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July 19, 2020 9:15 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick is talk 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome to the show.

Hope you enjoyed last week's encore performance of an eternal perspective. Trying to deal with the fears that are in our culture right now because of both good and the race riots wonderful show and we repeated it because I was away with my wife Marilyn celebrating if you can believe this 40 years of gospel ministry on June 29, 1980. Marilyn and I began our ministry here in Charlotte and here we were, June 28, 2020, 40 years later celebrating that call of the church.

I presently pastor moments of hope church. I held at a big celebration at a farm in South Carolina 500+ people showed up and they honored me my kids all were there, they talked about our love for each other and what Marilyn and I have meant to them. We had members of the church, give testimonies, we have people like Travis green the gospel recording artist who has been on the show before give a videotape of thanks to me for my mentoring him I did for a year when he was living here in Charlotte and Graham lots Billy Graham's daughter did a video tribute to me and so it was just a wonderful day and then Marilyn and I took off for two weeks down to the beach. We had great weather a great time together and mostly we just sat with one another and reflected on 40 years of ministry together. It was an outstanding time. We had many moments of reflection that warmed our hearts and we can't believe it's gone by so fast.

So folks you enjoy the moment.

Really where you are in life. Would you have no marriage right now. Enjoy. That moment if you are just beginning your marriage enjoyed that moment if you're just having your first child. Enjoy that moment Marilyn.

I thought about that first moment when Bethany our daughter was laid in her arms. Many of you know we went through years multiple years of infertility until find Lee God graced us with the gift of a child, and Bethany was placed in our arms than the other two came and it's just been a great ride.

We've loved Charlotte. We love this city. We know were going through some really difficult times right now with the racial tensions but also guy with a covert crisis, not seeming to abate in any way. So today what I want to do is ask my friend, Ed Billick, my producer who has done this over the last couple of few months as we been unable to have guests in the studio with us were just going to talk about where we are right now in life reflect upon 40 years of ministry. What I've learned about faith and how that can help us deal with the fears of the incessant co-vivid crisis that continues to stare us in the face this past week the school board trying to figure out what to do with opening up schools they come up with some kind of hybrid model of remote but also in class that I don't think's going to please anyone, but they're trying their best. They're trying to do what they think is right and it's just a very difficult time. Our neighbors over the border in South Carolina have some wax or policies and rules. McMasters wants to get the people back into school and we don't know how that's going to work itself out. But as the covert crisis continues to grow and expand and and not flatlined and not retreat. It's causing many people to continue to live in anxiety. So today what I thought I would do is to go back over the book that I wrote couple of months ago released moving beyond anxiety and just go through some of those principles. Again, folks. Some of those basic biblical, theological, God centered thoughts that can help us deal with the anxiety and fears that face us in our culture. So, Ed Billick, thank you for your friendship. Can you believe 40 years of ministry about the David and congratulations from myself and of course my family and all of your listeners out there. Also thank you to our WBT of the of those 40 years, 20+ years on these airwaves and now yes of course. 8 o'clock on Sunday morning but noon on Sundays as well. WBT's been gracious to repeat the program at noon. I guess they want to continue to give people hope and to give people faith I'm notice kind of the hope guy around here.

I do the segment with Pat and Bo every Thursday at 850 to 9 o'clock. A segment of hope they call it and I love to give people hope it will, of course, every every morning at 535 your moment so hope which are just classic me. We got a whole library moments open the last fraternity. Other basically my David-isms if you will, things I've learned in those 40 years of ministry and then beyond things.

My dad taught me about life, hope, ministry calling, purpose, and we see that being lived out in my life and I hope I've planted those truths in my kids and I hope my grandkids now have seven grandkids amazingly hope they're going to learn those truths. All because it you not talk so often. If you put God in somebody's heart and give them a purpose and energy in life they can make it they can move out of their difficult situation they can discipline their lives to make right choices to move ahead and be sick so we know that is true from the guest you've had here in the testimonials and people to come and share their stories with you.

