered for doing something good. I like the live every day not just be a lot like many people as I can while I'm on the earth is the end of the spirit realm of the Lord will was dancing around my bed, but this time I had already been perfect for them to come in whatever they needed to find out what caused the heart attack and be okay. What you say and so cardiologist for you when you went from losing faith to realize that God is everywhere and talk about that after this short break goes 1866 those are starting 1866 34, it's a nasty experience and I was forced to question people's choices.

My heart, Amy, and every Saturday at one turn on the truth, not even thinking messing with you and I see you stay on a mimicking mimicking making so welcome back Amy Calvo thinks pitching in her ability to listen to the radio show life dropped the cure would only cover or load of the book of Al is my second sound we can be falling ice not Sam Smith. Here's what I get out of leaking a cot in the known names that are emotions take over and let any doubt. We are producing a forget to think twice as we start living a lie hearts never stop beating down and we remember God's promise. Sometimes you feel his presence, even when were just this week getting an surrender to God, we will eventually see even when the road looks skinny and leads to nowhere. At least we are free. It's not being reckless it's being brave and taking a chance even if we keep following your day trying.

It's like a lit being in a trance. When God's army is not scared of anything we face every challenge and include God in everything in every decision we take unless we have God were not our true selves, and we become fake. We can't fight this feeling.

It's very clean, so I don't rise above when it's God. We are seeking what talking to Bobby John Stuart hell with buying a house church helping to connect people who are seeking a more intimate church experience and want to continue to go to church as they did in the book of acts house to house to get from your website. John, you have an amazing story of pretension which has brought purpose in your life and in these challenging times in this pandemic how to the idea about cheating a church in your home happen you know what I really different look on walked completely. You know it wasn't about religion anymore. I knew that I loved you and argue that whatever I had been through religion. What not working and so you know over the decade 2001 when all the prep and I left there more. One thing that I would not hear for myself anymore.

You know that whatever the purpose was that God hath trusted trusted employees are just what you better not let that let there when I when I actually rendered. That's when everything really started changing. I will let you know what I really want to die that point until I understood that I have a purpose and over the next decade of the board will actually month.

He instructed me and showed me help the company contractors without an adult. Which of the directory of contractors and nobody trusts contractors what was going to build a company where we guarantee the work. Every contractor on her list and we we give the homeowner Shirley that if they don't do the job right. That will real nobody ever did work but it was my training ground to listen to what God and the next the Lord for me about this about two years ago that he was in a move the body of Christ by the wall of the brick-and-mortar church and all the Holy Spirit we can count on your plate if we have took across the that we can steer him for the Holy Spirit can daughter through lot. A lot of times we like that we try to live up to particular pattern so that we can you know so that we can somehow learn our salvation or earn become a better Christian but the fact of the matter is Jesus is all logical and are only like so I feel that it's people that have been let down by how some of the traditional teachings have changed where house church seems like a more honest idea arguably because I know that I left my Catholic Church that walking distance because the priest misrepresented the holy family. He told us shortly after Christmas at the holy family when they fled each out to say baby Jesus in the middle of the night illegals papers. Instead, it I let Janet a silent case. So I go all the way downtown to just do what I feel the priests are more honest house church that might be a great idea if you read the book of when when the Holy Spirit came and filled the people there were 3000 added to the church that day there were 3000 Eternal life on that day, and they establish little gathering and health church. They gathered home everywhere you read throughout the Bible.

The video that they gathered home and the church of and what the possible with they taught and they do they talk to people to teach other people and actually what was to be worked every person have a palpable. Nowhere in the Bible. Work showed people sitting in row just listening to one. Firstly, tell them how to follow God's so it opens up for discussion.

People can actually interchange ideas and talk about these things, where now you can get an idea understanding of the people because your listening from the people that are present in church, but you just teaching and you know who's getting way and whether or not their understanding, so I see where and a more personal level, it can be more helpful absolutely no whatever you're in a relationship with somebody you got a trusted relationship, you can quote all the darkness, but in your lot, especially if you know that they are coming from a place of love, but a lot of sound like the only people that they recognize the church as the pastor have very little time for anybody they might recognize a few people that you know they stick close to Vail, signifying Waterbury every Sunday and about why. Eventually, they must but how does a person's relationship be on that great support to let people are more familiar with each other before we get a break about the kids love lost faith in the household. You think it could be beneficial for the mother or the father to be holding house church.

The kids in the house which the house church is who have lost faith. Do you think it would be beneficial for the kid to have lost faith to witness such a thing about that when we get back because kids are important as we are now give us a call.

Do tell us were getting about your children. The house church 1866 34 through 1866 34 and me.

