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September 6, 2019 11:00 am

Panther's Broadcast Team

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 6, 2019 11:00 am

Mick and Jim from the Panthers Radio Brocast team join David to discuss the upcoming Panther Season.

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Everyone, I'm David Chadwick talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is the faith and values program is been airing now for 23 is been a great ride a great fun experience. Thanks to Ruth Chris take also.

Fine jewelry for their support of the program. It means more than you'll ever know what today's show is one that I look forward to every year is been an annual occasion now for I don't know how many years, but it is Mick Mixon and Jim so key here on the Panthers and Panthers stadium later today at 1 o'clock the Crowley save Their ground and we should put it in there for sure is great that the two announcers here on the BBD radio for the Panthers sports.

It's broadcast RR with me today and it's just fun to have you guys would be they Mick thank you for being here.

Thank you DC. This is what I think we should do if you had a more interesting off-season, so I think we should devote the first segment of the circle, back me up on this. Just get it down DC tell us how you're doing.

Tell us what happened and tell us what lessons we can all take away from what that what you went through the off-season.

I know you guys are surprising me with this I thought I was the interview of you two guys you it is well with my soul.

I'm doing fine. My wife and I are moving forward. You know, life throws you curveballs sometimes and you're not expecting them you are moving forward. What you think you're supposed to be doing and suddenly abruptly things change and that's what happened with us.

We had to move from a place where we had been for 39 years to doing a start up if you will, in the new church experience. It's been challenging.

It's been difficult in some ways it's also been exhilarating. We have been with people who want to be with us in a new experience and so we've learned a lot about relationships and people who care for you and letting people care for us because often times when you're the caregiver like Marilyn and I have been to so many people over the decades we care for folks going through life crises and change people have rushed around us to be that kind of person to us and you honestly, it's been different. But it's been exhilarating and the friendships are rich and deep, and we see who people really are our friends. When you go through a deep life trial. So what we learn from it all. We've learned that life doesn't stop and you've got a choice to either be a victim or victor you can complain about the difficulty and say you know I'm just gonna give up or you can say you know what I'm gonna learn from this and I'm gonna start all over again and we chose the latter. We chose to take this experience and try to continue to move forward in life.

So that's kind of where we are with David.

Thank you for joining us on the David Chadwick to be right back after he's met all friends and I were so happy that you and Marilyn a great spot right now, what exactly were you supposed to be so congratulations on your start up and all is going on with that and is just is just good to see that you are doing well with that it works out to be back and have a fun show with you today. I know you want talk football more than anything else today duplicate right embark on a new season with this Panthers Rams opener so it's an exciting time. I yeah can you guys believe another season is right here. I imagine only seems like yesterday. The last one stop here we go again, Mick. What event always say I have a talk with myself every year DC and say I'm not going to talk about the passage of time anymore. I'm not going to say Guy can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving.

Can you believe how we can you believe back to school. Can you believe Christmas because time passes. At the same rate all the time. But why does it seem to us, especially as we get older that it's it's accelerated that it goes faster. So you're right here we are with another season. This season begins with great fanfare the Panthers are younger, faster, quicker, and with with the schedule so I think that is manageable. What was last time we had to in a row at home to start the season and then ended the season at home. It may not have happened before you tell of the schedule to first trip to London coming up in every step of the season and by the way that those two West Coast trips, which are longer and I go out on a Friday. For these games. It also had all the first half of the regular season, so three of the first seven games. I will be extended road trips for this team. So that really feel right away and is Mick said to them four days to start the season on a Sunday and a Thursday at home with the Rams and the Buccaneers are working to find out real quick.

When the season begins. What we got here, but to mix point like every deep new year brings new players doing doing defense with this.

Three. Four defensive scheme being the basest of the 43 and there's a lot of excitement about the way to get after the quarterback this year and is always the topic is is cam Newton healthwise and all that seem to be a writer. Also it says can be a fun year and hopefully bounce back year after what happened last was 79 on the Wizard of Oz.

I think when Toto yanks the curtain down in the wind and the wizard says pay no attention to the man behind the screen on the great and powerful Oz. I feel a little bit like that in this preseason. I'm telling friends of mine. Pay no attention to the preseason games where the Panthers couldn't get a first down and got creased in the run game and seem like the passing game had just been invented. This could be a good season but I sincerely feel that will make Escambia special year yet were really looking forward to it.

