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December 1, 2019 8:00 am


Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 1, 2019 8:00 am

Marilyn Chadwick joins David to talk about Thanksgiving.

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and value brand that been airing now for 20 years here on WBT.

It's been my pleasure to do it.

It's trying to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture, personalities locally and globally.

We really enjoyed doing it.

Thank you for listening and I hope that it has been a regular part of your Sunday morning experience. Many thanks to Peary's fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for their sponsorships of the show. It means so much to me that you allow this program to continue week to week. Well, belated happy Thanksgiving to you all on this past Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving. What a joyful day that was how wonderful to spend that time with friends and family. Often times watching football eating turkey or something else just having a time to be thankful, and I hope you did take some time to be thankful because that's the real meaning of the day and to talk about the power of Thanksgiving something the Scripture talks about over and over and over again.

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. Give thanks to God in all things. Those kind of commands are throughout the Scripture someone I know who practices Thanksgiving as well as I can imagine is my beloved Marilyn, my wife of 41 years. She's in studio with me to talk about the meaning and purpose of Thanksgiving and praise Marilyn thanks for being with.

I'm glad I met thankful David and thank you for hearing good will I always enjoy having you on the show and it gives the program a female voice which I think it needs from time to time. So thank you again, this whole idea of Thanksgiving is really powerful throughout the Scripture is that it is it is we see different sections of Scripture commanding us to be thankful it's not optional. It's a command. Why do you think Thanksgiving is so important and powerful in our lives we know it's interesting, David. Every command in Scripture.

Usually, in fact, always. I think has a good reason of practical reason behind it and I can't think of any other reason. God would tell us to give thanks because he can certainly survive without our thanks but he just knows that Thanksgiving is good for a source for our gifts for our benefit and I'm sure he appreciates that you and I know that but he also knows that living a thankful life is just is just a practical way to live.

That's a lot more mentally, mostly spiritually and socially healthy for us and we can talk some about that in the show but that is all kinds of psychological benefits. If you want to get down to the basics Thanksgiving just plain good for you, so people who don't even have faith could find power in Thanksgiving, but I would think the difficulty of that is that thanks is a verb, give thanks, right Thanksgiving needs a direct identity. So the question then is to whom are you giving to him now is one of the very same thing. He gave us a unthankful and a Michael, your thankful to him a minute many years as an atheist I can relate to the whole idea of not having a direct object to my thanks. Italian is really selling knives for me and I say thank you Marilyn for doing thankful times the man thankful to you for what you've done. This writes to me, but when you are operating in the faith arena China giving thanks. There's got to be a direct object to that. Thanks. And of course we believe that direct object has to be God from whom all insula and it's interesting that when I met my book on prayer, but now it's been about six or seven years ago, but I remember looking at the Greek word, or the prefix actually pro PR and it means of first importance, and so therefore you have the word protein and that we all know that protein, especially now in Paley, a world and on this protein as of first importance in terms of what we eat and I like to think of praise and thanksgiving really is the protein of prayer is that you may be the way we start out is probably the most important of all, let me back up on that because that's absolutely fascinating. You're saying that in our digestive system. The first thing you're supposed to put into our bodies is protein.

Protein is a major nutrient we need yes so that gives the stimulus to our brain, and was converted into carbs and sugar and all that. Yeah so Thanksgiving becomes the protein of our airline first thing we should begin our prayer life with. I wonder you know that the Scripture tells us to enter into his courts with Thanksgiving and all that and I'd I think the fact that it's woven throughout unit.

Every time anybody praise in the Scripture there's always an element of Thanksgiving and I think in today's world it's probably the flavor that's missing the most. I think the opposite of thanksgiving would be everything from complaining and then you take it to a state of mind which I think victimhood probably is. If you want a picture of what life without Thanksgiving would look like. Just think about victimhood and think about anybody you might know that lives life as a victim and I bet if you look at them ego not very thankful. So in antonym of Thanksgiving would be discontentment. Xander would not have a contentment in life, you'd always be complaining complaining instead of giving Thanksgiving to God.

