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010 - Pita or Pumpernickel?

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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October 3, 2020 1:00 pm

010 - Pita or Pumpernickel?

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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October 3, 2020 1:00 pm

Episode 010 - Pita or Pumpernickel? (3 Oct 2020) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City

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You pick up your Bible and wondered, is there more here than meets the eye.

Is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right well it may look like just print on the page but it's more than Inc. join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than Inc. Jesus is life that's really crazy like public hello.I think we need to unwind today in John six for they think they're welcome today. This is and I'm Jim and were glad your back with us.

I hope you're sitting at your dining like we are on this Saturday morning with coffee, maybe even get you toast over so it will enhance your morning with this. If you grab a piece of toast and the maybe even a bagel that is where we go.

Well baby baby baby 11 Frank is this Passage Takes Pl. close to Passover, chances are that it is somewhat in the world are we talking about, you know, we came in the last week in John five Jesus makes some of the most odd.

Dacia's claims about yes like it.

You're not honoring the fatherless you honor me, I mean I don't do anything I'll to the father doing.

It's it's audacious and you think will work, and you go from here.

This is your love God. If you don't recognize me. So you think that would be the top of the mountain. But you know what we get to today is not so much who Jesus is all that will come up, but who Jesus is, in terms of what I need her is what do we really have a need for Jesus sources just all about general claimant who he is and that's all there is. What if is actually deep set neat inside of us that we don't know about.

We talked about this about four or five weeks ago talked about him hungering after the wrong things so so he's got a couple together, who years with a fundamental need that we have demonstrated with something very concrete and daily exactly like bread like bread and bread member get to go first century on everything we have a very varied diet are so first century didn't know another one to get you to buy from day to day and week to week is bright itself and we even talk about bread that we now you know what bread is the essential food you need and if you got that you can make it salient toast execs so that is the essential food.

So basically when you think of bread in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Not quite like us.

Bread is an optional element of our diets. It wasn't.

It was the central part of your diet so Jesus going out say that not only am I who I claim to be in John five, but I am the essential food. You know I am the bread of life have I need I need so we just were just gonna just to summarize the beginning. The event dislike John five starts with a real-life event that happens and then it just causes a ruckus of understanding.

After that, so want want to start off and tell us what happens.

Beginning was the big event that happens, it triggers all this bread talk. Okay, so they had gone a little ways across the sea of Tiberius of the Sea of Galilee. And he Jesus went there to teach his disciples that the beginning of John six says that the Passover of the feast of the Jews was at hand. The search for and lifting up his eyes and seeing that a great multitude was coming to him. Philip said where we to buy bread that these me so there out kind of in the middle of nowhere that people are on the road because it's Passover. We don't know whether this is before or after the Passover, but but they were supposed to go to Jerusalem for the past as one of the festivals every road and they are away from home and their walking and they see Jesus out here and so they begin to gather around him to hear him teach right Jesus feels responsible to feed them. Chris are hanging out there and not not eating food and getting hungry so is great that he turned to Phillips assault where we buy bread and even says well you know if we have enough money you know you will only give enough little for everybody. So even buying food if we could just See the Twinkle in Jesus Say I Know Guys That Went Where We Buy Bread That You Would Think after Starting Instant Jesus Is They Would Look to Him As It Would Jesus Do Something and He Turns the Phillips Is What You Can like His Mother at the Wedding to Do and Listen to Him Do Something Yeah Yeah so the Suggestion Comes up. We Did Find a Little Bit of Food Does This Kid over Here Who's Got Five Loaves of Barley Couple Fish but You Know What, That's Not Fun for All These People Are Talking 5000 Men Had to Powerless Their Families. Yes, Only Talking Maybe At Least 10,000+ People so with with Lifeless Interfaces like This. I Don't Know What. He Mentioned That It Would Be a Little Embarrassed and You Know Gomez Well It's Interesting All Four Gospels Relate This This Event).