Here we go, and Mick, now 15 years in the broadcast booth so got 25 years for you now in the broadcast booth.

That's a lot of years and you guys bring such stability to the listener who just loved the Carolina Panthers when we come back years will ask you first of all about cam's foot.

Everybody's asking that. Secondly, the Andrew luck situation.

Everybody's talking about that as well get your insights and other things. I'm David Chadwick will be back yes were ready for new Panthers. Susan hi Chadwick this is news talk 11 1099. Keith, welcome back to Michelle with my guess Jim soaking Mick Mixon, the Carolina Panthers WBT broadcast team. Indeed, the Carolina Panthers voice throughout the region for the games that are starting today. Unbelievable LA Rams 1 o'clock Panthers stadium, a Super Bowl contender are the Rams are the gym well together last year so yeah absolutely in the survey that they played the other patrons in the Super Bowl last year and will folks think they can learn from that experience and maybe win it all this year's about yeah that's a tough draw an interesting draw Mick and that you know there are very good teams and are very good team to do things a different way and Shawn McVeigh is an innovator, especially on offense we set an entire off-season and sucking off that Super Bowl wants to come up with what the author on week one is they say their vanilla and the preseason will show anything organist a lot today from the Rams and then overlooked because there their offices.

Exciting is one of the top defenses made by one top three for defenses in the entire NFL this year the Ramseur's Bureau test for the Panthers in this one. This is what the Rams do for those who do not know offensive and defensive player one player on each team has earpiece in his helmet and so coaches in the booth. Up until 15 seconds left on the play clock can communicate via headset to that player. So the Panthers case it be the quarterback. So cam Newton can have a coach in his ear up until 15 seconds before he has to snap the ball saying different things flip the coverage.

There their recorders of the Titan will be open on and then cut me this is imagine if you could eavesdrop on this, but here's what the Rams do the Rams mess around with you on that they have a decided three tempo they'll come up and go fast so just as you're getting your stances Google snap the boss he gotta be ready for that that allows them to have that pre-snap Intel from the coach to the quarterback communicated to his offense will do a medium tempo.

They'll snap it at about 15 seconds right when it's get ready to communication.

We cut off, and then the goat, then those slow play. They'll snap it right at the last second to try to see what you're going to do so. It's unique it's it's a handful sometimes they mess up themselves, but sometimes they put you in a bad way.

So a lot of work has gone in to figuring out the tempo. The Rams offenses we while it's going to be an interesting start of the season. I mean to good teams. The question that so many are asking Jim let me come to you cam Newton's foot, ankle, how is it I mean there have was a collective gas now throughout Panther nation when he went down and that preseason game where is ED thing that I think we dodged a bullet on that one.

It looked a little worse. At first when you see a player being taken to the tunnel in the first half of the game, but then walking in Abboud Avenue organist Abu but able to get ready for this game of the way that you would expect that he would be so hey took his mind off the shoulder for a minute right that my sodas are so bad now, but nothing about my foot but yet is likely just a sprain and and good to go and I think you know it when you begin the season like this and is 30 years old. Now you know the put the load on some other guys and Krista McCaffery seen them do that. The last couple years. The development of Curtis Samuel Cameron will run is no doubt about it. Be doesn't have to run the way he was when he first came into the league so I expect that he will no run today when needed by think is going to be Mick probably a smarter more judicious about going out of bounds sliding it, which is gotten better at through the years and I taken a lot of chances because it is a grind with 16 games are just today on the line agreement is like we talked little Panther talk a couple weeks ago I got this idea, and I'm just one. One guy, but I've got this idea that Krista McCaffery is not just really good but he's once in every 2025 years. Good things, a generosity generational talent while and I think defensive coordinators around the NFL know this and so I think that the singular focus. Not that they won't be worried about what Zach said cam Newton's ability to run because he can still do that but they're going to do everything they can possibly do. If there's a football version of the box in one defense like a you you know from being a basketball guy DC. I think Krista McCaffery is going to draw a man and 1/2 to men on almost every play so the Panthers then have to be creative enough astute enough, smart enough to make defenses pay for doing that. The extra attention will pay to the 22 so what does that mean Samuel DJ Moore, the other backs the tights creative playcalling by North Turner will be fascinating to see how plays on let me shift gears on you. One of the great stories of the last several weeks is been Andrew luck at 29 years of age walked away from $21 million his time. He was not the greatest. I'm sure for Colts fans, but nevertheless he made that decision, feeling his own body soak your feelings as you experience now's a couple weeks later this decision by Andrew luck in your first and foremost, it's his decision is not up to Colts fans or fantasy football owners. I drafted him or the coaching staff for anybody else's parents and it says, gotta be his decision is been dealing with injuries the last four years and maybe worry is right now is not as severe as ways come out the shoulder surgery are lacerated kidney and fractured ribs. The things he's gone through is doing with the Strain right now so it's not the most severe injuries now. But is that cycle of four years and the thing he talked about the Rob Bukowski talked about a week or so ago to about the end of his career. About the same age with injuries was just the joy was gone and you've got kids that are now beyond college age are competitive athletes and have been competitive athletes. I've seen it with parents of kids ever grade high school kids walked away from college scholarships because they hated their lives and were enjoying it is no amount of money or maybe even waiting that could take away enough to make that joy not matter and so when you wake up in the morning and you don't want to go to work even when all the monies on the line as this decision is to make he could've came out his junior year and been the number one pick by the Panthers play right and stayed another year at Stanford got his engineering degree from Stanford was the number one pick. Obviously after that, this kids multitalented as great of a football player is he is he could be one of the world's great architects or whatever you want to do in engineering. He's got other passions in life you grew up in a football family.

