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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Daniel Henderson (Pastoral Integrity)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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July 28, 2020 12:41 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Daniel Henderson (Pastoral Integrity)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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July 28, 2020 12:41 pm

What are we to make of all the scandals involving pastors, and how do we get back to stressing biblical and moral integrity in the pulpit? Daniel Henderson joins me to talk about it and his book, "Glorious Finish: Keeping Your Eye on the Prize of Eternity in a Time of Pastoral Failings." Plus: Why does the media mostly lay the blame for the spread of COVID-19 at the feet of churches -- without proof? I'll discuss that and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet met for today archived broadcast is brought to you by by the lead international please help us in 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians in Asia. Five dollars sends one Bible $35 sent seven.

Call now 800 yes word 800 white as the 800 yes word or there's a banner to click it. Janet met, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort us again any Christian has been paying attention in the last several years is sure to have noticed how many we must Masters of late have engaged in some shocking moral behavior that ended up really killing their ministries and even more shockingly, some have dared to lay low, only to relaunch their own churches.

Later, as if their previous sins and scandals never even happened. What are we to make about all this. More importantly, how we get back distressing biblical and moral integrity in the pulpit by emphasizing the eternal perspective that is essential in any ministry were to talk about it today with Daniel Henderson, a former pastor of over two decades is now the president of strategic renewal in his new book is called glorious finish keeping your eye on the prize of eternity in a time of pastoral failings, Daniel. It's great to have you back to the show. How are you doing will vital topic and glowed up in conversation with you while it is a vital topic.

I've been a little worn down. I think by a lot of these stories that have emerged over the last several years. As you can imagine, it's just been crazy, but you actually say in the book you are called in twice to churches where you succeeded.

A pastor who fell. Can you tell us a little bit about what that was like to be the next man in after somebody fell in a church, a pastor will probably you plan to do or want to do so. Call me the OSHA class tribunal, you never want a girl walks one was doctoral… Came from both of these were high visibility of moral failures made regional national news of very large churches both very different.

The first one. The pastorate actually covered up as his immorality of his indiscretions for eight years.

The other wanted to just happen when they discovered it, but in both cases, lots of her obviously a huge trust deficit in the name of Christ being dishonored and a real rebuilding process, but the lessons from that Janet really have become a framework for what I wrote in the book because you learn a lot when you clean up.I can only imagine that that is a really hard calling this an important one because part of what you're doing when you're the man called in next you're trying to not only lead the church but you're also trying to restore it would seem faith in the ministry did you feel that way when you came to those churches I have to in some sense redeem the office of the pastor in the eyes of these people who have been so discouraged by what happened with the last guy that's right you noted to this guy you'll preach and baptize married my head all the while these things were going on the surface, so you really do have to rebuild trust and get all the news you know that comes from greatly teaching the word comes from your real accountability that you build into the mural process is a ministry in our case you some extraordinary will focus on prayer because only the Holy Spirit can really rebuild trust in restore people's confidence in church leadership and in some cases even in the power of the gospel time to think, will begin work for him will work for me.

That's a really important point. What you think about pastoral failings in general. It's always been something that has occurred, but maybe in the Internet age it seems like it's happening more frequently, especially with some of these big name pastors.

But what is your take on why this might be going on and and if there's any special elements to the fact that were seen more of its work. They could always talk about it always starts with your spiritual neglect obviously neglecting their relationship with the Lord.

Number one, you know that's vibrant, that's the ultimate accountability for ultimate spiritual help or ministry, but I think in time that leads to neglect Lisa self-reliance and self-reliance can lead to professionalism and a sense of entitlement and pretty soon as I write about of the book there's a compartmentalization that moves into one's wife separating one segment from the other, you know, it certainly is more visible today Janet because of the Internet in the news but I do think it's more prominent today as well just because of all the unusual temptations that I think are unique to our media craze cultures well yeah well all of that stuff is really important. I want to get into more of it in detail, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are also about the fact I've seen this over the course of my life that used to be.

