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June 28, 2020 9:00 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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June 28, 2020 9:00 am

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know it's been airing for now, 20 years here on WBT the David Chadwick show and it's trying to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture, both locally and globally.

It's been a pleasure doing the program all these years that your listeners were joining me on a weekly basis. And thanks to my friends at Ruth Chris steakhouse and also Peary's fine jewelry or sponsorship of the show allows me to keep doing this on a weekly basis what today June 28, 2020. It's an interesting day for me personally if you folks don't mind, I'm going to have a stroll down memory's lame if you will.

June 29, 1980 was my first Sunday preaching in Charlotte North Carolina.

I was called to a church here and I served it for some number of years have started another church but 40 years ago today I stepped into the pulpit and preach my very first sermon.

It was from Joshua. The first chapter verse nine about God's call to Joshua as he led the people into the promised land to be strong and courageous and I hope I've been bold strong and courageous. Through these years trying to stand for truth and what God would want more than anything else I wanted in my heart beyond anything else.

When I see him in heaven one day to hear those words.

Well done good and faithful servant. And I've had to take stands that have not been necessarily popular but I've also tried take stands where it gives people life in every possible way because I believe that the Christian's job description is John 1010 when Jesus said I came to give you life and give it to you abundantly. Anything that promotes and gives life. I thinks the job description of the Christian within Jesus also says it's the enemy who came to kill, steal and destroy. That's his job description, so anything that has to do with killing and destruction is not of God. And so I've always tried to stand on the side of life and giving life and giving hope to people that's always been very important to me and WBT over the last 20 years. Of those 40 has been an important partner with me in getting that message out to people hey were about life. Let's give life to people. So today I wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and to reflect upon those 40 years. I've also wanted to look at how the culture has shifted and changed and how as we are people of faith need to be in that culture and truly make a difference in the words of Jesus as salt and light in that darkened the cultures so Ed Billick, my producer has opened up his microphone. I as has been the case over the last couple of months as we been in the middle of this coven 19 crisis and I have done the shows we have tried to give you interesting insights into things that are going on today hopefully with 40 years of experience. We can continue to do so.

First, it welcome. It's good to see you. Can you believe 40 years of data. Good morning, congratulations and I'd say congratulations from all of us in the Charlotte community for all the lives you've touched in so many are listening to the show right now the lives you've touched in and look forward to your message every week of couple things going on locally in not locally but going on in the new some crazy statements heard my buddy big Ben Roethlisberger came out yesterday said something and you have another individual that made it, maybe we cover those couple topics and we didn't your 40 year yeah list will quickly look at Roethlisberger who talked about his addictions and his problems in life and how he has come into a deep abiding faith with Jesus and he now feels like those have been freed from his life in your there'll always be struggles in our lives with different things. No matter how much we love the Lord, but I have found this to be true that if you want to be free from the power of sin. Romans 66 which is a gift from Jesus. When you come into faith with him.

The way you overcome an addiction is to love something more and I really believe that when people love Jesus powerfully, profoundly, they love him more than the addiction and they are set free from the power of that addiction in their lives. So when I deal with people with addictions and their trying to be set free.

The only thing that ever gives them hope is the grace of God and loving him more than the addiction.

It sounds like that's what's happened with Ben Roethlisberger and you. It is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I can have hope that he'll return to his form and be the great quarterback that he has been for you have an NFL season. It isn't that interesting. With all that's happened with our governor again coming out with staying in phase 2, there's the still national covert crisis will even have an NFL season. What you think. Then you said earlier because I know we'll have a minute or so, then the segment there is an outrageous comment made by some comedian or some yeah activist Shawn King is an activist and he basically said as a part of his protest of all the police brutality and black lives matter and everything that we should tear down every statue of Jesus or Mary or Joseph.

I guess you must make sure Protestants and Catholics are all included because they suggest slavery and is just ridiculous Ed because you know I've traveled all over the world I've been into the Mideast. I've been to Africa.

