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US Representative Dan Bishop

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 17, 2019 8:00 am

US Representative Dan Bishop

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 17, 2019 8:00 am

Us Representative Dan Bishop joins David to discuss his life, politics, tone in Washington and his faith! 

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I want a big Chadwick was 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program and tries to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture, but also having personalities come on the show to share their faith and values and allow us to get into their heart, their thoughts their insights into what God means to them in their lives. Such is the case today before I introduce him let me give thanks to Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Peary's fine jewelry for their support of the program without your support. I could not do this on a weekly basis. Now, 20 years in the making here on WBT. I guess today Dan Bishop congressional representative for the ninth district here in the state of North Carolina, Dan. It's great having you on the show to have this opportunity for people to get a glimpse into your heart, your faith and values and wow what a year you have had that you ever dream the 2019 would be like this. It has been a fascinating year and I've enjoyed it tremendously, even though it's been stressful times about his models have just come talk to you now. Thank you. It's wonderful to have you on the show and I'm your background where you come from your family.

Help us get to know you a bit so I'm I'm a native Charleston was born here went there still are. Those are the center and I was the last of five children to parents who had both grown up. Also, North Carolina's my mother was from Bladen County rural Bladen County when in her youth that have running water in her house really. My father was also fairly poor from the Greensboro and the and they found each other relatively light.

He had been in a veteran and World War II had fought Aaron's on Saipan gunner on a B-29 of heat. They met very late in life unit find his way back to college. When the notion North Carolina on the G.I. Bill became a dentist at age 35, really, and then they had a bunch of kids and I was the last couple be an accident sound so I'm so happy for accident. I think a little island.

I got one of those. I was 45 and my wife came down and said I got something I need to tell you and he's been a joy that an absolute joy and I bet you were as well and you lived in Charlotte all this year I in Charlotte went to mostly public schools with a country Day for couple of years graduated from South Michael Burke high school and on the public college and university system in western North Carolina. Chapel Hill is always a choice, I think last time I checked I think I'm that light blue blood bleeding through me.

Well, I know that I know that very well and my but my son and we have one child is 19 and he's at state so my wife and I were both Carolina lawns, so that's it. That's a that's new for us and the Lord delighted to have them there is another it subsided. So when you watch a Carolina state basketball with her son Dan what happened you know there's another era. David no invest over that where the, the, your rivalry between the Carolina and state was a little hotter and say I think I am fine alike. Rather than wondering how you exactly. So I don't know for fact I'm I'm so I find it it hasn't bothered me a bit and I and I really have had a chance to broaden my heart my horizons about what's offered in it. North Carolina State University is a really great institution. He's having a great time there in the first year that's great laughter, Carolina awarded you go and what shape did your life take so I was you know, a practicing lawyer, a private private practice was that started the really great farming town Robinson branch on Hinson spent six years there and then won't want to leave my brother was fraction older older brother practice with him for a while, eventually win it with a small firm that did corporate business litigation, complex commercial litigation and we did that for I did that with eight lawyers until well through the time that I ended up back in the legislature for my second swing at politics and then end up having to resign as condiments of winning this congressional election and they had to rename the firm so all there's been a tremendous as you say is been a war with does sound like it.

Just before we get to the 2019 election your entry into politics out of it happen so you know I always had an interest in it and unaltered the same older brothers I ended up practicing law with probably introduced me to those ideas when I was a teen I was interested enough to volunteer in some campaigns ended up running for County commission serve their 2004 to 8 and this is I guess maybe were for the faith and values and kind of intersect. I was pretty cynical about the opportunities for conservatives to move the needle. Not just locally but everywhere and just that I was never to touch it again six years later, a variety of circumstances led me to come back and run for stable state legislature ran for the house in 2014 and serve their then certain the house one sermon in the state Senate for two terms, and then found myself at the beginning of this in the special election last fall.

Last seen last winter in February. Will you know we've had more terrorists on the show couple of times. In fact, over the last year and what he went through is just unbelievable that on our worst enemy but yet after all of the fiasco came to a conclusion. You get a phone call and you're asked to step into the selection and run as the ninth congressional district person and obviously you said yes.

