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May 10, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show,

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Hi everyone, I need to chat with is limited 99.3 WBC welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that your WBT. I've been doing this show for now over 20 years. What a joy it has been to do it.

Many thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse in Perry's fine jewelry your sponsorship of this show allows it to continue on a weekly basis and I hope especially during coded 19 that this show gives you faith, hope and love. It encourages all of you that there is a God is in control and he's even in control of all this going on around us will happy Mother's Day to you all to Mother's Day 2020. Can you believe it. It's a little bit of a different one because usually all Mother's Day will try to gather around the table and celebrate mom in the different capacities that she has loved and served us, but we just can't do that this year so I thought, at least we can have my great wife and a wonderful mom to my three kids and Marilyn my wife.

Honey is great to have you on the show today to be her name and my wonderful Mother's Day. Yeah, it's great to have this opportunity to share this Mother's Day show with you and were looking forward to being able to hopefully give some people some insights that will make this Mother's Day special in every possible way yet, but now it is going to going out to lunch set every mother is 80 can be cooking or somebody cooking for her but nobody's taking mom to lunch today. Well, I appreciate the fact that we can celebrate Mother's Day. At least in this small way. During this hour today. So as you look at Mother's Day.

What goes through your mind. I know there were years in the early years of our marriage when we were told we probably would never have children. We got negative medical report after negative medical report, but finally we did have a baby and what goes through your mind as you think about Mother's Day. Looking back over those years of infertility when I was thinking back just a couple days ago to the very first Mother's Day that I ever celebrated and of course at first I was thinking it was the first Mother's Day that we had Bethany and then I remembered that actually the previous Mother's Day is when we had just found out we were expecting, and we'd only been expecting for about three or four weeks, which most people don't tell the news, but we've been waiting for so long. We had seven Mother's Day than row you know when we were wishing we had children and so because it was such a neat opportunity that can begin to celebrate. I remember getting a little plaque for my mother that said something about like what is a grandmother and I wrapped it up and I gave that to her for her Mother's Day gift. And that's how we told her that we were expecting. What a great Mother's Day that was but it was talk talk on trace impression on him. As soon as what she does seem like she and daddy had been waiting so long for Aston in a finally have this baby. We were longing for and said she didn't really understand what it meant. At first what's a grandmother will is a great year going to be, but it was interesting because that was the celebration of a miracle that will never forget that miracle of course led to the birth of not one, not two but three children. The healing miracle.

Of course you're talking about and then the grand babysitter come in thereafter. But you don't forget your miracles. You don't think you're in a time of a crisis like we are all in right now even though it's turned into sort of a chronic crisis.

It's good to get back and look at your miracles that will never forget that time really David know we want and then let's talk right now about something you call the Ebenezer box and we have used that in a powerful way in our lives as a remembrance of God's faithfulness will you know it all started ever. When Bethany was 15 she said mom the craziest answers to prayer. Now you just just really see God work in the craziest kind of ways, and I thought about it and I thought she's heard stories about how she was the product of a miracle. Then her two brothers were but I think I kinda got started back in those days when we couldn't have children of just looking for God, signs of God at work because the only way I knew to fight the anxiety and the fear was to replace it with faith. As I began saving little mementos just little relics like page in my journal when I thought I was healed so that we were to have a baby at toss that in this little box thing had a shoebox for years and actually got a prettier box but I remember reading that passage in first Samuel seven about same. When it say no set up a rock to remind the Israelites of this amazing victory against the Philistines because they were always prone to wander and he said nope. Every time you go pack it past this Big Stone called the Ebenezer stone. The word literally means rock of support when she'd remember that God has helped us each step of the way says we have rental Ebenezer box to every time the Jews would walk by that Ebenezer Stone, Ebenezer rock, then we remember God is our helmsman as well Searle if he did it wants. He can do it again and so you form this Ebenezer box the box.

