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McKay Belk and Ken Gillard

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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September 29, 2019 8:00 am

McKay Belk and Ken Gillard

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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September 29, 2019 8:00 am

 McKay Belk and Ken Gillard with The Team | Freedom Cities Awakening join David.

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and Mrs. Gustav 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersex faith and values of different issues in our culture locally and globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show.

Thank you now for running 20 years. Also, many thanks to my sponsors Ruth Chris steakhouse and Perry's fine jewelry without your support. I could not do this on a weekly basis. Again, many thanks to you Mike yesterday or two friends of McKay Bell, whose name is known in this community for years is a part of this life in Charlotte of extraordinary ways and Kim Gilliard who is a pastor on the west side of town.

A dear friend of a brother that I've known for many years and they have some special stuff going on in their lives and in this community that they're going to share.

Mostly that's happening right today. McKay Candace great to have you on the show.

Thank you. Thank you David, good to have you guys up. Let's talk a little bit of history, but McKay obviously the name belt people know that here in the city you're part of the belt family. You've lived here for a long time moved away for a while now back and you have a farm I understand in South Carolina and you have a great desire to provide food for those who are hungry. Well, I've had the incredible joy of getting to know Ken and his his church and his afterschool program, a better world over there on freedom drive north of 85 and and he's just got a great team and they prepare a meal every day and we've just been in a small way growing some fresh produce down there and supplementing what he he is able to source from other sources here in the community and it's great to see the kids learn about different types of produce and food that they've never seen before Orton not to mention where it comes from, and in fact enjoy like roasted beets and some of those things.

We counted for granted that they get to enjoy email from your form and your produce. There you have a deep heart of faith to me.

The Lord's been meaningful in your life for decades now since I've known you. Yeah, I remember coming back to Charlotte after college and working with you. Our life is saying this together which was a real treat yellows just I love watching how the Lord is working in your heart and how he's expanding your love for those especially in need and will talk more about that today. I can Gilliard can you been ministering on the west side of town for how long now 22+ you wow and how to God call you to that ministry. Well, the I've always had a heart for hurting people because I was born and reared in the same environment with people I work with and so I guess God just took someone back that knew the world and had a passion for and had a heart forward in the end he tells me I've often heard that God often calls you to a people group that you just have a deep affection for and it sounds like that's what he did with you. Absolutely. And in the world that I work and you really have to have the heart forward, it will. You won't last wear you out wanted yeah you have to have a real love for the people that I work with, and that's because I grew up in it I understand it. I know it well and I know that you know people can come out of it as he brought me what you also have an empathy for them because you went into it a lived in it. But also you did come out of it and you know that there is hope. On the other side isn't there. There is great hope. On the other side, but it is a great challenge trying to get out of it is a real challenge trying to get out of that world, with the hope of the gospel. Not only is the personal spiritual side, but you know as well as I do, Ken, that the spiritual and the physical are interconnected and when you have the spiritual in your heart, it should give your life. Hope to be able to move forward in some powerful ways. Absolutely, you know the gospel is what brought me out of it because there's so many people that don't make it out and it says is some miraculous thing how the gospel can transform your life wherever you are, whatever situation you're in regardless of your environment. Your condition you can get out and I know that and that's why, in the situation help in these folk because I know what the gospel did for me and I know to do the same thing for them and I've seen it happen over and over and over again yeah and that's what I want to emphasize today. Some of those stories of people who have escaped and we know them together is seen those folks get to the point of being able to escape their poverty and now are very successful in life and I will tell some stories. During this time together today and you pastor a church called Christ resurrection church, you have an afterschool program called a better world, which is this doing some magnificent work. McKay talked about providing food for those kids in that situation and we want to look today at what you're doing that work and also something that's coming up today about the afternoon on the west side of town.

A tent revival that you and McKay helped form and start that's really giving the chance for the gospel that changes hearts and gives hopes to people to be preached of thousands upon thousands on the west side of town. I David Chadwick this is news talk 11 to 99.

