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Dr. Derwin Gray

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 15, 2019 8:00 am

Dr. Derwin Gray

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 15, 2019 8:00 am

Dr. Derwin Gray – ex. NFL player, joins David to discuss his life in the hood, finding Christ, and his Transformational Church! 

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick in the top 11 for 993 WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program is nearing now for 20 years trying to intersect faith and values of different issues and people in our culture locally, globally. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you for listening. And by the way thanks to my sponsors Ruth Chris steakhouse and Perry's fine jewelry for your sponsorship of the show without that we could not do this on a weekly basis.

Well, I have looked forward to this show during the Christmas season, especially for some time now on my guest is my dear friend and also colleague in pastoral ministry, a doctor girl in grade drilling is a former panther played collegiate Lee at Brigham Young University comes out of the ghettos of Dallas, Texas San Antonio, San Antonio.

Thank you for that door when you and is married to Vicki they have two children known them for close to 20 years now and he is a pastor of a local church here in the area call transformation church a dynamic, multiracial, multiethnic church that really expresses during one's heart. When he was called in the ministry and also is called to be a pastor some 15 years ago girl and what a pleasure to have you on the show will thank you for this honor to be with you and you know every time I get a chance to spend time with them always this appreciative of you seeing in me gifts and capacities that I never knew existed because I never wanted to be a pastor ever and I remember back in the day you would invite me to share my testimony for five minutes and then you'd invite me to preach one time in the summer and then you send hate a whole summer is yours and so now that I look back I would've never done that for a young pretty preacher ever. I would've trusted him that well tonight I saw something in you.

I don't know if the diamond amidst the cold is the good illustration, but you were all obviously you hadn't done much of that you are beginning to share your testimony and feet teach people how to share their faith and I saw that that was neat but I saw something underneath all of that.

That really had gifted preachers heart and that you have and I remember back when you preached for me during the summer time I hated coming back because everybody would say with Dr. Gray. He did so much that I heart and all of that kind of business I had to deal with that. That was out of my ego shattering the window. If this everybody loves the backup quarterback will girl you know what's really interesting and you really stuttered profoundly van and now to listen to you.

I just sit back in absolute amazement, that's a gift from God.

It is it is you know growing up as a compulsive stutterer speaking was not something I was very fond of.

And the idea of being a preacher was just it was something that I couldn't even comprehend, and people asked me all the time to say what did you go to speech therapy like what happened for me in my story.

I believe that a lot of my stuttering was rooted in trauma and a low self appreciation and so people think just because you were a professional athlete in clinical your famous did you feel good about yourself.

But that's just external things and so when I came to Christ. I was overwhelmed with the fact of how much he loved me and as I begin to tap into his love begin actually love myself. Which didn't mean arrogance.

It meant a sense of appreciation for what it meant to be rescued by God to be made in the image of God and that actually changed how I saw myself and how I saw myself changed how I began to talk and so when I would communicate it wasn't from a posture of him wanting affirmation and him wanting acceptance. It was from a posture of him affirmed by God and am accepted by God. Therefore, what I have to say is important and it really changed how I communicated. It's interesting when I listen to you, pray you call God daddy, Papa, father, and that love that you know intimately from God is really what's transformed your life. Absolutely yeah yeah you know, as you know I didn't. Cortical grow up in church actually had a teammate that that led me to Christ and and so the idea of God being father. The Hebrew word abba is all or the AirMac word abba is equivalent to the English word pop that it's a it's a term of intimacy. Intimacy into me. You see, and we see the father's heart. As we look at Jesus and Jesus loves us so therefore the father loves us and there's nothing greater than being overwhelmed by his love that voices during gray listeners. Can you believe that at one .15 years ago.

It stuttered often, and now it so articulate doing is just so fun to listen to you articulate the love of Jesus and how he has transformed your life, you need to take a break in just a second, but when you come back I will people understand how you were raised on the home life in San Antonio and the absence of a real father figure in your life and the brokenness that that produced within you and how you tried to overcome that with athletics and success in all of that stuff. But then God moved you into the arena of loving Jesus so deeply and powerfully that you haven't really helped other people with the similar kinds of difficulties come to know Jesus in an intimate and personal way.