They All Include Slightly Different Details, but They All Include It Said This Is This Is Important. This Was a Turning Point for the Disciples I'd Probably I Don't Know That after This That Anyone in the Northern Part of Israel in Galilee Wasn't Talking about That Saying.

Have You Heard about This Jesus Get Well and Probably Let's Just Put This on the Table. There Was a Second Time When Jesus Fed a Large, This One Is on the Jewish Side Sea of Galilee. The Other Event Takes Place on the Gentile Side.

So Today Were Talking That the Jewish Side, Which Is Why the Conversation That Follows Centers on and How God Fed His People in the Wilderness. Yeah so so You Know This Is One of Those Events Where Jesus Could Make a Big Splash in a Short Amount of Time, but Who Is This Is One of Those When You Wonder If Even the Crowd Even Realize What Was Happening. They Just Knew. The Braille Is Coming around.

Jesus Was Giving Thanks and Breaking It, Handing It out Via They Really Probably Close Enough to See What Was Happening. The Disciples Were Right. They Knew That They'd Had No Resource and That He Just Took This Kids Lunch Multiplied It and Each of the 12 Gathered up a Full Basket of Crumbs Afterwards so They Knew They Had a Front Wrestling.

What Place Is Crazy Stuff. So Jesus Says You Have the People Sit down and There's This Great Sense of Expectation Eat so so I and Sure Enough, When All This Happens in the Food Multiplied in 14. The People Saw the Sign and They They Believed He Was a Said This Is Indeed the Prophet Who's Coming to the World so They Know He Something Really Special. Okay.

And Moses Had Said That That's What They Are Referring to. Way Back in Deuteronomy 18 Moses Had Said the Lord Is Gonna Raise up for You a Prophet Just like Me.

In Other Words, He Can Give You Bread He's Can Give You Water Keys Can Lead You in Life and Provide for You Just like I Have Only in Reality. In Reality, Yeah, but the Response to Having All This Food Is Will Cost This Guy Has Limited Amount Limitless Amounts of Food You like and for That Reason Is That I Am so Jesus Actually Doesn't Want That Happens the Withdrawal Right. He Goes Away by Himself on the Mountain and He Actually Sends the Disciples Home and and Again All Most the Gospels That Include What Happens Next Is There out There on the Sea in the Boat and There's a Storm and Jesus Comes to Them Walking on the Water so He Is Revealing Himself to Them Right.

What Had Just Happened, the Whole Crowd Saw, but This Walking on the Water Is Just for You. So If I Don't Know How the Apostles Could Have Any Doubt about Who He Is, after Designed Well, It's Clear by the End of Chapter 6 That They Don't They Don't Yeah This Is Enough for Them.

They Know so We Encourage You to Look at the Partner Walking While Discouraged It's It's an Interesting Roost to for Jesus to Get Away from the People Because He Sends the Apostles Ahead without Him Being in the Boat and People Stay behind Thinking What Jesus Did Get the Boat to Live Someplace Right When I Get a Free Breakfast at This Tomorrow Right and the Only We Can Still Get Away from Is by Sneaking out at Night Whitening Take a Boat so the Key to the Cause Agreement Confusion with the People Because like All I Call the Great Tiberias Boatlift Is the Next Day the Next Day. People in Tiberias. Various If You Think of the Sea of Galilee Is a Face of a Clock. Tiberias Is around Eight or 9 O'clock on the Clock Where This Feeding the 5000 Happens around 12 O'clock to 1 O'clock on the Clock There and They They Get on the Boat to Go over to Capernaum Which Is about 10 or 11 on the Clock so the Tiberias People Done It Either. Nine Go up to about 12 or One and They Get There and Say She's Well Here's Not Here. So Then the Alternate I Get the Boat to Go from 1 O'clock on the Clock over at about 9 O'clock O'clock to Capernaum, so That's the Big Boatlift. I Mean Everyone's the Word Got out That There Is Free Food and People Came from All so When They Find Him There like Well I Watching the Boat Expectantly.

