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Valentines Show

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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February 16, 2020 8:00 am

Valentines Show

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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February 16, 2020 8:00 am

Marilyn Chadwick joins David for this years Valentines Show.


Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99 free WBT show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program here on Sunday morning at 8 AM been doing this now for almost 20 years it's been a pleasure doing it every single week.

Thank you for listeners, for joining me on a weekly basis. It's just been a blast and also thanks to my friends at Peary's fine jewelry and also Ruth Chris steakhouse for your sponsorship of the program.

It's so special for me to have you allow me to do this on a weekly basis. Wealth Valentine's Day was just two days ago so I thought today would be a Valentine's Day show and who else could I invite to be on the show but my wife Marilyn, my best friend, an almost life partner for 42 years this May we had a blast being together. Not always perfect but always serving a perfect God who continues to draw us closer together.

Thanks for being on the job 42 years David Kimberling on I don't make this sound really old maybe in many ways we are older than we would like to think, but it's been a real fun ride and ill when we met on a blind date and most people thought you must've been blind to marry me, but you have it.

I would never marry a preacher you said that and when you know what that here we are 42 years later and we had a life that has taken us to most all the continents on the war on the world and visited mission stations that are trying to serve the Lord in different remote areas. I want to know where he ever thought we would step in this plan we have been together and have served at local churches here in Charlotte now for almost 4 years and have a pretty nice little tribe we really doing is been fund our three kids now have hearing on how married they are now six grandchildren soon will have them. This, in the end of April and they are fun as well. He has been a great ride. It has been so looking back it Valentine's Day two days ago we thought today's program could spend some time focusing on what is love what what really is love and what can love be to allow a couple to fall more in love every single day and indeed make it to the 40, 50 year mark, your mom and dad have been married for how long. Over 60 years and I know your mom and dad had as well is 63 from a long line of long marriage is Riley and we have that as a model is to live and we believe that's important leading but you know it. It doesn't have to be there because even if you come from a family where there's lots of broken marriages, it's still not too late to make a strong manageable what we say. You can reverse the curse of their there's oftentimes generational models. People watch what happened in the past. They simply copy what they see. But we know those curses can be broken with blessing only young adult, sometimes nowadays are really nervous about getting married. And the only way to do it is to just do it. You don't have to postpone it and get perfect before you can get married, you go ahead and get married and you become perfect on the way and you learn the various high parenting you learn it by doing it right and in an interesting, it does shave off all of your selfish places. Marriage exposes every selfishness in your heart like nothing else. And light doesn't go there parenting does think is right and what did someone else say that the marriage is like the 401(k) university level course in how to learn to give your life away. It's not natural to do so and it was God's idea, so he must know what light was best, and yet there's a verse in the Bible that talks about how as we move closer to the ends of the age that love will grow cold. Talk about that really stand me on that when I come. I'm not sure theologically on the all that that verse is trying to say. But as I look at it mirrored against the culture that surrounds us and it does seem like love is growing cold and I don't know if that's just my observation. I do know that my younger friends, some of my sweet friends in their 30s that are still working in unit chasing big careers. One of them told me recently.

She said I don't even like to go to lunch anymore with my girlfriends because they sit around the ranch. The whole time and bash their husbands behind their back and said what is happened and I thought you and I just wonder if that is more evidence to step love growing cold benefits that it's a lesser priority than all these other things people are chasing to the amount of time people spend in front of us on a screen, nobody's even done the research yet completely on that they're starting to, and were seeing this spike in suicides lavishly among teens. But even in adult populations. Wonder if they're just not that some personal interaction are not intended lives to be just a lot of stress fractures, and so it wouldn't surprise us that marriages are hurting now course of anything is at all the ugly statistics about one out of two marriages ending in divorce, and I think one of the things you and I can talk about today is how that doesn't have to be yet in the next segment. Let's address that question because a lot of people say, well, marriages among Christians is every bit as bad as in the culture when I do too and that's just not true because the goal of marriage and what we want to emphasize in today's program two days out from Valentine's Day is that love can continue to be kindled and grow.

