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The David Chadwick Show, 6/7/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick
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June 7, 2020 9:15 am

The David Chadwick Show, 6/7/20

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 for 99 three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect different issues in our culture look globally through the lenses of faith and values. It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis. Many thanks to Perry's fine jewelry and Ruth Chris steakhouse for their sponsorship of the show without your sponsorship. I could not do this on a weekly basis now over 20 years it's been such a great ride again thank you all well. I've been going through a recent book that I wrote entitled moving beyond anxiety and we been looking at different chapters over the last several weeks trying to help us all deal with the anxiety of the covert crisis and that has produced a great deal of anxiety. I noticed the other day that suicide calls to suicide hotlines since the Cove in 19 crisis had started have increased by 800%. Yes, folks, you heard me right 800%. You see, anxiety has now gasoline poured on it with the covert crisis but also now you add the racial dilemma and the racial tensions and it's just one anxious nation in which we live. So today I'm to take a break from the chapters in the book on anxiety and let's talk about what's going on in our nation around us in our city for Charlotte has been in the national news as one of those cities that had an incident this past week that caused real strife and tension between the police and protesters so I thought it would be appropriate to look at what's going on today through the lenses of faith and values. I've asked my friend and producer Ed Billick to open up his microphone for this conversation that were going to have together and hopefully at the end of this hour. This program repeated at 12 PM for the purpose of those of you who might miss it at 8 AM on Sunday morning you'll have a faith and values perspective on what's going on today Ed, thank you for an open mic. It's good to see you again, David. I look forward to this every week as we share some thoughts together. Yeah, the crisis of racism began in the Bible in Genesis chapter 3 of Genesis 1 and two is the story of creation, God created a garden of Eden. The word Eden means paradise in which he planted Adam and Eve and people ask me all the time why did God create me in the basic reason is God created you to be an extension of his love that as Christians believe there is one God in three persons, father, son and Holy Spirit. They all perfectly love one another. It's a mystery for sure but that's what the Bible clearly teaches, and God created humanity to extend out that love that the father-son Holy Spirit new among one another. So Adam and Eve perfectly loved God and they perfectly loved one another that that's the essence of why God created them to love God and to love one another, but in Genesis 3. Something tragic happened. There was a fall, a rebellion against God by Adam and Eve decided to replace God on the throne of their hearts with themselves being on that throne and everything was negatively impacted creation was impacted their relationship with one another was impacted and then in Genesis 4 you see the first real evidence of what's called the fall in the Bible how sin and selfishness had consumed parts.

Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel and Cain hated his brother and he killed his brother. The first murder.

In the Bible was between Cain and Abel.

It was the result of the fall is because the heart was consumed with more hate than love and we saw the evidence of the fall in the murder of Cain killing Abel and that's why it I believe with all my heart that were presently experiencing in America is not a skin problem.

It's a sin problem is the condition of the human heart is what's going on with in us what happened to George. Floyd was racism. I have a lot of my friends keep asking me the question prove that it was racism. We don't know we don't know what was really going on in his heart. Was it a white on black crime, a police officer who had power invoking that power upon a very vulnerable man. We don't know what was going on in the police officers heart. We do know that he is sinful, just like we all are and if you allow that sin to be exacerbated to the point of murder, then that is completely and totally wrong.

So the first murder. In the Bible was in Genesis 4, right after the fall in Genesis 3 and we need to address that as being the real problem. Here's a phrase I use at all the time.

The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart.

The heart of the matters a matter of the heart. The real problem here is the condition of the human heart David until he worked looking forward to this next hour in order to get the very different aspects and you take us right back to the beginning and end your perspective. Through the Bible is just very enlightening. Well, there is a reason that we who are Christians believe Jesus came into this world. The father sent the second person of the Godhead.

The side purpose of Christianity into this world to replace the condition of the human heart. The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart. So what God wanted to do was to change the human heart.

He wanted to fill it, not with hate, and selfishness. But with love and giving and when we realize that folks we realize. Why were here. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk 1110 WBT 99, three will be right back :-) when I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WB the welcome back to the show with all the racial divide that is surrounding us with all the hatred and vitriol. All this being evidenced on television and through social media. It makes many of us just so I go, what in the world is going on, but it should not surprise us that hearts that are unleashed without love will hurt one another and that's what happened in Genesis for the first evidence of the fall of humanity. When Cain hated his brother and killed his brother Abel. It was because of the fall that happened in Genesis 3.

