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August 23, 2020 9:45 am

The David Chadwick Show,

Moments of Hope / David Chadwick

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Hi everyone, I'm David Chadwick and 11 1099 Freedom VP welcome to the show this Sunday morning at 8 AM always a privilege. Being with you.

This is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values with what's going on locally and globally. It tries to give you hope for. I really known around here at WBT as hope God and I love to give hope to people because folks you can't live one day without hope. We got to have hope in our lives in order to continue to move forward.

So here we are in a continued pandemic with all kinds of coded crisis information at our fingertips were also still watching at least two major cities in America. Portland and Seattle on a regular occasion burn with all kinds of protests and anger in the streets and many of us, myself included, do not understand how anyone can approve of violence and destruction because of violence and destruction only begets more violence and destruction. Dear friends, you do reap what you sow, if we so to the wind. We will reap the whirlwind.

If we so continued seeds of anger and destruction. That's what will ultimately be reflected so we watch that happened and again were in the middle of our election season. We just had the Democratic national convention in an eerily strange way, I conclude it's convention virtual online and television but didn't look real looked very wooden looks very stated but it happened and that's interesting. Within itself an hour getting ready for the Republican national convention. We find ourselves in between two political parties, and obviously this week we see one party make all kinds of promises to us were getting ready for the other party to give those kind of promises as well and how in the world do we vote with all kinds here's what I say I'm going to do, but I'm not really going to do it and we have the frustration of the hypocrisy of people's words not matching their deeds so today's program is going to look at the one whose promises are always true. The Lord God of hosts, the God of heaven who oversees everything but it before we get into today's program. Looking at some more of the names of God and at Billick my producer and friend has opened up his bike and were going to talk about this today when you think about politicians continually making promises, but not coming through on them. How in the world do you handle that you listen to what they saying sky set sounds great for that's what I want go vote for the person that I always like to say David talk about Jesus as well. Words have to match the actions you know how did you vote on a certain matter. What did you say what was your action on a certain matter versus what you're saying now both parties are just terribly guilty of it.

But Jesus look Jesus's actions matched his words out words matched his action. He did indeed and interestingly he told all of us. Don't judge lest you be judged.

In other words he was saying. You take the log out of your own eye before you try to take the speck out of another. I mean all of us are so selfish ourselves. We need to be very careful about criticizing other people, but had people asked me through the years will does that mean that we never judge somebody we never look at their lives.

We never try to see if their actions match their words in the answer that is no because, in a Similar Pl. in Scripture. Jesus said, look at their fruit as you're trying to judge a person look at their fruit.

Don't just listen to their words and he said these powerful words, not all those who call me Lord, Lord, are going to enter the kingdom of heaven.

He said you've done all kinds of magnificent works in my name, but you aren't going to enter the kingdom of heaven.

So it's just interesting to me add that even Jesus warns us about the very thing you're talking about. Look at how somebody lives don't just listen to their words and that some of years of my struggle with some of these political statements where people make all kinds of promises than the get into power and evoke the very opposite of what they said they're going to do in life are all supposed to be truthful okay and say things that are of truth.

I have a hard time with political commercials in every newscast.

I have to meet. I keep it in the mute button because I don't need to hear any more than that but anyhow that's that's a world were living in the well date, we have created critical feeling in people's hearts, our culture is filled with a critical nature. And it's passed down to every possible level right now. One of the reasons we can't be unified and we can't come together is because we need to manipulate other people criticize other people in order to control other people.

We see that especially in the political arena and as we move forward with our nation. We got to find a way to biblically speak the truth in love. There is truth. I believe there's absolute truth. I don't care what postmodernists say 2+2 = 4. It will always equal thinner daily moment so hope your written daily moments of hope the folks can subscribe to even talking about love.

