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Rod Smith

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November 10, 2019 8:00 am

Rod Smith

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 10, 2019 8:00 am

Ex NFL star Rod Smith joins David to discuss his life, football, faith and love for kids!  


Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick in the top 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program trying to intersect faith and values different people's lives off topics that are in the news locally and globally.

It's been a pleasure doing the show for now, almost 20 years. Thank you for listening on a weekly basis folks and thanks to Ruth Chris steakhouse also. Fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show. I appreciated more than you know. We've had a plethora of different former pro football players come join us over the last several months, partly because we just wanted to enjoy the fall football season, but also because many of them have great stories, sharing their lives but also their faith perspectives.

Such is my guest today, Rod Smith, unoriginal Carolina Panthers.

I think if I remember correctly, a former safety with the Panthers and different teams in the NFL's got a national championship ring from Notre Dame. Let's talk to Rod Smith about his life, his faith, his perspective, Rod. Thanks for being with me today that you have me it's a pleasure to be with you. Let's go to your history.

Where were you born and raised, your family, your mom and dad all of that kind of stuff born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. My mother and father met Indiana State University and and took opportunities to complete graduate work at the University Minnesota and my brother Todd.

Nice to use only that I am reborn. There were my dad still lives in the house I grew up in a moment. I got divorced when I was 10 years old, but here it's funny saying that because it deserves little description because they really were adults about it and I my mom lived there 3 miles away, and every the weekend my brother and I would switch houses some I loved my father, my brother would come to us when we can find. We can stay with my mom and mom and dad are still good friends to this day I remember I'll never forget seeing them at the first Notre Dame football game ever played in was in my freshman year versus Michigan and our place in my mom and dad sitting in the second row the 50 yard line sitting together with with my grandmother, my mom's mom so that's so so divorce the government worse but but but the relationship between my mother and father was, as it has always been close and still close to this day they talk at least once a month so so my perspective on divorce is different than a lot of people because I saw it work out so well.

My brother and I are close my mom and dad are still close like like my mom and his interval husband and my dad and his wife going on trips to get interest in the relational trauma that so many experience especially when you're 10 years old and your mom and dad divorce didn't necessarily happen with you. That's exactly right sizing or shook all UK, Canada Mike. I'm better to let me appear now. Actually, therefore, really got into houses is often so you when did you first discover your athletic and that sports would be an important part of your life in third grade at the very first year my dad had display organized basketball. I realize that that that nobody had any skill level.

Obviously in your best ballplayer but but I could I could I goes faster than most kids I could get the balls I could push it down the court faster I could score points by simply not having more skill but just being able to get to the basket faster and I can't let that something that that works athletically in third grade and it was speed and that's in that's kind of been the what was the hallmark of of my of my playing style. For most my career. So you played in high school and how successful were you up played in high school will his residence makes things to about about footballers. I didn't player down and organize football into my freshman year in high school my dad being on the Board of Directors around sky Hospital understood the negative impact that concussions have long-term on brain health and and decided that I don't want either one of you to head there is no reason for your site to visit. There's no reason in the world forward for 1/8 grader to have a concussion. This is a conversation that I had in the 1880s yeah and out way ahead of his Kirby said concussions are bad people, car, since what it does to the brain health long-term. Years later, 20 years in a row and I've seen this so were not doing the concussion thing so you're playing down football into your freshman year in high school and then I went out and played in there. It took about you, about a month to get accustomed to the contact and can understand how to move your body in ways that we orchid you get blasted and then it was off to the races. I really cannot speak to kids. I coached flag football in my third year. This year, which is phenomenal kicker talk to talk to about that for an hour love the kids great but I tell all parents listen.

There is no reason in the world for you to have your son or daughter in a contact sport until they are fresh mentors. There is no seventh grade in the world that they should bang their head that you don't get something of the kids had.

There's just it's just more damage than the aggregate benefit Rod Smith is my guest today or former Carolina Panthers or an Rod when we come back. When asked about the cam Newton controversy, but get to know you a little bit more me know you went to Notre Dame high school had a sterling career there and end up in the NFL want talk about your family and your marriage and all of that kind of stuff as well because you seem like you got a lot of perspective and thoughts that would be helpful for us as well. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three. WBT will be back in just a moment. Everyone I David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show. My guest is former Carolina Panthers or Notre Dame star has a national championship under his belt, Rod Smith runs great to have you on the show when he took a break. You were talking about your high school career. Your success so who started recruiting you when and why Notre Dame. It's funny whenever I speak to kids.

