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September 24, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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September 24, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- In Acts, why is there no mention of repentance in the discussion with the Philippian jailer- Does the Holy Spirit give us the desire to repent---2- Matt discusses the need and importance for every Christian to know sound biblical theology.--3- What scripture can I show someone who says they are a Christian but have been dabbling in fortune-telling and cards.--4- What key passages persuaded you to hold to an amil position---5- A caller wanted to continue an ongoing discussion of the tenets of reformed theology.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research management found online at the car and got more and you have questions in our Bible doctrine is a matter why Brent is called in responding to your questions and Matt's leg out there is going to be call odor to as usual is dialing 772072276 and 2277 phone CAR room. That's the Christian apologetics research ministry CAR room is the website address, you know a lot of people listening to radio but a lot of people never been on the website check it out.

We are in the process.

However, I think that a couple months were the process of converting the files over to the new format in which we release aside, it will be substantially different looking articles will be the same. We have a lot more graphics a lot more bells and whistles of some tools and some stuff like that we really want to expand a great deal do a lot more videos is frustrated because are so many issues were discussed and do research on right now, particularly in social justice issues, but I have to devote this time into getting the articles converted to get the website going and it's been tough to connect and go but this is how it is. I have actually begun a little research on job social justice issues and I'm creating a is not ready yet creating a section on harm, both social justice and doing with ageism, black lives matter would travel already written on which if you're a true Christian, you cannot support black life matter, not because we will not get not against equality among the so-called racist issue black lives matter is basically Marxist anti-family organization that promotes far leftist agenda descriptions just can't support discussing dishes over to me to be woke in the cancel culture. Critical race theory, economic quality of education stuff and I got some information I have to check out from Glenn Beck about solicitous going on with education real perverse things that are trying to push through it. I think the 21 stakes in the pulley perverse stuff about how the chilled teacher children about sexuality and submissive. I can save the radio to do analysis on that will be working on gender equality and identity, healthcare, social justice, mobility, social mobility, the 16th 19 project in the cold white privilege so sure what that is. Since I certainly have experienced it. I don't know what it is I have to work my tail off and on the work as hard as anybody I know and have for decades just get right back and still paying off bills and school loans and stuff like that you know you know I always believe he looked at a problem trying your best. Take care of it though you can't delete help which you gotta do anyway so there's some issues and also in exceptionality.

Good work on that is some of the stuff waiting for me to do some more research on you to do it to get the car website converted. It takes all lot of time. I can do on a good day. About 50 articles in one day and gets people helping so we can get that 75 200 on the date we got 6000 6000 articles and so there you go little bit whining but I think is good for some time.

All right, let's get on the phone to Africa.

The number out again 877-207-2276.

The schedule J from California J. Welcome you on the airmail going back. The Philippian jailer told me to believe in the Lord, you why are there no mention of repentant repentance is what you mean. Repentance is this a good good discussion.

Repentance is an abatement of the layout which means to change the mind and to turn from doing what is wrong so we have a question that task is must an unbeliever repent of his sins in order to become a Christian, to give the answer and you have to hear me out. Everybody go to get a contact with answers no, and the reason is because they cannot repent because are slaves of sin.

Romans 614 to 20. They are haters of God to do no good Roman streets another 12 there's there, get in their sense of Ephesians 21 and by nature children of wrath.

Ephesians 23. They cannot receive, understand, do these spiritual things first, 214, so if repentance was necessary with that would mean is that in order to be saved. A person would have to comply with the law, so the losses do not lie. If a person is lying and you said you have to repent of line are we saying then you have to obey the law in order to be saved yet to comply with that law so that you don't lie anymore and that's talk about right. Is that how you get it taken care of and if we are to say that with repent or to be saved, then that would, in that sense it would be content will be a works righteousness issue. We can't have can't do it other hand, what we can to be Christians and in continuing sin. We must turn or have an attitude of turning from sin to come to Christ is so when we look at this. We look at the problem of if we look at repentance as a compliance with the law, then no repentance is not necessary for salvation because comply to the laws not necessary because no one can keep the law.

On the other hand, yes words but repent from our sins because we can continue and walk in them is Romans 6123 talks about so when you get to this issue is a tough the tough ones can get so quickly.

