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Christian Car Guy - Binding & Loosening ISAIAH Style!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 12, 2020 12:43 pm

Christian Car Guy - Binding & Loosening ISAIAH Style!

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 12, 2020 12:43 pm

Not Gangnam style, but ISAIAH style :)  Robby tells the story of not 1, 2, BUT 3 girls named Sue.  There are prayerss for Lisa, Sarah Linda and more.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network is my love. I will radio show.

So, today's Christian car guys show is binding and loosing Isaiah style so I know you're wondering, no, Isaiah did not have duct tape, nor did he have bailing wire. They hadn't been for you. And when they had worked on the wagons. I really don't know what the years, but today show is clearly binding and loosing.

I say hostile and so you may know that my intros are usually sort of a puzzle on what God has been showing me this week and when I get to share with you and is actually a way for me to worship as as I put these together.

It's really really fun. So let me decode a little bit of that for you so you may have noticed that that very first song was by Dion. It used to be one of my favorites because it was runaround Sue now in my own personal life, my very first three girlfriends were all named Sue, you guessed it, and none of them were a boy named Sue and what is really did break my heart.

I mean really, and trimester a little bit but so start talking about broken hearts cannot match them to think about my own so the first song was that and then you might notice the Bee Gees right with this phenomenal song that was their intro into the United States. Huge hit you now how do you mend a broken heart. Now there you can hear this in a bump in the second part because music are part of the way that I worshiped out that there's a line in that song.

That is like phenomenal and it says simply how can you mend a broken heart course.

They say that and he says how can you mend my broken heart so I can live again and you followed by that by footloose will how to set go together right well or talk about binding and loosing and so you know I got a picture King David in Psalm one 1932.

The flag was first one that I just about all the time. Since I will run in the path of your commandments when you enlarge my wife, my heart, so binding and loosing Isaiah style so this week I listened to the wild at heart podcast which often to you on Monday because when it comes out in them the title of this podcast which is their Christian Car if you want your listeners time to get honest about our ambivalence. Now, my first challenge was I had no clue what a biblical ambivalence meant not a car salesman were due not to say what's up with the dictionary found out that that word means like conflict conflicted like it and so what's the ambivalence they are talking about is time to get honest about our ambivalence, ambivalence, or talk about is Jesus's return like you know big part of our theology is Jesus is coming back and are you conflicted about that is that what I want Jesus to come back like right this very second or would my heart want to make a few phone calls you got some arrangements to take the course. Honestly, when I was think about that woman might one of the biggest was my own kids like you knows everything good here because we want to make sure that we all make. I get so many people that I just would want to check in. Let's say it's coming like right this second.

So I spent a great deal of time praying and studying because I knew I just really need to get my heart right with this because it's clearly going to be okay when he comes back and is just going to be my mind says that my heart you get that figured out so I figured that you know one of the main passages here was in Matthew 16 right, the more I study the passage. The more I could see.

I really don't understand what these keys were right in and so in that passage what's happened is Peter has said all you are the son of God, you know.

Who do you say I'm in Jesus is on the son of God and of course Jesus is on the truck, build my church, but then he says, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it and I will give him the V.

The key words here come the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. So I went. So this looks like this could be really strategic for my need to get my heart right so it took a deep dive into those words binding and loosing.

I study the course the Greek and the Hebrew in the Septuagint, and all other things I can find a study looked at commentary. I did this for two days and I was just coming up with a sense of there's a whole lot here that I really really need, but somehow or another I'm missing out and then that all changed. I did a radio interview last Wednesday and a lot of phenomenal treats that God has provided to me is to host another show with the team that rescues people from human trafficking around the world. That show is called lantern rescue and this week I was speaking with Mark.

The team's leader and he was telling me how they went to rescue girls from sex slavery, and often when they went to rescue these girls they would go into shock. I mean physically go into shock and he described about this one grows about 15 and after they got her out and there in the escape ma'am I trying to get away.

She begins to shake so violently that they had to pull over to get away van and get her out and wrap her in a blanket, a city was actually about to give her an IV. She was in such bedsit shape well good news is you know they they got her straighten out the gutter stabilized and she was okay and Mark become beautifully described the smile that appeared on her face.

A few days later as her broken heart was mending so that she could be set free. So the next morning. I'm continuing to study my Matthew 16 passage right and the Holy Spirit reminded me of the 15-year-old broken heart and all the sudden Isaiah 61 about jumps out of the Bible.

Let me write Isaiah 61 the spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the meek you sent me to bind up here comes the binding. The brokenhearted half and Jim thought about that with Matthew 16 is you can what you bind will be bound in heaven, is the bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those that are bound and I saw wow that this is what happened to this girl as they wrapped her in his blanket right they were brining up her broken heart.