The human heart that no longer placed God on the throne, but placed ourselves on the throne what the fall did was put little hate in our hearts and not love in our hearts and what God wanted to do in sending Jesus into the world was to solve the condition of the human heart because the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart unless you change the heart you'll never change a society you'll never change a culture. So we have throughout the Old Testament. After Cain killing his brother Abel all different kinds of evidences of hatred and strife, and evil, and murder.

None of it.

You heard a message in your Catholic Church last week from your father about how everyone put themselves into tribes if if if someone was not like you did not think like you did not act like you did not believe what you believe they were your enemy and there is hatred involved in. That's to your point that would cause a lot of these tribal wars. These conflicts did the hatred to death and incurred it all up. That's all Old Testament stuff and people say what the Old Testament is all killing and strife and anger and bloodshed. Where was God's will. It is, and God was there but what were trying to do is we read the Scripture from God's perspective is to see this is what happened when nations go awry, bent on their own selfishness. The kind of anger and strife that were presently experiencing is seen throughout the Old Testament as Israel hated the for listings of listings hated Israel and Edom hated Israel. Israel hate the Edomites is just throughout the whole Old Testament people hating people and I think what God does just to say this is the evidence of what happens when Genesis 3 is exponentially increased around the world in Genesis 3 and that kind of environment existed in 2020.

It has employees, romper, anti-trunk, then you are this than you are.

That and I hate your people and you hate my people that the vision is just so visible on social media so visible in the news so visible on the streets this week. It's everywhere and it's been evidenced in our city called Charlotte. Our beloved Queen city and what we believe as Christians is God's all the condition of the human heart and knew that it wasn't going anywhere except to continually experience anger and resentment against one another, and so God so loved the world, dead.

John 316.

He so loved this world he created this world for us to love him, and the love one another. He so loved the world he sent Jesus into the world so that we would go to him and see his death on the cross, the price God's willing to pay for the forgiveness of our sins. And when we accept that forgiveness, then the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit enters our hearts and he is the holy spirit of love that God replaces that very angry very selfish very hate filled human heart with his love, which was original intent what he desired with Adam and Eve in the garden in Genesis 1 and two, that they walk and even walk in paradise walk in the garden in a relationship with him and relationship with one another that was filled with perfect love how you define Christianity or any religion that is like what Christianity I think is the major difference between Christianity and the world's other religions. Is this word called grace and that we have a relationship with God not based on what we do, but based on what's been done for us through Jesus and that gift of grace, forgiveness is the uniqueness of the Christian faith that the other world religions. Every single one talk about what we must do to earn God's favor to earn his acceptance. The only faith in the world juxtaposed against all the others is the Christian faith. This is we can't do it. We have a condition in our human hearts that don't allow us to earn God's favor. We therefore must receive it as a free gift by grace through faith.

And what Christian should do is to receive this gracious gift, knowing it so unique and different than any other world perspective and then live in a way that we love God and love our neighbor in such a profound way. Everybody wants to know this Jesus because they know the answer to all the world's problems is to love one another in in John 1334 and 35 Jesus said these powerful words he he said to his disciples the night before the cross the night before he went to die. By this, will the world know that you were mind. By the way you love one another, that the way Christians should love one another invites the world to say I want what you've got.

I love that because it's the only answer, and that's what Jesus wanted to have happen. And the only definition of love in the Bible is in first Corinthians 13 four through seven.

A lot of couples have had this section of scription or read it, their marriages, but it says love is patient, love is kind love is not jealous. Love is not rude. Love does not seek its own way. Love bears all things, endures all things, believes all things, and there's this great phrase that Paul wrote love never fails. And again. It's a great passage for how to live in a marital relationship with your beloved and you have a friend said something one time that I think is very interesting when Sherrod injected never letting this fall after the Osa after the wedding ceremony. Deacon Jack start thinking of giving you some kudos here comes up that I said it was beautifully good that you did the home that he does it. Always remember this in marriage. If you have a choice of being right or being kind, the kind and David goes to your point around coming well and and some translations translate first Corinthians 13 with another phrase that says love does not seek its own way and I love that because when you love another person.