Generally speaking, at least in my experience that if you were part of a denomination you had men going to seminary you had ordination you had the church doing all these interviews and that still goes on today that this phenomenon of men starting their own churches and kinda becoming the star of the church is a rather new phenomenon. Do you think that that has any bearing on what were seen in terms of the later pastoral filings that come about because you the motive for getting everything and you know when Paul said, if you want to be an elder shall pastor you desire a good thing for whatever back in Paul's day was you're the first one to get your headshot and shoulders really are committed to sacrificing and you know seriousness about the teaching of the word God. Unfortunately again today kind of the rockstar clergyman phenomenon is motivated to take a lot of people beginning the ministry for the wrong reasons you know to try to prove their significance to become a person of importance and they take a lot of shortcut to getting there that winds up becoming part of the reason for the bountiful yeah I can imagine the apostle Paul. Caring about Twitter followers or book deal. Somehow I care about cat yeah so you know, we mention something really important, which is when were looking at the biblical qualifications for pastors we would go to passages like first Timothy three and Titus one. Mainly those traits that are mentioned in in distinguishing who should lead the church who should be the elder put a pastor elder really are character qualities and I wonder how much you would regard the issue of character as being a fundamental issue to examine more on the front end when you're hiring a pastor will let you know it's what all cautioned the church body to rapidly lay hands on someone goes appointing a ministry other needs to be a proven track record of character and faithfulness in clearly grasp of the word of God to be helpful. You and Christ honoring again. But that's why so many old guard nominations and associations, building things like ordination internships and residencies because it requires us to see the lifestyle of someone before they take all that very serious task of filling the pulpit, preaching the word leading by example. Amen.

You see something really good. You say a lot of good things in this book, but one of the things that you say is church leaders commonly teach about living with an eternal perspective. But what does this look like in the daily choices of ministry life so broadly speaking, how would you answer that computer to book something just really wrote about it and that is you know we got a little indefinable really called to and I asked the reader will complete the sentence I'm called to we put a lot of different answers and there will be a speaker could be pastor radio host of other father. Whatever, but the versa really rooted my heart. First Peter 510 says that we are called to his eternal glory in Christ, and that may sound very ethereal, but it's very very practical.

Like I say in the booklet. Everything we do this side of eternity is preparatory. That's all it is it's it's a vapor significant but it's significant in light of what's on the other side of eternity and that is Christ's eternal glory and I just got a coaching call about 10 pastors up with the book and we were really saying how practical it is to realize that you got to decide what the school board is in the scoreboard is in heaven. Obviously the scorekeeper is perfect and he's on the field with us. You know he's not just looking from a distance. She's on the field with as she sees everything we do and never misses a call and his reward is eternal and I think that shifts our focus away from comparison and we call political and those changes will help many people came and what they do and it really helps is really the essence of our calling is eternal God. Keep that in front of us on a daily basis. That's so true, and I would imagine a lot of pastors say it's difficult in the ins and outs of daily ministry to remember that that's why it's so hard because I have so much on my plate. I would say discouragement is a temporary loss of perspective that's a daily battle for every pastor and you know, busyness and criticism, and financial pressures of English goes on and on. Can blur our perspective and so I think every day. We got that one calls where is the scoreboard. What really matters, because this really matters in the river kingdom of my will clash excellent work applies Daniel Henderson with us. His book is glorious finish will come back to the conversation. After this break on Janet Janet for today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives. My name is Dan Steiner and I'm the president of pre-born ultrasound truly is a game changer when a mom comes into pregnancy center under pressure to abort her child.

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That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Jonah's Medford today. You're welcome back. It's great to have you with us in great-aunt with us Daniel Henderson. He is president of strategic renewal. He's also a former pastor of over two decades and he is out with a great book called glorious finish keeping your eye on the prize of eternity in a time of pastoral failings and this is also something that every Christian means to keep in mind, not just the pastors. Daniel obviously that we all have to fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith was Jesus Christ. How would you begin to advise pastors to start out with that eternal perspective and maintain it. What sorts of things need to happen in the daily life of a pastor to keep that eternal perspective. All your life personal worship. Obviously commit early the contrast about a spiritual neglect to really be a worshiper not only leading services on Sunday right but I mean really being one who seeks the heart of God in meaningful rhythms of life and spiritual pursuit we talk correctly how to do the highest adjusting the book.

I think that leads to a heart of humility and worship and humility are really two sides of the same coin. And then that set the whole trajectory. I think on a daily basis is to why you do what you do, how you do what you want tends to trigger you for good or bad or otherwise, and my fellow will pastor said it wants of excrement to make sure I used to think I was called the ministry, but now you're called intimacy in ministry is just the overflow of biochemistry and I think that really summarizes it really well as to what the sources of the real you totally should ministry right now.

