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September 27, 2020 10:15 am

The David Chadwick Show,

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick is 93 WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith value show that intersects beta values with different issues going on locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing this with you for now over 20 years. I have my friend, Ed Millikan studio with me is going to talk with me about a subject today that I think all of us are struggling with, especially during the coded 19 crisis and that's the subject of grief. Ed good morning David, welcome, welcome back this Sunday morning are like you say, when the sun comes up where is there's always hope. Always have up this morning, there's always hope folks don't live in despair, there's always hope gods and controlling sitting on his throne. He sitting on the throne. The matter who is president. He sitting on the throne, no matter what pandemic may be going on he sitting on the throne. Therefore, we can relax have faith and living in hope. Let's talk about grief today Ed because I read today that.200,000+ lives now have been lost to coded 94% because of some pre-existing condition, only 6% who really got it and then the disease itself cause death, but the truth is death is grief and it causes people huge loss in their hearts, and a lot of people just don't know how to face grief, but they know it's going to happen.

Death is a reality, but they really aren't taught how to handle grief so I thought today would be a great show to be able to do so in light of the covert pandemic but also WBT suffered a loss recently of one of its staff people causing trimmers around this place and people are constantly now, again, especially with the pandemic facing the reality that death does happen and we have to face grief everyone everyone of us made for March early childhood to the day we leave this world.

The frequency of the of friends and relatives and neighbors that died before us increase does and you you've lost your dad and your mother alive. The row she passed away in February. Thank you.

I can talk that little later, Mike has been gone 33 years. Your dad when he passed my mom and dad about passed away still greedy even to this day.

You know there's a loss that's there and someone said, and I think it's really good grief is spelled LOS S really is when you lose something you grief and the greater the love for whatever it is, the greater the grief that is think, for example, the difference between losing your car keys which causes some grief, anxiety all know when my going to do to losing a loved one that was later vaguely say David that the amount of love.

You have in your heart, your body or in your mind for that person. When that loss happens the party body.job. You know my dad used to say to me that when mom died some six years before he passed away that he could never remarry because a part of him died when my mom died and that makes sense that because the Bible teaches that when two people really love each other in marriage. The two become one. They literally become one life.

So when one departs this world to go to the next one. A part of that person is literally ripped away and dies and they just aren't ever the same person, even though they continue to live a part of them has gone on.

How many times you walk through the cemetery and you see where the man died and that the wife you know months or couple years later there very close and in some cases, they pass on the same day I have actually seen that happen in my years of ministry that one would die in the morning. The other died that evening was almost like I can't live life without her, and his body shut down. He went on to be with the Lord after his wife passed away that morning. But you're right, I see that a lot in ministry that one will pass away. Within days, months, within just a couple years.

The other will leave this world to you have a list of how can we handle grief. I know we want to cover that this Sunday. I thought today would be a good day to do this because I am experiencing among many people that I know just great grief right now is its loss of jobs. It's loss of loved ones. It's a loss for a lot of different reasons and you can grieve over a lot of things, not just the loss of a loved one, but nevertheless a lot of people just don't know how to handle grief and I really believe that depression is grief turned inward. The never gets resolved and if you allow it, just to rummage deep in your heart and keep hounding you over and over again.

You'll eventually give into depression and fall into a bad state so we want to give some people to date, the practical steps on how to handle grief, how to move forward. I how do know that it's not the end of the game there still hope in life even though you have experienced loss, and it's just something everybody in this world goes through the one thing we want to say before we take a break is just really believe folks you're not in this boat alone. Everybody goes through it.

Everybody has loss. Everybody experiences things that just hurt. We though need to learn how to deal with that grief.

And when we learn how to deal with that grief, then we can become healthy again. We learn we need to learn how to express it right and need to learn how to let it go through its course in our lives because that's part of the learning process. There's no easy way to go through grief but you have to go through it and when you go through it. There is another side of me not had people tell me that have lived well after their spouses that even though their spouses going on. Years later, there still hope in their lives. There is meaning in their lives and actually next week I'm marrying a couple where one was married for 45 years lost her husband and now has found somebody else about that and it wonderful new so let's talk about grief today, folks, I'm David Chadwick at village with me will be right back when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show. My friend, producer Ed Billick is joining me as we talk about the subject of grief today over 200,000 covert deaths now and life itself just brings grief. We lose jobs we lose all kinds of things in our lives, and especially when we lose people we go through this process of grief and in this world want to begin the day that grief is a process you don't suddenly lose something and then suddenly get well it just doesn't work that way. I in fact, Elizabeth Kubler Ross years ago, wrote a book on the stages of grief and she talks about how each one is necessary and you have to walk through each one before you'll ultimately get the wholeness of life and she is so right.

