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How the Stress of Life Can Bless Your Life

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt
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August 21, 2020 1:02 am

How the Stress of Life Can Bless Your Life

Hope For The Heart / June Hunt

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August 21, 2020 1:02 am

When life comes at you, piling on trial after trial, it can feel like there’s just too much to handle. Where can you find strength to stand in the midst of adversity? Listen as June Hunt shows you a solid refuge in times of trouble – it’s not a place, it’s a person.

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In reality, stress is ultimately a spiritual issue that affects your whole life.

Pressure is not the perpetrator. Your reaction to pressure is what reveals your understanding of God's ways, God's will.

You can allow pressure to come between you and the Lord. Or you can allow pressure to press you closer to the Lord.

When life comes at you piling on trial after trial, it can feel like there's just too much to handle. So how do we find strength? The stand in the midst of adversity today on Hope for the Heart. Do not shows us a solid refuge in times of trouble. And it's not a place. It's a person. Today's program starts with a recording of a phone conversation Jun had with a college student. Listen. For the underlying causes of this student's stress and how God wants to exchange that stress for peace.

I'm a senior in college and I'm having all these difficult things going on in my life right now. My mom died at nine and 1/2 years ago. I had this injury and concussion from hitting my head on a roof of a car. I know how I did that. And I went through, like the details. For two weeks. I had a draining sensation, groggy, filling up with tremors.

Wow. I have all these things going at. One is my senior year in biology. And it's like all that stuff is coming in all the same time and not know how to handle all of it. It was overwhelming. I have a Visa card that maxed out and I don't know exactly what I want to do with my degree in biology.

It sounds as though you're in the ocean experiencing the heat wave upon wave.

Did you catch how many stressors that she was dealing with? Foot refuse her mother's death, mother says years ago. Finances school brain injury. Yes. And she just doesn't know what to do. Yeah.

All these difficulties at one time something. Now, which one to start with, the thought about where to go, what you would do. Maybe the biggest stressor. Ask what the biggest stressors are, which is one that affects you every day, truthfully. At this point, what you're drawing is use gather information. And sometimes I'm spending time fishing. Fishing. Finally, I'll go. This is it. This is what we need to do. Go on.

Do you feel that Jesus was under great stress as he was facing the devil across intense stress intent? I would agree. How did he process? What did he do? As he faced incredible, immense stress. He would bring it to the father. Right. Although Jesus knew he was about to be arrested, he would be facing death. He acknowledged his father's sovereignty and he put his trust in God. Ultimate control over the situation you see in Mark, 14, 36. He said. Father. Everything is possible for you. It's all in your hands. I don't have to force something. Nothing is impossible.

God knew where you would be at this time in your life. Years before you were even born. He knew the stress you'd have. Do you believe that God knows everything? Yes. Does he know about things? Event. People in the future? Yes. You know everything.

Yes. Where are you thinking she is spiritually too safe there.

You are right about God knowing where she would be at that time. So it seemed like she at least says his relationship to some form.

Yeah. Yeah.

I think at this particular point, although she knows those things mentally, she's consumed with what's for No one. She has lost focus. Yes.

I was going to say and think she was trusting herself fully in the fear of God.

Sometimes people don't know how. Because I have a mother that died here. She's at school. She doesn't know what she's going to do. I'm not hearing much support. So we've got to keep pulling out what is true for her.

That doesn't mean that he forced every single thing to occur in your life that has occurred because he does give you free will. Yes, he is. All of us. The ability to make choices even that are against his will. God has a perfect will, but he also has a permissive will.

You understand the way he work? I understand why Mowlam is a lot of pain. Sometimes he was always scared.

And I don't think anyone on this side of heaven can answer that question for you. For that, I would want every son and daughter to be able to have parents, at least until they're launched into adulthood. My heart hurts for you that you didn't have that with your mom. I will say there are opportunities that you will have that most people will not have to have a ministry to people who lose their mom at an early age. But one thing we know is that he holds the answers in terms of the need to have the scripture says, my God will supply all your need according to his glorious riches and crush Jesus. As long as you've yielded your will to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you done that any truly been able to entrust your life to the Lord Jesus Christ? Yes.

What did you hear? Now that gives a hint that what some pain is for her. We're learning more about her mother. Her mom, mom is supposed to be the nurturer. Not all moms are nurturers. That especially as she's trying to transition into adulthood. It's like she didn't have somebody there to help her. Who's her mom will go on.

That means that you were adopted into the family of God. So he becomes your perfect, you know, an exercise perfect parent. The Heavenly Father can't make mistakes when we have stress in our lives. What we need is truth, what God has said. The more we rehearse the truth about the promises of God, the less stress we will feel. Deuteronomy 31, verse eight, says The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you. You will never leave, you know, for sake. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. You say thank you, Lord, that this is your promise. Because I need you to go with me to never leave me forsake. Because you had a mom who left this world. I'm sure it was very difficult.

