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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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September 9, 2020 1:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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September 9, 2020 1:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Demon Possession.

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This is the old families are broadcast is best. Abba Pindar is coming out once again blazing the path of the Hartson center. No trailblazer pastor hit radio mission or all of these messages go out week after week, day after day Sunday after Sunday and let me just mention quickly. I just happen to think about where we have a website, radio and you can go there and on Sunday we have our regular Sunday services, Bible school, attend worship hour 11 and then on Sunday night and Wednesday night Sunday night at 630 Wednesday night at seven.

Our services are over the Internet live streaming live just as alive as we can get giving out the gospel and maybe you haven't never heard of the go there and pick up our website and you have all of that information. There and if you can't find out how to get to you.

Call me call the bookstore someone be there Monday through Friday long time on their and you can talk to me with the bookstore numbers 225-664-8658 and if you don't have a catalog. Yes, the little girl senior catalog of radial violent book room and all of these messages we bring in her own CDs and maybe you'd like to have some of Willis get back to our study. We were looking there in the last 30 how it some shall depart from the faith in the end we said the church or the ministry cannot turn away from these great basic doctrines without turning to the doctrines of demons will look at those doctrines that he would mention we mentioned the sovereignty of God can't throw away the doctrine of the sovereign to God is one of the cardinal truth of God's word and then the total depravity of man. If you go astray on the doctrine of the total depravity of man you'll go straight on if it wasn't Dr. you will you say will pastor. Maybe I'm ignorant but what is a total depravity of man. You know though trailblazer asked that very question in my early days of my life when I came under the gospel.

I did not know what that means but my friend the total depravity man is a sinner by nature comes into this world born as a sinner but he's totally depraved ever. One of his faculties. We we love sin.

We love sin. We love the things of the world. We love the things that are not pleasing to look to the Lord and we are depraved. That's what it means that we are depraved you came through that doctrine away without turning the sawmill then salvation by grace.

Salvation is not a not of works, my friend, is by grace, and you can throw that away. Blood redemption in Christ. What is your hope is your hope this morning tonight. My hope is Christ. Christ died for me. Oh my friend we have that we have the gospel in those little words, Christ died for me and then the teaching of the Holy Spirit we can throw that away.

The second coming of Christ. We can't throw that away know these five great cardinal foundation doctrine of God's work.

The sovereignty of God, the depravity of man blood redemption in Christ work of the Holy Spirit, and Holy Spirit bringing Sen. Christ and the second coming of Christ are either neglected, lost side of scoffed that ridicule made fun of in the average church and average Bible school today. No man friend that's true. As a result, the way has been prepared for their widespread infiltration of doctrines of demons among religious leaders and churches today.

I had a man called me one day and he had recently moved down here from open also more easily located in the area and he called me and said I understand y'all have broadcast here in a bookstore and all anyone to make small talk and we did and I just asked him how the Lord saved him and he went on to tell me when he was seven years old, he made a decision for Jesus and I said well you you know that God is sovereign, that he change his home. He will save, he said well you must be a Calvinist and he hung up on me.

This was a Southern Baptist preacher. I thought sure that we can make friends not be able to you have fellowship with him, but he hung the phone up on me. Call me a Calvinist. Well I don't know Mr. Calvin. I know he preached the sovereignty of God. I do. I know he preached the sovereignty of God.

But my friend listen before Satan could put over his purpose of being worshiped himself.

He has to destroy or set aside these great cardinal truth. You won't find them in the average church you you look at you look at what we have today. Some of our great old denominations that are long time here now have elected a woman to be the bishop in charge of their worldwide religion, whereas the Bible is plain that no woman is to usurp authority all shooting folks.

I get in trouble is, as it were from saying that there's no such thing as a woman preacher. She's an imposter and I feel folks at to the face. I don't go behind her back to tell him because they have no scriptural grounds for a woman preaching they don't they don't, you say well you must be a woman hater. No, no, I'm not on the I've been married to the same woman for 57 years and I love people I love humanity and I love women in their place in their place.

Not not plowing and all of those things people think no, but a woman has no no right to call himself a preacher not know they got some of my own radio and on television and they would rant and rave if they hear me make that statement, but they probably don't hear the old trailblazer somebody might call Modelo listen listen, I want you to take notice of these facts, the sovereignty of God.

Satan has humanized the Lord Jesus Christ down to the mere name of Jesus. Remember we spoke about that in the last 30 or two and very seldom do you ever hear the second person of the triune God spoken of, except by the name Jesus. Secondly, Satan has succeeded in deleting the doctrine of the total depravity from the average pool. He displays he is substituted the doctrine of demons known as the exaltation of man the goodness of man, the free will of man. In other words, man has been deified.

