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August 16, 2020 9:30 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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August 16, 2020 9:30 am

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick's talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a weekly faith and values program your own new start limited WBT that I've been doing now for over 20 years that tries to intersect the different aspects of faith and values through the lenses of what's going on in our culture locally and globally.

It's always a pleasure doing the show. Thank you for joining me folks on a weekly basis. I've asked my producer and friend Ed Billick again this week to open up his microphone we been unable to get gas into the studio so we have been pontificating and giving insights into different issues that are going on in our world through the lenses of the Scripture through the lenses of faith and especially through the lenses of hope.

I'm commonly known around the area as the hope guy because I really do believe if the sun comes up in the morning, there's always hope.

As Yogi Berra said it ain't over till it's over and it ain't over yet so we can therefore cling to hope and believe will make it through this coronavirus situation will make it through these racial tensions there is a sunrise on the horizon and again of the sun comes up in the morning, there's always hope. Guess what happened this morning. Folks, the sun came up. There is always hope.

I today I want to spend this program dealing with the concept of hope rooted into the character of God because I believe if you know rightly the character of God, your faith will increase your level increase, and your hope will increase faith, hope and love the great apostle Paul in first Corinthians 13 said those are the only three things that are going to last into eternity. They are the only four ever items on this side of heaven.

So therefore if the last forever. Maybe we should invest our time and energy into those three things.

Faith, hope and love but you can't have those three qualities of life.

I think unless you understand fully the character of God so they want to give you insights into the character of God and have an understanding of how that can increase our faith, hope and love.

Good morning Ed Billick could come morning, David.

You know it's funny you mention it because last Sunday when we were on their note, the good Lord is in charge right around 805 Eastern time.

Our houses shook a little getting the race. Okay, here we you think about that the good Lord is in charge what you know that he oversees everything and if he doesn't oversee everything he doesn't oversee anything and if you don't believe that God is sitting on his throne, ruling over his world.

I don't know how in the world. You can live yet another day.

It's either in my opinion Christ or chaos. You either have faith in Christ or you have chaos in the world. It's those two choices that confront us every single day and I'd like to come for a confront the fact that I believe God is on his throne quickly. The definitions of faith, hope and love you faith is told us in Hebrews 11 one is the only definition in the Bible. It is the assurance of things not seen. And it is the confidence of things that we hope for, so it is the invisible world that we don't see controlling this visible world. We believe that God is on the throne that he oversees everything we can't see that, but we still believe that sometimes I cry out to God, especially in this coronavirus situation. You know, why can't you show me more and give me some evidence that I can believe in him and I hear that whisper inside my heart were Jesus said to Thomas when he wanted evidence. He said Thomas you've seen yet. Believe Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe some of the Lord wants us to believe and we haven't seen that's the evidence of faith in Hebrews 11 verse six says that God rewards those who have that kind of faith and those who diligently seek him. So faith is something we need to have hope is really the belief that God is on the throne, and that everything is moving forward in a providential historical standpoint and that God is working everything together for good, though we can't see it. We hope for that. And of course love. The only definition of love in the Bible is found in first Corinthians 13 four through seven. We should do a program I think on that alone Ed, but your love is patient, love is kind love is it jealous and envious or rude. It doesn't seek its own way.

It's not irritable. It's not puffy or proud or touchy those kind of things define love and Jesus said very clearly that the only way the world is going to know the people really do follow him is by the way, we love one another. John says God is love and the love that Jesus pours in our heart should be evidenced in the world.

So all the hatred and strife we see today people burning down buildings.

You and I were talking before the program began that we both believe in what's called the law of reciprocity. You reap what you sow, if you sow seeds of anger, hatred, lust, that's what you're going to ultimately ultimately reap so the burning down of buildings and the tearing down of people's lives is not fruitful. It is not helpful and eventually we will have to pay the piper for that kind of evil and hurt in our world. So we've got to conquer this world with the three things that will last forever.

Faith, hope and love and today were going to center in on that one word, hope, and I believe all my heart.

Hope can increase in our hearts if we know the character of God. So during this program. I'm going give you three characteristics of God and if you really claim those characteristics. I think your hope in him will increase and you can face today with hope because guess what folks, the sun came up this morning, there's always hope I David Chadwick will be right back.