Course I think of some of the pastors that I've talked to over the years to Sam so busy I'm an administrator and I got to do this and that and everything else and I almost feel like I I I am neglecting my time with the Lord simply because my time is so spoken for all the time. How do you carve out a time each day, really, to study the word as a Christian, not necessarily doing the academics of preparing a sermon only, but having that fellowship with the Lord every day and that time in the word. Are there some tricks of the trade you learned along the way as a pastor on how to make sure that takes priority come to mind one of things we talk a lot about in our crew.

We coach pastors and church approved leadership is a difference between seeking God's face and shaking his hand.

You know his hand is what we need to do for us the greatest face a few years and even the model prayer Jesus gave his really clear your secret space recording significant data would save all you do is figure 10. You may miss the space but if you shake the space will be glad as a relates to the pastors again would continue to be praying for us.

We can get through the week just so we can manager the board meetings are so we can get a sermon together. I would suggest all those are good prayers but their prayers there seeking God's hand we need to set our hearts over dinner she got space to seek him simply for the beauty a few years. Nobody does for us, not how we can help us manage things so that's one thing I thought about of the book Janet and I practices over the years is when you get to that point were you running on fumes or just over busy. You need a reset and I have recommended in this book and pastors that you know at least twice a year. You need to go away and have a personal spiritual retreat. The plan ministry not to strategize the vision but simply could be being with Jesus in the practice of discipline of solitude and silence of fasting and meditation and prayer and Bible reading because you just you have to do that. You gotta reset your soul every once in a while the treadmill of ministry. All you do, in which you say that as a pastor you would have more of a unique spiritual warfare experience than you would if you were not a pastor. Do you find differences in the sorts of things that pastors go through via the enemy as opposed to the layman.

Obviously you were straight.

Without user bowling analogy not much of a bowler, but one thing I know it's really hard to get a strike if you know that they had been The devil knows that is not the pastors. More important, they're just more influential in the enemy knows he wants to take out all 10 pins. You gotta hit the head. In fact, the best strike is between what had been the one next to it which is often the marriage you know all relationships in the staff. Whatever the case is so W is a strategist and he knows what a a real high impact.

It really is, which is why we really got great for our pastors. In that regard. Absolutely. And what about accountability what you think is an appropriate accountability structure for Pastorino and many churches there will be additional staff members who can keep you accountable but you know that that's not a failsafe. So what is a good system that you found for holding pastors accountable so you know, in the best case scenario of moral failing, would not totally be possible because there too many people who are around you and really paying attention to you you I talked about four dimensions of accountability that actually was written about another book called Brazilian pastor.

But I really think the right and they're all relational Janet water.

One of them is a mentor. I think every pastor Nguyen accountability to a mentor who can really invest in his life. Further down the road. The second is an outline that is Richard would probably be a staff member. We work together we try to be transparent acrylic about that different than the portal, which is a confidant, and even the coaching with our pastors.

We talk about the fact it's really not fair to make an ally a talk with because even an elder staff member. They have a dual loyalty. One is to you and one is to the church and if you share something that could be potentially compromising.

Hopefully adult world they're going to have to side with the church. You need a confidant that you can spell all your that's where who's committed to your holiness and your sanctification but probably outside the system of the foregoing is a protégé will think about that, but for years augmenter 12 young man every year and that's accountability to because you have these younger men looking at you from a different angle, so I think real accountability is a mentor and ally call put it in a protégé and I've been challenging pastors in our coaching. Make sure you got all four of those dimensions, a relationship built in because I think that'll really be a biblical process of the Ability to let you know when I think about that. The pastors marriage and your so much in the spotlight. Do you tend to find that among the pastors who have moral failings. There is a problem in the marriage or do you think it's more along the lines of, there was a character flaw. To begin with our you know what certain dynamics tend to be there when you do see a pastor.

For example, who commits adultery.

Adultery course are numerous reasons why pastor may be disqualified related to money or abusive behavior.

Whatever it is, but certainly you mean you know the biggest anecdote to the crab grass is green grass in your own field right and I think the reality of your pastor who goes after the back shelf would grab rush after Astroturf order protocol because aggression was old. Marriage is not been Healthy and green and vibrant and so there certainly is a connection there is in that regard, that's true. What church is because when you're, you know listeners who are tuning in and hearing about this may not be pastors themselves, but those say boy we really want to support our pastor and make sure that our church is not can go through some of the scandals that we seen in the news do you have advice for churches on helping their pastors really stay focused on Christ. Things like perhaps giving them more opportunity to get away and to be able to have these times with the Lord and not packing their schedule so tightly things like that. A number of points of advice I would give a good part of your religion is great. You know, it's hard to be a critic and an intercessor at the same time and even mobilizing the church to pray.