On the other side of the break. I want to know what went on in your mind to make you say yes it sounds like some faith and values went into that decision. No doubt about it and I think that will be important for people to know Dan Bishop's my guest are ninth congressional district representative and he will be with me right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is this talk 11 to 99. Three WBT shows Dan Bishop is my guest today are ninth congressional district representative here in this area. I Dan it's great having you on the show. Thank you. Your time today.

Thank you so much David get a glimpse, ultimately, in your faith and values, but first of all let's talk about you got the phone call that the ninth congressional district needed a representative in the Republican party, Mark terraces run sadly was denied and just got bless him.

By the way, Morgan is out and you are a good man. We love you a lot Dan when you got the phone call asking you to run and to take Mark terraces place what went through your mind will David limits to say before I embark on that that I was. I think the first sitting elected official to endorse Mark Harris. I consider them tremendously) marvelous person. I think I think what happened him is horrendous and shouldn't of occurred and I think is a knowledgeable powerful way it is and and it is is highly politicized. The same as it bogged down in it, but I thought was a tremendous tragedy and it wouldn't that there was a specific phone call from some person calling me to asked me to run, but there were people who were speculating over who might run of marks race did not get certified for longer time and I had no I didn't think through that for myself I I didn't, I thought was unseemly that a number of people are speculating over but it it what I understood. Mark said he was not going to be the candidate after the race was not certified after they declared a new election and and furthermore I'm at it. I just looked around and David unit. It did. And this is for the tail end of the faith story for me that, wasn't evolved over some period of years, including before I returned to the politics as I made reference to earlier and because I think the last thing for me to cement in my faith life is a conviction that God is actually working every day in our lives. I'm in I understood Scripture, and what it teaches and and grace and I note but just something to make that real and believe it could be that highly personalized for me.

It always seem to know something I couldn't grip but I can tell you now that just path that I found myself walking led to that moment and it was clear to me that there were there things available to me in terms of folks who would work for Senate state Senate political operation and closely with the center burgers then Chief of Staff of the availability of resources. The may have met colleagues that were in urine and work with them legislature who were throughout the counties in this district and that there was an opportunity and more to the point. I knew that I felt called to stand up for the values of those people who were throughout the night district that I thought I matched better than what they were being offered by the candidate had been running for two years. So would you say that you were willingness to run for office was a sense of call from God. It almost sounds like that bandit absolutely as I have not I have had this a growing sense of call in my life from about 2012 2013 when I first started looking positive returning and it is peaked with this. I just feel like it was it was it was the place was open for me to do and I was called to do it winter lose succeed or fail.

Unless I think the piece that came to me at some point someone made a point to me back in 2013 about because I'd gotten focused a great deal on how on success is not about success in fight with this person said to me was a Dan that I'll start met.

Still, this sort of been just very cynical about politics and I said in a Dan is not really about success.

In fact were not promised success were promised across and that would knock me back if you rose but it is something that stuck with me a long time and has sort of guided where I got I have done what I've done so that an point of view can be articulated for voters to have the opportunity to choose and answer in some cases may be to speak in the face of culture that I think may be headed.

Not a great way sometimes. So Jesus said if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.

And that's really what you're saying and you can try to speak that to the culture which will not be a popular message that's that. At times it is not, and I think, but that is what the choice is important for voters to have a choice, and that means people making it saying the respective viewpoints and then given voters an opportunity to choose, so that's what I've done. I've been I've never played I've never tried to calculate my path. I still be voicing what unity no idea had no plan to do this but I think go where your heart and your integrity lead you in whatever role has been open for you to take with them to take a step back, obviously you don't reach a place in your faith walk like you reached without some foundations having been built beforehand. Did that happen in your childhood or was there a later kind of teen or adult conversion. Talk about that. Please testing. I grew up, and you know I was thinking about this interview because it it is more opening in a way than many that you engage in when you're talking politics.

I was thinking about this book and if you read it hillbilly elegy bad things. JD Vance now leads us right now you and I and it it's pretty unsparing. I mean he's very very candid about his is people and everything else he loves him but and I I've always been.

Will has a bit but I will say that I I didn't come, I'm not.