So They're Looking for Food and and so Jesus Does Indeed Raise. This Is the Essential. This Is the Core Reason about Why He Did This Is Let's Talk about Food and What's Really Food and Anything You Know When They Came over, He Says, Look in Verse 26. This Is Truly What I Say to You, You're Seeking Me. Okay, but Not Because You Saw Signs Because You Eat Your Fill of the Loaves so Don't Work for the Food That Parishes but for the Food That Endures to Eternal Life, Which the Son Of Man Will Give to You for on Him, God the Father Has Set His Seal so He's Making a Bold Claim about You Know, You Think What You Really Need Is Bread Right in Your Stomach from the Rumble Tell Us That Two Pieces You Do Need Bread but That's Not the Missing Pointers. There's More Bread. In Fact, Way, Way Back in the Old Testament, You Know, Moses Says That Whole Event with Manners That He Did the Man of Bin Laden Be Hungry so They Would Know That Man Doesn't Live by Bread Alone Right Deuteronomy 8 Urine Rank That A Few Weeks Ago. God Says the Whole Point of That Was Said That You Would Know What You're Really Hungry for That You Are Depending on Me Exactly What You and Jesus Making Exactly the Same Point You Guys Been Cruising All over the Sea of Galilee All Morning. Could You Looking to Fill Your Bellies and That's Not Really the Point of That That's Not Really Real Food You Have It You Have a Hunger That's Much Different.

I the Bread That Got Sent down from Heaven and the Real Man Yeah and Pictorially Say That 3535. He Says It in and He Says a Couple Times Yeah Let's Back up Here Because They Say Well What Shall We Do the Work the Works of God Because He Says Work for the Food to Give You Eternal Life. Will You Tell What Work Is That He Says Don't Work for the Food That Parishes Talk about Right Right so What Do We Work We Do That Right Is This Is the Work of God You Believe in Him and He Is Sent Will Make Us Stop When We Realize They're Asking Him for a Sign That What He Says Is True. Well Did He Just Do Think That the Only Reason Is Because They Got the Freeland Yesterday and They're Looking for a Free Breakfast Today Is like, Well, How Much of a Sign Do You Need Sequence the Conversation Because Me Laugh When I Say That Because Jesus Says You Don't Quit Working for Pumpernickel Is Not about Bagels Today Is Susan. There's a Deeper Hunger That You Have. You Don't Know about Don't Work for Bagels Basically Said Something It Has More Eternal Satisfying Nature in Terms of Your Needs, Your Work for That and They Said so How Do We Work for That and He Says Oh You Work for That Believe on Him the Belief That When the Father Has Sent Right with Believe Who I Am and Then This Is What Gets Funded and They Say Well Okay Maybe.

But When You Sign. Well, You Compared to Most of Our Fathers Bread in the Wilderness Right Right to See Him Smack Is for like Jesus Was a Real Human Being and II Just Want to Hear Him Sigh. Moses Gave Them Food in the Wilderness Moses Gave Them Free Food Every Single Day. What's Wrong with Us Looking for Free Food Every Single Day from You. Can That Be so Wrong. In Verse 32 He Says Is Serious.

I See Moses Who Gave You the Bread Out Of Heaven from My Father Who Gives You the True Bread Out Of Heaven Even Back Then the Wellness Moses Who Gave Them Bread. Moses Told Them It Was Going to Happen and Instructed Them How to Gather It but It Was God Who Gave It Right but It's the People Making Them Play Catch Right Because the Jesus Saying I'm Not Going to Give You Bread Even If We Think You the Prophet Right. Why Won't You. Moses Was a Prophet and He Gave Us Bread Know Moses Did Not Give You Bread so Is the Bread of God Is What Comes down from Heaven and Gives Life Is the Funny Part Two They Said, Oh, so Evermore.

Give Us This Bread Know What, That's the Same Way.