I was blessed over the years with pastors, prayer partners over 100 men who pray for me every day.

I don't know that I shall be ministry not understand the mystery that all but without their prayers sustained me. I think encouraging a pastor to keep good priorities.

We are very strong about priorities of prayer and the ministry of the word I say you know often that the devil doesn't have to destroy pastoral has to do is distract them and show just crazy like clear biblical priorities. Yes, making sure is taking his medication and making sure those around him are you encouraging to rest and stay focused and my friend Jim similar you know told me when you read this book you should know everyone in the pew to read this because it really helps them understand the realities of the battle they face and the choices they have to make in order to even pray more intelligently and be practically supportive and again that's really good. You know, and we talked a little bit about calling in the front end but to define a call to the ministry because that's really where it all begins heat. You do have. Unfortunately, men who are in the ministry. At least I've experience shouldn't be in the ministry and probably were called to be in the ministry, but how do you tell the difference when you know a man really is called in a man is not called, how you deal with that before any of these things ever come about because it seems if you start there.

There might be some good moves you could make that would fend off some of the problems that might come along later an anecdotal response first unit I was sitting with. What could be an agreement one time or speaking it altogether and initiate wisdom. He put his hand on mine and said reflectively. He said you know I'm could bench that for all these years.

But there are more men in ministry out of insecurity rather than that of calling and that was riveting.

You know, and I think you know could use ministry as a means to bolster real sense of self significance.

I think there's always a miss flyer you can see the fruits of that you know the dragging this.

The insecurities that come up. You know when conflict arises, etc. it certainly could be generally called and still struggle with insecurity and the goal of this would relate to that but but I figured that Christ works focus on mission gobble called a bunch of pastors and we ended with this whole focus. The Bible doesn't talk about dying and going to heaven to talk about dying and going to be with Christ and I think the market would truly biblically called leader is there focus on Christ, not on ministry, not on building a church, you know, not on growing organization or having a platform. I think the real evidence of someone who's called, generally called is their passion for the person in the glory of Jesus Christ through his gospel so right and so right and that returns us back to what you said earlier that this experience of personal worship of the Lord. Humility goes along with that. In the more that you spend time with the Lord, the less shall rely on yourself. You know he must increase and I must decrease becomes much more of your experience. I think when you really have your focus on Jesus Christ and and not just on what am I gonna do today in my ministry. Try one of my mentors years ago. John MacArthur probably knowing my work for them for a few years. Yes, you. I said that the Q humility is you out.

Well, you know that's more than just having a textbook of theology that is daily. God then resume is your mind around the beauty and wonder who used to help you see yourself as you are and imported as realizing his love for you so that you're not having to prove yourself in ministry is not a glorious finish. Thank you Daniel Henderson with us and will be back this Janet met for today archived broadcast is brought to you by by the lead international please help us send 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians in Asia. Five dollars sends one Bible $35.07 seven call now 800 yes word 800 why he asked me 800 yes word or there's a banner to click it. Janet Janet Mefford today. Here's your host Joe Mefford for Sarah Janet met today brought to you by Bible league international help us to send Bibles to needy Christians in Asia. Five dollars is all the costs to send one Bible have been so grateful for your support and if you'd like to continue to help us get Bibles to Asia. The number to call is toll-free 800 yes word that's 800 yes word or there's a banner to and by the way, when you go over to

I have a new blog post up today to update it nearly as much as I would like to do mainly because of time, mainly because working on radio stuff and it's hard to get a lot of time to write but I put together a piece today that I think is really important for people to read and I don't often say that but it has to do with a problem. I've been talking about for the last, I would say several months that is all of the journalism or as I call it garbage journalism that is out there about church is spreading the coronavirus now I don't have any doubt that people have caught coronavirus because they were exposed to it at church and any doubt that that's happened there are enough people out there who were at church in enclosed spaces and may be people not far apart enough for what have you. And they contracted it.

I also believe people have contracted it at Walmart and I believe they've contracted it target and Kroger and all kinds of other venues across the country except when you open up the pages of the gray lady, the New York Times, or you look on the Internet.