You will not demand to be right. You will demand to be kind and that's the point you're trying to make here is not only true in marriages. It's true in our nation and how we should live with one another, you may not agree with another person you know. You may think you're right. The first step is to be kind towards the other person understand where they're coming from, but still as you and your show every week here on WBT well.

His Jesus followers ask him to basically put the law and the prophets into a nutshell, that the law and the prophets is basically the whole test and you say Jesus and love God with all your heart, soul, mind in mind and love your neighbor as yourself, or even to condense it even further. Jesus said love God and love your neighbor if you just want to know why Jesus came.

It was to reconnect us with an unabashed wholehearted love for the father but then let that love that we have toward God express itself in our love toward our neighbor. I have something interesting always say to people you having done ministry for 40 years I've been able to touch some lives. I'm so appreciative of that people will come to me occasionally and say look I want to express to you a thanks for how you've touched my life.

What can I do for you and I always say do something nice for my kids love that which I love most in the world where in Genesis 127. We are said to have the image of God stamped on our lives as to what God loves the most. Here in this world is you and me, humanity, our neighbors, and so if we want to love God were asking the question that how can I just love God will love that which he loves most in the world.

Love your neighbor that person next door to you on that person who works with you that person in the inner city. You might be really struggling right now and that person around the globe is going to really difficult times just have a heart filled with love, that were not going to ever cause the kingdom of love to come to this earth on this side of eternity until Jesus comes back, but were to work for it were to advance the kingdom of love. That's the job description of every Christian, every faith filled follower of Jesus, and I think every person on this side of eternity are demand our job description is to love God and love our neighbor locally and globally, and when you do that you you got a lifetime's worth of work to do. I also conclude with that phrase it that means you don't ever have to go to somebody and say I'll have anything to do today, you'll always have something to do today because there's always a need that your neighbor has, maybe it's just a text to your neighbor. This is him thinking of you and praying for you know maybe it's a phone call to a family member that you haven't had a chance to talk to for a while.

Just saying hey I love you I care for you. I'm thinking of you. Maybe it's getting in your car and driving to somebody that you knows a shot in somebody doesn't have any human touch and I love the story. The little kid who, in the middle of the night awakens and there's a thunderstorm and he scared and mommy comes in and says oh, are you alright and he says oh Mommy I'm scared and mommy says all son.

Always remember, Jesus is with you and he responds, but mommy I need Jesus with skin on right now the truth is, it's not enough sometimes to say to people, Jesus is with you, Jesus, with skin on is what some people need. They haven't had a human touch. Haven't had a human encounter for maybe days, maybe even weeks, maybe your Jesus with skin onto that person going to that person and carry for that person loving that person. That's all part of loving your neighbor.

There's always a neighbor you can love you always have something to do in God's job description.

Though many of us enjoy the neighborly community Eucharistic celebrations in church gatherings and Sunday services.

David, it's been a drive 10 weeks. How do we how do we stay connected well to your point reaching out to others but to me it's it's get to get your prayer life really in order yeah prayer is key. Prayers essential. Interestingly, you pointed out to me an article in the Wall Street Journal this week about the science of prayer. The Wall Street Journal is set your newspaper has something called the science of prayer in it and then has a follow-up article were a bunch of people writing about their powerful experiences through prayer, so prayers the way to connect to God. So if you want to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and might spend some time in prayer. Take all that pressure off your shoulders, give it to the Lord and let him carry it.

But then the expression of loving God in human ways here on this side of eternity is also loving our neighbor.

Maybe put on a mask and go see your neighbor or maybe you can have some places of social distancing and still love your neighbor. Just make sure you love God and love your neighbor.

That's why Jesus came to give us a heart filled with love not hate for folks. After all, the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart, my name is David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show if you like to hear this program in its entirety. There's a podcast available to you. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end. As we try to talk about what's going on in our culture and how do we respond to the anger and vitriol that exist especially from black people toward others in our culture, where they feel like they have been mistreated by the police and how we look at that through the lenses of faith and values. That's what I'm trying to do today and it you know.

Interestingly, in light of the killing of George Floyd. I do believe it was murder at some level there's a second-degree murder charge now on him. I did the a police officer who did this to him do it intentionally because of race.

We don't know we don't know what was in his heart about. We certainly know it was violent and awful. We would also say that we believe the protests that have looted and destroyed businesses is awful.

I we believe Galatians 6, seven, that you will reap what you so if we so those kinds of seeds of violence in our community.

