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Ed Currie

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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November 24, 2019 8:00 am

Ed Currie

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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November 24, 2019 8:00 am

Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Company’s joins David to his addictions, recovery and God’s saving grace! 


Everyone, I'm David Chapman.

This is talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is the faith and values program to try to intersect faith and values with different issues and people in our culture.

It's been now a 20 year run. Thank you so much for listening on a weekly basis. And thanks to Ruth Chris steakhouse and to Perry's fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show without your sponsorship. This show could not happen on a weekly basis. We have a different kind of a show today. I've really been looking forward to my guest is Ed Curry and Ed is a pepper fanatic and has the hottest pepper in the world to talk about that Guinness Book of World Records pepper, whatever that is it. I don't know how that works. First of all, thanks for being on the show.

Oh, it's an honor, thanks for having me you and and how do you become the Guinness Book of World Records hottest pepper person trying to follow God's will in my life that so that's a good way to do it. That's how I do. We are very local your fork millwright.

Just something for milk okay and talk tell us about your history where you came from your family background who you are well. Originally I came from New York City. My parents one side Irish one side Italian so was it was a great mix and my dad worked for a company called John Hancock. So we moved around quite a bit when we were younger. I wound up in Michigan and in Michigan is where I started studying peppers I'm an addict in recovery. I've been clean now for 20 years and I thank you but my addiction started very, very early and that it that's where I really started was peppers when I was in college one of the things I wrote down in November 2081 will I didn't write it down another young lady did was that I was going to invent the hottest pepper in the world. My parents drop me off college told me I was going to die of heart disease or cancer.

So I started researching it so I could essentially continue to party. There really wasn't an ultra stick goal was more of a self-centered, selfish goal. So something you wanted to invent allow you to keep party and allow you to eat hot peppers so that would make you healthy to keep party and except exactly but that's a small mind thinking, you know, and I believe at that point God was trying to change my life okay but I'd I chose the wrong path and I Am going down that addiction pass until 1999. What set you free will you know actually I saw an angel. Did you really yeah I did. I wanted to kill myself. Okay not really kill myself. I just wanted to die and there was blizzard going on where I lived in Michigan and opened up the doors and windows. I got a lot of drugs and alcohol and I just took off my clothes and figured I party until it was the end, but an angel and that Angel told me to go to a place called Brighton Hospital and I don't know if 99, the really wasn't much of an Internet you know you have used payphones and stuff and there was nothing in the phone book. That said, Brighton. I couldn't get anybody any operator to tell me where that was.

So I loaded up my car and went out into the snow to try to find it and I stopped at a friends house who saw that you know I was struggling and she said that she knew where the sign was for Brighton Hospital and it turned out to be the rehab hospital. Henry Ford made for his alcoholic brother back in the 20s really yeah and I told him I didn't belong there. I was to leave the place where you sit down and I wound up staying there for almost 30 months 30 months so they allowed a long-term treatment program for you know yeah I stayed in long term I I went to aftercare for I was inpatient for approximately 40 days, and then I did intensive outpatient for almost almost 3 years and was that the point that you began to get sober and stay sober. I states up from the very first time I stopped I stayed sober. They give you the AA 12 steps was that a part of their treatment program for yeah program of AA and program of an eye attend with both and then at the end of that. You really did feel some freedom from those drugs. The minute I woke up from the detox truck hugs.

I knew I was on the right path that it was like my heart was clear my mind was clear and I got straight back into peppers again and started doing what I needed to do when ice when I stop drinking and drugging I was 370 pounds really and here is kind of like a miracle that happened I thought I'd lost my drivers license. I never lost it. So I started walking everywhere and I would walk to the hospital from the hotel I was staying at night walk to meetings and stuff and I went down to about 165. How yeah that is amazing and then found out I have my drivers license. Sometimes God makes us blessedly ignorant does yeah exactly, you know she does for me. What I can't do for myself all to my guest today is Ed Curry I Ed is the inventor of the world's hottest pepper and were going to talk about that but it what I really want to do when we come back is I will explore this whole Angel visitation with you what that Angel looked like the angel actually speak to you because I know of many people who have had angelic encounters and I want to talk about who they are and what they do and how that was the turning point for your life. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk Limited 993. WBT will be right back when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk Limited. 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show. My guest today is Ed Curry.