This we have anybody would like to go to moments of hope church.or good they can get those daily devotionals and dioxin your email income every morning at 659 and they give you just a brief moment of hope. That's what it's title is please go unsubscribe it's free is just my opportunity daily to give you a moment of hope because dear friends, again you've got to speak the truth in love, and when you do so you can have hope. And if you don't have hope.

You can't keep moving forward. Every single one of us needs it. When we come back with a look at some of the names of God that might give us hope today to believe that he still in control even amidst all this going on.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back. When I listen to those words and at Billick my producer joining us. I grew up in Sunday school and learn the golden rule and I think we deemphasize the importance of keeping our kids involved in church and houses of worship and how much they absorbed even when you don't realize it did. I think we moved often times in church to all gotta segregate the children and get them out of worship so the adults can enjoy it and will teach them at their level. When I member sitting next to my mom and listening to sermons that my dad would preach and other things in the worship service, and if I started getting wiggly, she would give me the proverbial motherly pinch on the knee and I would suddenly sit up and listen, and you know I like that a whole lot I thought those services were boring, but looking back now I absorbed a whole lot more truth during those times that I realize you absorb the proper behavior of just listening and sitting still in the Lord was speaking to you may not have understood the jet he was in you. I learned the apostles Creed.

During that time.

Now I can recite it verbatim and enduring times that I feel alone and I don't think life makes much sense. I can say I believe in God the father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth that is Jesus Christ his only son, our Lord is a Catholic altar boy and we learn the prayers in Latin before they converted. I can still say the it's a domino, small business, and I is that stuff just keeps reverberating back to your point is we were children growing up. A lot of that stuck with sap and I just think we need to reclaim that in a lot of ways for our kids.

And again that they're absorbing more than we realize that my wife Marilyn always says kids are little sponges and the really absorbing a lot of truth and we need to give them those opportunities to be exposed to that truth is pretty cool. Today you're gonna talk about all the different words of God. Other names may God yet, you know. Interestingly, Jesus said pray in my name and whatever you ask will be given to you. And of course that's in accordance with his will, but also there's something powerful about his name.

His name means Savior. So we pray in the name of the one who saved us from our sins, but also you know your ears in my relationships.

I called you Mr. Billick all the time, we wouldn't have much of a relationship you early on, you want me to call you Ed, I wanted you call me David.

Why will that surnames and when you start addressing someone by their personal names.

It increases the personal relationships only pray in the name of Jesus. It's in his powerful saving name is also intimacy with him. You're really talking to your best and closest friend in Proverbs 1810 it says the name of the Lord is like a strong tower the righteous run into it and they are saved will isn't that interesting. There's power in the name.

It's like a strong tower you know if you're fighting someone, you always want the higher ground. And so when you're fighting and you're in the strong tower. Your higher than the other Pete person you have power over that person. So when you run into the name of Jesus is like running to a strong tower. You have power over your enemy who constantly pursues you.

So in the Bible there are many different names of God, often following the name Jehovah.

Now that's not just Jehovah's Witnesses, they seize the name from the Bible the word Jehovah means the self existing one or the existing one. It means the one who is so in the Bible you have many different stories that then conclude with Jehovah than a name of God that gives us indications regarding who he is. Let me give a few of those and then I want to center today on one more than others. The first one would be Jehovah Gyro which means God is my provider in Genesis 22 when Abraham did not sacrifice Isaac got stopped him. God provided a ram, and the angel called God. At that point Jehovah Gyro God is my provider so it how different would lives be if people use the name of Jesus as God is my provider rented that strong tower and really believed that every day as we face. For example, this coronavirus its financial implications how people are worried about their finances if we really believe that Jehovah is our gyri are provider and in accordance with Philippians 419 he would provide our every need according to his riches in Christ Jesus.

According to the name of Jesus I find that absolutely fascinating that God meets our every need, not our grades know he's not here to make us healthy, wealthy, prosperous, but he is here to meet our every single need.