So today were looking at the power of Thanksgiving. However yeah yeah and the synonym that I want to explore the next segment is the sin in them of prey, because if you're giving thanks. It's an idea of also giving praise interim discourse with thanksgiving and praise, the power of praise when you really get that down it opens prison doors like never before.

So Marilyn, when we come back let's try to talk about praise and how there or even biblical examples of people who praise God amidst the battle, and the minute they start praising God. The victory is one I think is an important idea this Thanksgiving weekend. Thank you all for listening on David Chadwick and we will be right back. One of David Chadwick talk Levinson 99 VP welcome back to show my wife Marilyn is my guest today on this Thanksgiving weekend were trying to explore together the power of Thanksgiving. She's written books on prayer and valor and some of those wonderful words that are throughout the holy Scripture. This word Thanksgiving though is there as well is all over the place.

David and sometimes that's it hides under the name of other things like praise you know it's it's just in, but it's a theme I think is a theme of Scripture and of course in the first segment we talk how Thanksgiving needs a direct object course that's God and we need to recognize how all our gifts come from insula source of all life, but this praise idea of Thanksgiving is synonymous with the word praise is something I want to explore with you.

There was a book written back in the 1970s called the power of praise by Merlin Carruthers endeavor to this prison to praise and as he was imprisoned in one yeah that's rise from the present rank and power of prayer and those two books are still being read the resume bestsellers.

Why did they capture people's hearts. Do you think now they would never violate the sellers in all languages to and I think part of it. It was just so practical, but he gave just example after example of people who had met even, perhaps, prayed for something for a really long time and it got very discouraged and so when they began to follow his very simple little recipe of giving thanks in all things. They saw literally prison doors open, they saw unit breakthroughs and long-standing situations. I saw victories I remember one situation where young man I talked about his alcoholic father, who he'd grown up with the father being very angry and abusive nonpatent now this man was an adult himself and married, and he just was saying I've prayed for my father for so many years. I just don't even know if this is going to work, he and his wife just got down on their knees and started thanking God even in the midst of the dad's alcoholism and abusiveness not thanking God for that. But thanking him in the middle and socialist talk without a sound that was the difference between thanking God for something anything on God in it because some people would say you will be to thank God for cancer.

Yeah, I don't think so. No, I don't think I've seen. Thank me for the ugly stuff that thanked me in it because all things are possible with me. So thank me Internet and watch what I'm doing and so God's working through these more difficult situation. Yet that's what it always does on planet Earth, and I'm so he eyes.

They started thanking God. In this situation with the father and I don't know I don't have the details but it wasn't two weeks that the father and his mother then came over for dinner, and his father sat down and said to him I don't know what's going on with me that I have got to make a life change and course that was an understatement. But anyway, by the course of the evening. By midnight that night. The man had repented he'd given his life to Christ and he was willing to enroll in alcoholic in a treatment center but the but the guy with the point lies here. I've been praying for this thing for decades and and because I started giving thanks and praise and got out of it and made it happen faster.

I don't know yet.

I never want to presume to say we can put God in a box, but let's just say that maybe praise and thanksgiving get rid of some of the blockades you know some of the obstacles to our prayers. I don't know what there's an interesting story in the Bible about a king named Jehoshaphat and he is surrounded by a huge army and God directs him in prayer to first of all sing praises assigned to him and in the middle of him trying to figure out what to do. God says here's the key to victory in your battle over the enemy. The power of praise, so he gives it to God submits it to him and then the next day his armies come out, but they're being led by the singers on Wednesday to sing praises to God and then amazingly, the enemy fled. And there's something powerful about releasing the problem to God and saying I'm trusting you and Miller that is what it is yet is praise the evidence of faith. Do you think, I wonder David you and that's what I said sometimes the Bible tells us were in a spiritual battle unit and then God tells us to do things like forgive your enemies. Don't let bitterness spring up, give thanks and praise in all things. I think maybe those are really powerful spiritual weapons.

We may not see it here on earth, but I imagine when we do those things, we probably are in a kick in some, but in the heavenly world you know that that's a very spiritual way of putting this really is because God is our flight.

