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Jim Szoke

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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December 29, 2019 8:00 am

Jim Szoke

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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December 29, 2019 8:00 am

Jim Szoke from WBT Sports join David.

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick… News talk 11 to 99.

Three WBC show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that's now been hearing 20 years here on WBT.

It's been my pleasure trying to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally and globally.

It's always been a pleasure bringing the program to you. Thanks to my friends here at WBT for allowing me this privilege for almost 20+ years now and it has been a joy doing the show was hard to believe. December 29 were just a few days away from the new year 2020. And whenever we hear that kind of note numbers. We always think of vision and my hope is that will have a 2020 vision that will include how I end every program and that's loving God and loving our neighbor as our two highest priorities in life. As I reflect upon this past year we've had some extraordinary guests on. It's been such a blast and I think all the guess who came on again. I think WBT for the privilege of this program and I think my producer Ed Gillick who has been a friend but also one who helps oversee this program who has an open mic. Now it thank you for this past year, and for five years of working together dated so it's been a pleasure David and I tell you it's it's been a great year and I think you're special are just one of the guests with Harold before's been been with us and of course it's our good friend Jim's okay Jim, it's great to have you be a part of this show.

It's beginning my guess is you have had quite a ride in 2020, especially the last four months.

As you look at the Panthers and what has happened there and how you look at the season. It's it's a lot like last year you started out first half of the year five and three.

Lester was six into second half fallen apart course the difference in Sears coach Ron Rivera gets fired a few weeks ago the regular season but he unfortunately two seasons in a row. I started out looking pretty good first half of the year and then this the wheels come off the at the past two years and since this is a show of hope. I'm sure you have hope in the Panthers as we all do for the future will that's the thing you do is that your sling is designed to bring everybody back together into that competitive when that's the getting a higher draft picking a last-place schedule Panthers that can make some moves to clear up salary-cap space and that obviously it will be excited about whether the next coach is what they add to the front office what's going to happen at quarterback. So even when his down times, it still fun to keep up with seeing what's going on in interesting to see and you would help you build a bounce back next year, at least on a 23 year process of getting competitive. Once again, will you know one of my big deals is hope and if you don't have hope. You just can't move forward in life.

And isn't it interesting after each season as bad as this one's been done take long. Just a couple weeks, probably when people start thinking okay were gonna get a high draft. New coach when find a new quarterback maybe will find a Lamar Jackson in the draft right and people start having hope again. Krista McCaffrey made a comment in the locker room after the game on Sunday in Indianapolis is that as I came lives. He said yeah really good team this year San Francisco 49ers. He said he and the 49ers couple years ago or two win team is now look at their one of the best teams and might have the best record in the NFC with the number one seed and he said he was just a matter of you know hanging in there takes to three years of of turning things around so he got a lot of guys like him and others are talented. They'll be back the battle that you add to that and you I think your hope is that the thing that keeps everyone looking forward to what's to come next year and over the next couple years. Well I hope you're positive. You seem to be. You seem to think that things might turn out well was just yelled there's ups and downs of the slinky dog to do the part of it up a dinner for 25 years so I've seen one in 15 which was George Seifert/dear turning to John Fox and Julius peppers I've seen are two and 14. Turning to Ron Rivera and cam Newton but that takes time to build out of that and out of that kind of almost like burning it down to the ground with those kinda records new coach new quarterback Julius peppers. As I mentioned, things can change us as a matter of identifying finals right player sling three days, 20, 20 can you believe that the mean is been 20 years that I've been on air here and you can hear 2525 Isaac is as you look into 20/20. What is your hope for our city, our nation what you looking for, you know, I think like to see just people be more positive and uplifting of each other, help each other. I feel it, we just especially social media is it's not about the world we live in. As far as your broadcasters and things like that your switch is bashing attacking you be watching a game in game in the first quarter but what is bashing the quarterback bashing the coach or whatever you want. We all try to say something positive and lift each other up instead of tearing each other dances, all cutting them as well together and did just doing a little bit together to help one another how much you could put altogether. That's a Jim's okay moment. Hope it really is terrific as well.

