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Michael Chadwick

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January 12, 2020 8:00 am

Michael Chadwick

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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January 12, 2020 8:00 am

Michael Chadwick joins David to discuss a path to the olympics.

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT program, in case you don't know this is a faith and value show that airs weekly that tried to intersect faith and values with the full issues that are local or global. It's always a pleasure doing the show now for 20+ years we've been doing this and thank you people for listening on a weekly basis.

I like to also thank Ruth Chris steakhouse and Perry fine jewelry for their sponsorship of the show without you. I could not do this every single week where when you hear the phrase 2020. A lot of people think. While the end of the decade the beginning of a new decade. Some people think 2020 vision. It's time to focus for a new life in a new way of living. But when 2020 is spoken around our household.

Something that comes to mind is the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Japan this summer. They happen every four years. It's a wonderful event.

Something that captures the imagination of the world for two weeks so I thought today would be a fun show. As 20/20 begins to have my son Michael on the show.

Michael is a professional swimmer.

He swam locally here at Charlotte Latin school at the University of Missouri and believe it or not, will talk more about this in the show.

There is an international swim league that allows swimmers after college to keep swimming professionally. That's what he's doing, but also wants to try to make the Olympic team if possible this summer in 2020.

Also joining me is my wife Marilyn.

She got a talk about what it's like to be a swim mob which is one of the more challenging and creative roles. Any person can have with those early morning swim times that you gotta get up and go practice Michael thanks for being with me today. Marilyn is good. Have you both. You're on the show to be here. Thank them will let's talk about professional swimming coming when did you really think that swimming could be a part of your life. I think the longest time consuming was wishful thinking for me.

I was in the best residue has no growing up, but it was one of things like I definitely locked in a young age 25 vassal family. I think long-term. Those kind of always my thing that I want to do so. Basketball this washy. My brother David and watching you that have some real success in that sport. I think that's what want made me stick with something for so long. Ultimately, when you know I got cut from a 70 vassal team that constantly reminds my path on a regular traumatic moment for you. Really, it was absolutely. I talked to the coach and he said we just didn't play very well this past week and I went oh gosh, but that's what forced you to jump in the pool more seriously, didn't absolutely not know the big thing is now seventh grade) attribute the time arrived I made the shift kind dedicated a little bit and and ultimately setting I was in college and something of a step-by-step thing we can export so that was the next up was canceled in college.

Can I get a national cut to show coaches that you know I can do is think long-term and swimming. Interestingly, not a part of our family much mom swam some when she was young but swimming wasn't in like it is today, and yet that is something that you are able to focus on and you I've used this phrase a lot in my faith walk and I know I've said to you Michael is that disappointment is God's appointment and had you made that basketball team in the seventh grade you would never jumped in the pool like you did and become the swimmer that you are absolutely true. I mean is all part of a bigger plan. I mean we we all know that in I think best I could have been decent, doubtful player, but might my ceiling was deftly preloaded with right now I'm about 66 and I'm nowhere near enough about, under, I'm nowhere near athletic enough to build a play. We are not beastly either. These guys and they are like 66 250 your height and their animals but you're thinner and you like 180 590 pounds correct so I mean that I swimmers body for sure for sure. So I think that that is what ultimately taught me in and now being 24 years old is mixing a good swimmers. I guess you could say I have the textbook swimmers built.

We know Marilyn when we were growing up with Michael. We just remember the day that our next-door neighbor Susan Flynn said I'll take him to the pool and will form in the water and just to let them have a fun day during the summer time and for you. That was just a good get out the house for a while. We didn't know is that our good friend Leslie Behrens. He was the coach of that neighborhood team.

His son Ricky made the Olympics saw Michael and she cornered us after one of the meets and said you guys might not know what he was 10 at the time that you have yourself a swimmer and a member you San what he did with one of those days.

He hadn't had a feel for the long letter and that interesting.

She thought that you have an uncanny see a basketball touch and had a for the wanting to feel for the water as well. When you jumped in that they Michael did you think that this would keep you going like it has today take you around the world know that I don't think so.

It all. I think with with swimming, especially when it was going on I was nine and that some really there such a feeling of helplessness that comes when you first jump in that water so I think for me I was Anza terrified for fiercest because it is something so ridiculously different. Anything you ever done at least basketball you know you your team.