And then she could be set free. Like oh my goodness, so I pictured like my wife loves babies she just loves babies and I learned early on when my kids were born how you swaddled them right. There's a special way that you wrap that blanket in order to get them to feel loved and comfort like you got up bind up their little broken hearts, to some extent. Is there and am not comfortable being the will and so as I began to think through that, like Jesus is done that for me in so many many many ways, but one of the ways that he does that with other people write that he binds up my broken heart. And I think this is clearly one of the keys to the kingdom as it is meant so much to my broken heart and been set for Ian to run in the path that bit that David is give me is obviously my family is a community and and or other grace based communities like Grace meaning on my favorite set of the community you write where I can completely be myself share my worst stuff and they will still wrap me up in their life whether that's my family are in my case I have a band of brothers right in that band of brothers I can sure all the stuff this is really my struggles in life at an they can speak truth to me and because I don't suspect their motives.

I can begin to see that truth break the agreements that I've made with the lies of Satan that are keeping me captive and old by all means love one another is a key to the kingdom. So we got some really cool stuff with you want to call in with who you may want to find and who you may want to set free by middle 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we got so much more crisp Progresso you're listening to the Truth Network and a today Christian car guys show binding and loosing Isaiah style so you might tell I'm by myself today so I really really need your help in that you know I need I need yours, I guess you know not often do we ask you actually say or share something where this can require little bit of you, but I'm asking to do that but you know what a neat opportunity we have in front of us that God is literally given us the keys to the T-Bird okay we have the keys to the Corvette we we have these keys and we can me and you. We can bind up some brokenhearted people and we can ask God to set them free in other words, we have some keys that these keys are to the kingdom and so is there somebody in your life that like if Jesus were coming like when you snap your finger, you would be concerned about that. Can we pray with them with you for that which you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH truth, I'd be honored.

I really would to see if we could you and me. Pray that Jesus would bind up the broken heart and set them free.

I mean, he was anointed to do that and he said here that will will be given the keys right to the to the affect what everyone say and this is our opportunity. I know it requires little bit to do that to call me and it takes some courage and I been praying that God would give you courage to call me at 866348788486634 truth so when you think about this in a broken heart situation.

It's an interesting thing right. I start off by saying if you heard Dion in the beginning talk about runaround Sue was. It turned out that that broken heart in my life had so much that ended up happening to me that God redeemed in such miraculous ways. I can begin to what I think that will show just to tell the stories that were connected to it, but several Trousdale was my girlfriend at this point in time I was about a junior in high school when I was on the basketball team in my point guard if I was. If you knew me on 6 foot five and so you would probably not be surprised or played center and it is a center you may know that that tall.

I had no ability to dribble. The only way I was good to get the ball anywhere near the basket was if the point guard somehow or another got it to me. Okay that was that was the only way I could score.

And so my point guard's name was Brian Young and because of this relationship that we have. We were very, very, very close very good friends, so on my 16th birthday. Interestingly, with sutures that I had a date and my father given me because he was a car dealer, a brand-new beautiful pure card and javelin that had the seats.

Let me tell you it was this gorgeous and I was so excited to go out with Sue so I thought in a driveway and as I pulled up in the driveway. Guess who else is walking up the driveway. Brian Young Mike Duncan's were at the front door. But yes I like writing what you doing here because I'm here to take Sue out sick so no is my birthday. I mean really, you know anywhere she comes to the door and out goes runaround Sue now I know my it was my heart was broken broken right so you asked a friend or girlfriend, and I actually almost lost my life that night because it's worth, I went home totally depressed like you might imagine heartbroken. This can't possibly be happening and take an entire bottle with Dominic all do this at home. Please nobody.

So I am actually so scared that I never fall asleep that night because I'm thinking on Diane you know and I'm I'm upset. It was a bad night but I just went to school the next day the really weirds Dino's state of mind convinced Dominic to just, fried my brain and, but, honestly, even though I remembered this. The Psalm annex interest in story, so to speak. Later on in my life now. I took boot camp in about 10 years ago and I was remembering the sonic thing, but I couldn't remember the Sue Trousdale store to save my life.

And so we were trying to get at our woundedness of Jesus could bind up our broken hearts. And there's this wound talk and then there's this new name talking so when I was thinking about is this can't be normal and I tried to kill myself but I could not remember for the life of me why I would try to do that. I can remember the story about Sue. I could, I knew I attempted the suicide but wow. On my way home night. That night I was asking Jesus based on another talk that we had about what my new name was and he said I call you faithful and so I started to think about G if you call me faithful, how would Satan attacked faithful and I and I was because somebody told me that Satan will become an after glory, your whole life and so was sitting there going with my name is faithful. Jesus then how would I attacked faithful if I were Satan I would attract attack it with the trail and as soon as I said that immediately in my mind I saw Sue Trousdale's face, head, and you know what ones that got back out in the light.