It's like we open the program with her we could just focus 2020 have 2020 vision on a couple of things I suggest you take about loving God and loving your neighbor is close to face simply charities and things people would need if you could just kinda get out of your own whatever wallowing or whatever your your depressions or whatever.

Are there so many people needs kids, teenagers, adults, elderly is a lot of folks you could help. Would you hang on and do the next segment with me and talk about Abdul year-end in just graduated from North China State is one of the great stories that has happened in your and Sandra glad and something that I have great admiration for you about I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three.

WBT will be right back. I want to chat with this talk 11 to 99. Three EBT welcome back to show many thanks to my friends at the steakhouse also. Fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show without you. I could not do this now again running 20 years. I built my producer has an open mic, as does my friend Jim's okay in studio with me. The voice of the Carolina Panthers. Jim, thanks for being with me and I just thought as we looked into 2020 and you teased it in the last segment. How if we could just go find somebody to go serve somebody to care for somebody in need of all of the city would just find one person can you think how the city would be different. You and Sandra some years ago found a young man was in a desperate situation and you decided to care for him. It literally adopt him and he has a remarkable into his story. Talk about that yet. This was back about 10 years ago, when our kids read article high school and there was a classmate that was taking a bus from a homeless shelter up on the north side of town down to Ballantine to go to high school every day when the teachers alerted us to that and we got a blended family of five kids. I guess we just look like you have these people to talk to about haters not situation you guys been through it all, what you know and so anyway one of the teachers there alerted us to the fact that Abdul was that the student and what's his background, by the way, so he moved down here from the Bronx with his sister who was married and had two kids. They moved into the Ballantine area. They ended up losing their house financially.

They moved into a family shelters before them are together, but because he was 18 and not a direct family get a little live in the men shelters in his 18-year-old with 4050 60-year-old living in this shelter up there because he had nowhere to live, and I didn't really have the means. Honestly, the desire to go back to the situation.

He left behind in the boxes right moved down here in the first place. So Sandra and I knew that he worked at the Wendy's over in Stonecrest went to meet him. He didn't know we were some of the end of shift happen to walk in and just shift was ending and you don't know if our kids go to Ardrey Kell was heard you got some tough situations with you if you miss the chance we took him to lunch somewhere else, not Wendy's and got to know him a little bit hung out with them for like maybe an hour and half or so.

He's pretty quiet.

I mean I would drop them off back at the men shelter with the box of pizza and we watch him Saturday afternoon walking back in there and we said, I don't know what the answer is, but the solution is not that we drive away. And in that we just leave him there so we had a cell phone number he called him back and we sit inside 1/2 dollars at would you mind if we came back and got you just brought you to our house and will just discuss this and more will figure out a plan.

Long story short after talk with a couple different families and other people that thought they might be willing to would be able to command nobody else could we now realize it was us picked us to be the ones that they bring him in. So, long story short we we end up keeping him in our home for about three years fostering him nothing official, but to basically mentoring and fostering him and became part of our family with another guy, Josh Meadows was a single guy was now married. That also had an extra room and got it put on his heart that to do something with that extra room in his house and there were times where would share the week anytime go back and forth depending on what his work schedule school schedules graduates Ardrey Kell, you're happy. That is a senior turned out he was a junior based on credit, down from New York, was that I would have seen a year and half that he graduated from high school, went to see PCC for a while dropped out of school for a while to work, went to NC State.

10 years later this past week, week or week and half ago graduates from NC State University with a degree in microbiology. While this is a kid who so easily could've not hopped on city buses to go to school every day they could just fall through the cracks fallen off the grid in society but we saw that he wanted to make something more of himself and all we did was give them some resources opportunities that a person donate a car to him and we got them going with a place to live, he's part of our family always will be part of a family were close to graduation a few weeks ago and is just an amazing story does that one person we had no connection to it was like somebody in our world anything our radar just one teacher saying one thing to us like hey have you heard about this kid and then us going to spending a Saturday talking to him completely changed his life completely change our life. We got five kids change their lives and we had a family member for life so it's it's a great story.

