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May 31, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Let's go places hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 1099. Three WB welcome to the show if you don't know this is a faith in value program that tries to intersect faith and values with what's going on all around us. I've been privileged to do this show now for over 20 years. Thank you WBT for this honor. Also, thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Perry's fine jewelry whose sponsorship of the show allows it to be on every single week.

Well we continue in the midst of this coronavirus a pandemic, people still anxious to have their lives return to normalcy were not there yet. We see all kinds of sniping going on between the state of North Carolina and Donald Trump and all kinds of issues that are occurring there that seem not to have an end at least in the foreseeable future, but we have to deal with what's going on folks and we are in the reality of a pandemic we are still laws. I largely shut down is in the state of North Carolina.

Our friends to the south and South Carolina have open things up more. We don't know if that opening up is going to cause a second wave or not we do see statistics that suggest that the vast majority of people who were dying by this at least 50% may be more are people who are eight elderly who are 65 and plus who have pre-existing conditions so we want to be sensitive to our neighbors who are a bit older, I guess that would include maybe meet other people who are listening right now.

We also want to return to some sense of normalcy and in order to do so with peace in our hearts filled with a mind of faith, we've got to be able to have an eternal perspective, and that's what I want to talk about today. It's a chapter in my most recent book entitled moving beyond anxiety, a book I wrote a year ago.

Not knowing the pandemic would break out and it's what I want to address today, but first before going there. I've asked my friend and producer Ed Billick if he would open up his mic, and share his experience this past Sunday where he looked on the website so that were available for worship and he actually went and worshiped it. Talk about your experience found a Catholic church not far from where I live a smaller church and attended there are 7 o'clock Catholic mass first-time non-10 weeks I've been watching different Catholic Church is mass online. Like a lot of us have a lot of us Catholics, but of course I found this and I didn't know what to expect. So you walk in and there is no no missile.

Let's no singing hymnals, but they ask you if you want to donate because it'll pass the basket. There's an offering place to put your donation and then you go in and every other pew was roped off so you get the social distancing of the church can only hold 75 people.

If under this new kind of scenario that I have only limited it to 75 right on what percent of the total that was so then in my pew euro, six, seven, 8 feet was a man and a wife and it was a Catholic mass like I was used to.

No singing and I don't know if that mass has required or not.

In the priesthood. A wonderful, wonderful job, a great sermon on the you know the sun was coming through the stained glass and I had a little tear in my that I was back in God's house worshiping and looking forward to receiving holy Communion. While you know Ed that we take so much for granted, don't we, and one of the things that have hit me during this virus pandemic and our inability to gather for worship is thinking about Hebrews 1025 where there's a command really do not forsake the assembling together of God's people. Believers in Jesus and there's also that Psalm that says, I was glad when they said to me let us go to the house of the Lord. I don't think I've ever understood David's statement.

I was glad when they said in the me let us go into the house of the Lord it before me in the church I pastor right now were shut down. We are meeting in a gym and all schools facilities have been closed down and community usage as well. So we don't have a home right now were nomadic and we can't come together not only because of the school situation, but simply because of the pandemic as well.

This gathering together with my friends and other believers.

I really miss that so because we're community people David were Eucharist.

They say we we all were created to be together, you know, Genesis 228 that is not good for man to be alone were supposed to be together with all those who love the Lord as well so I will never again take for granted. Being able to come together as God's people and and always have that picture of you in the pew with the sun coming through a stained-glass window and your tears flowing in your eyes down your cheeks going and I'm I'm glad to be back in worship. I'm glad to be able to take a look and Joseph was afraid to touch my face. You can't do that you interestingly the CDC in Atlanta also suggest that when churches come back together that they don't sing. The choirs don't sing the people don't sing because that's a way of project tiling potential viruses in the air within then let's play it over the sound system and you can hum along when you have to have music you have to and you know what I don't know if that's really a way that the virus is spread or not but you know what it surely suggest that when you worship together singing is an important part of worship. Ed Billick, David Chadwick here folks will he come back let's talk about developing an eternal perspective in your heart. It is in my opinion the major way to defeat worry, especially during a pandemic will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick in this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show we are many, but one you know were all in this together this crisis. This pandemic let's all work together for serving and loving one another so that we can get through this thing as soon as possible, and I've asked my friend and producer Ed Billick open up his microphone to talk with me for a second about a subject we both discussed before we went on air today and that's the whole subject of when people want you to wear a mask and you go, I want to wear a mask on macho I don't need where masking and you've encountered that as well.

