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September 4, 2020 1:09 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 4, 2020 1:09 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there a difference between fallen angels and demons---2- What does Jesus mean in Matthew 22-29-33---3- What is your opinion of Dr. Michael Heiser's work---4- How often do you have to serve God during the week to be accepted into heaven---5- Where do the unbelievers go when they die---6- Where did the belief that Jesus went to hell when he died come from---7- What was the Hebrew name of Jesus---8- What happens to my body at the rapture-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why is called to respond to your questions at 770-7276 Matt slick that's what life is usual 200 McCall was dialing 772072276 love to hear from you if you watch the show.

Not that it's any big deal. See, I look like what I sound like and everybody says the same thing so it's okay and let's see online schools to talk about them recently. Just it is really quickly. If you want you can check out the online schools is what kind of work/school and just do that look on the right hand side of any page and you will see a link to the schools. You can check amount. Also, smile Amazon smile a lot people don't know about this which would let you know if you were to go to.

I think it's recently do it. Smile.when you sign up you can you get a little percent percentage goes to a charity, you can put little stuff.

If you have Karam as the charities that you use misspelled on and talk about things that were charity thing does help up so will check it out and let's see we have four lines you may call 87720722761 just jump online and I get to Bob from Texas Bob welcome you were on the air sure Angel. There and that when first the first difference.

Jack generally speaking, demonology is a study of all that kind of stuff but there is within some Christian circles, the possibility, as some say. Some theologians say about the possibility of the demons being the released spirits of the methylene and angels bring something different.

Angels been created beings directly by God's hand then fell or fallen angels and sums think that the demons are place at the released average spiritual flame that were released during Genesis flood in one of the reasons they say that is because the demons seem to have a need to inhabit bodies of some sort. Since Jesus cast him into the swine things like that so that's where the theories about that but all on the line like great holiday or because the idea of the fallen angels interbreed with women is something the early church held unanimously and also the Jews held throughout their centuries of existence back that time also we see in Genesis 69 it says that Noah was perfect in all his generation source ancestry. Reese think that's a hint about the idea of the fallen angels and so also to go to Ashley. Daniel 243 of this with the Nebuchadnezzar statue the feet and the clay image that part is supposed to be the end times duration as its representative.

That's that symbol and it says there they will combine in the seed of man and that they can't be seated.

So there's something that may draw a parallel to the idea of folks have the methylene and though some people select ridiculous angels can't do that. Nothing the Bible says they can't do that. Some will say will says angels don't marry legally married is an issue of marriage.

Angels can appear in human form, he can even tell the difference. They can manifest hairs on our and irises that dilate the hairs on your head says this is a people of entertained angels unaware so you around people. You're an expert on what people look like that's what you do is look see and so when it says I can tell, so they have this ability. Some of them do have this ability to take human form.

So how far is that human form, go, we don't have an answer for that, but this is what the early church is taught processing to be what it is and if it is what I hope to ethnically more they have reached okay so light fallen angels are the ones that are found in every all the latest ones are unbound. 1000 fallen angels are those who are not elected by God to to stay in heaven exceed the elect angels is 1st to 521.

The second thing is for 25 and talks with elect angels. The eclectic toy. The ones who are elected to not fall and… Fell so they are that class of of sentient beings created by God called angels that set the creeping scalding and so on. That's that. And then looks like the they had a breeding program going on to destroy the messianic line which is one of the reasons the flood came, was to wipe them out because it was the enemy's attempt for the very beginning to thwart plan of God's doubt pollinate all of the lockdown harder. While the demons are buried around right now on their there is a difference between the pollinate will I don't know if that's the case, I'm not an expert in demon demonology that I not seen where it states that they are all bound Matthew 12 2232 Jesus talks about binding the strongman and he relates the strongman to the devil.

So Jesus stated that in order to plunder the house. The strongman must first be found in the context of what he was talking about was exercising demons demonic presence out of people and so Jesus says that the strongman Satan must be bound in order for this to occur.

That's what he said. Matthew 12 2232 since he was casting out demons. The logical implication is that Satan bound so that really surprises a lot of people, particularly they think that in the future millennial reign of Christ. Satan will be bound. But Jesus said he was already down as Matthew 12 2232 so we look at this.