It is a great story with a degree in microbiology where you think you'll go people. If you know of any jobs in the sciences, in microbiology you could be a part of this great story because he is currently looking for a job as he is graduating from NC State University.

So who knows maybe you pulled me out of the hallway does talk about it. Somebody may know somebody in the sciences I know is that a lot of stuff with 3D printing and those kind of things. I don't know enough about all the sciences in microbiology, but he's got some different aspects is great at but if you happen to know anything like that reach out to David to reach out to me is not why we did this interview, but since you brought it out there.

I'm swinging the bat, throw that out there and if something happens another job or some have a lead for a job will take that well were in sales and gods in management we just throw the seeds out there and trust God to germinate them and make them grow but is just such a cool story that you and Sandra responded to a prompting to go care for one person and you took that one person in your home and literally one life is been dramatically changed. There is no telling where Abdul would be had you not intervened in this life really is all that is funny. It came down to go to the guns was back 1011 years to when the blind side movie came out we were not copycats of that movie are inspired by the movie were doing that and some he said, have you seen the trailer to this new movie called the blind side. If you're familiar with, as Michael already up playing with the Panthers. After a while his college football prospect was almost in a bring them into the home and all that I said and we did it without even having a first-round draft take. This is just regular student kid here, but it was a very similar story line, and so I thought it was kind of interesting that that was going on about the same time. It was a very popular movie obviously about 10 years ago people that all you must've seen the movie guns right now it just happened to coincide, and then a few months down the road that we was on the trailer to that movie we see that movie for about a theater waiting to see if a year and half, two years after it came out at home so is funny that's got coincided at that time he met blind side movie that kinda gives you little mental picture little more when our family situation was like this, similar to that, since I know the story some I have seen and heard from you miracles that happened along the way. Like when he needed money to get into NC State. There was a group of people who came around him and awarded him a financial scholarship that helps keep him move down the road talk about some of those miracles of seeds of hope was a big thing because you know that's the biggest thing is his given name is Ernest and his mother changed all their concealing 89 kids in the family also gave them all Muslim names and his became abdomen team Abdul colleague but his given name is Ernest's very difficult. We look at school records which is parlayed next year high school to track him because you two different Social Security numbers places like government inspired try to get more funding by some family members there. That was the reason for all that.

So you try to prove records and get kids in the college. He was very difficult to get past five. Things like that so seeds of hope was a big contributor intrinsically a scholarship money that he needed there and individuals. I just kinda stepped up like I said that that helped with the old cars just finances and things like that you have student loans leaving college as part of what he needs the job. So story is not over yet and financially is a long way to go and he will be odysseys is about 29 now and but there are a lot of things about him that are still teenage like and that he did have a regular upbringing. So there are things are a little bit behind in terms of just knowing how things operate in the real world because you didn't grow up drive a car or living in a typical family situation there. So he's quickly maturing, but there are some things that he'd been mentored by adults that have brought a mom to Christ. For one thing he's got a Muslim name but he became a Christian. Shortly after we got over and loves the Bible and knows it inside out. We think you might even have a calling and then wondered at all. You got God's got his hands and eyes on everybody, but he's got a special place of reptile because he's really been looking out for him. So as you look back on this phenomenal story with Abdul and you're talking now to multiple thousands of people out there in a world that is very divisive in a world that seems uncaring, angry, negative all the time.

Jim, what would you say to people as we look forward to 2020 coming this Wednesday in a theater near you.