I tell them is a funny thing might mice my junior year in high school I was all Metro season. The team it with playoff team. You were like LinkedIn into the accounting and then others. A kid Joe hamburger who beat me 30 7/37 times when I saw him in the hundred, 200 and long jump, so before my junior year at the state tracking my junior year he gets mono so he's not hundred percent running the track meet, and I end up winning the hundred, 200 and long jump because Joe wasn't hundred percent the next day I got a call from Tom Leming who is one of the national high school college football because college high school recruiters and said that hey hi, I saw the results you want in the one or 200 long jumpers normally lack of speed out of Minnesota athletes but not you have speeded a look at your running back work together to promote you a bit all the sentiment from a zero star to a four star athlete literally because Joe hamburger had mono this is the Wally Pip situation may not know that. But in baseball.

Wally Pip got hurt and the guy who took his place was Lou Guertin PSA 2000+ days later one of the all-time greats. It's it's it's not an unfamiliar arc in unitrust minute to kids and in coaching these 13-year-olds are caused by football about about being ready for your opportunity in putting in hard work that carpe diem. Seize the moment. Yes, regardless of the of the of the results you know you want to put a great effort because at some point in your life you going to get a shot and when you get that shot be ready to go. I mean, I need credit. I got lucky that Joe hamburger was sick but I credit myself because I was ready to go night when I thought I got a chance to actually be the guy like I took the banjo good enough and in it started a career that I was a public university, Minnesota same player same guy that that day put me under on the national map and I got second in the funny part is my senior year. Joe Hamberg was 100% healthy in our garage out and I was immense, second, second, and second, really, yet interesting guy.

Yeah exactly regularly. God's got a plan and will get to that will help me like something's falling on your lap.

You know, if you really think a manager which is Rod who called you from Notre Dame who was the coach there a what led you to go there. Vinnie Cerrado was the recruiting coordinator there and then he went on later become the director of player personnel for the San Francisco 49ers for years and were constables out there and then he called me that summer between my junior and senior and said that they're interested in me, and a scholarship level and that he wanted to come out in and visit with my coaches and I was interested in and for us from the dead of night. You know there is a removable of meth heads and even if your state player of the year Minnesota Georgia North Carolina whatever stage reduced you the best player in the state.

You have a 3% chance of making a National Football League roster and you have a 1% chance of playing five years in getting the pension so for so football is a long-term, viable, financial resources, is is fairly has lost his lolly right assault so looking at colleges. We said let's let's look at the schools or givers that are going to give us the best long-term lifelong opportunity for success that we were looking at Harvard, Notre Dame, Stanford with the final three and obviously got some academic shops have almost been a good night, my parents did a public that was when my family got a bit of it but I doubt it. But like Harvard's program was a mess from Jack Elway at Stanford had decided that this is to be his last year in coaching. The program had been underdone a downward slide. Any said this is my last your coaching so you but the visit was great. I love Stanford Notre Dame grid academic institution of the hall to the football program on the rise are obviously going to be wildly competitive as soon as possible. On talking to the academic advisor Notre Dame and I said well listen you know you know I me anyone were premed and she is in and she was mystified. The reader I go I understand that I did little research I know select what happens if I play right away is funny for she said that a pretty good team. I would worry about that right now you know when I am not getting all I would not look at me and said you worried that you can play too much really like like I was just to sit directly to the reality and she said in a civil so you wonder why do from a biology major, and in spy degree.

I played the freshman then I'm stuck it all and to go snuggle.

If you if you if you go about your fifth year ago, I'd love that other documented. She looking like a document assessment on the second called it, called ministration operas. The phone call came back said down. We talked for five minutes later document knocking the door they came in and had me a letter and said said you commit yours in your name. You have five full years of academic eligibility at this university with an embedded matter when you play at shift that's as heavy as a guess I still have that on my on my route in my room and my dad's house. It's still on my wall letter and I can that's that's that's that's happened it your habit was on the court to have. It was I walked into the athletic facility in their training for the cotton bowl game and I'm getting all the names but but Barry Alvarez was coaching the defense and the three defensive lineman in the linebacker in the Lou Holtz was coaching the three offense of lineman in the running backs in the near trying to like move the ball like just 3 yards.