Haven't you in it so you think what we need to do. David is everyone's coming from a different perspective. There was coming from a different background whether their German folds are not German folks. We ought not to be labeling people they know it's there. Their preference on what they want to do. Not the same time. You gotta be respectful of others.

Right. And you know, by wearing a mask.

I believe you are protecting others from what you may have or what you may not have the I think the bottom line on that is, if the mask is desired in the place where you're going, wear a mask and if it's not in your allow that personal choice, then choose wisely according to your own desires. I think the bottom line for me is your Jesus encapsulated the entire Old Testament in one phrase he said love God and love your neighbor. So one of the best ways you love. God is by loving your neighbor.

I know for me.

If you love my kids, you really are loving me because they are one of the things I love most in this world, along with my wife so a way of loving God is by loving your neighbor, so if you wearing a mask loves your neighbor well in the place were they like for you to wear a mask where mask is the way you love your neighbor, so make that folks a mantra throughout this pandemic. I'm choosing to love God and love my neighbor make fun and this is shame on me by make fun of people were in a mass whether driving a car. No one else is around the same time to preach, how to listen what I'm saying here is like that's their preference right okay the one where Paul Were balk at one were mask where mask okay so that's their preference and they have their own psychological and medical needs for something like that and it don't judge other people who make different decisions than you make.

If there people out there who are wearing a mask and you think how silly I don't need that, or in a spiritual way. I'm praying away this disease. I mean you don't be that kind of judgment on other people.

That's not your job and you don't know their life situation you don't know their medical condition you don't know their pre-existing conditions.

You don't know their physical vulnerabilities. You got to let people choose their own life and not judge because the moment you stand in judgment over another person, then you need to realize your operating in pride you're inviting them God to judge you for your pride and that's not a good thing. At a recent moment of hope one of the exact topic yeah is in the verse in James where were told to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord is so interesting.

We have a choice. We can either choose to humble ourselves, or we can choose. Let God humble us, and I've lived a lot of years on the side of eternity. I can tell you it is much better to choose your self to humble yourself rather than have God humble you, because God says it tends to be a little more harsh than I am when I choose to humble myself supposed to be judgmental and let people live their lives as they feel like they need to do it and let's pray together and work together that this pandemic ends ASAP. Let let's talk about developing an eternal perspective in our lives. You know, I've recently written a book entitled moving beyond anxiety.

If any of you listeners would like to get it go online, you can order through Amazon or any outlet. Its purpose is to help give us 12 practical suggestions on how to deal with anxiety and I don't know if you saw it this weekend but evidently anxiety related suicide hotline calls are up 800%. May I say that again people who are contemplating suicide have called suicide hotlines 800% more because their thinking about taking their lives and the root of why they are calling is anxiety so it's a huge problem in our culture. It was in existence before this particular pandemic started, we need to deal with it.

Not only now but in the future because we don't know how long this thing is going to last.

I am convinced in my book that probably one of if not the major way that we can deal with anxiety is in one of the chapters entitled develop an eternal perspective and I asking the book you how much would our anxiety diminish if we developed an eternal perspective on everything that happens to us if we looked at our problems from God's point of view, if we see God sitting on his throne, ruling over everything and we then try to rise up to where God is to look at all of the problems from God's perspective.

I wonder if anxiety wouldn't start to diminish more and more that there's a great verse in the Bible in Colossians 3 chapter 3 verse one if then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. It's an amazing verse where we are raised with Christ and actually seated with him on that throne overlooking all of our problems. All of the world's problems, and when we do so, our faith increases and we are allowed to give our problems to God it I'm convinced that when we give our problems to God. God says to us. I've got this and then we say to God, it's your deal and when we say it's your deal and God says I've got this. How many of our problems start to shrink in their magnitude because we realize the Lord God, Creator of the universe has this problem in his hands and he's working it together for good friend of the Catholic perspective of that verse is been used in the last couple weeks readings here as well as the acts coming off of the resurrection as we had to the ascension. Then today the Pentecost Sunday. Yeah, that was the Sunday when the Holy Spirit was poured out in power which is today yeah lives in us. The Holy Spirit of God, the very power of God lives in us. Romans 811 the very power that raised Jesus from the dead, now lives in us. What an extraordinary promise and then Colossians 32 goes on to say, well, if we are seated with Christ in the heavenly's looking at our problems from an eternal perspective, then set your mind on things that are above put your mind on God's throne, realizing he controls everything.

