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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Joel Richardson (Mt. Sinai) Tanner Roberts (Politics)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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September 17, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Joel Richardson (Mt. Sinai) Tanner Roberts (Politics)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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September 17, 2020 5:30 am

Mount Sinai was the holy site where the Lord gave Moses the Ten Commandments, but where is it really located? Author and filmmaker Joel Richardson joins me to talk about it and his book, "Mount Sinai in Arabia." Plus: What should we think when we see liberal virtue-signaling taking the place of constructive political discussion? Author Tanner Roberts joins me to talk about it and his book, "Dumb Politics." That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel.

During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone and not come up Mount Sinai because you yourself warned us put limits around the mountain and set it apart as holy. While it is a holy site. It's where the Lord gave Moses the 10 Commandments, it's the site to which Elijah fled in first Kings 19 the site. Paul came to after his conversion to Jesus Christ, but many today are wondering just where is Mount Sinai organ to talk about this today with author and film maker Joel Richardson's book is called Mount Sinai in Arabia. The true location revealed and so good to welcome you back to the show Joel how are you very good at regular corrupted document.

Well, thank you for coming on.

This is a subject that is just beyond me because I don't know a whole lot about the location of Mount Sinai has this been a big discussion over the last many years about the location of Mount Sinai and where originally was quite some time a courtly traditional flight down there in the finite law, but you know that particular site. It really don't have any historical, archaeological, traditional evidence back in your it's really do something that developed in both the fourth century. You know you have some Egyptian monks that one (sort of fit well this is the mountain and then in the fifth century. You have Emperor Justinian built a fortress there called St. Catherine and so you throughout the weight of the Catholic Church, the Roman Empire behind it but it was as a result of this sort of alcoholic traditional flight but a lot of people lost sight of the real location of Mount Sinai, which is actually over there northwest Saudi Arabia. Wow, that was my first thought is that the Sinai Peninsula. I mean, isn't that where Mount Sinai is. So why is it that he's been understood that Mount Sinai was there. I mean, you talk about what happened in the fourth and fifth centuries, but has that been something archaeologists all along or or you know scholars of different types have accepted like how widely accepted. Has it been that it was done on the Sinai Peninsula will get what I do.

My book if I go back and nitrates in all of the original source documents and tradition. And really what you house was in the fourth century 300 you Egyptian monks. They started fleeing. Ironically, you know the corruption of modern Egyptian society and they were going out there to pray. You know this was the beginning of the monastic movement. Anthony, you know you said all that, and they just sort of just just determined that this was it. But again, they didn't have any biblical or historical basis for doing so and then as we use these monks kept getting killed and massacred by the locals, the Ishmaelites that live down there in the desert. Eventually, the Emperor built this monastery, but the monastery was actually fortress 50 foot walls and so this really is. That is just you have the authority of the Roman Empire were the Catholic Church sort of calling this and designating it. Mount Sinai. But here's the thing is with in Exodus scholarship 88 large percentage of Exodus scholars don't believe the event ever even have been obliquely Exodus ever happened is because there is no evidence for their the traditional site and so you know it's really just a case of them. We know it we know the Bible is true. But the good looking in all the wrong places.

That's interesting. So wasn't the case, then, that when St. Catherine's monastery was constructed at the base of the mountain. There they thought that that was the site of the burning bush was that kind of the understanding it was just you. As a result of this sort of tradition that developed again among the small group of monks but it was just sort of fight that they picked up my thought well maybe this is it because it's one of the tallest mountains in the area, but it's just biblically know geographically it just doesn't work. Yeah, that's fascinating.

So when you talk about it been in Saudi Arabia. What is the evidence for that.

What you think points to the fact that Mount Sinai actually is there.

So there's many different reasons with many different reasons.