It was the most intense drill I'd ever seen in my life, and of those players. Although much of the pros and I watch that intensity and had this letter my hand give me five years of study whatever I wanted that there was Notre Dame and that made my decision well and you went there and you played under Lou Holtz and obviously won the national championship. What year was that that was there was 1988 and and being there, North Carolina Abascal alum you you understand this intimately that 1988 team was our least talented but the guys love each other and they communicating you not remain in good did you want a lesson that United are in hell. I get I got good that when a culture trumps talent every single day of the year you got the right guys in the right place on the bus working together, it will be talent every single day of the year. It sounds like that's what you're saying absolutely mean when you get a bunch of guys that love each other and are willing to to take it for Five seconds to identify something instead of instead of benefiting myself all say a thick look appetite and he leaned back with a husband that that little five seconds try to help my outside linebacker my safety be better rather than focus on what I need to do when everybody's throwing that love at everybody else.

Your defense is better. Your office is better you like you said you place so much better in a resource you have to create that kind of synergy gas and some coaches can can build it in some cultures can't, in the ones that can a while successful.

Let me ask you this question because I want to get on with your life in the crows nest and cam Newton? A out there is going.

What does he think about the Camden situation but the question I have for you is what's one thing you learned from Lou Holtz that really has influenced your life beyond football. We talked about it a little bit earlier off-line is that is that you have to you have to have a certain center of that you work from the way you work can't be can't be reliant on on the outcomes on the results. That's rather good choice is to is to work hard with you are a backup or whether you are a starter because just like what happened in track with me earlier. You never know when you get your shot and you have to just go and grind and put it in every day in a.m. and in intense, constructive, and planning plan manner and then just wait for the opportunity will come as long as you working at your peak.

The opportunities will come. So focus on the process, not the outcome.

And when you do, most often the outcome will be successful, it will come sooner or later you will get your shot and when you do, be ready to Commandant Rod Smith is my guest today former Carolina Panthers rods are you plated Notre Dame where you drafted and who drafted you out of college I was a second round draft choice to bring the patriots 40 story. I got a call I went back home, got a call.

It was Jimmy Johnson called me the phone phone rings on the day because Johnson is a right.

Listen working to move up many corners will move up from 63rd and second round move up to the 37 with the particular drafted and just want make sure you were excited to desktop will be watching for years and I had come sit with Jimmy Johnson because he he'd gone for two at Notre Dame my freshman year to win the game.

They failed in Notre Dame when Vanessa Cham shipped the ring I have on right now.

However, it was the most the single most courageous thing I have ever seen on a football field before since all Jimmy Johnson had to do was kick a field, kicked the extra point tie the game tie Notre Dame 3131 and he's dashing champion. He stays number one we stay number four instead of that he went for two because Jimmy Johnson plays to win the game. He couldn't kicked it in one national title had a ring on despair instead to win the game.

He rested all in a loss and I love them for so it's was again so right when he called me and said he might be a Delco bicycle I take something that is the most courageous thing I've ever seen a feeling that area we can get a part. Listen Roger played when the game I got I would be desktop this is great. Then you can find out the guy comes microphone to say there's been a train near the patriots trade up to 36 in the draft and choose cornerback Rod Smith you prisoner name it and you would think that I would like.

Yes, I was like no this is this is pre-Bill Parcells. This is the patriots ghetto your six and 10 on a downward spiral.

So say it was it was brutal but but I loved Boston and will enjoy my time in New England and Parcells came in which is an amazing experience as it turned out wonderful but yet that's that was my draft experience and so you end up being one of the selections in the expansion draft for the Carolina Panthers in 1995 you come in play here. We need to take a break, but when we come back just want to talk to you about your Carolina Panthers experience.

I will ask the cam Newton and I promised and then get in your faith.

Why, because everybody knows this is a faith and values program and everybody would love to hear about how faith is influenced your life you know where you are now with marriage, family, and how faith continues to impact you as you try to serve not be served and give your life away which is the essence of anyone who believes in God, I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT.

We will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT show if you like to hear this program in its entirety.

My interview with Rod Smith, former Carolina Panthers Notre Dame great. Please go to scroll down the weekend shows and you can download the show and listen.

From the beginning to the end Rod thanks again for being with me today. Such a pleasure having you on the show you're with the New England Patriots on that's who drafts you out of college, Notre Dame those years like their fantastic people ask your team was given year on campus or my team before I'm fully committed to converted. This is where I live in FEMA support but you rookie year in the National Football League is just pretty special.

You've gone from college senior to an NFL football player independent living on your own.