So we are to depend upon him every single day in the name of the Lord Jehovah Gyro God is our provider. Here's another one God is our healer, Jehovah, Ro Fay in Genesis Exodus 17 as the Israelites are leaving Egypt they get thirsty they find bitter water they start complaining to Moses complaining to God. God tells Moses to drop a log in that bitter water I he does so and all of the bitterness is absorbed in that log and the people that drink sweet water. God then calls himself Jehovah Ro Fay at that time, God is my healer and dear friends, I hope we can believe that.

To miss this coronavirus and I don't mean to be flippant when I say this, but honestly for people of faith with the coronavirus, one of three things is going to happen. You're either never going to get it. So spend your day praising God. Secondly, you'll get it and get well. So praise God he's built within our bodies healing properties that allow the body to heal or third you're going to die and go be with him. And if you really believe heaven is a whole lot better than this place.

If you believe the eternal city Jerusalem in heaven is much better than any earthly city here then praise God you going to be there with a perfect resurrection body a perfect life without any disease turmoil trial difficulties are to be with your loved one, so even the third option for those of us who believe, is a good option is out-of-court pray for my mass, do all the good things. Sure it that your point.

It's in God's hand. It really is Ed and I don't know how you can live on this side of eternity in constant fear will back to the anxiety PC and also being worried about it due which is posted doing the good Lord to take territory. Should I don't know where else you land with anxiety. No, I wrote a recent book entitled moving beyond anxiety for listeners would like to get a good begin moving beyond anxiety but it's 12 ways to deal with anxiety and one of them for me.

More and more becomes primary and that's the belief the gods on his throne that he's overseeing everything, and the more I trust him as he oversees this world.

I am free from anxiety.

So, again, not to be flippant, but they're one of three things that's going to happen with the coronavirus and let's live in faith doing what we need to do, but also not letting anxiety and fear cripple our hearts because God is Jehovah Ro Fay. He is God our healer.

Another name is Jehovah nisi as the Israelites are coming out of Egypt. They are attacked by the animal clients. They are their mortal enemies there sniping off their weakest at the end of the line is there walking toward the promised land. It is a huge battle then that Moses begin sending out Joshua with the Israelites to do battle against the Amalekites and interestingly, Moses goes to a top of the hill with Aaron in her air and it is his brother hers. Probably his nephew.

He lifts up a rod is the same rod that he put toward the Red Sea, the part of the Red Sea, and as long as he held the rod high. The people in the battle one as long as his arm started to droop. He started the battle started to be lost. So Aaron her keep his rod lifted up even put a rock underneath him so that he can sit down and then at the end of when Israel wins that battle God's call Jehovah nisi, which means God is my banner when you going to battle.

Oftentimes there's a banner that's lifted up on the top of the pole and soldiers fighting. Keep looking at that banner and they believe they can still win as long as that banner still lifted up by one of the soldiers when that soldier goes down, it causes discouragement among the people will they look at up on the top of the mountain and as long as Moses had the banner lifted up they want. So God calls himself there. Jehovah nisi God is my banner or God is my warrior as long as we keep looking to him in faith. He fights the battle for us and then here's another name of God, Jehovah, Ra are AAH.

It's found in Psalm 23 one. It's in the first verse. The Lord is my shepherd. That's Jehovah rock the Lord is my shepherd, and it when you think about a shepherd a good Shepherd. He loves his sheep.

Interestingly, in even mideastern times a day. Say a sheepfold of hundred sheep. The shepherd knows every single sheep by name, so here if they're all grazing in the shepherd calls out Wally named one of the lambs will like that lamb would pick up his head and start looking at the shepherd because the shepherd knows each sheet by his name in there I think of Isaiah 43 one into God says behold, I have redeemed you and I've called you by name. He knows each one of us individually by our names and the good Shepherd takes care of the sheep leads them to green pastures still waters. He takes care of them in every possible way. That's our God and we know that name of God, Jehovah, Ra, we can trust him to take care of every single need in our lives is one other one Jehovah said they think it's throughout the Scripture, but it means the Lord of hosts and in their two ideas there. The word host in the Hebrew can mean creation. It could mean the sun the stars in the sky. So really, as the Israelites lived amidst the godless Canaanites who worshiped idols. It was a reminder them that God is the Lord of creation that were worshiped creation of a creek. The create tour, not the creation, the one who created the stars and the moons in the sky not the creation itself.

