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Jim Garlow (Suffering and Sanctification)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 11, 2019 9:00 am

Jim Garlow (Suffering and Sanctification)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 11, 2019 9:00 am

Romans 5 says "suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. How can we strengthen ourselves in the Lord through life's trials? Dr. Jim Garlow joins me to talk about it and his book, "God Will See You Through This." Plus: Are technology-based religions taking shape, and what will that mean for Christians? That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is sponsored by the stand against Marxism conference hosted by the enemies within the church project. Join us October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa for the stand against Marxism conference. Register now more information is that's stand against generate reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is no is blessed is the man who perseveres under trial for once, has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him. I love that promise from Scripture. It is so encouraging to help us keep going when times are tough as they inevitably will be, if they aren't already in our lives and we also should be encouraged by the promise of God that he'll never leave us will never forsake us, and he will always work all things together for our good morning to tackle this subject today with author, historian and lifelong pastor Dr. Jim Garlock who you here nationally on the Carlow perspective and today will be hearing some of the lessons that he has learned from his own trials which he outlines in his book, God will see you through this. Dr. Carla great to have you with us. How are you today I'm doing great joy to be back with you all. Thank you so much all right when we talk about God will see you through this we know that this can mean an awful lot of things. How do you pick and choose throughout your life on the things that God has seen you through in terms of trials and sufferings in different situations in life will work titled God will view through the we had a discussion with my publisher, what to title the book and we God will see you through possibly without the word based on your we want to word this on your because everybody's going through everybody's having some challenge in her life thereby have some all, but not all the time, but in much of life. There are paying the difficulties we obviously cannot choose what the biblical become our direction. We can choose how to work on and we can choose. If we have better sales of the word of God to discover the reality that God will impact actually suits see us through this thing, whatever it is were going through at the present time such a good thing. I just think it's such a personal book and I think those kinds of approaches to the subject can be so powerful. I know it was really moving for me to read a lot of what you had to reveal in this book, but when you talk about some of the things that you've gone through in your life you know you have a lot of things that could be grouped together deaths that you've experienced in different trials here they are, but I'm interested when you talk about your journey to Jesus back in 1957 I think that's a good place to start.

You say from that early journey you learned the importance of transformation. Can you talk a little bit about how you came to know the Lord. I was so blessed to be raised in a godly Christian home growing up like that. It was mere only years later that I realized that what very normative across America race with parents who were completely consistent in their fate so on.

Obviously, I was attracted to Barbara each night being up first. But I'm aware of my sinful nature and realizing this is not good and I need to repent a nine-year-old. I can remember. If it were yesterday.

I repented with glowing God's forgiveness and that moment is so real in my life is been like it anchor from that moment on I never ever want second question the reality God loving people gave me of my stand and threw me in and by the Holy Spirit gives us the capacity to overcome those things that used to take us down in sin that so neat. I like how you say you can still remember it so clearly and I think a lot of us can say to that boy. I remember when the Lord got a hold of me.

It's such a wonderful thing growing up. What were some of the most important lessons that you learn from the Lord. Growing up things like no family and you talk about learning about community and family.

What sorts of things stick out your mind in that regard. Talk about the record, born one like and what your grief is that however as a child growing up in a home where the first child was busy and the general picture books are most, but the mother put together when we were growing up and there was one for Janie, who was busy all the picture stopped at 11 months and we should always picture of her in the casket as a child or relied white white short.

We grew up in a homework or two of the five children died before their Nike consequently had a sense of not morbidity, mortality white which we were happy families like family were morbid by nature.

But what we really will area a Norman Rockwell in America. I grew up in rural area where everybody helped out each other and I giggled as the book about George all strong community. We really didn't work together in moments of crisis everybody somebody else's house and family. Family is the epicenter of my world is the coming together and establishes of memory and undermine the odd one night, popcorn with onions, raw onion, you were either traditional couple generations in our family several generations but but you establish those traditions that are special that make memory passed down in the help past values of them that work were storytelling family. We week. I grew up with all the stories being told of the past and I did the same with my kids that my kids are doing with their kids all the story about little stories are embedded are values, how to walk a life of integrity. That's okay. We mentioned two out of the five kids in your family died before.