He has arranged to fight for us in there somewhere in a battle yeah and only holding onto it ourselves and our puny little human fingers and related exit of it to God.

Maybe praise and thanksgiving is what releases it to God's power to fight for us because in that Jehoshaphat illustration God said to him, this is my battle, and so really is faith in the fight of faith. So maybe praise and thanksgiving are our faith in their fancy dressing and that's why a lot of churches begin their worship services with times of praise and thanksgiving Thanksgiving some spending maybe 1015 minutes in it because there's that belief that praise goes before us when were fighting our enemies and we can believe that God is working for us as we release the course everything seems all over the Bible anything about Joshua and the walls of Jericho that came to mind anything about times with anything that Paul and Silas in prison and they were singing hymns and then that midnight midnight with no hope whatsoever. They'd even been some talk yeah and then we know what happened that when the victory came in all kinds of good stuff happen.

The jailer got converted in his health him.

It's pretty great story, so it really is not just the singing of praises, not even saying the words of thanks and you got harm from the heart. Done well it does. And you know that was a wildly popular book less than a decade ago by an author that we lightning and vice camp called 1000 gifts and I think she was in a difficult place emotionally and a member of the details, but I just knew she was in her pit and she started writing down things to give thanks for.

And it was like a gratitude journal so that there is something of a spiritual discipline that you could say practicing gratitude there but it was transformative for her. Yeah, I want to talk about that in the next segment about how to make a Thanksgiving list and let's do that. There are a lot of people who are saying that every aspect of faith begins in your mind that it's how you think and what you choose to believe you know there's that verse in the Bible that says be transformed by the renewing of your mind mind so it's making choices in your mind that sets free.

The power of God to work but one of those choices is I will look at my day and I will not look at the negative.

I will not look as being a victim. I will not look as a discontented person. I will choose. In my mind to give praise to give thanks and to offer it to God and trust him with it and it seems to me like that's the reason that Thanksgiving is so powerful in our hearts, and why the Bible commands it so regularly. Possibly so, I think probably that's one of the many reasons and like I said I don't believe and understand why it's so powerful.

Click probably sometimes overestimate and underestimate the power of something like praise and thanksgiving to lower all of us today to really contemplate what this weekend means the power of Thanksgiving. I can remember gathering around our table as a family and my dad would lead us and prayers of thanksgiving because he really did, since I think in his own heart.

The power of it and wanted to give us kids that kind of same issue. I would think, though, the opposite of Thanksgiving is complaining and you never talked a lot about how our words oftentimes create realities and a lot of things I know I do it my own life. Yes, it's almost like you throw pollution in our atmosphere at home or at the workplace of your constantly spewing forth in pages signed it is contagious bullying rally with McGinnis yes and talk about that with kids clothes is true, it is true that kids having every parent out there knows it but I'll just never forget.

Even before I had kids had a very good friend years ago and she was disabled and she is still walking everything that she had some severe disabilities and I thought to myself, said Torino. You are the most joyful person I think I know and she simply know I've learned to become that way everything is part of the way my parents raised me.

This was years ago, so this was well before even people knew how to treat people with disabilities. Respectfully but she said my parents would tell me that if they notice me being grumpy and discontented and kinda ornery and is not pleasant to be around. They would say to me, Becky, you must have too many blessings right now so I can just dial back on similar blessings and sheet until you learn to be thankful. And it's interesting that instead of making her more of a victim actually built a sturdiness in her and she just did it that for her sake. Her lifeless eminence, a matter of life and death. Sometimes to live with joy because she of all people could have just descended in to a place of very great darkness, despair and victimhood and and and she didn't.

Despite her disability saga said she was a very sturdy joyful fun to be around kind of person when we look at the power of Thanksgiving in our hearts and learning the power of praise is really not that difficult. Is it even a child and you raised our kids to try to be thankful in all things you would dial back blessings if you thought they were becoming complaining that I was important to you.