So I was in the dorm for four years. Notre Dame's it was just fascinating. Just learning how to be in the Dalton evolves. You have some resources and it was amazing nearly every chance to play against Joe Jerry Rice and Sterling Sharp and Brett Favre and all these great for it when I strip you plan against Michael Irving that you watch on television. Your whole life, Barry Sanders. What a pain was still in the lead amount planning as you got it was it was it was surreal. I really was mechanically manipulative rights assembly okay question.

Who was the toughest guy the guard as a cornerback receiver coming out of the offense of backfield. There are a couple guys. It gave me a lot of problems and in the Sterling Sharp give me problems. Michael Irving give me problems on Chris Carter gave me problems. Randy Moss gave me brought a ready mouseclick everybody say that but in long wide receivers yeah exactly for for me being a smaller fast guy I had problems with the receivers that I couldn't that I can push around even the little guy you know I I used to try to get my body between the receiver and the goal line with an intro to prevent them from getting up the field.

That was my game, but if the guy was big enough to push me out of the way. It was a problem. The other thing about Michael Irving Chris Carter of those bigger receivers. Sterling Sharp is that even when my hundred and 85 pounds 5 foot 11 body standing right next to them. Their wide open you a good location of the football and I'm beat his arms. Michael Irving is your sixfold long arm select I'm standing right next to my can't cover them any better.

My back is on his might. My chest is on his back.

He's wide open and he still catches about 11 so people in the people say that cornerback Rod Smith is off him like you try. Good luck with that.

I mean like there are crimes that I can't cover better than this. It was positive so the bigger receivers and faster guys didn't give me problems but the big strong zeros gave me when you came to Carolina in the supplemental draft and you had your years here. Part of those tough seasons get going, but you really had a great success here as well.

Charlotte's now your home and you enjoy this place, a whole lot let me go and ask you the cam Newton question because I think a lot of our listeners would like to know what you think's going on and what's going to happen with what happened. I'm not sure I may have a little bit of unique view on this little bit but on a $19-$21 million Number for your quarterback in modern football is not excessive at all sexy on the lower side. The lower half especially if you if you look out, two, three, four years, so it mean it's funny because it yes $19 and the Honda money. Of course it is.

But for before franchise level. In no probable level MVP type level quarterback $20 million a year is not a heavy Number so yes, there's some savings, but whatever becomes quarterback if they become legitimate starter in command that rolled their Google rate to 15, 17 to elect that's that's just where you go in deposition. So my feeling is it am trying to trick me as I can Start a friend of mine. I don't know but some not so personal, but like until you know for sure that this guys incapable of getting back to the level that is played in the past, you keep them in 19 that number was 30 or something. Yes, sure, but it 19 if that's that's that with the bargain is like, and I understand.

I know this is a weblike like this Demand question. If the number would tend to be a no-brainer. If the numbers 20.

I still think the new brain. If the number was 30. Then you could likely ask for $39 I can find somebody else that can give me that that that that value but but at $20 million until cam Newton shows me he can't play.

I'm keeping it.

He still an elite athlete out of the election are not Rod Smith.

Sounds like that do not only were you a great collagen NFL player that you have a math minded in economics is a part of who you are and which which it is limitless switch gears entirely now and end talk about your faith because this is a faith and values program and people really enjoy hearing individuals faith perspective.

What is years you know it's it's it's funny, I am. I don't have a church home, but I but proverbial meal and and I read. It's funny before you got going this morning I read sent me that Mr. biblical but I read Stephen Covey's daily habits and he has a book of daily ritual.

Daily daily readings and I read it every single day since since since my breakup back in 2010 because my the person I was dating. She said that in front of the counselor said that Rod Smith makes promises to me this and keep his promises doesn't keep his word and I was stoned all that well really that that's not me I'm not a liar and a dude with everything so their apartments right definitions goes know this. Not that he'll say he's gonna play golf and will be home at 3 o'clock I get home at five. He's going to go out with his friends and in the grip the beer is good be home at seven I get home at nine like it it's it's the it's the little things that that I was doing that wasn't honoring my word, and when I heard that feedback from the counselor.

I was stunned and I said you know right at that moment I said nobody's ever going to call my parents for all the work and effort that they put into me and say that your sons not keeping his word. I am not going to going to be that person. So what could what do I need to do.

I needed that means I have to do To conduct some type of activity that is going to increase my level of personal integrity. I have to do something thinking about doesn't change anything side of person would do is obligate Stephen Covey's seven habits, read it cover to cover again and I'm to get his daily read book airman and read it every day until I feel like I've got it and I still read to this day.