He is the founder of Puckett but pepper company but also the inventor of the world's hottest pepper.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records but mostly he's a man of deep faith and that's what were exploring right now before we get into the pepper phenomenon.

Ed you shared in the first segment help you in alcoholic drug or you'd reach the point of really wanting to die your life to continue, and an angel appeared to you and I will explore that because I had many people of faith share with me that they've had angelic encounters and if you read the Bible you know that before God ever created us, he created angels.

They have two purposes. They are created to worship God in heaven.

They are created to do his bidding and his purposes. So God must've sent that Angel to you as his purpose to turn your life around from drugs and alcohol and the focus you in the area of faith, but let's just hear from you about that angelic encounter what it look like and didn't speak to you what it say it look like a woman. Okay really I can't. More androgynous but more towards a woman long hair. It was in white guy like shining light everywhere shimmering we look at the just thinking about it. My whole you got chills folks his arms right now and it was I was I was actually listening to a band called the propeller heads just trying to get as much drugs and alcohol in me and this light just overtook me and this woman just walked in the room and said you need to go to Brighton Hospital I did to you in clear English directly to me in English and I looked down at the ground and there were no footprints there was snow inside my house.

No footprints at all and it was like, what do you mean you need to go to Brighton Hospital, said that twice twice and then it disappeared and I looked everywhere for footprints. I was you know my whole body was shaking and I think you are hallucinating and I don't know you guys are realist cannot. I was sober instantly. Okay you can go in the bin sober and I literally started packing my bags immediately.

I also loaded drugs, guns into the car, but I packed and I went out in the Camaro into the snow to find this place as I knew, okay, I got a listen to this I got a list and there's a town called Brighton.

I lived it at the time I was in Rochester Hills there about an hour missing Michigan again mentioned so I started driving and I Am looking and I searched until euro Shelley told me where it was.

What's so interesting is this was 20 years ago and you remember this in vivid detail you're describing something that happened 20 years ago specifically and we believe as followers of Jesus that there really is an invisible eternal world. That's right next to this one and that is our eternal home. As we believe, but if we really do live this life. Well, there are times that those beautiful creatures from that world.

Step into this world to do God's bidding. Hebrews 114. I think it is says that angels were created to do the will of God, and God must have a wonderful plan for your life and I know he's got an amazing plan for my life and not I know I haven't even I can't fathom that plan. I just try to seek that will that he has for me every single day there been miracles upon miracles per miracles that have happened in my life when I'm doing the right thing like up when I got clean.

Even though I saw that Angel I knew that I was supposed to be doing something different. I wasn't doing the right thing. I was still looking dirty because I didn't.

I felt ashamed about what I did what I was and I didn't. You know I still had that feeling that you, God save me but you know he doesn't really like it because of who I am. You know, and that feeling continued for a long long time. That's that shame that I experience with a lot of people who feel that they just don't think God could still love them.

But the truth is, God loves you whole. Even who are filled with shame, yet will you know when that shame got lifted let me tell you something because I don't think you were even know where but Linda asked me to go to Forest Hill church. She had been attending for is that your why my wife and yeah, that she ran the deftness for a long time didn't but she asked me to come up into the church and I was like in your own Catholic schools.

You don't go to Catholic Church you go you go every once in a while whenever your mom's okay go to church with me and you got it happen to be a communion service and I was sitting there with her friends and she said come on let's go get communion and house like no I don't want to. I'm Catholic. I shouldn't be doing it okay and she said no you just sit here and wallow in it wallow in it. You know she got up and got in line and you were on stage singing, you cut off that stage and grabbed the chalice and the plate walked directly to me and said edger worthy of the body of Christ. I had never met you never met you, Linda swear she had never mention my name to you and instantly instantly all that shame and guilt just disappear in my life has not been the same ever since you're so kind.

I am humbled that God use me in the in your life and that you know sometimes the Lord does that kind of thing too. It's interesting the word angel means messenger.

Sometimes they're supernatural heaven, and sometimes I think the early, sometimes they're right here. You know their messengers of God's love and grace, mercy, kindness.