I and thanks for joining in the member would live every Saturday at 1 PM on your radio at the Kier website that is Also, servo girls was a video podcast around at what cost. Just look for the kill them, what about Cassatt that they subscribe is song at Mae West 1233 so to get here is the message I got. We all have faults. Sorry guys, we all have faults we acquired in character flaws that we learn to correct we see past the influence that I don't think that there is that we should nourish and protect. We need to be left even at our worst. We know no one is perfect. Nazis are passed and notices her Lord The most hiking and matching that cost is often he's really a friend. He wants to call this baby until his death. He says there's no need to pretend he's around to the end. Something about this caving and we feel like getting in, God stay close to it.

We are talking to John Stephen Hall and how to find a house church or creating a house and we are talking about kids. That's a very important topic to me, especially since we have kids like that say teenagers try to talk to them about God. So let's say we create a house church would not be beneficial even if it is no they walk around somehow thinking not direct like an interactive way. The main thing that we wanted to be real and the way the custom card that a lot of time what we see mom and dad are way on Sunday and there's no accountability or anything like that. The other time there's no real relationship other body on the way of the church under yelling out on the way and the night back home and go about their business. A lot of time but I think in the house church. Are you actually just interacting with everyone you get to really participate and when I say that that everyone is way different way different. My then sitting still and quiet and always be on your best behavior and dialogue on the health church and the kids are going to target the place and in their doing life together that it doesn't have to be so formal, people sure a lot of the sugar scriptures you know that you work talk about God here.

And so the milk participate if they feel part of something most the time little thought, some which is a come on mouthful and also get to see that mom and dad are not dinosaurs. Do we want other people need young people that think the scene, and sometimes more likely since letters unfortunately. Think of the great support system will go through rooms talk about supporting spiritual support group in the house church help those who are suffering, loss, or fear will think about all group relationship where you can structure your heart and not something that we want to wake up. If you start going to be small group to start building this relationship when you have issues you have to want to talk to and if they don't know all you got brand that they can bring you and you start planning but you start doing life together more often than just the one time we met your dental health church, you will start on your friend in the same without you a lot you through the different understanding of the gospel. We hope that one unit relationship and living in the middle that Jesus is the answer and and that we will put our faith in him will see miracles happening but they wouldn't be when I go to the Congregational church now, but I do want to website is designed so that the Congregational churches also have their own mini website where they can start building their own health church network is not of church that we this is a tension and to bring us back to relational time and now you know during the pandemic report struggling to find church. Why not start the plant building these house churches with your own congregation and start building relationships in their world like great relationships with bill. Does this seem common interest in getting to know God and seeking God because we are all sinners and we often wash away that it's it's really important and really nice and very supportive to be around others who find it just as important to have God in their lives.

But here's the million dollar question John and I hope you're ready for it contained canning office is never read the Bible, start house church. I believe that there should always be from one to a little more reason that could help and support someone who has never read the Bible probably would not require Bible or maybe you can just have a Bible knowing a lot of knowing a lot of stories from the Bible but you actually read the whole thing. Well, you know, you know really what we try to level or we can open our home about relation. I think someone who doesn't know or my health is available.

I want to learn more about you.

Is there anybody that would like to come and you so anybody can do it.

Just send somebody offer you even though you will not be the speaker because knowing us absolutely about war and where you are in your wall to be people who live in your neighborhood. Every neighborhood has Christian that we just don't know about and we don't know how to party.

If someone opens up a help church there and find out very simple.

R around a I'm opening my help up on Tuesday night, 7 o'clock to talk about you.

I don't know much about them. I would love to talk about an elderly Christian that would like to know if it's about the relationship and I would say that I probably wouldn't think that they would want to try to teach the Bible if they've never read it, but there's no reason why they could offer their home for Christian gathering help each other a lot easier to offer home. The knowledge I believe and do you see any advantages to a house church as opposed to traditional church as a just personal preference how the model help her to the model traditional church of the model not the model but it's about about building a relationship with you and I think that a small group there's a better chance of you actually learning and growing. Then there is a traditional church that I love gathering I go to traditional church and play doing multiple rug go together in small group but it is not going away like a baby with the bathwater.

I think that in conjunction weekend we can find.

Obviously traditional church gives us a place where we can learn more think we can hero them far enough that we could worship together supplement because it just think you can't receive the holy Eucharist has to be by a priest and usually in a church so it's a great supplement to say and it's a great thing for those who have the inability to go to church. For example, the churches are closed or are there dimming system is compromised by medical conditions and makes it makes it difficult for them to be around other people. So this is another opportunity still get close to still not God.

Give us today our daily bread. I would love to hear from you.

Tell us what you think about how church covered home to church 1866 30 for the 1866 34

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