Yeah I would and I can't say that. Was it a great job but I did take note from my friend and I would say that course outcome straight up and interacting like this. Maybe you get to think it things we step back a little bit but but I think the point is to that blessings you even think that more and more more more blessings would make you more more and more thankful and that's not necessarily the case. Some of the most miserable people I know people have a wealth of blessings money the whole bit. So praise and thanksgiving can of our and attitude of the heart. I listened this week to a podcast and it was examining those who are multiple billionaire and it said that those who are millionaires who have between one to $10 million. Their content with their millions are going to live life to the full. But when people become billionaires the discontentment in their heart reigns supreme, and the reason is there constantly comparing themselves to the other billionaire have a for example, Michael Bloomberg, whose worth 60 million billion dollars. He is always comparing himself to those who are ahead of him. He's the ninth wealthiest man in the world.

He's looking at other people who are wealthier than he is. He's gotta move up to the seventh, sixth or fifth place, it's just a terrible thing when we start comparing ourselves with other people is a perspective and I think you're saying it in the monetary round. It's true everywhere. If you are looking at what you don't have instead of what you do have. It's really easy to slip into complaining so what we want to do in the next segment is to look at how we can make Thanksgiving and praise an important part of our lives, not looking at what we had don't have a being thankful for what we do have and that's going to be in something you've already mentioned that in fact I think that all you yeah of the practicing of gratitude with a Thanksgiving list. I mean literally take some time to write down all of the things for which you are thankful and folks if you'll dare to do so. What you'll find is that list by the moment grows exponentially more every day and you can develop a heart of praise and thanksgiving, which is the way you defeat so many of the battles that you're fighting presently in your life. I'm David Chadwick and we will be back is still raise see say send list you love God and father loves us.

You get that went down folks and takes on a new power and in your lives.

I do when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WB welcome back to the show if you like to hear this program about Thanksgiving with my wife, Marilyn, the power of praise and what it can do in your faith walk please go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear this program from beginning to end, and I'm telling you you're going to want to because I have a really smart person and studio them think that Marilyn you walked with the Lord for a long time and your faith walk is the and rich and I've always appreciated it and in fact I go to you sometimes were counseled to try to get insights on things and you've always been there for me so well because I'm just bottom line is, young boys have very practical person tonight cost me their prayer codes will you you you understand discernment you get to the bottom line quickly list because I was an unbeliever at unbeliever for a long time something when you go from being totally convinced that God's not real to being convinced that he is every day sort of magical after that. That is your history for years. You did not fall neatly with God, much less believe in the know not it.

I invited them out of my life value are lacking deeply and intimately with him at age 15, I said it is social suicide in my circles to be a Christian. I'm getting ahead of you said you never be a Christian.

My lips ever Mary, a minister in all my years here we are hearing I got out of laughing. God was laughing the whole way will Thanksgiving is a powerful term that is used throughout the Scripture we are commanded by God to give thanks. Not because he's ego centered and maniacal needs that it is good for is good for us and we need to develop an understanding of the power of Thanksgiving of synonym the power of praise and I wanted to talk this segment about something that you and I have both done, but we also know some other people who have gone yeah and that's making a Thanksgiving list.

Well just make throughout the centuries.

I think people have realized the value of practicing gratitude minute is the attitude of gravity and is a discipline, but you know and by scant made it extremely popular about a decade ago when she wrote the book 1000 gifts and that was sort of a gratitude journal where she just began to write down a list at each thing in her day, that was beautiful and wonderful and in a friend of mine had a teenage daughter and I think it's a lot more to me real life happens with teenagers you have, because they are trying to please anybody. I discount this she was nothing freshman in high school and my friends daughter, Emma call her Mary, but Mary was just really in bad shape, probably depressed and did not Mennonite greater he does and I'm so my friend encouraged her to keep what she called a thank you book and just start writing down things that was thankful for.

And Mary said in at first I couldn't find anything. To think that I was thinking thankful for as it should write down one or two things but then as each day went by. She not only found things to be thankful for.

She started taking pictures of things were wonderful or pasting things into her journals and she is filled up volumes of what would she call thank you books. I mean, she ended up going on the mission field and just lived a life of great usefulness to God and great joy to those around her, but that thank you book she will tell you is just a major part of her life's I think we can learn some lessons.