When I David this is this talk 11 to 99 welcome show you today and that the call that we all have upon our lives is to take the love of his fragrance and to spread it to other people really what I think were all about and actually if you reminded me that there's something I do on a daily basis that our listeners might want to walk. I have and that's not only my moment of hope that I do on WBT at 5:40 AM beginning Bose program with a moment of hope, but I also have a written moment of hope that people can get if they wanted go to moments of hope That's the church I pastor here in town, moments of hope and on the website. You can sign up for what's called a daily written moments of hope and last week it was on love.

Yes, it was all on all the aspects of love everyday so you know you get up and were never coffee, checking your email getting a little love note from David.

That's right. If you follow me on Twitter David Chadwick got you can have those in your inbox at 659 every morning and also in your email inbox is to go to the website again to moments of hope and you can get those I put them out five days a week, Monday through Friday, and it's the purpose of giving people a moment of hope to start their day because I really believe we got have hope in these dark times got to and in these days when were living in isolation and we have the problem of isolation, sickness, are you and I were discussing again on air before we came on together. The problem that many families are experiencing today without public schools. They don't have a take care and they got their kids at home and so what they do with their jobs.

You've also got the continued education that's necessary especially for vulnerable kids who don't have quite the other things that richer kids have at their disposal in order to move forward.

The whole homeschooling movements taken on new emphasis and impetus people who don't know how to do homeschooling door sitting there with their hands and they are going. How I educate my child I'm not trained to do this. I've never seen anxiety higher than it is right now. Then of course the teaching of course then providing the lunch is that the schools usually provide so hungers becoming a problem in the just the the down the road kind of things that this virus is because this pendant is because this is far-reaching, so at some level we got to go to our faith to calm our hearts to believe that God is on his throne that he's overseeing all and it'll help take care of us in our dire consequences and the things that we are facing on a daily basis and and I believe it had the only way hope really increases in your heart on a daily basis is by trusting in God and believing in him and you got to have an understanding of the right character of God in order for your faith, hope and love to increase and especially as were focusing on hope today so so who is this God that we believe in.

And the more you have that kind of faith. The more I think hope increases who is God, why want to give three characteristics of God today that would be helpful for our listeners should we dare to believe them.

I really believe they'll help our hearts become more whole, more secure and less anxious.

And here's the first characteristic that I would say to everyone. God is good. Now we we say that all the time. Lord you are good and your mercies endure forever. That comes from one of the Psalms, but if you don't believe that God is good at the base part of your faith in your foundational level. If you don't believe God is good, then you believe the world is in chaos you believe everything's out of control and you're not sure what's going to happen in the next second, so as your faith increases, it will grow as you believe that God is good now. That means that even pain is good that God uses pain for his purposes, and is using it somehow to develop us into deeper followers of him and I know some of you out there going but wait a minute David the pain I've been through. You just can't even imagine it. Yes I can. First of all I been in pastoral ministry for four decades and I walked through the deepest valleys the darkest waters with people.

You can even imagine some of the things I have walk through the people on the other hand, I have lived life myself and I've gone through those deep valleys and dark waters myself so I've experienced it, just like you have. And yet when going through those things. I've got to ask the question what is the character of God.

Do I believe that God is malevolent and punishing me or do I believe God is good, a loving father who has everything under his control, and is even using this painful experience for good. You could help us with this, then why does God allow so much bad to happen a lot. Why is why does God allow evil well I think that's the question that some people wrestle with through the years through the decades through the ages and it's a valid question to ask if God is good. Why is there pain while the first answer. It is that God created us in his image and we have the ability to choose whether were going to follow him or not. And God had to make us that way. In order for love to exist your for example, with my wife Marilyn.

We've been married now for 42 years, and this wonderful woman loves me, this only because she has chosen to love me, love can't really exist if she's a puppet or an automaton, someone I wind up every day and manipulating. She walks around going.

I love you David. I love you David. I love that that's not love that again is a puppet, so she freely chooses to love me and that's why I know our love is real, but I also awaken every morning with the reality that she could choose not to love me. But again, love can only exist within the context of human choice. So God created us because he's love.