First of all, you have to begin with the location of Midian because it says that Moses was with Jeff roll over there and Midian, and he married Jethro's daughter and it serves in X2, three, verse one, he was shepherding Jethro's flock came to the far side of the desert on any came to my horror of the mountain of God. Now the location, the small scholars would identify as Midian tremendous amount historical evidence is the child over there in Saudi Arabia called out bad it's on the eastern side of the Gulf of Aqaba. The registry will about 20 miles 25 miles from the town about that is this particular mountain culture will lose the mountain that I believe is the true Mount Sinai not just me but many others as well. And what's so fascinating all the locals there also believe that if Mount Sinai they actually call it the mountain of Moses so there's this very ancient tradition. This is another issue that it says that this is the mountain, but because it's been sort of cut off in Saudi Arabia for so long. Most of the Western world has largely forgotten about Cena what he said have to do with the Exodus itself in the geographical confirmation of the accidents. Is there a further evidence in that part of the world that would confirm the Exodus as being true because of the sites that are around it and the geography there yet will force all so the opening beyond the location of Midian is finitely the Red Sea crossing how to take employees at the culpable Aqaba word is Hebrews began to see the Lord split the yam soup well every time the Bible catches a geographical location to yam soup. It's the Gulf of Aqaba. It says that Solomon built a fleet of ships that easy on deeper bite you off and that's of course you act today.

That's not the Suez. That's no good on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula and so you don't have to be over there that when you go to the sexual mountain you have all of the sites around it yet. It is quite a few that all line with the biblical narrative you have an older right at the base of the eastern side of the mountain you have these pillars next to the altar.

This is exactly what Exodus described the Lord commanded Moses to build an altar at the base of the mountain.

Deuteronomy tells us that there was a river that ran right down next to the altar. Sure enough, there's a dry riverbed right there you have the pillars sitting right next to the altar a couple football fields from bad is this very large pile of rocks will say that's covered with carvings with with petroglyphs of towels. This in all likelihood was the golden calf, altar and other several other sites. It's just, you know, I actually when I went there I went there is a skeptic and once I saw it all laid out.

I said, my goodness, this is not the real Mount Sinai. The Lord has clearly created an incredibly elaborate hoax. That's crazy is what is it look like now. Is it just coming out of their villages nearby or what what is the landscape like in that area of the world at the moment so this is way, way, way out in the middle of nowhere know if it's quite a drive because even if it's 20 miles from out bad it you know to get there you go around this massive mass amounted to about 8000 foot mountain and that the tunnel et al. if you think after sparking 12 but the problem is Denver 6000 feet so you know you're starting to 6000 feet up. This is the mountain equivalent to the size and height would say of Estes Park.

Yeah there are some better when little no small better when villages nearby, but there, you know, very small few houses here there some garden for the most part it out in the middle of nowhere. This is what so fascinating about it is, everything is just essentially untouched. Know the that this alter these columns, there is petroglyphs there's paintings is a giant split rock on the other side of the it's just sitting there like units drive out there because it's so far removed that hardly anyone has visited.

Hardly anyone is gone there and it's all just sitting there just waiting for you know Google world.

The, the archaeological world to explore is that is why when was it that you first went there so it was last year at the end of April beginning of May 2018 have the invitation come for the end of 2017 and it's very difficult to get into Saudi Arabia but here's what I now do this about all children to take a very quick Rachel Richardson with us is Mount Sinai in Arabia will pick up the discussion right after this break, listening to Tammy for today go Franca led to little boys from Syria were orphaned four years ago, but when they came to Lebanon with her aunt's refugees hard for Lebanon was waiting for them. Height for Lebanon was there to provide Christian education, emergency supplies, and the hope of the gospel to these two boys.

Now they listen attentively to the Bible stories their hearing and or memorizing Bible verses. They have hope now because of what God is doing through Hartford Lebanon your investment of $116 will help to families to get emergency supplies that they need to survive during the next 60 days.

But best of all, these families will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, now 888-247-5499 here's Camille milky founder of hard for Lebanon to explain why he's encouraged right now.

You could sense maybe for what was the excitement right this sense of God has us here and it time and location in history that is unprecedented. This is an opportunity time God's eyes, opportunity, time like never before.

Right now, you could see their wave of people in great anticipation at what God would further do in our midst.

In the years to come because I believe that the crisis in Syria is a long crisis. Unfortunately so but I also believe that that right now we are starting to reap what has been sold for many many years in the lives of the refugees. We are seeing churches full of seeding refugees were seeing Muslims coming to Christ was seeing children at now being the greatest testimony and the evangelist within their communities. This is the result of many years of hard work and great I believe by faith fought great. The results are coming in the near future. Your gift of $116 will allow Hartford Lebanon to help to family survive during the next 60 days. Call now 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to collect and Janet met 888-247-5499. You're listening to Joe Mefford today. Welcome back to Janet effort today were glad you're here and glad to be talking to Joe Richardson, author and filmmaker.