So when we come back let's talk about your youth in San Antonio how you grew out of that your time at BYU and that amazing baptism when you were with the Indianapolis Colts. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT.

We will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick 1099 with my guest, my good friend Drew and Grady are doing is a pastor likely transformation church is a rich story that were going to cover right now from the inner city of San Antonio to the NFL tubing called in the ministry and Darwin's heartbeat for bringing the races together in the name of Jesus drawing a Merry Christmas to you likewise yeah I hope your family is doing well. I Vicki two kids right yet press is 23 Jeremiah's 1990 and I keep looking and Amerigo and how in the world have a 23 and 19-year-old while while the passes by quickly.

My friend really does raised in the inner city of San Antonio. Talk about your background, your roots what you came out yet so the west side of San Antonio when you grow up in that type of environment like you don't don't travel you'll see other things.

So my my world was like 3 mi. and so to grow up poor and at risk environment was was normative, but I will say this though some of the finest people that I've ever known came from that environment and so even in the midst of that you have tons of beautiful people and one of the myths that I want to help overturn the pastors that poverty equates to a lack of morality and financial wherewithal leads to leads to morality and that's simply not the not the case is that morality has nothing to do what your checkbook criticize your house is all about your character and your heart to the heart of the matter is matter of the heart.

Yeah, I think I've heard you say and thousand, and I think it's 100% right but so about age 13. I recognize that if I wanted to get out of this environment which gunshots violence against dysfunction. The football was my way out. And so for me, football wasn't just a game I it was literally my way out.

I just happened to really be passionate and I loved it. Transfer to high school call covers Judson and great coaches. The coaches never talked about winning games, but what they talked about was discipline, sacrifice, teamwork character, they said if we win games.

That's great, but the greatest window we can have is to help you guys become productive men in society and so that's what Judson was. It was about where winning program and so I got a football scholarship at a choice between TCU Kansas State and BYU, which is Brigham Young and I chose Brigham Young and so you had a young man from the hood who went to pretty much an all-white Mormon school and was a whole different context. But what was good about that but it though is I've learned how to get along with people who are different and that is going on to serve me incredibly well that the horizons of my life have been expanded on my experiences and so BYU's great plate for Hall of Fame coach met my wife second semester of my freshman year is nearly 30 years ago. We've been married on a 28 years and so God was incredibly good. Vicki and I neither one of us were Christians.

Her God was performance my God was football and so everything was going great college went great. I became All-American became a legend she was valedictorian. She's on the track team. Everything was going great and when I made it to the NFL. Like that was it like that was my heaven but then the reality hit me is that the NFL stands for. Not for long, and so by year three, I began to think okay so the money that I've received. I thought it was going to fix my family problems, but it didn't actually made him worse. Did you start having a Klinger on oh yeah yeah I like handout from yeah will in its and it's never enough. And so when you when you when you come out of the at risk environment. There's like the survivor's guilt, and so in your 20s you think well if you give money that's going to fix the problem but the problem is never external. The problem is always in turn, turtle, and so giving money to something where the person doesn't change isn't helping them. It's actually enabling them and so that that really let me down because I bought into the idea that if you get money then is gonna fix everything will actually made everything worse. I can forgive my dad.

My father had substance abuse issues. Now that I'm older I have empathy I have compassion for him. He didn't. He didn't mean to hurt me, but that's what addiction does. That's what mental health issue does and that's what's important. We in the stigma on mental health that people need to get help and also most people with substance abuse issues have underlying mental health issue. So it's not a character problem.

Most of the time it's a chemistry problem and so it's important that we have empathy and compassion. So you're with the Colts and you're still not a believer.

At this point note and something extraordinary happens to your life that dramatically changes everything. Yes I had a teammate's name was Steve Grant but his nickname was the naked preacher literally every after practice he take a shower, dry off wrap a towel around his waist and he would get his Bible and sure my teammates. Do you know Jesus and a mom I'm going do you know you have make me I had no church can't take a look at Wise's big old dude walk around what it towel in the Bible talk about. Do you know Jesus is when your teammate yet his name was Steve Grant.

Yeah, but the genius of Steve Grant is. He knew that he was not in the NFL to win Super Bowl's only to win his teammates to Christ like. He saw himself as a missionary and so Steve backed up what he said but how he lived, was he perfect. Nobody was authentic and when someone on the team needed advice.