You see some of the stories that are out there from a number of different leftist media sites you would get the impression that the entire reason we are seeing the increase in cases of covert 19 across this country is because of churches and I have been watching this and I have been reading all of the stories I've talked about some of the stories on the air but not put together a piece that really puts it all together to say this is garbage journalism again. It's not that I think no church has ever had a transmission of covert, 19, it's just that when you going to the stories in detail. You realize you any proof of most of what they're claiming they just don't have any proof. Now let me give you one of the examples that has just come up.

There's a story here from in Alabama and here's the headline, a small Alabama church had a revival and now 40 people have coronavirus now what is the impression you get when you hear that headline data revival and because of the revival 40 people got coronavirus, but the revival caused coronavirus but people being there at the revival was the reason that they contracted coronavirus, so let's listen to what this story actually says more than 40 people have coronavirus after attending a weeklong revival and a small North Alabama Baptist Church last week, Pastor Darrell Ross said today who's the source of the story here. The pastor is a pastor health department spokesman.

Now he's pastor only two male members cases were serious.

He said one respiratory he almost got put in the hospital but he's okay.

Ross said the other one fought it off with two days and bad okay so we already know at the outset everybody has recovered, which is pretty stiff you think about it, they just contracted it and they're all fine now.

Every single person the whole church is God. It just about Ross said, and that includes himself.

He said he tested positive but has few symptoms now somebody coming into this story from the outside might say. And the story is what because already what they've told you is a bunch of people got a virus and they are all fine. If that were the lead in this story, you would immediately click on the next story when you you taste so hot, why would anybody care every got coronavirus and everybody's fine okay the end that that was a great story. Should I freak out over this they going to say the warrior Creek missionary Baptist Church is located in Marshall County. A little community called strawberry and the pastor said we had church Wednesday night we were in revival, morning and night services on the way back over Thursday is when we found out I got a call that one of our guys in the church has tested positive so we shut down revival and by Friday night.

I've got church members sick everywhere hold the phone a minute. I don't know when this revival started which day of the week.

It actually started. I'm gonna just guess that it started on a Monday because it was a weeklong revival so probably started on a Monday night when Wednesday night is when they had church so he says he puts the timeline at Wednesday night we had church Wednesday night, but that doesn't mean that's when the revival started, but let's just go with Monday started Monday. They had church Wednesday. Thursday is when they find out that somebody had coronavirus Friday. He has church members sick everywhere now. Why is that something that raises flags. I'll tell you why raises flags with me. When you look at the CDC data and some of these other studies that have been put out about the incubation period for covert, 19 what you will find out is the median incubation period is between five and six days five and six days. So that's an average so some people have a fewer number of days before they start to exhibit symptoms and then more people will be longer. CDC has had between two and almost 15 days, but median is about 5 to 6 what we are to believe here is that every single person in this church caught the coronavirus, presumably on Monday or maybe Tuesday and they all showed symptoms within five days and I find that a little bit statistically amazing. Don't you because when you're talking median that means median. It doesn't mean everybody exhibit symptoms by five days. It means that the average the median. So for everybody in this church you got sick. They all showed up with coronavirus just a few days in seems a little weird to me, is it at all possible that any of those people may have contracted coronavirus somewhere else. You don't know you don't know. I would ask a few questions. If I had been the reporter on this story. Did any of the people in the church gather together in homes did they have a small group Bible study did they hang out with each other in other contexts where they all at a similar event before this revival, I would want to delve into some of that and do some of this, contact Tracy, but she's thrown out there. They all got COBIT. It's all terrible.

They all got it at the revival, but this raises some questions and they talk about Baptist revivals and what they are bringing people together.

The visiting evangelist followed the same pattern and has no symptoms. The man believed to have brought the virus to the revival also had no symptoms again were back to the whole covert, 19 as non-plague. We know that people have died of covert 19.

I'm not discounting that people have died of it and that's a tragedy. But by and large the people have died from it are people who are elderly and already vulnerable, or people who had underlying health conditions. That's who's basically dying from covert, 19 now there will be a few exceptions here and there, but that's basically who it is the huge lion share of people who contract this virus are asymptomatic and recover fine. I don't know every every single day. At some point I I just kinda stopped for a moment and I say why are we flipping out over this is insane. They really are treating it like it's the bubonic plague but I don't see in this particular story why you would even get alarmed when everybody recovered because they might've given it to the reporter who knows. So I look at this whole thing and I don't really understand you have a number of stories though they come out in the media where these pastors basically blame themselves.