You don't just toss stuff in there but little relics and over the years – over a lot of years of marriage and parenting line. Neat little stories in there that our granddaughter found that the other day and she was looking to she calls me mammy and she slid into the box and will talks more about that later because I got her, her own box she stuck with the stories and so as I started telling her the stories out of the box. I realize what this is a great way to pass our little legacy of faith on one we come back let's talk about further mementos in the Ebenezer box and encourage people to have their own momentum so easy yeah because the night before the Israelites were freed from Egypt during the question that's always ask what happened on this night, and they shared the story of deliverance in the Red Sea we need. Remember, folks, that's a way to defeat things like covert, I'm David Chadwick will be right back. See and and and rising called left, I'm David Chadwick. This is talk 11 1099 3W wife Marilyn joined me on this Mother's Day, 20, 22, all happy Mother's Day to you Marilyn if you look at the words to this all powerful in so many ways how mother influences the life of her children.

That's what were celebrating today.

Don't you love that last word that she was singing before I broke in, we rise and call her blessed. I know you know the answer to this is that come from the sound of Proverbs 31 woman and you know we kind of sometimes misunderstand that poor Proverbs 31 woman with what looked like an amazing incredibly long job description but if we look at the whole story behind her.

The real words in the Hebrew are woman of valor since she was a woman of great courage means partner to impart warrior, but I think that the children watched her. If you go back and read Proverbs 3110 automated in the chapter, you'll see that when those children rise up and call her blessed they been watching her.

You know through their whole lifetime and she taught them. I'm sure with her words, but I really think they caught her faith in a much more by her example so that term in the Hebrew rise up strong coming winces they rise up, it means they rise up in strength and power.

And I think a lot of it because of what she gave them and there could be a literal rising up a standing ovation. If they could lean colder so thankful for the yeah yeah could be that's exactly right.

Well before we broke we were talking about this wonderful insight that you have of mom's especially forming what are you call Ebenezer memories and it comes from the Hebrew story of Samuel building the Ebenezer stone and that word Ebenezer means well of the Ebenezer means a stone of support or stone of help.

But what Samuel says, as I put that up because I wanted them to always remember that God was with them and you and I both know that there's there's a real important thing when you're raising your children about helping them remember the ways God's work in their life, remembering the past is a great way to strengthen your faith for the present and for the future. Something real important right now because everybody's sort of fighting this low grade anxiety and I think we sometimes underestimate how much our children catch that anxiety from us, you know, if we're feeling anxious leaving have to say anything they can just absorbed it and I think remembering and pointing back to the times worked in our life as a family in their life in our life personally by telling them stories we be surprised how much that helps calm anxiety stand. So we been talking over the last several weeks on the show about her book. I just recently authored and put out. It's called moving beyond anxiety. It's 12 practical ways to help overcome anxiety, especially by renewing your mind and one of the chapters is all about faith is more cloth in my heart that we do need to teach our faith and his army six talks about so many times the people need to teach faith to their children. Parents do, but especially it needs to be caught caught the other kids need to watch mom and dad live out their faith in one of the things we wanted to make sure that people could do in today show is as good mom's as good.

Dad said you live out your faith in one of the ways you can do that is to have momentum toes just all throughout your house yet talk about some of things we've done there as we had to wait for eight years for a child to finally come through a lot of negative medical diagnoses, but you little little I would say Lonnie's around our house as signs and symbols. Ebenezer stones if you will remind us of God's faithfulness layout. They they really started out kind of a funny way because I don't who the first person was it gave us a bunny but somewhere in all that journey of infertility.

I began to associate bunnies with the belief that God was going to heal us through a miracle. And that is sort of funny because unit rabbits make lots of rabbits that wasn't the reason but bunnies became sort of the trigger.

So even now friends are in family at all birthdays and different occasions. People would give me bunnies like ham praying for you. I saw Benny here that this Q thought you like it and so bunnies began to populate our life and eventually our house and you wouldn't know about around alive and then is that you set reason but amazing prints and pictures. But you know seeing signs and symbols.