Then third over a period of time a long time. He has raised up a group of preachers in our churches who either minimize or make fun of blood redemption in Christ and salvation by grace and has substituted salvation by works in the form of the program old, my friend. That's what's happening now and I know I've told you many times how that folks will have the gospel just won't have it.

Satan teaches that there is something good in Everyman. I've heard of evangelists come into town to hold me and I've heard him say no. We don't want to cause no problems. We know that you all saved. We just want to talk about the love of God my friend when I go into the pool. Here whoever crosses nation where I'm called to speak a word or two I'm I preaches though my whole congregation is lost. Those who are saved will understand the Bible says go in the world in the world and preach the gospel. That's what I do. Just like at a funeral. I've conducted funerals all over America and when I stand in the pool.

Usually I lay my hand on the head of the brow of that individual man, woman, boy, girl, I come away from there with the sense that there's no life there coal clay and then I stand in the pool. And I tell folks first of all there's three things that the Lord is commanded. We do as preachers. First of all we married young and I love to do. I love to conducted weighting of a young couple who've fallen in love and show me you give me everything I ever evidence that they love each other and I am am blessed to be able to perform that ceremony have done it all over the country and then went to bed. That's what we called on to do. I have folks who haven't seen me in many once they came to this church, but they have a death in the family they call me pastor we come we come conduct a funeral of mama a pop and surely I do that, you know why because the third thing is we preach the gospel and that's what the old trailblazer likes to do.

I love to stand and tell how God saves a sinner and I think a funeral as it is an opportunity some folks had never been in the church. Maybe in their life nor the last 20 years. Maybe I'll never see him again.

I tell him that will ever meet again under the same circumstances and then I asked him are you saved. I said, this individual lying in this coffin. That's only the mortal body. The soul is going on to be with the Lord always agon to their place of eternity as I don't get into the same sometime. I never mentioned the name I don't eulogize my friend, don't call me to eulogize your friend. I won't need it.

That's what the movie stars do. That's what the politicians do all they take hours and hours to eulogize and then they get some nightclub singer to sing amazing grace, which is abomination before God. I don't do that, my friend, but I feel folks at every funeral that I go to how God saves a sinner and then I wind up close out was are you saved so I asked you this morning tonight at then my radio audience trailblazer listener are you saved, you see past what you mean by that I mean are you trusting the Lord, are you have given up all hope of being saved on your own and then come to the Lord is a poor beggar begging for mercy and the Lord granted you grace to trusting the Scripture says Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Did you know you going come to him. You gonna come to believe the Lord are you will never get saved you gonna come to believe ever promise every jot and every kid well I don't know if it's true or not Willis truly believe it or not, we often make this statement, this is God's word did I hold in my hand. You can believe it, be saved, you can disbelieve it, go to hell for you trouble books are written is that your not say that my friend if it got your attention didn't and did I say my friend this is God's word. It holds out hope is the only contact you have folks to me will.

Jesus told me this know know Jesus didn't tell you nothing Jesus never told you anything where I saw a vision will that was of the devil. That was of demons.

My friend will I saw a light in the corner room that was a demon manifestation what I feel and in the back of my neck when I was a demon manifestation.

When I spoke intoned that's a demon manifestation. My friend, all those things Satan has palmed off on our people that anything of a religious nature is of the Lord and I refute that with all the authority that God has given me the refute error. That's what I do I refute error. We call ourselves here. The voice of truth, the voice of truth ministry. For I tell you my friend. It's great to know the Lord I do.

I just put praise the Lord for the opportunity to come in your home there in your car in the 18 wheeler in your boat airplane where were you, I have folks who hear me from Sacramento California to Orlando, Florida from Newport news Virginia to del Rio Texas and all in between and they write me some of them write me email me let me give you my email address is pastorate radio They email me and say pastor goal. People keep on stepping on my toes. People don't tell me you see say what you mean by stepping on your toes. I have folks write me initially, can I can I get saved shacking up.

I said no ma'am and no sir, you cannot use the Lord and Savior in your sin. He saves you from sin and I tell you they in and day out, come to the Lord your Savior you Savior bow down all your rebellion asked the Lord to break all the rebellion you say well I'm not in yes you are. If you not trust in the Lord you would rebellion against a holy God, oh my friend. I wish I had another 30 minutes at this time.

But remember, remember God is angry with the wicked everyday God hates sin.

He loves sinners. My friend, but he hates sin, and he will have seen you will never enter into heaven with sin. No sir has to be clean and I were, I believe ever born again believer realizes that he has to trust the living God, and that sin must be broken. Remember a mailing address is the old trailblazer PO Box 18, Tian Walker, LA 70785 MO website radio

Goodbye God bless

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