They were always at his locker, so I just begin to watch them for like five years and ultimately him, praying for me, him sharing Christ with me, led me to faith. On August 2, 1990 7 x 50 or an NFL in a dorm room in Anderson, Indiana and training And how are you baptized at such a great as well yeah so Steve baptize me in Oakland, California were getting ready to play the Oakland Raiders and the night before the game we we went down to the hotel swimming pool. I'm sure people were freaking out when they see not always big massive men and teammates came as well yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah teammates came in I was baptized right there in the swimming pool while yeah and then the next day with the Raiders. I had a great game and the Raiders fans were doing what they do, cussing me out flip meter burden house is happy and Jesus just tackling people's great what you doing today along with the Colts thereafter. And then you end up here with the pain yes talk about that yet.

So I played five years with the Colts 19 994's RC amenity year for community service on the team as a team captain and 95, but then my fifth year going to my secure the Colts got a new general manager named Bill Polian and he said he didn't want to re-sign me and man I was just hurt it was like a two minute phone call if that is like five years and it ends that fast man, I was just devastated.

I felt like I was a pillar in the community and I called my mentor and I told him, and I was crying. I said the Colts don't want to re-sign me and he goes praise God said wait, no, no, I didn't say they wanted to sign me. They don't want to Simon.

He goal and I said, praise God, as it give thanks in all things. Yeah, my what it what he what you mean he and he said this, he goes when God closes a door he'll open another one. Praise God. And so we ended up here in a place where I said I'd never live. I said I would never live in the South and when I signed with the Carolina Panthers. After about two weeks.

I looked at my wife. She looked at me and we sit in this place is nice. I think were staying. Don't never say never to God that so that's very true.

And so you come here and how long you play with the Panthers so played with the Panthers for year and I ended up getting injured against my favorite team grown up. The Dallas cowboy so I hurt my knee and I know it's bad like I can. I heard the ligament snap. I felt the bone break on outside part of money and some land in the field.

I am writhing in pain and some of brand-new follower of Christ. And I'm saying God I'm not going pray for day. I'm really mad as though it's God's job to make sure we don't get hurt. You know it's one of these prayers.

God, I'm about to go play this very very violent game where I run into other people by what hope I don't hurt God like really dude running at full speed in a 300 pound minute you're probably going to hurt but he's more concerned about what happens in the midst of getting hurt. So for the rest of the year I was put on what's called injured reserve and all's I would do was spend time in the cold to read the Bible and the more I read the Bible, the more a fellow leveraged what Christ does he love me and the more I would sure love my teammates and then I had some friends, Anthony Johnson and John Casey dear like hey want to invite you, this church call for still in my wife and I like what we've never been a part of her church, but yet will give it a shot and so we went in this big tall guy was speaking in and I heard he played basketball for Dean Smith and I'm like this is really good, like I understand what he's saying and like these are normal people like this is so cool and so for still was the first church under your leadership that my wife and I were ever a part of the we would just come home and go when we missed her whole life is amazing. When and I watched two wonderful people with their two young children really start to grow again because preaching opportunities then you taught some on the Wednesday night classes. I member some apologetics courses that you thought you loved apologetics you love to be able to debate other people especially when you knew how long they were in their thinking and that became a big part of your life. Yeah it was.

It was so I've kind of moved on from the debating tomorrow but in the dictation now and so my thing is not to prove people wrong but the show people the love of Christ, and so I love theology, philosophy and science and intellectual things within today people want to be loved at their darkest, they want to be known. They want to know is there somebody to love me and accept me and a beautiful thing about Christ as we give him our worst.

He gives us his best in his best transforms this Dr. during gray as my guest pastorate transformation church here in Charlotte dear friend.

His church is dynamic, several thousand a national ministry and after he had this experience with the Colts in Charlotte growing in Christ.

He then has a remarkable call to go to seminary seminary trains and equips them and folks what you want to know about during the next you just can't miss. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 993. WBT will be right back when I'm David Chadwick in his talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT show if you'd like to hear this program with Dr. during gray from its and beginning to us in go to scroll down to the weekend shows and you can get the David Chadwick show and download the podcast and hear from beginning to end a doing great dear friend for many years. When we left off. You were here in Charlotte completed your career with the Panthers God begin to stir your heart to be a pastor which you never thought you would do. You went to seminary here locally.