We know that to be true. Every one of them seems to say basically the same thing if you'll just love God and make him the master passion of your life.

Let him discipline. The lusts of your flesh then let him guide you to the purpose he has you. He will guide you to that purpose. That's what he wants to have happen.

That's his calling upon your life and when you discover it like I did years ago for gospel ministry you're never the same.

So today we'll talk about anxiety how to overcome it. I'm David Chadwick.

This is news talk 11 to 99. Three. WBT will be right back gospel recording artist just noted this week that he has the number one listen to gospel song go to a Travis green listen to his most recent song and you'll hear it.

It is outstanding.

Trusting God or in his hands, believing in him so you mentored him. You said I did spend a year with him just teaching him proved like I tried every week with the listeners here and he has been a great friend. He's got three little sons right now. Jackie, his wife was a dentist. They live in Columbia, South Carolina forward. City church is his church growing, expanding, booming, and he still logos all over the world and does his gospel sanctity did not he sing at the present trumps an order she did indeed he was one of the few African-Americans who said nope.

You know what I'm gonna do this. I don't agree with everything that he says and I don't like his behavior sometimes but you know I am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a chance that been offered to me.

I'm gonna walk into the world spread the gospel to whomever will listen, regardless of the pulse and I just think that's the way were supposed to handle life. It no matter what our politics may be worth beyond that, servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and he calls us to be salt and light in the world and go where he calls us to give the world flavor and hope and how in the world can we ever affect the world if were not out in the world you salts not effective unless it's outside the salt shaker light doesn't work unless it's shown into the darkness so we can disagree all we want to but can we not do so civilly and come together and as believers in Jesus influence the culture in a positive way because we got great news we got a great message of hope, love and faith to a dying world that is so fear filled right now. Have you ever seen the world quite like it is today. So many unknowns. David means just take it to you and are sports fans will we have a college will have an NFL season. What will life be like in the fall, and as time goes on.

Things continue to get canceled or postponed.

We just don't really know, and that anxiety and fear in our hearts will we get will resolve this and you said you all things will pass rush is taken some time because were society want things fixed now right by my dad's favorite Bible verse and it came to pass. I love that because these things do pass away and come on yeah Noel, this one's been ruggedly clinging to us and we've not been able to dismiss it as quickly as we would've liked, but you had when I was away with Marilyn for our 40th two week vacation time and we would walk the beach together and and alone.

At one point when I was walking the beach alone. I thought I heard a voice you know when I've learned through the years to come. To hear that prompting that voice from the Lord. I really thought I heard his voice say to me, would you enjoy these days enjoy these days.

I think what he was saying to me was there. They're not quite as intense as they normally are. You don't have all of the people wanting to meet with you. You don't have all the intensities of a very difficult schedule like you normally do. So enjoy these days enjoy them with your wife, your spouse, enjoy them with your kids or grandkids. I think you and I were talking about before we went on the air.

We do have some more breathing room and are scheduled to enjoy the most important people in our lives, so could we not all at least pause for a moment and say you know. Enjoy these days. There different kinds of days they have some fear filled parts to it, but they also have some opportunities to enjoy relationships like never before and I think you speak toward our generation. But you're speaking to all generations, but especially those 65+ you know and you start looking at your mortality. You say of the Lord's gonna call me to heaven someday, so do enjoy all those days the all those times with your family and sit back and reflect. But then at that also place it to the younger that they repeat families there be other parents would be raising their kids right now. Yeah the kids are at home a lot and all that but enjoy all these my head I would say memory is not just for 65+ I mean it is for us who are staring mortality in the face more than younger people.

This is for younger people as well you I'm watching my own children with my grandchildren spending more time with them now sing about those days when they were young. I was trying to build a church and I was moving so hard and fast and I tried to give them as much time as I could, but I was under such stress. I couldn't give them as much as I wanted to now because of this covert crisis. They're able to spend some time with her kids. I'm saying the same thing to them. Very true joy. The moment enjoy these times because they'll never come again. And you know what the bottom line is that the end of the day, God's not gonna remind us of how much money we made is not going to remind us of all the possessions that we have what will be brought to our mind is the relationships that we have, you know, our relationships with our spouses with our kids or grandkids with our close friends, and when we take those relationships magnify them build upon them.