Jesus could wrap me in that blanket and begin to bind up my broken heart and set me free from what it happened know there's more that story. But maybe later that later. The master journey, but we got Geneva is in Durham is willing to share. I'm so excited that you call an engineer you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning. I am so wonderful, so if you got somebody that we can we can pray for Abdul Eric on June, guiding totally admit to the Lord in Christian wantonly been married at the very well about reconciliation that I didn't have Jeanette I need to leave. We had to go to a break will you please please please stay with me so we can pray for him. On the other side and get the rest of the story is that okay all right will be right back with more binding and loosing with Geneva state you're listening to the Truth Network and is the I and Isaiah's file that is Isaiah 61 Matt mar phenomenal song we have another part of that song, here, that meanwhile Geneva just called in and I'm actually so honored that that that you would call us Geneva and we have privilege to pray with you.

Her husband Abdul Farrakhan is there separated and and he still hasn't accepted the Lord planning reconciliation January 1 monthly on got to go by that had been outright outside. I got my right cut them off but my husband can be redirected had a rough marriage. A lot of back-and-forth about filing back but pointed out all the been becoming about that back out again.

Note that it make the marriage or failing marriage. I've been going along fine tornado not only over again. We were making plans to make it down and validating our report.

Now I'm towing and I'm grew and got a miracle that you might marriage to the Lord, going fine looking to beat it off and on, that you might count during one morning. I did not confound the essence of going out not lawfully married married not devoid of going out and guiding and finding of bad all man five years old and I've been walking with the Lord a long time you want.

I get to get up and get going on when the Lord started because the Lord had not worked good and pray now. Thank you, thank you for Geneva. Thank you for her courage and thank you that she knows you and has some weighted stand up under this phenomenal discouragement that's going on in her life and in Lord.

If we could just listening right now just all of us just wrapped Geneva in that blanket of your love wrap her husband Abdul. He has a clearly a very very broken heart and lot is going on and in Lord. He needs you desperately, we ask that you would send in people into his life.

That would be a good influence. Not a bad influence that you would in fact find people that where he would feel completely safe to get his heart right that he would see native eyes to see that he is Geneva waiting anxiously to love him with the laws of Lorton and an end to care for him and his broken heart. I private. We all could bind him in your love and and and that you would protect him from all those things that are coming after me your protected leave and we ask that you would help him to reject the lives that you want to answer that Geneva is not the answer and that there is any other answer other than you and we pray that the six Holy Spirit would get a hold of him and give him this message in Lord I thank you for chance to pray with Geneva.

I thank you for her courage and I think you for your love to give us all this opportunity speak into this. This will this wonderful lady's life in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Geneva can I tell you a story that encourages me a lot along these lines. A week ago I had purchased two weeks ago I had a prison ministry on and one of the prisoners was there and I asking because I knew he had led a lot of people to Christ in prison which person was ever somebody that you just knew there's no way in the world. This person could ever come to Christ and he went to talk about this man.

It was a Muslim and he had killed 10 people to get in the prison and then he proceeded to kill some of the guards and so they put him in like superduper solitary confinement and he was down in like this hole in the prison because everybody was afraid of, and this pastor began to pray form and began to come every day and drop off literature, Bible studies, things like that in his room and when he would do that. Of course the prisoner would scream at a meal, and tell me was going to kill him and in all sorts of threats and why would you do such stupid things you know and every day that the pastor faithfully found this man in Jesus's love and this can go on for a year if what I remember it was like 10 years. One day the prisoner says can I go to church now this guy was like a beast like you know 6 foot five, 300 pounds. Did push-ups and situps in solitary everyday so he was like everybody was terrified of the skylight and he's coming to church, never asked her this to any right of all those people like that. I got and then I mean the guy gives his heart to Christ and although he's in prison for life in that prison system in the state where this man is which I think is in Pennsylvania. Every time somebody comes into that prison system.

You know where they put admin would put them first with this guy Matt cell who is led hundreds to Jesus at and so that gives me faith like I know there's people in my life that I've been asking for years I've been trying to love on them in whatever and I am believe me and I hope a lot of people listing to put on tool on our prayer list put you there as well. Geneva, I can't be begin to tell you how grateful I am for your called target material how your marriage, all kinds of crap.

Acting time about reading. I started banding God damn America blessing. Thank you so much for bringing now put on your heart going to other replenish all that you give out periodically and got one morning let's take a lot in adult mature Christian call man I understand. I would ask this Abdul turns around and in and you guys know I would love love love to hear that phone call home someday. As is were praying and coddling interpreters waiting. Time doubted collecting at the time back in full at Valley get to go forward and get be good to get it.