His dad through his entire life is been a player coach and administrator in pro sports with football so he's probably just kind a little bit burned out by the mentally along with the rehab stuff, and effect of the fans booed him after that game was awful to see that human nature wise. It was a decision here to make it which makes it on its own though the right decision for your thoughts. So exhibit all and said it very well sometimes in athletics you get someone that you think should just be totally consumed with it, but they have other things they want to do you member Chuck Noel, the great coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A grinder worker and you sent for think okay he's a lifer in the game right will. He retires, fairly early, and no one hear from him again. What does he do, he becomes one of the world's foremost horticulturalist. He grows roses and that's his thing. That's enough to do that now does not look back.

So I like the way Jim said it only this athlete knows what he wanted for his life, only he knows how it feels to try to play without his fastball for you to preach a sermon if it hurt you to talk if something was wrong with your voice and every syllable, every word because you you pain, you have to recalibrate it when you mean it just the just and the people in the stands who booed was talk about that for a second. We all understand that every one of those differences if they could meet Andrew luck if they could see him at the mall if they could run into them at a Books A Million Uruk Starbucks they would come right up to them.

Oh Andrew, oh we love you.

Oh, we love it when you when you came out of Stanford your our favorite, can I have a selfie but I think they were they were unhappy with how they got the news is there in the stands at a preseason game. They see Andrew luck Mary is done on the field he's get right to run off the field and on their cell phones.

They're getting hit with messages that he's retiring. I'm not trying to make excuses for but I think there's more to that story than just venom towards Andrew luck the man and the QB. We know this isn't a unique situation in the era of sports.

I mean I'm old enough to go back. Remember Sandy Koufax at 29 years of age, you just come off. I think at 29 and seven or 27 and nine season with a 1.7 ERA. He walked away from the game. He says my elbow hurts my body hurts. I just want to spend the rest of my life doing this, he becomes a humanitarian person who gives his life to help other people. This week was called to do.

But you got others like Jim Brown you got Barry Sanders and others as well who have chosen to care for their bodies.

More than just pursue again. Your thoughts Mick well Sandy Koufax was Jewish and he would not. He decided he wasn't going to pitch on Jewish holidays, even when even if the World Series even if a scheduled start. Can you member that had to remember that yeah so you know someone the steps into the breach and and tries to stand for something, or at least even if it's a personal thing.

Just gotta respect that we go back to Eric little and generates a fire when he refuses to run his race in the Olympics and says I want to because it's on the Sabbath and I honor the Sabbath as part of my religious commitment and you got to admire people who say there's something bigger than sports Jim what you think. I was strictly were open on Sundays. I still have to deal with, so I do. But that's also been successful for them in the right thing to do for them so the only thing you, David, and Mick is you know is that there these guys are making unprecedented amounts of money is always going up. They can retire.