And there's no right way to grieve through each stage. You've just got to do it. Why do some people handle this better than others. Well, there a lot of different reasons for that, you know, some people have community around them and they have people who can walk with them through the crisis and that's something I want to talk about little bit later on.

Don't grieve alone.

You just won't grieve as healthfully and get well as quickly. Another reason is. Some people just genetically have healthier bodies and when you're healthier physically you can grieve better emotionally. We are body soul and spirit were interconnected in our human personality.

Other people have general environmental factors. They were raised in good healthy homes were grief was modeled in a positive way and they sought in a positive way so they therefore copy what they saw and allowed them to get healthier when they were grieving themselves so their multitude of different factors. But the truth is there are certain ways we can grieve for everyone that will make it easier and better in order to return to some sense of health and I would say to everyone listening right now you need to understand this, everyone grieves differently. That's where I would begin this whole show on grief. Everyone grieves differently largely because what you just mentioned are different backgrounds or different genetic makeups are different personalities are different communities of faith, but also just because humans are different in every single one of us does grieve differently so if you're walking through grief. Don't feel badly if you've not gotten through the stage of grief more quickly than you think you should have or you're just still stuck in a place of hurt because the person you love so much is now gone.

Somehow I think of the good Lord Davis, pets, dogs and cats because their lifespans are much shorter and you will most practice grieving by the loss of your pets for many people, David. They are part strong part of the family. My my wife is a pet sitter.

She does this for fun and she enjoys pets, but many times she shares when the people see no cat or dog passing it affects them strong.

I think God gives us pets tell practical deck that's interesting Ed that could well be, and there's no question that when people lose beloved pets they grieve.

Again grief is often spelled LOSS it's the loss that you have that causes the grief and the greater the love for the object of your love.

The greater the grief that there is so if you really affectionately adore a patent if and when that pet dies you can agree, and that's natural and it's okay if you lose your car keys you grieve at some level. If you lose a family member you're going to grieve at a deeper level, the greater the love, the greater the loss so we understand that some part of the human experience and we just need to make sure everybody knows today that everyone grieves differently. Everybody walks through the stages of grief differently.

Don't feel badly if you get stuck and here's another truth I've learned in life isn't hills and valleys.

Life is train tracks. What in the world. Does that mean a lot of people just believe life is sometimes on the mountaintop and you have great joy. Other times are in the Valley having great despair and you just need to realize in life, their valleys and their mountains and sometimes your high sometimes your low I don't think that's accurate for me. My life is been much more like train tracks, I experience grief and joy simultaneously, that they go on at the same time in my life and I just need to learn that there are a lot of days when I'm feeling grief and I'm feeling great joy at the same time and that's okay as well. People asked me when they're going through grief.

What should I feel and I say what you're feeling, you know whatever you're feeling is okay and don't feel guilty if indeed you are walking through a deep valley right now and you're feeling great grief. Whatever you need to feel is what you need to feel and open up with it and talk about it and that's another key with grief. Make sure you talk about it don't bottle it up, find friends find others that you can just sit down and share your heart and a good friend will always say to you, I don't care what you're feeling. You're feeling what you're feeling.

Just talk to me and somehow those words release those emotions in our hearts. You said something about tears and shutting of tears. Tears are gifts from God that helps soothe the grieving heart. Sometimes I've had people who are walking through great loss and they don't think that they should try young men sometimes fall prey, especially to that the big boys don't cry, but the truth is, tears are gifts from God that helps soothe the hurting soul. So when you're with somebody and they start getting tears and they start dripping down their cheeks. Or maybe they get even more emotional and start boo-hoo if you will encourage them say that's a good gift. Let that happen. And what's interesting. Ed is did you know Jesus grieved. Jesus indeed wept with great tears, Lazarus, Mary and Martha were great friends of his. They had a home in the town of Bethany just right outside of Jerusalem.