If we really believe that, would we not again see our anxieties shrink is an amazing thought. When you think about it, and it's something all of us should consider it something I'm convinced needs to be a part of our lives every single day.

Develop an eternal perspective.

It was interesting or we have been taking these last weeks and going through the different chapters this from other ways. Chapter 12 so you you can go back and listen to any of the podcasts and the last what five or six weeks will we have dug deep.

The deep dives into these chapters of David's book at 12 practical suggestions on how to renew your mind to think like God wants you to think because here's what I believe folks whatever you feel is being fed by a thought life.

Let me say that again. Whatever you feel is being fed by a thought life.

So how you think is what you will feel your cognitive abilities are affecting your feelings, so if you want to change your feelings of anxiety, then you got to change how you think.

It seems to me like what the Bible suggests over and over again is that our anxieties and fears are directly related to how much we really believe God is in control how much faith do we really have in the Lord being the one who controls everything in our lives. And if we truly believe that if we set our minds on his throne. If we focus on his reality of the eternal King of the universe, then it seems like we really think that the feelings of anxiety will begin to shrink because again we know that God's got this and we say to him, it's your deal. He says I've got this and it begins again to allow us to give our lives to him to focus on him and see this pandemic's reality seeks you know for for folks there watch the Cable News Network's CNN and Fox, MSNBC, all the different perspectives all the political discussions all the tit for tat and you consumed with that. No wonder that the anxiety and fear you have for the future is it it would drive you crazy. I I avoid all that I because I know what the harm they can do to a person not in your news guy and your asked from time to time here at WBT to sub and give news reports specially on the sports side, of course, but even on the new side you know this reality you if it bleeds it leads. So you try to get some kind of spectacular sensational story to lead with but it's often a story that bleeds because that's what grabs people's thought life folks.

You gotta be concerned about what you're allowing in your mind. If you're constantly hearing negative, fearful news reports either from WBT or from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, whatever may be your new source if it's causing your heart to feel fear if it's increasing your anxiety and that's what they do. The purpose of news is to grab your attention, but they have to have a spectacular often fear filled story to grab your attention.

That's what will then cause your anxiety to increase in order to stop it but everything is breaking news when you never grown up breaking news was the space shuttle blubbered Kennedy assessed her major events, but now everything is breaking news. Why is that within a 24 hour news cycle.

Everything is breaking news and it's in order to get a listener or viewer to watch or to listen. It's for the purpose of hooking the person the audience into the new source and that's the whole reason they do spectacular new breaking perspectives as opposed to external or the eternal perspective, the divine perspective they're not giving the eternal perspective there giving what we call the bad news and what I would say to everyone is go higher, make sure you go higher. I went parasailing once with Marilyn and we went way high and here's what we decided. The higher we got the smaller everything below got folks if you'll just go higher with God if you go to seat with him in the heavenly's if you'll just get an eternal perspective your own problems. Even this pandemic will begin to get smaller and smaller and smaller. Why, because you know God is said to you.

I've got this and you said to God, it's your deal may I ask you to do that with all of your life's problems, but especially with this pandemic.

Develop an eternal perspective, say, God, this is your deal here.

God say to you, I've got this and watch your anxiety decrease as you go higher.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures beside still waters. He restores my soul. Psalm 23 verse one. Do you really believe the Lord is your shepherd today. Folks, because when you do you know this shepherd will shepherd you well and will care for you and will solve all your fears.

That's the belief that we have in an eternal God, and what I'm doing during this program today with my dear friend, Ed Billick, the producer of the show with me hero news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT is looking at an eternal perspective is one of the chapters in my recent book entitled moving beyond anxiety. It's 12 practical suggestions on how to overcome anxiety and fear in your life, developing an eternal perspective is absolutely key.

It's a sensual to do so and when you go hi and seat yourself with Christ on his throne in the heavenly's and then you say to him you know what Lord here's my problem.

You take it. He says I've got this and then you say it's your deal. Amazingly, anxiety starts to shrink in your heart because you know he's carrying this you know he's got this. The coronavirus is in hand God's hands. He is carrying this he's overseeing it.

He oversees all of history. Every single moment in history is overseen by God on his throne. And when you develop an eternal perspective and see got on his throne.