He wanted us to enter into a love relationship with him and to love our neighbors, but he gave us the privilege to choose not to love him and what we know biblically is that Adam and Eve, our human parents rebelled against God, they chose not to love God. They chose to try to be God themselves.

And when they did they ushered in this problem of sin rebellion against God's sin has permeated every part of God's once originally good created order, and that sin has caused this world not operate as God originally intended it to operate so we live in this love relationship with God in a very broken and very fallen world. So here's the question in that relationship with God. Do we believe that even in the pain and the suffering of this broken and fallen world. God is good and is working everything together for good for his purposes things we can't even see to this day, of the people asked P West Davidson why we hear what is the purpose of life. Why, why did God put us or we notice some of us remember that pop song years ago. Whether this guy saying I just a love machine and I don't work for nobody but you will. God created us to be a love machine and to work for nobody but him were supposed to be under his Lordship and to be recipients of his love, and then to give love away to everyone around so there's really been tested in some ways we are. I think that love gift is being tested all the time will I live life on my own terms and be selfish like Garner every second for my own means and purposes or will I allow the loving God of this universe to pour his love through me to be a fragrance to my neighbor. Jesus said it this way all of the commandments of the Bible you know the Pharisees, the people who lived as the religious leaders during Jesus day had taken the 10 Commandments and made them into 613 laws and they tried to follow everyone exactly all day long will Jesus came along and said to them and everybody else let me reduce the 613. The two here it is. Love God and love your neighbor yet.

I love it when people make something simple.

That's it for love machines, God pours his love in us and were supposed to love the people around us.

That's why burning down buildings and destroying property and hurting people.

It has no place in God's kingdom. God's kingdom is where God rules our hearts. Now back to the pain.

How can God use pain in a good way. We know the most dangerous place to be in the world is probably a leper colony they still do exist today that existed in great abundance during Jesus day. The problem with leprosy is it galls your nerve system and the you walk around all day long and you could put your hand in a fire and never feel the pain and therefore burn your hand off so the danger of not feeling pain for the leper and I would say for us as well is that we can't learn anything in life that will allow us to continue to grow and move forward.

So God wants us to feel pain because it's a warning sign. That's not where I want you to go that's not how I want you to live and so we use pain as a good thing to help us know more of who God is his will in our lives and how we can live for him.

So for everybody out there today as you're going through these difficult times. As you're experiencing these painful moments and you want to save God is good yes say that and believe that in the pain of the situation God is using it to drive you deeper and closer to him, for without that pain, you would surely live life on your own terms and you'd be like that leper putting your hand in a fire and having it be burned off and he don't even feel it. It's in that deep abiding relationship with God we feel his love we feel is intimacy that pain is used to drive us deeper and closer to him makes a lot of sense but a lot of sense and if you believe that, then Romans 828 takes on a new focus for you, for God uses all things together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. All things means all things, even, especially the painful things. So the first aspect of God is wrapping up the segment as God is good God is good, you got to cling to that and you know what I have a friend who lost two boys and a tragic automobile accident and he would say all the time but I cling to the fact that God is good and I'm going to continue to cling to that fact until I see good come out of this because it isn't over until it's good because God is good. I would ask all our listeners to do the same thing in the pain of the moment. Keep clinging to the fact that God is good and keep believing until you see it's good because God is good and if he is good. He's got to show that it's good that is his very nature, behold, the Lord is good and his mercies endure forever. That is a powerful verse from one of the Psalms cling to it. Folks believe it.

Your hope will increase as you believe that God is good.

It is the first character of God that were studying today. I'm David Chadwick will be right back-when I'm David Chadwick and this is this talk 11 to 99. Three got anything to show looking at the whole concept of hope during today show. If you'd like to hear the program in its entirety. Go to scroll down to the weekend shows. Look for the David Chadwick show when you can hear this program from beginning to end.

Again, as we deal with hope because we need hope today like never before. Now I have people say to me all the times are so tough the side times are so difficult and one of the things I'm doing with people recently is I'm saying to them, go back 100 years ago.

Let's remember the Spanish flu folks 60 million died from the Spanish flu and that's 1918, that's four years after the mother of all wars. World War I ended and then you came back and had the flapper air and people recovering from the war and then suddenly in 29 you had the Great Depression and then people started to come out of the Great Depression and up rows of maniacal man in Germany named Adolf Hitler and he began a movement to conquer the world with Nazi-ism, a racial epitaph that had all kinds of negative evil godless meanings to it and World War II was fought.