So I'm glad I could be an instrument of his kindness to you to remind you that your child of God deeply loved by him. There's no reason to be ashamed that shame on the cross for gave you from your sins is not giving you the free gift of eternal life man you know and I every day I thank God for this every day. I spent all day long thanking God for all the miracles in my life and you've been a strong part of a lot of them know if you remember our adoption query, you know we got a call in the middle of the night from a woman who says you know my atheist daughter and I said yeah sure she's having dreams that God seen the baby she's carrying from an 18 gang bangers for you and Linda is like wow and she goes and I've been having dreams you have a daughter named Catherine and I had a sister named Catherine died and Linda got furious because we had tried having babies for 10 years and she A miscarriage and now she got furious. She's actually cursed out.I told her she couldn't because I can talk to my father. However, I will just be ready to hear the father tell Jack that she asked for an angel and that Angel came in the form you had a pastor from town come and speak a black pastor and she had adopted at 52 and Linda's real worry was adopting it 50 and then you came over and the four of us prayed and we hadn't mentioned it to you yet and you talked about everything that we had talked about in our marriage bed and it was the affirmation. God sent to angels that day and affirmation to adopt that baby and we have Catherine Anna Grace is about to turn eight years old unless a miracle happened again.

18 months later we have a little boy Eddie and both times it was you got us through that route. You know when you're seeking God's will and your listening and looking for that message messenger always comes always comes that voices Ed Curry he is the CEO of Parker, but a pepper company. Also, the founder of the world's hottest pepper and all of that seems like secondary Ed to talk about this thing which is most important, and I'm so honored to have been a part of your life. I really believe that when people pray and they seek God's word for somebody else. God can often give a word to you for somebody else and that appears to be what happened with me and you and Linda to speak that word of God wanting you to adopt this child and these children and now have this beautiful family that God has given you. I know Linda has a real heart for recovery as well, as she has ministered to so many people in her life so both of you together must have such a powerful witness.

Oh yeah, we when we try to share that everywhere we go.

A lot of people actually a lot of the people that work for mirroring recovery to and it's you know all people seeking the same thing in their lives can do good work. Not to say that were not give sometimes the guys get a little folder you know that kind of thing but we get center to get you know we get centered and we. We look for what is God seeking for us today. Yet that whole idea of seek first the kingdom and then everything else falls in the line and you know we also know everybody says hey boss man I say I'm not the boss. We know who the bosses and we all know that were working for God.

You know, and that came from you.

You and Jonathan Scott it one of the six Wednesday night meetings asked myself and a guy named Johnny Morgan to teacher click crown class together as a financial class to learn how to use God's money that he's loaned you in a powerful positive way and that and through that, that's where we we actually birthed talk about from a little family family business done and you know in small kitchens to an actual business journeys.

Johnny supplanted you gotta go. Full-time with this so let let me get you grew quickly before we go to break your in Michigan.

How do you end up here in the Carolinas will my parents had moved here to take a K-1 mud.

My dad told me it when I'm 55 I'm going to retire and you better get your blank together okay okay and at 55 he moved.

I came over to wish him happy birthday and he was got all my yeah well I was a few days late. You know it doesn't matter so sometimes that's the way it works for you. There, but I had moved down here three or four times with the previous wife, who ouch. I should've never been married. I really did that woman wrong and I will shouldn't of been a father because I wasn't capable of it yet, but God had a plan you know when it would. That plan worked out really well and we moved down here back to Michigan down here back to Michigan and I knew this was my home every time I came here I felt so real quickly got a good break but when did you move down here permanently.

I'm 2001. Okay, so you're down here now you have this heart for peppers that you began in Michigan to explore and you are looking for a way to magnify the pepper business and when we come back what I want to hear about is how did this business grow to where it is today. Again, the pucker but Popper company, I'm never going to say that correctly and now you got the world's hottest pepper. According to the Guinness Book of World Records. Let's talk about that when we come back, my guest, Ed Curry and were gonna find out some fascinating ways to make peppers important in your life today will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to show my guest today is Ed Curry. Ed is the founder and CEO of the pucker but pepper Institute company and he is telling us his fabulous story of life and faith and how he has invented the world's hottest pepper. According to the Guinness Book of World Records. We will get to that story in just a second, but had your faith journey is just fabulous and I'm honored that God used me in a way to help you understand grace and his mercy, kindness, forgiveness, that shame lifted off your shoulders and you have had a great faith journey and your walk with the Lord has continued to grow your old life has been passed back to the Lord. He's forgiven it you have to worry about that now. Now you're living for him totally and completely a man. Yes, I am you know I gotta tell you one thing that's it was kind of funny because after after you know after I got that miracle at the church that you hurt your church.