You have continue that work. By the way, people need to know this. You have your PhD. Is that correct Dr. yet. Dr. ministry New Testament and content that is wonderful.

What a great accomplishment for you.

Congratulations.enter when Greg Q what God laid on your heart was a unique kind of church you really felt like the gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to break down the barriers that separate people, particularly in America where the races are so different and so segregated, so you form the church call transformation church here in this city that has brought together the different ethnicities and races like few churches I've ever seen.

Talk about that yeah will thank you for the encouragement. So when my wife and I were not Christians you know when we would go to the nightclub.

It was incredibly diverse but then we came to Jesus's club. It was not the church. The church was not in so I didn't understand why because I didn't.

We had no church backgrounds over the years would begin to ask questions and we just got really really bad answers. But as we were learning and exploring the Bible we would see things like this, like it would say that the apostle Paul reached Gentiles and Paul was a Jewish man Gentiles were everyone else and in that day. Jews would consider most Gentiles" unclean and so there were ethnic barriers or cultural barriers are a class barriers, but it seemed as though the apostle Paul was creating these churches throughout the Roman empire that broke those barriers where people of all ethnicities, classes, women were equal with men when they were come together to reflect the kingdom of God because of the grace of God in Christ, and I thought what if God is the same today, yesterday and forever, and of God the Holy Spirit lives in his people.

Why can't we do that today. And so for my wife and I we believe that Jesus through his life. His death his resurrection. His love creates a church that looks like what eternity is going to look like every nation, tribe and tongue and so what I found this on the surface people would agree with that but once we get below the surface. It takes time to have things purged out of us. You know, because the reality is it's all of us have stereotypes and when we locate ourselves in silos of sameness people remain stereotypes, proximity breeds intimacy into me. You see, and it's the differences that make us different in a positive way.

For example, you know your 68 and Caucasian. You know I'm 511 in African-American. However, 21% European. There their tenure limit. I have yet 21% your little black Scotsman.

But what there are things I've learned from you. There's things you learn from me, I mean forget goodness sakes at 13 your daughter Bethany went on a cruise with my wife and I take care your kids yeah yeah and so there is a cultural exchange of love. When we gather together, but the church in America we have done what's called the homogeneous unit principle even know you may not know what that means but it means this, let's gather people of likeness to gather because it's easier than lined out with all of them like and let's promote that and in try to attract people like ourselves yeah and and and and the thing is is I don't remember reading in the gospel where Jesus is pick up my cross because it's easy to pick up my cross and follow me.

And so if the church is not the most loving community on the world in the world.

How was the world to know what love is and so what we believe a transmission church that is where loving each other, cross culturally multigenerational. Lee also multi-class that were like this classroom that the world can look at go to love look looks like in Jesus. It said that you will you will know my disciples because they love one another in love is not the sentimental love is not easy love looks like the cross. There are things in me that needed to be crucified so that I could love the other, and there are things in others that need to be crucified so we can love each other. That's what discipleship is we become a student of Christ. Christ came to serve not to be served, and so we serve each other as we learn to love each other as you look in his life and ministry.

You see the numbers of different kinds of people that he loved and where from a Samaritan woman to a Gentile ruler, and he had all of them as a part of his kingdom, outreach, and you know what's interesting the people that Jesus had the strongest words towards were not sinners.

There they like word was self-righteous religious people that he had the harshest words for how sad is it that the people who were supposed to represent God steered people away from God and it was the people on the margins of society who were broken and hopeless, who found hope in him so if someone would come to your church on Highway 521 out in the Indian land area they would see a rainbow wouldn't date they would see a true rainbow yeah different colors of the world gather together in one church experience yeah you know and and so for us that is intentional because of the gospel. One of the pushback slice again. It was will determine just preach the gospel and I go will if just preach the gospel builds this type of multiethnic church. We must not be preach the gospel America because when I first started Gosch in this meant ministry almost 20 years ago. Only 4% of churches in America were ethnically diverse and so we must not been preach the gospel that so preaching the gospel is more than the life and death and resurrection of Christ.

It's the kingship of Christ.