What was the age of 19 and you you do talk about your brother Bob what surely was a different experience because your sister you didn't know her but what about that experience changed you. How did the Lord help you through that situation really read that one about gold brother twin brother Bill behind God of about gold and the piecrust, as was dark for Rick who were extremely close to my brother's college roommate. They will call you what. When this happened, they were an outstanding outgoing, extroverted singing group on fire for God and the plane that went down and in the state we live in Kansas that one. I might run out of gas on this theory that God takes some people home early shortly to do is read that the common view among evangelicals are not on the reply does hold of you except to say that is a hold water from the biblically and emotionally.

By that I mean other theory work will will God. All the boys home because that way. So many of got shaved at the very funeral service and in my view of God to shape another way without taking Bob out like that. Each ID out of that I wrestle with God or are you you really still you are you really control her or do you have become a control I think you and in that chapter I describe the steps I went through one person in particular, we come to the conclusion that God is very much in control. This sovereignty is not challenged by the heart ache for like my plate.

Craig and Dale and the fact is we live in a busted up hurting people world introduced by Lucifer thinking by enemy sand and by our baby was Sam the whole human race so if you have a broken world hard to bring this pain appeared and that didn't originate with God originate with you for himself and humanity participated in and that that really helped me. At that point sort through that.

That's where I work through the point of Bob and it would go further minor standing of clamming a life later on. We had an adoption fell through. Yeah, and you had your father die as well. That's another chapter that you talk about how no one would my dad died of him anyway. It was a godly man consistent. I can't think of a reason to complain about my dad that he will can't say that I'm right. I'm but one night when he passed away I realized I was relying on my earthly father without my help and my heavenly father jolted be patient to watch. I was reliant upon the dad was here about my heavenly father, getting in Isaiah chapter 6. We can use either guide us all. The Lord high and mighty look that up in the words when my when the great reformer, my human problems knocked out from under me.

Isaiah say I saw. I do not like the neighbor God the one who's in charge.

The boss the ultimate ruler both like I would like that when my dad was removed from me. I realized I had not been relying adequately on my only father be my heavenly father and God forced me to recalibrate exactly where I understood my shorts as well.

That is incredible. There's a lot more to come to God will see you through this is the name of the book, Dr. Jim Carla joining us will come.

There's been a leftist takeover within conservative Christianity ungodly socialist ideas are coming to prominence ideas like social justice, critical race theory and cultural Marxism and leading figures within mainstream evangelicalism are showing themselves to be untrustworthy as shepherds and guardians of the truth. If you are a Christian who wants to know what to do about this serious shift away from biblical truth that I invite you to join me at the upcoming stand against Marxism Conference Taking Pl., October 18th and 19th in Des Moines, Iowa posted by the enemies within the church project to stand against Marxism conference will inform you about this dangerous infiltration of postmodern thought connect you with other concerned Christians teach you how to defend biblical Christianity in your own church. Register now for the stand against Marxism conference October 18-19 in Des Moines, Iowa. For more information you can visit stand against that's stand against

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That's 855402, baby. There's a banner to We are back in Janet met for today great to have you along great to have with us Dr. Jim Carlisle God will see you through this 26 lessons I learned from the father through the joys and hurts of everyday life.

This is his new book, and I'm so glad about this, but because it's very personally share a lot of stories of your life in some of the trials you've been through and yet you give people hope in that the Lord has seen you through an awful lot of this, as it were, and we were talking a little bit about you know your father's death, your sister, your brother, many people will also know about your wife's death, your first wife's death, and I know that you spent a great deal of time speaking in the book about your wife Carol and what would you say was the greatest lesson that the Lord taught you through that experience because that's that's a whole different level, losing your wife. We went through a secure battle with cancer in and through that whole time. I really thought we would be the first ones to overcome this particular type of cancer in and make it through weekly weekly. She did get the 99th percentile in terms of longevity but obviously finally the cancer to take her life with the greatest lesson I learned through that she began to work with somebody like Carol Nasser knows that it is ravages the body and integration vomiting was normal all the time all kinds of other related challenges and there was not much restraint she had and one day one Saturday night late. I was cleaning up vomit off the floor of the bathroom and I start complaining to the Lord. Think this is a chair. Other pressures are going to do this now to pressure you can get another pastor doing that here I am is a pressure where my doing.

On Saturday night under my hands and knees cleaning up Islam done it so many times and I heard the Lord say something today Michael. My eyes and that is her voice so clearly this is the best ministry you have ever had that moment will show transformational was so change I deeply love my life. There is no question about that wonderful year marriage for your but in that moment, my attitude towards handling the illness altered and I realized I truly had been given greatest opportunity for ministry. The most important ministry I had in my life I was doing that night.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself. I suddenly realized what an honor. Washing what joy be down there on hands and knees cleaning up vomit that night.