2020 is coming toward you say to folks is there listing today about hope and moving forward positively in life you just keep your mind open you look at look through a lens and a filter of how you looking for somebody to help in whatever just keep your eyes and ears open, but at times. People miss it is right there in front of you. If you're not thinking along these lines, you won't know it. We had no plans to go to Wendy's on a Saturday to go meet some artery tells student that we want to connect with our kids didn't even know I see you never know.

That connection is just have your heart, your mind open to maybe receiving some information being some help in your help may be that your way busy. You can write a check or may be that you don't have much money but you got a lot of time that you could donate and be a big brother big sister talk to somebody you don't necessarily have to adopt or foster bring someone there would be a big brother be a big sister you volunteer charity events and just it's a whole world out there that can you somehow I think out every last one of us can use some kind of help when its financial, emotional, whatever the case may be just be open and willing to do. Being help in being a contributor to this this crazy planet we live on and that not be just a taker all the time. Just be self-centered.

One of the things I really believe is that if you're real busy. You have some financial means when you send your money to a place to help a kid like this or some other person you're sending yourself that is as real as sending yourself because that your hard earned money that you've worked for. It represents you and represent your hours of work. So you're literally sending yourself.

So if you don't have the time. That's a great way to help other people and we can't minimize the fact that Abdul needed money to go to college.

He needs money. Even now that that is a way to continue to help people by sending your money, but if you do have that time in a kid's beloved TI ME. One of my David-isms if you will will people know that love is spelled T IME's. If you can give yourself in some way that helps even more. I promise you when you look back in your life when you get towards the end you look back at what contributions did you make along the way you want your legacy along those ways. These are things that have a lasting impact for generations something again. Abdul just work on putting a face to one story here knows what he'll go want to do in terms of what he'll get back in the future is already about mind of helping others out there in similar situations like there's a lot of different situations.

A lot of medical situations, mental situations, again, of all ages. It doesn't have to be anything that we just described your fine with that thing is I kinda fits you ever go God gives everyone your unique skills and talents to figure out what your where your interests lie. And that's were the likely places that you be able to contribute and keep that spiritual and relational antenna high for someone. God may bring in your path that you can help anyone settle phrase that very few people at the end of their lives say man I wish I'd spent more time at the office I give yourself to somebody else and when you do so, your own life is fulfilled like never give it up, all but the end anyways. You will not ways go. I said that Jim's okay thanks for being with maybe always great and thank you everyone. David-isms coming up what is that again will explain it when we come back if you like your scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from its beginning to end well. This segment we want to focus on something interesting in 2020, and that is David-isms now what in the world or David-isms went through the years and I have been here and at WBT for 20 years here in Charlotte and doing ministry for almost 40 years people have replied to some of my statements and affectionately nicknamed them David-isms.

I have used them with my kids use them in counseling. I've use them in sermons I've used them on this show repeatedly. They are simple little one statement proves that I have accumulated through the years that people have found very very helpful. Probably the number one the is the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart and it's a simple one to help you.

Remind yourselves that really everything in life is centered on the heart make sure your heart is right with God and with other people because the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. There is a proverb in chapter 4 that says the heart is the wellspring of all life, and again that's what that David is him is trying to say the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart and someone asked me just recently David how many David-isms.

Do you think you have and I'm actually sat down and started writing them out.

I have over 200 of them written out so lucky to cover all of them today, but maybe the highlights of some of the David-isms that people especially enjoyed Ed everything in this morning and we were planning to show for David-isms and he handed me this must be 10 to 12 pages of David-isms and you put them all in the book you well maybe I will will at some point because you know interestingly William Wilberforce in the 1800s was one of the leading British citizens who stop the slave trade. It took him his whole life. But he worked in the British Parliament ultimately pass a law to stop the slave trade. He's most known for that. But probably second and right below that is, he wrote a book about manners and ethics and how they had been lost in England during that time.

The book sold millions. It was in enormously popular and help remind Britain of some of its past ethics and right behavior. I think these David-isms do a little bit of that same kind of thing. They are things I learned from my dad and I'm sure my dad learned it from his dad. It's a cultural truth that should be a part of all of our lives and we want to share some of them with you today. Starting with the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. These these one-liners on the surface. Okay, makes sense.