You can contact Palladian and understand the fundamentals and it's it's good, funding the vessels more funds boric. I can always go to swimming is still the most fun sport in the world but it teaches a lot of moral values and dedications and perseverance that ultimately many followed with the sport at that young age, and miseries like you doing it. That's my son, Michael. My wife Marilyn has a microphone to her talk about his call to swim 2020 Olympic gear. Let's talk about what all that means. When we come back, I'm David Chadwick. We will be right back and showed me up and really looking my son Michael is here with me a break from swimming as he ends his focus now on the 2020 Olympic games this summer if you can make the team tryout in Omaha Nebraska. We'll talk about that momentarily. Also, my wife Marilyn has an open mic and talking with her about what it's like to be a swim mom and in their let's go to you on that question. What a challenge for you as we talked oftentimes and laughed a little bit because it wasn't fun when you're going through it. When did you have to get up in the morning to take him to swim practices when he had the morning practices. We had to be at the door with Michael by 437 I got up at four tonight breakfast because he can go without food and not need a lot of gas in his tank on sports moms just when it is mainly were sports people all the way through and with basketball and volleyball and hope it swimming is just a different animal because of the unusual regimen early morning to carve out their culture. Swimming means early mornings and that's how they dealt the discipline the culture that means we moms had to build discipline and culture when it so Michael, you're in high school and you're having to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning, then you would leave with mom at 430 to get there by five. How long would you swim in the morning, usually about an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours every week we had Monday Friday mornings at 5 AM which looking back is just absolute so certain crazy. It was good.

I guess for getting better and everything but even in college we start at 6 AM so I was well-prepared going to my college athletics gives an extra hour of sleep. Twice a week and I can remote like the Sunday nights before know that Monday morning workout right I would be like, panicky falling asleep at 930 because I knew that no matter what I did not act like a for him us a different kind animal like waking him out at 530 is hard, but we can before is is saying that when you go there and swim and then a shower and then go to class right now.

Usually I have an hour off the few my guy friends were going to AAA or something and then deduct school at five star cluster then you go through the normal class regimen and then at the end of the day what would happen direct practice. Usually I try to fit in a nap summer day. There is usually about like 1011 fall asleep in your teachers were very gracious to you.

Around that time is going to a couple teachers who actually planned on me falling asleep actually like make sure I like it. If it was all class they tell me I could go back cornered falsehood that was nice. So you swim in the afternoon for another what couple hours usually is my 336 or 6/31, and then you'd come home and then we would feed you and you try to do some homework and then you would fall asleep really happy when you got your drivers license is like you are gratefully rationed for 30 yeah go yeah but you kept that routine up. You know eighth grade 9th grade and through all of high school which is just most remarkable, but Marilyn, you know, we never saw his giftedness and swimming until later on he swam and had some success, but he always missed those highest cuts and never was at the highest echelon of swimmers was email you when the awards in high school anyone state championships and that kind of thing that on the college recruiting level you relate to that game as you remember, so you nearly got recreated that freshman year, but then something happened between freshman year on year and in he went. He believed that we need to probably recognize here that for college coaches. They look at times. You either have the time or you don't have the time Michael was just an error that you have time, they needed to be recruited and he finally made a national cut by how many .5 seconds.

I think that's it is due to my breakfast that morning. Sarah gave him the .25 seconds sitting teeth, if that's what gave him that national cut just a little bit of attention from college.

I was then Michael why did you choose the University Missouri halfway across the nation.

You know, I think it went okay. Recruited. I took a lot of value from watching her brother David and how he got recruited in the big lesson I think in recruiting as its core the go to the place onto the most I mean yes you're it where you like the best is is is extremely important, but you don't want to go summary distilling injured and will make a big impact and for me I was, I want to become a wave maker and when I looked on the schools. I had four to be exact, and that was Auburn UNC NC State and in Missouri and really Missouri was only place off me anything scholarship and we know here that college scholarship money for swimmers unless you're just the best of the best isn't much yes so he grade unlawfully 50% 15% and then we came back to him and said I know it's a lot to ask but if if you can say 20%. I will sign right now and for that I think when when he said that did me to go ahead and he's a man of faith and limited value in. I think he diligently saw future me to heat when he was recording me came out and flew my senior year in high school and watch me a practice and October and Marin talking my coach even like my current coach. Today David Marshall in San Diego and him saying this directly instead of the future.