So many of our problems in life are caused by us worshiping creation rather than the creator.

When I challenge all of our listeners to think about the ways they worship the creation things, objects, and they put all their energy in owning and possessing rather than the one who created everything so this is a reminder that God is the creator of everything. But also, the word said they can mean the host. The angelic host.

The Angels of heaven, and will actually look at that later on together in a program, but God created the angels to serve us, and I think we can call upon the angelic hosts of heaven to come help us in our times of need. I would invite everyone to call God by his name Lord Saturday off the Lord of hosts, the Lord of the Angels, the Lord of the Angel armies and he created them. Hebrews 114 to come and meet our needs when we are in trouble. The Bible is full of times when God's people have angelic visitations. Angels who come to them and help them in their dire times of need.

So everyone please understand how powerful the names of God are the God is our provider. He's our healer. He's our warrior who fights for us.

He's our shepherd.

He's also our one who sends angels to help us in a moment will look at another name of God that I want to spend the rest of the program. Looking at Jehovah shalom that God is our peace.

What a great message will look at that in just a moment.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back everyone, I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 11 1099. Three WBT welcome back to the show your Sunday morning message of hope here on WBT to try to give you hope amidst a coronavirus that continues amidst racial tensions that continue amidst all kinds of election cycle narratives that continue and will at least until November 4, who so much going on in our world. We need a message of hope and that's what I'm trying to give to you today by looking at some of the names of God in the Bible the word Jehovah is a Hebrew word for God. And it means the self existing one or the existing one, and there are several places in the Bible where God is given a name that is to encourage our faith and hope we look at some of those in the previous segment. Let me go over the real quickly that God's call Jehovah Gyro our provider Jehovah roof a our healer Jehovah nisi our warrior who fights for us Jehovah rock God is my shepherd the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23 one and also Jehovah said they off, which means the Lord of hosts, which implies that God created everything so we don't need to worry about anything, but also that he is the Lord of the Angel armies and he sends angels to care for us when we are in need. We need to call upon the Lord to help us.

We also need to ask the Lord to send us Angel Psalm 91 verses 1011 says he places his angels in charge over you, so we have great names of God.

And there's another one I want to look at right now it's call Jehovah shalom Jehovah shalom know many of us have heard that shalom from our Jewish friends. What's a little regular phrasings agreed to write notes Hebrew.

It's a Hebrew elementary reading. That was a greeting. Yes, it's a greeting from the Jews. It's also a way of saying goodbye as well a it's just an interesting word that they use regularly and a lot of people think it just means peace and and it does. But there's so much more to the word here is the definition of shalom.

It's not just the absence of conflict, but it is well-being harmony within harmony without health wholeness, happiness, quietness of soul prosperity, tranquility and safety.

So when you meet your Jewish friends and they say shalom to you. They're not just saying hey, hope you have a peaceful day there saying I hope your life is really going well. I hope everything in your world is operating perfectly. Hope you have quietness of soul tranquility of heart, but I also hope that you have success and prosperity and abundance.

So when the Jew wishes that to you at the beginning of a conversation. That's what they're saying at the end of the conversation when they say goodbye and they again say shalom there wishing again for you to have prosperity of life. Quietness of soul awful wellness within who you are. It's a very rich word is in it is a powerful word. It is what God promised to the Israelites and what they live by what they think is rightfully theirs. In their relationship covenantal.