No when he says here in acts 1631 search list, but I did be saved believe the Lord Jesus, you will be saved you and your household will that's the answer. Baptism isn't mentioned. Repentance isn't mentioned. Nothing is mentioned like that of just belief. Well, if there really give that James 219 and that's called Essentia. Essentia is the Latin term in theology we use to describe just a mental assent.

The debacles Jesus is real. That's different than fiducial which is a faithful trust is more like saying the devil and the demons are aware of God's existence, but are trusted and that's what we do as Christians we have fiducial we trust with the demons have Essentia it's a sentimental assent so that's different in James two different context altogether.

So what he says you get a great question I would have relating the Holy Spirit you like a good guy or who repent as part of the current God got Alec regular posting regarding repent and pray well there's a yes and noted that God grants that we have repentance 2nd to 25 he grants.

We believe that this 129 and he causes a born-again first Peter 13 were born again, not of her own builds on 113 so because of the regeneration. We are then enabled to be able to turn from our sins. So the Holy Spirit works these things, but this Bible specifically says God grants that we have repentance with God's work in us. So when he says in John at scrimmage on the neck 1631, believe the Lord Jesus to your house, you will be saved. What is talking about is justification by faith.

This is what you need.

Figure saved by faith, not by faith and repentance or and going to church or and baptism are and anything that's was good getting out there. I get I like that argument where we target with my with my bottle group. Well, what was the argument that you proposed well blank advice. Harriet. Pastor picking the goat repentance and faith in him.

Even though it cannot really you explain it from your own quickly don't have that but that the Holy Spirit would give you the desire to repent and send their faith that you needed. She I'm I'm annoying and Bible studies.

My hand goes up were to say that the Holy Spirit gives us the desire for repentance I would have to look I got I've got notified way back in and out quickly and your get.

We are a great response as I knew your word that I called all that's good. Here's the thing you when I met Bible studies summons leading it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut because of those soon. So many things in Scripture and the meat might be correct, but on this thing were to say that an egg is annoying. People don't want to have to go to the Bible to find out if it says it or not they wanted to be able to study and believe what they think is true and to me that's dangerous.

So if I were there, and in some uncivil to Holy Spirit grants us the ability to repent up my hands in the gloppy shall be averse for that is I don't know the diversity I was set in the Bible for decades. I just don't know neighbors, I do know that I rather have it which are what your uncle repent later it goes out Christ, looking at going out everybody to repent of that bad habit carry any weight course at times supposed to turn Emerson's facts and John is to be in excess of the 230 God commands everyone everyone repent. The reason he does.

That is because he's a standard of holiness and righteousness, and everyone ought to turn from their sins. Since he commands that because what should happen, but here's a friend of mine. Actually, we had this discussion yet yesterday it was yesterday and he brought up a really good point, which I never thought of insulin or public give him credit names Dave Dave Kimball and he brought this up, you sick when when John the Baptist was commending people to be baptized and if he was a baptism necessary for salvation. He has this great question.

He said where the people there still obligated to go and offer sacrifices in the temple.

Excellent question because Christ had not given crucified if you'd not yet been crucified.

Then it was still necessary. Under the old covenant, to offer sacrifices. But if you get baptized or do whatever after the crucifixion of Christ is resurrection. The issue of animal sacrifice are no longer necessary that a lot of thought he was a 13 Hebrews 952 16 because a new covenant is so that it abrogates the old one and we don't need the blood stuff anymore.

So baptism in the Old Testament in the ultimate covenant, which is recorded in the New Testament. A lot of people think that the old covenant is and solicitors. Jesus is born or all the Old Testament stuff. Nope, the old covenant Old Testament era, so to speak. Old Testament the books that I mean that the price up until the new covenant: for my throat that went right up to the point of the crucifixion, so John's baptism was a baptism of repentance.

And yet, it would appear that those who baptized John the Baptist baptism we still have to go offer animal sacrifices, which would mean that they want saved by the baptism. Note very good observation. My friend said, and it was so good that an article that is one that is a great insight so I give him credit and they'll be using on my own later, but here is the thing that that you don't. Repentance is something were obligated to do because it's righteous were obligated to be right before God be holy from holy first Peter 116 but we can't be holy God has given access. All right. A vote for five open-minded what you recall you call 877207 Matt Flynn why call 770727.