And in fact the goal of all marriages in the Scripture is for two very different people, and men and women are very different. There's no question about that to become one. And as that selfishness is shaved off and to people really move toward oneness with one another. It's the most glorious state that anyone can possibly imagine. So let's come back and talk about that in the next segment. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT and again we will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to show what were two days out from Valentine's Day and I thought it would be appropriate. This Sunday to do a show on love is the essence of Valentine's Day, but it's really the essence of all faith.

In fact, of the Bible very clearly says that God is love.

I think God created all of us to be loved and to experience his love. So that's what we want to talk about today. My guest is my wife Marilyn, my beloved of 42 years almost and we wanted to talk today about what love is how to increase love and to make sure in light of our recent Valentine's Day we have marriages that really work and stay together for many many years.

So Marilyn, let's talk about this statistic that people throw around very casually that hey Christian marriages aren't any better than secular marriages.

The divorce rate among Christian marriages is exactly the same as secular marriages and your response would be not true, not true but you know what day that statistic member. When we got married 42 years ago they were floating. That very same statistic around member at one and didn't marriages end in divorce. In Christian marriages and a banner so we actually did a little homework. Back then, way, way back then. I think Gallup had done a study and found that it wasn't necessarily people who claim to be Christians that were any different in a marriages but if people just did a very few simple things like pray together can worship a certain number of times each meant minimal like the bar was set low. But if they did those few things that the marriage the divorce rate dropped to something like 10 and of over a thousand there some more recent studies by University Virginia and Harvard and others that pretty it's back up in the and all the statistics are roughly about that same amount 1/1007. To me, that gives a heck of a lot better chance right out of the chute.

If you're going to be pursuing your marriage in a way that it has Christ at the center year given a much better chance your eyes are whole lot better than what you are hearing out there what you know. I believe one of the most important verses in all of the Bible is Genesis 224 before the fall occurred and evil and selfishness and sin entered the world, God gives us in that verse. His intention for marriage and is very simple that a man and a woman shall leave their mother and father.

They will come together and cleave together which implies a public service of covenant commitment to one another and then the two will become one flesh. And that's the intimate term off to becoming one in a covenant relationship and the back doors locked from the outside. You just don't get out, but it's too much to say hey you just got a stay in a bad marriage.

There are some things you can do that can really help the two to become one you just mentioned a lot of it's in the spiritual realm. And when you do those kind of things and spiritually, you become one. I think that's what Jesus meant when he quoted Genesis 224 in Matthew 19 and he said what God has joined together, no person can ever separate like you randomly put together.

At least, not America. I mean you have to believe in some level, there was a spark you know when you found each other to be attractive and wanted to spin your life to get a seed you have something to build on.

It's not like you taking your worst enemy and trying to stay married to him. That can happen later down the road but point being, you have a lot to work with you. Have a beginning relationship and if you follow a few simple principles, there's every reason to think that your marriage cannot last but grow stronger. One of the things you and I have done every single week practically for 42 years is take a day off together. We do have our Sabbath daily.

We believe that's important and I actually heard a speaker this week was talking about the importance of Sabbath rest again one day off to be with your sky ID and right rest and read you replenish. He said you know in Exodus 35 God says take the Sabbath. If you don't, you're gonna get stung by the people around you and you know that kinda suggest God thinks the Sabbath is important, and he rested on the seventh day, not because he had to go. God doesn't need to slumber nor sleep. I got arrested. As an example for us that we need that were not machine one day off together with our beloved family. Steve just it's a day to draw close to those around us. So on that day off. What are some practical suggestions that you could give to listeners that they can do with their beloveds with their spouse. That will help the two become one.

Well, I think it needs to be complex, or expensive think the first thing is just to make it a priority.

We found that we took the advice of a young couple, because this young couple had been taken there Sabbath off for a lot of years. When we first met them and they told us this was their best idea that was either counseled us from the beginning that we just kinda made it.