The kids can always get a kick out of it if they knew the story of the bunnies and how the bunnies were symbol of waiting and something artistic little bunnies woven throughout our house, but it goes along with the admonition in Deuteronomy 6. Because you know Moses was telling the people of this faith is really important to teach her children. We are always prone to wander and were always print forget.

So he sang these commandments. This is Deuteronomy 6 verse six these commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you get up and then he goes on to say time on your forward around your wrist. You know on your gate post whatever whatever and we do sort of in a modern translation of that tip to say to ourselves, have pictures of scriptures up on your walls or just children love visual images solely so I have things sprinkled throughout our house that point the children back to God's word when they were in in our home certainly signs and symbols that were memories of past victories, but also to scriptures and it's amazing how this gets woven and I looked at that word impress is it sounded pretty dramatic lighting impress on your heart… Yeah impress these on your children and size thinking I wonder how difficult that should be and when I look at the Hebrew.

It actually just means to repeat over and over and over, and then you had children they always say do it again do it again and I thought that's much gentler approach to teaching the children the faith and what I was sort of interpreting it to mean that being diligent and forceful and then and it's more just like as you go in the van at the meal, and of course you have an actual teaching, but mostly just repeating and maybe repeating fewer things more often then overkill like children should not feel like growing in their faith is drinking from a fire house should be just a natural parts. I like that. That made me feel like children also very symbolic and they live images and 11 memory settings you getting back to this whole idea that parents need to live their faith in something that within also have little reminders momentum. Sprinkle some house used to put music on the lower kids would hear the Scriptures song in yeah throughout her house all day long and that is our grandkids are doing the same thing with their kids. Music is a wonderful way to not only memorize Scripture. I think most of the Scripture memorized came from our little kids listen to what was back then called GT in the halo expressing out was cute and it was really well done but the verses are still in my mind and it's interesting. I heard him one of our sons was singing to his little son at night and seen Scripture songs to Aminah some of them from our worship services and I thought children can sing back in a little time to yet and course.

Our daughter has music going all the time for her brood and I noticed that our youngest son who doesn't have children yet was being interviewed.

Long story but you know the Olympics were postponed and he was Olympic hopeful and swimming some of the all the new stations wanted to ask him out in California how are you surviving get the Olympics you know postponing cancel and he quoted one of the verses we would always share with them, which is Proverbs 3, five and six. Member interest in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight. Yet you came up with that little hands urges him all the little thing we would deal meanwhile in the stroller and there is even saying it, but I thought the areas quote not first to a secular new station so that memory is in his hand, and I thought that's the way it's supposed to happen is just best to be natural, and just part of their growing up you think of my mom and dad and I know they taught me a lot about the Scripture and they taught me about God and faith in all those things but your what I remember most is not what. For example, my dad said to me, what I remember most is that during times of crises. My dad was on his knees praying I thought that during times of difficulty. My dad had an open Bible searching God's word for truth that would allow him to get through a time of difficulty. And I saw him live out his faith and what I said in my heart as I want what he has yet and that's the catching of the faith he made it so attractive to be so necessary as he faced life's trials.

I wanted the faith that he had well do you think there's no no way around the power of God's word is what builds faith and I do think that part of our job as parents is to help build the faith of our children and they can learn salvation. Faith is different and that's a gift given to us by God's that's amazing. I don't even understand salvation by grace. It's so overwhelming.

Amazing, but we can teach them how to build daily faith through God's word says faith comes by hearing the word and so that's important. But we can also impress that upon them in lots of different ways. So there is salvation faith, which is a free gift. We can do to earn it.

But then once we have that kind of faith we gotta exercise it for what you not call me from working in the God wants us to do that. That's what Jesus meant when he said, your faith has made you well. There's again and exercising of our faith allows the power of the spirit to work and it's a sin is a fight and we talk about the fight of faith that the children know I think what I wanted them to know is that faith matters God's word is true and that prayer works. You know, children are realists, so I kinda had them believe as they grew up.