My mom and I, if I I've always strange devotion, but he's a big part of me. I was really close to him. Do you feel guilty about the fight? I don't know. I wasn't measuring it, but I wasn't good enough. My brother did better. He went off to boarding school when he became a major in the army, doing so much better than I am and always Bobby. He outshined me. My mom was more proud of him. I wasn't good enough. I never had a chance to prove myself to my mom.

Well, do you think she felt unconditionally loved? No. Her brother got the attention.

When that occurs, when you know you're definitely not favored, it can impact you for quite a while until you begin to learn what how God sees you. What is his view toward you? And that can be the healing factor. Sometimes it's the only one because people are imperfect, but God is perfect. So he loves you perfectly. Okay.

I always wanted to go on to medical school or something like that. I hope my mother has been arrested.

If you think that she had a conditional love for you, not unconditional love, conditional love. I'm hearing that you're carrying a load of unworthiness. You're feeling like I wasn't worthy enough to have my mother's approval.

It is that I always felt like my brother got some more attention, but I wanted her to be proud of me.

What is difficult is when you feel you're not as special. What I'm hearing is you've been comparing yourself to your brother. He had her approval. I really didn't have it like he had it.

I want to feel things now. And it happened a long time ago. Why am I stirring feel things nine years down the road?

She said, why am I dealing with this now, nine years down the road? And the answer here is because she didn't deal with it then. Probably didn't know how. You know, when you're younger, is there somebody there to help you through it? She needs to understand. Well, now is the time now that this is on the front burner. Let's make sure we're dealing with truth because truth is not prevalent. Then she'll continue to have it low senses. I was nothing. OK, we've got to keep going here.

When we were younger, we don't know how to process the pain of life because there are certain kinds of pain that are so great that children don't have all of these skills to know how to deal with them.

I was actually kind of older. I was in my late teens, but maybe I was still kind of young.

Oh, there's a relationship. A young woman has with her mom to be able to ask questions, to be able to just do things with that. And God knows that that's part of the difficulty in regard to death. There's a natural grieving that needs to take place looking at loss in your life. Sometimes we're so busy and a lot of people trying to make up for the losses in our lives. And then it'll hit later. And that is not uncommon. You're recognizing there are emotions you're having that you didn't have much earlier. The Bible says there's a time to grieve in Ecclesiastes. He's three and it's very specific about mourning and grief. And that's good because a lot of people go, oh, wait a minute, you're a Christian. You shouldn't cry. Everything should be. Wonderful. That's baloney, ecclesia three. It says there's a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven, a time to be born and a time to die. But then there's a time to weep and a time to laugh. A time to mourn and a time to dance.

I guess this was too young man. Maybe I wasn't ready for it.

I just think she needs to know she's in the family of God. She needs know his character. You think she's really grieved the loss of her mother? I don't think she's grieved the pain of her mother's rejection. How do you do that? Yes.

You can write a letter to her. Talk about a body. And then at some point make a decision to forgive. Right.

Write it out. There's a specific way you can do it. And it has made all the difference in the world. Write everything you can think. And then many times what I will say is now, would you be willing to present this as an offering to God, like a burnt offering and take a match to it? There's gonna be bad. There is going to be pain of rejection. The pain of comparison. Instead of keeping this as a monument, you don't want this as the declaration of horrible dependance. You know, you want freedom. This is a bill of rights to say, okay, I'm leaving this and I choose to forgive. And that's important.

Today's discussion is about handling stress and there's more coming out from this call, so don't go away. This conversation is from June's nighttime radio program, Hope and the Night. If you'd like to talk with Joan on the air, give us a call at 800 Neitz 17. That's eight six four four four eight one seven. Right now, let's go back to our program as John talks with this young college student. Listen to the practical help she provides.

I'm going to make a suggestion that you write down when you're not distracted, where you've got a block of time like this weekend. Write down every single memory that you have. Positive, negative doesn't matter with emotions. But write down. I remember these things about my mother. I remember these significant events relating to my mother. If any of them evoke emotion, tears or whatever.

That's OK. I even have written letters to my mom. But sometimes I was really upset because I was thinking about I don't miss her and that I miss her again.

Mm hmm. Is that unusual? You know, emotions go down. Even with loved ones, at times we don't really feel much in those times would feel lost. That's not the key. The key is for her to be consistent and just flat. Do it. Get everything down. Just write everything that she can think of.

And another way to do it is to write to the side past, past, past, past.

This is how you deal with the past. You're writing down everything that you can think of. Three parts to it first. Deals with the past. And then second, deals with the present. The third. Deals with the future. For the past. After you finish making this list and come back and you write finished. Or every single one of them. What you're doing is you're saying this time is over. This time is finished. I am remembering them. I'm not denying. I'm not stuffing. I'm remembering the good and the bad. And then when I deal with the present, your objective here is going to be accepting and being content with today. Now, you'll be dealing with accepting that the present offers you stability and significance. And then the third will be accepting that the future holds new and different opportunities. I'm glad you called. You have hope for the future.