We came out of that in 1945 and we started trying to rebuild America. Only then to have the Korean War, then to face the ugly Jim Crow laws and segregation in the race riots of the 60s.

The Kent State riots, the Chicago problem in 1968 I mean we just had one thing after another.

Over the last century so as bad as this coronavirus is and as many problems as its cause as hurtful and problematic as are the race riots. Dear friends, these are the kinds of things that have been going on for decades and if you just look at the last hundred years alone in America. We've had these kind of things happen over and over again so when I think about the problems were going through. I go to Jeremiah, the weeping prophet in the Bible and I try to get some insights into him. Jeremiah chapter 3 is one of the most fascinating chapters in all of the Bible. If you talk about a deep, dark times go to Jeremiah 3. The Babylonians are coming against the Israelites. They are invading Jerusalem. The trying to tear down the walls and take the people into captivity, the people are called behind the walls. There's no food there is no water. There's even some cannibalization that's going on.

It's unbelievably wicked and dark and listen to these words from the prophet Jeremiah and Jeremiah, Lamentations 3 I am the man who is seen affliction by the rod of his God's wrath. He has driven me away and maybe walk in darkness rather than light. Indeed, he has turned his hand against me again and again all day long. He's made my skin and my flesh grow old and has broken my bones. He has proceeds to me and surrounded me with bitterness and hardship he has made me dwell in darkness like those long dead, he has walled me in so I cannot escape. He has weighed me down with chains. By the way, that message says that Jeremiah felt no hope. He was walled and he just didn't feel like he could escape the problems surrounding him than verse eight.

Even when I call out or cry for help.

He shuts out my prayer. He didn't feel like God heard his prayers at all. He God has barred my way with blocks of stone. He has made my paths crooked. He just didn't feel like he can walk a straight path always tripping and falling I lovers him like a bear lying to wait like a lion in hiding. He dragged me from my path and mangled me and left me without help. He drew his bow and made me the target for his arrows.

He pierced my heart with arrows from his quiver. I became the laughing stock of all my people. They mock me all day long. He has filled me with bitter herbs and sated me with gall. He has broken my teeth with gravel. He has trampled me in the dust. Think about that that message that image folks like you're eating rocks.

That's what Jeremiah felt like in this problem. I have been deprived of peace. I have forgotten what prosperity is. So I save my splendor is gone and all that I had hoped from the Lord. I remember my affliction and my wandering the bitterness and the gall. I will remember them and my soul is downcast with in me, so it Billick when you hear Jeremiah chapter 3 verses one through 20 him describing that condition of his soul. His life's experience at that moment what you think since it's so descriptive. Does he have any hope yeah and in the whole point being that when you compare your problems today with Jeremiah and what he's going through. Suddenly they kind of are dwarfed in comparison. And you asked the question it rightly so, is there any hope. Now don't forget verse 21.

Because verses one through 20, and all those desperate situations are followed with verse 21 Jeremiah says. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope.

So what is it that Jeremiah calls to mind that brings him hope he says because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fails. They are new every morning great is your faithfulness. Great is your faithfulness. So Jeremiah returned to hope because he believed every morning is a new day, so he cried out to the Lord and ask for his love and the Lord responded to him. Great is your faithfulness. So God is good and then the second. The second aspect God is for. If you want to increase your faith folks and you want your hope to grow and you want to be able to face this coronavirus and all the other problems surrounding us with hope you got to understand the character of God. The first one we talked about in the last segment. God is good, you got to believe God is good that in his nature. He is good though there's evil, surrounding us because of our fallen this because of our rebellion against God. God still is using everything together for good, because he is good. Trust him in that give him time to work. He is working through all of this, not the least of which is deepening us in him, so our dependence upon him is greater. But secondly, not only is God good cause faithful. That's what Jeremiah is trying to say to us today.

God is faithful. So what is faithful me faithful means keeping your promise. You don't Maryland has kept a promise to me.