He with God and it's something they want the whole world to have because they know the rich meaning of being in right relationship having well-being of soul harmony within in and out with God himself of the tranquility the peacefulness that just resonates. It is supposedly a desire that everyone have a relationship with God, and they know how much he loves them and in that love. He's taking care of their every need, plus giving the blessings beyond anything that could ever hope for, or imagine. So Jehovah the self existing one is called Jehovah shalom, who is our well-being, our quietness of soul but also our peace.

That's how the word is mostly translated in the Bible piece that here's something interesting I found this week that I think is fascinating in the 3530 years of recorded history. That's just the time we written down history 286 years. Of those, 3530 have had peace only 286 years have had peace 14,351 years have had more and during that time. 364 billion people have been killed in conflict and wars over 8000 peace treaties have been signed during that 3530 years.

Guess how many of them have been broke every single one because real peace is not the absence of conflict, real peace is something that has to exist in the heart. The real problem with all the wars and conflicts and all the anger in the streets right now has much more to do with the human heart than it does circumstances is because of anger and hate the people are expressing these violent acts on the street. So what God wants us to have is not that kind of warring anger in our hearts.

He wants us to be to know him as Jehovah shalom. He wants us to know God as our peace. As our well-being as our quietness of soul, and as we live then together in a quietness of soul. This will allow the human race then to have peace.

Peace isn't from without. It's gotta be from within first and then the without can happen so I want to look at for a second, this whole idea of God being Jehovah my peace Jehovah my quietness of soul my harmony within my health, my safety, my prosperity, my tranquility because that's something the Bible talks a lot about us. Let me give just a few. Biblical insights into places where that word shalom/peace is used for example in the book of Leviticus God outlines for the Israelites in Leviticus 3 and seven, there need to have what's called a peace offering, and it was oftentimes an animal whose blood was shed, to forgive sins and then bring God's shalom, his prosperity and tranquility is just interesting. Even then we saw the need for the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sins and of course we who are Christians see that ultimately enacted in the life of Jesus's death on the cross is bloodshed for the forgiveness of our sins forever, and when we know forgiveness and we know there is now peace with God. We have shalom. That's what God wants us to have. He wants us to know forgiveness which leads to his tranquility of soul, the quietness of spirit and a prosperous blessing that he will give us as he moves us forward in life is as you as you describe that there is a feeling within the comes when you're at peace now in a May I remind all our listeners. If you trust in God, your sins are forgiven if you believe what Jesus did on the cross really matters your sins are forgiven and not only forgiven but forgotten. If you went to God right now and ask him about your sins. He say I conveniently remember forgetting that God's eternal amnesiac is such great news and a people know that their past is been forgiven. They have a future filled with hope they can have shalom disorders anger than if the pieces resonating with inside it within anger cannot enter. It can't be there it and why the world would you destroy property and destroy other people's lives when you have the prosperous shalom of God living within your own heart you will do it your love in accordance with how you know you can love is for peaceful people don't work that way.

So I want people to know the power Jehovah shalom. Interestingly, one of the prophecies about Jesus in Isaiah 96, it says he is our everlasting father, wonderful, counselor, and remember, Prince of peace, Prince of shalom. He is a ruler of shalom.

He wants all of us to have that kind of blessing. Oftentimes, when Jesus would heal somebody he would say go in peace, he would say you been healed now going shalom go in the full blessing of all that God wants your life to be in John 1427 Jesus said peace I give to you, my peace I give to you not as the world gives you authority uses.

There is you got it.

It's RNA but it's a transliteration in the Greek of the Hebrew shalom. He says shalom I give you. Not as the world gives do I give you my shalom is his very presence inside of us. The full blessing of what God desires. When Jesus appeared in his resurrection narrative in John 22 times to his disciples.

He said, peace be with you.

They hadn't seen them there afraid and all the sudden he appears were his first words shalom be with you since the pandemic at the Catholic mass, we always used to say, peace be with you and you shake hands with her by around your point.

The people you know before the Eucharist, before communion today were not doing that I got is that sometimes isn't that so David, peace be with you yeah to you to edit.