I think part of this is making it a habit so you get out knowing hey what can I go have coffee together which is what we like to do or go eat and eat breakfast out which we've been at it for years or grab a movie watching Ben's known bins on Netflix or something but just knowing that you're unplugging and for me personally.

I just make myself really be careful not to putter around and and do housework or whatever it is it's facing me that Sgt. I try not to answer email such as China really and plaque think that's the key it's really hard to do that in today's world, and I don't even if we could start it now.

It's a habit we developed over the years, but I think it looks different for everybody and some of our friends can't take a holiday don't have a morning breakfast together to do something now them to intersect their lot every year and unplugging not so busy, so busy and I hundred children to the traveling sports teams. If the kids play sports or even now it's in ballet dance other places. It gets increasingly difficult, doesn't it. Yeah, I think you just gotta work at it. I really think that, like any good habit of life just taken some time to get every week with your spouse is just a very worthwhile and important habit but it has to become again priority in your life will obviously as a pastor of a church, moments of hope church that we both oversee right now we don't get Sundays off for me and we we get up early.

I have to preach were there until the afternoon, so we have to find another day and on Friday, but for some people it is Sunday. It is Sabbath and you worship together. Let's talk about some of the spiritual disciplines that you and I tried do we read the Scripture together. We prayed together whenever we can, and we try to make sure that our spiritual lives are intersected as well. It's not formal and might be as simple as just sharing what we've read in and description that morning. It might apply in our lives are on the big person about prayer anything. Prayer works you.

Why do it and so I'm really big on saying what it put your prayer needs today and just being very specific to make sure I pray let's talk then about the power of two people praying because one of the teachings you give often that I've heard is from Matthew 18, where Jesus at work two or more are gathered there.

I am home and in you have some great insights into that regarding the power of unity and prayer. Yeah, I think that anytime two or three year joining in prayer. I don't know why it stronger.

The matter says it is in our kids believe that they used to think that, for whatever reason, if they passed a prayer request along to you and me, look at something should happen and I think since I was a former atheist in my earlier life. I'm kind I'm sort of the type of person that says will why pray for and working why believe in God if he in real so I'm very convinced that he's real and very convinced that his word is real and it says prayer works out, let's do and we have seen some extraordinary answers to prayer.

Everyone here's one of them being your infertility measures are here, so we saw healing miracles. Yes, one of which the first one you know that allowed us to have our daughter after they married eight years was so dramatic that are our doctor started coming to our church and I got a personal Facebook now that he knew where I come from an attic good notes along the way and when somebody prayed for me that I would be healed. I took notes in my journal and I even noted the time and the date and put down in that little Journal entry that this was for Dr. so-and-so will mention his name and I said it to him when he gave me the results casino.

He saw the medical he did the surgery and is like McGinnis and he was so pleased at what he saw. Think God touched his heart to that's we've seen lots of notes and miracles are little and some are rather dramatic like that will talk about the two Greek words seem phone day which is interesting in an insight on people praying will you know when I tell people it's important to pray together with your spouse and I would add your children with this to Matthew 1819 talks about how if two of you agree and prayer than it basically says God will do and I know there's some conditions he's not an act outside as well, but it does. It's pretty bold verse two of you agree is touching anything in the little do it and the word for agree is like you said send the phone a means, together with the same voice, but obviously it's the word from which we get Symphony which is clinical so God's the master conductor leaving the symphony, but he wants us to play our life's instruments in accord with what it looked will is in his will is that we prayed together and they're just something powerful when that happens you not try to his own as we can have some period of time every week when we pray together and that draws our spiritual lives together and again in Genesis 224 language that begins to make us one I think so. And when you look at other things that people can do again bunking that statistic is in marriages are the same as secular. Marianne went out to fail worshiping together is a simple desire and being together answer is it family and church is important and you might not think it's feeding your soul, but it actually is still some things you can't see there are things or even not in the spirit around us.

Like recreation and having fun together some anything.

I think the point is together and family home night you can ask our grandkids about that now but one of the things we did kind of at the tail end of our Sabbath days which were Fridays.