He hasn't even touch what he's done and then that senior year as you guys know in high school the first time we saw me break out of all site apartments I signed in November and then you know and being a brush truck and I am her and all of a sudden in March April time my senior year in high school and I'm becoming a freestyle are now the first signs we saw me becoming a Sprint freestyle or so entering college because I knew that I had those that Sprint tenancy made us develop that into I just moving down on the US and Appleton level is interesting and I remember it so vividly that in the recruiting process. The other coaches were wonderful. They just looked at the times and said we can offer you anything. You can plan for long and I'm releasing to me dad at least is giving me 20% that something that rewards me for all the hard work for all of these years, although for clogged risings in the morning. This would only say to me I got a scholarship and you didn't began to build on that you went to Missouri and then you had some success as a freshman.

Not great but some and then you blew up a between your freshman and sophomore years blowing up is because it was really interesting. I think because Missouri was just coming into the SEC at that point, which is a really high-level conference you were given a lot of opportunities to swim, that you might not have had you gone St. Auburn because he swam so much he got better and better and then all of a sudden the end of that summer you put down times that pitching in that top echelon right of freshman year was a year where I just got opportunities to be a really clenched us at the clinch swimmer on relays so that was the difference. My freshman year was I was put on and make into boys individually seven letter always opportunities to anchor always relays. I got the experience to head in the my software and say like I can I can do this thing anoints AA's are like mascara anymore and my my sophomore year I got 1500 freestyle and civilize out the top American in mind that final so that set me up for some international success in pronouncing radars and going to that summertime adds momentum and end up making the US national team in both the 53 and the hundred free. Explain to people and that is the USA national team is the top .6 swimmers in the country six hours in each event they all form the national team together and so you get actually got some money from that and actually allowed you to move forward with the hope that swimming could have some success well didn't get money because I'm still in college, but got more opportunities asked for no tip to make swimming more financially easier to train for services opportunities there and then an hour talking this is 2015.

I'm having a little bit of of national success on some radars and all the sons theater before the Olympics. And then you have one event, the Speedo national event in Athens, Georgia that year right before the 2016 trials and suddenly you have at that point the best time in the nation. I remember your mom calling me she was down there watching the events of that you not completely your son just did you have some 4900 free which it again. That point in the history of the swimming you had the fastest time in the nation sure I'm in in the summer that I didn't stay I bring forth after the summer, but given of the team takes to six. All of a sudden you know going to the year succeeded forth looks good. Well then you have the old Omaha trials in 2016 to try to make the Olympic team, which is just something like your mom and I've never seen before. Know anyone who's never been there can imagine it is in Omaha Nebraska. Talk about the setting yeah it's unbelievable ending for first we we say that's the pinnacle of you know it. People said they want to trials for the United States is more extravagantly leaving the Olympic Games as we we don't sparing expense is about 20 25,000 people in the stands from all over the country as a basketball arena whirlpool is been put in were the years that the CenturyLink center in Omaha to build a pool so it's unlike anything consumers never seen so you always high school athletes, college athletes and above who are qualified for this trials in all media in one place and your interest. Trials cut right on time. You gotta make in order to go to the Olympic trials correct and usually is about 1200 people drawn. Try and sue its lights and cameras there are all kinds of fireworks that are set off inside the arena itself. National television you never experienced anything like that before and suddenly are thrust into this arena where Michael Phelps and Ryan Lockey and all the best ever, are there next to you.

Yeah, there was definitely something like an error and never experienced before. I'll send them in the next and so you got to make a certain time and be in the top six in the hundred free sprinters in order to make the Olympic team was that pressure like I think for me I said I didn't even know how to how to know deal with that pressure because I was unlike anything I never experienced it had done need said I've done hard work outside the sport for a long time. But when you are on the cusp of of achieving something that very few people have. It's hard to wrap your mind around what you're about to do about trout for, especially when you really only had about nine months would represent around it so I can apply counselor into the mix but you know I was ready. I guess there was some conversation that you had a good shot of making the 2016 Olympic team a lot of conversation around that and then you get to the day of your meat in your event and how you stand on the blocks and you get ready to jump in the water as a part of getting to the final 82 and then decide the top six would go to the Olympic team and some things happen to you that have never happened to you before, have not happened to you since that are just extraordinary and almost unexplainable if he didn't have a faith in God need wonder what in the world is going on that's war talk about when we come back on.

David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I need Chadwick is not limited to 99 you like you this program with my son like Carolyn about his swimming career. We been through, please go to scroll down the weekend shows and you can download the podcast from beginning to end by looking for the David Chadwick show again. Michael is my guest today, Marilyn is with me as well.