His book is called Mount Sinai in Arabia. The true location reveals and this is really fascinating archaeology and some of the looking for some of these ancient medical sites is fascinating to me is I don't know a whole lot about it, but Joel is really giving us some interesting information and use Angel that you went out to this site that you've been talking about in Saudi Arabia that you believe very well could be Mount Sinai. You had mentioned that when you visited this site last year.

What's interesting now is that this is an area of the world.

Saudi Arabia that is beginning to open up.

What is significant about that concerning you know the potential for Mount Sinai being in Saudi Arabia along with the fact that now it's beginning to open up a little bit more to the world. You and I believe the time is ripe.

So is more than just an archaeological site. The mountain itself, especially in light of the fact it's only people going to believe the Exodus happened it gets more than just an archaeological site into testimony. God himself has a testimony that yes all of the all display the craziest things in the Bible you ripping the ocean and half coming down in flyer on the mountain. You know they're begging him please stop talking that he essentially is preservative for the flower to where you see the whole world. In a world falling into tremendous unbelief remained after the Western trip to the pasta sizing right in the middle of that he's about to say. Remember this member all of this stuff it's real and I really believe if you think about it the greatest revival in recent American history was the Jesus movement. This was a great ingathering. You know going back to whatever you want to point to the street, revival, and this was a great ingathering in one of the primary driving factors was the fact that the state of Israel was reestablished in 1948 people looking at ground reality and going.

While the Bible is true and I really believe there's a strong chance as Mohammed bin Solomon has stepped in as the crown prince he's changing the country and all of a sudden this this I mean such a foundational story within the within the biblical narrative. The story redemption.

It's about to be proclaimed to the world. I believe the Lord is really going to use this to wake people up to the liability in the historicity of the biblical testimony that is really important and you're right that is a testimony. So now is seen in the world of scholarship. Joel, when you look across the board.

You had mentioned in the book that in 2013 you had a number of scholars together to debate the relocation of Mount Sinai.

But how widespread is the belief among scholars that in fact this site is the original Mount Sinai will handhold scholars have been champions of the site .4 cross was a legendary scholar at Harvard. The case is not with us anymore. He believed this was the real Mount Sinai and there's been a handful of others but by and large it's largely been looked down upon. And the reason is because it was never able to be explored by traditional scholars. It was mostly sort of some of these renegade American evangelicals that were sneaking over there the 1980s and 90s and taken pictures and so forth and so traditional scholars don't like that they don't want you know some sensationalized knowledge of popular adventure of finding a location to all frowning upon it. But you know I've invited all of you scholars are critical of it.

To have a public debate. So let's talk about this and in so far that were different. Scholars owe much of their names, but they've all turned it down. And the reason is because as much of they like to denigrate it. It is really incredibly rocksolid case is by far the most valid candidate of all of the different candidates out there so interesting. Do you think that's the crown prince of Saudi Arabia as he's opening up Saudi Arabia more and more to the world would even allow that kind of scholarship excavation or whatever needs to take place to confirm whether or not it is Mount Sinai to take place. Would he be in favor of that at this juncture, absolutely, absolutely. And all the way I'm actually in dialogue with the Saudis they fully absolutely believe that it is the real Mount Sinai. They always have the basic and you know they claim to have all sorts of artifacts that were going to bring out the world and they're very excited about opening it up to the world as it is a tourism site know a lot of political sent politically sensitive issues in the kingdom you go no radicals they think all these you know Zionist evangelicals are to come over and think like that, but the Saudis absolutely. They are excited. They're very excited and and in fairness to them, they've done a good job at protecting it and preserving it and keeping it safe all these years and it's about to become a very very big story this is so interesting. You had mentioned in the book as well about this name the mountain of almonds.

Now people might not know anything about that but but what significance does that holds that designation of the mountain is the mountain of almonds yet so in Arabic.

If you go to Matt you know on Google or something. It's called Joel Wu which means the amount of almonds are all the mountains and what's interesting is when you look at an old story of the Exodus you have all you have Karen's almond rod that actually went into the ark of the covenant of netiquette blossomed miraculously, you have the menorah itself was the design for the menorah was given on Mount Sinai, and the menorah was kept in the temple was designed specifically almond branches and so you know it's it's interesting that all been featured so prominently in unit.

The design of some of these original sacred artifacts that went in the temple and that part of Saudi Arabia.