On that night we would have become family home night and it was really neat because we make pizza and we have movies and we let's really try to encourage the kids not in fact we didn't do sleepovers those nights.

We try to have with us and when traveling sports came on her kids are super involved in sports and we were gonna deprive them of that. So we rolled that and our world. But for a lot of years. Family home night was the big deal and they loved it. We found movies and our kids were spaced as you know, out far apart, not by choice that when you got up you know a newborn and a 10-year-old and a six euro and then that turns into a 16-year-old and a 609 euro gift have family family movies but that are also very interesting. So we found great movies. To this day they talk about how that was a really fun time so it will complicate when expensive, but it was regular and then the Saturday night before Sunday. We would often have our own family. Brief worship act out at the stories we buddies as outlined in the top five and all that kind of thing that they still remember today yeah which I got a cram down their throat, but it was pretty neat because that's how they learn to love the Lord will love is our topic today. Loving God and loving one another and after Valentine's Day on Friday. We thought this would be a good topic to talk about today. My wife Marilyn, my wife of almost 42 years as my guest today. Let's continue to explore the meaning of love, post Valentine's Day, I'm David Chadwick will be right back.

Everyone I'm Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99.

Three WBT welcome back to the show. If you'd like to hear this program in its entirety with my wife Marilyn going back a couple of days to Valentine's Day. Looking at some ways we can increase love in our lives, especially in the divisiveness in this nation right now please go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show when you can hear the program from beginning to end in its entirety. Will Marilyn, thank you again for being with me today. Looking back two days ago Valentine's Day how we can increase love in our marriages. We live in a society where love seems to be growing increasingly cold, as the Scripture says will happen as the end days continue to advance but yet we do believe there are things that we can do to help enter love back into our lives. And Jesus said by this the world will know that you who are my followers are mine. By the way you love one another. The only biblical definition of love is found in first Corinthians 13 verses four through seven. Love is patient, love is kind's not jealous, not rude, it doesn't seek its own way. Several other things there you can go and read through that and say whew. Am I really a person who loves very deeply and we want to give some practical suggestions on ways you can increase love in your relationship with that very special person in your life and one of those is always think the best of the other person talk about that thing you know we always think that love is a feeling in a course in many ways it is that you nice counselors have always taught that your feelings have their root in what you think and and believe it or not, it really matters what you think about your spouse and nobody you might think that nobody knows what's going on that little brain years, but what you think about your spouse actually can sort of give birth to actions and emotions that may not be so healthy and somebody else besides me was interested in this.

It was Marcus Buckingham and his research group tried to survey thousands of couples to figure out what really makes for a good marriage. You wonder, with all the data out there.

What is it that makes for a strong marriage and I know he was rather surprised at what they found a lot of things about common interest in like you and I talked about earlier shared faith in all that Betty has something really intriguing. The common thread.

This is what they found after thousands of couples. The common thread running through happy marriages was this and met in the most successful marriages, each partner rated the other person higher than that person rated him or herself and that interest and that sounds so simple, but you thinking about now what is that look like practically nothing about my dad now married for over 60 years and he's taking care of my mom at home and she's infirmed you know she's saying she's really almost bedridden, but he always looks over at her and says, isn't she pretty, and Donna Dench about Herman and I'm so glad I have found her, and then he always goes and I married up and you know when you have somebody say I outdid myself I married up well in the phrase today. A lot of men say is I out punted my coverage is a football term was expressing the same delay thankfulness saying that I'm valuing you even more than you value yourself which is a neat new in today's cutthroat world and people are being judged and evaluated specialist social media everybody feels under that observation desk. You know, from everybody mean everybody feels pressured into a measure up is nice to think that maybe in your marriages that you have somebody in this world actually rates you higher than you rate yourself.

I think better of you, didn't I think of yourself. I thought it was interesting that the that the data actually proved that that's fascinating and I know I feel that way.

Appreciate you much and you I think I married think you will be the evidence of that. I would believe is what comes out of your mouth.

You know what's in your heart that's expressed in words.