I've seen it over and over and over again and I don't know if it's the reporter calling and saying I understand that you have a number of covert, 19 cases at your church pastor what you want to say about that and you have some goodhearted guy who says it's probably my fault we shut down the church. We shut down the revival.

We shut down the Bible study were going to do better with social distancing were going to meet outside but it was my fault, I never should have done and I know I've seen a bunch of stories like that were the pastors basically self flagellate over this and I wonder why it is that you don't have anything.

A lot of these stories where they're quoting the local health department saying yeah we can definitively prove that every single one of these people contracted it at the church.

We know for a fact.

In fact, I I talked to my friend Dr. Andrew Boston with an on a number of times an epidemiologist in a clinical trial list, formerly of Brown University as a professor and I said how would you definitively know where you contracted coronavirus and he said the only way you can really know us by contact tracing but contact tracing in and of itself is still a gas know for sure you would have to know exactly where somebody went at every moment of every day over the previous two weeks or so and how would you get that information. Can you remember everywhere you've been in the last two weeks. I guess if you're hyper quarantines. You might remember. Yes, the highlight of my life is going to the grocery start Wednesday at 10 AM, but even then you know maybe caught it from the guy who put his hand after coughing on your car to caught it there in the parking lot and not from 70 coughing on you in front of the avocado been who knows the produce section and come back. There's more to come. This is Janet Mefford today. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're in love as a member of Liberty healthcare in your part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses.

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Thanks for joining us another story I had mentioned where you have the media going berserk and blaming churches for the spread of covert, 19, absent any hard proof was that story of that poor young girl in Fort Myers, Florida. She died at the end of June. She had been at the church events and there had been about 100 kids there and they just over at ABC News said this Florida Tina died of covert, 19 attended large church gathering. Did you prove that she contracted there and here's what's really notable about this. It was allegedly about hundred other kids who were there on June 10 she contracted Cove 19 showed symptoms on June 13. So again were back to the incubation.

Question. She exhibited symptoms. Three days later. Maybe she did, but that's really quick. Are you sure she got it there. Then they don't even say whether or not any of the other hundred kids even hand coronavirus, so if there were no other cases from whom did she catch it. If none of them ended up having coronavirus. How could she have caught coronavirus at the church event it. It's just not even explained.

And then they go on to say, there have been allegations that the church had a coven party and then they quote the church saying no we didn't. That's defamatory and that's completely false.

We never had a covert party but ABC News puts it out there why if you know that it's false.

Would you even included in the report. I'll tell you why, because you can vilify a church that way and you can vilify pastors that way and you can kick Christians that way and you can keep up the narrative that if coping 19 is spreading in your community. It's probably due to those evil Christians down at your local church who will not comply. That's what's going on and it is journalistic malpractice. In some cases it's liable. Let me give you an example of this.

This is another example.

Just recently, Liberty University announced that it is suing the New York Times and I'm glad to see her suing the New York Times dear recall there was a story back in March. We talked about it at the time and it had a headline, Liberty University brings back its students and coronavirus fears to and then it went on to say the decision by the school's Pres. Jerry Falwell Junior to partly reopen his evangelical university, enraged residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, then students started getting sick. Done done done right, there were problems with that story to begin with. I talked about it on the show at the time he can go back to our archives and listen to what I had to say.

They ended up updating the story and changing things because I got some stuff wrong. Paul Krugman an opinion columnist at the New York Times, then put out another piece entitled this land of denial and death.

Here's an excerpt from that column he said what lies behind Republican science denial, the answer seems to be a combination of fealty to special interests and fealty to evangelical Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell Junior who dismissed the coronavirus is a plot against Tromp then reopened his university despite health officials warnings and seems to have created his own personal viral hotspots.

Okay now the New York Times is being sued for 10 million bucks 10 million bucks, and another $350,000 in punitive damages and attorneys fees by Liberty University. Jerry Falwell Junior tweeted out the reason for this on July 15.

He tweeted this today. Liberty University sued the New York Times because they came to our campus from actual virus hotspots that they think they were in viral hotspots and made up completely false claims about covered 19 cases at liberty.

In fact, we finish the school year without a single reported case of COBIT 19 on campus but here you had Paul Krugman. Oh, he's such a genius talking about Falwell creating his own personal viral hotspots is completely irresponsible and then follow added.