Here's Matt's leg all right when welcome back to the show. Believe it or not we have nobody waiting on lines wanted to jump in on 877-207-2276 you know just to play off the last call before the break when he states that in my opinion there is to save us a great deal of ignorance about biblical theology. Among pastors, and especially on modeling and I'm not bragging on my saying I have all the answers. Nothing like that is just that you haven't studied so much over the the over the years. That's just it just efficiently I've seen of notice. Just as I understand the lady doesn't understand something that's not a problem because you don't delete got jobs to do no good to say like I do stuff like that but the pastors are supposed to know more than the average person and for the most part they do beleaguered issues like repentance necessary for salvation and things like that the nuances of those kinds of issues I find a lot of times that some shortcomings there and when I've gone to Bible studies, Bible studies, I found that it's so it's disturbing sometimes to hear some of the things that are said in with my my desire is to get people to understandable theology. Nope you don't have to have big thick glasses and all an 18-year-old really big book snort understandable theology.

You don't need to go to Carmen you can read the articles on theology and just learned that the issue is that we should be learning the stuff we should be knowing with the stuff is and I think it's important we need to learn how to carry the cross of ever walking towards Christ and not caring a hammock is walking away from the comfort stuff is just that some think it's okay for good lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Vicki from North Carolina wiki on their all right hanging in there and good reference. I learned about girl in Iraq, and that basic error card reading pain and that there that are thinking that have changed a worker mind of what I think, speak to her about. I don't think there are way or make her feel like I'm getting her kind not that I want to be okay. She say she's a Christian Christian that I am bad at getting mixed up and tarot cards will what I'll do with people. Now I can do things like say say hey you know that's our cultic and you could your openness of potential demonic oppression.

Some people say that that directly and it's okay and some people not so you gotta be careful how you say things even over the radio on rather direct result from the patient in real life, so to speak. Talking to people he got. You can feel about the situation you have to do so are partly stuff like that. I don't want melee or grammar right will try this.

This is one of things I've done in that situation. That's it.

Tarot cards okay so explain to me how they work is just that you explain. That means a person's goodness while you do this you do that Bob Loblaw sought pop up here and started distracted so you don't explain what it is normal to do was ask what do they work in unison. Well yes, can you show me how they work and are not participating in tarot card reading, but you can say what a card means this card means that how do you know how you know and who says so and I would be gradually moving towards more difficult questions when I want to get to is what's the source of power behind it. That's what I want to get to some gradually gonna be pushing that envelope but to get to the place. What is the source is good reason.

Bad how do you know good or bad.

How do you know if it's not something nothing deceptive. Why is it that cards can determine your future wife was behind him are you randomly shuffling them in the randomness is what produces a truth or is or something controlling you that causes the card to be arranged in a certain order Woodard. What's this going because either way stemming something other than you have to be involved. If it's just the person randomly shuffling in the randomness can't be of any value which is random annual review. Everyone in the cards because I could do that I could literally make up a set of cards and professionally designed and making weird stuff and then I could without having done before deal out cards to somebody and I would never do this, but I could and say well you know this card right here.

This is not a good sign and I watch her body language. Not a good sign and submit it with family members and this is about family members and the goat yeah it's right or look for clues that they can feed me is what you do and I will be able to figure things out and to get things done that way and this is what a lot of these people do who were in the profession they watch.

They know the safe generic things and then the victim what they do is they confirm with the body language or deny violence why what vitamins lots do this and you get very skilled at it you can help people out so that is one of things that can that's the back your head because that's what really is happening. But if it is a spiritual connection, then, is it good or bad and if she claims have been a Christian will.

The Bible talks about things like this talks about sorcery and its sorcery and is contacting a spiritual spiritual force other than God is God's work to tarot cards so if he doesn't work to tarot cards and what does naturally. When asked the final question and of very very serious it'll be up to demonic oppression/tarot cards, astrology of the Ouija board the crime and see centering in prayer or S chakra balancing astral projection of certain drugs can lead to this of there's lots of things seeking the inner divinity within you. Crystals using crystals in order to get in touch with the harmonic principles of the universe. All this is from the New Age movement which I study a lot back in the 80s. The right to vote for field lines 877 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave. We have three open lines. Call 877-207-2276 Joe from Florida Joe welcome here all right hanging in there with you but I stand at war. We actually had talk.