So if you really do believe you married up. One thing people could do is look at your word/words and unlike my young friend what she noticed about all her girlfriends and she's the one that brought this to my attention and she said by listening to them bash their husbands constantly and specially over lunch working on. She said I just found myself she's real transparent person.

She said I will. I am, and I will be honest about how I have struggles in marriage reality. But she said it made me much more mindful about speaking words of life. You know, speaking good words about my husband just as she started trying to get into the habit of actually giving a good report about him and us in a cheesy way, but just in a way, it was a discipline for her to come to guard her mind when we do speak life about our partners often times gets back to Velma. They hear the words we've spoken to somebody else that only increases love, but when you say it to your spouse Marilyn talk just for a second about the power of words spoken directly to your spouse to your loved one and how that enlarges and increases love in their hearts.

Think sometimes we underestimate the power of words but the negative and the positive words and think just encouraging words. We don't even know what's going on in that person's heart, but in Encouraging Word can be the very thing that helps them make it through a tough day I was talking to her friend yesterday.

He is in her 80s and her husband died several years ago at this been so hard because they were so close married for well over 50 years. But she said in one of the hardest things was just as I'm a bit of a worrier and so when I would mention the things that were heavy on my heart. He would always come in with a lighthearted word or he'd make me laugh or heat saying we don't need to worry about that he give me some little word of encouragement and she said I miss that so much and it's just interesting to impact all those years. Now she's realizing the impact all those years of his words had on her life. We both have written books on honor in marriage, a great ways to honor your husband and a great way to honor your wife we wrote it to the other person and that work on her fits in nicely here because it means to prize value, lift up the other person so a way to honor your spouse and really value them is with your words.

Another way is by giving thanks for that person in your life. Talk about the power of Thanksgiving in a marriage relationship. If this is true of every area of life, not just marriage, but I'm and maybe in America, released in certain parts of America where we we do have a lot of privilege and we do have a lot of blessings. Oddly enough, these seem to be the least thankful pockets of people that I've met and you not traveled all over the world. I don't know why it is that sometimes when I'm in the really most poverty-stricken areas where you think people would be happy we find great joy, especially among the Christians there. Great joy and great thankfulness. And I don't know if it's because we have so many blessings, but his gratitude is a wonderful discipline of the mind and then also of the words to be thankful far spouse even just just reflect on the wager thankfulness when they did that you thankful for. I know a friend of ours was St. Jackson made a list about the ways he was thankful for his wife and he said I was going through a bit of a tough time in a marriage that helped boost him back into the area that he they want to debate which is just in love with a woman anywhere 80 9A.

Gratitude is very vastly underrated in my opinion it in terms of its power will it really has great power because the Bible says give thanks in all things, not for all things because there's a lot evil in the world, we should give thanks for. But we believe the gods working in all things, giving thanks for those things allows us to believe God is working it for good and can indeed draw two people together even when they're walking through some difficult times together and I do think gratitude really is a nice flavoring for any marriage and yet shows people around you. Believe it or not people around your watching dear Mary Gina you might think you just turn this will marriage all by yourself.

You and your spouse spouse and that's it. You're just alone in the world but you know if you have children there watching you. If you have friends there watching you people around her, watching singles are watching you. People are looking for examples of hope and deep down inside people want to believe that there really is hope for marriage and I want to give you our younger listeners that hope because again I've noticed so many young and people today are terrified of get me because I think seen so many bad examples. Marriage should not be rocket science. Otherwise, we lose, we would have a population in marriage should be pretty any common sense and simple not easy but simple.

Let's talk about locking the door from the outside of you. When you take your vowels that's basically what you intend to do a lot of people don't follow through with it, but that's what God would want, and that whole idea of just staying in the marriage you no studies have been done that show if someone will just make the commitment to stay in the marriage for five years when they go into a rough Jan give their rough patches in and in really both even look at each other and say were going to stick this out for five years that the clock put in motion the studies have been done at the end of the five years they are so glad they didn't get a divorce.

They work through the problem and working through the problem.