The no smoking is known for being a place called grow abundantly well, you know, you obviously think of Mount Sinai is located in Saudi Arabia and you look at the you know the hatred for lack of a better term between the Jews and the Muslims. How is Israel view this sort of idea that that Mount Sinai might actually be in one of the most restrictive Muslim countries in the world. I'm not sure how Israel views it is interesting is a lot of economic interest is a lot of recruitment between the Saudis in Israel because of this mutual enemy in Iran right now it's interesting when you look at Ezekiel 38, 39, the battle of Gog Magog. It talks about this invasion from the north and it specifically says that there is this group is protesting and that's sheep and beat him up. Saudi Arabia so it's interesting that in the last things that actually Saudi Arabia is being certainly not on board with the coming Antichrist coalition. Rather, there actually supporters of Israel. Things are actually moving in that direction right now is interesting to about the Gulf of Suez. You had mentioned that before that you think the Exodus crossing was not the Gulf of Suez, but the gals the Gulf of, is that how you pronounce it pocketbook knockabout.

Sorry I'm my Arabic is it's okay, but what is the significance of that in and really Mount Sinai's location in general for a lot of people they'd say if we if we never found mites. Mount Sinai would it really matter what is the importance of even nailing this town. How do you see until well the reason some people believe that it was older on the western side of the Sinai is because of the traditional site. If the traditional site of the real Mount Sinai vendors logically see crossing how to be to the west and so they place the Suez Canal the problem is that the work biblically. The young Sue is always connected geographically to the other side of the Sinai slips one reason any complete doesn't really matter.

Well, it ultimately does anything that does any archaeology, matter of course it matters again. It validates the Scriptures. But here's what's interesting is you have this these traditions you have one in Deuteronomy 33 this is the blessing of Moses.

This one, and Habakkuk 3 Judges 5 and it talks about God marching before his people as a victorious warrior coming from Sinai toward Jerusalem and he goes up to Edom, so you have of course the southern Jordan, well this is a very prominent picture throughout the Old Testament contract. Jesus actually uses that picture and he applies it to his second return, but it only works if Mount Sinai is south of Edom down there in Saudi Arabia. If you move it way over the Sinai. It just doesn't work because it just in terms of the layout of the region. It just doesn't work it has to of been Jerusalem down to Edom and then south of that is Mount Sinai myself, so it might be the case.

From what you're extrapolating here that Saudi Arabia could have a very significant role in the end time switches interesting.

No, I actually believe it and in you know I did mention this one of the reasons it's about to open up the world is because crown prince Monica Solomon is about to build are already in the process of building the megacities are actually calling it a city state called me on and it's it's literally get at the size of Israel, and it picks up that whole Northwestern province cope with the book problem right up there by Jordan and Israel and in Egypt and they wanted to be basically Dubai on steroids and right in the middle of it right in the middle of it is just all lose i.e. the real Mount Sinai Dennis are they is part of the idea there that neon would be a place from which people could then see Mount Sinai that it's all kind of tied together a little bit while I think they know that it will be. It also should be a part you know it'll be an archaeological historical target and tremendous beauty or by the way, some of the water needs right there on the Red Sea. It's actually gorgeous but it it's just that they want to welcome in the world for commerce and technology in robotics all these different things and suddenly, again, you know, after having been behind will call it the Iron Curtain of Saudi Arabia all these years.

All of a sudden the city comes on this new plan. This big development project in the whole world.

I'm convinced this is going to become one of the biggest tourism destinations for Christians and and people really mean. Even muscles are actually very interested in it and of course choose.

I think it's got to be one of because I can tell you from me after being there.

It was absolutely one of the most faith storing faith, inspiring events of my whole life really gave me faith in the historicity of the stories. Well that is really significant again the name of the book is Mount Sinai in Arabia by Joel Richardson jolt always good to talk to. Thank you so much for being with us that you are and God bless you for today. After this, this, Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to member today and here's your hose show we are back on Janet Mefford today while French revolutionary Maximilian robust air. One of the principal architects of the reign of terror once had this to say the secret of freedom lies in educating people whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. This is a quote I think should be widely disseminated in America today because we are increasingly a gullible and uninformed people when it comes to matters that affect all of our lives. Is there any way out of this kind of ignorance were to talk about it today with Tanner Roberts, author of dumb politics the political rhetoric and blissful ignorance of a generation Tanner great to have you here so good to have you and thank you for joining us that they keep revenue that was very well said LOL I can't take credit for the quote but I thought it kind of fit the thief. If your pocket like it. I would go out. Feel free now. You can't go wrong with the French revolutionary leaders when it comes to tyranny and ignorance is really interesting because you say all this stuff about dumb politics is really fostering. I should say a generation of high dependency there making the younger generation more susceptible to dumb politics in general by what's going on. You see the broad picture right now when it comes to dumb politics. How would you characterize it course and unit in the you know the subtitle my book order blissful ignorance of a generation. I don't specifically say my generation and I'm 28 years old. So part of the millennial generation, the way it shaping out is what I called in my book.