Jesus oftentimes went there to relax, spend the night. Just be with his dear friends, Mary, Martha, and I'm Lazarus. Lazarus died and Jesus was away when that happened and he finally came to Bethany. After several days of the death having occurred and he was asked the question when you come immediately means that you know there's purpose in God's plan and that's not the reason that that's the reason I didn't come immediately but then he went to Lazarus's tomb and in John 11. These two words. The shortest verse and all of the Bible.

Jesus wept our Lord and Savior God in human flesh wept. He was totally God, but he was also totally human. He experiences everything that we experience the light of the week he wept because his good friend Lazarus had died and he felt loss. But what so interesting to is that word wept in the Greek literally means like a stallion neighing up on its heels and getting ready to rush in the war and what was happening in Jesus soul was as he looked at Lazarus is death. He was basically going to war against the enemy who is the author of death. God is not the author of death. We need to understand that God is the author of life in John 1010 Jesus says the thief. The enemy Satan himself comes to kill, steal and destroy. He is the author of our rebellion then invited sin into the world as the apostle Paul said the wages of sin is death. Death is the result of our rebellion against God and Jesus hated death. He despised death, and so should we.

It's an wrong, evil intrusion into God's once perfect world, not what Jesus came to do that was to defeat the works of the devil.

First John 38 that when he died on the cross and was raised from the dead, that shows all of us who believe in him our lives in him that were going to have that same resurrection life ourselves.

So Jesus hates death.

He knows what it does. But nevertheless, when he saw his dear friend Lazarus die in John 11 Jesus wept. He cried, he grieved over the loss of a friend. So it's simply natural for it to happen. We should not feel guilty when it happens. Jesus himself God in human flesh grieved so therefore it's okay for us to grieve as well.

Many of us believe truly believe that every day is a gift it is and we need to live it as such because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow were only guaranteed today.

That's why Jesus taught us to pray, give us this day our daily bread. He taught us not to worry about tomorrow. In Matthew 634 but to simply focus on today and to seek first his kingdom and to live for him and a lot of people in care for people and when that day of death comes, we trust that there is life in eternity.

And that promise is what allows us, even the face death with hope and not allow grief to be quite so intense it Eve also asked me what about those times when I hear the voice of a loved one passed on.

You said that to me a couple of times. Here it is. And after my father passed no here recently.

My mom and I know others are shared this that you have a dream and there you know in a room or maybe the house you grew up in and you hear their voice and their voice is accurate, that intonation the sound.

It's their voice. So anyway company say okay now is that my mind playing back that voice. Where else does my mind play back it's always a tape recorder would set them really trying to speak to us. David you you have a thought.

I do indeed in Hebrews the 12th chapter and as you know it, I just go to the Scripture for every question in life. I try to find a biblical answer, and in Hebrews chapter 12 the writer of Hebrews is trying to tie in what's been taught previously in that's living in faith, he says. Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses, let us run this race of faith with endurance till the end.

That's a paraphrase, but that still what he said and what he's looking at is saying. Make sure you run this race of life, knowing there's a cloud of witnesses surrounding you, cheering you toward the finish line will a lot of people asked the question through the ages were the cloud of witnesses, will I think there are several answers one of those is the angels of heaven. They are creations by God and in Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14. They are sent by God to minister to God's elect. So I think the angel surround us in this invisible world right at our fingertips. Secondly, I think it's those people in Hebrews 11, who operated in faith of Abraham and Daniel and all those great saints of the Lord who operated in faith, but thirdly and I really believe it's our loved ones who love the Lord have gone on to be with him. They are surrounding us in the cloud of witnesses, and I really believe at times they are speaking to us and there cheering us on to the finish line.

They're telling us. Keep moving. Don't give up operated in faith. My mom said she was on crutches not she was on a walker.

She hardly walk last three years and she here is walking around go mom was a crutches she goes where I am now I don't need him.

Yeah she told any of the ultimate one cheering us on is the Lord and the Holy Spirit himself, but you I've had times when I've heard a voice and it's so much like my dad's, it's unbelievable. I go dad is. Thank you and I'm convinced again it's him in the cloud of witnesses who is cheering me on. Amidst all the trials I face in life, let's continue with that vein of thought we come back and I'm David Chadwick and we will be right back. And for those of us here today listening to the subject of grief. We believe that God is our shepherd and that he leads us to green grass and still waters.

He restores our soul when in Psalm 23 the great Psalm about the loving Shepherd of God.

We also see and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

We have eternal life that's promised says we believe and trust and will actually see our loved ones again who love the Lord and we love the Lord and we have that promise that Chris should continue to give our hearts great hope hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is the start 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show if you like to hear this program in its entirety.