She made 42 years ago that she would love honor and be with me all the days of my life until death do us part. I made that same promise it how long with you and your wife of 38 years ago you made a promise just absolutely and she made a promise to you and Casillas made a promise to to God himself absolute so with God as your witness.

And that's why the minister wedding says, and you know, do you promise before God and these witnesses. God is the ultimate witness that you're going to be forever married you not to let all kinds of feelings are all kinds of circumstances change the commitment that you're making the faithful. That's the word faithful will you discontinue the promise that you've made to your beloved for the rest of your life till death do us part the same thing as God is faithful to us and interestingly, when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior and you and our Christian said we know that God has made a covenant of faithfulness with our heart, he has said to us like we do our spouses at our wedding celebrations. I'll never leave you. I'll never forsake you all always be with you all abide over you. I'll care for you and I'll be with you no matter what you may think, and so faithfulness is the belief that things will get better, that the God who has entered in the covenant faithfulness with us will give us hope and will make things better. And so we continue to move forward in our future. Believing this reality that God is faithful to us to limit even illustration due member.

The 1992 Olympics, when there was a runner by the name of Derek Redman, and he was leading the pack as he came around that final turn and his hamstring snapped. He grabbed the back of his leg and he just fell to the ground, he suddenly got back up started limping toward the finish line. All the other runners past him and out of the stands comes his daddy. His father runs through all the officials and puts his son under his arm under his head and he takes them to the finish line, limping his son crying and weeping. Had a gold medal ready to be grasped because the hamstring Terry couldn't finish the race, but his daddy put his arm around his shoulder and walked him to the finished line to the uproarious applause not only of the thousands in the stands but the millions watching on TV. It was just a dramatic beautiful moment that what I believe with all my heart is.

That's a picture of the father in heaven when our hamstrings snap and we just don't think we can finish the race. Our father comes out of the stands and puts us next to him and walks us to the finish line with a loving gesture of I'm always here for you. I am faithful I'm going to care for you I love you so deeply and dearly. And what's interesting to me as well as do you remember who won that race in 1992.

Due member picture the father coming just inside your Seder is just a beautiful picture and it's a picture of God's faithfulness to us. So, may I encourage all of our listeners today.

Please increase your hope. How do you increase your hope you increase your hope by knowing the character of God. First of all, the believing God is good no matter how bad your situation may be God's working everything together for good for those who love him and are called according to his purpose and also God is faithful that he is there with us, getting us to the finish line.

We will finish this race because he's with us in our last segment. The third one. God is at work, so stay tuned were going to see how God is at work in this last segment and no matter what may be going on in our lives and our hope. We believe God is at work. Philippians 16 will be the verse we look at, he who began the good work will be faithful to complete. I'm David Chadwick. This is new start 11 to 993. WBT will be right back and we do believe that God is the shepherd of our souls. We don't have that understanding much in our culture because we live in very urban culture. Most of us, but in rural societies, especially during Jesus day shepherding was very common and the shepherd always cared for his sheep. Interestingly, could have 100 sheep, and each one was named and when he called out the name of the one sheep that Sheepshead would pop up because the shepherd's voice was known by the sheep. The shepherd is good. The shepherd is faithful and the shepherd is at work no matter what may be going on the shepherds, the protector of the against the predators.

The shepherd is the one who takes the lice and the thorns out of the wall of the sheep. He's the one who binds up their wounds, or if they fall down the he's going to put some on his shoulders and carries them home so he is a good shepherd and if you believe that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want that. I know all of my needs will be met, which leads to this last point that I wanted to make today if you want to increase hope in your life amidst this pandemic. Amidst all the racial tensions amidst all the problems were going to experience the next three months with the presidential election. All the tensions and strife that are going to be there increase your hope by believing that God is good God is faithful and the last one is God is at work no matter what may be going on.

God is at work. Philippians 16 he who began the good work will be faithful to completed God is working in all of the strife and conflict that's going on around us all the difficulties within our own hearts. He somehow at work working again all things together for good. If will just cling to that and believe that I think over time in hope you'll see that very reality taking place.

Interestingly, in Romans 828 the verse right after Romans 829, right after a 28 work, Paul says all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Verse 29 says that the purpose of all of the stuff that's going on in our lives is to conform us to the image of Jesus.