The binding doesn't mean that they don't have an ability to do anything. We don't even know exactly what it means to be bound to what degree doesn't mean they can't do can't send them to edge out front of me just don't know. But there is a restriction in the movement when it does talk about Satan being unbound, he says. It says that the implication is that he will deceive the nations so there's a binding with his ability built to do things in unbinding and the eschatological result is the the nations being convinced deceived to work together to move against Israel, and in this is also some theologians think that this is also the time we have wars and rumors of war and so some all millennial lists those who believe that the millennial reign of Christ is a figurative period of time that began with Christ and in his first coming and will and the second coming and part of the evidence of that is that Satan is bound stated, Jesus said he was so there's that and then some. All millennial lists think that Satan has been let loose towards the end of the millennial reign of people think the word millennium. They automatically think it has to be a literal 1000 years. That's not the case. It could be but not necessarily go to Revelation 20 success on Angel that we literal coming down from heaven we literal, holding the key of the abyss that will be figurative is no literal key would hold our pockets or hands key of the abyss and a great chain chain literal in his hand. Angels don't have hamster spirit beings that's that's figurative that you chain is to be figurative in the hand is figurative. He laid hold of the Dragon that's figurative the serpent the serpent of old that we literal, who was a devil and Satan is literal and Donna for thousand years. While is it literal or figurative well because it says that is figurative and and literal usage with within that context. So you have to be careful and not say what it just means literal thousand years.

We don't know that. So these are just some of the things that you not to say this is on the loose callers to lose our listeners, but there is an eschatological view that floating around premillennialism with combined with pretrip records preacher bracketing of a problem with more and more as I look to that issue. I do have this be problematic. It's a relatively new view, less than a couple hundred years old, but because new doesn't mean it's not true. I find nothing in Scripture that says the Christians are going to escape judgment on the earth. But what I'm concerned about his depreciable rapture view is people then become lackadaisical lazy they don't work hard to convert the world when things get bad when a high boy for the rapture and that's a huge problem. I think it is that the Christian church in its desire to be comfortable here in America has latched onto the comfort, the idea of pretrip elation rapture looking to get out of it. We have all the water we need all the food we need all the TV we need and everything else that we need and so therefore really pretrip rapture. We need also and this is not see as being biblical at the glad to public debate on pretrip versus posterior rapture I what that formal public debate on it and in loving manner, but I'm not headed out ever take me up on in years and years and years of asking periodically but nevertheless it's problem and will be secured in stuff about demons and angels being bound and loosed. There is room for debate. There honestly is room for debate, but be careful that your hopes and pretrip rapture.

I hope it's true.

We make sure we don't put our hopes and and to be sure that we are aware of all these demonic psychological things related to attention the go… Angles not allowed… God created that created being. Being in the Nightingale and the devil stand.

I went along with him.never draw very fallen angels that even payment being told of the death of Lambert asked. Right now, is it not following I. D. Angels are spirits and demons are spirits, but the M of the offspring of methylene are the deceased biological descendents of the fallen angels that had relations with women and produce physical offspring. They work becoming too populous and looks like a flood was there, in part, to destroy them and then looks like upon death. Their spirits were freed and some say this is okay not really hold off okay for photo five overlying vital 72276 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave show. We have three open minded joint 877-207-2276 Chuck from North welcome Rainier yet. I would.

About not wanting to work 23 through 30. Great. Now I know the law but when there that you think that about the seven why they all had our whiteboard and resurrect. Now my question is on 29 through 33. Written from the EF.

The working and that you are wrong you know neither the nor the power of God in the resurrection and the new America than America but I like to have okay I can or band that you need to have male or female peer and that the resurrection of the you bike God. I'm the God of Abraham is not the God of that but I the God of the living. And when the Grapher they think they were thought. Now what the main the dead guy living on me. I agree agree that you know God, the living, I eternal life right now what your question okay what okay yeah real big break. Why does he stay on the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.that God is a living because the fat you have the top of the social and soul sleep idea also.