Maybe we don't have a thank you book but like you mentioned the gratitude list.

Very powerful thing as a practical thing that people can do just sit down with a piece of paper and a pen or take your iPad or your computer or your own and just testing things for which are thankful and like your friend talk about her daughter first was really hard. It was hard but that it start when you started doing it was like momentum.

The flywheel started taking on a life of its own and she started discovering linking all is that I think the small things. I think if you can figure out how to be thankful for the small things. I mean anybody can be thankful for the big stuff you know, but to be thankful and the small things I think really is the training ground there's author I like that said this she started keeping a gratitude journal and she said that finding one simple thing to give thanks, for in writing it down started a chain reaction for her and says she just said that inch by inch, she began to move away from kind of a depressed mindset into him one of joy but she said giving thanks for the smallest gifts.

I love what she said he became a new way of living kind of oxygen that I couldn't get enough. I have a transformative way of being and said she filled up her first gratitude journal and Going so she would started out like this set a time aside each day to make a list of what you thankful for. Start with the tiniest details and bite down even just one thing in the days when you're feeling empty or just wanting an excuse to smile.

She said go back and read some of your list and so I think many of us have found different practical ways David to do that very thing was interesting to have a friend who did the same thing, depressed, discouraged, ready to give up a maybe even suicidal that he then took this leap of faith and said I'm going to keep a Thanksgiving Journal.

It was hard for him to begin with any started finding the little things that were reasons to be thankful he even found things like that the grass is green is that color of green for the grass is an amazing idea that he started giving thanks for sunshine on his face little things you started having my things for a bird chirping in the air. He gave thanks for he went to the beach one weekend and just for the sound of waves lapping on the shore that he started giving thanks for the sand beneath his toes and he started finding so many real mice wonder and magic yeah maybe you just said it. Maybe the opposite of gratitude is taking things for granted. You know, sensitizing something were flipping the switch in our brain and started actually corporate incorporating a little anything in my prayer life.

You earlier in the show. I said that praise was like the protein of prayer, son, I just decide to start taking it literally so I have a little section in my journal and I will start out.

I put a little praise list now in just minutes and hours on a but not start out in the morning with just writing down the things that I'm thankful for and then at the bottom.

I have my little one listing out advice at their low want list my secret wish list but I was reading the Psalms the other day some 37 four is a verse we've all known a lot. Even I have a delight yourself in the Lord and he'll give you what the desires of your heart have to check it out in the amplified version and I like this because it was delight yourself in the Lord and he'll give you the secret petitions of your heart.

So I just change that little listed about to my secret petitions and some might down write down 45 little things that I really am needing that day may be as simple as you know I need to get this insurance issue that's taken me hours and hours to try to settle need to get that solved Lord help me talk to somebody that can get this insurance issue software Zeno silly stuff that you wouldn't think to pray about. But in other more important things and then the next day when I look back at that list when things are answered in a put them at the top of my priceless torchlight. Last week I had so many answers to that little petition list that then you realize this is not fake.

I really could. Thankful for that I'm thankful for these little things. It is sometimes we who are in faith have Christian ease, as it's called the Christian nomenclature that we say all the time that a lot of people really don't understand what it means in one of those terms that we say a lot is hallelujah you know there are some who cry that out and worship services hallelujah and what it means is from the two Hebrew words hi Leo and yacht is short for Yahweh so little means praise and Yahweh means God's what you're saying with hallelujah is praise God were getting to the same subject today that there is power. When we just simply praise God. Give thanks to him and everything and hallelujah is and throughout the Bible. Praise God praise God always got. And so when we change how we think we change how we feel when we change how we feel will change behavior and a lot of people try to change behavior by changing what they feel can't change a feeling you can't because feelings are responders to what's going on around you so what you need to do is to change your mind, change your thinking patterns and start focusing on praise focus focusing on Thanksgiving and when you do that you change how you think, which then changes how you feel, which then changes behavior and you and I both believe. Again, there's great power in Thanksgiving, angry, and you know also were changing something that out so we have only talked a whole lot about our changing the way that we look at the world around us on a daily basis. So if I'm looking for things to be thankful for.