We are holding the New York Times accountable for their malicious and false reporting and their violation of the measures we took to protect our students politically motivated attacks by the mainstream news media that defame and libel conservatives and Christians should not be allowed in the United States of America and will not be tolerated by Liberty University.

Here's the problem though. Here's the problem. It's not that we should outlaw it, it's already outlawed libel is illegal.

Libel is illegal, but here's the problem it's very very difficult to win a libel suit by definition because when you have all of these things put into place as far as what it takes to prove libel. There's a very high bar to very high standard with which I actually agree because we don't want to make it so strident and so use so draconian that it would kill free speech. This is this is going back a long way you want to have a really difficult time proving that you have people filing lawsuits right and left and drive the press on a business. Now these days I think I would be sad about that at all is I think journalism stinks, but back when these laws were crafted. I think there was a really good idea behind the idea that you have to have a very very hard burden of proof in order to level any sort of libel charges against a newspaper and win that this is a self-created problem. This was created by the journalism industry itself. They did it to themselves. That's why when you talk about fake news and president Tromp talks about fake news and you have no Nick Sandman who was absolutely vilified by outlets like CNN and the Washington Post winning these huge settlements huge settlements because of how he was just absolutely maligned without any proof and they got the story exactly wrong when they were talking about Nick Sandman. Anyhow, he is a face that deserves to be punished and all that all the other stuff read that he goes back to these Covington Catholic kids who were standing up there in Washington DC and you know pro-life kids and they were at the pro-life March and there was this Native American man who was harassed but the way it was put together the video was put together. It made it look like they were mocking him, when in fact, some leftists were mocking them and they were innocent they didn't do anything wrong and all these media outlets ran with the story and they were all wrong. Another pain a dear price and they should pay a dear price but you have to self regulate. If you're going to be believed. And if you're going to be a trustworthy source for people to rely on for their news, then you darn well better have a track record of getting your facts right. That's why I object so much to what's going on.

Not just because I'm a Christian, but because I was a journalist for so many years and this bothers me. I was one of those journalists who really cared whether or not what I was reporting was true and verifiable. If you're going to talk about people spreading COBIT. 19. You better have some solid evidence to go on but again you go back to the New York Times, writing their piece in early July, and they talked about flow from the New York Times database we seen 650 cases of COBIT 19 linked to 40 churches and in Christian events across the United States will so what so what I point this out my piece. does a little bit of math and at the time that this happened. They said there were 3.1 million confirmed infections. Now it's over 4 million. But here's what they said they said the number of confirmed COBIT 19 infections in the US is now 3.1 million, meaning the church related cases identified by the times account for .02% of the total on the face of it, that does not seem like a major source of coronavirus cases and there's something like 385,000 churches in the United States. So the ones tied to COBIT 19 infections represent around .01% of Christian congregations.

Also note that the times talked about church related infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

So it's tally of 650 does not even tell us what is happens in services resumed after lockdowns were lifted, which is extensively the stories focus. The article said that many of those infections happened during the previous month, but it never says how many more to the point. The times never said how churches compared other settings such as bars, restaurants, offices, factories, house parties and Memorial day, our Independence Day gatherings as a source of virus transmission nor I would throw in leftist's we don't see anything about the trend of coronavirus growing because of leftists, riots, black lives matter.

Activists are anti-fa have you seen anything about NT for spreading the coronavirus. I certainly haven't even if half of the infections tallied by the times happened recently. Reason said that would still mean other sources account for around 99.8% of newly confirmed cases since mid May when testing should've gone detecting post lockdown infections. It's the is being reasonable. The New York Times is not. This is why the New York Times is getting sued for peace University because they don't really care whether or not something is true they are just activists and when you become an activist you ceased to be a journalist and you might as well just put weekly world news at the top of your masthead and call it a day because you're certainly not journalist anymore and that's a tragedy because I still continue to believe we need actual journalism.

Journalism serves a wonderful and important very important purpose when it is done ethically and when it is done right. Which is why will continue to press and continue to plea for people who still have ethics in the field of journalism to get your act together and hold your newspaper accountable.

We cannot allow these leftist activists to overcome the truth they're supposed to be reporting. We gotta leave it there.

Thanks so much for being with us here in Janet my for today. Always a pleasure to have you here. God bless you will see next time

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