But when you dig deeper into one of them. It really hit some. I love the what is ego edging God out.

And that's one that I learned some years ago from someone who said the best definition of ego they've ever heard is EEG edging God out because you really have two perspectives in life.

Either you sit on the throne of your heart or God sits on the throne of your heart is either or, if you sit on the throne of your heart. You have a huge ego. You have a lot of pride in your life but if you let God sit on your heart you know that everything you have in life comes from God.

It's a gift from God so you can't possibly be egoistic. You are therefore humble and you fight in every possible way to eliminate pride in your life, and which are also doing in your life David. Note your agents with the new church in all a lot of us do a lot of other things.

That's never retire re-fire. My dad came up with that when I don't know if he got it from someone but he gave it to me I'm there's just no place in the Bible where you really look at the idea of somebody retiring other than a Levitical priest in the Old Testament was told retire at 50, but that's only because younger guys had to take over. Other than that you have examples like Joshua was between 68 and 78 when he led the children of Israel into the promised land. Caleb along with Joshua at that time was 85 and he took the part of the land where the Giants were the biggest you have all kinds of examples like Paul in his 60s 70s Peter in his 60s and 70s still ministering. There's just no biblical evidence of retiring. There is great biblical evidence of re-firing and that means for all the people out there who are nearing the age of retirement.

Find something else to find a ministry, find someplace where you can give your life away to other people like you heard Jim and Sandra just okay do with Abdul in the last segment. When you do, so you're still useful and positive in the sight of God's another one here that I always like because we go through a lot of rejections in life. A lot of things we don't understand why it didn't work out for us. Your David is in rejection is God's protection. Yeah, I think that's when I came up with.

I don't know why or where, but it was during a time of life when I was feeling rejected by someone who was very important to me as a friend and I just prayed it seem like it came to me one day rejection is God's protection. What that means is that God is sovereign over everything.

And if there's a rejection that happens in your life. God's probably protecting you from something else happening in your life. The essence of faith is trusting God when you can't see what's happening and if you believe that rejections overseen by God and could be well. His protection from something worse then you can accept the rejection. One obvious example would be when you go through somebody who you think you may want to marry and that person rejects you.

You then trust that God's got a plan and that person who rejects you, it could've ended up in the something much worse in the marriage relationship and one other. That's interesting here that's very much a part of it.

I've included within it.

In the years as I move forward in ministry is rejection is not only God's protection. Rejection is God's redirection. Then when he when you experience a rejection. If you trust God, he's redirecting your life to another place and when you trust him. That way you have peace in your heart because we could keep going on and on here because there is another one I love. But before you do that will let's talk the presence one cousin coming right off the Christmas season and I just love it usable on Father's Day use throughout the year. Well, it's one that Bo Thompson has always remembered that I used with him 20 years ago when I was beginning my work here at WBT. It's basically this Christmas is much more about God's presence PRESENCE then getting presence PRESENTS but it's also a parenting principle as well. Your kids don't want stuff from you. They want to be with you and the more time you spend with them the better parent you are, then you can direct their lives much better because you have that relationship of trust feeds right into rules and regulations yeah are plus our minus our equals are what is that that's a formula for parenting that says rules and regulations minus our relationship equals rebellion. If you as a parent. Just give your kids rules and regulations, but you don't have a relationship with them. You don't spend time with them. You don't give them your presence, your inviting rebellion again.

Kids don't want stuff from you. They want to be with you and when you spend that time with them. Then you have the privilege of giving them boundaries, rules and regulations that you think they need to follow and they'll respect you enough because of the relationship to want to do what you ask them to do just go back in your childhood memory and you think about okay the Christmas is a pass of the New Year's of past remember those moments with the family. What was your best Christmas gift ever you go may be okay with this vapid you remember the times the dinners, the moments with with your family those of the memories that stick forever.