Didn't know it back to work and I know guy and get the boy I liked a lot done with, less well well well you may have such a story and we want to get to that 86634878841 of the of the pray with you. We have Sarah Linda's in Washington sir Linda you're on the Christian Car Guy show the morning good morning I will right now right now where I think about being thankful live in victory with 1500 to 6000 in an instant by everyone. Prayers it was just don't let the ending of all my you know what you go through chemo instead. Lord I know granddaughter before we come back and play with you about that hang on through the gratefulness canceled like you called early so we could get to this, we want to pray for the Rice Atlas or Linda and her granddaughter for the call 86634784 you're listening to the Truth Network and and days show binding him to sing Isaias talking about binding. I don't want to miss Matt mar song, which is based on Isaiah 61 is quoting Isaiah 6110 where he says I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God, for he clothed me with garments of salvation. Another he has bound me up in that blanket and covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom deck with herself with ornaments and a bride adorned herself with you so we had an opportunity right now is share Linda to bathe her granddaughter, who we know is struggling. She's actually in the hospital and she had a stem cell transplant or sums or Linda eight years ago. And there was Dale from earlier that he been hidden there. When the will. Anyway the character in battle everything for two years and it became this year will bill back and forth. They got an infection and then battle down and so on.

But now she's in the cancer care gets bitten and there getting radiation and chemo in there and it is not looking good and I God word list morning not being that you had that and you know that's what carry you through. Actually when you had a broken heart and I'm praying for for for her family and mean lying on part of the family and I'm praying also for the young man with her during the time that she was, but they fell in love with each other and am praying for him, praying for her dad that and I heard in the winter and waiting, I heard there. Speaking that gate guy on our and in in that situation and then I remembered that you know this song. There is power in the blood of the Lamb. Talking about being clothed with righteousness will we are covered by life which is resurrection life until I get that faith is our victory. But it got safely and here is the purpose so sometimes we don't always understand what the purpose will be.

I'm praying for the miracle that Darrell Lawley will lurk in light of all the thing. We still know that God believe we pray God.

I believe, help my unbelief in nine praying for everyone involved craved it for that miracle slips her granddaughters name, sir Eric I Erica will miss you and I just pray real quick, because this just this is our opportunity and I'm so grateful that you gave me opportunity is that you been some faithful yourself to listen and and and and be such a supporter. This ministries for Jesus, thank you for Sarah Lynn again her courage to call him and she often does, but in this case, all our hearts are breaking it as we thinking about the pain and struggles of of what Eric has gone through with his battle against leukemia, Lord, we do pray that you would just wrap her in your love and that includes a healing work we will rejoice and glorify you with that wrap her family.

Her father, her boy that's in love with her and Sarah Linda all those that that are touched by this. We pray that that you would give them a sense that you're with them in this no matter what happens, no matter what the outcome is that in your presence is fullness of joy and somehow that works were not sure how we thank you for family.

We thank you for the life that we've had to share with Erica and thank you that everybody listing right now can take part in this. In this prayer for her that you would set her free. Whatever that looks like free from cancer or free in heaven. We trust you that you might make a mistake that that you got this right where it's supposed to be and that you will love everybody in this time and were so grateful.

In Jesus name I pray, amen. All eyes always III love that I've got Lisa.

Also, I gotta get the praying with real quick in its last segment. So sir I got around that I will be praying for Eric. It's on my list cutlass.

Thank you bye-bye all right we have Erica, also in Washington and Lisa is in Washington.

We start with okay can you tell me real quick because we don't have a lot of time right okay.

Number on me in many like ground this week.

She had two boys drowned drunk funding. One went to the blood and then one went and bought both of them drowned the cult of the will of the FA date and end date content on going on what is Lisa my name is Dana.

Okay, well, I've got only a minute Simon to get right to it.

Jesus, thank you for Lisa thank you for her courage to call in and thank you for Fatima and a chance to play with her in unbelievable time Lord, this is Joe, but only now I guess what it would be like to lose two children in the same day. Lord, we pray that you would absolutely cover her in your love and your grace and help her to feel you with her through what a time that this could really even begin to think we thank you for a chance to pray with Fatima acid should be with her with her family at at and that somehow they would see you in all this in Jesus name I can. I thank you for Lisa's call. I pray I hate Lisa I'm so sorry thank you also gotta tell you that Amy Carbo is coming up at 1 o'clock on most of the Truth Network stations that are you one of them want to miss. Definitely talk about PTSD you with because he has sans and you can call him and to be a live show at 1 o'clock Eastern on the Truth Network and other places in their podcast called sure you know, but this week as you think about our opportunity to wrap other people in Jesus's love. Think about VP Biden think about Pres. Trump.

Both people clearly need our prayers. Everybody's trying to demonize both of them and if there was ever a time to pray for this country and prayed. Maybe what you think one of those people is your enemy. Gotta pray cover in your love. Thank you for listing garden show you're listening to the truth and

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