It changed me forever. That is just that striking is that such a difficult thing but yeah how the Lord worked in that situation for you to give you a fresh perspective and you think of Jesus you know washing the feet of his disciples and other greatest of all is the servant of all. And that requires that kind of situation required you to be a servant and do some very difficult tasks that that's incredible. And yet you have joys that the Lord has brought you through as well. I know I've had the privilege of meeting your lovely wife Rosemary and you have, you know you are such a great couple and I know that you're doing a lot of wonderful ministry together. Can you talk a little bit about how the Lord has used your new marriage and how you have really reached out with the word of God in the governmental sector. I know this is such an important thing that you're doing right now will thank you so much.

Yes, I would you a deep valley of grief and then God brought me back up. I met a woman named Rosemary Schindler.

Her family is actually related to Oscar Schindler of Schindler's list frame and she had been at that time 52 times that Israel had her own measured been 20 countries and Lord brought us together and covered a perfect fit for the nature of our merge callings and joint anointing available we have is a ministry called will first is that will burst is a ministry bringing biblical principles of governance to government leaders. So we small team worked with me and we have a Bible study for members of Congress on a weekly basis in our U.S. Congress. We have one over the State Department. We have the one for young congressional staff in DC we have a metric United Nations in New York City.

What is a weekly Bible study in the United Nations or employees of the nation and then we meet with Amb. Darrell came about her one time in their offices hundred and 93 ambassadors of United Nations in terms of member relations we have now met privately one-on-one with Nike 193 nations and then we have a Bible study, we cosponsor in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem.

It is Jews and Christians studying the poor all the time now. Quote the Hebrew Scriptures all week. Pinnacle the Old Testament together, led by a member, the Knesset asked a former member of the Knesset, a rabbi Jewish rabbi by the name of Yehuda Glick who was a very special friend of our souls. Those are the three epicenters we focus on primarily and then the doors open for a small delegation of us from time to time to meet with heads of state very countries we try to bring biblical principles govern. We met for example with LCC in Egypt.

The goal of Jordan Mr. Netanyahu Israel Nobles and Arnold Brazil morales in Guatemala Hernandez and on the Rochelle Barzani encouraged Sam was the Lord's opening doors. We walk them and work were just on the verge week. Think of being able to establish pastors and various other cities. The coastal Rica in the capital. Darrell capital one will bring biblical government to governmental leadership.

Does the Bible speaks to personalize your family is your church issues. They don't realize the Bible speaks to civil governance issues in the God established government use devilish nations.

And if we take that will follow them in civil governance will reduce human pain and suffering, poverty.

So that's our goal will burst is will we lay all this out of what were currently doing all that is so exciting. That's an awful lot to take off and put I know you're up to it. You have so much energy and insight. And that's didn't necessarily need to hear and I'll be praying for your ongoing ministry because that's so important to reach these people with the gospel and you know something else. When you talk about governments and and you're calling to bring God's truth to bear on governments. This is something else you address in the book you talk about the impactful Democratic convention. Can you tell people a little bit about that because this goes way back for you. This calling that you have. I was nine years of age August 13 when I was nine years of age. A hot summer day. I grew up on the farms of Kansas and only two families in our community that time had television set as though it was a big deal black and white TV would only get eustachian, but the Democratic National Committee came on the next week. The Republican convention, Piedmont. We watch both of them.

The Republican convention was rather predictable.

The Democratic was not have a lot of 00 a lot of melodrama and it is a matter fact was going to be in and actually select their vice president. There are supposedly present the candidate selecting his own and so that was such a high-energy event for me while I was watching that governmental anointing came upon me. Now I know to call it that many decades later by. From that moment on I was not to say every person has that moment in their life whether quitting was that your children with her finger tap on the shoulder call that destiny for what your life is exactly what the point is, God will come to every person he will call them and empower them in my case it came at an early age. Jeremiah's case, the calling came upon the Old Testament before he was born in the womb, and for some it comes later in life. Nine years of age, I felt a calling to the governmental arena and from that day on I watch the news and was studying government from that thing on Aldus my life. I thought he might run for office, Lord, to know you won't encourage those who do more bringing biblical principles of governance to government leaders.