Now you know what that really means what you're saying to the persons is I don't just want your life have an absence of conflict.

I want you to know the full blessing of God within. I want your life to be blessed beyond anything you could possibly hope for or imagine you're wanting that person to really experience the incredible abundant grace of God and have shalom the fullness of peace that God wants all of us to have an interestingly in Philippians chapter 4 verse seven it says in the peace of God that passes all understanding, will be yours. That word again is Arena transliterated shalom. How do we get that kind shalom one way pulses us in prayer make your supplications known to God. Verse six with Thanksgiving little life continually filled with thanksgiving when you're thankful to God for all he's given you all you that are filled with what his peace that passes all understanding your filled with his shop alone and factually.

In Ephesians 214, Paul says that Jesus himself is our shalom. He is our peace. So when you know him, you know, your sins are forgiven you know his presence. He'll never leave you nor forsake you know he gives you what you need for that day and when you live in that kind of relationship with him. Your life is filled with shalom.

So that's another name of God, Jehovah shalom. I hope all of you know that today continue to trust that God will provide your knee, but also give you his abundant shalom. When you do your heart will have peace.

I'm David Chadwick will be right back. This is you, and I'm David Chadwick's talk 11 to 99. Three WB welcome back to the show. You like to hear this program in its entirety, a chance for all of us to get a glimpse into some of the names of God. We should increase our faith and our hope in our love and then drive, fear and anxiety away please go to scroll down to the weekend shows and you can download the podcast the David Chadwick show from beginning to end. Also, many thanks to Ruth Chris steakhouse and also my friends at Perry's fine jewelry for your support of the program. It means so much to me that you would sponsor the show weekly and allow me to tell people about the hope they can have in our risen Lord to thank you again.

We looked at some of the names of God, Jehovah, meaning the self existing one. Another name for God in the Bible and the places where Jehovah is used to describe who God is Jehovah Gyro my provider shall provide your every need. Folks Jehovah row for God is my healer. He will heal you, even of the coronavirus and your healing could come even if you die because then you get a resurrection body and you're healed is also Jehovah nisi the one who fights our battles for us. Have faith in God is fighting your battles right now is Jehovah rock the Lord is my shepherd. He cares for you deeply.

He is your personal Shepherd and you are his sheep and he knows you by name and also Jehovah set by the Lord of hosts. He's Lord of the Angel armies.

He commands his angels to come care for us. Ask God to send you an angel, you may not see him but invisibly he might just be there to protect you, maybe even a guardian angel.

Some people believe in that a personal guardian angel. We need to hold that topic for future show in Conakry so let's come back and do that in a couple weeks.

Lord Saby often look at angels who they are and their work in us. I've asked the question to many groups through the years, have any of you had an angelic visitation every time one or two people raise their hands and in the Muslim world right now. Interestingly, there a lot of dreams and visions angelic visitations as well.

Coming to Muslims, telling them about have faith in Jesus a lot about who are angels yeah will look at that there messengers from God, but he is Jehovah said they the Lord of the angelic armies and we can ask him to call upon those angels and send them to us to help us in times of need, but we've also inflicted during this program at Jehovah shalom the meaning of the words. Shalom is not just the absence of conflict, but total well-being harmony within and without health, wholeness, happiness, quietness of soul prosperity tranquility safety. That's what the word means. So when our Jewish friends say to us shalom. That's with her wishing upon us, not just peace not just like in your Catholic tradition. Passing the peace you're really saying I want the best for you. I want to fullness of life and that's who God is, he is one who wants the best for us. He wants a fullness of life, and I believe all my heart that he can be, not just our peace.

The absence of conflict, but are blessed are the one who wants to give us good and great gifts for our lives today when you put yourself in up in a place of peaceful place and you could be with prayer or quietness them evil thoughts of the devil cannot enter yeah and when you are living in God, shalom. When you know the self existing one as the Jehovah quietness of soul prosperity, blessing that kind of Jehovah. How can anxiety get in when you really believe God's meeting your every me but also prospering you in abundant ways.