It's a very different way to live. If I'm looking I can find plenty things to complain about anybody can that I think takes a lot less energy to look at the negative stuff, and to complain than it does to look for the positive sum of why that is. I think it was the other way around. Go there to visit a stockbroker, it's that and I think it's just our human flesh just the default mode. We know where wired that way were born and we file that we we we walked down the path of least resilience. Don't we all of us do, and we just take the path we don't have to fight a whole lot but you know to change the way you think and have an attitude of gratitude may not battle done at a desk, but then it starts to be funny.

Like any sport or sports family. The more you practice it, the better are you are at it and then I think I do think eventually you begin to walk in and in a manner of gratitude" lipolysis walk in a manner worthy of the calling, I'm David Chadwick and that's my wife Marilyn were talking about the power Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving weekend.

Just a several days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving. Let's not forget the celebrated every family day of our lives folks because it is a power that God has given us to defeat the enemy. Hallelujah praise God from whom all blessings flow.

I'm David Chadwick with my wife Marilyn and we will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick in his talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome to show my wife Marilyn this Thanksgiving weekend celebrating the power of Thanksgiving something that shouldn't just be one time a year as Pres. Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday amidst the Civil War to remind us that we are a nation greatly blushed, but it's also something that should be practiced every single day of our lives. That's what Marilyn and I tried to encourage all of you to understand today the absolute power of Thanksgiving and praise.

We talked about how it's throughout the Scripture give thanks to the Lord for he is good. The word hallelujah from the Hebrew means praise God.

We've seen people in the Scripture released from prison sales when they start to praise God and so in our praise and thanksgiving, even making a Thanksgiving list of all that we have for which to be thankful from the food we have the next beat of our hearts. The close that we where the next gulp of air that we breathe in all of those things, plus many others are reasons we should give thanks if you want to hear the program. By the way, in its entirety.

Go to the podcast on and you can hear Marilyn's mostly great thoughts on the subject of Thanksgiving and Marilyn practically making Thanksgiving a part of our lives what people hanging on, and we've talked about that some early in the shows. I would encourage people to get the podcast because these and this is a real, it's odd to think about Thanksgiving being practical, but it really is and that's why practicing gratitude probably is one of the most powerful powerful spiritual disciplines. Anybody can have fighting off the culture of complaint, yet in victimhood. Nothing in today's culture. The default mode is to drift into victimhood and I think gratitude and Thanksgiving are really the best antidote to.

That's a practical way stated we had even talked about it on the Scripture talks about singing and in the praise and worship time and if you are worshiper and go to church but just the got level daily living. To me the easiest way to practice gratitude is with that. Thank you, but that I talked about earlier that my teenager friend started keeping and how it transformed her from a very depressed young lady to very thankful and sadistic. Thank you booking a list of things that you thankful for. That's a great way to start out of if your listeners today want to start one habit that might be very transformative by journal or get a notebook and just spend some time sitting down beginning to list your things that you thankful for and do it a little bit every day that demands almost something. I know that's precious to your heart and that some time alone with God.

Each day when you just time alone. In general, and in think we live in such a busy, noisy world most people don't even make time to be alone at all and course over the years I have found that carving out some early morning time before everybody's up and wild and crazy world that I live in unit time in reading the Scripture time in prayer, but making a point of listing some of those things that I'm thankful for practicing gratitude right out of the chute in a right out of the gate in the morning desk on a set the thermostat from my emotional equilibrium. If you well for the rest of the day, and if we practice the presence of God, which is a part of that quiet time everyday and you believe God is your constant friend and companion that he not only lives with you in lives in you.

Then there's this continual conversation you have regarding the long so, that means a continual conversation of giving thanks well yeah and I'm so again I'm so pragmatic I'm looking for answers to prayer like that. Pray left. I pray if you don't think I can answer so I pray I take the time to pray.