It's the family that God promised Abraham, God promised Abraham a family and Jesus comes to fulfill that promise and his family is a family of one. This is a family of Grace's family of mercy. It's a family that looks different you and in acts 13 when the early church gathered Antioch and you saw leaders who felt the call of God to take the gospel to the world.

Talk about the makeup of that leadership team in Antioch in the early church in acts 13 yeah Antioch is a is a beautiful beautiful church.

As a matter fact the first place that Christians are called Christians in the Bible is a church in Antioch, acts 1126 and the reason why they were call Christians is because they were Jews and Gentiles. They were no longer considered." Jewish because they worship Jesus Messiah and they were not considered Gentiles because they know lot lot longer follow the false God so the unbelieving world called them Christians that you are little Christ that your whole ethnicities now change even though your comprised of different death niceties.

While the church in Antioch is a church to spread the gospel to the world. When you look at their leadership. They had a guy by the name of of of Niger as from Africa and his brother was dark, they had another guys name is Simon of Cyrene about guy from Sirena's Africa you had a Barnabas. He was a Mediterranean Jewish minuet tart Paul of Tarsus, who was also a Jewish man of the Diaspora and then you had a cousin of Herod the tetrarch so he was a wealthy Jew and so you see this incredible diversity, but not just for diversity sake. It's in that diversity that the multifaceted dimensions of God's beauty is displayed when your church reflects that. I've seen it. I've experienced it, and it's really quite remarkable. What are the challenges that you had as you brought all of these different ethnicities and colors together. The biggest challenge that we have had in the past nine and half years is not from people who were not Christians before they came. People who were none Christians who came to faith in our church love it.

The biggest pushback that we've gotten some Christians in the REIT. Reason lies they have been discipled in a homogeneous context us as well. This is what I want.

This is what I want.

This is what I want. This is what Sumer driven culture yeah yeah that's taken over the church as well and so as a football player right there is a head coach and our coaches and have a game plan and I don't go to coaching go head coach.

This is what I want. And so it was strange to me that Christians were like this is what we want is what we want is like no my job is to communicate what God wants and then by grace for us to live out his game plan, not ours. And so we have to reteach a lot of Christians.

What is it actually mean to be followers of Christ. So what I like to say is I don't lead out of my blackness.

I lead out of my Christ in this which reflects itself through being an African-American man and so it's important for us to lead out of our Christ in us to serve out of our Christ in his versus our cultural context. Dr. Drew and Greg, my but my guess today, during whom he come back what you talk about two things. One is how we live out our faith in this crazy culture. With so much division and I want you to address your heart for mental health because I know that's dramatically impacted your thought ministry.

I'm David Chadwick will be back when I'm David Chadwick and this is his talk 11 to 99. Three WBT well-connected show.

My guess today. Dr. Darwin greatly pastor a transformation church, former NFL superstar you feeling good about me now. When this process is that NFL superstar I think there's only one other person world believes that is my mom that Vicki Mike is your wife is a great gap well drilling is great having you on the show today talking about your heartbeat for ministry bringing the ethnicities, races, different colors of our universe together in the church of Jesus Christ and what you've done, a transformation church is truly remarkable. Congratulate changes in the call upon your life is real and powerful, and I admire you so much. You have a real heart for mental health, though. As well, and I want to make sure we have a chance for you to talk about that on the program today absolutely so you know I think one of the challenges pastor is sadly politics affects how people even view their ethnicity to a certain degree and one of the things that surprised me as a pastor is how much a political perspective influences followers of Christ. And so what I've learned over the last nine and half years of transformation churches I have to disciple people to view politics from the lenses of the Bible instead of people viewing the Bible through the lenses of politics and so one of the mantras you hear a transformation church over and over and over is this as follows of Christ. We are not the party of the elephant were not the party of the donkey where the party of the Lamb that Jesus has a kingdom of God.

Political ethics and if you want to know what those are.

Read Matthew chapter 5 verses three through 12. That's the Beatitudes, and so the Beatitudes reflect God's heart. So my thing is what I tell folks is how you vote, that's between you and the Lord. Christians can disagree they don't have to be disagreeable. There are Christians who do not believe in everything to Pres. Trump does, but they have reasons to agree with them. There are Christians who don't believe everything that the Democratic Party does like I know tons of followers of Christ, who vote. That way, but don't agree with abortion. I'm just wondering how do we help the church move beyond this division that we see political politically and so were prepared.