Go to scroll down to the weekend shows.

Look for the David Chadwick show when you can hear the program from beginning to end the subject of grief, how to handle grief, especially the culture. None of us losing thousands of lives through COBIT or just the natural grief we go through if Cova never existed, would still experience loss and grief also thank our sponsors David gives him tremendous spot yeah varies allows to be on their very fine jewelry and also Ruth Chris steakhouse both helpful in allowing us to do this program every single weekend. Many thanks to them for their support know we have our five senses an error senses of smell and taste and touch in here and there are certain things that happen throughout the course of the day the reminder of a loved one happens yeah I have that happen as well and I think those are given to us as gifts from God, a it to remind us that our loved one still lives. And secondly, to remind us that will see them again you this world is not all there is. And one thing that's very clear in the Bible is the eternal, invisible kingdom surrounds this temporal visible kingdom that's taught throughout the Scripture, and that eternal world heaven as it sometimes called the Bible is truly a reality. And Paul talks about in second Corinthians 12 how God lifted him up into the third heaven and interestingly he said that the sights and sounds of that heavenly experience were so wonderful and great he couldn't find words to express it and he refused to even try to describe it because it was so great, wonderful and glorious.

There's another story. In second Kings chapter 6 where Elisha, the prophet was surrounded by name and in the Syrian army trying to capture him and his servant Elisha's servant became very fearful and Elisha said to him, wait a minute, let's look into the invisible world and you'll see that there are more for us than who are surrounding us and so God peeled back the later of this visible world and allow Elisha and his servant to get a glimpse into the spiritual world and they were surrounded by thousands upon thousands of the angelic armies and therefore their fear abated again God's truth that there is there are angels caring for us there. Among the cloud of witnesses that we mentioned in the last segment who are cheering us on to the finish line but also it was a reminder to Elisha and his servant and to you and me add that we live in a world that is temporal and visible, but in the invisible eternal world that surrounds us.

We know that were being cared for by all of God's power and strength and that should give us hope, especially as we move through group grief and I think God is reminding us that no matter what we experience. He's with us. He cares for us. He loves us and he'll give us the strength to keep moving forward. There's another verse in Corinthians that Paul talks about and how when we finally get to heaven. All of our pain, turmoils, trials and difficulties here are in the two words you use light and momentary light and momentary in comparison to the glory of eternity and the image he uses in Romans eight verse 18 it is like a woman giving birth to a child. The birth pangs or so terrible there so intense. But the moment that baby is laid on her stomach. She forgets all the pain and she rejoices in that new life that's been given to her. Similarly, when we get to heaven. The pain we've had here will immediately dissolve and be forgotten. In light of the glory and beauty and splendor of heaven.

That's another thing that should be in our minds to help us deal positively with grief today. Beautiful beautiful Rebecca back to my dad's funeral and it was probably the first time I truly realize that our bodies were just a vehicle to take us through the life and he was no longer in their casket is no longer in a grave and it's interesting and that's where we pay our respects. And that's when you know that the spirit is moved on.

It was it was years later there was trying to figure somebody was an automobile mechanic is a dead would you address this problem and I can figure it out when and then within the next minute or two. I figured it out and I go where that come from us is okay dad, thanks a lot and I know you talk with your father on things like that will dad gave me great theological, biblical and spiraling inside you know anybody was a man of God himself. And that's why I had your especially fathers but mom's to to pass on these deep spiritual truths to your kids because they learn them, and they learn them in early ages as well and it's so important that we learn them because the most important was the one you just mentioned that is, these bodies age and you and I've got a little older now and you can remember, and I can't do in my body was young and I could dunk a basketball and I had great energy and fervor. And now that I can come close to dunk a basketball. My skins aging.

My hair's turning greater in each spot on my skin and each hear the grays reminds me that that this place in my home. This world is not my home, and I'm not my body as much as I should take care of my body as you know, and I talked about that this body is merely a house and houses who I really am who I really am is my spirit inside and one day as I trust in the Lord. This body is going to be taken off the image Paul uses in the Bible is is like taking off clothes and I'm going to put on a new resurrection body that's not gonna cry is not going to hurt is not going to have difficulties this not going to age.