I grew up in a very liberal Baptist Church, or did you really did and so I was not I didn't have my arms around faith or really, I don't think I really understood gospel dollars in my 20s and I think it again was older siblings who I don't how they found their path exactly but to who sort of got me oriented and I eventually got them and then I guess we spent the next 22 years in a Methodist Church in Charlotte United Methodist Church and there I was always doctrinally sorted to the right of that church, but there were things about it that spoke to me. I still have a love for high church sacred music and organs is a finder that's gone but it was something that and and and and actually that's not. I also understand very well that that's not the predicate on Scripture.

Jesus you know your your your church, but there was, I think there's been a slowness to figure out exactly and and and and and of sense of being dislocated and and and a lot of it for a long time but I nonetheless I would say in my 20s really found faith and develop personal relationship with Jesus Christ that has nurtured me along the way but I sit still developing in new insights and things that I had hard times adjusted understanding that God really does walk with us in our action in our lives every single day and cares what happens to us and is and and and so when someone said to me, one of the young person. I don't know what God wants me to do yet. I was like God wants you to do for a job but not it is absolutely true that every second of every day God is concerned about. And if you abide in Jesus, and he abides in you, that means he's overlooking and involved in every part of your life. Absolutely every second every day a part of your life and that doesn't mean again. It doesn't mean if you look big in this and then you read Scripture. It does not mean that your you got it path to walk among the roses all the time know often the means just the opposite. That's what it means when Jesus said, take up your cross is not his cross. Now his cross gave salvation for the sins of all the world, but your cross may be different. It may be an congresses are presently experiencing. For me it might be a different projection of call that God has all my life to do something new that is challenging and really hard to do but it's something that he has for Dan Bishop or David Chadwick for everybody in the world.

It's unique.

But Jesus will be with you wherever that may be even as you suffer and so give thanks in all things is appalling is that there is just I think then something about monitoring thing that Christianity is that the beauty of it in the beauty of Scripture and gospel is is the magic of paradox in a way, I'm not. I think it's it's it's always been, as since I came to understand it better. Such a marvelous and it couldn't have been invented by humans. It is such as has this marvelous symmetry in and of and equipment on your wiki strong meet your broken in your blast stemming all of those different paradoxes there in the Scripture that make no human sense but in the kingdom of God.

They make every sense have because they drive you deeply into the one who created you, Molly to the wise, but the wisdom to those who are in the faith you have probably the best place to look is the Beatitudes in Matthew five were Jesus's blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted that it make any sense.

Those who cry will be comforted.

What that's exactly what he's talking about then you know the comforter, the Holy Spirit, the very presence of God in your life in pain oftentimes drives you to that place that no other thing could drive you to that place and it sounds like then that's what happened to you. It has and and it entered in every aspect of it is a gift in there so they been sort of fund uncertainties at points in time.

In terms of what's next. But but it do Joe and I'm been married to Joe for 21 years and we have a great partnership and and we found our way together through these things. It's amazing because I will tell you that after the last Senate race in 2018. Pretty rugged race. I'm sort of a battler and that was a battle in about six weeks after that she's slick to me and she said I think that's the last election and so getting from that point to running for Congress was a bit of the past yeah like to know how she made her choice different when you said yes to the ninth congressional district run she was. It was it was interesting and I and she again II from that so that was late November and ends of those probably December, when she said that in this thing came along, developed in late February and again I never thought through it all.

I did get some calls and and and and she insert when it finally sort of crested and and I said maybe I should do this, went to her and said let's run for Congress. And she said HE double toothpicks. No FF FF and then at my son my 19-year-old came to came in the room so we'll talk about and I said I just said in front of Carter's mom said no and he goes and he said he thought he didn't say anything since he stood there in silence for about a minute he goes do it and you've done it, and what I want to do we get back from the other side of the breakers talk about how your faith helps you in Congress in these few months you're there in the midst of an impeachment I David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I'm leaving Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show if you'd like to hear this interview with Dan Bishop in its entirety. scroll down the weekend shows. You can see the David Chadwick show there and you can hear about Dan's faith and his interaction with his faith, and government. In that interview, which I hope will continue in great longform here today.