Allow them to grow closer together.

Talk about that Ethan had somebody come up to me and tell me how a woman not too long to come and tell me she said her. David preached at that church and you can believe this, but several years, has been, I'm going to rent a rocky patch and we decided to do that very thing we gave ourselves five years and she said she just can't believe how thankful we are cancer thankful okay now yesterday and do it.

I think you learn we're enough.

Very weird time in our culture for lots of reasons and I don't know what the reasons for all this that that that that what I'm going to describe courses that were entitlement we think were entitled to be happy.

We think were entitled to have an easy life. We just think were entitled to things to be smooth all the time.

So when rough patches hit people are sort of stunned and they don't have to handle it and just persevering through marriage or certainly anything but persevering by itself builds character and then I think it can build a new life together. Lots of good things can come Can happen after that. Will someone did a study recently trying to define what is the most important quality for successful people and they came up with this one word gripped just gripped persevering through the difficulty and I think you and I would say to people. Our marriage hasn't been perfect but we've committed to one another. We locked the door from the outside. We persevered and the grit that we've had between us is allowed us to get through the problems and be drawn even closer together. We come back let's talk about collective memory of the power of collective memories.

My wife Marilyn is with me were looking at happy Valentine's Day two days later, I'm David Chadwick will be right back. This is your you what I'm David Chadwick and this is talk 11 to 99 show two days out from Valentine's Day a special program today on love my wife, Marilyn, my love of now almost 42 years together talking about the power of love in a culture where love seems to be growing cold where divisiveness and anger and strife seems to be the emotion of the day, but God wants us to learn how to love him and to love our neighbor love one another and when we do so were reflecting his very nature you Meryl we've been talking in the show about some reasons to stay together, lock the door from the outside.

Here's another one.

The value of collective memories talk about that is way more important.

David than people realize, and I don't know how you put it into discipline or verb about what to do with that. But if you've been married for anything a time in a course in our case for so long. You have just built up collective memories. You might not even know it it it be valuable to sit down and start to list some of the very special memories that you haven't course advised I got photo albums but to reflect on your memories together.

I think that goes a long way to helping motivate you to guard that marriage is when you see the special moments that you've had. We do that is with anybody else just can't go back and re-create that. So, if people get divorced, especially when they get divorced after many many years of marriage.

You not only lose that relationship as you face all the collective memories and your kids lose all their collective memories. It's like the foundation has been torn and never to be unit repaired. Now we know God is a big God. And he can redeem things in there plenty people.

We know that if we married and built new lives in God is blessed that in out of some really difficult circumstances.

But I really think collective memories are part of the most beautiful aspect of the marriage of Christian marriage and in divorce again. One of the saddest parts of it in you what I've had to walk through friends who've gone through divorce is a slight pull all the family summaries are gone again. What I have. Their pain is attached to them now. You can never sit down with your spouse, with whom you will all times and share them together and think that's one of the sad parts of it so folks stay together again. As I said in the last segment. Studies have been done if you'll just commit for a five-year plan stay together for five years and you'll find the of those five years, you're so glad you did not divorce and you grown closer together and I like what you said in the last segment that the why did that grit is important to any life success also in marriage. And I think about it you know if you think about God's grace and grit. Those are probably to the most important aspects of the marriage, and I would add 1/3 of that it happens, happens to be a GE as well, but to guard your marriage. I bumped into a friend recently and she can't there really difficult divorce had four children and the husband left her for another woman.

It was an all too common story these days. But before we had seems had in years. But before we parted company. She said Marilyn just remind women to guard their marriages find interesting. Regarding your marriage is probably more importantly, realize Malachi 2 talks about a set Bible for our Bible chapter in the Old Testament and talks to how much divorce breaks God's heart and he only gives one solution to that success. So guard yourself in your spirit, and don't break faith with your wife and then later he says it again. So guard yourself in your spirit said that the indication is that there seems to be some value in guarding yourself and for for me as a wife. That means not get so swept up even with my kids or my work or whatever it is that marriage slips to the low man on the totem pole that the marriage becomes the least important thing and you know your daddy always told us the best way to love your kids is to live your spouse and he was telling us from day one. Make the marriage, the priority were you given a sermon here with three days. Let's talk about that grit you persevere through the tough times do that five euros I and works miracles. Secondly, grace brings an end.