It's a body is going to be perfect forever and the way I deal with grief here at least partly is. I look forward to that eternal resurrection body that God has promised and someone has a lot of disease and they are suffering tremendously. After they passed many papal people say all there in a better place than they are. If you really believe that heaven is perfect has no trial news tears, no turmoil, you really believe that your eternal home that allows you then to put up with a lot of the pain here, knowing that in one moment after death. You're going to inherit all of the goodness of eternity and again that kind of faith helps people deal with grief trials and difficulties in their lives like you say, life still has a purpose and meaning, and there's always hope yet absolutely and you need to keep moving forward even when you've suffered loss and one thing I did want to mention Ed that sometimes as you're moving forward will be a sight or smell or a sound that will remind you of your loved one who's gone on, and you'll get knocked back on your back in the image I used to help people. There is, is like going to the ocean. I love the beach and you're in the water and everything's call me a few waves are lapping over you in your writing those waves that the blue comes a rogue wave and it knocks you on your backside and everybody tells you when that happens, go limp.

Just relax and let the waves carry you to the shore until you're there. Then you get back up and then are able to go back into the water and the truth is, that's the way life is. When handling grief you're going through life.

You're doing pretty well. You think you're healthy, and the blue comes a rogue wave of smell aside a sound that just knocks you down again and what you do you go limp in your faith. You just go limp and let it do what it does, then you get back up and you've got a choice either you go back out in the water and enjoy it or you stop and what you need to do is keep moving forward in life need to go back into the water. Will there be another rogue wave probably will they get less and less the longer you live. Yes, and that's the encouragement I want to give everyone today just go lamp ride the wave.

There may be another one, but they'll become less frequent, and when they become less frequent. You'll be able to enjoy the water more and more and more. David will get about a minute and 1/2 before break, go one more for us. I do in second Corinthians chapter 14 Paul says that what we've been through in life got often times uses for us to help somebody else going through that same experience. So I would say to everyone who has gone through grief or is presently going through grief, there's purpose and the pain the God has meaning even in the problem. We want you to do is to get through it as best you can and then go find somebody else that you can go care for, who's also going to grief offer them some hope with what you've done in order to get well again.

Then the pain has purpose then you can use the difficulty for a larger meeting. I don't think God allows us to go through anything in life unless there's some purpose he has for us to go help somebody else is going through that same pain.

A great versus second Corinthians 1, four, and that's what Paul is saying that what he's been through helps other people go through the same thing. So really realize folks that you don't have to become despairing in the pain that God still in control. He works all things together for good for those who love him are called according to his purpose. All things, means all things, yes, even the loss of a loved one and when you go care for somebody else who's walking through a deep valley that you walk through.

Then, suddenly, not only does your life have new purpose and meaning you're helping make this world a better place in which to live because your serving and not being served it. When we come back on a look at a very important verse in the Bible that I think puts grief into its right context.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back and you can handle your friends much better. You really believe God is good and that you are loved by him and you are really his body. These bodies may fade and die are as a child of God deeply and dearly loved by him. And when you believe that you can face grief more ably a verse I want to give to all of you today that I think is so important from the Bible that helps us handle grief is first Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 13 where Paul said, we who are followers of Jesus do not grieve like those who have no hope.

Another couple of things I want to point out there.

First of all, that those who follow Jesus greedy myself, Ed Billick in the studio with me. A lover of Jesus. My dad mom the people we know who have a deep and abiding faith, even though that faith is real.

We still grief but here's the difference. Those of us who love the Lord grieve with hope. We grieve with hope that there is life after this one. We grieve with hope that will see our loved ones again. We grieve with hope that they will have resurrection bodies that never tire or have tears or trials or tribulations we grieve, knowing that this world is not all that there is and that then gives us hope those of us who love Jesus do grief but we grieve with hope that there's a life after this one in this world isn't all there is to everyone who's grieving out there memorize first Thessalonians chapter 4 verse 13.

It is a wonderful verse that helps us, even those of us in faith to continue to move forward. We do grief. Grief is a natural part of life. It's loss is again a lot of people spell grief LOS S but we grieve with hope and that hope gives us the desire to keep moving forward in this life. I love adverse Ed David about this one person passes.

They then you have a good life. In probably no known as many sins as they committed and in the spouses of France's God.

I don't know where they ended up a no I don't. I don't know if the words justice and of course we want to judge, but you know there are some people that had a horrendous lives.