The Woman at the Well. Question 01 Hey Brad, I'm in. But Jesus and He and 33 Gives Us a Nice System Stinks the Synced Definition of What We Really Need Hunger. What Will Actually Provide Life from Day to Day like a Bagel Every Day. Does This Is Something More Deep Than That.

What Gives and He Said Simply Says the Bread of God Is He Who Comes down from Heaven and Gives Life to the World.

So If You're Looking for That Essential Nutrient That Will That Action Provides Life Freedom That Essential Thing That Provides Life like Bread Provides Life You Day-To-Day What Is It It's What Comes down from Heaven Just like Men Came down to Heaven and He Had Already Said Back in Chapter 5. I Hope You Catch It. I Have Come from the Father. I'm Coming to Do His Well Wishes and Works so Here in Chapter 6 He Says in Verse 35.

I Am the Bread of Life He Comes to Me Shall Not Hunger, and He Who Believes in Me Shall Never Thirst. But I Said to You That You See Me and You Still Don't Believe and Interestingly Enough He Doesn't Take the Tack There Thinking like We Want You to Be like Moses, Who Gave Us Bread Which Is Wrong. Most Didn't Get Them. Moses Was Connected They Didn't Say Them. We Want You to Be Our Eternal Baker We Want You to Be the Guide Provides Bread. Jesus Doesn't Say I Proved I Don't Provide Bread.

I Am the Bread. I Am the Essential Thing That You Need to Feed on Hiking out Heaven Is a Vastly Different Thing Is like. He's Not Saying like I Will Provide for You. From What I Do. The Essential Neutrophil. I Am the Essential Drivel. That's a Huge Jump Away from Moses and the Manna Now Jesus Says I Am That Man.

Well, I Am the Bread to Carry You Right Out Of This Material Life and into Eternal Life, and so All Of A Sudden the Conversation Is about Something Much Bigger.

He Says in Verse 38 I've Come down from Heaven Not to Do My Own Will but the Will of Him Who Sent Me. Oh, He's Come from Heaven, Having He's Doing What God Wants Them to Do and This Is the Will of Him Who Sent Me That All He's Given Me. I Will Lose Nothing but Raise It up on the Last Day One All Of A Sudden Was Talking about Resurrection and Judgment, and Eyeball to Eyeball with God. All of Those Come to Life in an Eternal Perspective, Not Just Tomorrow's Big Right Exactly. This Is the Will of My Father.

Verse 40 That Everyone Who Beholds the Son and Believes in Him May Have Eternal Life, and I Myself Will Raise Him up on the Last Day of His Life. This Amazing Statement.

Jesus Is Saying Hi and He Artie Told Me Chapter 5 I Have Life in Myself and I Give It to Everyone. The Father Brings to Me. He's Singing Again Here You Will Raise Him up and Give Him Life Yeah and He's He's Brought into the Discussion.

An Issue about Time Eternity That Has Not Been Part of the Discussion so Far.

Although Was Hinted at in John One, but but You Know You Can.

Moses. Moses Is Going to Be around on the Last Day for Do Anything for Us. Isaiah the Prophet's Not to Be around Me. No One in the Old Testament That the Held in High Regard.

But Jesus Saying to Be There in the Last Day That the Judgment Day and I'll Raise You up at That to Be a Source of Life.

So Now He's Making a Claim That He Is outside the Confines of Man's Timeline Experience When He Says There Is and They Respond Well Will Back down from Heaven We Know Where You Live.

We Know You Father and Sisters Names When I Think You're That. So When You Go to the Eternal Perspective to Bring Life and Were Talking about Life That Eternal in Terms of Time Was Right There Going I Don't Think so. Powell We Saw You Making Stuff with Your Dad and Your Carpenter Shop. I Know Your Parents Know We We Know Where You Lived. So How Can You Make This Clear.