So is the gun is not living So the STA's wrong annihilation. Mr. wrong so sleepers around Jehovah's rice is wrong right well what the date of the long worth her weight what okay how that what's asked that again.

How long how long did that you believe that the goal would be earthly until the resurrection. As we understand that they taught so hope I will correct long time since the set-asides are held short but so you there trying to trap Jesus and he was us and you you understand Scriptures and resurrection again. Driving marriage right whose wife will she be your dry climates to be married and have a look at the wrong and then he says so got to be read by subject of the God of the living dead and so is a shot at the idea of soul sleep yeah good debris. Mike and Jacob were are a lot more alive day I got kind of a thick bed roll back so hard to get, that's okay. It's all right. Well I brother yeah I break, I love your love rate) goblins.

All right, that was Jennifer North Carolina listed online with crew, no cool name to know from Florida with somebody and not it's going to be a great dog.

Thanks for doing what you do everyday cards you really need it today… Michael Hyder talking about you know it.Michael Hyder you wrote about God can't be around and.

What you think about him's already need hardly ever is stuff assist students similar things but he's known with the issue, that of the divine counsel and this is something that the Mormon supply got onto, and others, and beyond little bit of research about them on this flight from what I remember. Remember it correctly is not a firm polytheism just talking about this thing is a divine counsel which is God. There is the head, because God is in their divine then the cult divine counsel where there's an angelic realm and archangels like that. So if that's the member correct correctly, then there's no problem with that understand the logic terminology is the issue is clarified, but with the careful doing don't want to imply in any way there's any other God besides true living God, or any other beings or divine divinity is something that belong to the very nature of God himself that belongs to him alone. There is no other divine being other than the one single holy God is the Trinity.

Okay yeah you mentioned that you know now is basically agreed with that. You know what I imagine about Angel. However, the angel a good job writing method not foyer what it so I thought it if there is many God did only one God, Yahweh, with a certain attribute will Yahweh get it right yet all little gods in the sense of the false gods not really God by nature.

Moloch is considered a God but he's not really exist yet is a demonic thing of all, you not like that and I got different. Like New York State. Imagine that the gears are basically faster children all that the not going to somebody. You pretty much what you hold anything you know I did.

Then he explained again the book of Angela. "Dammit, I want, and you haven't read not what you think you know I cannot do something when you mentioned God and the way meant to the angel you would say will and will do the job description it work God and Jewish thinking at that time they were thinking there will God know God like Yahweh God is, God of God, was he really thing on the God of God are degraded and don't dodge you, they don't really yeah yeah what we need to understand is that there's only one being who is God, one God and he's a Trinity and that's it. And no one else possesses divinity in spite of what's with the Eastern Orthodox think about the… So that's it okay and the phraseology dyad is is problematic is to be used.

Okay, it all down through on how conditioned to think that what you and how they thought 2000 or 3000 4000 years ago. You know, and I thought they might live to get bent. I would definitely recommend you know I really want my holiday. I've never heard… You know you know about it, but they really put everything in perspective how I thought about you right on what you like what you said beginning about the okay II okay thank you good job you have us.

If voltage Wendy McCauley three open lines 877-207-2276 Adam from Virginia look the other here I was, that little everything you got away all, there's a break. Can you hold on to Rebecca for the most direct that governs messages for you to call 720776 max Y call 77077 charismatic sling Brent 10 I brother back. Can you can you hold on because I was good or I thought about that know to read that you afterwards okay do that very often, but I just did Adam from Richmond. Sorry, but that would okay so thanks I will first off, you again for everything you done and I basically had that you want about two months ago I was saved I was eight years ago. I'm 40 years old now and I get back to work. You have always prayed when I later had faith in me always you try to think more of everything given to me and things I don't get always look for a reason behind it. Why didn't happen so I was that think about two months ago a friend of mine on either the ministry and he's really doing a great job and of the couple was one major thing that kind of scare me a little bit and maybe you could break. He's cute, is very aggressive when it comes to an when it comes to speaking the word are going into all description the certain things in the Bible, such as example like my wife yeah she's Catholic and you know it's not likely go to church every weekend and I'm looking for church now myself but your whole family want everybody to go but she we had a conversation with the Catholic Church to stay with Kathy is not Christian you okay that that exactly what it actually met that of the same thing might rent that. So basically we have unless I don't yet the question why does my wife Ahmed told me she she said that when his long is she that she does get the things she does good things and initially prays yes God for forgiveness ever make mistakes.