If if mom spraying sums will happen. My wife narrows my guest today. Happy Mother's Day 2020 to all of you come back to Mr. Cova 19 crisis.

What can parents do to help their children overcome anxiety. We can help them. Let's give them some practical suggestions. I'm David Chadwick will be right back. What I'm David Chadwick is limited 99 welcome. Many thanks to all of my faithful listeners who join me every week if you'd like to hear this program in its entirety. Please go to scroll down to the weekend shows.

Look for the David Chadwick show and you can listen to the show from beginning to end with my wife, Marilyn, as we are talking about the power of mothers and also realize too that this program is going to be rebroadcast at 12 noon today so if you missed it and would like to hear today. It will be broadcast your WBT news talk limited 99. Three WBT at noon as well in Maryland as we talk about the power of mothers in our lives. I know it's not necessarily as stated today as it was in other generations, but people used to say the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Just the influence of a mom upon the family and upon children just can't be overstated. The unit heavily traveled a lot in Africa and one of my friends that works in a ministry over there says it this way, he says, in Africa we call all women, mothers, whatever their age and whether they're married or not, because we know that women have an amazing influence on their environment and their life givers and we have a saying also that says if you educate a girl you educate a nation on the latest realize the ripple effects that was going back and looking in Genesis back at the beginning and interestingly I think I knew this years ago but I'd forgotten it that when Adam gave me leave her new name. It really means living and life givers you know women can be life campers have friends I don't have kids or some that aren't even married but it's amazing how they are such life givers to whoever's in their world and obviously we know mothers and grandmothers and women who raise families or life givers, but I think during the Cova crisis. We've got women right now. Being certainly life givers at home.

Some are caring for aging parents.

Some of my friends are front-line workers in the medical community and some inane work in grocery stores or drugstores.

Pharmacies. They are all in their own way right now. Drawing upon this gift of being a life giver is just amazing what a woman with a lot of faith in a trust in God can do wherever she is. And again, you know, part nurture part warrior really strong but really comforting and then we need that right and murmur the Latin for comfort is to give strength, setting a good mom or good woman, that speak you know a life giver, not just is going to give comfort to her children and her family and the people around her, but she's also can you give strength. What we need right now. We certainly need a lot of courage and we need a lot of strength will we know that there's a lot of anxiety out there again. I just released a book entitled moving beyond anxiety. 12 practical ways to renew your mind. The idea of the book is that if you change how you think you'll change how you feel right and too many people trying to do with just the feelings today. They then masquerade the real problem, which is a negative thought life and we got to have minds filled with faith.

Here's a question for you as you look out there and see children becoming increasingly anxious. Team suicide is on the rise. I was already happening. By the way, before well before the capital was added fuel to the fire.

It now it is anxieties on steroids requesting the Cova crisis but parents are concerned about their children and what are their children absorbing what what are some practical things that a mom and dad could do to help alleviate anxiety in their children, and one of the things on the way to mention that I know you love to talk about is learning how to laugh in the face of fear. Well, you know, the laughter is this the best medicine for a lot of reasons, and you can't laugh in an appropriate way.

There's nothing funny about this crisis but you know there are moments where we just have to laugh. You know you not even found that as we walk through tragedies with people in ministry is just amazing sometimes how laughter will, but it really odd moments, and it's very healing but I think back to that.

Proverbs 31 woman it says she's clothed with strength and dignity.

This is Proverbs 3125 she's clothed with strength and dignity and she can laugh at the days to come.

Some translation sake she can rejoice, she can smile, but I love this one that says laugh and I think what happens sometimes is when we see how big God really is.