How Can You Make This Clear That You Have Some Kind of Eternal Nature and and That You Came Out Of Heaven Know You Can See This Takes Us Back to When He Said in Chapter 5, There's the Witness of What I Have Done the Works, What the Father Has Done through Me or Said about Me. What the Scripture Has Said about Me and He Doesn't Reference Those Things but That Station Had Already Taken Place. He Probably Had Said It More Than Once, Probably Yeah Yeah so He's Again He's Trying to Draw the Big Picture Is Not Just a Prophet Who's Come to Know Whose Time Comes and Goes after You Know, 20, 60, 80 Years like That, but He Someone Who Has an Eternal Role in Terms of Bringing Life That More Than Just What Your Tongue Needs to Her, but He Is Bringing Life Just like the Essential Nutrient Bread Brings like. So Here's a Skill You Can Apply This Passage and That Is When You Are Reading It Jot down on the Second Piece of Paper. How Many Times He Make Reference to Eternal Life Right to Believing to the Bread. How Many Times As He Talk about Life and What Life Really Consists of and Who He Is, in Relation to It. Put Those in Your Own Words Put Them on the Second Piece of Paper so You Can Take It over to Your Easy Chair and Just Contemplate a Good Spiritual Word We Would Use This and Meditate What I Would Say Just Think about It. What Does This Say to Me Personally about Jesus and How Can I Feed on This Bread Exactly and and and My Is My Talk about This Show. Do I Really Have Nine Cents That I Have That I Should Have a Hunger for Something Real. Natural Hunger for Who and and That's That's All Jesus Trying to Point Them to Hear This What Moses Trying to Point to Many Thing You Go Deeper Need for Something to Support Your Life That You Don't Know about. In Fact, It Makes a Great Contrast, He Says What He Says in Verse 47 He Says You Your Fathers. They Eat Them in the Wilderness, but They Died Is a Very Temporary Fix and Never Think You're 49 Yeah but He Says but This Is the Bread. Now We See Him Pointing to Himself. This Is the Bread That Comes down from Heaven Just like Me so That You so One May Eat of It and Not Die. That's Why What That's Life-Giving, That's Right. Real Bread Prevents Death All by Itself, and That's We Sing. That's What I Do You Eat of This Bread and You Will Not Die Okay and Then He Says This Thing That Just about Breaks Your Brain in the Same Breath Right Eats of This Bread, He Shall Live Forever, and the Bread Which I Will Give for the Life of the World Is My Flash.

Okay, Now There's an Argument Right at This Point, the Crowd Just a Raps and They Start Saying Give Us His Flesh until Now.

It Sounds Very Metaphorical Right My Fleshing out with Dozens of Metaphorical and Unless You Eat the Flesh of the Son Of Man and Drink His Blood, You Have No Life in Yourselves.

We Were Talking about Blood until Now. It's My Flesh and Drinks My Blood Has Eternal Life, and I Will Raise Him up on the Last Day for My Flesh Is True Food and My Blood Is True Drink. He Who Eats My Flesh and Drinks My Blood Abides in Me and I in Him, Yikes. Okay so This Is like the Definitive Statement You Are What You Eat Yeah, but It but It Comes It Comes down to Understanding Who You and What Is Life Right Is It Simply, This Body That We Live in, or Is It Something Bigger and Other so You Know, We Find That the Crowd Was Not Reacting Very Well at This Point That John Tells Us in Verse 59. He Said These Things in the Synagogue in Capernaum, so This Is Where He Was Well Known and Suddenly He's Not on about This Very Difficult and Hard Thing and A Lot Of the People Who Had Been Sort of His Tagalong Followers. At That Point They Look Too Weird for Me. I'm Out Of Here Not to File This Guy and You Said and 60 Is a Hard Saying, Right Humming, Who Can Listen to This Hard Time When I Get Why They Would Get When They Were Okay but Jesus Was Says Is That You Really Doesn't Cause You to Stumble over 62.

What If You Should, Behold, the Son Of Man Ascending Where He Was before. Here's the Truth It's the Spirit Gives Life.