Not talking about his interesting swim career before we left. Michael your that the 2016 Omaha Olympic trials you are thought to be one of the people who has a great chance of making the team, especially the top six in the hundred free, which means you're a part of the relay team and then you're on the blocks for your first swim, and what happens when it was like you said earlier, it was like something that never happened before. I and hasn't happened since. Now it is. Is this really never happen.

I so the prelims I'd make top 16 to make it back that night.

Gone is the final the next night and I are golf off the block and my arm slips down my left arm slips down on the water and I basically come up out of the water and bleach and I'm about bodily find everyone but start which in swimming is no everything your watch swimming. Usually people my level don't when my body links they usually win by. Maybe .4 .2 and I'm a good second behind everyone, so I sprint I try to catch up. I over exhausted myself and also my race at all, don't somewhere plan a whole year and finish the race in the clock and added a full second. So basically you know the water all over to see my coaches and I'm sitting looking at the screen to see the final results and I was 18th. So I didn't even make top 16 to go back that night, so my coach picks me up. Greg Rumbaugh my Missouri coach of the time you pick me up and walked me back to our team area and in on just how that crushing defeat where it is questioning really everything interest in East I saw the 53 letter that week but, felt like there was no hope at that point so you really did make it back to the top 16 you had. Interestingly, Ryan Lockey, who had made the top 16 offer his spot for you and you still need one more person to do it and nobody else obviously would we be willing to do that after all of their hard work and trying to get there so your at 17th now on the outside looking in.

All you'd worked for was crushed. So a lot of the guys who have Artie made it so the same 200 free order for IM or some like that Monsanto scratched the hundred free just because if a bargaining team. They can at late at a later time. Maybe throw down and throw down at a practice for the games and the coaches can ultimately decide to put them on the relay so Michael Phelps always scratch the final. The hundred free and Ryan Lockey also did that I was friends with them at a time so it does make for better story for him to say that he did do that.

So, to his credit, maybe didn't even I don't know but he did do that and I and I was 17th in it so I had to the impossible mission of trying to find someone else to scratch for me so I looked up at the sheet and try to find someone who maybe had Artie made the team found someone got the courage to walk up to him and ask who was here he was an Olympic gold medalist and ask if you scratch for me is most awkward thing to the scattergun and you know he was polite and said I don't think about a tacos coach and so I don't we have the guys at the store.

We who had to go to lunch and just likes it and wait for my phone call from a coach to see if ultimately someone scratched and there was not a feeling I think I'd wish upon us again the vessel and the committee was sent support and if you think you can invest in you taste and you had a lot of supportive people wanting this to work for you. Yeah you mean USA swimming was a great a great supporter of median and a lot of conversations with different people that that week who just encourage me to stick in the sport she doing UN trials member after was over, namely that they let you go India and one time trial just by yourself and you put down your best time and you would've made the top six and I just wanted to remind you if he were right. They might imagine what you could swim, yeah. I mean the coaches asked me a time trial the next day to succumb show because I didn't have a hunter for the 50 free until Saturday. This is Tuesday. At this point, so I had four days to really get together myself. The next day I got to the time trial in the going, a time that that would've made put me in the final with the trancelike team so my best time will end up would've been right there make team so yeah I know the guide and that didn't not scratching. I sat at 17th watching a lot of guys that were really close to going to make team but not sports well you pick yourself up and I remember Greg wrote a blog told me later that he just kept saying you Michael there's a plan there's purpose in this.

He's a man of faith and he kept encouraging you to believe that and then you went from Omaha then back to Columbia, Missouri, and tell us what would happen next. Well yeah so there's twit with couple options after the meet, we could either wait until next morning drive back or curse like this drive back from Omaha to Clement Missouri is about a 7 Hour Dr. that night and we're just like, you know… Get back.

And so we drove back out in about 2 AM the next morning I wake up to about know eight or nine and I got friends like me often in forcing me to go out with Ellen and trying to get me out of my own head a little bit. We premised on the whole day. The other, and they just kept reminding me know how much they appreciated me and really do help build me up later that night, actually not.

In that meeting a girl who, like I had, like for a while from afar and always hope to meet but never had the opportunity to really come across and we we met to annoy her for a while and asked her if you want to date with me and she her answer was, respectfully asked me in a month, which also pursuing your yet so and so to matters of an unexplained story, but he was going home in about four days. She was was traveling for a wedding. So if the timing demo didn't work out so we suddenly go back to school in a month we would try to make it work ethic. She was hoping I forgot and I got back and asked her again and I think on the first date. She said the skies seems all right.