That's what's most important in life and those are the memories that I think will take us into heaven and you go back to the word presence or presence know people will seldom remember what you provided them or what you gave them, but there will always remember how they made you feel well.

I think of those times with my dad. I don't remember many Christmas gifts and all that he gave me but I do remember the times we spent together going to baseball games going to basketball games just sitting around talking those are the most precious moment. So when you're building a relationship with somebody in your's building, spending time with them. That's what's most important and another David is him as you and I joke about them quotes I use all the time kids spell love T IME. That's the way they understand love and I think relationships spell love T IME unit with your spouse with my wife, and they know we love them by the amount of time we spent with them talking with them indulging in deep conversations about life and faith in purpose but also just giggling and laughing over the realities of what we've been through together.

Those are the moments we cherish and they can only happen if you spent time with one another.

So enjoy these moments, folks, even though it's stress filled even though we don't know the future. We know we can trust the one who does know the future will settle for a said we don't know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future, that's for sure is for is an NS will want to focus today. Back to this book I wrote, moving beyond anxiety. If anybody would like to get you can through or other online publishers. I just want to remind people that anxiety is not the emotion God wants us to live in. Anxiety is an acid that erodes the soul, and it robs us of strength today and tomorrow as well. Jesus said in Matthew 634.

Don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow's got enough worries of its own.

When you worry about tomorrow. You're draining yourself of today's needed energy to attack your problem so don't worry folks, it is an erosion of the soul and the way you attack worry Jesus said is by faith.

In Matthew 620 said don't worry about anything about your food about your clothing. Note look to the lilies of the field look to the birds of the air. If God cares about lilies and cloves them in a splendor greater than Solomon's garb. If he cares for birds and provides for them every single need, how much more I love those three words, how much more will he care for you humans who are the crown of his creation. David to address this. There are many people that live in the past are constantly talking about the past and fretting on the past and then you think will the past is going to be an indication of the future.

How do you how to help folks like that.

Yeah, I remind them and that they've got to put their past and their past. At the phrase again. I was taught by someone at some place in my life put your past and your past. You can't solve today's problems by living in the past and the image I often try to paint for people is try driving down the highway, say, 70 miles an hour by constantly looking in your rearview mirror.

It's dangerous for you to do so. You occasionally glance at it, to know the traffic situations but you really look at life through your windshield. You keep looking forward and when you look forward driving every single moment carefully as best you know how then you'll ultimately get to the destination where you need to get to, but if you live life in your past, you're robbing yourself again of today's needed energy to continue to move forward your past is gone, especially if you feel deep regrets and if you feel shame if there are some mistakes you've made. Some people you've heard. We all do, and will have every single one of us has Eddie know, myself included, we all have deep regrets. We have things that bring shame to our hearts when we think about having done that, but that's where I go to my Christian faith of God came to this earth in Jesus and he died on the cross to take all of our shame upon himself, and then to give us the forgiveness that we need in order to nail that shame to Jesus. Forget about it and then move on with that forgiven, and with hope.

Indwelling our hearts. God never intended us to live in shame. It's to be nailed to the cross. It's to be forgiven and Jesus came into this world to give us the great gift of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is such a marvelous gift. It's given to us by grace through faith, we can't earn it. We can't work for it. It's a free gift. So when people realize that free gift and their sins are forgiven, they don't live in the past anymore. They enjoy each moment each day to the full. You know my mentor in college basketball but also in life. Dean Smith had a great phrase that he taught us every single year.

In fact, he had a thought of the day on the practice plan and you had to memorize that thought of the day before the practice began, so he would blow the whistle call people into a circle and he would ask a person in that circle.