God wants to deepen us in our love for him. Oftentimes difficulties are the only way that we can deepen our faith in him. So you get back to a phrase that isn't biblical but it's very commonplace when bad things happen to you.

You can either become bitter or better, but that's what you're really saying here if you allow the pain and difficulties to get you better then you are going to be used at all hopeful decrease in your life but if you really believe this pain can force you into looking more and more like the compassionate Jesus who cares for other people loves other people, then we become better. We become more more like him, which is the goal that God has for all of her life so when were asked the question what's God's goal for me.

What does God want for my life.

Here's the answer. He wants to conform you to the image of Jesus.

He wants you daily to look more and more like Jesus.

He wants you to live more and more like Jesus.

He wants you to be a love machine and work for nobody but God himself because he created us out of his own image and likeness, and he is perfect love. So he pours perfect love into our hearts in the image of Jesus and then Jesus lives through us and we are conformed to his image to be his people on this planet. How many people live on the planet and he is at work for all of us and can you believe what this world would look like if we had six 7 billion people, all loving one another that's that's hope in that the goal is not heaven. It is called the kingdom of God and Jesus first message was about the kingdom of God. If Jesus is the King sitting on the throne of your heart and he's the King of Kings and Lord of lords that his very life, then lives through you, but you gotta make the decision to kick yourself off the throne in the same note not going to live that way anymore. That's called repentance and then invite the King of Kings and Lord of lords to live on the throne of your heart and then allow your life to have his life flow through you and let his love conquer hate. Let his love give you hope in this world. So the three aspects from today show if you want to increase your hope, dear friends understand the character of God, who is God will first of all, he is good. Trust him. Secondly, he is faithful. He made a promise to you to keep you and abide in you, he will, and finally do believe that God is at work.

He is somehow working through all of this mess for all of his purposes, his glory, and indeed your good and whenever he can kick off selfishness from the throne of our heart, and then live through us with his love. He's conquered a great purpose in our world so dear friends may invite all of you to continue to trust God amidst these very difficult times. He is working which also remember our friends in Beirut Lebanon. They have gone through a massive explosion they have experienced Oxford turmoil and trials like few others on the face of this planet. So please remember them.

I have dear friends who live there and they're going to crisis financially of food wise.

All kinds of suffering, so please remember them especially this week as you prayed together and it lets move toward a time of prayer I've heard for our listeners really enjoy this time when I try to pray for all that's going on in their lives. Let's try together while daddy that's what I call you every week because you are my daddy in heaven. Holy is your name, your set apart your different you are unlike any other.

But you're a daddy intimate and close in every possible way. I pray that your kingdom would come to this world in your will would be done on this earth. I pray that hatred and strife which doesn't exist in heaven would come to this earth. I pray that disease and turmoil which don't exist in heaven would come to this earth. I pray where hatred doesn't exist in heaven. Love would come to this earth.

I pray your kingdom in heaven would come to this earth and I pray you supply everyone's daily bread.

Whatever they need.

We can't look to the moral Lord because tomorrow may not come.

We asked today that you give us this day our daily bread, whatever that might be of its food or finances or friendship. Whatever it might be that you give us this day our daily bread, and leave us away from temptation lead us by your Holy Spirit away from those places where we can get entrapped in difficulties trauma temptations trials and turmoil lead us away from those places. But Lord, should we have gotten ensnared in a place where we shouldn't have deliver us from that evil. I give us your life.

Your hope, your beauty and your passion for you know Lord, the truth is yours is the kingdom and yours is the power and yours is the glory forever and ever. We rest in that perfect glory. And we know that somehow you're overseeing the difficulties and trials were facing.

I pray the public schools will open up soon. I pray you'll find a cure for the coded disease soon.

I pray Lord that people in families that feel entrapped and are learning how to love one another. A new because they're so close to one another.

Would love with such a depth and profound ability that their children would see it, but they would also be able to love more deeply, not only in their own family with this world that's in desperate need of that love.

And finally, daddy in heaven.

I just pray you would use all of our lives for good because you are good that we could continue to trust in your faithfulness because you're faithful to and you're at work. Lord we trust you. We believe that in the sun has come up this morning. We believe there's hope. Look forward to a great day. I pray this in your name and

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