And secondly, I think like me and that gal is now your wife, Cassie Chadwick and you been there enough, a little over two years and mindfulness. Is it safe to say that I had you made the Olympic team. You would never met Cassie that you would never had the opportunity to marry her.

Yeah, I don't think we would've met because we had similar friend groups, but there was a lot of moving pieces with, for example, if I would maybe want a team I would not have gone back to Missouri so I would've had it shipped off to training camp and I was gone home immediately to see you guys and spend time celebrating making the teams on would've been no time to go back to Columbia and I think that was the last thing about that would happen so there was little like a redemption in that story and that yes, I saw my wife and that's the most important thing that senior year all everything coming off a letter trials is almost like I was starting from the groundwork up and I really nothing to lose his dating girl that really liked and my kindest the whole year's open handedly walked into an my senior my best to date and that really set the stage for you are now which will talk about in just a second, but senior to just remember the relationships that you had because of that last year I think everything deepened and that way we can catch us in course Cassie and then my guess is Missouri's most decorated swimmer Amber Henley on American affairs with 22 something that again. The advantages swimming in a place where they were on the ground floor you can ever measure that I go back to the seventh grade. You did make the basketball team.

That's what three with water which allowed you to experience the swimming success you have even make the Olympic team huge disappointment. But that was the way you met your wife Cassie again disappointments.

God's appointment. Maybe there is a plan is bigger than what we realize when their disappointment, our lives God's doing something bigger and better for our purposes in his life. So you go back to Missouri. When you start rebuilding and you graduate again very successfully is Missouri's most decorated swimmer ever and all the sender opens doors because you now are on the US national team and their something is forming called a professional swim leagues talk about that yet, so as I finished up my senior year had some good momentum. At that point.

Definitely second NCAA's when on that summer 2017 I made a world championship team for the United States which was in Budapest and so that was our first opportunity to go overseas and really see what was like to be a part of all this national team craziness. We had we went to Canada I guess in the sender before that but I think that was that was small potatoes compared to platform it Budapest. I will mangle you didn't. I was on the prelim side of the relay. So I think one thing that is part of my stories. I've I've been trying to really person for the United States, which I I've enjoyed frost we get to to athletes to represent each each event. So we have one guy right now who's the best in the world and we talk mother for the he's going to pry the next Michael Phelps. He would say it is an athlete, but you listed that when we come back on the other side of the breakout. His name's Caleb Dressel.

He's quite an athlete. Quite a swimmer you been the right with him all your career has been fun to watch that happened over the last years and also let's talk about now.

Your focus 2020, which Omaha trials were coming up again in this last segment and what you're doing to prepare your heart and your head to keep focusing on your goal to try to make the limbic team.

I'm David Chadwick and we will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is limited.

My son Michael is in studio along with Marilyn, my wife talking about his swim career and his focus now on the 2020 Olympics you Michael on when you didn't get on the 2016 team you been able to focus now on a professional swim league and actually their something that started recently, called the international swim league that you're part of your a member of the LA current actually eight teams from all over the world that compete against one another just had their big deal in Las Vegas in December national television and all I talk about that well. This international simile is relatively new to the swing world. I think everyone I think I've ever wanted to ask you what what is this when we it's being funded privately by guided his love swimming and he's put up about $5 million to see this league and fruition, and this this fall I traveled to Dallas, Budapest, Washington DC, and ultimately they built a pool in the Mandalay Bay and in Las Vegas couple weeks ago and we have the final there has been a fun fun thing to watch the greatest swimmers in the world, all competing against one another. Prize money you're able to kinda make some money out of this deal and then also it gives you some ways to continue to have swimming, be important, not just one time every four years because I internationally the swim events at the Olympics is the most-watched event of all the others along with gymnastics and now you have something you can do in between those for your time periods that gives swimming an elevated status nationally and internationally.

That's the big question is how can we make this sport, which everyone seems to enjoy every four years more accessible and easily easily washable outside the on the games and that's where the international simile trying to do make it more of a team format so were competing not just from individual status, but also for team and you and your wife Cassie live in San Diego your training with Dave Marshall, former swim Mac coach year the women's Olympic coach in the 2016 games on a magnificent swim coach and you have to go through these daily routines early morning afternoon trying to get your body in shape to look now for the 2020 games exactly it's it's hardly brought in 2020. And that's going on six months until a Troutdale Marilyn, can you believe that the 2020 games are here four years ago.