What's the thought of the day, and if they couldn't quote it exactly as he had written it on the practice plan. The whole team had to run over and sometimes he would actually even stop practice and say hey David Chadwick what's the thought of the day.

What were some of the examples with well here's the one I wanted to give that was in my memory bank and will be forever. He said when you make a mistake.

Notice he said not if but when you make a mistake, forget it admitted and quit it. So what is he saying he said, own up to it admitted then secondly quit it, don't do it again. But then ultimately forget it, put it in the past and move forward with your life and you and I think that's what the Lord would say to us, to know if you've made a mistake and you've committed the sin you feel shame admitted own it. Then, secondly, repent no stop doing that behavior that's cause destruction your life.

But then thirdly and most importantly, forget it. It's forgiven move on with life. If you continue to live in the past is like tires spinning in mud. It won't take you any place you've got to move forward forward is how God wants us to live in the moment, enjoying life, but moving forward and not letting our past burden us again folks think about that image would you dare drive a car at 70 miles an hour on the interstate. Looking in the rearview mirror, you're asking for an accident you're asking for hurt, pain, destruction, give yourself the privilege of putting your past in your past admitted quit it, forget it and move forward because that's the way you ultimately can succeed in life the way God wants us to succeed, it isn't it great to have mentors in life like dads and coaches and other people who have allowed us to learn from them proves that we can imbibe in our own hearts but and also pass on to our people we love around us. I'm David Chadwick. This is news talk limited 99.

Three. WBT will be right back and everyone, I'm David that we can talk 11 1099. The welcome back.

You like here this program in its entirety. It's kind of a hodgepodge of me reflecting upon years of gospel ministry that Carolyn and I just celebrated but also trying to continue to encourage the listeners. As we all deal with fear, especially amidst the covert crisis.

If you like you, the program in its entirety. Go to and scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from beginning to end and Ed Billick my producer and friend has his microphone open with me and were talking again about fear, anxiety, how to overcome it on my most recent book moving beyond anxieties available If you'd like to get it. It's my attempt to try to give you 12 practical strategies to renew your mind.

I really believe the fight over fear happens in your mind in your thought life. If you can control your thoughts.

You can control the emotion of anxiety and fear, and I want to make sure all of you put thoughts of life, hope, blessing, grace, mercy, kindness, compassion, all those great positive thoughts in your mind because again, if you're putting in thoughts of fear, anxiety, depression, discouragement, despair, all those things.

That's ultimately what you will feel your thoughts lead to your feeling so make sure your thoughts are filled with faith and not fear, and it brings to mind something that you asked me once and that is to try to understand the fear of the Lord, you hear that you are there. Growing up in honor of that's Old Testament but you know the fear of the Lord. What does that really mean is that same kind of fear were talking here.

Well, in a way, yes, in a way no in a positive way.

The fear of the Lord is first of all, and all of the Lord and its talked about a lot in the Old Testament, for example in Proverbs 1 Solomon the wisest man on the face of the earth, said the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and what that saying basically is the fear of the Lord which means the all of the Lord. So let me get the listeners to imagine standing before the Grand Canyon. Think about the Grand Canyon its magnificent sculpture the way it is put together.

You stand there and you're in all of the beauty of the Grand Canyon. So one part of the fear the Lord is the law of the Lord and what he has done in the beauty of this creation in the magnificent gift of life that he has given us, but I think there's a second part of the fear the Lord, that also Solomon's referring to. That's the beginning of wisdom. And that's the fact that God created us and he's God and were not God, and secondly that he is holy and he's perfect in every possible way so that when we stand before him in his perfect holiness in our sinfulness, we should feel a sense of looks, but oh no, I'm not holy I'm not living the way I should live so the beginning of wisdom is the admission of my unholiness and God's fearfulness so therefore I want to change my life in order to live a way that's pleasing to him, and I find that many people when they experience. First of all, the awesomeness of God's beauty and holiness. They go all that is wonderful but then also when they realize, but I'm a sinner and he's not sinful in any possible way and I must stand before him.