Every morning he has great insights into leadership and how to live life on I'll never forget some of the things that I learned by reading his stuff, you're one of those is begin with the end in mind and always think in terms of where you want to end up with your life and make choices then regarding what will get you to that place in life. Yeah, absolutely. And it is funny.

You know it's gotten her day my parents when I got divorced, went to church every Sunday them at first her divorce. Mama still goes. My dad doesn't go for holidays. I can think so out of my dad's writing goes much when I got to Notre Dame I fell right back into it and we we had mass and are in Morsi Hall yelled every Wednesday and I would I want everything I want every single one of them and I don't I don't study the Bible select you I don't I don't I don't know a lot, but right now, sit there and listen and just take it and I still might, and I still to this day miss that's it's just such a great environment just I mean on on so many levels, spiritually, academically, the way the people care about each other. You can't find it, remind me of North Carolina. My visit there you can't find a gum wrapper anywhere on the floor and ate it in Notre Dame.

You are so crosstalk while you can find a gum wrapper to the BC one you pick up and put in trashcan student. Student teachers like like we all take care of our university. It's it's collective and then every time I go back to Notre Dame for a game. I was put on the grotto spent a couple hours on there and meditated in it so I know what's the grotto in case people don't know what that is yet the grotto is a place number the lake that that had that's that's a carve out a carveout literally into the into the stone and and people go to the place were people go in worship and pray and meditate and it's got candles down there all the time. It's in its and it's just a small little place. 20 x 20 were words carved out and in the visibly crossing people just go down there and it's always quiet and it's always you are. It was welcome minutes is just a place where people go in and meditate and pray and think in some it's anybody that's that's been at the University spent probably a lot of time down there. You know there's an old phrase. I can't remember where I heard it that says if you don't come apart.

You come apart love that we all need times just to get away and be quiet, meditate, pray thank you and just be with God were so doing all the time and someone reminded me as well that were human beings, not human doings, and we need those times just reflected sounds like Rod Smith that you used those times as well, yeah, absolutely. And it started to especially like mood right now because of one of my best friends in the world Sherry Morris who I met at Notre Dame is in town and future business partner, mining, and she's she's in town all technical services in the end, and she's she's deep in her faith. So it's always it's always a pleasure having her in town, and it cannot just be bumped up.

Rod Smith is my guest, former NFL player, former Carolina Panthers are now living here in Charlotte and Rod. We need to take another break in one final segment, but I love to talk you about your youth sports. Your care for kids the things that motivate your heart the expressions of your faith toward what the Bible talks about is not just be listeners of the word, but doers of the word unless we hear and do were not really being as faithful as we should, so I'll make sure that is covered as well. Rod Smith, my guest, I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT and we will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show my guest, Rod Smith, who played at Notre Dame in the NFL lives. Now here in Charlotte but it's a pleasure having you on the show. Thanks so much for being here.

You love kids and talk about some the things you're trying to do with kids, and some of the outreaches you're part of.

I think people would love to hear about that while I'm on there was that the past president of the NFL alumni Carolinas chapter for nine years now aging the railroads of Japanese been running an opera, but for about three years but came for kids is our motto and every dollar that we made profit went right back in the traders couldn't keep anything so and everything went to children's charities. Now that led me to an opportunity to work with Speedway children's charity are the Speedway with Lisa Starnes in that group in the giveaway typically somewhere between $500 million a year did to children's charities each year and each advisor, each each of trustee board member is responsible for visiting the charities that apply. So for this your present last five charities that I will go physically visit speak to the walker on the chair get to know them a bit and then I'll make a recommendation on how much commerce they should get a pickle or fishing you meeting the need of the year to get the grant and in better situation or get her finances a better and better in a better situation so it's been doing enough about a year. So it's given me a real great opportunity to get out every year and I'm visiting five charities every year site.

I've I've touched a lot of the children's charities around Charlotte over the last eight years.

Last 10 years or so on seven ever limit a sense about who was having an impact in his nodding your bread with Robin to do a great job in active in supporting that. I also started at the behest of a good friend of mine met Benjamin guy asked me what you will and the coach my son and the spy football team out like it's in Fort Mill dabbed on the garage you've got it, but again I don't have anything in my life and I'm actually hand what I am actually hands-on helping kids that's not a place you want to be select you this is coming you for reason. So, so, do it so source of the calculus kids and we were off we went. We were undefeated as it was unfit. We lost every game if you were defeated by gunfire.