I've been to India. I've been all over and it's in every culture. Acculturate the color of Jesus skin to the color of the people skin that culture. So ended the middle of Africa aisle seat statues of Jesus whose is black as can be and they just acculturate his figurine to their culture and what's most important is his love is what dominates their hearts, but I just don't understand why he would say something like that. That's an example of our cultural not shifts or changes but outrageous comments been made that have surfaced are now in your 40th year Vos celebrate your ministry. I am looking forward to. As we get the next segment let's think about how I let let's talk more about it and will see how I think the culture has become angrier and more defensive than it's ever been before, which means we just gotta love better of you who follow the Lord just link need to learn how to love better, and that's what we'll talk about today, I'm David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WB welcome back to the show. Well, today is a day of real interest for me personally and I hope you folks don't mind me walking down memories Lane four on June 29, 1980.

I preached my first sermon ever was called the church here in Charlotte and I began my ministry on June 29, 1980 and here we are. June 28, 2020 and it's exactly 40 years later and I'm preaching on Sunday I'll have a chance to speak to the people who will gather were going together at a barn and a farm out near Clover South Carolina. That's real wide open and the hundred 50 acres people can do social distancing, making sure that we take care of everyone but a chance to preach my 40th anniversary sermon, I want to ride my wife and I will will reflecting upon that this week. A lot.

As we talked about it with some friends of ours and actually get a couple of podcast together regarding 40 years of ministry folks from 1980 to 2020. So here we are.

I'm still alive and kicking in great health love what I do still feel called by God to give people hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And I can't wait for the next years in the future, even as we enter into these dark days of the coven 19 crisis and also the racial tensions. I still can't wait to tell people about the love of Jesus, because I still believe with all my heart that it is the answer to all of our problems. My friend Ed Billick has his Mike opened and were going to again walk down memory lane and look at 40 years of life together on my wife and I but also 20 years here WBT it.

Thank you again for helping Me Walk Down Memories Ln., David, it's a pleasure and I kicked the segment along with that song from Avalon everything to me and says it all started in Sunday school. I don't know, Sunday school, where where did your passion for this career for this, you got you heard God speak to her wouldn't all start where to come from well I guess I have to go back to remembering my life as a little child I have an older brother and sister. My dad was a pastor married to my mom for 63 years before she passed away and then ultimately he passed away a few years after that they were loving parents and I've always believe faith is not taught but more caught they live the faith. I saw my dad many times going to the Scripture to try to find answers.

I saw my dad praying on his knees at times when he was trying to seek God for something.

I also saw him go to minister to people in their direst days and so faith for him was meaningful and I think I got to the point where I said I want what he's got, and it ultimately became real for me but I had to go through some different inner tubes in my own life before faith became real to me.

I think first of all, what happened was I began to grow became tall.

What I remember is as I grew up in my family that I always love sports. I watching on TV. I would have these little soldiers you know from the sets of Army soldiers that you would play with and I would turn them into sports teams and they play against each other. My mom always would laugh going will turn anything into a ball game and I started getting really tall, but I was really skinny as well.

So when I was 1/10 grader in high school I made the Junior varsity basketball team. I was 6'5" tall hundred and 50 pounds.

I mean, I heard every skinny joke imaginable. Like when you take a shower.

I bet you have to put the plug in the drain or you'll go down the drain with the water. You know that you have to run around in the shower to get wet and I heard every skinny joke you can possibly think of, but I loved basketball and I was okay with it got pushed around a lot being so skinny and weak and in Ed my dad was in Kansas City pastoring a church there and my mom developed a strange allergy to cold weather. It was the weirdest thing you could ever imagine. We'd only been there three years, but it was a stark difference than what we knew here in North Carolina so when she would come in contact with extreme cold weather and it did get pretty cold in Kansas City during the winter times. Her throat would start to swell shut and the doctors said to my dad, you need to get her to a warmer climate. Or she could really die what that was a stark realization for my dad. He didn't know what to do because again we'd only been in Kansas City for three years. He then prayed and asked God for help. The mayor of Kansas City. At that time was named Robards he was a huge rotund man over 300 pounds. A gifted speaker like you can't imagine.

And he and dad again and become very very close friends. We got a phone call from a church that said, we've heard your pastor preach and we think he's really good, but we know he's only been there three years were coming through you because we know you know him.