I know that you are millennial mentioned at one time or and what I'm doing. I'm doing a study trying to actually grad premillennial post-millennial, and that my question is what caused you. What had caused you were convinced convinced your mind to settle on the millennial provision and if you could give me an idea what made the difference. Distinctions between pre-coast and because I'm dealing with an individual that premillennial and he so empathizing clear distinction Israel and the church dispensation must suggest to why I take what I can actually redo the verses and back. I'll tell you little back story behind it. I was in Southern California in San Diego County and in El Cajon at a friend's apartment. I mean I member this so clearly and he came up to me today.

Magnus versus Peter revolves over his house or department is visiting civil what's it about is on the could tell you it's when you read will what was about a ghost just like this when you read he didn't say anything other than that at this point I was premillennial, now in premillennialism we have the idea that before the millennial reign is when the rapture occurs and at the end of the millennial reign, the thousand year literal thousand years is when the new heavens and new earth or make right right right so he didn't bring this up in all I guess is part of what I'm setting up is in my head and sorcery reading. He was a read this for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel of the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

And so shall we always be with the Lord for comfort one another with these words, the last of the kind of the epic spread when you have no need of anything to be written to you for you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night thoughts for settlements for 65 are still so that's the rapture comes the fieldwork. Look thief in the night right no problem. They flipped me over to second Peter 310, with the day the Lord will come like a thief in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements we destroyed with intense heat and the earth and its works will be burned up. I read that I looked at him and I said no millennium, just that fast know you don't literal event, but he was by no that's what did it for me.

I was on six unsuspecting. He said without idleness, not the waiter jumped 2nd Peter 310.

Okay, here's the thing we know that the devil galore to look thief in the night. That's the rapture right right correct the day of the Lord to come like a thief in which the heavens will pass away and roar with the elements we destroy the intense heat that's worth.

It's the same day. That's what that if everything now like well you know what minds because watching a Bible's yelled achieving this guy was talking prophecy he was doing a great job. Then he says it with the rapture unlisted with just a butchered lectured the stuff of Luke 17 you know two men, one feel is taken. That's the rapture not you with the wicked Ortega could believe it. So anyway it on the call, click I get to watch something more interesting like a documentary on whales or something with so that it did for me because it gave the Lord come like a thief in the night in first Thessalonians 4 that's the rapture but in and 30 Peter 310, the day the world will come to thief that this late in the night, but it does I will why is that I think is a reason those says the day of the Lord will come like a thief. Both of them say that is only one the day of the Lord and one comes like a thief in the night. You will just doesn't say so likely was because the earth is a sphere and it will happen when his night will have a Wednesday.

I'm having a problem with battling it out.

Kind of wanted a thousand years. The no work post and basically stated that Bolick is symbolic, but this it's in the middle of symbolic speech. In Revelation 20. I got this codicil. My son is like a month and have the right inane illusion now is not your that one is not too much of the kind about what I would encounter where you're going with you where and pulling and raining coming. This is where the millennial it may have a pretty good argument where you know it were already in the post kind have an answer to a debate they never doing that now in a spiritual world. Spiritual kingdom ruling reign with him.

I don't think I got you anything you know Jesus said in Matthew 12 2232. He said signal was only bound go check it out. You guys done or not, solicited by Uganda. Okay, so you're looking at.

From the standpoint that is already in the unit.

Well, it just says he was ready to note broke just as just as he was bound. Okay, what about it of it.

Well, it says in English and 20 and down for thousand years and threw them into the abyss, and shut it and sealed it over him.

Yeah, that could be true. Very true. We don't need Satan to be bad and it doesn't mean that demonic forces are working either. No lot of nihilists affirm the idea that the state was let loose. Sometime late 1800s whatever in World War I, World War II, world war and famine's plagues all over the place and so some people think that might be one of the market but we don't know for sure okay let me show you the and this is what it's whatever.

But here's one of things that got me is so Matthew 13 says allow the parable of the wheat and the tears and the wheat are the Christians in the tears of the wicked, and should we tear up the tears. He says no less a character we'd also verse 30 of Matthew 13 allow both to go together until the harvest, multiple think is the rapture and time of the harvest will say to the reapers first gather up the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them up right so the first was gather the tears okay. What's interesting when you go to verse 40 Elizabeth 1330 than 10 verses later for 40 and 41 Jesus is this so just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age, the Son of Man will send forth his angels in the gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those of lawlessness. Wait a minute. If the wicked are taken first before the good, and that's the rapture and the wicked are here and Jesus is are taken out of his kingdom.