We were all for him and then the next year we won like two or three games in this last year just finished up just won the championship come back in and it's it was one of the most amazing experiences are some of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in mind it, it's actually it's actually better than playing I get it now why coaches get addicted to it, watching the kids develop the skills or go to help them not only better football players in the future, but be but be better man you're talking about responsibility to team and talking to them about hey you know if one or if one of you knuckleheads place fortnight until midnight on Friday and then you come here on Saturday with your eyes red and you're not ready to go when you're making mistakes you make mental errors in the team loses, you got understand that I lose coach Matt loses coach Matt's wife loses his son loses you lose your mom loses your dad loses your little brother loses your little sister lose it. I got I would do the whole that you become a title we all lose because one of us is being selfish and not drinking water in getting in bed getting the eight hours of sleep you do jeopardize all of our work, so don't be that guy. Don't be the one on Friday night.

You need to think about football. Friday nights are football nice this is it this isn't football.

Is it only the hour when you're here. Practice good football player. You gotta think about football all week playing your weak around being prepared to give your best here so and then you hear the parents after the season say coach my son always gets embedded 9 o'clock that: he literally came to me. Week two in the season with a glass of water's hands are right this was a good night and I'm going to bed at 8 o'clock she said she was like you do it different. I was yeah but but because to me I would gotta get eight hours. I got on the get real early tonight like it. I mean I think you're doing the very thing coaches should do your teaching life principles RGM athletics exactly. I'm trying to teach them how to be to be better man. It was it was it was a wonderful thing. So you really are committed to kids that that's a big part of your life right now you consider kids the future of our city of our nation and you would challenge.

I think our listeners to do the same. Yeah, absolutely. It is again, and I would end it was with a lot of skepticism other guy got I got up before Mel and yeah I don't know any of these kids. I don't have kids are not married but it it is become not only passion but it is it is been the most rewarding part of my life right now. It's amazing you know Rod when I talk a lot on the show with athletes about the importance of coaches and that they are extensions of parents and that if you can find a good coach who only reinforces what parents teach their kids. You've hit a gold mine and I feel like you're saying the same thing in the. The direction from the parents was amazing and then some the things in your service goes you know him are him one of our top players on the. Is at in the season. The mom commitment. She said you know Coach Smith.

It's interesting you know Kyle was second team in receptions or whatever and in the instant play this year because last year we caught six passes thought to myself six passes after after 15 minutes I thought of this, you can kiss 50 balls me to the amulet, so it's a it's a wonder I don't know what the other coach saw that would would say that this kid is a superstar to soak it just and then I'll say this every kid on our team caught a touchdown pass in no every kid but one had an interception like we we ran a system that that was about the system in about and about integrity to other players. It wasn't trying to feed the balder best player and I didn't want to do that this year is in the reason why we got better is because we simplify things that we cannot work in a run an office in if you get open. You get the ball. Do not open you get the ball so we can be the best players we said was going to give our team the best chance to win. So if you want to catch the ball, you gotta help the team. It's not just you being great you you you helping the team will determine how much you got me touches you get imagine that Ray team is more important than the integrator will and in the workplace. If they learn that when Rod they learned a very important lesson yeah team is more important that the teams only as good as the individual who plays well and works hard and prepares him or herself.

We've only got a couple minutes left is hard to believe the time goes by so quickly when I'm interviewing a very special guest, you are one of those Roger got a microphone speaking to you know, some thousands of people out there in the Metro line area would be one thing that you would want to preach use this bully pulpit in some way to help our city be a better place in which to live your I was spread the advice that that my father gave me on on the worst day of my life I'll it is at the center of of who I am and in and who have become my my junior year in college give up three touchdowns to Desmond Howard future Heisman Trophy winner for Michigan got pulled from the game. The third quarter, I lost my confidence. I was scared I wanted to be anywhere else in the world but on the field and I got bench that became scout team or the next day my dad drove down from simple Minnesota and said hey listen if you ever thought you controlled how much you play at this university wrong. That's cultural to decision one thing you can control is if you're the hardest worker on campus and if you get straight A's. So I focused on what I could do and not on the results and that was the beginning of my professional career focus on process do the best you can leave the outcome to where everything exactly right. Ron Smith actually on the show today appreciated so much.

May God bless you and give you great confidence as you continue to minister to kids.

Other places in our community and beyond. Thank you. Have you folks do this for me. Love God and love your neighbor if you just do those two things.

You have a lifetime's worth of work to do, it will be your calling. It will make life meaningful. I'm David Chadwick. This is the talk 11 to 993 WBT. I look forward to talking with you all

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