We can face our anxieties and our trials with a little more than a light heart but there's something about laughter that translates into every language and when we are able to still laugh or have a little fun or whatever. In the middle of a crisis with our children what they hear underneath the surface as everything's going to be okay. We've seen at overseas, I don't know what it is about being with Christians in Third World and difficult. Developing nations and in war and all the different places we been but we find the joy level is usually a whole lot higher in those places and it is here. Talk about what you experienced in Lebanon a couple years now.

My goodness, I will never forget you know Isis had just gone on its march. In fact, it was just given its name that summer and we were invited to go to Lebanon to lead a marriage conference and work with the church over there and all of our family and friends were like oh my goodness, you do not need to be going over there now. They weren't even recommending travelers from any of our side of the world going over there. He knew what was happening, but we felt led to go. We went to some either knew the area well was just amazed.

I'm one of my friends over here began to get counseling because she was so nervous about this purported new Isis.

The terror attack potential in over there. They were not only working on the front lines with the Syrian refugees. But as we went to those camps with them against devices in the background so I asked one of the pastors wives.

It was really sharp spoke for languages. She's from a Russian country and married a Lebanese guy so I think English was like her full-court language as you speak better than you both of his, anyway is 10 times smarter. But all that to say I said do you just live in fear every time you have to go through a checkpoint casino lots times car bombs went off. She just looked at me and said very casually. Well, we've just learned to trust God for protection and she said in about the same tone of voice that I would say well you know I just learn to buckle my seatbelt when I get ready to drive on the freeway and I just drew such strength and comfort from her, I just noticed the whole time we were over there and even though it was a little dangerous. I guess he felt nervous or anxious once and that's partly because of experience in around them. So I think that laughter is sort of the flag is flying over the castle and you recently experienced communication from her got back from her after Lebanon is going through a serious revolution. Again the shed where 40% unemployment right now and also the Cova crisis hitting thereto and causing even those problems to be on steroids. And yet, what was interesting.

I saved it because I found that I took great comfort from her email and it made me feel less anxious and asked think and what is this and I thought, it's probably the gift of perspective because of God's enough for her over there than I can surely trust him with my staff so that the email when we trade emails you known about a monthly basis, but she was just talking to her kids are teenagers now just talk about what interesting times were living in. He would've thought would have to go through this.

You know where all in lockdown is a much more serious lot down over there, but she said the only time we can go out to go for a walk so I go and get groceries and the rest of the time spent with home start listing some of the blessings that came out of it.

It's come with good blessings to be can spend more time together as a family has as a pastor we can do stuff that we never found time for and actually have more time to cook and sit around the meals. But what's interesting is she just started talking and this may become a laugh. She said always want to learn something new to satisfy a growing family bed about basically didn't like to cook, which is just for a Lebanese family that's just a no no. She says that when my doing today. I'm learning to cook all kinds of meals, the big entertainment every day for our children who like it.

She said are all teenagers now what am I cooking today so is not only the main meal and cooking at least two times a day plus snacks new and healthy desserts. And so it's like God's turn the clock back 100 years and families are learning how to love each other now. What's interesting is she follows that by some of the things that they're doing in their church. They're having to go online like everybody else, but then she alludes to what you said now that more than 40% of the Lebanese are unemployed.

Think about that 40% student not only the six-month revolution but now the economic crisis there about 50% of the Lebanese living below the poverty line, which is unusual.

We were over there was a very well educated, you know, very solid culture of 50%, now below the poverty line. Their churches try not only to help those families as well as the Syrian and Iraqi refugees suck listening for a hint of anxiety and or email it wasn't there when out and she because we continue to work hard and stay faithful to the work God's entrusted with us. He's a wonderful God father who never lets us down and I thought wow, there's a lot in that email, compassion, courage 11.