Three. WBT will be right back. Everyone I David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show my guest today. McKay falcon can feel your two dear friends from years of walking life together and it's really fun to have the opportunity to have the all them on the show and talk about how they're both involved in a very special ministry here in the Charlotte area on the west side of town that is caring for some of our citizens most broken and vulnerable people. McKay your heart for the poor. I remember because we were together in the 1980s his friends. It's always been there. What has motivated you for a concern for the downtrodden with David out. I have had an incredible privilege to different times in my life one to spend some time with a bunch of young males that grew up on a 10 acre garbage dump and Ida Sabah but in Africa and it was clear to me their faith in Jesus exuded more joy in their life than I knew and I've had many privileges in my life.

When did that happen McKay that was probably in their early to thousands but you know we grew up having some kind of concern, but it was as I grew in my faith and read the Gospels and saw where Jesus ties very clearly about being with those that struggle in life and that's just really what compassion is really all about to go be in someone else's struggle and it in this this town in our culture.

There is so many different challenges that we face and then the second incident that I was privileged to have was in China where I saw some of our brothers and sisters really persecuted ones who had a faith and depended on him in ways I just never considered and they were persecuted because of their Christian faith totally about their walk with Jesus and and they had nothing except their hope in him and and so here in this town.

I had the incredible privilege of meeting this guy pastor Ken Piquet. We call in and a prayer meeting and I listen to him, pray, and I knew this was an all cynic man of God that I wanted to not just lock arms with but Lockhart's West and that's what I think the gospel allows us to do is to really join hearts with one another from just different parts of life wherever you've come from and really make a difference in other people's lives in specialist driving in our nation's never been been more divided than it is right now whether it's off-color or because of your political affiliation or whatever we are divided with a deep chasm between us and people ask me all the time was going to bring our nation together. The only hope I have is the gospel allows hearts to bow their heads at the cross and realize were all one and then when we come to Jesus, we have to have blood, his blood all covering us to make one in him. I just don't see any other.

Hope you can. There is no hope. This exit last hope for mankind is the gospel of Jesus Christ and to express that love with each other in ways that the world has never seen to see diversity in the gospel and seeing brothers and sisters of over different races truly love each other and not just say you love each other but come together and truly love each other like were supposed to, and allow the community to see us working together as one through the gospel and I think that that sheds light and brings hope to people that have have have this idea about what races are supposed to look like and why we are divided and why was separate in and I think with 20 years of knowing you and many people that you have sent to the inner cities and and with other people and now you know my brother you know McKay which were truly brothers and we talk maybe a couple times a week. Then and in and talk about how we can make a difference. You know, in a world that has this is just lost in the and in and this just breaks my heart. You know in you know I'm sitting here thinking right now you know she is going through me just breaks my heart to see how you know the church has really forgotten about the poor and McKay and I will witless it was under some about it and and we are that I do something about what you are doing something about it and how I can't help but think of John 1334 and 35 were Jesus said by this the world will know that your mind by the way you love one another and, interestingly, stop by bigger buildings or budgets, more power, prestige, or influence the way the world will know that people follow Jesus is the way we love one another. His evangelism strategy at least partly was the world observing the way Christians should love one another and folks. If your listing right now McKay Belk is very white. Ken is darker I got in between you and I hope that love is being expressed toward one another in powerful profound ways. I can talk a little bit to our listeners about some of the problems you have to deal with on a regular basis in the first segment you talked about how you came out that poverty you came out of the west side of Charlotte.

Now you step back in as a pastor for 22 years. There what are some of the stories that you have to experience that really those of us who live in safer places in Charlotte never have to experience. If you've never lived in poverty you and it would it you can't read about it and understand that you can't have a conversation about it and understand it.

If the be around it to understand it, you have to be around it.