One day I want to change my life to be pleasing to him, so that I can hear his well done good and faithful servant then then I go back to: diminish what you're saying but sometimes the fear is like, what better because he's good at decide my fate will in.

If the fear of the Lord drives you to good community-based positive for eternity in hell for, and then making bad choices which hurt people which end up in an eternal separation from God. The fear the Lord is a good thing so so so I think about my dad. For example, he was bigger than life in a lot of ways I was growing up as a child, 6'4" tall, and all of that and I had two things going on in my heart toward him. One is I knew he deeply loved me, but I also knew that if I stepped outside the boundaries of how he wanted me to live there would be punishments. So I live in a fear of his punishment which caused me to behave well, which was a good thing for my thing and it was a loving fear. It was a loving fear because he put boundaries up in order for me to live well and he knew that if I stepped outside those boundaries. I could be harm so to think of this image. Life is like driving in a car and in one image we used in the last segment was don't live in your past your past is past is like driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour constantly looking in your rearview mirror. That's inviting an accident, but also on that same highway you have guardrails and what are the purpose of those guardrails to keep us from going off the highway which will ultimately hurt us and destroy us so imagine that image as you're driving down in your wife's car you drive looking in your windshield ahead.

But you also have guardrails there and that's God's moral law to keep you on the highway of safety. So God gives you his moral laws, not because he hates you, but because he loves you when we break God's laws. They we don't break them.

They break us.

Most of my listeners right now are really hurting in some area of their lives because they broken God's law. They stepped outside his boundaries for how he wants us to live and we had to suffer the consequences.

So the point being, if there is a healthy fear of the Lord this is. I know your God I'm not God you place these boundaries in my life and I'm therefore out of a healthy fear of you and knowing that if I step outside those boundaries. I'm going to be hurt. I'm going to stay within those boundaries. That's a good thing.

I think God would want us mostly to stay within those boundaries, because we know how much he loves us and we know he created life and he wants us to enjoy life to the full, but again a healthy fear of the Lord says, but I do know if I break God's laws though break me and I don't want to go through that hurt and pain in my life it will do some point in time. And that's why we need grace. That's why God is holy and that causes the fear of the Lord and is given us the guardrails. Please also love to hear the songs you know, was a rich person I continue to commit sin.

He'll never forgive me have been so bad.

Now I can tell you right now, folks know this is true that through Jesus you cannot out sin, the grace of God say that again you cannot out sin doesn't give you permission the grace of God you don't use grace to send. That's called in the Bible, licentiousness, and God doesn't like that you use his great gift of grace in order to continue the sin your ultimately headed toward destruction. If you do that, but if you really understand grace that should be the incredible primary elevator never to send a fine great grace means unconditional favor. It means I receive what I don't deserve so that on the cross of Calvary. Jesus grants me forgiveness of my sins by grace through faith.

It's by his simple love given to me as a free gift by believing and when we received that we just know that all of our sins have been washed clean. They have been thrown into the heart of the Sena Marilyn I went to the ocean for our two weeks of vacation.

Just imagine throwing all of your sins into the heart of the sea and that water is beautiful, but it goes down.

Some places you know hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of feet. Just think about all your sins, drifting to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean in the world.

That's what the Bible says and they are remembered no more by God, I'm so glad my God, through grace, is an eternal amnesiac.

He remembers my sins no more.

You know if think of the worst thing you've done and I can ask you to say it, I'll think of the worst thing I've ever done. I'm not gonna repeated all of us have those places we have them in our hearts. Now here's the truth.

Every single one of them has been forgiven. They've all been forgiven, but not only that they been by God forgotten. So if you have received Jesus forgiveness and grace and you went to God right now and said hey remember when I did blank God would say to you I distinctly remember forgetting that in that good news God distinctly remembers forgetting and forgiving all our sin and then in the Catholic faith which which I am we have the act of contrition because we worry or repent that we are sorry we promise not to sin again. But that's a response to grace is an absolute so once you realize that forgiveness the power of God's eternal love that has forgiven and forgotten your sins than in response to that you repent.