The family a little bit of humor cooking every day all day long. We all can relate to that. But there was no anxiety at the bottom line. It sounds like she just has faith she is. Just trust the Lord completely and totally in the midst of the crisis is to an international focus Maryland with the audacity to go there when they think about it. They've already been in turbulence the banks were shut down and it was tough and we would trade emails during the revolution so went to revolution. Now the Cova crisis. I think that I can make it through my anxieties a little better knowing that my dear friend, you know, is able to bear up under this over there and that is a Bible verse where Peter said, think about all of your brothers and around the world who are suffering and look at how they're handling there. So it's really great faith is another way we can diminish our own anxiety and have our faith increase and imagine she's given a sense of calm to her three teenagers and I imagine if I tell this story to our grandkids that I love hearing that the families over there doing the very same thing they are doing with just cooking and eating around the table and laughing Psalm and and God's gonna be enough.

We have one more segment and we want to talk at the beginning of that segment about the power of faith. Just reiterate folks that is the ultimate way you defeat anxiety and then will in the last segment over the last several minutes by praying for our listeners. Maryland will join me in doing so we been doing that the last several weeks. As a part of overcoming this crisis and I look forward to doing so. In just a moment with you.

I'm David Chadwick will be back everyone, I'm David Limited. 99 little children singing for Romeo God. How many children were filled with God because first, their mother introduced them to the living God of the universe. That was really partly my case and I know my wife Marilyn's in studio with me today.

Happy Mother's Day to you all in your mom was a great example to you as well of great faith and she's an invalid right now but just what one wonderful woman. She is great woman of faith see my daddy. I think moms just again have that wonderful opportunity of being with the children from the beginning.

So, a lot of faith comes from her mother's it just as a father to and we have tried to emphasize today how to overcome anxiety, especially as parents try to emulate faith for their children. We given some practical suggestions like your Ebenezer box, you know, store up memories from past ways God came through for you have little reminders around your house, try to find creative ways of teaching God's word to you children probably most often so they don't know that you're doing it but repeat it, do it often repeated and drip is like the drip campaign into their soul like Deuteronomy 6 that and take advantage of every opportunity.

Jemima a captive audience in the family and my gosh, all of our conversations.

It seemed like everything important took place in the van. I think they all accepted the Lord in in some version of want to carpool somewhere that even evangelism is that we laugh about it and you don't have to be honest I probably because we didn't have kids for a lot of years and even before that, I counted you know my story I went for a lot of years, never wanting to have anything to do with God didn't think having children be now that much fun. And God sorta captured my heart and then all kinds of things happened after that but I'll never forget a really astute children's worker one day telling me don't you dare underestimate the power of the child to have a strong faith and she said when your children are tiny and they start asking you about Jesus you be respectful to them and answer those questions, but also assume that they know what they're talking about and if they show signs of being willing to accept Jesus as their Savior, walking through that understanding what it means to be a sinner. You can do that on a child's level in understanding what it means to accept him and and leading them through that prayer and then kind of go back to that point with them as their growing older.

Remind him of that day because it's it take those prayers seriously and as I've grown as a mother noun is a grandmother I think little children are probably close to the heart of Jesus and we are. I know they are unless you have the child of the faith. Jesus is the best faceplate all times be you have you will not enter the kingdom of heaven and the good part of that is the faith of a child is a really strong thing can happen really early and I was talking to her daughter. He's now in her 30s. Do you remember when you accepted Jesus. It was in the car and we talked about and she said you know I don't member the exact place in the car you know where we were in the red but I can't remember it but I just knew that I had and so I think that was just that certainty from the early age on and and and like my friend told me you assume that they know what they're doing now.

Will Merrill before we pray for everyone today on Mother's Day. The bottom line is what parents need to do in order to help their children overcome anxiety and even in their own lives is develop their own faith, their own faith and when parents have strong faith, themselves, their children will hunger for what the parents have, especially mom. So our great encouragement today on Mother's Day is for all moms grandmom's already said everyone develop your strength and you straighten your prayer life so that your kids think that when you pray something happens now want my children to see their own prayers answered Nestlé would always can have a little game for let's keep watch. You know for specific answers to prayer, but I wanted them thinking that if they gave me a prayer request house on a be on it and then we would watch and see what God would do and then we would have some stories afterwards. God worked in and like I said some of his answered prayers became relics that taught that I tossed into the Ebenezer box is memories that if God did it once, he can work again and just like anybody when you have a Momento whenever you look at it, it re-brings back remind a remembrance of something have those little places all over your house and bring back those memories of how God was faithful, and during the Cova 19 crisis, folks you can say to your children.