So parents make sure that you have in your calendar marked out time for your kids because here's another David is him kids spell love TIME they do kids spell love TIME they want time with you parents that your most important gift that you can give them. And when you do the listen more aptly to what you say and how you counsel them.

Friends are like elevators. They can take up or bring you down. That's one of my dad's favorite statements. He told me that as a teen repeatedly friends like elevators.

They'll either take you up or they'll take you down. You know there's a verse in the Bible that said that's bad company corrupts morals and it's so true you will become like the people you hang around with and dad would always say be careful with those peers there shaping your life more than you realize. They are like elevators that are either taking you up to a high place, making you better order bringing you down to a low place and making it worse for you automotive fans, you are kinda guys and ladies love cars get to car once or God can't steer a parked car.

Yeah that's famous out there.

I don't think that when came from me nor my family is pretty much been a statement of faith for some time now. God can't steer a parked car that if you're staying in a parked mode. God can't help you. You need to take that first step. The Israelites didn't see the Red Sea part until they put their foot in the water the Jordan River didn't dry up until that first toe when the water Peter didn't experience the miraculous power of Jesus until he got out of the boat you got to take that first step. Then when you do so God can then guide you to the next step than the next step. God can't steer a parked car dogs only bark at moving cars to help me with.

That's a great one. Will that that's the whole idea of there are so many critics and life and if you want to base your life. Responding to critics, you're going to be forever frustrated. So if you move forward in life. You're like a moving car. You have a dog bark at you, they will snipe it. You critics will come after you.

But critics only bark at moving cars and we need to realize that keep moving forward folks and don't listen to the barking dogs yapping at you is because you're trying to make something out of your life. Hey we meet we need to stop at the David isms are going to come up on the other side of the brakes, commercial time, we have a few more, please return David isms. Some things I've learned through the years things that we can learn as we approach 2020 together.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back in 99 show.

Hey 2020 can be a great year. Let's believe that together as we move into the new year this Wednesday. I am doing some David isms as they are affectionately called as we look forward to 2020.

They are different phrases that I have learned come up with through the years I have over 200 of them I've learned written them down and so many people have found them helpful little snippets about how to live life well and Ed Billick has his microphone open with me the producer and it before we get into more David isms, let me remind our listeners that Bo Thompson, the overseer of Charlotte's morning news will come in and be with me during the show next week will look back at 2019.

The major events of the year. The first show of 2020 will also look forward and bows going to put on his swami hat and make some predictions about what we can expect in 2020, the 2020 years can be quite exciting with a lot of lot of things happening, but David back to you and will look forward to having Boeing here for sure David isms. What are some of your favorites okay will let me give you one right here who has ever built a statue to a critic.

I love that who has ever built a statue to a critic.

The people who have statues built on them. People who have their faces etched in Mount Rushmore. They were positive people. They were people who looked forward to the future who gave a vision encouraged people will folks were critics ultimately have people move away from them.

They don't want to be around them. So who's ever built a statue to a critic. Make sure you live your life positively speak positive words and don't be a critical person.

Let's keep rolling. You were made for more. You were made for more than more. That's what that is. You were made for more than more. Now what is that mean it means God created you to have more than life then just stuff then just possessions you were made for more than more if you live live your life simply accumulating lots of money, lots of possessions. Lots of stuff.

Lots of things you're missing out on life. God created you to give your life away to care for people you were made for more than more. So many people think meaningfulness in life is just having more and more possessions.

Nothing could be farther from the monocle.

My brother both in the mortuary science is a funeral director zip of nursing to U-Haul in the back of her right can't take it with your ex under David is my clear head. No, you will learn that is great. There is no U-Haul attached to a hearse or more. The more you can't take it with you. You were created for more than more, and there's so many others, and that come to my mind that I really really love him with every privilege. There's a responsibility with every privilege.