The Flesh Profits Nothing. The Words That I've Spoken to You Are Spirit and Life Still Spells It out for Him and Says You Know I'm Not Talking about Sitting down and Being Accountable Right I'm Talking about Greater Spiritual Reality That Bread and Bodies and Blood All Speak to Write Right and and He Know He Weaves in the Whole Message in a Belief in Who You and Mentioned Mentions of Their Right Again. Those Who Believe in the Belief so It Seems Almost Metaphorically, You Know You Eat the Bread of Heaven Who Is Jesus.

If You Believe Korea's Percent and Internalized As the Boy Sitting Internalized Any Food That We Eat Literally Goes in and Becomes the Stuff of Which Are Cells Are Made and Gives Us Growth and Sustains Our Physical Life. So Jesus Is Amplifying Opening up That Picture Tube Feeding on Him Internalizing the Truth of Who He Is and What He Has Accomplished for You so You Know You Internalized by Taking Things in like This or Not Talking about Just an Intellectual Assent to the Factor I Think Jesus Was a Historical Man. Sure He Will Write on the Earth and Surrender Certain Things like I Have in My Head That I Believe That's Not What Belief Is in the New Testament. Belief Is Just Starting Their and Then Moving Towards Internalizing inside CX Should Build Dependence on Him for Life Itself. Just like They Built a Dependent on Manna in the Wilderness Deliberately Well If You Want to Live a Life That's More Than Just Your 80 Years Right Let Life Come from Him, and That Life You Eat That Life by Basically Taking into You That Belief, and Depending on Not Just into Your Body, but Your Spirit into Deep Places of Who You Are. What Do You Feed Your Mind and Your Heart upon You, and If You If You Know the Rest of the New Testament You Know about the Communion That Jesus As Lord's Supper and Stuff like That and You Flesh to That Where He Says This Is My Body Was Broken for You and so He's He's Alluding Right Back to This on the Bread on the Bread That Came Out Of Heaven and Might This Bread Has Been Broken for You.

And When He Says Broken Is Partially Physically Broken, but Also in a Separate and Given to Many, Not Just One Person. So If You See That Connection.

Good for You Is That Signing Is a Deliberate Connection That the Apostles Didn't Have the Advantage of Doing Here Because They Have Had That Event.

But Later on It Say Yeah That's Exactly. So It's Interesting to Me That Jesus Himself Knows That When He Presents This Truth. It's Going to Be Very Difficult and Is Going to Divide the Crowd. John Tells Us Jesus Knew from the Beginning Who They Were, Who Didn't Believe in Who It Was, It Would Betray Him so He Was Saying. For This Reason I Have Sent to You. No One Can Come to Me Unless It's Been Granted Him the Father Right Now You Have a Heart a Genuine Heart to Seek the Truth and Thereafter God and Truth Are Going to Recognize God in the Sun That He Sent Exactly and Look at Peter's Affirmation 68 Years after You Got Going, Going Crowd Going.

Peter Says, Lord, Whom Shall We Go.

You Have the Words of Eternal Life. The Life That Goes Eternally beyond Her Own and We Have Believed and Have Come to Know That You Are the Holy One of God. You Are the Guy. So Are the One Peter Believes He Says Contracting Might've Been Admitting That It Was a Tough Statement He Might Now to Figure down What He Did Know Who Jesus Was. So He Said. Regardless, I'm Sticking out Were Sticking around Because You Have the Words of Eternal Life with God so That Belief in Who He Was Causing Stick on Even Though I Think at That Very Juncture. They Were Probably Having the Same Questions That the Person in a Culture What Is in the Other Gospels. I Think It's a Lucas That He Said at That Point I Don't Tell Anybody Print Because They Didn't Fully Understand. Yet the Implication Is That He Had Die in Order for That to Become so Stay with Us. We Are so Glad You Been with Us Today Talk about John Six so Come Back and Join Us Next Week You Read John Seven Read Ahead with This Explorer with This Makes Write down Your Questions or Not Get Their Necks and Meditate.

So Long Jim and I'm Doing This Is

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