We will have an exacerbated violence that will return to us.

We also need to state very clearly I and we had different police officers on this show and heads off cities that we respect greatly. The vast majority of our police officers who really do see their call from God as a desire to protect and serve our communities and we want to thank all of those out there that do that every single day. In fact, I was talking to one police officer recently mustered what you do most he said change tires as he drives around and sees cars pulled off that have flat tires. He pulls off and changes tires for people and we just don't see that we don't hear about that.

There are some bad police officers who do things like this police officer to George Floyd. Just like there are bad ministers who reflect poorly upon my calling as I've tried to operate honorably and live a life that's above reproach for all my years in my marriage to Marilyn now for 42 years, raising three good kids who all of the Lord have seven grandkids that are just magnificent. You know my old joke there. If I know grandparenting was so much fun. I do skip parenting altogether.

But the truth is I've tried to live my life above reproach, but there are some bad ministers out there who have used the church for their own financial gain or have slept with somebody other than their spouse and it's godless and reprobate even at something I don't like but just a few shouldn't cast a negative aspersion upon the many and there a few police officers who cast negative aspersions upon the many we honor our police officers today your folks every morning here at WBT. David does a moment of hope and of the privilege also recording those moments of hope and there's just in years and years of just great advice.

This past this past week, or coming up at no I think it is this coming week. You talk empathy yeah and let's let's dig deeper into the whole premise of empathy you bet it.

It really is rooted in the Bible where you doing to others as you would want it done unto you. James II chapter. It's called the royal law in the Bible.

Interestingly, it is one of the teachings in the Bible that shared among the major religious groups of the world. So there's a natural instinctive image of God reality that all of us have stamped on our hearts that we should treat other people the way we want to be treated and one of the phrases that I've often used in these racial tensions is this phrase.

Empathy is the pathway to progress it really is the royal law. It's saying that I want to understand other people's perspective to help me grow want to do onto others as has been done unto me again.

Empathy is the pathway to progress so I would encourage invite all of our white listeners right now to find a black friend. Now if you don't have a black friend. This part of the problem because we need to interact and we need to celebrate each other's lives. Part of what I've been doing the last couple weeks is calling, texting, a lot of my black friends and just saying hey, help me understand what you're feeling right now you know if you want to have a bad marriage.

Have your wife say to you husbands will. This is what I'm feeling and then you say to them I don't care what you're feeling. That's a bad thing to do. That will only enlarge the problem in your marriage. Will the same thing is true in relationships and ask your black friends. What are you feeling and then if they tell you what they're feeling, don't say want to kill your feeling what you're doing is wrong.

No, listen to their feelings. Try to understand what's going on within them. Empathy is the pathway to progress and and I did that one time with a very learned African-American friend of mine and he took me back into history, and he shared with me how when the Constitution was written. They were trying to get unity in order for to be ratified and the only way they could get unity with the southern states was to admit that Blacks were 3/5 human, can you believe that folks that that was a part of the original unity of agreement regarding our Constitution. Now those who didn't believe that felt like they had to give into it, thinking that all of the constitutional language about equality in all people created equally under the sun. All of that kind of stuff would eventually eradicate slavery from our nation. But that's how a lot of African-Americans were looked at. When our Constitution was formed that that's back in 1789. I didn't realize that. And then he went on to share with me. Other ways that prejudice expressed itself in our nation that those years there after the constitutional ratification.

Slavery wasn't eliminated, it became stronger and stronger, especially in the South that two of our major cities in the Northeast, Washington DC and Philadelphia were built on the backs of Blacks who were brought in for cheap slave labor and then then you look at our Civil War there were 600,000 people killed in order to have Blacks be free. Now that's America's the only nation on the face of the earth where there's been a civil war where we have lost 600+ thousand of our own soldiers to free people from slavery. Now that's a good thing, but what happened after the Emancipation Proclamation and after the war was over all the Jim Crow laws and let people, especially the South who didn't want to give Blacks equality and you have those Jim Crow laws expressed in our nation for the next decades and even though there was equality expressed by law. Equality didn't exist in our nation so we have dealt with that kind of racial prejudice for years and and you know I love to go into Wilmington, North Carolina. We love the beach there. It's just beautiful and the history of Wilmington's unbelievable after the Emancipation Proclamation. Wilmington became a model city in America for Blacks and whites living together at the turn of the 20th century. Around 1896 to 1900 there was a black mayor in Wilmington that most of the city councils, black 48% of the population was black and they were living together well. Then all of a sudden a band of whites decided they didn't like it they didn't like the fact that they were equal with other people.

