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R1589 Our Heavenly Father

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 30, 2020 8:00 am

R1589 Our Heavenly Father

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 30, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based breaching of Dr. Don Wilton as we had the book of first Peter the majestic God created the universe, the wonderful God our Savior and Lord, but also God is our heavenly father. One can depend on trust in today's message. Our heavenly father with Dr. Don Wilton goes the first Peter chapter 1 verse three in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton let you know we are here for you.

Would love to pray with you and you anytime day or night.

At this number jotted down distort yourself, 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 or email us at You could even sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email with Dr. Don TW and now Dr. Don let me read to you from first Peter chapter 1 first Peter chapter 1 and verse three.

Listen to what Peter had to say about our heavenly father.

Praise be to the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ in his great mercy he has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead into an inheritance that can never perish can never spoil Never fade kept in heaven for you, who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming salvation that is ready to be revealed in the lost time. I want to just share with you today. I biblical way to describe our heavenly father. I've been talking to my father-in-law bumper trying to describe him and tell him how much I love him how much I value him I been talking about my own sons. Now, with their own sons and daughters I was compelled today to going Instagram and and send them a message to let them know how proud I am of my sons, and of the of the dads that they all this is not just about the dad that I am what is the Bible have to say about our heavenly father. Number one, he's our creator. You describe our heavenly father.

He made me Genesis 1 verse one says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And John writing in East prologue in John chapter 1 and verse three he put it like this.

He said without God, our heavenly father. There was not anything made that was made.

So look at the trees look at the sky the Grasse listen to the birds but look at yourself today. Do you know how valuable and how precious you all because you've been in Crawford you have been woven intricately and intermittently by the very creator ship of God heavenly father and that wonderful, you know, one of the things we always giggle about when we're together as a family.

Invariably you here, are you just sound like your dad. Are you just looking like a bed right now.

That's exactly what your dad would we talk about genes we talk about ourselves become the mirror image. Heavenly father has made us in the image of God, and he knows you.

He knows you are in every way not on the creative buddies out deliver in first Peter that I read for you. Just a moment ago.

The Bible says because of these great mercy he has given us a new birth into I living hope our heavenly father is out deliver he's provided the very means by which you and I are in to become all that God fully entertained the gospel be to be in his marvelous create fellowship. Anything less than that stands outside of his plan for you and for me he's not only create the robot. He's all deliver. He delivers us from the sinfulness of our enforcement, our Namic nature.

He delivers us from that, and he's given us a new birth through Jesus Christ whereby we have a living hope.

Heavenly father is our creator now deliver number three he's awful give a is forgiven. I don't know where I would be without the forgiveness of God, you know, one John one verse nine teaches us if we confess Allison, he is faithful and just to forgive us for arson. You say to me today. Pasta but I'm telling you I did this and I did that.

Yes, we have Olson all of us of sin and abuse in you yell at your wife did you do something that you deeply regret. Are you spending your whole life going in reverse gear you constantly.

This things like a ball and chain.

You cannot shake it, it's right there in the middle of your marriage.

If we confess Allison is faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Number four. He's our instructor. He's our instructor. Psalm 25 in verse five.

I love what the psalmist says in Psalm 25 in verse five he says guide me in your truth and teach me, for you all my God and my Savior. You are my God, and you are my Savior. He is our instructor. Someone said to me recently said pasta. What can we do in America today. Let's turn to our heavenly father let's go to God. Let's all ask God.

Let's let's go to the one who created us. Let's go to the one who has given to us a deliverance from our sins. Let's go to the one who understands numbers and practices.

The real meaning of forgiveness.

Let's go to the one whose instructions are absolute in every way. Let's go to God. It's in God we trust our heavenly father.

By the way, when your children miss up that are you the one they fear most, or you the one that they come to most, because they know that while you will never compromise the error of their way. They know that is bad you are going to forgive them completely, totally and utterly and turn away and walk in the opposite direction.