Someone once joked and said the best definition of repentance they had ever heard was stop it will do it again right but it was beyond that it is not just stopping the sin in response to God's eternal grace and love. It's then moving to a new life, a new life that isn't selfish, but giving to others on a new life that doesn't want to hurt other people but wants to help other people a new life doesn't want to just get wants to give so you not only stop your sin but you move toward a new life. You have a new mind. Paul said in Romans 12 to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. It's a mind filled with grace. Thanksgiving hope all of those things and I think that's what ultimately overcomes fear and anxiety. You always say love your son love your neighbor love God as well, but love your neighbor as well. Your earning up credits.

What are those things called their graces as well for the future been nice to folks doing the right things because it's right thing to do. That's interesting.

The Bible talks about and Jesus himself specifically about heavenly rewards.

So when we care for other people.

We are given eternal rewards and you know we can't take anything with the said that we can send it ahead and how do we send stuff ahead to heaven that will enjoy in heaven forever. It's it's our money that cares for other people and it's our good works that care for other people so you can't take it with you. You can send it ahead. When you love God. The proof of loving God is loving your neighbor that which he loves most in the world. People with the image of God stamped on their lives and when you do that you're sending love notes to God.

You're sending wards treasures in heaven that you'll reap there so just make sure you doing two things being generous with God's money.

He's loves you. And secondly, loving other people loving your neighbor when you do. So you're storing up treasures in heaven, I'm David Chadwick will be right back when I'm David Chadwick…. 11 1099.

Three WBT welcome back to the show my producer and friend, Ed Billick has his microphone open during the show were trying to think about different things that you might be experiencing. As you are continuing to have to confront the kind of covert crisis in the racial unrest that is in our nation. I've been referring some to my most recent book moving beyond anxiety. If you like to get the book you can go to or other places to get it online. If you'd like to go through the chapters in depth over the last three months. I basically taken one of the chapters each week as we not been able to have a guest in studio it Billick and I have gone through each chapter in depth and you can go back to the podcasts and listen to each one. They are simple ways to renew your mind overcome fear and anxiety in your life. Just go to the webpage, go to the shows and then come down to the weekend shows and see David's peace. There and I believe it had that the whole book's premise is based on the fact that you are what you think. Absolutely you are what you think that whatever you're putting in your mind is causing you to feel what you feel and friends. Somebody is discipling you right now somebody is forming your mind to think as it thinks is either CNN and MSNBC, Fox News, blogs twitter somebody is feeding thoughts into your mind and you need to be very careful about safeguarding your thought life.

You talk that you talk then one of the previous site or previous shows from the book.

It is so important that it is the premise of the entire book. You are what you think you are what you think. Some people say you are what you eat, that's great. If you want to lose weight and get a good diet, and it is true what you really are, who you think and whatever thoughts you put in your mind folks, that's what you're ultimately going to feel and what you feel is going to cause you to behave as you behave. Thoughts cause feelings. Feelings cause behavior.

If you want to change behavior.

Don't attack your feelings.

All you've done is mask the problem.

If you want to change behavior.

You've got to change your thought life again.

That's what Paul said in Romans 12 to be transformed by the renewal of your mind. And so what I'm trying to do is to get you folks to start thinking about things that will fuel faith, not fear. And my guess is if your mind is focused on Cove in 19 if your mind is focused on all the anger that's presently existing in our nation. If your mind is focused on the incivility of discussions that are occurring politically and otherwise via Twitter and other places your hearts being filled with anxiety and fear, and I would say one of the chapters in the book. Yet sometimes we need to take a fast we needed not only fast from food in a minute.

Intermittent fasting is a big deal out there right now, but also fast from social media fast from news outlets fast from sources that are filling your heart with hatred and despair and to fill your thoughts with the thoughts of hope, with from God's word. What he says about how to tackle fear. That's how you ultimately change feelings, which then change behavior.