Certainly can offend and you know she always goes back to that prayer every every night every morning and there were certain things that my friend told me that needed to be done. You have to strive every day to serve the Lord, and you can't just like you said earlier checklist a couple things out that you done in the past. So I think I'm going to heaven okay yeah you will need a question from gift or is it. Is it true that when you believe your opinion that if you don't try to serve the Lord everyday in a court that can be anything but if you just do a couple things during the weekend don't really try to serve in any kind of forget that he's even there. And when you come back on Sunday and you praying you get on you believe that that person as the last chapter better chance of going to heaven than someone that while serve them on a daily basis and not on any judgment. I don't want to get Emily jumped in because what you're espousing, there's a false gospel. I think you believe false gospel.

Maybe you do if you don't be saved and just be a good about certain things.

What you do and how we tend to go to church has nothing to do with when you go to heaven serving God and we cannot serving them during the week.

Has nothing do with whether or not it brings you to go to heaven or maintains your salvation that this is all false gospel stuff and explain what is going on. We put together for you. You are a sinner. I'm a sinner when the same boat.

What we need is to have our sins forgiven so we can be with the Lord. How is it that we have our sins forgiven the way our sins are forgiven. His bike trust in the Lord Jesus Christ God inflict on the cross rose from the dead.

We trust and what he did we receive Christ. John 113 and therefore by doing this by trusting in Christ being saved by faith.

Ephesians 289. We are then justified. Justification is a legal standing of righteousness. According to the law is a legal standing of righteousness, according to law, so you have lied. I have lied. So we have both broken that law, we need to be justified.

We need when God looks at us in the day of judgment. We want him to not see our lawbreaking which is sent for country for my sin is break the law of God, so we don't want that. We don't want that in our account.

We don't want that hell to agree want God's sake, you still have sin on you. You're going to hell. We don't want that. How is a sin, so to speak. Remote is removed by faith in Christ.

But X actually removed by the by the blood of Christ cleanses us from sin.

First John 17 and he canceled or send it on the cross first and Colossians 214, but we obtain justification for the legal the legal aspect of God's position positioning this right according to law. This is by faith alone in Christ alone. The Bible says in Romans 328. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law apart from the works of the law and Jesus says of the law and the prophets were summarized in the two Commandments of the Old Testament law love God and love your neighbor. He said that many 2237 to 40 so when pulses were justified by faith apart from the works of the law were justified by faith apart from loving God and loving your neighbor. When I justified before God because we love God because we love our neighbor, or because a go to church or because you take Sacramento because they get baptized because we don't do something bad. Three days in a row, or because we do some nice things three days in a row.

All of that is of the cults and false doctrine.

We go to heaven because of faith in Christ Jesus and God grants that we believe likens 129 he granted we have repentance second Timothy 225 so if you're justified before God, it's because that's granted you that. And if you're justified that major sin that has canceled all of your sin that your whole life, past present future is canceled the cross justified when you believe. You could laze around for 23 weeks not even think of God yourself saved.

But let me say this, that what happens with justification. Salvation is also something called regeneration were caused to be born again. First Peter 13 were born again by our own will, but by the will of God. First John 112 three nicely. John 112 so because your regenerated, you can't just sit around for two weeks and do not you can't technically you could, but because it saves your keeps you saved but I mean if you're Christian you notice the reference to which the gratification of the Caribbean here. Sit around to it because you had four years of heavy work like I have and don't have a vacation little sit and do nothing except stare at the way little wave and for five days straight which I'd love to do that will not serving God right there is and is not saved.

No okay so I see that that's the idea. Okay that's that's that's going on, justified by faith alone in Christ alone, your wife or the Catholic Church is basically going to a gigantic humongous worldwide cult.