How can fearing you just can't survive, invite all of our listeners a day to know Jehovah shalom to know God, who is our peace, and when you do.

There is no way anxiety can ever enter your heart. So in Romans 51.

Paul says that since we been justified by faith, we now have peace with God and the word he uses there's RNA which is transliterated shalom. We now have the shalom of God because of the forgiveness of our sins we are now having peace with God. Romans five a pulse as we once were enemies against God.

We were in conflict with him and he was trying to impose his will upon us. We warred against him.

And yet Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins. I find that so meaningful that while we were still get sinners while we were still yet enemies while rebelling against him, God still came and died on the cross to give us his shalom. Now we have shalom with God we have peace with God, and that such a good thing but also we have the peace of God dwelling within us, and in that peace comes by his presence by his presence. And when we have his presence.

We can face any obstacle in life. So when our soul is disquieted. We go back to him and have him quiet arsenal because he is Jehovah shalom he is God.

Our piece of the peaceful world that you describe is that not in heaven. It is indeed, and we can have a slice but here we can begin to experience it here but will still battle with sin and decadence on this side of eternity.

One day will be taken away and what will exist in heaven is perfect.

Shalom and everybody's heart will all have perfect peace, perfect quietness of soul, and all of God's blessing. One of their final thought here is where the Jews were in the captivity in Jeremiah 29 in Babylon.

The instructions from God through Jeremiah the prophet was to the people build homes get jobs, raise kids in other words, live your lives in that city. Even though a godless, decadent city, live your lives well for me in that city. And then here's what's so cool. He said work for the shalom of the city work for the prosperity and blessing of the city, even though they were a foreign people in a godless land. They were to work for the blessing of the city, and in this my final thought all of our listeners today. Those of us who live in faith look at this world and go on a godless world.

It is God's coldest enter that world and to be his people in that world and all of us in Charlotte and around the world should work for the blessings of the city. We should work for the shalom of the cities where there's hunger we give food where there is need for close we give those clothes were there is need for water, we give water when there is need for visitation.

We visit the lonely where there's a need for affordable housing.

We step into try to solve that problem where there is need for more transportation among the needy. We step into try to provide that. We work hard as people of faith for the welfare for the shalom of the city and when we do so if the city of Charlotte.

If every city is blessed by God. Guess who else gets blessed.

I do so we work for the blessing of the city so that the city will be blessed as well. That's my final message today to know Jehovah shalom God is my peace for everyone today.

Can we pray together think so heavenly father, thank you for who you are.

Thank you that you are our provider, our healer, our fighter for us. Our shepherd. You are the one who sins the angel armies to provide for us. You're the create tour. We also thank you that you are peace that you give us your very presence, which allows us to know your prosperity father today. I pray that everyone out there would know you in these different names. I pray that in their different difficulties.

They would cling to you and see you provide whatever they may need for as you do. The Lord were new people, new creations, and the oldest passed away in the newest, and we can face each day, not with despair, not with fear but with hope because hope is what we need Laura to keep moving forward in this day we have peace with you. Now our sins are forgiven. Thank you for that. We now have your presence within us in your presence allows all this quietness of soul to flee and we also desire to work for the health of the city, Lord Jesus, you said that the two major commands of all of the word of God are to love God and love your neighbor let us love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and my because your Jehovah the name of God in all these different ways that will meet our every need, but also we pray that you teach us how to love our neighbor that we would work for the welfare of the city we would refuse to be angry we would refuse to be divisive. We would live as people of hope and not despair as we do so we help the city of Charlotte and other cities become healthier. Shalom is brought to the city and as the city process we prosper. Lord help us very simply the love you with all our heart, soul, mind in mind and love our neighbor as ourselves. And when the world experiences you as God our piece. The world is better. There is all kinds of selfish ambition that is crucified, and we are living totally completely for you. I pray this in your name

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