20. Not because you made some 810s or maybe hundreds of millions of dollars you are set for life.

If you're smart with your money and so are your children, for that matter, so it's gotta be a little less motivating the wake up near you, Sandy Koufax and that error they were paid so well work immediately if you left pitching for the Dodgers because you needed to support your wife and family and kids and all that nowadays you guys make it so much money these these premium players like that like rock that there if they choose to. They can be set for life in the same after they could do other things and and and they do what they can walk away from that kind of money on the table that you mention because they've made it already. At the age of 20. You know I was talking to an NFL player this week. In fact, and he was talking to me about the Andrew luck situation and he said nobody knows what Mondays are like when you said you're in the weight room trying to lift a low bit, but most everybody else looks like a medic unit and it looks like an absolute train crash, when guys are limping around either getting in the ice bath are just trying to make it through the next couple of days to get their bodies restored to the point where they can play yet another game that brings a train crash and they're all saying to themselves. How long can I do this on and I guess there are people who say I really don't want this pain anymore and this pain hurts and I'm looking forward to having something else happen in my one thing you know is that pain hurt if it does, and again we don't understand that with these NFL guys at full speed, crashing into one another and the painted that brings to their lives. We need to take another break when we come back. Here's the question David Tepper in an interview in this studio said to me I'm not as patient as the Rooney's and he said if I had one criticism of the Rooney family with the Pittsburgh Steelers thereto. Patient I'm not that patient what in the world do you think that might mean time David Chadwick will be right back 111 to 99. Welcome back to the show you'd like to hear this program in its entirety here on the first game of the panther starting in just a couple of hours. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can do the podcast from beginning to end with my dear friends Mick Mixon and Jim soaking great to have you guys in studio with me this annual occasion that we do as the Panthers start yet another season. I'm several months ago I had the privilege of having David Tepper in studio with me and actually did an hours interview with him. It was an absolutely fascinating program.

One of the questions I asked him was what you were a big fan of the Rooney's in Pittsburgh.

What did you learn from the Rooney's and what might you bring here to Charlotte and his response was intriguing. He said well the only negative I would say about the Rooney family was.

I thought they were to inpatient, which implies that he's not a very patient man. As we look at his ownership now with the Panthers.

Mick, let me start with you what you think we can expect regarding his patience and his great desire to win.

This is a man that has accumulated such wealth that he does not need to worry about what the economy is doing.

The economy needs to worry about what he's doing so he didn't get that way by being risk-averse so one of the things that impressed me the most about his tenure here is that he's put not just dollars, where his mouth was when he first took over. It's easy to say arrogant bring soccer working to build bubble to expand a state-of-the-art practice of all the things are happening but when he had the courage to bring Eric Reed to the Carolina Panthers to act boldly, you know DC you counseled your flock all the time that the straightest path is rarely in the easiest path is rarely the best path were talking earlier about athletes that use their their notoriety their posture to their traction to the effects of social change. Tommy Smith, John Carlos Mohammed Ali come to mind. Arthur Ashe comes to mind. There been many and is courageous and sometimes it's hard but Eric Reed.

This the world and then when Eric Reed took a knee for his first national anthem as a Carolina Panthers we can all disagree about how long conversation about that, but the David Tepper thought, okay, let's do it. Let's bring this guy to help the team to help us win. I think that's that's amazing and and it just tells you, and in no small way what he's all about. He he wants to bring absolute victory to the Carolinas and he's not caressing to let out any of the thoughts and others. Lots of categories but the two main ones are the product on the field.

The winning and losing part of it. And then there is some stuff Mick alluded to that. So that's off the field to do so as far as leave the not patient.