I'd like for us to look at the spiritual implications of stress. In reality, stress is ultimately a spiritual issue that affects your whole life. Pressure is not the perpetrator. Your reaction to pressure is what reveals your understanding of God's ways. God's will.

You can allow pressure to come between you and the Lord. Or you can allow pressure to press you closer to the Lord. So this is where you need to stop and evaluate your mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual response to the pressures that produce stress in your life. It's interesting, in some 119, verse 71, you see a passage that basically has two parallels, but some 119 says it was good for me to be afflicted. How many views I owe is good for me to be afflicted.

Not. The reason is given. It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrease. You realize at times we're really not learners. We're not at that point of. Oh, God, what is. What do you want me to know? I don't have an understanding of the situation. What is it that I'm to learn?

He is going to find a way to use whatever it is you go through to either teach you or to teach others through you. There's something that you can learn.

Perhaps it's not, though, for you. It's for somebody else. And you say, well, I don't see how this could bless anybody. Listen, I'll tell you this right now, I may not know anything about your circumstance, but I will guarantee is one thing. There is a value I can tell you if you're going through deep stress or distress. The take away value is that you will be able to have true compassion where others would go. Oh, I'm sorry. Bless your heart. What a shame. There are those who have severe pain. I think unless you have experienced chronic pain long term, I don't think you get it. I am not one who has experienced long term chronic pain. I did. To my surprise, get cancer. I haven't gone through that. I for the first time had compassion like I had not had before. It was such an eye opening experience and truth today. I wouldn't take anything for having gone through it. I learned so much and I would get on the radio and I would just periodically keep the audience posted. All these calls that I had never gotten before from people who had cancer. You know, I just got diagnosed with cancer. What do I need to know? You know? And then some. Who's it? My wife. Who do I do? So it automatically gives you comprehension, compassion, sensitivity, borderlines, gottesman against your suffering.

That's the point here. Let's talk about the mental response. Middle stress is the result of how you think about or interpret events. If you dwell on, for example, losing your job, you will feel stress. If you dwell on God's faithfulness to provide, he will replace your stress with peace, not necessarily replace the job on your schedule. So you have to evaluate. Do I have a positive or negative outlook? If you dwell on negative thoughts, you can turn almost anything, even good circumstances in distress. This is why God wants you to meditate on what is pure and good. I love this. Isaiah, 26 three says you and it is all about the Lord. You will keep in perfect peace. Him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you. And you know, if we really, really have our focus on him just saying, Lord, I'm yours. You can do anything in me, to me, through me. I just belong to you. Then you will have the peace of God. Your emotional response. Emotional stress as a result of how you process your thoughts. And if you think bitter thoughts, you're going to feel bitter emotions. If you think forgiving thoughts, you will feel forgiveness in your heart. Go evaluate. What am I thinking? It makes a huge difference. We've covered two parts of responses. Your mental response, your emotional response in terms of your physical response. You mentally dwell on your physical difficulties. You can develop physical fatigue if you trust God and his timing. He provides you peace, mental, emotional and even a type of physical peace. There are people who have minimal difficulty and yet their bodies are just talked. They're having much more physical difficulty. Others should have much more pain. And yet they're able to function better because of the way they're processing life with the Lord. Then certainly the spiritual response, you know, if you believe God is indifferent or impotent to work in your life and your circumstances. You're gonna have a crisis of faith. However, if you believe him to be a loving father, a savior, helper, friend, healer with infinite power to work on your behalf, then you will enter into his wrist and receive his peace, realize Jesus is our Sabbath.

What wrist? There is a type of peace and security with him regardless of our outer circumstances. We need to realize that he is our rest regardless of the rest of the world.

That's great insight from June Hunt about our emotional response to the pressures of life. This is Hope for the Heart. And June, we'll be right back. Right now, I'd like to let you know about a free download that you can get today. It's our quick reference guide about stress. It will give you a few tips along with biblical hope. And you can find it at hope for the heart talk. And for a deeper dove into what the Bible says about overcoming stress. You'll want to get our new keys for living on this topic. You can order a digital copy or a hard copy and hope for the heart, dawg. And now let's get back to June.

Whether you're experiencing a significant transition in your life or in just a daily hassle, your individual beliefs, your attitudes, your thoughts will influence what becomes stressful to you. Therefore, it's critical that the first signs of stress be met with God's truth. Think about the words found in Philippians four eight. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. Now the next verse ends with these words and the God of peace will be with you. So if you dwell on God's faithfulness to provide for you, he will replace your stress with his peace.

You've been listening to June Hunt as she looks at biblical principles, along with practical help for those stressful times of life. Discover more when you visit hope for the Hardtalk. Here at Hope for the Heart. We know that life has been different, but we also know that covered 19 can't cancel God's work and it can't stop us from sharing his hope with others. Listen to this.

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