That's for me.

Marilyn learning how to say a four-minute so hard and you know it's been hard for me and our marriage to say I'm sorry you please forgive me you to give me grace and I'll give you grace and that grace allows than people who have had a little fracture in the relationship to come back together and reclaim what they know and then finally the guard your heart. That's a powerful Proverbs 423 says guard your heart for it is the wellspring of all life on the one thing that you and I do in trying to guard each other's hearts as we were together on our Sabbath, our day off you.

I ask you how your heart you what's going on and you ask me how your heart, what's going on and we talk about what's going on in our hearts it's interesting as you share your heart. I think your guarding your heart from somebody else stepping into that place other than your spouse and taking that emotional connection away from what's intended only for the person to whom you Marilyn. That is why a lot of lot of divorce is happened because of the failures in the workplace. Let's face it, men and women you know there is a such thing as chemistry and if you are spending all this time with a coworker in your sharing your heart with unloading all your problems on them when you're trying to get there will that's something you and I tell couples all the time. Do not share your marriage problems with a person of the opposite. So even your problems. In general it is that person is may be attracted to you and is probably a very willing ear and you just don't know where any of us could file it is but that's what he had to be smart that our doors are hard and it is been careful with somebody else about letting you into this place is reserve my mortgage my spouse alone. These are practical applications on how to love and I want to mention also the value of the rings there's reason the rings are placed on your finger, not just decorative. They are reminders and those roundness either memories during the ring basically means your marriage is forever for circle has a forever quality to it is made of gold because gold is one of the few on targetable metals and that means that my marriage can't be tarnished by something from the outside. So every time you go through a tough time in your marriage. Look at your rings. They are to remind you of the terminology of your commitment to that person and also that love will allow that marriage to continue to glow like gold in every possible way so rings have a purpose and that marriage is a part of the end of the commitment and vow that you make to one another. Yet any other thoughts before the end of the show on how people can learn how to love one another just make that your priority again said that where priority again and again. Make it your want to.

It's more important in your job. You know, it's even more important in your kids make the marriage the priority after God make marriage that priority was something I try to tell people to is have a picture in your mind of when you're 90. What you would want your life and marriage to look like this past week we celebrated your dad's 92nd birthday, and there we were with him and he's caring for your informed mom with his daughter and you and me and I just think he should be proud of how he has stood so steadfastly by your mom. That's a picture of what a marriage could look like in the end of life. So all of you at the end of your life. Ask the question of what you want a picture to look like I know you and I would love for our kids and our grandkids.

And if we live long of our great grandkids to be all around us. That's a picture of life that we would like to have. And again, like you said Marilyn, it's more important than our jobs is more important. Success is more important than trophies. The real trophy is that life of your life with somebody else.

Anything else that's got it. Will everybody. Thank you for listening today and it's just been a pleasure doing this Valentines day show with you. If you have your spouse with you, and you have been married for some number of years.

My guess is you're saying wow that was a really good show and it reminds me of the value and importance of marriage.

If you're just starting out, take some of these tips we've given you like simple things take yada yada yada start began the other go spend some time alone together to start this. We did that something you can do now build each other up with your words, think that you really help marriage yourself. Guard your marriage. Guard your marriage. Say I'm sorry. Please forgive me. When you mess up because we all will mess up, and most importantly have, God is the center of your marriage and Jesus said here is all of the wall in the prophets put together in one sentence you said love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and my and then love your neighbor as yourself and your spouse is your neighbor. That's the person who lives with you actually love God and love your neighbor love yourself all your heart, soul, mind and life. When you do that you have a lifetime's worth of work to do and you'll always have a calling, I'm David Chadwick's stock limited 993 WBT. Thank you all for listening.

I will all

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