Acceptable dependency is when you have an older generation, fostering that entitlement, the younger generations.

So when you have no kids my age that are living at home with the parents want the highest price in history know you blame for that trailing the parents are to blame.

The kids are mature for having clearance nurture that dependability.

See, and kids accepting that mom. So when you have politicians like no politics in the group and the new left error. Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters on those people saying that no one deserves this. They have a right to that, whatever it is they are nurturing that dependency. And that's you know, where Michael costumes dumb politics and that's where that ignorance comes from. Well, now it's been said about people like Sanders and Pelosi and the people on the left that the reason they want to foster dependency is to secure their own power that the more you increase the size and the scope of the federal government, the more you make people dependent on government, the more secure they will be in those positions. And so it benefits them, but that doesn't really clear up the problem of why you have people who are not in politics, fostering dependency of younger generations. So how would you look at that problem where you to end. It's true, I completely agree with you. You have older generations that are fostering this dependency what anything is driving at that what you think is going on you know you put on the political side it rebounded grab for power. You know, for those not know it hard to pinpoint because some people do like that dependency on a feed off of that one that reliant on somebody on my parents were not that way you had a house and I respect him for that, because it certainly hoping I will be as well, but I think one of the not just in politics but with a generation. I think it's really him down from politics and also stem down for culture is that we have completely mistaken and could see for indie we think things are pathetic, but really what other people have what life I don't have one.

I have the means to achieve it is rather thin on else to get it for me.

So I think that's one of the root causes one of the group problems to which it is mistaken that the people in the yeah I agree with you there.

So for example when we see these proposals for free college for all and those of us who've already been through college or rolling her eyes and saying there's no such thing as a free lunch. It's not like you just can get free college. The money will be printed out of the man. 10 days just been delivered to you in all and gigantic Brinks truck I mean somebody else is gonna be paying for that but the generations that are younger who are enamored. For example, was socialism and socialistic type policies in this new is if it's a new thing when it's really an old thing that never works. How do you address to younger generation. Hey, the free stuff that you really want may not be the best thing for you or for anybody else in terms of the price we would pay as a society if we went on that road right spoke about you every generation thinks that onto something revolutionary.

You know it's illusionary in the sense that there is already with the masses of today. Yesterday in the future, saying, revolution already gone through and been 1960s with a new left bring about some good things but a lot of those things are specific problems today but you you know it's it's it's really about educating people and like you said nothing as a free lunch, and when you have that basic ignorance of economics things all sound great on paper, and those are things I want to get pushed and again that's the mistake event date and before empathy by pushing those ideas are generation becoming more susceptible to them. While that's why yeah I and so you know it really comes down to education actually getting out of your global could see what were you needed with every day. You know it. It comes in through academics. It comes in media through Hollywood through music. Everything people are just plastic with every day and I really walk ability must all sorts really are, you know for generations to go through all that and think all there's nothing wrong with my command set and people having to meet my demand because of moral obligation has been completely what rights do you think there has been a movement away from understanding what our rights are is the founders understood them as opposed to what we are now hearing all the time is our rights. It seems that the definition of rights keeps expanding on the left.

Now you have a right to healthcare.

You have a right to a college education a right right right what what you make of that trend. We were now hearing that certain things are rights that the founders never would've called rights. Surely you know you have a right to work hard yourself to make something out of yourself and go after the things that you want right know when you get that. That's another person. The writers that you that's not something we have to do that is an actual actual use.

Being able to determine what is best for yourself and you know people cordially look at government government not cost pricing is only clear the way.) Yes, and I definitely tell a lot of people you know you we review credit to know whether it's trump administration.