You are not going to spend the rest of your life, throwing it up in your child's face like you never forgave them to begin number five he's our provider. Matthew chapter 6 and verse 26 Steve Skinner read this a little while ago. Look at the birds of the air, but do not sow or reap or store away in barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them or you not more valuable than by how we describe our heavenly father. Jesus said when we come to God our father who art in heaven how do I talk about you, Lord, who are you, he's my provider, my God shall supply all my needs. What needs do you have today. You're listening to Dr. Don Wilton. He'll be back with the rest of today's message. Our heavenly father. In just a moment you'd like to hear this message again or share with your friends. You can find it that's T EW and while you're there. Again, I suggest you consider signing up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don insight from God's word. Application inspiration it's available right for you. Consider that and consider this a wonderful resource here in the month of July had faith you've been praying about how you can make a difference in the world. We would love to have you join us by becoming an encouraging scene partner Collette 866-899-WORD to request encourager brochure. There is no greater gift that you can get them to help spread the gospel together we can do much to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Make a commitment to help spread the gospel in 2020. The Encouraging Word is a viewer and listener supported ministry.

Thank you for listening today. Again would love for you to grab that resource, but we also want to know the phone numbers available to talk or pray at any time to encourage you it 866-899-WORD that's 866899673. Now back to today's message. Our heavenly father with Dr. Don Wilton number five he's our provider.

Matthew chapter 6 and 26 Steve Skinner read this a little while ago. Look at the birds of the air, but do not sow or reap or store away in barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them or you not more valuable than by how we describe our heavenly father. Jesus said when we come to God our father who art in heaven how do I talk about you, Lord, who are you, he's my provider, my God shall supply all my needs. What needs do you have today what you've gone through in your business during the shutdown. What gloss have you suffered what praying. Are you enduring what struggles do you have because we all have them folks what you agonize over when you go to bed at night how you deal with being laid off, losing your job dealing with sickness.

How do you deal with the challenges of life where it not for the fact that our heavenly father is our provider but then finally not conclusively use our benefactor.

He's out benefactor. Listen to this, my friends, I benefactor is someone who provides help to benefit a person.

That's a benefactor I benefactor is somebody who provides help to people and the greatest benefactor ever is our heavenly father. I'm just gonna read to Psalm 103 Psalm 103.

This is just an amazing amazing passage Psalm 103 and verse to listen to what the Bible says about God, our heavenly father out benefactor, he says, praise the Lord all my soul and forget not all his benefits he who forgives all your sin.

He who heals all your disease. Leaves your life from the pit he crowns you with love and compassion who satisfies your desires with good things so that your you is renewed like the Eagles God, my heavenly father is my benefactor. Why does he benefit me. He benefits me because he forgives me he heals me he redeems me from the pit of my existence and my formation as he crowns me with love and compassion. He satisfies me with the good things in life and he renews me he takes me back. Then he gives me a spirit of my you the very best that I'm able to be because my heavenly father loves me.

You know my own father has been in heaven for five years on the same greatly possible. My dad and I wish that he could be here today I think of all the things possible love to do was to talk about the things of the Lord. I get so many memories of my dad but I want to begin at the beginning as I close this today. My dad, you see folks we lived in a place called Banaba Beach mama, the beach between Margate and Port ships them where I was born in Zulu land in Africa and my brothers were born there to house set up on a hill looking down over the magnificent mag Memphis and Indian Ocean, where the water is so blue and the surf is so high, the great white sharks. The barracuda Mashhad this sardine runs that would come through on the band where the current from the northern parts of Africa down the Atlantic seaboard and would ground the Cape of Good Hope and go up the Indian Ocean and they would be so many sardines would come through that seagulls ate so much like you could reach complex seagulls out of the sea that was so full of fish.

My father was a great athlete in every way. In today's terminology, you and I would've acknowledged that he was a champion fisherman. He was a champion motorcycle racer raced motorcycles and one everything is a champion cricket player. I'd say probably more than anything. He was a champion tennis player. He loved tennis and my father had no time for the things of God. God was not even on my father's radar. We never went to church.

Are you kidding me on a day like this. And on Sundays.

Every Sunday my mother and my father and the three boys found ourselves at the you bongo country club right on the Indian Ocean right you bongo bridge looking through the you bongo gorge on to the Indian Ocean. Just suspect secular. The scenery panoramic and this particular club had lawn bowling and tennis courts. It was the place where the rich and the famous Gavin with the upper echelon of society congregated back in the day and every single Sunday. That's where my father took us without fail every Sunday. That's what we did lay by my dad and we always loved the sea the lagoon. The swimming pools. The great food while my mother and father played in the tennis club as the local champions. That's what we did on the Lord's day. That was the single most important thing. My father could ever do in one day.