I went back to I was attending St. Philip Neary with Janice. Look, I'm going to go to Forest Hill church, God is speaking to me. Their father John said wherever God speaks to you is where you need to go.

This is just a building.

The church is where God speaks to you and we are all part of the transit exactly right. Yeah I'm on it.

He said that because me and I look forward to the day when heaven happens in all the barriers that keep us separated from one another all the denominational beliefs and structures there torn away and we have Jesus and we just get to sit there and praise our God, you know, I'm looking forward to that that Linda keeps on tell me you're going to have to dance with me when, where, and have an email because I don't like the day is all you will learn how to do it all gonna learn to love and things we never thought before. Possibly, if someone said to me this example, I love it that the Christian faith is like a wheel, and there are spokes on the wheel and the hub of the wheel is Jesus.

The smokes represent all the different denominations out there. The closer the spokes get to Jesus the hub. The closer they get to one another. The farther away they get from Jesus, the farther away they get from one another. I just look forward again to the day when all that stuff is torn down and we have Jesus and were focused on him and were all close to one another. What a glorious day that will be awesome and I look forward to that day. Let's let's shift over in the peppers and ape because faith informs your pepper business. How did you invent the world's hottest pepper.

Okay, it's a it's a little bit of a story. First, I gotta go back to Linda. I moved down here and I was still I'm still flying back to Michigan ahead of puncture girls that I was dating up there. I was really not living right. But every time I saw this woman at a meeting.

My stomach felt funny in my stomach and my chest would hurt and stuff and she wouldn't talk to me.

I'd ask her. Hey, what's your name should know who wants to know you know this give your phone number, not a chance.

If you know she could see how is living and I went to my doctor and I will you know I'm describing my symptoms and I see this marvelous woman for a doctor and she said she said you're a bonehead you're in love stop going to Michigan and talk to this woman and she still wouldn't talk to me, but I heard she likes also so I whipped up a batch of salsa peppers and tomatoes. I was growing up my parents house and she has to did it in nine months later we got married. Now that's that's a hot romance, no pun intended. God knew what I needed okay and he was put it in my heart I tell people when I think with my head. It's not usually that's not the right decision when I hear it in my heart that's the right decision when God speaks to me.

He speaks to my heart not to my pain. Honestly Ed that had a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is your head knowing facts. Wisdom is your heart how to apply the facts and I'm often times that the people the difference between living well and living poorly is 18 inches between your head and get the heart right they had will follow.

Yeah so I moved into Linda's house just a little bit before we got married.

She doesn't like me to say that because she was running a Christian ministry, but we knew we were going to get married. We had set a date because her father was sick and I immediately put 1200 pepper plants and some here place in her backyard.

I made it a mess so we started working on this pepper company and I give away what we gave away about $35,000 worth of stuff and then she said, you gotta become legal.

Let's start doing this and my mother had contracted cancer. She got lung cancer. Non-smoker lived a healthy life devoted to the Lord. She got lung cancer started fighting and we had studied stuff in the 80s that showed us that peppers can kill cancer so I started raising everybody know spell, say some, but there's a lot of sub caps. You know it's and I started raising the levels of those because they have a king on them that when it gets to a cancer cell it'll kill it. The medical community's trip in trying to replicate that for a long time but I believe the cut provides those cures all the time they built and the nature often times those cures to diseases yeah and it's not. It's not the Sphenoid. It's the whole pepper you need everything to get get it delivered to the right place.

So I started looking into that and that's how the Carolina reaper came to be. I had up in Michigan, there was a doctor who had watch their kids. He went back and forth to Pakistan. He he actually worked for the Saud family in Saudi Arabia and became a Christian, actually, but she brought me back peppers from Pakistan and then a woman I worked with Joan Jackson up in at the time it was first Union Bank.

She brought me peppers from St. Vincent and that cross turned out to be what's now known as the Carolina reaper denied prostate other peppers that are actually hotter than the Carolina reaper.