But whatever the administration is booming economy nature doesn't actually do that that policy to help boost her people out of poverty to get people jobs to get them off of food stamps they get out of the way with the so they can get credit in the sense that they know remove the barriers to that specific thing so you know government cannot be yourself. You should call only you can know you. You can either self-determination in your life to make those things happen so nobody give you anything. Even if you know just keep repeating that it is my right is my right. I deserve it, stuck it happen for you and the quicker you realize that the quickly old one.

That self-determination is the way to go.

And what's so interesting about that I want to get into this a little bit more on the subject of individualism versus collectivism, because that's a big theme in your box if you don't understand why self-determination was actually see an individual liberty was key to the success of this country, then you may not connect the dots on how self-determination is actually in your own best interest. As you are the latest generation having to go to work and having to make a life and a family and your way in society for you to pick up on his conversation with Tina Roberts when we come back. The name of his book done politics you listening to jam effort today. Stay with us or you need a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of liberty helps your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year.

With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty helps her as a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out seen that's T. Call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 Kevin Sorbo of the hit films. God's not dead and let there be light gives his thoughts on the scourge of abortion. One of the greatest attacks on America was perpetrated by our very own Supreme Court. Subsequent to that there have been 70 million babies slept in the room. Some of the mothers that is more than the entire population of Canada and Australia combined. And that's why Kevin Sorbo also supports pre-born. I wanted to invite you to offer your full support from the Ministry of pre-born leader Dan Steiner between the pre-born is very focused and very successful in saving pre-born babies from abortion you join us in the cause for life by letting a mother see her baby on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat shall choose life 80% of the time for $140 you can help save five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to click and chant listening to you. We are back today. My guess is Tina Roberts, author of the book done.

Politics the political rhetoric and blissful ignorance of a generation and we are discussing some of these things that were seen in society all around us. This kind of acceptable dependency that's been fostered and how we see it. Really, this problem all around us. The younger generation more susceptible to these ideas that are put out there about promoting policies and ideas that subsidize groups at the expense of others is what you say dumb politics is Tanner that it really is the act of promoting policies and ideas that subsidize groups at the expense of others want to say that some of the most glaring examples that you see right now of that kind of dumb politics.

Or, you know, I can think of one immediately being the minimum wage right because everybody thinks especially younger generations that are making minimum wage they see $15 hike in minimum wage will that's a great thing they don't see the unintended consequences. With that they don't see parties B and C that are getting affected as well. So when you've got businesses that are forced to pay more, ending up having to cut hours to cut people or even worse completely close up shop. I provide many examples, especially in the states of Washington and California where these things already taking place. You know they see minimum wage is really a difference of where you're at in your age or your act in your working career. That's all it is. I mean I understand there are people out there making minimum wage found that her older but the majority are just a difference in age and if I tell you that I make $300 an hour. You might say all that's amazing. I would only work one hour a week and suddenly that becomes all that's terrible. So you know the shows, policies, board sounds good more money for more people. Yeah, that's great, but you're not seeing the effects that has on business owners of small businesses people closing up shop and people trying to make more by working more know that's completely true, and that example is perfect.

It drives me crazy to think about it because not only does it drive the small businesses out of business. As you mentioned in many cases. But what really drives that I think is this idea that I deserve it. I shouldn't have to work for a low-wage I'm better than that.

They should be better to me and were losing this idea that for generations. We had people working three jobs to fixing their families are not saying that that was an ideal thing. It wasn't people coming over here from all over the world to have that chance to better themselves to achieve the American dream if you start out saying you owe me as much as I want for this low-end job. It's negating not only the self-determination angle, but it's negating the idea that certain jobs are only worth so much economically. It's like it's just ignored.

I deserve a chinos like L'Oreal you know I'm I'm worth it 15 times what you have a job after a few months if you drive your business out under. I mean it economically it doesn't make any sense.

Absolutely. And more so you know I don't understand the justification of getting paid more, without additional output.

Yes, those are things that companies look at if you're more writable will deftly get that that payraise that you want, but without any additional output. There is no justification for doing it in the cherry on top of that is calling it a living wage as if you support something different.

I guess your supporting a death wage kind of kind of labels that make it dumb politics.

Yes, well, H, and it should give you an incentive with our kids working minimum wage jobs.

We always tell them this is you know you need to experience this because it will make you work hard in life and you want to move up you want to be able to do better and better as you get older it's kind of an incentive. Yeah, I don't get that at all other than the fact that it's politically popular in some circles, even if it's a big failure.