Do you think we should approach him and a Mr. Bartel said well I don't know what church is this and they said what's First Presbyterian Church, Orlando, Florida.

So Mr. Bartel knew my dad had this problem with mom in the cold weather. So he went to dad and approached him and dad thought of only been here three years. I don't know.

But the more he prayed he felt like this could be the answer of the Lord to get my mom to a warmer climate. So they entered into conversations in prayer together and sure enough he got a call from first Perez Orlando where we went down there going into my junior year. Now something happened between my sophomore and junior years, where I went from six 550 pounds to six, 7 1/2 my present height and hundred and 85 pounds, and is suddenly filled out the coordination came. We went to Orlando I went to Boone high school.

I made the varsity team and I started playing it.

I just got better and better and better so soon the call started coming in to recruit me from different schools and, ultimately, as most of the listeners know I signed a scholarship offer from the University North Carolina Dean Smith came in the my home and offered the scholarship to me.

I signed it with a Carolina blue pin. I still remember it vividly and then I went to Chapel Hill in 1967 and began my basketball career there. While I was there as a preacher's kid with faith being in my heart I just had some profound experiences with the Fellowship of Christian athletes and other people who really knew Jesus. One of those was an Graham lots Billy Graham's daughter Danny lots her husband had played at North Carolina in the 1950s 1957 to 59 and Annie invited me over to her house every Sunday night for a Bible study she had the best apple pie you can ever imagine. But what was most important that happened was we just started talking about the Lord.

We started talking about the Scripture and I saw her and Danny's deep faith and it just maybe one a hunger more and more for Jesus. So I had a real profound experience at the Fellowship of Christian athletes camp and that made my faith be sealed so I walked I think fairly close with Jesus. Even during my college days when I played basketball in the late 60s, 1967 to 71 and I really had a chance to share my faith all over the state. It became came very real for me and I really do believe that God was working in my life. Even then, to prepare me for where he has before. Today while I played at Carolina and then in 1971 had a really great in IT tournament in New York City. A team from Ostend, Belgium, saw me play and sign me to a contract. I went there and played for one year. It was so cold you can't even imagine.

I and you talk about cold here in America it's right off the North Sea that women would whip in off the North Sea and bites you to the bone and so I played the one you're there and I said you know what, I don't think I want to come back here so I joined the traveling team of Americans who traveled all over Europe to play different games and we played in Nice, France on the French Riviera. I had a great game is one of those games I could drop kick the ball and it would go on in the basket.

I look back go investment. God's sovereignty, but the team officials and me saw me play and they signed me to a contract I played there for one year and then another year had a great experience there still not married to me. Most people say I needed to go in the ministry as a bachelor for two years on the French Riviera but had a great time there enjoyed it played well. Then I came back to Chapel Hill was working the camp and then suddenly got I would years, this and this is 1974 and I got a telegram from the team in Europe. The said they had voided my contract that signed for 1/4 year they void my contract because they wanted to sign another player and actually I know the players whom they signed and they needed to sign him. He was really really good, much better than I was and so I was there sitting in a Chapel Hill going 100 with rest my life suddenly my basketball career was over all that I'd worked for had ended. I'm going what I do now, so I asked Coach Smith. You can, you have something for me like a graduate assistant ship. He said near David, I don't have anything he said why don't you call John lots at the University of Florida who was my assistant coach at Caroline who recruited me as well in high school.

He's now the head coach at the University of Florida maybe has something so I called John and said, hey John, that you have anything at all.

Nice. And you know David, I don't. The graduate assistantship is, or even promise to somebody else but I'll keep my eyes open for you. Will the next day John calls me back and says you're not gonna believe this the guy to whom I promise. The graduate assistantship just came into my office and said I wanted you said do you want it so. So I think I do the civil you need to get the Gainesville Florida immediately, so I got in the car, drove to Gainesville met with John this is July and Johnson will be a graduate assistant you got have a graduate program what you want to do and I said well maybe maybe I could be a counselor, not always loved hearing was your undergrad degree in communications.