There's a responsibility that that's something my dad did teach me when I was in high school I ran for the senior class presidency of my high school and dad help me write the speech and that was the last line with every privilege. There is a responsibility and I challenge people to use their privileges to be responsible to help other people. If we would just do that when that would help change our world forever to keep rolling David. See you got a whole page full moon with a couple more pages shoot for the stars but if you only get to the moon you've never been to the moon before it's a visionary leadership statement shoot for the stars, if you only land on the moon. You've never been to the moon before. So even if you don't reach your ultimate goal. If you just move toward it, you're going to be the place you've never been before and that is good that one ties in to do your best and give God the rest of God the rest. That's a statement that somehow came to me during a difficult time. Some years ago when you're stuck and you don't know what to do your wondering if you're doing enough. If it's good enough and finally it just came to me. All we can do is do our best and then give God the rest we can try our best but then trust God with the rest it fits into another David isms that we pray like it all depends on us but we work. I'm skinny and we work like it all depends on us, but we pray like it all depends on God. What's at the occupation and vocation see absolutely that one.

An occupation is what we do to occupy our time of vocation is something God has called us to do. Make sure your work is a vocation, not an occupation, just something occupying your time, then work has true meaning. Okay vocation and being a married person is a location right so it's just not getting into ministry correct that the invocation comes from the Latin word for voice so it's a calling from God. It really is. Wherever you are. Be God's person to care for people around you and you can be working as a janitor, but you're God's person in that position. You can be working on Wall Street, but you God's person in that position. That's a vocational calling from God to be God's person wherever you are for his glory about another favorite. Well I think here's one that I really really do like the only people who like change our bait babies with wet diapers. We know that his grandpa and grandparents right out and we know babies don't like wet diapers so when we have change in our lives change just happens. It is part of growth it's part of moving forward. The only people who really like change your babies with wet diapers, but the truth is, change happens in our lives and we got to be ready to embrace change and continue to move forward with God's call upon our lives. Perfect. Perfect. Here's another one what people aren't up on their down on now that's a leadership principle what people aren't up on their down on basically that saying you can't communicate too much communicate over and over and over and over again as a parent to your children as a leader in your workplace as a coach to your athletes what people aren't up on their down on make sure you communicate to them over and over again about what you're trying to say to them is one that and I don't know if this is a David is an you have. You are what you think it is and you are what you do versus what you say. Well I didn't like. I believe all my heart that Americans are mostly led by their feelings and feelings, though, are really stimulated by what you think. So I really believe if you want to control your feelings. You gotta control your thought life. So before you try to control your feelings.

Make sure you do a thought inventory look at what you're allowing in your brain.

From what you watch what you read, you are what you think you are not what you eat.

You are what you think and if you want to change your feelings change how you think that will change your feelings and that ultimately change his behavior. Perfect. Perfect. Another one of their well I have all kinds of ones that I have written here that I think are really really good and the next minute or so, let's do rapidfire maybe okay to rattle off a poor endure. Embrace that's the cycle of sin that my dad taught me that a nation goes through those cycles. First, to the poor sin and endure sin then embraces sin. We used to be a nation that hated sin that we started to put up with sin now are embracing sin. And that's the ultimate cycle of the degradation I hope will be a nation that once again hates what is evil, that God doesn't like himself continue on. Well I'm trying to get one more in here before we break today.Person suddenly becomes base.

No person suddenly becomes base. What that means is we don't suddenly become evil.

We don't suddenly rebel against God. It's usually a step-by-step my step-by-step process to make sure you control that first step and then you can make sure you never become base again, thank you, David.

Thank you and let me give the last.

David is in that I give every week in this show and that is hey everybody, to find your purpose in life you want to know how you should live, especially as we move into 2020.

Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and my and love your neighbor as yourself. If you'll just those two simple commandments you have a lifetime's worth of work to do and 2020 will be meaningful like never before, and happy new year to you Ed Billick and all of Chadwick talk with you all

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