A time to hear the stories and hear the stories that the truly separate the worlds of the have and the have-nots in I use a simple analogy, sometimes one will not analogy, but a simple truth when I talk to different groups about poverty when poverty is ever ran out of tissue paper toward the simple things like run out of toilet people paper once a month toothpaste and deodorant and not having those basic needs and I don't have the money to live and you can't afford them and young girls that can afford the things that they need and have to shred to brothers, T-shirts and and heightening it is hygiene's needs and you never understand that and you never understand how that causes one to become broken and broken leads to simple forms of insanity, which causes one to lash out in and do things that the world say all you know these people.

They do the state, but they're doing it for just so I vote for the simplest things in and why can a kid read what you left home. You didn't have breakfast.

You left home, he didn't have a toilet tissue left home. You didn't have any toothpaste and people take those small things for granite and when you don't have those things is hard to go on a classroom and learn.

Even at pre-k, a kindergarten, and now you can't read by third grade and they say when you can't rebuy third grade you lost, you know this liberator predict prediction of prison for any other social factor that we have. If a kid can't rebuy grade level III is a little reduction will go to prison and absolutely and in areas these title I is school. The areas where they have the title I schools and you kids, you know they can't learn and is its and then that leads to his kid is third grade.

Your eight, nine years old 10 years lady in 19 you can't read you don't know how to survive your you committing crimes are in prison.

You've got children at 1516 years old. You got social services you get all these things that and very few of these families have the gospel because they see that there is no hope in the chest. They don't understand the church because the church has really loudly folk down but the point I really want to make is, we wonder how these people can afford to pay their rent because it can. They don't have education to get a job. Most of them are below the poverty threshold got kids going to school homeless like now we have several kids in our afterschool program, which is a better world homeless. We just had to put a mother up for week in a hotel just last week alone because you know they didn't have anywhere to go. So the kid has aware the same close a school for a couple days and he gets picked that in now this is messing with his mind and even delegates and hit somebody and they just thrown out of school and is on the streets. Already homeless absolutely need this in this. In the end end end in the cycle just continues to to this is a mad vicious cycle in and the only thing that I know can fix this came up we can't bomb enough food we can put if they don't get the gospel of Jesus Christ which he gives them hope to be able to face the day. You know, is necessary to try to get the skills necessary in order to escape poverty was some things we can't some things we can't put in a person or thing that we didn't create only the creator knows how to fix something that he creates and too often human beings have tried with social programs and and if you don't love it.

They don't last long, brisk couple two or three years in the don't fix into a three years and then they're gone and said I can do, not you.

This thing takes a lifetime.

Your talk about the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart and just a little heart changed, you'll never see anybody move forward out of poverty. I've seen it and I know that the only thing that's going to make this work is love, not just from a group, they need to see the body of Christ come together and love on these folks and I guarantee you in 5 to 10 years will see change that we've never seen before that voices can Gilliard.

He's the pastor Christ resurrection church on the west side of Charlotte came out of poverty trying to minister to people caught in the quagmire of poverty. McKay Belk is also with me works with Ken and many of the ministries nicely come back is what I want to do.

First of all talk about a better world, a ministry that you're doing. Can that really is helping kids in extraordinary ways, and how our listeners maybe could support you as well and secondly about the tent revival that is occurring today on the west side of town that you McKay and others helped author.

It's exciting to think about. I'm David Chadwick. This is this talk 11 to 99.


WBT will be right back hard when I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety with my friend McKay Belk and can Gilliard passed on the west side of town here in Charlotte talking about poverty and some ways that can be addressed in our lives please go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can download the podcast and hear the program in its entirety well before we left in the last segment can McKay were talking about the issues on the west side of town. The issues of poverty and McKay you mentioned during the break, something that does need to be talked about and that's the extreme toxic stress that these families go through. I know I had the privilege of being a part of the Charlotte Mecklenburg opportunity task force and we talked a lot about how kids babies are born into homes with high stress and believe it or not even at those earliest days.