I had learned how to broadcast. I had a radio, television and motion picture degree. I learned how to talk I thought I was going going to broadcasting and then at Ford. I'm going will, maybe I could be a counselor and so Johnson we know it's July and the courses begin in August and then he looked at me and smiled and said, but you know, the head of the Gainesville graduate counseling program is also president of the Gainesville tipoff club and one of my closest friends. So I called him up and he came into the office. We talked for a while. He severely will he take one out of every 100 applicants. I went, oh boy, one of my going to do now and he said you know I'm the head of the program I could do whatever I want to do this. I got into the program in 1974 and spent two years earning a graduate degree in psychology and counseling, 76, 77, this had ended in 76 so at the end of the program I'm sitting there going I got undergraduate degree in communications. I got a graduate degree in counseling and my face is still very real to me but I did not know what God wanted me to do and it what I want to set up for the next segment is Maryland by then. I did not know Marilyn and this is part of the story and I assume I had a point where I went. I'm not sure God still what you want me to do got these 2, I'm sitting here and soak it in my Gainesville Florida apartment in 1976 I had a profound encounter with the Lord.

A true call to ministry that began to make me who I am today and I want to share that with people on the other side of the break because it was so profound and so moving. I was never the same.

It really is the foundation for 40 years of preaching the gospel, everyone. I look forward to telling you the next part of the story, I'm David Chadwick will be back hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome back to the show will hope you don't mind that today, June 28, 2020 is my 40th anniversary of preaching the gospel and I've done trip down memory lane with my friend Ed Billick of my producer who has his microphone open as well and trying to look at those 40 years and what they meant.

I was trying to give an overview of my life and what brought me to the place of call to ministry and if you're just joining us as 1976.

I'm in a Gainesville Florida apartment. I'm alone. I have an undergraduate degree in communications. I have a graduate degree from the University of Florida in psychology and counseling and I'm just seeking God not knowing what's the next step in your mom's health, which is the reason you guys moved to Florida. His father is a perfect yeah the doctor was absolutely right. She had a strange ventilator to have a terrible cold or cold weather problem and she goes to Orlando as a part of the plan.

She lived to be 86 and I know that God's overseeing everything folks a part of my story is for the purpose of telling all of you got orders are steps. He's in control of everything we need to trust him. So I'm in Gainesville Florida 1976. I'm crying out to God what he want me to do and yet this is the weird part of the story that I hope people don't think I'm too strange, but I got on my knees and I heard a voice, and it was as clear as a bell where it says David.

Don't you know that from the foundations of the earth. I called you to preach my gospel and I'm going to give you the opportunity to do so to kings and princes. Are you ready for an exciting adventure and it I responded and said yes and I gave my life to the proclamation of the gospel. At that moment will I called home and told mom and dad about that in mom later told me that even though they seemed kind of happy but rather stoic also and that's wonderful. Mom said that dad wept like a baby after we hung up the phone because he always felt like there was a call to preach the gospel upon my life. So I entered seminary in 1976 and I spent two years there earning my first part of the degree level making a commitment not only to do Masters of Divinity, but a Dr. of Ministry degree is this was where Columbia theological seminary in Atlanta, Georgia so the end of the second year, I have this guy that was a part of the college ministry that I was overseeing bug me about my needing to call this girl that he had met her name was Marilyn. She gone to the University of Georgia and I knew the meter he said in a weird way your auras match. He said hers is green and years of gold leaves into the new age stuff that I didn't understand them at all and he kept bugging me and bugging me and bugging me and I just saw this poor girl sitting by the phone pining her life away waiting for me to call until finally I realized that there was a girl in the college group who might know her because all had was Marilyn Tucker high school, University of Georgia so I asked this girl who went to Tucker high school.

Would you do you know Girling. Marilyn went to the University of Georgia and she still don't person I can think of is Marilyn Brame. She was a year older than I and II don't know she's in or not. I still would you do me a favor. Here's the phone number and call her you the brave guy that I am. You know my life's first Joshua 19 be bold and courageous, but this gal Donna called and sure enough it was Marilyn Brame and I remember asking Donna what should I ask her out. I don't like blind dates and she said all I can tell you is, are you ready to fall in love wow I thought, that's kinda because Donna was a neat gal so I cold hold at this time.