Anxiety starts to shrink David you some personal meaning been in ministry for many years many many years to have personal experiences where you've seen this play out.

Let me go first of all, it had to certain biblical example that stands out in my mind I'm really it's found first fall in Jeremiah 27 verse six, where God says that he's going to use Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, who was an evil godless King as quote unquote my servant to judge the Israelites and that seems so odd.

For those of you who know the Bible and the book of Habakkuk God comes to Habakkuk the prophet and says I'm going to do something so amazing, so incredible, it is going to blow you away, and Habakkuk says oh please tell me what it is I'll believe whatever you tell me and God says no you won't believe what I'm going to tell you and what I'm going to do a back because all I really will believe it. Please tell me and God says okay I'm going to use the godless King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians as my instrument to come judge your godlessness in the back excess, I don't believe it.

If such an amazing reality that God would take a godless King like Nebuchadnezzar in and in Jeremiah 27 six call him my servant. But here's the point. God uses everything and everyone for his purposes. All things work together for good for those who love God because God is using everything according to his divine plan. He even use Nebuchadnezzar as his instrument to judge the Israelites and called him my servant now.

What's interesting is in Isaiah 44 and 45. Cyrus became the King over all the world at that point he was a Persian king, and God used Cyrus as his instrument to judge Nebuchadnezzar and God calls Cyrus in Isaiah 44 and 45 as my appointed 160 God appointed Cyrus as his instrument to do his work against Nebuchadnezzar whom God chose to use as his instrument against the Israelites. The point being, this God can and does use anything and everything for his divine purposes infected you gave me something that I want to read right now is absolutely fascinating. What might God be doing with the coronavirus right now. Got this from one of my friends from our Curcio group, which is a Catholic men's group in the Old Testament, but the go-ahead here. Yeah, I do so I guess ask the question what God might be doing with the COBIT 19 crisis is on the throne. He uses everything for good.

Even Nebuchadnezzar even Cyrus.

What might he be doing this is what your friend wrote in three short months, just like he did with the plagues of Egypt. God has taken away everything we worship God said you want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums you want to worship musicians. I will shut down civic centers you want to worship actors, I will shut down theaters you want to worship money, I will shut down the economy and collapse the stock market, you don't want to go to church and worship me. I will make it where you can't go to church at all. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

That's a verse from Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14. He then went on to say maybe we don't need a vaccine. Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and have a personal revival where we focus on the only thing in the world that really matters. Jesus's interest is powerful and I think he's making a great point you know it's interesting, we all believe in God we trust God and as were waiting for something it gets really hard. None of us likes to wait. We like to pray and have God say yes immediately and then move forward. But oftentimes God says no wait, I'm putting you in the waiting room and you got to wait upon this answer, and I'm convinced that when we have to wait God reveals our idols like no other time when were forced to just sit and be God brings to the surface. All those things upon which we depend like entertainment like musicians like athletics, like the theater like the stock market and money all those things that we depend upon rather than him.

He brings those to the surface and we have to do an ugly stare and say you know what my life has been rooted in that stuff and not in the Lord in this time of waiting this time of isolation is forcing me to come to grips with that.

You know it.

Interestingly, in the winter months on a farm, all those stones that are deep below the surface are brought to the surface by the cold air, but with her brought to the surface, the farmer has to walk out in the spring and take those stones and throw them away. Then to plow the land in order to get the seed planted in order to enjoy the harvest later on. That's what God I think doing now to with a lot of us he's forcing us in our winter time in isolation and loaned for those rocks of idolatry. Those things we worship instead of him to come to the surface and we now have a chance to pick them up, throw them away and let God plow our hearts and plant the new seeds of faith that will bloom a harvest of joy, peace and righteousness in the months and years to come.

You know, so how do we fill our time before not watching sporting events or theaters or movies and all that it is very interesting that the two most popular items right now that they can keep in the stores or puzzles and bicycles I've ever visited a bicycle shop and almost out of bicycles and point being is families are coming together riding their bikes in the neighborhood and I know my wife and daughter love putting puzzles together it's it's an activity with brings people together and then you sit on the show. The May because without the pollution of their planes and all that the sky is prettier, the birds are chirping. Maybe that's just us appreciating God's beauty in nature. When we have this time alone.

We have the opportunity to go deep in the Lord and I would encourage everyone to do what you're talking about have family time with puzzles, bike rides, whatever that might be talk with those kids are not had a chance to talk to before. Get to know them better, but also use this chance to open up God's word read the Scripture. Many people tell me I'm just so busy and have time to read the Bible you got time.