That was his kingdom is here so you yeah I hear that the case that Kate more people about the post I make a lot more scriptural is more scriptural that it cannot coordinate that scenario and then another.

When Christ comes, that being summation of all things than going into the eternal I get the it was just for me. Rabbit idling is really just the thousand years in the physical ruling reign you are rich don't assume physical ruling and raining because Jesus is raining and he is king right now and it does they'll take the wicked out of his kingdom, which has to be now that men are hiding out of that check this out. Go to Carmen and look up this age and the age to come. This type in the phrase in the search engine. This age in Augusta, you'll see something there and I guarantee you, so you don't guarantee was right that it will have a very strong effect on your eschatological view. I've taught this many times and without exception. Everybody has had some very strong reactions to usually get why I'm like that.

I've been dabbing battling a lot more into it because you know there's a decade now was on the other spring out of five… I thought to have less okay well is a division of the look it up all right evolves we have the minds 87720777 man's Y call 770727 tears met three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Wendell from Fort Worth, Texas, Wendell Matt called reformed theology unit art you gave me you gave me two fundamental other lab family talk about reformed theology and basically the first two. The first two.

We agreed with Beto my training here at Southwestern in Dallas theological but the last one we talked about. I think the one that you can't come with think it's pretty whale or a person get out a big part of the golf bag salvation. It was one other thing that you and I talked about not. I did not I failed right now because we were the last minute show and I can get everything down that I wanted to so good you live mechanically. Theology is faith alone in Christ alone and it is a belief in the sovereignty of God and will recall election and predestination election is God's choosing people for salvation and a second Thessalonians 213 women chosen for salvation is what is on the right.

Figures 145. He chose us in him in Christ before the foundation of the world. Verse five he predestined us in and so that's electric this nation we teach a Bible clearly teaches and of reformed theology also holds to tulip T UL IP total property to for total depravity which says that a person is touched by sin and all of what he is hurt so my body doesn't matter everything is touched by sin. It doesn't mean as bad as he can be just as bad as it can doesn't mean that is touched by sin and the effect of that is that the unbeliever will not be able of his own free will to come to Christ because it's free will is and slave he's freely of his own choices. Choosing to do, which is consistent with the sinful nature, and he freely choose to do simple things and he will come to Christ on his own and we can get.

Trust me, I can really expands quite a bit the Scriptures on that but nevertheless you is called unconditional election then ranges that God has chosen people for salvation not based on anything in them not based on anything he would see that he could do with them is not conditioned on any quality in them or about them because of them addressing God not in man unconditional letter to Ellis for limited atonement, which music Jesus only legally for the sins of the elect is not legally bear the sins of everybody that if he did, every would have to go to heaven because ascendant was canceled at the cross.

First, Colossians 214 and I am so we limit the power we do with the scope of the other people limit the power. Is this where it is I is irresistible grace that means is that at the time of of regeneration not during a person's life. It means that the point of regeneration the grace of God cannot be resisted successfully resistant you will be regenerated as God work in the causes of the born-again first Peter 13 and perseverance of the saints P. Once your Savior always say because Christ bore our sins and canceled all of our student and he is faithful. He keeps us.

There is not up to our goodness or our faithfulness are all ability doesn't mean the legal sin is log people who hear this, don't understand issue of regeneration which is simultaneous with this.

We were regenerated litigants, when what a godsend, we know where genera were saved.

So write your support network reformed the other actors okay. The only issue that I think I have based on what I have heard of him and tell them and even teach that idea that you say that Christ Jesus died only the elect of the Fae of the elect. I have a problem with that coffin. John 315 God so love the whole wide world. What is the wedding lately how Thomas Cosmas is the Greek are you taking regional human seminary. I object.

I have been yet… Being about out but I'm not doing it. I feel I'm still learning how we learned about that's okay so it's quite discuss months and it just means were and were rights. It has at least five different contextual meanings. Jesus was not sent to the whole world and if you know that are not logical. Don't know that Matthew 1524. Jesus specifically said, "it he said I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The house of Israel is the nation of Israel grading so when I ask the question.

Was he sent to the whole world.

The answer is will know what his word world mean the word world means what it means in this context. So, if governmentally, Jesus was only sent to Israel, but Israel broke the covenant. So we were grafted in.

Okay I thought IRIX then eat you he love the world, all the people groups.