I Dan, thanks again for being with me on the show. Let me ask you this question you are now in Congress and you have this faith that's burning in your heart you have a commitment to the authority of Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. You have a commitment to the Scriptures being the authoritative word of God. I can't imagine what you have to confront with those views in a secularized, politicized culture in Washington talk about that.

Please will it it is it that you know it is a big and overwhelming place. I will say that when I will. It is the goat having the experience of going to the Gen. assembly sometime ago is beneficial because there is also a time in which there was a bit bewildering and a great unit is the CEO of the issues and activities that did, you'd not been familiar with and someone told me then yourself about 9220 days to get your arms around it and am I'm very content with that process right now so we're where we develop the getting a great staff together and and I'm I've been assigned to the committees on Homeland security and small business and finding the path there in terms of that culture.

David, it's an interesting conundrum. People who know me and have no mean politics probably know that I've had some battles that I've fallen and I am a battler by nature.

I think that's part of what I'm called to do because were in a time during this time when you have there is great division among the people and there we are. You see, questioned bedrock.

Fundamental assumptions of our democratic society that had never been under attack before and I will defend them aggressively and I and make note bones.

I'm note to have no hesitancy to do so I do at the same time mourn or grieve.

The lack of civility and the increasingly contentious nature of politics, even as I feel it is essential to fight for those principles. So how you balance that is always tricky.

I think that answers for me. It has been to it. Do not hesitate to articulate what you know to be right to know and accept the fact that you're going to be attacked in the in the grossest of terms, and by folks who would defame you and they will.

And that's just reality. Desi and I have reality and and that and also I think it is.

That's one reason I think there's this call is because I've developed a professional reputation.

I work hard.

I was an honest guy for 30 years of proximate law and area and if I need to put myself out there and be torn down. I believe there is value in that for others. Should that be the case so but I do believe that all the while we couldn't. I should never forget and nor should any of us that the objective is to get to a point where we can have civil dialogue again circle ourselves around solving common sense and bring common sense solutions to problems in Americans face and we need to keep saying that and need to be prepared, even as we, even as we battle to join hands with those on the other side of the aisle when we can get back to a point when were you know somewhere near nearer to consensus with the last segment you mentioned how your call to do this is rooted in a conviction in life that life is not about being successful. It's about being significant and that's what I kinda learned as well that that is not the purpose of life is to be successful is to be significant and make it dent in this world for the glory of God will set I would say immunity say that I thought I even think that those people can be tempted by form of significance if they're trying to seek significance for their in-person sake. That's not what you mean but to do something significant because it is what the Lord is called you to do in your life that is the end and the end of the availability of that. I think that's hard to reckon is once you once I became convicted that the Lord really does care what I'm doing with my life. The more that the mother is much easier for me to take up those tacit or even unpleasant, because you know that you're doing as you say David for significance in the kingdom. So you now have the commitment to be significant in the kingdom for the glory of God and we note that preposition in the kingdom for Jesus command of his people is to be salt and light in the world. So you're going into one of the huge battlegrounds in all of the world, Washington DC, and it sounds to me like what you're saying is your commitment is basically to speak the truth in love, you're going to speak the truth. Maybe sometimes aggressively because the truth is the truth.

But it's how you do it that so important and that's what it seems like were missing in the common discourse today. The ability to civilly speak to one another, even if we aggressively and tenaciously cling to our views Dan Howe as a follower of Jesus, do you do that to help reclaim that civility when that so well said know, I think that part of what we face in America that makes it so challenging as we move toward it is his religiosity is in general declines, and so we may be on the path toward Christians or even those who believe in God, being a minority in the country and so the question becomes what it with the moon in that direction terms of culture, hallelujah. How do we retain that value where the of predilection force civility, rather than the law of the jungle and I think I think that answer is in how you conduct yourself with every person, every day, whether it be someone in your in your own done run staff or when you meet others and I've had a couple of occasions when in met one member of the Democratic caucus. I was at the at the funeral for Elijah Cummings are that that you not funeral, but the that the allying and stayed in the rotunda and then want that many Republicans there and somebody didn't know who I was a member asked me who I was and I said I just been elected.

Note from North Carolina younger two elections.