That is why many Omaha now here we are again. We know that you've had so many interesting experiences we've encouraged. Even course. Cassie is great at this team, but living for the moment because John had had a lot of exciting experiences just traveling and doing what you doing now. Not just is not just about the Olympics. You've made enough money to at least pay your bills live in California, which is not easy but y'all have carved a life out that same interesting and find what you been to places like Budapest you been to China and Korea. We were in Paris with you for the Pan-American games last summer when life means so you you know definitely are planning to party, maybe Olympic trials but there's a life outside of that he was in there. I'm absolutely something is stepping stone for me. I mean gosh it goes along the Lord you have in the sport still enjoy it absolutely and and I think this is my wife as I talk about all time, but this 2020 years, the culmination of everything up to 25 at the end of this trials and growing up aspiring to be non-Catholics as well as picture this happening is around the sage and trying out for the steam of one to make since I was never started sign depend on you when your wall to get down to the data saved in a second and yourself that you said you tenure cell and you met this kilo sign and said Olympics here I come in at age 10, and my Right, but since Honey's actually been on that part ends.

I think I tell parents sometimes there is something about around age 10. A lot of people to do great things in life had that dreams spring forth at age 10 I heard this over and over.

Never. And Sally, stepparents don't underestimate those childhood dreams. You just never know what's in a child's heart.

Michael, you're now focusing on Omaha again, you'll have to try for the team will go through the same thing you went through four years ago. How are you different, and how has your faith really helps you prepare your heart for you. Omaha trials in June of this year. You know, I think looking a lot about lip exports and consuming especially as we look at a four-year cycle. I mean look at and I think I encourage people all time to look at look at your life in a four-year cycle how much life changes in four years. Unbelievable in looking back from when I was 12 I was a senior in high school and thought of you making limbic team, let alone a high level in college soon a possible. And then in 2016 Glock into immediate summits expected to make it and I make a mistake that tentacles make an you know that the cost me dad than I found out final note, my wife and then move forward with you now some more success.

Success in the pool and and found ultimately what I think I value and what really is important to me in strikingly realize is important. Swimming is it's not everything in life. I think swimming is like I said earlier as a steppingstone and I snuck last forever some point when I have to stop swimming because I body will make me stop swimming and then you know will strike something else but right now walking into the Olympic trials in 2020 and gosh four years ago I was almost a complete different person. I think for many ways I think about it.

Taken that success. I don't know where I went around with it because of nothing I was ready on the new. I don't think I thought I was ready.

I think he knew the exact time to declare me and that's assuming great. I hope I have that success and I can run with it with some momentum and use it for his glory and who knows about is you and I sure hope so, but you have me now or six months out. If I keep smiling 44 years from now. I hope I can look back to the 2020. Being while I got had no idea what I was doing that, we want in life are thinking. You never want to stop growing will not want start working towards God made us to be think thankfully swimming is populous for your experience where I can see that your granddaddy my dad used to say all the time. Do your best. Give God the rest is that kind where you are yours. Go do your best. But trust God with the outcome. Yeah, I mean only run I am a competitor and I am very I very much want this thing to work out and I will keep working on until I body is up but I think yes absolutely.

The Lord is been so gracious to me Jimmy to step to begin with and I think I got a constant reminder that this is something that is not, despite Harcourt it was it was divinely created and designed for me to do on this path and have his experiences in and on six months while C looks like your mom and I real proud of you. You gone through some real trials and you continue to move ahead, Marilyn.

If you have one piece of counsel for parents out there with kids who've achieved at a fairly high level would you say to them, especially about keeping faith is a part of their focus and their goal. We know we realize like Michael said saw that faith was the key that was the foundation we never made anything about swimming as far as your foundation went. That's that's what you do with your life, but that is not what your life, and so I think it's just a daily reminder. It's more about what you keep in the in the center and then what you do with the sport is what's left over and Michael is it fair to say that you would say I'm a child of God first that your identity swims. You're not a swimmer is a child of God. We preach identity all time tell people this all time identity is not what you do in the pool that's how your purpose driven every single day and what you are and where you are in Christ finds you far greater than any accomplishment you can possibly have for proud of you son.

Good luck to you this next several months you prepare for the Olympic trials in their said trials for reason because they try you like nothing else focusing on the warden and when you do like Jesus said in Matthew 633 seek first the kingdom, and all the rest of the stuff. Thankfully everyone love God with all your heart, soul, mind and my love your neighbor as yourself. Those are the two commands that Jesus gives us those two things. You have a lifetime by David Chappell. This is news talk 11 1099s all

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