They wanted power and control, other than over the Blacks so a group called the red shirts came together, and they started killing Blacks.

In fact, that one evening black officials went down to the docks were many of the Blacks working and said to the stevedore you need to go home. Something awful is going to happen. They said oh no we live together well here in the city. Well, the Richards came and I think 70 Blacks were immediately killed.

Racial strife broke out. The mayor was overthrown. Blacks were driven out of the city were today. Only 18% of Wilmington is black and Wilmington stands as a an example of all kinds of racial segregation that exist because of the human heart and Blacks and whites who were living together as a model city people pointing to Wilmington North Carolina as a model city for racial equality. Existing turned around because people in their hearts just could not accept Blacks and African-Americans as equal under themselves as even stories that sums I share that I don't know if they're true or not, that they actually put the heads of Blacks who'd been decapitated on poles in the city to remind them that whites had supremacy over them.

So it's just so sad to hear those kind of stories and and things like redlining were neighborhoods were put aside in cities and redlined in supermarkets and medical care and other things could be given to that part of the city because the city Council, who were white said no that part of the area doesn't get basic help basic human needs and that kind of thing happened the Blacks they know what they remember it. So therefore they have this since they can never break through the justice arenas of America and that's a part of their experience at this a part of their heart and advice. My thought is simply the date we need to understand that you know that it's all a lot of our listeners. We have listeners from many walks of many faiths listen to your show or week or just asking themselves were nowhere is that evil come from, I mean there such such things is to me minor evil were were called venial sins. But this kind of outright evil and were seeing attune some of these Proto's were there beautiful protests, rightfully so, that also. Violence breaks out where Z evil to come in the heart of the matter is a matter of the heart and any we we have all of us a sin nature, a part of us that selfish that's prideful that wants to feel like were better than other people and because of that we express it often times in hatred and even violence. And that's why we need a higher power, a greater love within us that will allow us to place that anger and that vitriol that hatred on the backboard burner in biblical language crucified, kill it and let love flow through our hearts to one another only hope I have is the love of God in us, that will allow the races to come together, sit down and listen to one another. Listen African-Americans in the prejudice they have experienced in our nation. The profiling that some African-American men have felt we don't have that is, whites try to understand doing to others as you would have it done and do you.

Empathy is the pathway to progress. It's one small step in trying to bring us together in love, I'm David Chadwick will be right back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WB welcome back to Joe. If you're listening now. During the 8 o'clock hour.

The show will be repeated at noon. If you'd like to hear it again or tell your friends please to listen so that we can come together and somehow be one as a nation and forget this strife that divides us and be healed and learn how to love one another. I do want to mention that my belief is that a lot of this ability to teach love begins in the family.

It begins in the strength of the marriage union and teaching our kids from day one, that there created in the image of God. Their image bearers and people of a different skin color are also God's image bearers and were called to love them. Yes, every single one.

No matter what mean Jesus even said folks love your enemies.

That's how powerful he wanted love to be because he believed, as Martin Luther King believed, as Gandhi believed, as all of the rightful protesters to the world's ages have believed that love conquers hate. I'm sure that Martin Luther King is rolling over in his grave right now, seeing the violence of protesters and you go back to another phrase that many of us were taught as children from our good and godly parents. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

And a lot of these protesters were coming in promoting violence and strife, destruction of property. They are not what God desires and they are destroying the right full constitutional protests that people have, to come together peacefully to say change needs to happen in this area so it all begins in the family.

It really does and the strength of the marriage relationship between a man and a woman that allows children to grow up in a godly home that gives them those godly values is, in my opinion the real hope of this nation. So if you're married with kids especially. Make sure you raise them well right now. Understanding the right way to live an understanding that every person who lives no matter who they may be, is an image bearer of God and needs to be treated respectfully and lovingly, and we know so many so many children don't have the beauty of a dad and a mom. So, no reaching out the big Brothers organizations. Organizations that have families that are that are broken that those children still need that love and attention in that direction on how to live with each other in their life ahead, and we need to promote that in every level as best we can, because not every families been able to stay together for a lot of different reasons, but we need to keep loving our children because our children are the hope of the future and as we put love in their hearts. They will then be able to love one another in the future long after those of us who are adults. Those of us who have graying hair have gone on to be with the Lord in eternity before units are pretty mentioned in the first segment of your book anxiety and fear. I mean, were all having some anxiety over the situation as well. It's available where it's available on on any online store. It's called moving beyond anxiety is done very well so far.