If you recall mine and the one from Walter Janzen Walter Jones replacement and I said no. I was that I desiring the ninth district and he said oh you're that guy as I just smiled and I met your note is that guy as a numbing that was not done. I don't think you meant. I really like what you had to say something but the but not so you do II think the answer is in the face of that to smile and and and and let the humor of it. To the extent there is some rather than the than the thorn in that took question in that statement to be your remit drive. So you're saying that a lot of the key to creating an environment of civility were somebody can hear your understanding of truth. As you proclaim it is the relationship that precedes the proclamation, the interaction with that person, either on the floor or other places.

I think I think, and I hope that's true. Over the course of time that that will make itself felt that if I take my example in the general assembly. It was interesting and invariant fortune one of the things is true in politics days are live accusations of racism in particular that are that are misplaced or unfair, but II think what in the independent just the most absurd places were that was his people would suggest that and I think that the right thing to do. There was to stoically just sort of unit set that one side, not engage over or make that an interest will continue to prevent prep behave as a professional and move forward.

If you enter now call it racism or sexism today against somebody. It's almost a death in any entity is a not how you refute that it's it's it it is it but has become an epithet because it is not used in connection with when it is just people just asserted without evidence, without any real rational connection to anything in. And it's unfortunate something is a terrible thing to do, but I think the way to respond to it is to absorb it and move forward. It's a bit I guess is in a way it's turning the other cheek will Dan you're there in the midst of contention now like never before. The impeachment trials are moving forward. How will you be representative of Jesus in those impeachment trials unit in a day that I think by searching for and articulating what I believe in my heart to be the significance of the moment. I think that you know we see this with my view, is that there is no merit in what the Pres. is no end in the in the grounds which Democrats are currently charges and adulation. Yes, I think there's nothing to it.

I think most Americans outside the Beltway, shrugged her shoulders about a phone call and then you dig into it. It only seems nefarious when it is characterized not when you read it and when it's characterized by one side to serve their political ends. And I think that the with the thing to do there.

This important is to is to seek a deeper significance to that. I think where I think not actually. I will tell you this. Pres. Trump has I was not an early adopter and I and I and over time I've come to have a sense of his significant historical significance in context and I think where we are is one of these fundamental assumptions of American politics is that the people is that is the government draws its legitimacy from the consent of the governed is a Republican Democratic Republic and I think we've grown the system with permanent bureaucrats, diplomats, intelligence agents, law enforcement, edges of the highest of levels, who believe they run the government. And when someone comes outside their orthodoxy, though destroy them if necessary, and maybe help it took someone with that kind of a personality to begin to ask those really tough questions and see where we are today, right or wrong. It's it raises the question of whether or not the people are in control and that's a very important question Dan bishops my guest ninth congressional district and when we come back let's talk about where you think it's all headed and where your role may be in this impeachment process. I'm David Chadwick will be right back in all of us see ourselves as divided ideologies which is what's happening DC Dan bishops my guest ninth congressional district representative here in the state of North Carolina, Dan, you're now in the middle of the flyers in Congress. The impeachment trials this week.

I couldn't help but note how in the nationals game of the World Series in Washington DC present Trump was booed by all those DC conglomerates. Then he went to New York and at an MMA event.

It was a mixed response then this past week he's in Alabama at the LSU Alabama football game close to hundred thousand people in the stands his picture shown on the screen with millennia and it's raucous applause that lasted four minutes and I couldn't help but think of the divided America in which we live. Do you see that division yes I do and and it's very troubling, and the question becomes, I think you if certain divisions built get built-in, and they become particularly regionalized like that.

We see this coastal sort of elites in the in the as I called the flyover country.

The heartland and of course there it is not quite that simple gets more confident if you look more closely, but you do it is so good greatly divided and I think we are not present Trump as it is.

I remember seeing a headline, New York Post 1.7 that that present Trump is teaching the GOP how to fight in Illinois. He he is purified or appears to be an and even that has had its value.

I think for a side in the political debate that's been more reticent about fighting than the other but the question becomes how do we go beyond fighting actually think he he may have a more sophisticated sense of where to go. Then at one point I thought you think so you and where would that be don't.