They are experiencing stress in their brains, and it therefore causes brain development not to occur the way God wanted it to occur me mom just trying so hard to take care of her life and provide what she can for her kids that stress is passed on to the kids. McKay you want to talk just a second about that because I know that something you seen and you know about yet. David, thanks.

I just remember Ken sharing a story with me when really the story is a real life happening. To explain this term to me because I hadn't heard that phrase but it really made things more clear to me that over at one of the T-1 elementary schools in one of the neighborhoods did the kids showed up for school one day and all of a sudden there was a lot of commotion and activity going on out behind the school and what they found was a dead body in a young teenage girl. I believe it was that unfortunately had been killed, murdered and disposed of and so you have.

I don't know, four, five, 600 young kids trying to learn but there their lives, their emotional systems are disrupted by this incident that happened on this schoolyard and and how do we expect children to learn with this going on in our culture and we need to find another hope, another infusion so that's just that's that's a great illustration and you know all of our hearts only have so much capacity is cut like a battery, and when it gets drained to gets drain.

So if you're using your hearts energy to just survive.

You don't have hearts energy learn so that's a real situation. Can you guys have stepped into on the west side of town. Talk about a better world, it is your attempt to try to help these kids and we've actually seen some stories of these kids escaping poverty.

It's really cool.

Talk about that please will you know just the four moment to piggyback off.

You know what my brother McKay said is that particular day when that they found that body behind the school. The kids came to a better world, the program that you asked me to talk about and many of them were just hysterical. It was just you know they were just so we took them all into the sanctuary and we had a conversation they were crying in. They were fearful and you said we were just scared all day.

We had the doors locked in the school and that every time somebody knock on the door. We were afraid and you know we hear gunshots in our neighborhoods. You know, every night, and we just we just scared and I'm told him I was, a group 3040 kids and we say will. How does this place make you feel so we were so glad to get to a better world because we feel safety while safe is the key will and so we have created a loving environment in the church that makes these kids feel safe, you know, we make sure that each kid in a we feed each kid a full hot full course meal every day and you know that because you been helping for 20+ years and we make sure that we have certified teachers to come in and make sure that these kids can read by third grade all of our kids for the last 18+ years. We are most of our children on the tops and whatever school they go to in the title I school really ask is I taught what an honor it is a nuts and exciting to give Jesus all the credit and we make sure that each child, whether you go home any food at the home house or not they have a hot meal every day so we know every child is full when they go home on the weekends. We make sure each child has food to go home on the weekend and people just don't understand. When you watch television during the holiday season. You see these beautiful family sitting at the table with these beautiful Thanksgiving meals and if everybody's smile and these children go they remember they don't see Thanksgiving like that.

They see Thanksgiving would barely get in the mail so we provide each family with a Thanksgiving meal.

All the Christmas time and the holidays and when they watch television and their little minds see the Christmas trees and the families and the presents under the tree and entry is empty.

We make sure each child is linked with the donor to waste.

Child gets a Christmas and when they go back to school during the summer holidays, and people say way to go for the holidays and letting go anywhere we make sure if we take our kids on a summer vacation every year. So a better world is isn't holistic and they know the gospel and they know Jesus Christ because they sensed the love of Jesus through us. By the way we love on them and not only them personally, but we have seen moms and mostly moms and weep, and some dads and we would praying for that to but you know I have come to the Lord because of a better world and that's the beauty of a better world.