What were doing today what you know that's a difficult calling know what you've been doing and I know you've really gone through it. In California, particularly when you are pastoring at skyline church. You had so much that went on in your life. Just trying to bring God's truth to bear on what was going on in the civil sector what encouragement would you give to other Christians who are experiencing similar callings.

People who might be working in the grassroots, volunteering, trying to stand up against evil and the public school. These sorts of issues because that is toffee I'm sure you ran into just roadblock after roadblock in frustration and you know spiritual warfare like nobody probably could believe how do you keep going when you hit those roadblocks when you have that kind of a calling you. We have encountered greater spiritual warfare in the last electric to have years that I have in all my previous years complying daily is been intense but that's the nature of what were dealing with that sleep.

The nature of the evil one. He could just talk about Prince project hours, routers misplaced in the world. He places a course of spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places. You're dealing with top-level demonic activity. So that's to be really expected the answer is a very simple one. Yet an eternal perspective, people sick with a certain issues you're on the wrong side of history which I respond, I'm on the right side of eternity and official authorities long and we read Hebrews 11 chapter of all those people, old people of faith in Hebrews 11 will talk about Abraham will talk about will talk about the people got to see some of the problems will rarely talk about is the end of the chapter, which is in many who never saw their will receive the promise was given to him and his assembled, they were destitute. They wandered. They lived in caves relive the holes and he goes on to say they were they were killed by the store and Amos are the price. Some of them were shot into male grosses that this week we celebrate the life because they stood for 880 shipper values as we got to keep. I on the eternal quest you keep your eye on the eternal values then you won't have to groan to complain white so much about some of the pain that we have in this earth for a very very short time. There you go and have all these trials that the Lord is price through his is it made it that much more clear to you that that's exactly what is needed is that help strengthen you as you continue on obeying the Lord and where he has called you that this is eternal and I come this far, I'm gonna keep on going from here I'm to finish this race. Absolutely it is a very interesting never quite clear got quite clear in Scripture that if you follow Jesus you are really going to face some tough times, persecution here. Jesus was very blunt about this back. That's why you and it was a John 666. I've always been a bright embrace that with back there was is this verse sick sick sick. He turned away quit following up, many turned away quit following Jesus did not win the fastest growing church in our state award, many turned away because they knew it was a high price and he called people go to the cross. What I love that Dr. Jim Garland the name of the book. I will see you through this.

Thank you so much Dr. Carl. Always a pleasure to talk to you and really appreciate your being with us joy to be on with you as well.

Thank you so much God bless this Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by the stand against Marxism conference hosted by the enemies within the church project. Join us October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa for the stand against Marxism conference. Register now more information is that's stand against Looking back to Janet met for today. This is an interesting story and courts technology oriented religions are coming.

I'm not sure I like the sound of that now. In fact I know I don't like the sound of that modern society. They say has been unsuccessful in scaling new religions beyond the cults of personality or the niches of Scientology. But as the digital and virtual worlds evolve. This is set to change the 21st century is setting the stage for a new type of widespread faith technology-based religions techno oriented religious movements represent a big departure from the strategies of 20th century style calls which could make them even more dangerous. That's what we want the foundations for this growth are governed by three factors, the Internet, which allows for rapid scale quantified self technologies which promise self betterments and new served by, and news surveillance methods which ensure a whole new type of peer pressured submission Skynet creep you out remind you the Antichrist while the Internet I'm sure will be used by the antichrist at some point in some way because it all just kinda makes sense. I'm telling you we're in the last days we really are in the last days and and I know were all feeling that when we look around us and we see all the developments that are coinciding when we see the rise of technology when we see the collapse of culture. We see the increase in lawlessness, man's love growing called the family collapsing the increase of homosexuality. The increase of globalism and progressivism, and you know the resurgence of communism and interest in communism. All of this is coming together in ways that I think are a little bit nerve-racking to a lot of Christians, but remember that the Lord's gonna come back. I I I think that it's very easy for all of us to feel a little bit desperate at times, because we so much want to leave behind for our children. A world that's even better than the one into which we were born. And let's face it, we were born into a great world a great country a country where we could worship the Lord freely. We have religious freedom and freedom of speech and all of the things that we just really took for granted as Americans.

I think for many decades. At least I'm speaking for myself in that way. And now are beginning to see the erosion of those things and it certainly is the case that the Internet is exacerbating the totalitarianism that is all around us, but they say that tech back to movements like the Arab spring, black lives matter and climate strike scale by tapping into a growing sense of social injustice. Of course, right or left economic inequality is becoming visible on a global scale and technology is connecting all of those audiences into one digital network task to affect change. I'm telling you, I do not like the sound of this, they mention augmented mindfulness.