It teaches a false gospel and it says in paragraph 26 date of the catechism of the Catholic Church that we reset obtain salvation by faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments and the observance of the commandments. Paragraph 2036 and 2070 it says in the catechism says that you got to is that the the neck keep in the natural law is necessary for salvation and then an expression of the natural laws of 10 Commandments which they can keep the 10 Commandments to be saved for the Bible says a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law. In Romans 45 Paul the apostle said, we maintain the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness that was going on so you can be a lazy bum and you're still saved.

But the regeneration of of your heart to God living in you. It's difficult of you when you allow me yeah I was there when allowed, but I you're coming from with that. Yeah, good excellent, thank you so much that there was a great answer that I know how to get out, that's all right about. Thank you so much for the answer first.

If you been my website, network Nasser. I would love to check it out you heretic you got together as anybody I go to the seminar.

Hell, even the kind that are in the handwritten rise of the negative rest of you girl heretics, and every left so I agreed. So go to

See and look there for the dissection Christian doctrine and just go to the Christian doctrine section and you could also go to the article notes, you'll find it.

So Jesus saves and read up on stuff just read read read read and I give a lot of scripture you check whatever I say against the word of God. Don't believe some guy in the radio with less nesting slick that's dangerous. You better believe the word of God you check everything I say gets what he got. But I'll tell you with this for 40 years debating in teaching the stuff incessantly. I know what justification is a petition propitiation, I can relate all of them to the difference with that sanctification and the issue of God's salvation work so I told you is biblical theology.

According to the verses and when you find a church to find a church with no women pastors and elders. This bath, and one that teaches justification by faith alone in Christ alone.

Check it out okay. Remember that God loves what you have is a thank you folks be right back after these messages the mass like why call 77077 charismatic slave, Brent, sorry about that from earlier print but thankfully you.

Fairly quick question when you saved it die today go to some kind of like negative quote unquote holding cell or go directly to hell until it judgments or where exactly do they go there's debate on that, and since a carless second Peter 28 believe it is to stage II, four and so that's one view, but then some say that they go to hell later house cast out of darkness debate on that I would just say this is that the wicked go to a bad place winners suffering agony when Jesus told the story of parable of the story of Lazarus and the rich man the rich man because he was rich with respect went to a place of fire and torment. So that's where they would go. We call that hell I would say so is it the final abode.

Perhaps and when I've studied this have not been able to to my own satisfaction study to the point where ago I got a definite answer, and I believe this or that.

So I decided to go to bed place is torturous and it will continue for eternity that scripturally exactly everything clear that right now & clear like the justification is salvation.

The terms are used a little bit interchangeably in second Peter 244 forgotten did not spare angels when they send the castle into hell, I sort hell in English but in Greek it start to rinse it so little because Dr. root Toronto and so in the Tartarus will target that's only place the word occurs in the entire Bible in Greek. That one word will Tartarus has to do with x-rays by the Greeks of the Greeks of believe in a subterranean place.

Lord and Hades and and so in the Nixon impasse over the river stay right right soon. Peter is talking about this with understand that he's not saying all of Greek mythology is correct. He's using the term that was common because of Greek theology, Greek mythology that was around and prevalent in a ceased addressing people is using terms that are common so like we might say the word hell go to a few double toothpicks as people would say and what does it mean well. Tons of people to understand the varying degrees of of its intensity, and so is a similar thing here. Jesus used the word Tartarus as that place of the abode of the wicked, which is a bad place and that's the sense in which it seems to be used as a committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment. That's what he's talking about when believe that you went to hell when he died that Comed doesn't make anything then it would go down to the five areas at a Catholic thing. Don't scream and he was a male birthday or two and then came out hello does this make it yeah it's a creedal thing where things in the process. Kind and in the Neisseria County fast. Let's see to you. So the apostles Creed is very very early on the first couple hundred years. It says so I believe in God the father Almighty Creator of heaven and earth in Jesus Christ his only son our Lord is conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died and was buried.

He descended into hell. The third date has to give that back so you think positive Street so when they say hello does it mean it means the earth. Then they had the effect necessarily within the abode and so that's all that it's saying there so modern theologians around. Literally, physically, on the ground right. His body was now in.