The Rev. Steve Green came into my father's work, said John Wooton, why don't you come to church. My father lofted him you kidding me what normal father who plays tennis and loves the good life would bother to go to church on a Sunday, but something compelled my father to and we know was it was the Holy Spirit. My father took my mother and us three boys to church to the Margate Baptist Church that stood right on the Boulevard going by the water. My father told us all his life that it was though Jesus himself walked down that all stopped in front of my bed and said John Wooton, I'm your heavenly father died for you I gave you Jesus. You will never have a life outside of me and I want you to give my life and right there.

My father gave his heart and life to Jesus.

He knew nothing about the Bible. He had never read the Bible didn't even know what Genesis 1 verse one laws of God so loved the world, it never been to church yet nothing to do with church yet no frame of reference is only frame of reference was the good life.

When the bowl games rugby matches cricket matches fishing fishing racing motor box, going to parties with my beautiful mother, that's what he defined life to be in shores anything the next Sunday rolled around before my father could do anything and he got us up as usual and said boys we going to play tennis.

What else would he do and he loaded us up and we went to the you bongo country club and my father told generations of people around the world while he was standing there on center court is the champion of the local club all of a sudden he realized that his heart was no longer on the tennis court on the Lord's day. It was back in that tiny little Baptist Church with a bunch of people who were singing about Jesus and he turned to my mother and he said to her suite all next Sunday we going to church and on that tennis court. My father made a vow and oath before the Lord that never again in his life. Would his sons ever finding anyway. But in the presence of the Lord Jesus, and especially on the Lord's day. You know what folks, my father's life changed on a dime. My dad went from an arrogant, spoiled, big mouth with lots of money trophies in his cabinet more athletic ability than anybody could shake a stick to a loving husband and father. All the dad make mistakes. Of course he did that day changed my father, my mother, and his three sons ever.

We had no idea in Zulu land in Africa that one day his little son would be loved by so many people would make more mistakes than anybody else would preach his heart out whenever he got an opportunity would be called posture and frame live in a place like this would have three children who today also the Lord Jesus around the world would've eight grandchildren that I know this sounds like bragging that in seven days never had one crossword with each other and I'm not holding that up very high because that can change in the next second I'm sure wherever they are. You bow your heads with me from an this is where it starts. It starts in your heart and in my view, given your life to the Lord Jesus pray this prayer with me, gracious heavenly father.

Today I believe you are give my heart to you.

I confess my son to you on trust in you.

I believe Jesus gave his life for me and is alive my pray for you.

I can't see you because people are everywhere.

If you just pray that prayer would you just raise a hand up. I can't see you got a nose up his hands, just put it on Lord right now. God bless you my friends to threefold 5678 en bloc pharmacy. I can't see our wonderful folks back there in the tents and over the hill under the trees on those Lord Jesus all over the place that people today that it just said yes Lord, I want to say especially young man I want to say, especially dad. Yeah but it's not just about dad's about all of us battle Lord Jesus you are all heavenly father worship you today. Thank all father who art in heaven, hallowed be Jesus name we pray together and perhaps is Dr. Don was praying he was helping you make the decision you know you needed to make to come to Jesus Christ. Whether you've heard the message for the first time or a thousand times. Today God is drawing you to him and that's who does it. God is drawing you. He wants you to know he loves you and is a perfect plan for your life. If you've given your life to Jesus Christ today want to give us a call was put some resources in your hands.

866-899-WORD is the phone number or maybe you've rededicated your life to Christ, we have resources for you as well actually free at 866-8990 96732. Given your life to Christ.

Let us help you take the next steps.

Let us be encouragers to you again that phone number 866-899-WORD 9673 will always connect with when I was happy to talk or listen or pray.

Just know that we're here for you and connecting online as well TW all that's our website.

T EW appraisal, consider signing up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don. It's wonderful biblical insight and application and encouragement, you can sign up online right and before you get away closing truck from Dr. Don okay just before you go today.

I just want you to know how much I love you means so much to me and I just want you to know that with all the things that we've talked about the way in which God is speaking to your heart right now. We are the Encouraging Word and we are available to you 24 seven. Morning noon and night or day, you can call a friend one of my friends right now and they will encourage you pray with you, listen to you is the right to have people around us really care about us.

You are not alone.

God bless you and be encourage

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