Other uses about Ted Bundy he had intended for him who he is yet Ted Bundy was a serial killer who was baptized in prison right before he died and I've had people come to me as a you kidding me Ted Bundy gets to go to heaven and you know it from the Christian faith perspective were all given the gift of eternal life by grace and mercy, through faith, and is not of our works and you know a parable you were telling me about the you heard last Sunday when you are at last Sunday's gospel about the workers in the vineyards and those that started early morning got the same wages, those that showed up our the last hour of the day and that parables trying to make the statement that we all earn eternal life by grace through faith.

It's a gift from God, so that the worker who starts early in the morning is expecting a wage because of all of his works. That's greater than the guy who comes at the end of the day.

And Jesus is trying to say no to the gift of the wage of eternal life is a gift and a gift doesn't have a time stamp on it and so we believe that when people are dying. We don't know what's going on in their hearts. And I tell people all the time were worried about you know their relative or their loved one who may not have known the Lord. I say to them you don't know what was going on in their hearts and they might've cried out in their last breath at 659. The wage labor who came in at the last moment, have mercy on me on God and God is merciful. Ed, he's a whole lot more merciful than you and I are were so judgmental we we want to tell people I think you need to go to you know where but God is so merciful and so kind, so we leave justice and ultimate judgment to God. We know that whatever he decided about that loved one, or that person is perfect justice.

It's perfectly just so we can leave it in his hands and move forward. And I really believe in heaven. People go. I'm going to miss my loved one who's not here because they were just awful. They didn't accept the Lord, I go you that memory of that person is going to be either assuaged set to not hurt anymore or it's not going to be allowed to enter your mind you're just not going to be allowed to have tears in heaven.

And so God will treat everything justly perfectly and will be able to sit back and say thank you Lord, I'm glad you're the judge of the universe, not me about that any final once before Sarah Purdy Evan your final thoughts on grief yeah I would say this to anyone listening.

Please make sure you have positive friends around you as you're experiencing grief don't surround yourself with a bunch of negative Nelly's who are constantly telling you how awful it is and how you maybe shouldn't grief so long. Or here's a worse one that some people say you just need to get over it.

You know, everybody grieves differently and you need to walk through grief in your way. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me, God will be with you in the valley of the shadow of death, and you just need to keep moving forward and surround yourself with people who will say things like you're going to make it through it. You will get through this. I'm here with you.

You can say anything you want to me anytime and I'll always here, you can cry in my presence, and I'll give you a hug and I'll accept your tears as gifts from God that you trust me to be a good friend in your presence.

So make sure that you surround yourself with good friends who will encourage you through the grief and not discourage you amidst your grief.

Ed, are you ready to pray. I think our people would prosper from us spending a little bit of time in prayer here at the end of the shows that of a moment of hope, which is a moment of prayer will I think prayer is simply expressing to God the desires of our heart and we can say to him anything and everything we need to say you know God wants our grief to be poured out to him because he knows what were going through.

But as you played in the song at the beginning of the segment. He's a good good father. Thank you David, great show father in heaven.

Daddy, the lover of my soul, who has revealed your love to us through Jesus who came and died and was raised from the dead to give us the gift of eternal life. I pray for anyone out there right now that doesn't have the assurance of that eternal life to have that assurance right now just received Jesus in the know that he loves you so deeply and when you know that love in your heart, you'll not only have a way to handle your grief. You'll be a lover of other people for the rest of your days here on this earth you be able to take the grief you've experienced and go help somebody else is walking through that same kind of grief. Lord I ask everyone out there right now to submit themselves to you to trust in your mercy and your love to know that your good and your kind and I pray Lord, they realize that the invisible world, the eternal, invisible world surrounds us and were surrounded by a cloud of witnesses that includes the angels in heaven that includes the great saints that are in the Bible. It also includes our loved ones who gone on before us and Lord.

Let us get quiet enough sometimes to hear them cheering us to the finish line at that moment when we take our last breath. The truth is Lord. The statistics are in one out of one die, but the wages of sin is death. The evil ones.

The author of death, not you. You came to give us life and to give it to us abundantly.

So Lord, let us claim the gift of eternal life believing there's a future and hope we continue to live in that future and hope knowing that you're taking care of us every single day until we go to be with you.

Thank you Lord for the promise of your gift of life and we don't grieve as believers in US people who have no hope. We grieve with hope knowing that this death is not the end of life. It's the beginning of a new life and there we live forever and ever.

Our grief has no more power over us. Thank you Lord for this day for Ed Tillich for all the people listening.

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