You know, to make sure that these children have a safe environment. Regardless of what happens that night. They know when they get off that school bus every day and come inside this church where better world, is located at Christ resurrection church. They know that they going to feel the love that they never felt they have a safe place to where that love can be extended to them can Gilliard with me pastor of Christ resurrection church on the west side of Charlotte McKay Belk here as well. Both of them linked arm in arm in trying to help that west side of town become what God wants it to be kin there probably multiple stories you could tell, we only have one hour of a radio broadcast, but can you think of one story where a kid was in a better world actually didn't have much hope got the hope of Jesus through the gospel of hope in his heart and then became something extraordinary you have a story like that many stories like that we we we have a couple kids working on their doctorates now you know so yeah but this one particular story is a young man who actually do some some people that you knew he was in a really bad situation. I mean even the babies slept in sunk in the middle very bright young man and you guys helped him get into the shallow Latin and now he's a successful engineer while and if he would've got out of there and what I don't know where he would ended up because everybody around the most of the young boys that he grew up with the they they really had no role models you could ask 10 of them. Do you know in about a graduate high school and most of them will say no and but then now he went on to you know to get a scholarship at Lehigh University was on wrestling team and was a state champ in the wrestling team at Charlotte Latin. You know the chess club champ. Second, I think maybe second and third in the state and it's stories like this that I can go on and on and on with you know so and even one of the scholars that you know you guys helped something my wife helped form called seeds of hope scholars it's just an attempt to fill in some of those gaps financially.

The kids need in order to go to college and she ended up you know she's a graduate of Carolina now, and was then approaching up church and our program for years and I mean and on and on and I can just go on and on and on and on and on. Yeah well you should go on, little did something that's working in Camilla overseas it in her expertise and it is people listen to you talk kin on how can they get involved with a better world if they wanted to where you can go to a better world. is a better word, and look at our website and and think about you know we need.

We can change the city, and there's no question about that, but we have to have enough people to lock arms and to come together and say you know how can we change once one child's life, one life at a time and so but for me and my house you know, I know that what the gospel of Jesus Christ can do and you've seen it in the line of kids that you been ministering to for 22 years and I really didn't wish we could have a whole showing that you will have you come back just tell the stories you tell the stories of these kids who were now successful born in poverty, hopeless despair. And yet, through the gospel of hope. They found meaning in their lives. Can Gilliard's with me pastor of Christ resurrection church on the west side of Charlotte McKay Belk helping Ken in this ministry. When we come back let's talk about something that's happening this afternoon.

This been going on for several days now and that is a revival under a tent on the west side of town. I'm David Chadwick will be right back when I'm David Chadwick and this is this talk 11 to 99 3W BP welcome back my guess can Gilliard who is the pastor of resurrection church on the west side of Charlotte McKay Belk got his brother in Christ, his friend, my friend. I'm glad to call you both my friends. It's a privilege to have you on the show and by the way, if you're just joining us kin overseas a ministry called a better world, which helps children be able to accomplish all that God's call for their lives introduces them to the gospel gives them hope and we have story after story, we could share. Of those children who have succeeded kin again drive people to your website a better world so they can know where the goat if they would like to get some help yet again. It's a better world. a better world. and I would just say you want to volunteer, you'll take volunteers, people coming down to help you with this ministry or financial gifts, which we don't ever want to underestimate because really folks, when you work hard for your money and you send it to a place to help other people you're really sending yourself that money is representative of you.

You worked hard to earn it.

You're sending it so you're therefore sending yourself, you might not be able to go physically, but if you send your money, you're really going in a very real way to help these children become all that they're supposed to be okay let me switch gears you have so something going on this week on the west side of town is been going on for several days now, culminating today is a tent revival that something that used to be a large part of American history lost in some of our ultra technical societal ways, but you've recovered it this week. Talk about what motivated your heart to do so, you know, being in you know being in this area. The Westside corridor for 20+ years I've seen a decline in people in children and families come in the church and but I see many people walking up and down these quarters hurting people.

Some of them have been displaced by gentrification and loss of family, loss of having a stable residence in their lot hope several hotels over here is like prostitution know love drug activity and the Lord spoke to my heart to say, did not come in the church, but if you go to them, then they'll come to you. Basically, in order to have a friend you must first show yourself to be friendly and that's what the Lord spoke to my heart and seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and out and all these other things are be added. We've done the programs we've done afterschool programs, but we really need to go out and reach to people is it as simple as saying you're taking the gospel to the people, not expecting the people to come to the gospel are absolutely an absolute and that's what this tent revival is all about. We have to reach the poor. We have no choice what Jesus said to proclaim the gospel to the poor and that is interpreted two ways biblically.