Now listen to some podcasts from people who help expound upon the scripture it helps your heart grow in faith you have time now to do things you didn't have to do and you can really develop that heart of faith like you've never had that chance before God is in control develop an eternal perspective.

Let me give another illustration it.

I was at the beach last week celebrating 42 years of marriage drive a lot as Marilyn was.

He's the best friend I've ever had and I love her so much. We were with my son Michael and his wife, Cassie, will my son Michael is trying to train for the Olympics and most people know the limits got postponed for a year so he got caught in a real difficult situation of having to put off for another year that training regimen that so hard for Olympic athletes and a Michael is a great kid and a wonderful guy in 2016. He tried out for the Olympic team and he was seated. Fifth and that would've gotten him into the Olympic team had he finished fifth in the hundred free well as he was doing the hundred free. He dove in, and this was in the quarterfinals.

He had an accident that had never happened before. Hasn't happened since his arm spread out and he couldn't make it to the end in the right time so he didn't have the chance to make the team. Even though everybody in the world thought Michael had a chance to make the team. He was devastated. You can imagine training the amount of hours that athletes train and inhabit all stripped away in one second and then have to wait for another four years to try out again is just amazing. Michael was devastated but he went to his faith he went to his eternal perspective. He was sitting know what God's in control. I got to trust him in this. He drove back from Omaha where the trials were to Missouri Columbia where he was in school and the next night he met a lovely little girl by the name of Cassie Delia and they fell in love and there they been married now for two years and in watching them last week.

This level each other and care for one another. He even said it himself, you know, dad had I made the Olympic team. I would not have met Cassie and I would not be with the love of my life right now. So here's the question is God in control. Does God see something that we don't see when there's pain and difficulty when there is a misstep in Olympic trial when you're going through pandemic is got on his throne.

Hey folks develop an eternal perspective, trust him and to say to God, it's your deal with this problem and hear God say back to you.

I've got this and then have peace in your heart. I David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome back to the show. If you'd like to hear this program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear this show on developing an eternal perspective as a way to solve anxiety, especially during this pandemic. I think it can help you all.

It's a part of a book I've written called moving beyond anxiety. It's chapter 12. In fact, over the last weeks we been covering each chapter. In order to help us all overcome anxiety and to live peacefully and in the joy of the Lord. Also, if you like to hear this program is going to be aired at 12 noon today. WBT's been gracious on Sundays.

Now, to repeat the program at 8 o'clock.

Then at noon. Also, if you'd like to hear my own worship service online, go to moments of hope again moments of Hope and we have the services on at nine and 11. In fact I'm dealing with today.

This whole idea of developing an eternal perspective. Trying to help people have their faith in God and then alleviate anxiety themselves. Ed Billick is with me today. He has an open mic. It is been fun talking to people about the desire to develop a heart of faith and to go high to an eternal perspective. And when people do that it does indeed increase faith, doesn't it sure does David need to know is, as we produce the show or a mixer on schedule time went very quickly today for some reason, probably because the content was so rich and compelling. Well thank you and I appreciate that you know from a biblical perspective. It reminds us over and over again that God's on his throne. He controls everything and when we trust him from that eternal perspective. Anxiety will decrease in our hearts. And I know for my own life situations when I trusted the Lord my own anxiety decreases. Let me give you another personal illustration I played the University North Carolina basketball and after that I got a contract in Europe and I played in Europe for three years I signed to go back and play 1/4 year I came back and was working at the University of North Carolina basketball camp and I got a telegram from my team in Europe that said basically they were voiding my contract they were signing somebody else will. It was a devastating moment. You know you work so hard all your life to have a career and to play well and suddenly it's gone and I had to sit down and go okay what's next and I then began to develop an eternal perspective and trusted God with the next steps will I asked Coach Smith my college coach that point if he had anything he could help me with.

He said no but you know John lots but my assistant coaches now at the University of Florida and I was recruited out of Orlando Florida and he said maybe you should call John and see if he has anything for you. Well I did and Johnson you know Dave Vardy promised my internship to another person. I don't have anything available but if something should happen.

I'll call you right back. Will the next day John calls me right back and says you know the guy that I promise. The graduate assistantship to just came into my office and said he really doesn't want it. He wants to pursue something else.