We just don't use them yet because we have the record is that get judged. How does Guinness come in and record that this is the hottest pepper in the world will actually we do all the work in this just verifies I another miracle I knew I needed an HPLC machine which is a high-performance liquid chromatograph that measures the Scoville heat units of the pepper okay so I start calling around. I was actually at work when I was doing this, but I spent long hours at work so they didn't mind me doing my pepper stuff on the side and everybody got free hot sauce of but I was calling around to different universities and labs and they wanted more money than I had II did everything wrong with this company finance the whole thing on 401(k)s and credit cards back when there were zero interest rates I didn't do it the way that I was teaching other people how to do it at crown have imagined that, but I called and called and called it, and finally I called it wake Wake Forest and the man answered the phone he goes what you want with an HPLC and I told him what I got this pepper that's making people throw up.

I want to measure the Scoville heat units and see you see what what it is because, well, do you know where Winthrop University is in us again.

It's about 1/4 mile away from my house because I happen to run the lab at Winthrop University. Let's get together in two weeks and will discuss how were going to do this and he and I decided to make the peppers a project for grad students so they could have real world experience instead of just grabbing chemicals off the shelf and testing those so we started testing him, and at the time the first test came in at 1.275 million Scoville which was the highest thing ever measured at the time naturally and then by the time we got done a three year study, it was off 1.474 million Scoville which was hotter than any of the Guinness records. So I started applying to Guinness for world record after people found out about it and Guinness. They told me what to do. I told him about science because they really didn't have the background in science. I told him about the science they agreed with me but I fought with them for three years because I wasn't listening. You know, my ego got in the way instead of listening, watching all the people that God was putting in my life because people were calling me a liar. My ego got in the way okay and started a three-year battle with Dennis that eventually someone called me from Dennis and said Ed we agree with everything you are saying.

Just submit the data so I submitted the data and we were really struggling. I had I had pretty much bankrupted myself and Linda borrowed from who I could and we were at the southern women's Christmas show where I was trying to figure out who I had to lay off because I couldn't meet payroll in two days. I looked down at my phone and it said congratulations that you're officially amazing and I was like what and I opened it opened up the notification that was from Guinness and it said congratulations. You're officially amazing. You have the Guinness world record and I immediately dropped to my knees started praising God. I was thanking him for all the gifts he's ever given me thanking them for not jokes, not listening to my doubts and my fears and all that stuff. One of the women thought I was having a heart attack and she caught a little mess and I got up and I was crying is like no I'm okay I just got the Guinness world record. I got God gave me the gift that showed the hard work that I put in in the faith I had in his will for my life was just I couldn't tell you the joy I felt at that time. My guess is that begin to turn everything around for you for the bid SRL been eminently successful. Ed Curry, the CEO of Parker but pepper company and will talk more about where it's gone now it to an extremely successful company we come right back.

One time David Chadwick is limited 99 with Ed Curry, the CEO of Parker, but pepper company say that without stumbling over. It is such a great name for a company your story of faith and how this company came out of nowhere and you been able to produce the hottest pepper in the world according to Guinness Book of World Records hey everyone, if you like your program in its entirety. Scroll down to and the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can download the podcast and when you taste something if you haven't heard the program from beginning to end.

You need to. What a wonderful story of faith and values in God's grace upon you, and you just talked about how your company was about to go under and Guinness contacted you right at that moment said congratulations you have the world record for the hottest pepper that turned your company around and today it's one of the most successful local businesses around talk about that please.

Yet we've we've we've been blessed to be able to grow at literally two and 300% year for the last five years I while I have not done everything right. I've fallen short of a whole lot during that time, but in the last couple of years, like 2013 I met a guy name Ron Edwards who ran the Springs farm and I partnered up with the Springs farm so now we where in helping them grow by growing the local community and since then we've just been on a trajectory.

That's nothing but up and run is a deep manna phase 2. We share our faith together this year.

Where were probably going to make close to 2 million bottles a hot saucy kid yeah yeah and it's just it just keeps on rolling. You will will you challenge me that yeah my wife loves hot stuff. It shall cry yeah there's no way she won't have tears in her eyes shall cry, and I apologize ahead of over that's what you do that you're known for yeah and in the company in its expansion.

What you ultimately want to do. I ultimately want to build something that my children and the children of my coworkers Chris were coworkers. There's one bossy's got okay where coworkers I want to build something that they can have a choice when they want to continue on the company or not. Continue on the company that's been a lot of good people in my life to help me run this and get it on the right path this year were going to be 100% debt free except for myself and went. I still haven't taken us out if it's been a long time stopped working in 2011, but my my joy comes from seeing that with time, God's work every day we start every morning with praise and worship every single morning we would we listen to the new stuff.