I'm going to look for the answers all day long because I'm a Ninos. And so when I notice little things that I've prayed for, and I think that God's hand is in the answer then that gives me something to be thankful for, then I'm more inclined to pray again in that flywheel of prayer gets turning and then I think Thanksgiving and praise energizes that that's why me my kids say mom if you pray for some you will get it. I think that's it. Always call me to pray for him because they think they might if you pray it's going to happen, but also there's the continual perseverance is here to so talk a bit about that too. That's a continual perseverance of things as it still ideas as I lie you to give. Thank goodness, what we wait 48 statements in infertility treatment. I have so much history with waiting for things always laugh and say I don't ever get the things that I want right when I want them there's always some measure of weight training Debbie AIT training because anything thanksgiving and prayer, thanks giving praise help you keep a joyful attitude while you're in that waiting room. Some people actually put on music in their quiet time envisioning along with that music specifically choosing praise song are dotted as rent cars. They put on praise music even with their kids in the back to getting that in their heads.

You and I used to put a tape recorder to set where that's all we had. When our kids were little yeah and we would put praise music in their minds throughout their sleep, they would awaken the next morning having memorize those songs. And think of all kinds of ways to put on God's word in our heart but also cultivate that habit of gratitude yeah well it is a habit is like a superpower it's approaching.

Talk about that rule quickly again.

Well, again protein the Greek prefix pro means of first importance, and so when you think about your food in your diet. Everything is a protein blessed the thing today in a brain food. Yes, the brain favorite is the thing that your body just needs you notice the foundation and saw that when I write my book on prayer several years ago I kinda said one little section on praise and thanksgiving. Think of praise and thanksgiving as the protein of your prayer life as the basis upon which all other things gray our guilt is a great basis. Another synonym for Thanksgiving is humility because if you're humble you believe everything comes from God.

So Thanksgiving then believes that your thanking God for everything that comes from him, but we call in the church. The doxology praise God from whom all blessings flow. Everything comes from him so were humble about our lives and somehow when we have Thanksgiving and humility. That's the one punch of success in the spiritual life. You think you're right and I think Thanksgiving and praise. We were talking earlier about how positive reinforcement even when you're dealing with people being appraised is not just for God even when we praise other people only monocot praise will cutlass, positive reinforcement when we recognize what people do. That's really nice are good or successful or admirable and we tell them that when I'm proud of you for that.

We did with our kids.

It really feeds the soul and anything your dog likes to be pray for me. I just think I'd wired as to be a I'd much rather have somebody coach me and teach me through praise primarily and I need a kick in the pants. Sometimes to, but if you create a climate where praise is the major motivator just makes for a healthy environment so we should be people because God wired us this way to give him thanks but also to receive his blessings and then give thanks to other people.

Yeah, that's a boss, a coach, a child friend wherever we say thank you to another person were encouraging them to continue that behavior and help out this habit even with the snarky snarly people in your life looking for one thing in them that you find this blog you looking for something that you like this when my little challenges when ideal difficulty, place, or something in that person that I can like mining for gold and get through some of the dirt to get to the goal, it is or something in that person that I like and then taken it too much more positive level, when all of her children were grown up. What is that special uniqueness. Each child that we can mind that and reinforce that in the put them on the path where they develop instead of this this this and this.

So the bottom line is we in the program today. Everybody has something for which they can beat everybody dies everybody so find that and make sure you give thanks to God for that and where possible, give thanks to other people who helped you out or to do something nice for you and then really learn to give thanks in all things and you will be operating in them an amazing spiritual superpower. Gratitude is just something that releases us from victimhood releases us from complaining releases us from negative thinking maybe depression even and even depression can create an attitude of gratitude, not just one day of the year celebrated this past Thursday, but every single day of our lives. Folks be people of thanksgiving and praise Marilyn, thank you for being on the show is at 11.

It's always good having you and everyone. Please focus on this power Thanksgiving. The power of praise. It can take you out of your prisons can give you new life and hope like ever before and let me in this program as I in every program. Always remember the two Commandments we have to love God and love our neighbors. Those are two things that all of us can do and if you'll just do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do. David Chadwick.

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