Do you want it and I said I think so. So I got in my car and drove to Gainesville Florida immediately. John and I sat down I we started thinking about what graduate study could I do and I mean were in July and the courses were going to start in August. I said will coach I've always been interested in counseling. Maybe I could do something there and Johnson will you know where in July. It's going to be really hard to get you into a graduate counseling program, but the chair of the counseling graduate program here at the University of Florida is one of my good friends. He called him up.

He came immediately over he said to me you know David it really is hard to get in our program. We only accept 1/1000 applications and I went golf I don't know what to do and he said, but then again I'm the chairman of the program and I can do whatever I want to do so. He pulled some strings and got me in the program. Bottom line it after two years of a graduate counseling degree. I felt God's call in the ministry in my undergraduate degree was in communications my graduate degree was in counseling going in the ministry. One of the two things you need to do.

Learn how to listen or not a talk. I then went into ministry and then after the end of my first year in seminary, I met this beautiful young woman named Marilyn on a blind date and I know most my friends say she must in blind married you and we got married and here we are 42 years later, three kids, seven grandkids and all because that contract was voided in Europe and what looked as an awful experience at that time was really the right experience because the delay in going to graduate school than the seminary allowed me to wait long enough for Marilyn, then to graduate from college.

She's six years younger and I am and the meat and the Mary and have a great life. To him it was David's David is him well.

God's rejection is my protection or some about appointment and all. Yes, the other one is the disappointment is God's appointment. Disappointment is God's appointment so we really believe that rejection is God's protection rejections God's redirection. We also believe that life's disappointment is God's appointment. The truth is we have to look at life from God's perspective.

We got to trust him that he's got everything in control again like we said throughout this program today. It had that we say to God with our problems, it's your deal. God says to us with our problems. I've got this we really believe that we believe God sovereign over history sovereign over our lives. History is his story, God's story we find our story in his story. He wants to fit it all together and he is if we just trust him today and all days.

That's the message we try to get people to date. Develop an eternal perspective. When you do so peace comes to your heart and you are filled with the joy of the Lord like never before. Yes, you can have that kind of peace even amidst this pandemic. If you develop an eternal perspective hear God say I've got this and then you say to God, it's your deal. Give it to them casted on them and let him carry the problem he's willing and able to do so much better than we are at.

Thanks for being with me.

Today's been a pleasure to serve us and let's pray to get together right now and lift up our listeners before the Lord.

Heavenly daddy Poppa father in Jesus name I come to you.

You are the one I know is my personal Lord and Savior. And I know that through you. I can pray to the father and ask anything and I now intercede in prayer for all of those who are listening right now. I know many people are carrying many bird especially because of this pandemic. They're worried about their retirement plans the word about their jobs.

The worry about being able to feed their families. They're worried about simply having significance in this world and I pray Lord Jesus that you would touch every listeners heart right now and you would give them an eternal perspective, they could literally see you right now visibly sitting on the throne overseeing all of creation controlling everything by your divine sovereign plan. Oh Lord, could every person right now. Take their problems and cast them upon you. Could we all go higher and higher and see our smaller, our problems become smaller and smaller and as we do so we sit on the throne with you and look down and see you know you got this and we can literally say to you, I'm relinquishing it to you and the Lord we just trust you with everything right now.

We pray for those who have experienced the pain of a loved one who's died from the coronavirus give them your peace.

Let them know that you're in control of every life here on the side of eternity for people who may be ill right now with Cova. 19. I pray could heal him in Jesus name give their bodies a supernatural strength right now and let them feel your power and Lord. I also pray for anyone listening today, who is worried to the point of thinking about suicide. Please don't do it.

These don't do that. Call the suicide hotline go high. Know that God loves you, cares for you and really does want to give you a new life.

Trust him when you do.

There is a hope that will fill your heart and you will know that life still has meaning and purpose. Thank you Lord for helping us today to learn how to develop an eternal perspective. When we do so we really do relinquish our cares to you, and we see you carrying everything all of our concerns.

Every part of history. This is your world. You created so I finally pray Lord that we will learn how to love you better with all our heart, souls, minds, and might and that we also would love our neighbor. We would wear a mask if we have to or not we would love our neighbors because you call us to do so as well. And when we do so, we've never been more like you to thank you for this program. Thank you for the sponsors of the show. Thank you for the ability to speak. I praise you in Jesus name, amen. Everyone talk with you all next week

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