Some of these dumb politics that you talk about in particular Tanner EU talk about.

For example, I like this dumb name-calling where you have these pejoratives thrown around.

You see the name-calling fitting into the bigger problem of dumb politics will the biggest problem with name-calling as it becomes character assassination right so when you label somebody with hateful terms you're slandering him your assassinating their character and you're creating doubt in people's mind. That's one of the biggest consequences to name-calling. You know we've kind of gotten rid of it. Not saying it's good, but the word stereotype as completely died so people might stereotype that happens it happens every day whether you like it or not I talk about example, in my book no way to work this morning I was driving behind somebody that was going about 40 mph on the freeway very dangerous and can help it with the force on my mind is a spark person is probably an older person so my elderly, yes, and I drive past and I confirm my stereotype right now without wrong of me that I made make me in a just now you know what you're good guess there is so you know you see those kind of things and people may stereotype and they can be very negative stereotypes, but they don't mean their counterparts are extreme counterparts. Their sexism and racism. You know all those kind of different things that people associate you know maybe basic things you know Hollywood uses stereotypes all the time to make easy, quick punchline jokes yes but they don't get chastised for it, but I just I don't like the extremist that we've gone to to character assassinate people, especially at high levels of government when they are succeeding or anything like that going back through old twitter post to see if I can Summon something how you yeah that's right that's right it's silly going back a little bit to what we were talking about before. With the minimum wage. You have also section in your book on dumb economics and you know we've been talking quite a bit recently about the green new deal in Alexandria Casey of Cortez and people say this is just socialism. It's not a work you can't possibly make this work and all the rest, but what you think of these kinds of proposals that are just socialist proposals there very utopian in nature, but the appeal to a lot of especially younger. You know, generation members who never really remember the Cold War, you know, it's very hard concept for a lot of the younger generations to get their mind wrapped around you know I want to Texas A&M. I graduated from economics and they certainly had a Keynesian focus on economics rather than the free market principle that they taught in one of the things that are so hard for people to wrap their heads around and said you we have the ability to lower taxes and actually make more government revenue. We actually saw that with the trump tax cuts now. Unfortunately the spending was still out of control.

So when you lower or when you raise government revenue really doesn't do anybody any good if that justifies more spending, but people realize that cutting taxes things of that nature actually helps increase revenue. If you're really worried about getting more revenue to the government's or that's one of the methods to do that, you know that I give the example of the Laffer curve. That was the subject taught about two minutes and my classes at Texas A&M with Texas A&M supposed be very conservative school student body is a faculty not so much. Yes, but you know it's those basic principles that people have a hard time wrapping around because their solution to all these big spending, you know, proposals is just to tax more and you know we have billionaires out there that we can actually have all these rich people that we can tax we have the top 10%, while the top 10% is making about $200,000 per household.

Each couple contribute to our HR person married contributing to that household.

That's not a whole lot of money and you really have to break down those aspects to it and just realize that you know socialism only go so far as long as you have other people money to run out and you've got Venezuela writes exactly what you must type you a little bit crazy since you understand economics to see what so many people are falling for.

Doesn't it. I mean, do you look at these people and say get some basic education on how it all works. Always very frustrating.

You know, that was one of the biggest reasons I wrote my book is because one of our our generation and is really just buying into what's on TV. They're not really reading anymore special it comes to nonfiction is why My book very short to the point and try to put a little entertainment in there too as well because you can get frustrated all day long what you gotta help at least you know spread some kind of education out there. Spread a different point of view because you're not getting it. They're not getting in the classroom. They're not getting on TV and I get anywhere else so that frustration really just need to foster that and just help educate people whether they agree with you or not that I don't think everybody's can agree with me on everything in my book. I certainly hope not to live in a world where everybody agrees with each other but is not different perspective. And that's was really one of the biggest inspirations for me to write this book. My time in life.

Well I think it's terrific and I think you going to give a lot of hope to a lot of people across the generations including those older than you who say all right that's good we have millenniums to get it. There's hope for America name of the book is dumb politics the political rhetoric and blissful ignorance of generation by Chana Robert so good to have you here to enter. Really appreciate your being with us. Thank you, thank you so much and I really enjoyed it but I did tell God bless you. Thanks again. Again the name of the book dumb politics and we thank you so much for tuning into Janet my for today

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