Transformation church for when the RNC comes that when Jesus is blessed are the peacemakers for you be called sons and daughters of God that were going to be instruments of peace and not fall into this divisive culture.

I mean there are times where I feel like we are in an episode of the twilight zone or a really really bad reality TV show. People are so angry yeah and and I never seen it worse like it is today with impeachment going on in the sides are so divided the people are so divided, yet we in the church Jesus in John 17 prayed that would be one that we be unified and how different that is from the Lord's prayer yeah and and and so I think that we as the body of Christ. The church there so much that we can do that I think were leaving it up to" government to do. However, I do believe that we are to influence to be salt and light through God ordained government like there is this there is this balance but at the end of the day were called to love so. So what are things that we can do to fight human trafficking to to love the immigrant to to fight for justice you know people ask us what are you pro-life wiggle will of course from the womb to the tomb that after the baby comes out we don't stop being pro-life that that prison reform is as pro-life talk about climate change is pro-life corporate greed is pro-life like even as we speak right now. American companies have $2.1 trillion in overseas accounts. 2.1 trillion that they don't pay taxes on their are corporations in America like Amazon that have made billions don't pay federal taxes.

I want that tax attorney pastor, I want to not pay federal taxes and I am a nowhere near billions, and you continue to harp on that message of life and there's a verse in Deuteronomy 30 verse 19 word God says choose life and you're always right.

When you choose life. Yes, in any form whatsoever you give people life and blessing and hope no matter who they are packed background, political affiliation, you're doing the will of God and you're doing that will do one thing and comment on mental health through quickly. We only have a couple minutes left and want to make sure that passion of yours also expressed yeah there has been a growing awareness that a lot of the substance abuse issues that we see in our country is rooted in was called dual diagnosis that mental illness is real, that 1/5 Americans will have a mental health crisis every year. And so, particularly as a Christian pastor.

There is this stigma in the church that you don't talk about those things and so some of things I've challenged Christians with. Is this if you go to India on a missions trip. You usually get immunization shots and I'll say to them you know what don't get shots just just have faith and I go will note I didn't make make sense, but with mental illness as well just have faith know the same Jesus who made antibiotics is a same Jesus is made mental health medication. There are therapist or professionals and there are a lot of people children, husbands, dads, uncles, cousins who are suffering from mental illness. But there's such a stigma. That's our sin, the suicide rate go up so high and so transformation church about five years ago actually sort of mental health ministry and it's just been phenomenal.

We have seen a lot of people find help that it wasn't a character problem. It was a chemistry problem. Could we take a minute and we only have a couple left for you to say to people during the Christmas time season. Be especially careful about mental health because the season can oftentimes bring the worst down people yeah you know Christmas is supposed to be a time where we actually reflect and I heard a great pastor say this years ago. He said Christmas isn't about gifts under the tree. It's about the gift on the tree and that pastor was you and so I've used that for over a decade now.

It's so easy to get caught up in buying things and going places that we've actually forget about people and so this is a time were people of lost love ones is a time where people are lonely we live in a culture where we are increasingly more and more lonely even know where connected digitally. We need face-to-face contact people who are older are lonely and so this creek Christmas thanks important for us to go back to the reason for the season and it's about pay people for God so loved the world, and endure when let's remind people to don't isolate during this time of year. Make sure you're connected with people go to worship services life groups go to AA where it might be make sure you're connected to people, absolutely. So even if you don't feel like it just just just ask God to give you strength and get around some people because we need face-to-face contact Dr. growing great you got 10 seconds preach to the people. What would be your heartbeat. My heart is. This is go find somebody to love and love them. We know that sounds like the way I try to end every week's program and obviously is often that because first of all, during thanks for being with me today.

What a great man of God you are, and I enjoy your friendship thank you like my class and everyone would you do this for me.

You have two responsibilities from Jesus standpoint love God with all your heart, soul, mind and my then as a reflection of that love love that which God loves most in the world and that is people created in the image of God and love your neighbor if you just do those two things. You have a lifetime's worth of work to do, throwing gray and I both wish you all a Merry Christmas day and come back next week will be on the

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