28 and I called Marilyn and we go out on a blind date together will lead to make a long story short three months later, were engaged nine months later were married and here we are 42 years later with three children and seven grandchildren. To me she's the love of my life. All I can say to people is trust God, believe him that he can even work through a weird guy like this guy who set our auras match meeting Marilyn falling in love and now her being the love of my life. All of these years she's been just a great partner and so we married in 1978 and then we came to Charlotte when I graduated from Columbia seminary in 1980 and started our ministry again on June 29, 1980. And where was that that was it for. Still church over on Woodlawn Road.

It was just a small church of about 100 or so people, and they were wonderful folks.

The most godly and good people you can possibly imagine.

They been praying for nine months for God to send them someone who really wanted to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and they could not have been warmer and more accepting. We came there and they embraced us greatly, warmly, powerfully, and we just began a love relationship with those folks. It was just so Charlotte was us small town lot smaller it is today. 45 didn't even exist or did I don't I don't I don't recall me but do it here and folks talk so you knew nothing about this community but nothing except what I knew as a child because my dad had been a pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church or from 1953 to 63 okay so we knew Charlotte. That way, but I moved away, going into my seventh grade year in a middle school so I don't remember a whole lot of I drive by Westminster today and I go I remember some of the things I used to do there but I didn't remember Charlotte that well. But you're right, it was more of a smaller sleepy Southern town that was just beginning to burgeon because the banking industry was putting a lot of assets into the city.

We saw growth, but it really wasn't the kind of growth than anyone expected until in 1984, five, six, a guy by the name of George Shinn had a vision to bring an NBA team to Charlotte and again the joke in the NBA was the only franchise that Charlotte will oversee is one with golden arches. But George Shinn had a vision and he was able to get an NBA team to come to Charlotte and that begin to make Charlotte be on the map. The banking industry began to expand and grow and Charlotte became nicknamed the new Atlanta, but it brought all of those problems to with traffic congestion.

With crime being increased with racial tensions being more increased, so we saw with Charlotte's growth and prosperity more of the present problems that Charlotte's even facing today begin to occur. Go back to your first sermon. The first day you preached what was what was your message. It was from Joshua chapter 1 verse nine where Joshua is taking the reins from Moses, this 40 year time period is a really interesting biblical narrative for Moses spent 40 years in Pharaoh's court as the Prince of Egypt and spent 40 years in the wilderness where God shaved off a lot of junk in his life, then 40 years with the call of God, the burning bush experience where he then led God's people from Egypt to the edge of the promised land so that forty-year narrative is really interesting in the Bible, as I'm now in my 40th year of ministry and we felt like that God had really called us here. We cemented our lives and focused our heart to be here and we just saw what God wanted us to do so that Joshua 19 verse was so important to us because we believe God had called us to look at the problems in the community and in the world and to be bold and to be courageous and the wonderful thing that God says to Joshua as Moses hands him the leadership reins is I'll be with you wherever you go. He says don't be fearful. Don't be dismayed, for I will be with you wherever you go, and it's hit me through the years it the only biblical antidote that God really gives to fear and anxiety is his presence. He says do not fear, for I am with you. He says to Joshua, don't be dismayed or afraid, for I will be with you wherever you go Jesus in his last words before he ascended to heaven set. I'll be with you always to the close of the age God's presence is the only real strong antidote to fear and anxiety that I know. So I tried to be bold and courageous with my stands for truth. I tried to help people in the direst of situations. And when there's been danger and I've faced some death threats through the years you know it's a wacky culture. People are crazy even 40 years ago. If you took stands for things like life or racially quality or things like that you could get death threats. I got my share but you just need to stand firm and say no. I know that God called me in 1976 I know that he wants me to do ministry and I know I need to stand for life. Life in abundance and that when I get opposition. I'm going to continue like Joshua to be bold and be courageous because I know that my God is with me no matter what I face. He knows I got to know you, David, and when I first moved here I would listen to it so I got to meet, discuss something that you took the gifts that he provided to your communication skills. Your ability to ad lib. Of course, the passion you have for the faith and blended all that with your counseling skills me. What a perfect kind of three pieces to make you successful in the person you are today you know it when you look at what a minute asking when a minister has to be today. He has to be someone who can listen well and care and be compassionate, but he also has to be someone who can communicate and you look at my life and my history you see that God gave me an undergraduate degree in communications and gave me a graduate degree in counseling psychology. It was almost like he had every step of the way plan for me and what's also interesting is if I hadn't had that team in Europe send that message to me that they were letting me go if I didn't go to Florida right when I went, and then if I didn't go to Atlanta right at that time I would've never met Marilyn, I would've never had the opportunity to meet her on a blind date and kind of a circumstantial situation and see that God is in control of everything. Folks are steps are ordered, he oversees it all. And what's so magnificent is he promises to be with us really have one segment left. I just look this is were going to the fourth segment would you want to share with the audience.