I think I act as I say I think where were ending up is a re-examination of what our government is and who it serves, so some of his things a pig, people attack it is racist, but the notion of nationalism. The notion of doing of the American government functioning first and foremost in mind the interests of Americans is important and there are it. It doesn't is not a coincidence that happens to be this bureaucrat class and I think centered in Washington that you heard booing at the nationals game also was the one that has far more focus on the interests of four nations of the Ukraine and how their fight with Russia is going on that may not really impact Americans lives very much and there becomes a sort of a hyperfocus on it and they've come to the point. I believe that if the United States citizens. Send them a president that is moving in a different direction that is contrary to what they think should be happening based on their own experiences and and proclivities of ill interfere with it and I don't think is right.

So question from day one. Has there been a desire to impeach Donald Trump absolutely from before the time he was elected there was that there was a desire to discredit him as a potential candidate. There was a desire to put the finger on the scale in support of Sec. Clinton and since he was please been elected from the very inception.

There's been a plan. You see it articulated number of places, including by the lawyer for the for the whistleblower years ago this in 2017 and it in a tweet. The coup begins. That bit taken out by whatever means necessary and the nation of Israel. There was an evil King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. And interestingly, God raised up a figure named Jay who to destroy them, and the adjective that she used to describe Jay who is reckless in the Hebrew the word literally is translated reckless and yet he is the one that God chose as a kind of wrecking ball to wreck Ahab and Jezebel. Some people have suggested that maybe Donald Trump is a J who kind of figure in government. A reckless figure that does thing says things that you and I both Dan go. I wish you wouldn't do that wouldn't say that but yet on the other hand, he is a wrecking ball for a lot of people's agendas that middle America. General people of faith who have real value, say that needs to be attacked. That needs to be challenged, and it seems he's doing so while I bore. What a masterful analogy and NIA and and more generally not used here a lot of folks who who question the credibility of Christians who supported the president as that in the heat he misbehaves, how could you possibly do that, but it is. I think that recognition that God uses characters who have flaws but nonetheless have qualities that the Lord needs to accomplish ends and I think that's great analogy for present Trump, but that in and sometimes I think that's what you need you need and it said in various ways and in the history but you need disruption to restore fundamental value and I think that is where we are. Will Donald Trump is not my personal Savior absolute norm. Jesus is but I think God uses every single person for his purposes and his plans. It's interesting in the Bible. He called King Nebuchadnezzar a really evil King in Babylon, my servant, so if he could have used Nebuchadnezzar for his purposes historically, which he did. I think he's using Donald Trump for his purposes as he wills, just like he did Obama or George Bush or even Bill Clinton. God is using everyone for his purposes.

Will we let him do that. That's the question that's on all of our hearts. Then we only have a couple of minutes left. Speak to us about your hopes of what will happen during your next couple of years in Congress. I hope and I believe it's very possible that this current age of extraordinary extraordinary division might be resolved in the sense that we come to this point in American have several times before argument of the election, the Canada presidential election George McGovern was a candidate in the American people said this is too extreme for residents serve our entire remember those years and we moved in a different direction.

I think of Ronald Reagan's election was it was a watershed maybe of Barack Obama's is a watershed in a different way. But but do I think we need a watershed change and to resolve some of this fractious nest probably buff by defeating it and and I think that that I think that it will turn out to be the Democrats will miscalculated and what they're doing. It's it's a procedurally unfair it substantively bankrupt anything the people in America will see that I think I'd I do believe the general population. I do believe them that people will and I think there'll be a victory and and I think that may put some of us to rest and allow us to turn and change her focus and then I think will be a different role for present Trump from that point forward and and I think you'll rise that occasion hope that you will and and you're going to be there to commit to love one another. Right to love your neighbor even love your enemy, absolutely. And as you love as Jesus has loved you. You think that'll make a difference in Washington's complex situation. I think each each one of us has that capacity to make a difference in each one of us has the obligation to pursue that objective will then Bishop you have given all of us a sense of hope today. I think everyone listening will pray for you now more fervently that you will be Jesus representative in that culture that is in Washington.

Thank you so much for being on the show today. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed interviewing you and letting people get a glimpse into your heart, especially in the areas of faith and values. Thank you, David is in the north enormous privilege for me to and everyone can I remind you to do these two things love God and love your neighbor. If you'll just do those two things.

You have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT talk with you all

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