I think you have a chapter in here this chapter 6 called cast it's right after fast so if you fast from social media and you don't put that bad stuff in your mind. Then you let those bad thoughts come to your mind and what you do, then you cast them on God and it's based on a Bible verse. First Peter five verse seven it says this cast all your cares upon him for he cares for you. Not now. Think about that verse and first of all cast. It is the Greek word which suggests a forcible throwing so it's the word that was used when fishermen cast their net to go on the other side of the boat.

It's the term that she used when Jesus cast out a demon. It is a forcible removal of something from one place to another. He threw them out essentially grew them out of the sanctuary was a forcible throwing out of the people who should not be in the temple worshiping and using it as a place just to make profit and money in their lives.

I think in terms of a football quarterback throwing a ball 50 yards. There is a forcible throwing a ball from one place to another. That is a casting think in terms of casting a fisherman's rod out into the water that that's what were talking about here so cast it says all, not some not most, but all of your cares. Think of all those worries that came to the surface when you fasted and then you cast them all the Lord you throw them on his shoulders, you basically say this is too heavy for me to carry you got it. Want to cares anymore. It's too much for me and the people asked me the question then will will how I know that he really is caring those because the second half of that verse is true, cast all your cares upon him because he cares for you to think about all the ways Jesus cares for you. He came into this world left the splendor of heaven and of the squalor of this mess because he loves us.

He went to the cross to die for our sins.

The physical pain the spiritual pain of being separated from his father. When God poured out his wrath, his anger for all our sins upon his son. And I don't us think about that. Why do you do that because he loves us so therefore we can cast our cares upon him, because we know how much he cares for us and folks if we could do that during this covert crisis take all of our fears all of our anxieties and cast them up on God's big huge splendor, his shoulders and let him carry them and know how much he cares for us and I think we can begin to experience the relief we need in the covert crisis on the think that's where we rely on the part of the our father that I will will be done is will will be done. We trust him. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. He sitting on his throne. He rules over everything he sovereign over our situations. We can trust him with everything. And folks, that's where I want to leave today show as we begin to pray right now you look at God on his throne. He is sitting on his throne.

He's in control of her covert. I think what he's doing through this crisis is forcing many of us to realize the idols of our hearts, the places where we've not trusted him and that's a good thing. So if this allows us to turn more toward him, have faith in him to believe in him and to change our lives then coded as purpose trust that today so it must move into prayer and pray for all of those were listening right now as we done the last several months father in heaven. Daddy in heaven. Our loving father in Jesus name I come to you and I pray for all of our listeners right now. I pray they could experience the peace that passes all understanding.

Lord, you said in your word that do not be anxious for anything but in everything, with thanksgiving, to make our requests known to you.

So the first thing we do right now Lord is take all of these places of anxiety and we make our requests known to you.

We ask you to carry them.

We cast them on your shoulders because we know how much you care for us and we do so as Philippians for success, with thanksgiving, one of the ways we overcome anxiety Lord is by replacing the negative with the positive, we take out all the negative, anxious thoughts, and we replace them with positive thoughts particularly thankful thoughts. Lord, we pause for a moment right now and give thanks to you for all the good things that we have living in this world the air that we breathe, the food that we are about to ingest today or have already ingested the day we thank you for the clothes we have the car we might have the apartment or the house in which we live. We thank you for everything. We thank you for our friends and our family and all those who love us deeply because Lord, we know that the more were thankful and replace those anxious thoughts, with thanksgiving, the less anxiety there is and the more thanksgiving increases in our hearts we choose faith today Lord we choose to see you see these on your throne your ruling over everything Cova did not catch you by surprise you're using it for good.

You promise to use everything in our lives for good reveal to us our idols the things we used to depend upon other than you expose them in Lord, let us return faith in you casting all our cares upon you because we know you care for us and as we release everything to you, Lord, we have that perfect peace that passes all understanding.

I pray this in your mighty name and look forward to talking with everybody again next week. Have hope. Folks, God's in control

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