We come back after the break. Let's look at the culture today and how it's changed over 40 years and how even though it's a bit darker there still hope is God's people in this culture. I'm David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 to 99. Three WBT welcome back to the show I been walking down memory Lane today. I've spent 40 years in ministry here in the city. My first sermon was June 29, 1918 80. Here it is June 28, 2020, 40 years later I'm actually preaching at a farm in Clover South Carolina to some hundreds of people at 9 o'clock here on Sunday morning and it's gonna be a great great experience to celebrate 40 years of preaching, and I hope you haven't minded me walking down this memory Lane and rhythmic reminiscing over the call that God gave my life. It's been such a powerful time to do so and my wife and I have enjoyed thinking about 40 years together and also 40 years of doing ministry in this community.

I mask regularly.

What's the difference between 1980 and 2020 will you know people still live and people still have families, and people need jobs and people want to supply for themselves. I would say though that what's interesting to me is there has been a real shift in the last 56 years, like I've never seen it before, where it seems like self autonomy and moral subjectivity are the two gods that have elevated themselves in our culture, self autonomy, being that I can decide what I think is true.

If I want to. It's my right to do so, and moral subjectivity is that my emotions and what I feel. Define what is true morality, and as I see those two things take the center stage of American life. Those of us who have faith are challenged more and more, to believe that first of all, were not self autonomous that we are God autonomous, God is the one whom we worship. And then secondly we don't have moral subjectivity. We don't look at our feelings, defining morality, we look at God defining our morality. So as the culture takes these shifts toward a bit more autonomy against God. Those of us who love God have got to stand with greater truth and greater love and believe me we got to find that delicate balance between grace and truth. It's so hard it's really difficult, but we need to look at loving our neighbor because that's the command of the Lord, but also standing for truth. There is truth. Folks mean there's a north star in the sky. It's a fixed star, and it will always be fixed is going to stand to guide us. The same is true with the morals of our day even though they're shifting two more. I want to believe what I want to believe based on what I feel there are fixed moral laws that we've got to follow and chaos comes when we don't follow those moral law.

So my heartbeat is to continue to be salt and light in this world. Jesus himself said salt done work unless it's in the food you try to put salt by the side eventually become salt list and will be trampled underfoot with no value or tastiness whatsoever, but salt placed in food gives saltiness to the food and it also preserves the food so we need to be salt in this culture, but also we need to be light and where it gets darker, we get brighter note, the beauty was the most beautiful diamond is behold when it's placed against the backdrop of a black velvet backdrop. So when we see the brightness of the diamond against the darkness we know it's even brighter than ever before, so we can be the light in the world of standing for truth, and as the culture becomes darker. We can stand for more light and I think the culture will be drawn to that light, like malls are drawn to light because it knows that that's the way were supposed to live and remember everyone please give your life away be instruments of love Rick remember that our job description.

John Tintin is like Jesus.

He came to give life and to give it to a but to us abundantly. Anything that gives life to other people is what we should be about. Don't be a part of death. Don't be a part of darkness. Don't be part of cruelty don't be a part of destruction that's from the enemy. That's darkness will be don't be negative. You are very very positive positive people live along wonderful lives. It could be positive in you always have the hope hope with it.