But there is some debate since a discussion about some stuff that goes on because the men with his Creed were just saying you just his body was just in the grave is to go to first or two, 26, first Peter three it says for Christ was Rovers, 19 in which, in the spirit in which you made proclamation of the spirit now in prison who once dissipated in Noah, so it looks like you descended and made proclamation to the people in her Tartarus, if you want to use that word, or the abode of the wicked that were there and made proclamation. This is why you're the state you're in.

What's going on in some theologians think that Jesus and then went to the holding place where the Christians are people who died in faith, work, and then led captive a host of captives. Ephesians 4 and eight, following sets don't know exactly how it all works but are the theories that are behind this event in the hell so maybe went made proclamation.

He was in that place is as was commonly held. The place was down in the earth, someplace and this is why we have these moronic lame positive confession teachers who will say that Jesus went to hell and suffer for our sins and hell and finished them and then rose from the dead, and that is blasphemy and last-minute wacko. Thanks so much blessing to okay thank you God bless Right was good to Mr. Mims from North Carolina. Welcome you on the under no rights what he got. Why that they did today will we don't know the original Hebrew name is because it's not recorded in Scripture, so I will talk about creating No the Catholic Church is not a true Christian church. False church teaches a false gospel and promotes idolatry is not a true Christian church can the name of the name of Jesus as recorded in Scripture is in Matthew 121 Rick says she will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, which in Greek is pronounced the Asus okay I thought I… His name is, that is right in the Bible you do you believe the Bible no, I'm not really do believe the Bible. I think about what how it pocketed is not created not arouse is not correct to say Greek and Latin. The Greek name, which is what we have is recorded in Matthew 121 it says you shall call his name and it says it in Greek cases do you believe that that is what the Bible says there is no Ashley Pasternak, can you answer my question believe that that's what it says right there in the Greek, which was with the New Testament is written it deeply. That's what it says okay okay so then do you believe it when they wait a minute: you don't believe what the Bible says that you believe the Bible but that's what it says in the Bible that you all night how you know is what is Rachel name as is with us as you shall call his name Jesus. So, do you call his name Jesus is do you call his name on because you hold on I met tonight on hold on hold on it says you shall call his name and in the Greek the Asus do you call him the Asus or in English Jesus as the Bible says so you you disobey the Bible can just make sure no mosquito is big guns were this process right there. I don't have any Hebrew New Testament. It was written Hebrew tradition Greek so why do what disobey the word shop.

I Tyson is my question is why do you disobey the command of God.

You shall call his name Jesus. You are not on word of God. You say you knew the Hebrew thing that's not what we have in the Greek, the Greek is what God chose to have it written in. That's what it says and you disobey it. What else to do something about God's word I tell you this means with respects knows respectfully to you as it is a human being, but your not educated in this you been misled and misinformed by the Hebrews, like people so you need to abandon bop it with the Bible says that is very scientific. She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus. That is what we have.

Why do you disobey that is my question okay I know says it says it says it says in the Greek that's what we have. God chose to have the New Testament written in the Greek God ordained it was in the Greek God said to do this in the Greek God have the light on the disk usually God did this and in the Greek it says you shall call his name Jesus. So why are you disobeying God himself. Since God ordained it be written in Greek and called his name Jesus.

Why do you disobey him submitted these admitted you this because you said you dismayed because it's a valued admitting to disobey God about okay, let's move along. Adam California loved Adam. Let's get to camming from California. Can we welcome you are on the air.

You're welcome.

When you wrap my body is resurrected to a glorified body.

The rapture helped me wear it but will be no something happened to my body. I don't become. Below I know will technically you do become spiritual because in first Corinthians 1535, 45, a talk with the resurrected body being the spiritual body in that terminology, yes, but it's a physical body. If a physical body but will be glorified. At that point on which a nerve-racking why would my drinking great earthly clanging in all afraid of heights really fully. I guess the good training is I would. I just assume that during that that all those weird phobias and fears and stuff. Just vanish with us will be will be with it before the light. Okay you will all right does chemical California at a time with the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow

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