I mean, how quickly did this team that practiced in the rain for 20 whatever years get a practice bubble that there able to use down air-conditioning of her hot days that the gotta move the facilities, the practices they office staff this whole multi use complex down to Rock Hill happening there pre-and post game parties were used to be in the game would end and thanks get out. As you know they want to stick around afterwords in and hang out for the fifth quarter, up in the luxury suites and be there main street before the game and these are all things that just can add to the experience of what path is the one you make it better for the fans make it better for the players to help with winning by having better facilities practice bubbles and what could happen with training By moving forward. I was is it could be in Rock Hill but make his abilities seismic changes off the field and on the field think if I was on a more about their patients is that I'm a Pittsburgh known for having coaches there for a long time and they don't make changes, there is it for Chuck Nolan and I had Bill cower and I would like, and all long tenured coaches there. He came in and you learned and watched in and talked with Ron Rivera and the coaching staff Marty hernia GM so you didn't jump in right away with any knee-jerk reactions to a 79 first season after being six and into a six into so I think that he does have some of that Pittsburgh patience when it comes to on the field but no doubt about it. He wants to win and add to make smart moves to to win in the future, but I think while he is good be more proactive. I think he does it. Mindful the fact that he's taken information. Learning was going on here not just coming in and bringing his own people and doing things the Pittsburgh way, letting people that were doing things the way the previous regime finish out what they're doing to see if this might be the way to win is obviously a smart man and he knows what he's doing right wing of accumulated like you said Mick, 10, $12 billion that he has in his bank account. And so I think he's going to bring a leader's role to us and try to win because that's what he is called to do. Mick, let me ask you this set. Who were the Panthers leaders this year.

As you look at this team sizes soaking me yeah yeah try to share that leadership responsibility among all mail very long season in the photo. Can I both believe Proverbs 2717, just as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another key record of this article are now behaved that the state we both believe that smart Alec's sharp and smart Alec.

So that's how I found the laws gospel that was a cave somewhere reading the Bible that it's encouraging for me it out along with the Mick will inherit the earth. But anyway the bomb squatters. As you know DC, so Mike Clardy JJ Janssen Graham to know Joey Sligh does get you could have there there. I'm not saying they're unstoppable on the Bible in Scripture and their their worldview and spirituality and all that were there pretty, they're pretty far down the road and not fun to talk to them.

Who else is out on the till you know one of the biggest off-season addition that was Gerald McCoy from Tampa Bay and he's been very outward in his faith, that after practice Bill Bell have the prayer and do and thanks after practice and he's been very vocal with that.

He's been a vocal leader on this team immediately if you talk about on the field and also faith wise at training camp going on the other side of the fence to sign autographs instead of reaching over carrying his teammates helmets up the hill on a hot day which is a rookie assignment that is coming as he got a servants mentality Vince McCoy are talking yeah Gerald Wiley is doing all that. So Gerald McCoy is just your one year contract by way six time probable defensive lineman has come in with all that reputation and ability and is basically taking a servants attitude into terms of how he treats his teammates and being outward with his faith while so looks like there are some real leaders and spiritual leaders that are on the team and that understanding of faith being an important part of the Panthers is going to continue your perspective, Mick. Yeah, I think, in every every sports team that I've ever worked whether his minor-league baseball where there certain faction on the team. This hooting and howling in and come staying out all night there. There's there's baseball chapel. There's another group that that sees another way high school football college football the NFL. Of course the NBA. I think it's it's very pervasive and I would proffered that the stresses of their their work environment. Probably cause them to think deep thoughts.

Is there another. Did that feel goal hit the crossbar and balance away on its own. The universe tug got it. Is this divinely inspired that I miss the case to coming vexing questions that they turned to two learned people like you DC to help decode well I'll know how to respond those common questions except to say you know the God works all things together for good.

That's all I know, and whether he actually caused it or he works through. It is one of the questions of the universe that all most certainly ask God when I get to heaven. But you guys know the most often spoken word and have is going to be 00 always got explains why we sense what his purpose was in all things.

I'm curious Jim will become to you the game today begins at 1 o'clock out what your pregame routine.

How much planning goes into what happens during that three hours from 1 to 4 notes of the wheel.

We recut a cycle through every week so we we finish one and run to the next one I had all that extra time coming off the Thursday preseason game in Pittsburgh so it's kind of just a cumulative everyday deal of the bar And coming hours on it, but there's something can work on every day and we have production elements we have live elements of the 3R pregame show, this will eject alums first came joining us in the booth that we had Mike Tolbert in the preseason on radio Kevin Dolly Mike did a terrific job for being a first-time analyst and asked eject alone for most of these games and Jordan grows doing six and Jake to intent of the 16 regular-season game so looking forward to that. We know without having done a game with Jake what he's about is a great personality great knowledge fund guy to hang out with. That's good bring so much expertise to the booth. That's good to be great so that'll be new this year and that's your something where that chemistry.