Your doctor hope I will I live by hope.

I don't know what else we have you if I approach each day believing woe is me and Eeyore mindset. You know eventually I was going to be so discouraged and despondent. I might will die. I'm of no use to the world.

I'm certainly not salt or light so I have to live in it. Hope it does. That's what I know the Lord is called me to do and I would invite all of our listeners to be a part of a movement of hope to go give light and love to this world.

It is so dark it needs people who will not earn things down but build things up.

It needs people who will love not hate it needs people who will give their lives away not be so selfish and we need people who will love God with all their heart, soul, mind and might and love their neighbors as themselves, those of the two commandments from our Lord. And again if we do those two things. We have a lifetime's worth of work.

We have a job description that will never end. There's always somebody in need. There's always somebody that needs hope and we can be those instruments of hope in their lives. I know God called me to be that person of hope to preach the gospel of hope for 40 years now. And hopefully people have better lives because Marilyn and I have been in this community were just so thankful for the 40 years we been able to give to this community and at I hope you're right that somehow someway there have been some numbers of people whose hearts have been touched because we have been able to be here for these 40 years, so please folks keep moving forward. Don't let despair overcome you. Don't let darkness be that which consumes your heart there is hope, why do I believe that because God is on his throne. I believe that God can be a game changer. If you're in darkness right now he can show light immediately and change your life. In one second.

But you've got to believe that that can happen in faith is the key to making hope become real in our heart you know some folks say life for us getting it up in our ages. Life is shorter now for us, but every day is a gift from God, and you will truly believe that because every day when you say the sun comes up. So how do you provide the best value for yourself and others every day of your life. Yeah, I think it it's rooted in that whole idea of loving God and loving neighbor. If you can love God with all your heart, soul, mind and might and love your neighbor as yourself just to those two things do that throughout the day you pray every morning God lead me to somebody who needs a touch of hope you let my life touch somebody else who needs hope and if you would ask that prayer every morning. I really believe the Holy Spirit who lives in you will guide you to people who just need a touch of hope. We need a word of hope who need something to give them a reason for living, and that's when you are salt and light you're in darkness you're in the world and serving the Lord you love so much, so it's time for prayer will thank you for letting me stroll down memory lane listeners at thank you for helping me do so, and I hope that Marilyn's and my lives here in this community have made a difference to you and many others. Let's pray together while father in heaven. Daddy pop the one I know as my loving daddy because Jesus told me so he model that he gave me your love. Thank you for 40 years. Lord I pray that something I've said some way I've lived has helped people be more faithful has given them a reason for hope or reason to get up in the morning, a reason to keep moving forward. I thank you for Ed Billick. My friend and my producer who has allowed me to do these programs over these last years of being together and I pray blessings upon him. I pray blessings upon our listeners right now. I pray that the favor of the Lord, the blessings of the Lord would fall upon each one of you listening right now. I pray that if anyone feels despair God would touch your heart and give you hope I feel if anyone feels like they're living in darkness.

God would shine a light in your soul and say there's a new day coming keep believing it have a new attitude there something good this going to happen to you and I pray for those who are hurting because they have loved ones who are sick or maybe themselves are sick.

Lord I pray for a healing touch for them all.

I pray that you would protect people from the covert crisis.

I pray that that would not spread in our city or our county anymore.

I pray Lord that we would find a cure to that disease.

I pray there be a VAX vaccine that could be used that would allow us to be free from any fear of that disease. I pray you to heal our land.

I pray the people of different colors would come together and love one another. We quit staring down statues Lord and build the statue of you in our hearts and let ourselves be consumed with love of God and love of neighbor, old Lord, when we love one another. That's when our city will become whole.

When we love one another. That's what will have the chance to be the kind of city you want this place to be when we love one another.

We are following you in perfect faithfulness.

So Lord, let us love one another. Let that be the passion of our lives. Let that be the call that we received. Let that be what guides us every single day.

I pray this in the name of the Lord of love, the one I know is Jesus. Please Lord, let us love one another in your name I pray, amen

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