All the nations, not just governmentally, Israel and also people go to first John two to the propitiation only for our sin of the sins of the whole world.

While there again with word world means mean every individual who ever lived. While you can't mean that. For one thing, because if you go to first Samuel 314 God himself says, set the sins of iniquity of Eli's house will not be atoned for by sacrifice or offering forever.

Forever. At recess I will go Scripture down here to serve you would assess and so there were propitiation if you study at Grieco last boss means the sacrifice that turns away wrath, it does not mean expiation that makes it potentially removed. It actually means to remove it so he is the sacrifice it actually remove the wrath from world wait a minute. If world is every individual that necessitates universalism, but for the work forward when letting me send of these nations that we have no problem missing okay but I know I should ask Larry is a question just okay died for our sins right great that he paid for sins right a deity paper so if you know I got to dinner and you say hey man, I love you man your awesome woman to buy you dinner to go to good something that we got and you forgot your wallet to say and so I pay the bill. No big deal right things happen so it's paid for right right is there any debt left is anything leftfor did Jesus pay for this observer would ever lived. See what you did that were said that it's gone little if he paid for the sins of every ever lived people to accept it know you don't fret that dinner. He said look identical except as you pay me back down.

I just can't do that, you know, and I said don't worry about it and I just know I point behind you Haley that you to the right hand. The waiter that my card and the desperate get this paid right. I sliced up and it was pretty slick, Lisa.

I don't like that. So what it's done.

You have accepted for to be done. The acceptance is not what makes a legal debt paid would make a legal debt paid as the blood of Jesus Christ which dated on the cross. That's what took care of it and is either paid or is not paid, which is why such Colossians 214. He canceled the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross is canceled for example good for those who will believe right I will problem without any grants of believe it is 129 so you can say he canceled for the ones I got grants to believe my that he can't tell you something I know the radio show.

Here goes out into the basement of the South a lot. I know a lot of people right now say no I don't. Do not except that okay don't accept it. The question is what is the Bible teach and I look at the word world what it means and not on the context.

If any part of John 316 unit actually says in the Greek forgot to love the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe the work whosoever Greek is hosts is a rough breathing mark over the Omega with the Sigma close what it actually says in Greek is poss Hoppus to pause all ha the student loan, leaving one literally says in the Greek all the believing one so God so loved the world gave his only begotten son, that all the believing one would not perish but have everlasting life. The word hosts the group exists in the Greek it's not used there interested in why did he do that to something to think about something as they could. Over and that it is on your website as well so that is some of it isn't unilaterally worry about this stuff too much people. The radio will talk in the and so anyway that's not in fact I think it says that everyone who believes think it's also in John 640, or one of those stewing in the Greek as well, and I forgot where exactly but it's interesting when you show people the stuff it shakes him up, and here's the reason I like to do this is not because I'm showing off now is because I want people to be shaken up.

I want to go wait a minute, is that with the Bible really says because that's the right question to ask if it is what the Bible says that we are to believe it. And if we start believing stuff like this. One of things that will happen is you start realizing God is the sovereign King. God knows what he's doing. God did elect God did predestinate. Christ didn't waste his blood is not up to us in our wisdom to pick him because no one is good enough 1 Right Way from those false teachings because they are false teachings and are very, very commonly taught in the Bible and is giving in the Christian church today is her false teachings and because of this, then people sit think that salvation is completely depend upon their ability to up to obtain either faith and wisdom of their faith is also as well as maintained by their continued faithfulness to God. And that's not hot either know who's a sovereign King, God, not you. There's actually a T-shirt that says there is a God, you are not him but don't give a T-shirt would be good teacher. So I teach biblical analogy that would assess even the most actually asked don't really focus on Calvinism reform theology and the radio.

Well, that's what the Bible teaches.

You don't teaches the stuff_Scriptures will challenge him. It was the baby on it was debated and all my final, difficult. What I believe in the poverty of God how to do that. I will probably battlement. I'm going to have to rattle with the very idea of whole world being a more local place.

If you will know you effectively, but I might have raffled it. Other directly with it would be. I want to be profound.

What I want to be precise, like a sort of. You don't want a guy in the radio nickname slick out a matter to help me a lot. I got a Batman eat healthy a lot.

Go to Carmen and look up world.

You and I did know what is a source governor Winston-Salem North Carolina folks write back the Lord bless you

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