The poor in spirit which all of us have that is materially poor who don't have access to some of the things those of us who are wealthy or have and that's what you're trying to do is reach them, absolutely.

And you know and and and as I see, and as I drive up and down freedom drive you know every day and even live on the side of town and so when I see this it burdens my heart to say, I really want to pollen you know I really want to apologize to the hurting, you know when our society because we have not been so where is the tent revival taking place.

Oh man of forgive me. It's on the freedom drive near the in the parking lot of the movement charter school behind the McDonald's here you go you that specific and and and how many will it seat.

How large is the Michaela me go to you because you're a part of bringing this tent revival to the west side of town. How large will it be I you will be able to see three, four, 500 people under this tent in any one of the services it will have beginning this morning and afternoon and evening. That's been going on the last several days. Yeah well and so it was just really excited about taking the gospel to the streets and going out where the people are I you really think they'll come there. Are you coming there had been, and that cool guy is amazing and the hunger of the human heart. Again, poor in spirit. I think one thing you know and another thing the Lord that we need to wake the church up and and show them the importance of what we should be doing no and to bring the church together and let the world see the church come together and see the power of God in his Trent God's transforming power things that programs can't do. God can do things that social programs can't do. God can.

That's mostly the changing of a human heart that is focused on self that suddenly is focused on God which means then focused on others right and that's where health comes and hopefully see a diverse group of churches come together like yourself you know you will be tonight you'll you know you you close it out at 6 o'clock tonight and I'm sure there's going to be a powerful word from the Lord from all the preachers that we've seen, but that would going to see tonight as you close it out and understand God for you being there. So for all the listeners if they want to come again.

It's going on all day all afternoon and will culminate this evening at six you guys asked me to close it out.

I'm not sure exactly why you want to do that, but all bring the word of the Lord to the people of God that want to hear his truth and hopefully will be a movement of God in people's hearts that will change their lives. But it gets on freedom drive more specifically candidates where again behind the movements charter school parking lot behind the MacDonell CMU not be able to miss it because it's this big tent like McKay yeah David is on the corner of Pacific Street and freedom drive and McDonald's is right there on that corner next right behind the McDonald's you'll see the big white tent yelp and and anybody can come right any color any age. Anybody can come. We hope this community. See a diverse group of multicolored group of people in churches coming together to say we love you and we care about you and will not be here for you.

I can't think of anything Charlotte needs more as we are experiencing our own fracturing our own division.

We need the hope of the gospel in people's hearts that will bring us together, rich and poor and old, and Jang all of us together as one to try to solve the issues of our city through things like this in a better world that you're doing another ministries that are going on throughout her sitting there helping people grow in their faith. Can we only have less than two minutes left in the program you've got a microphone the cities listening, what would you like to say to Charlotte. We can no longer continue to neglect the poor, especially the poor physically with his physical for the poor in spirit. We have to come together as a church, not a segregated church but a church that Jesus has provided his power and an opportunity for us to express that power through love and seachange that only Christ himself can do and I think as we come together as this is the multicolored church will use that word. I think God's power is going to express himself in a way that he's never expressed in a segregated church, whether white church black church I think is a church come together, we can assume expression of God's power that we've never seen before. McKay, thanks for being here today. Any final thoughts day that I would just add that in my life experience when I have had friendships with people like Ken that are from different places different demographics have been enriched beyond my dreams while guys thank you and I would in the program. Like I always ended love God and love your neighbor matter how dark or white.

They may be and when you do so you have the heart of God, and he smiles upon you. I'm David Chadwick.

I look for to talking with you all next week

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