Thank you for those of you who have purchased it and I just want to have people replace their fears with aunt and their anxieties with faith and hope you know. And if you've in the last six or seven weeks, we've reviewed all the chapters in the book you go back to the podcasts and listen to David final thoughts before units are prayer.

Well my final thoughts basically is that empathy is the pathway to progress. I believe with all my heart that if we who are white could just sit down with our black brothers and sisters in the next days and weeks and ask them the simple question. What was it like growing up in America hear their response listen to their emotions feel their pain where they may have been profiled or prejudiced against and then say you know I don't want that to happen to you, you're my friend, you're my brother. Your fellow citizens, I don't want that to happen to you and then try to do what we can do to reform any police policies were for many injustices that exist in our society so that everyone in our Pledge of Allegiance can have liberty and justice for all that nobody is excluded from our nation nobodies rights are denied as a human being because of the color of their skin. I just think that's the key Ed as we move forward in understanding one another sympathizing with one another and empathizing with one another, jumping inside their skin doing to others as you would have it done to you as that happens, I think we become stronger as a culture as a society and we really can learn from one another grow with one another and have the kind of love and the society that I think the Lord wants us to have it. I go back to the social media piece that has to be demonstrated on social media as well, exactly. That's one of the ways anger is expressed in our culture for those who are feeling anxiety. Let me remind you, you are what you think whatever you're allowing into your mind is causing your emotions to feel what they feel. Please do a social media/television inventory look at what you're reading. Look at what you're listening to, watching see what's coming into your mind.

If it's negative, vitriolic and angry stop it fast from it. Don't look at it anymore. Don't listen to it anymore. Don't read that anymore and fill your mind with thoughts of love, mercy, kindness, compassion, the ways that God wants you to live because the truth is when you live that way our nation has hope.

It may, I pray for everyone as we conclude today and hopefully this prayer might help our city and our nation heal if even a little bit daddy in heaven. I come to you this morning praying for my own faith perspective. In Jesus name, but of people out there don't believe in Jesus I pray they would join me simply in the power of prayer. I pray right now for our city which this last week had wrenching convulsions of people experiencing anger toward one another. Police officers toward citizens citizens toward police officers.

I pray Lord in your name that you would come and give the city a gift of peace, a gift of your love.

I pray that we would see each other as image bearers of our create tour that were all created equally in the sight of God. There's no one considered better from God's perspective than another, and I pray as we see ourselves as those unique image bearers of the most high God. We would then want to be like him. The truth is God's love and when we desire to be like him. We will love one another only way, Lord. All of this hatred. All of this strife can be healed is by learning how to love one another, God your perfect love. Give us that perfect love in our hearts, the heart of the matter is a matter of our hearts, and when we have your heart of love beating within us your love pulsating through our veins. Your love expressed to our neighbors locally and globally.

We can then have hope for this world to believe there still something beyond ourselves that can give us a reason for living all father, we confess the hatred in our own hearts.

How we have judged other people how we have had enemies that we have not like maybe we been hurt by other people. Maybe we've had somebody betray us, but Lord we need to love that we need to choose love and love, sometimes Lord as we know isn't necessarily an emotion love is sometimes just simply doing the right thing. So even if we don't feel love, Lord, may we choose to do the right thing which is basically loving our neighbor. It's caring for those around us even more than we would ourselves. Jesus said there's no greater love than any person has than to the willingness to lay down your life for a friend.

That's what you Jesus did for us dying on the cross. May we be willing to do so for other people. People have a different skin color. People of a different gender, people of a different ethnicity and more. When were willing to die for another person. We have hope increase in our hearts and we have your love grows like never before. So I pray Lord that as what was lost in the garden we gain through Jesus would be our heartbeat today that we would love you with all our heart, soul, mind and my and the best way father that we express love to use the love that which you love most in the world.

Your children are neighbors those around us. May we love them to. And when we do so we have hope in our world and we have a reason to keep on moving forward because we know love conquers all hate. I pray this in your name.


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