This is the Eastern philosophy, mindfulness, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without charging them. This is exploded into popular consciousness. It's even been integrated into the wellness movement focused on inward explanation and breath work and yoga yes and some people who are a little bit less discerning tend to think I can just incorporate these things with Christianity and come up with a Christian yoga are come up with a Christian mindfulness. Now that's just misunderstanding what Scripture is all about and how it points us to Jesus Christ and not to anything other than biblical meditation and that is chewing on the word chewing on the word of God soaking ourselves in Scripture and memorizing Scripture and using Scripture everywhere you can. But then they also talk about the third component related to AI artificial intelligence its insatiable need for large amounts of data which coincides nicely with the work of governments around the world installing pervasive surveillance systems in the fight against terror speeding or human freedom. Depending on your domicile well look at what is going on in the world right now you've got these protests at NBA games standing for Hong Kong are saying Google DU girders and they're getting their signs snatched away because the NBA doesn't want to offend China and those kinds of things are more disturbing than maybe a lot of other things because you see in America where we have historically embraced and valued our freedom. Increasingly, not caring so much. At least I not caring about your freedom.

They're not caring about your rights, they're not caring about your free speech and your freedom of religion now, but they ends by saying together, these trends point the way to fertile ground for digital cults and religions and methods and ways foreign to our past is Greta Thunberg's climate revolution.

The beginning of a movements and a new ecological mandates are the neo-Nazi far right seeking a spiritual home for deep rhetoric, and most importantly, how will any of us resist the temptation to just follow along when everyone else in your social network is joined whatever the fortnight WhatsApp tick-tock mashup of all of that becomes we feel pressured into joining whatever new social media platform is does your or downloading whatever buzzy app. Everyone else is using what happens when these forces coalesce into social movements that demand more from us. The technological tools are there and so is the social pressure to enlist as well as our lack of individual ability to recessed keep this in mind, keep this in mind because increasingly I'm thinking the Christian has the duty to resist.

We have to resist evil and obey God rather than man were God's law and man's law conflict and we certainly have to be discerning in these days very disturbing you know what really drives home to me from that story is the points that as we move away from a biblical worldview. Everything starts to unravel and so you might end up with technology-based religions. But what's really happening is man is in the sun. Vacuum, it's gotta be filled with something when you take the Lord our God out of the equation. Anything can happen. Look at this this is happening in Nevada Nevada. This is from our friend Wesley Chase met the bioethicist over national review.

This is just stunning. Nevada has passed a law allowing competent people to sign in advance directive, instructing that all food and water be withheld if they become incapacitated by dementia.

In other words, the law allows people to order their future caregivers to starve and dehydrate them to death. There is this advanced directive form called the end-of-life decisions addendum statement of desires. That's now in law because of SB 121, which is just been signed that says yes or no. I want to get food and water.

Even if I do not want to take medicine or receive treatment. You can opt out, of getting food and water. Now the highlighted question does not involve feeding tubes, which is a medical treatment.

It isn't about not providing nourishment when somebody stops eating and drinking naturally as part of the dying process, nor does it involve force-feeding the patient. This is a provision requiring withholding oral or spoon feeding. That is, the patient can eat, and the patient can drink and the patient says I don't want any food or drink even though I can eat and I can drink and think about this for a moment can change his mind in the moment right and say I'm hungry I'm hungry. It sounded good when I signed the form and I'm hungry, feed me know know now your advanced directive says were not allowed to feed you and here's the really scary part.

What kind of conundrum does that put the caregiver in because it's not just necessarily somebody that you hired some hospice nurse or something who sitting there that would be bad enough, but what about doctors. Christian doctors are Christian nurses who are now going to be bound by these forms that were signed by the patient know you can't feed or dehydrate this patient because the patient decided to starve me to death dehydrate me to death that goes against everything in the Hippocratic oath, do no harm, but also your job as a doctor or nurse is to treat people with ultimate dignity and you do feed people until they can't eat any more or until they can't drink anymore.

Naturally, we understand that during the dying process when it's futile that sometimes patients just naturally stop wanting food or stop wanting water and those are really hard decisions whether or not to insert a feeding tube.