I sense Mick will be pretty immediate, but that it takes all the time just to do something new that you haven't done before, but I think it's good to be terrific and folksy to really enjoy listening to. I think those things can be must listen to radio. Not that people would want to eavesdrop on our conversation anyway but you add the nightly iconic and I'm just kidding about that. I mean, I'm keeping this all on Jake and Jordan, but when you put these iconic hot Panther Hall of honor guys and they're not only see it would be enough to just put Jake to looming their cardboard cutout of Jacob alone because he so popular he's got the pedigree. He's he knows the game will be enough just on his own resume, but David. He is such a storyteller. He and Jordan grows are so colorful they're so funny they're such good storytellers that I think is just add water, shake it up roll it out on WBT and let's all have some fun listening to a Panther window.well we're gonna have a blast. Listen to you guys for this season. We also have one more segment to go in this show and and I want to get your take on being a prophet. I want you to ponder swami's Your turbine look into the future and make a prediction regarding what you think the Panthers will do this season.look at how far you think they'll go.

I think SI Sports Illustrated just recently came out with a prediction of seven and nine are a repetition of last year's that were going to go or could the new additions to this team make us better than we've ever been before and maybe have even a close replication of several years ago.

16 into how exciting that would be that's the question we come back, I'm David Chadwick and we will be right back. I want to talk 11 to 99 free WBT welcome back to the show again many thanks. My friends Edward Chris steakhouse also.

Fine jewelry for their sponsor.

The show so much to me Mick Mixon Jim's OPM studio with me. Probably one of my favorite shows. I do all year long. Looking at the Panthers season upcoming today at 1 o'clock Panther Stadium Panthers versus the LA Rams Sports Illustrated said they were going to be probably seven and nine this year, a replication of last year's season. Not terribly exciting for Panther fans to hear, but also many others are saying. Maybe they're going to be better with all of these new additions, especially of cams foot in every other part of his body cooperates this year so let me ask you first put on your swami's You got your crystal ball in front of you. Are you going through Panthers preseason training here we are a couple of hours away from kickoff you're going to have to look ahead and see how the Panthers do in your answer is I have no idea. I was a no go this direction with I'd I gave up recent years with the Larson everyone you want to know a good numerical number I will give you an idea that I drop doing it everywhere with Keith and he was receptive to that. I will say were to be better than seven and nine, and whether that is, 10, 11, 12, whatever it is I do think it's a double figure when season and I say that because this team was six into last year with a quarterback whose arm was just going down of the season went on it. Of course having a shut down dealing with the Greg Olson injury and all that again so we don't know all the injuries it's it's it's kinda hard to sit here and go through 16 match up to say this week that we can the skies to be heard and that she is hard to know for four months is to be healthy and has been a player what other teams are to be better than they were last year which would be worse.

But I do think with the Panthers have done is addressed. As you look at personnel. All the needs they had. They want to go to this three for defense and a throne added Brian Burns. The first round pick Gerald McCoy Bruce Irvin you bring back Mario Addison I think will be interesting to Christian Miller does as a rookie. Take care this year out of Alabama to short of things in the secondary when they thought they had a needed safety by bringing Trey Boston back in re-signing Eric Reed Ross Cockrell's help run Chicago's healthy and that they really like them yet as part of that mix in the defense. I know him because he played basketball with my son in high school, Charlotte might have generally shown a lot nicer than on the Duke from there and quickly on the offense.

The other patched holes on the offense of line with putting that parodist and replacing rank a little coming aboard from from Denver and another year older for McCaffrey Samuel DJ Moore to go with cam so I think when you look at all that reasonably go. This team was six into at the turn last year will how can I not predict that there can be better than 79 which they were last year.

So I do think your something in the double figure category which puts you in the playoffs.

I think so. I think there of that caliber okay Mick, what about you got your swami had on got your crystal ball was for you.

I think the Panthers will do this year. Well first of all DC. I think to me putting a numerical prediction on an NFL team's season makes about as much sense as a publication continuing to produce a sexist, sexist and degrading to women swimming suit issue every year in 2019.

This makes no sense you get too many moving parts to. It's all NFL teams are so even that every team has six or eight guys that would start for for your team and the reverse is also true so they get in the games are short and NFL game.