Hey, let me point out that place over there were God was faithful to us and he was faithful, then he's going to be faithful to us now will make it through these very difficult days will happy Mother's Day to you thank you thank you for joining me on the show was always a pleasure having you on this. You are just being with you a lot and happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there for you and me 42 years of marriage in a week or so and wow that amazing putting up with me. Thank you. I really appreciate it and can we now in the show by praying for everybody out there, and folks. Please join us in this prayer together will heavenly daddy we know how much you love us and we know how much you care for us. It's seen in the evidence of you coming to be with us in Jesus and the death on the cross and the forgiveness of our sins is something that always grants us hope in our hearts we pray today. First of all, Lord, for those who have lost mothers over this last year. We pray that you would comfort them, and especially those who know their moms lived in great faith.

The hope that they will see their moms again.

First Thessalonians 413, that we who believe in you grieve differently than those who don't have hope. We have hope because we know will see our loved ones again. We pray for those who want babies who are infertile and they have is the greatest desire of their heart to have a child in Lord I asked Marilyn now to pray for those yes Lord, I was just thinking about those very women. I know some of you out there may be listening today that this kind of a bittersweet time. Your your thankful for your and moms that you want to be a mom and so I just pray that that that would give you great faith right now to sense his heart for you and that you would feel his warmth in his lab in it that she would that you would experience a healing miracle and that next year at this time you would have your own child. I just pray that specifically for somebody out there today. I pray Lord for women who may be listening to want to be married and want to be mothers. I pray that you would grant them the desires of their heart. They meet a special man.

They fall in love and like Marilyn just prayed that this time next year, they would be married and with the great hope and anticipation that they would be given the gift of children. I pray that Lord in your name to because I know that something you would will is not good for man or woman to be alone. You want us to understand the beauty of marriage while they wait, Lord, and this is true for all of us were all waiting for something while we wait on a pretty good open doors for us to reach into the heart of other people that need your life and for women. If we are life givers, we can do that with people that aren't even in children, so I've prayed every person out there, especially those of you that are waiting for something. Men and women that God will open the door, especially during this Cova time for you to reach into the heart or server share with somebody else that's in a best place there all kinds of ways that our life can be spread around right and what I've pray you be very creative in and allowing all of us to find ways to love and serve.

Even during this time of them a pandemic. Father I pray for every listener that none of us would ever get the Cova 19 disease. I just pray that in Jesus name that we would be protected.

Overseen by you and it just would not happen.

And for those babies who have already contracted it or who are feeling ill. Lord you would heal them because you are a healer, and I pray father that we would as parents give our children. One of the greatest gifts possible the gift of faith that they would see faith in our hearts how we are trusting you in everything, and they would have that own faith in their own hearts as well. And Lord, I just pray as we conclude this time together that you would use this show to honor women to honor mothers and to honor all people, especially those on the front lines of the Cova crisis. Those were fighting for other people to live medical care people pharmacist others like that. And again I pray a protective prayer over them that they would be overseen by you and no weapon formed against them will prosper. They will be more than conquerors. They walk in the power of your spirit and will always have hope in your heart Lord as we conclude this program.

Thank you again for all mothers out there. Happy Mother's Day to everyone, and thank you for being the God of the universe who gives us mother -like qualities here for us and I pray finally Lord that we would love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and Mike. That's the greatest gift we can give our children, our grandchildren see that kind of faith in us. We also love our neighbors as we continue to go through this time, faithful service. Thank you for this time together today. I pray the salt in the name of Jesus.

Thank you all for listening to all

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