How old is the person what is the prognosis for recovery for that person. Lots and lots of families go through those kinds of tough decisions every day. This is something else again now realize that this form he says could force caregivers to starve patients even when they willingly eat and drink and even as I mentioned before, if they ask for food or water and this is happened before.

As a matter of fact in a feeding tube case in Florida. This is from an article on the Nevada law by bioethicist Thaddeus Mason Pope, who said that even after we stop offering food influence fluids.

Other problems may arise most problematically, the patient may make gestures or utterances that seem to contradict her prior instructions to be starved to such communication, revoke the advance directive.

A recent court case from the Netherlands suggest the answer is no. Once the patient reaches late stage dementia.

She is unable to knowingly and voluntarily revoke decision she made with capacity, but the answer remains uncertain in the United States. This is so evil and this is the rubber going down but this is what happens when you take God out of the equation to come back to this that we have to pause for a quick break. Join us after the break you listening to Janet for today hi this is Janet map or it may be hard for Americans to believe, but there are many people in Lebanon who have never heard anything about Jesus. That's exactly why hard for Lebanon is there working in the nation that's currently home to more than 2 million Syrian refugee families who have been displaced through no fault of their own, every day. Hartford Lebanon is reaching out to these families in Jesus name telling them about him, and providing food, Christian education and survival essentials and the Lord is changing lives one little girl will call Shayna was one of those refugee kids who had never heard of Jesus until she enter hard for Lebanon's educational program.

When Shane was given the assignment to write about a defining moment in her life.

She chose to write this we were in Syria and we knew nothing about Christ the Lord. When we came to Lebanon, I joined Hartford Lebanon school. It is there where I got to know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that he can save my sins and that whosoever worships him will have eternal life, and you know what Shayna learned who Jesus was, because someone here in the United States supported the important work of hard for Lebanon and you can support them to right now you can help rescue a child like Shayna and her family with food, Christian education and survival essentials for just $0.98 a day. That's just $29 a month to rescue a family of six. Call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to These families need immediate help and more than that.

They need Jesus Christ and they need to hear the gospel that can save please help the important work of Hartford Lebanon today. Again, that number is 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to

Thank you so much for what ever you can do and God bless you Janet map for today I was talking just a few moments ago about this new law in Nevada that says you can decide whether or not want to be starved to death or dehydrated to death through an advanced directive and I guess it doesn't matter what kind of position you put your nurses are your doctors and it doesn't matter what kind of position you might put your own family members and it's not even a matter of taking a feeding tube out or die naturally because your body is shutting down. It's a matter of saying stop feeding me and stop giving me drink and who knows whether or not that patient with dementia would even be able to revoke it verbally. If able to do so it's it's so sickening. And you know this is good to be the next great fight it's wire try to talk about this as often as possible because the culture of death. We've already seen the effects on the unborn and next to come of the elderly, the elderly, the infirm is we move toward single-payer.

It's good to become more and more about money. You know you really have a duty to die because he had a good life and other people just get out of the way grandma's 80 I mean she said to Goodlett. Believe me more and more people are talking like this in its horrific its horrific it really is. There was an article over the Washington Post, of all places, just a few days ago lifting the US ban on euthanasia is like opening a Pandora's box and it's all about what will happen if euthanasia becomes lawful in the United States. Physicians in 10 states may supply lethal doses to terminally ill patients for self administration, but the US ban may not last forever. 72% of Americans support euthanasia. According to a Gallup poll taken last year 72% of people kill people's murder mean it's murder. I don't care if the person is old and infirm sick can't walk. What have you.

That is just mean. That's the stuff of Nazi Germany, it just is. So we'll see what happens. But this is why it's so important to bring the word of God to bear on this culture and to be prophetic and to say no, absolutely not. You don't murder people I want to give you an example of this.

You might be familiar with this story. This was from last year there was a 104-year-old scientist from Australia by the name of David Goodall hundred and four and he wanted to kill himself, not because he was terminally ill or anything.

He just believed in the right to die and he was a botanist and ecologist not like I said, not ill, but his health had deteriorated so badly that he had to stop a lot of his activities will get your hundred and four. I mean, of course, you would have to stop some of your activities. So why did he do he ended up going to Basil from his home in Perth with the help of exit international and entered an assisted dying center, life circle, which works with the eternal spiritual foundation that facilitates assisted voluntary death how to navigate the process.