The old stuff lately. We've been on a Ralphs daily care to, but we start her day praising God. We take praising God and through the metallurgist working as much as we can.

Right now David, I'm getting up at like two in the morning 1:45 in the morning and working from then until five or six in the evening every single day, but your loving it. Love it.

I it's it's such a person to know that I'm doing the right thing.

You know the right thing whether it turns out good or bad.

I don't care.

I'm doing the right thing.

This could all go away tomorrow and I would still be praising God because I know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing every day I get validation port every day. Miracles happen. We just got we just got notified from one of our biggest customers to think want 200,000 more bottles before the end of the year 200,000 houses a lot a lot of money and a lot a lot of work but instead of oh how can we do it. I said God let's do this together. You know God will supply annual everything is going to happen the way it's supposed to happen if we reach that goal will reach it. If we don't there's a reason why you and I don't need to know that let us ultimately think that just trusting God and you're letting him control your life and when you do that the stress relief that you feel is an amazing is on amazing. It's just it's like being a dad every day.

I wonder, am I doing the right thing for these children were old to her for her young know am I doing the right thing every day.

I know I'm doing the right thing because they said tell me every night.

I love you dad.

Let's pray. Well, that's the greatest gift of all, all, you know it's it's just amazing thing because it's dark and correlated to God and every day he says to me I love you. Let's pray you know will and we only have a few minutes left in the show and I want to make sure that you have a chance to just speak from your heart to people and you said so many wonderful things today about trusting God, making him your boss letting him control everything. Taking the load off your shoulders giving it to the Lord.

And again, as you are the CEO of the Parker but pepper company and it's exceedingly abundantly prosperous right now. What would you say to our listeners who are listening going now what that kind of faith.

What one you just have to ask. All you have to do is ask.

When I asked for help, whether it's from God or another human being that help is always provided and it's never too late to ask for help. We are not we are here to praise and worship him. All we have to do is turn our lives the way we Turner lives to him this just by asking.

Okay. And people think it's a very difficult journey. It's not. It's a simple simple request. God I need you in my life. Please come into it and help me be the person you want to and sounds like you just have it now, like faith, I do.

I have face like a child. People talk about mustard seeds grow and you know they always use that analogy. I have face like my little kids had that I was going to feed them every day and that come for me comes from Christ.

Okay, through God through the Spirit. I get that food every single day, and it carries me on from two in the morning all the way till I go to sleep. My job gets done.

So anybody struggling with alcohol, whose listing this program maybe has a drug problem. He would say to them, you can contact me you can turn to God you can do whatever you want the help is out there for you.

It is never too late to change your life when you know people in recovery who depend upon the Lord know what you're talking about and you know what the truth is, all of us are in recovery in one way or another, 111 Road MP that we made the Lord and in you have a dream for your company, what would you love to see happen in the next couple years. I would love to see us be big enough that were able to do more ministry in the community right now were putting about 10% of our money goes back into the community. I would like to see that be 20 to 25% yeah and you can't out give God can know you can't.

Every time I give like were about to give to an adoption ministry in Fort Mill. Every time I've said unmentioned it and now someone else is going to match our gift, you know, and it keeps on going and going and going. So every time I give I can provide so much more and more comes back to me and it's amazing.

And as long as you keep that final open yet. I will continue to entrust you with more more blessings. The moment you try to hoard it for yourself. The blessing gasoline was given and will be given unto you as long as you give it will continue to be given to you.

But don't hoard it yourself.

And it's amazing it works it works in your life because it turned it's not just financial. You give of yourself and you get more into yourself. God just keeps on making a bigger person. You know it's it's it's just so tenfold. It's amazing what Ed Curry thank you for being on the show today. What a wonderful gift you been to me into the listeners. Thank you for your time today know it's an honor to be here. Thank you for asking and I pray that all of you would learn from Ed's example that you turn to the Lord.

Trust him with all your heart, don't lean on your own understanding and he'll make your paths straight and he'll give you blessings beyond anything you could ever imagine. And what all of you begin to do this just love God with all your heart, soul, mind and my love your neighbor as yourself.

If you'll just do those two things you'll have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 to 99 WBT. I looked all next week

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