It's a running clock allow the time shorter than the college game ball bounces crazy you get behind hard to come back so so that's what I think but I think that we are. I think that SI didn't know in the national writers they don't know what we know they don't know what Jim just said. Jim did a great job of going through all the pieces they don't know how much it means to cam Newton Greg Olson look equally and others that how thirsty we are to want to take it deep yet again, the coaching staff the same way they don't know how smart nor Turner is I don't think and how how than the mad scientist. The professorial ability. He's got to to scheme and and I and it was working last year before cam Newton shoulder got her some going with Jim. Double digit wins and like always say that Alexander Graham Bell.

They laughed at him right over the telephone. Sometimes you just gotta show them. I look forward to the seasons can be fun to see them and so cannot London.

What an amazing opportunity that's going to be looking for that experience.

I Amber one of the very last teams to make this trip.

The previous regime was resistant to doing it is not easy. Travel wise to do it. I know for coaches. They would always take you home at 1 o'clock I would be a perfect schedule for any football coach so it does add a layer of difficulty. But you, everyone's doing it.

It's part of expanding the reach of the NFL. See if the take one for the league. When your turn comes up.

But beyond that in the back of their doing it.

It's a difficult road trip. It's exciting make a thing to be fun to do it, experience it, because we haven't done it, I probably wouldn't go to London any other circumstances so provides us a chance to go see a part of the world that we've never seen before and I think the Panthers will be a great experience of any fun, and you taken not take not when you're home games off the schedule to a road game in a divisional game. So this is not this is not Club Med. This is go over there and get a massage and then cavil drink out of a hollowed out piece of fruit or have tea and crumpets or whatever you do over there this a business trip and I think the Panthers will view it as such.

You get to take your beloveds with you to Don and Sandra get to go with you.

We do a payment out of our own pockets, grass or site with a special package or anything like that but yeah like both wives are going so I'll be fun to have them along to say we were working in working right. Right. I mean, we might have one tea and one crop it is stressful. I love though I love my bride more than any man can love is is why many miserly kind of figure that marriage out still to this day you you out to me.

I know they met on and they said the sun, I like a man who knows her limitations and I get out but it soon and will have fun with Sandra and Jim, but it is, it's it is stressful and adds a layer because I'm a hotel room like just staying close to the hotel working on the names and numbers so the idea of working to get out, get on a double-decker bus or something while while these these this homework assignment looms so you're not the record for everyone else. One of the test shows we've had this year with Sandra Adams in the Ray Caruth story that Scott Fowler in full with the Charlotte Observer and she was in studio and shared her ability to forgive Ray Caruth what he did to her daughter.

She's going to go on that trip to London about to evaluate tempers paying her way and she can be able to go with Chancellor to go watch the game and I just think that's an evidence of the kind of classy guided Dave Tepper must be it really is having just get Nelly forward thinking but outreach think in terms of of others in school backpack programs. All these things that they've done a meter been things in the past and the things that all knew that the Panthers or community minded. They always have been, but that really seems to be something that there continues to to go next level with what were doing and yeah Mick, we don't have much time left in the program but one thing you're looking forward to the season.

More than anything else to see how it all plays out.

Seeing how the second season of David Tepper's ownership see and how how this football team can come together as as as not just a collection of players but with the proverbial one heartbeat and then I just can be selfish and say that I'm so excited I feel like a kid with new toys around me to have not only with the soak.

I cherish our friendship, but to have Jordan Gross and Jake alone. Join us in the booth.

I just saw things going beef.

A lot of new broadcast season with some new addition should be fun. Jim what are you looking for to most this you know everything Mick just named and yet like all of us in this room. I love sport but I really love the NFL. To me it's always been a passion suggested. It's a blessing to be a part of it along for the ride and we don't control the outcome. We control a big part of the broadcast night and all of that. So whether they go 79 article 15 and one it will be long for that rider just you enjoy what is the entertainment that's serious, it matters if you win or lose, but there also enjoy the ride. Just enjoy the season will whatever brings it will take the best out. You guys are the best and I appreciate your friendship reshape this time every year you give to me and is just such a joy to have you be with me. Thank you UDC.

Thank you. How can we be best when you're the best hotel. It's always a pleasure. You are guys you will have to everyone do this for me beyond all the else that you do love God with all your heart, soul, mind and might and love your neighbor as yourself. There semi-hurts. This will just find somebody to go love today you do so, this world will be a better place which to live. I'm David Chadwick. This is limited.

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