This is from the New York Times at the time he had consultations with two doctors, including a psychiatrist in Switzerland and was visited by the Swiss police as a formality. Why certainly hope they were there to arrest the people.

Now they weren't away so he did one final news conference before killing himself for no good reason other than he didn't like being 104 anymore to listen to this though because there are a few things to hear in these cuts that I think are worthy of comment, lets us in the cup one life who have been various you have background, just seeing me. I see you in if I have no suite itself of any members of your family tried to persuade you not to go ahead no. Isn't that awful and you listen to the giggling like they're interviewing a football quarterback right after the game in LA so what you think about tomorrow's challenges working on the fundamentals.

Yeah, none of my family try to stop me from killing myself why what you hear people these reporters. Why don't you hear anybody saying to this man don't kill yourself. Why is that not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to these people are we that morally depraved that we can see it doesn't matter if your hundred and four. You can speak you can see, you can hear to a certain degree, your life matters. You matter to your family, why are you killing yourself oh hits his right to die.

He says this.

This is cut to have you chosen any particular song or music you want play tomorrow in your final moment. Whatever I had.

Some 550 move on to the right, not sure don't care about you for the shed died. I think we can arrange something for this is like a garden party is NICU. The elderly man is singing ode to Joy.

I assume that's what he was singing because that's the team for ode to Joy and joyful joyful we adore the him to get into that in just a moment, but clapping and laughing like this is some kinda good time here are talking about the elderly man. His kill himself tomorrow nobody's intervening at the family who know and love them not the people standing around him. So then the next day he received a failed dose of a barbiturate intravenously in order to comply with Swiss law that bans the interference of third parties in the process. He opened the valve to release the solution himself and fell asleep dying soon afterward.

Some of his grandchildren were with him in his final hours according to exit international he wanted no funeral and no remembrance service and he asked that his body be donated to medicine or his ashes sprinkled locally according to exit most tellingly, Mr. Goodall did not believe in the afterlife. While there is an afterlife. There is a heaven and there's a hell and let me tell you something.

I was reading through the different verses of joyful joyful we adore the and I thought how ironic.

Listen to this joyful joyful we adore the God of glory Lord of love hearts unfold like flowers before the opening to the sun above.

Melt the clouds of sin and sadness drive the dark of doubt away giver of immortal gladness Phyllis with the light of day. Melt the clouds of sin and sadness.

Is it sin and sadness that would put you in that position in the first place in the… The doubts if you have doubts that your life means anything is just it's incredible. All my works with Joyce around the earth and heaven reflect they raise stars and angels sing around the center of unbroken praise field and forest mail and mountain flowery meadow flashing. See chanting bird and flowing fountain. Call us to rejoice in the dark giving and forgiving ever blessing every blessed wellspring of the joy of living ocean depth of happy rest.

This is, you know, we need to pause more often. I think sometimes with these hymns and taken some of this very profound truth very profound biblical truth. The Lord is giving he is forgiving he does bless us. He is ever blessed and he is the wellspring of the joy of living.

Now Jesus is the living water to drink of him. You'll never be thirsty again.

And for those who don't drink of the living water. I guess your only option at some point was some of these folks is him to kill myself. Can you imagine anything more tragic than that you know to know the Lord is to know the joy of living and we see these stories at times on the Internet and in newspapers and magazines about people who were going to commit suicide. They felt despondent they felt hopeless and then something change something came along. Somehow they came to realize God loved them and that he cared about them and that he did not see life for them the way they stop themselves and this is our job. There are a lot of despondent people. There are a lot of hopeless people but we of all people are the most blessed because we know is hardest.

Life can be at times Jesus Christ makes life worthwhile because he is our joy.

We have abundant life, regardless of our circumstances, regardless of our trials and tribulations because we share in the fellowship of his sufferings we understand. Romans eight that God does work all things together for the good of those who love him and who are called according to his purpose and that regardless of how hard life may be. Life is a blip on the screen compared to eternity and we should enjoy our lives and bless God for our lives and we should do the same for those who are all around us in our lives whether their family members or friends or neighbors, or people in our church. If you know somebody who's feeling despondent if you know somebody who wants to just end his or her life, whether it's suicide via this kind of horrible situation, or if it's just somebody who doesn't want to live anymore.

By this good news is there.

The good news God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. We have a message of hope to bring to the world and we can share that hope with the people around us every day.

It's time to share Jesus Christ with the Stein dark dark world.

We gotta leave it there. Thank you for joining us enchantment for today and will see you next

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