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August 6, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 6, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Could you expound more on Proverbs 22-13---2- What does Luke 11-35 mean---3- What does Hebrews 6-4-6 mean- Does it teach that you can lose your salvation---4- Does the 21 pieces of the comment that broke up and hit Jupiter in 2017, relate to the 21 judges in revelation---5- My church is still continuing to play music from Bethel. I've spoken to him and nothing has changed. What should I do---6- Why aren't the dietary laws from the Old Testament still valid for today-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max what why why 30th 2020 oh what day I was telling Charlie before the show. I had a break today, three minutes. Three minute break. Literally timed three minute breaks his wife understood her for two or three minutes. I didn't hear you when you were those days.

I like being busy busy. I was on the phone talking to people and while I'm talking I'm working on another project on talking to them range.

You know, don't do this do that like this boy. That's life is what happened sometimes you're so busy and it's a privilege to be able to serve the Lord in this ministry.

I just am so thankful that God has provided so much through karma Christian apologetics research ministry. Maybe some of you out there have not heard of water dealers or just don't know business. The radio CAR is on the web and it is a site that is had over hundred million visitors in this coming October will be 25 years old and working on for years and years or so over 6000 articles on categorized and all kind of stuff. So if you are checking out. If you are interested in learning some theology. Learning how to refute things like Mormonism Joe's witnesses Christian science unity behind Islam. Roman Catholicism see Eastern Orthodox kind of stuff that deviates from the truth of God's word for your interest in checking it out and check in whatever reference looks as checking me out against the word of God, which is what you should always be doing all right we have for open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 and the school aligned with Dave from Durham, North Carolina that you've welcoming on here. I'm glad that life is exciting in your coming. In fact, like a well no more rolling backwards downhill, but I expect you get back up to get iPod pretty confident. Thank the Lord I called him last week about Proverbs 2213 what what what I like about it, but I would give you five option because I really think the popovers and I was going to give you five option of different ways that you might expound on it because I think it is about interesting proverb for the day. I was thinking it might respond on it. With regard to baby Christian salvation that cancel cultures that could be popular on the radio. The political hotbed climate the ring right now and the credit Christian uprising, movement the thought that going on right now is live right out of the blue and a 90 minute hang on and let you know that you speak on anything that your heart is big deal. Okay, so what it says is a slug it says there's a line outside will be killed in the streets.

Basically what looks like tomatoes a lazy person is trying to find excuses not to do anything and invents things that just aren't really there for an excuse not to be involved, not to prepare myself. I actually pertain Christian Christian, I would merely Christian. Okay why would you say that, well, I know baby Christian.

It could be interpreted that way maybe there being a little bit lazy and their fate and explain something being lazy. Any sluggard sluggard is a super lazy person. I'm telling you, I think we are the culture and Christian side and I don't know, and I think, are you saying that you think that the Christian church as a whole is not stepping up to do what it needs to be doing in the world and make disciples of all people. Now I'm not. I say because I'm not that big. That's what I say I'm saying I think I'm sending out a challenge that I feel and I feel that some of your the other broadcasters that I hear in the support that idea that in this situation. Culture wise and in a political politically. You know, even just in the throes of questionable future. Yet I think it is having to do with the laziness of the Christian and it time for an uprising and I really anything they can promote that is going to be to our advantage into our betterment of our future rising something. You know I was thinking that Ezekiel phone might be a good example is that not uprising well. It could be. It can be a broad term that actually worked on a lot of weight and I understand there's a lot of people coming to Christ this time. From what I understand, listening to announcers and brought us out so there's actually some uprising coming, but I was really more concerned with the people of Christians because I mean like I'm hearing but trying to keep the scope on what's going on and I'm hearing a lot of churches are falling away and of course you spend a lot of time trying to correct the church is better off you off and that you are all far as I'm concerned, that boat will not ask you got up to meet on them and got the light mask you even listen to me very long years old and you know that I I speak about this kind of stuff and pretty regular basis all the Christian churches week anemic not doing his job and is deceived into the prosperity gospel that God's there in order to make us healthy and wealthy don't speak of the cross daily and follow Christ. I don't work to expand the gospel of Jesus Christ.

They go to churches with the your ears are tickled and the pastors and teachers with a ought to do. Many of them in a single many of them need to just go to her knees and absolutely repent of the sinfulness that they have been propagating from the pulpit in the God wants you healthy and wealthy ideology, which is stupid and that not there are Christian churches as well and there by name, and probably aren't, that's not their Christian faith.

That's why the leadership needs to preach this in the church out.

What I mean by that is not preach in order to get rid of people you preach the truth in the end if they understand there's a difference between God's elect and non-elect between those are the spirit of God and those who don't have the spirit of God, then they would be more inclined to preach the truth of God's word and the power of God's work.

I would love in one sense, in a twilight zone situation.

I would love it. I would love it if some church had met when you are pastoring an interim for year and a blank. We want you to fill the pulpit for a year. I see all I have to, but I will tell you that most people Republican Aleve.

If I preach pricing. They said like God go back go thank the Lord yes yes yes you're doing a great job of really like you said, trying to draw people in, because they don't even know how far off they are. I'm I'm not I should be pointing fingers, but most of my life. I didn't know it either and I'm actually your age now that that we are a member of your part like that so thought all long time to get it for you… Me so much. I think they do something to think along the patient probably about five years and I listening to you but you know two or three years or so, I just got a gradually more and more now I can't turn it off. I love it. Love you and you're doing a tremendous job diminished out. I know what were going and I unfortunately was a little bit here when I recommend you do right when I recommend you do is contact the Truth Network just tell them that you're thankful for their stand for the truth of having people on who preach and teach the gospel message.

The truth I've already done it kind this week and I'm going for you right right thank my thank thank goodness appreciate the time that yeah yeah but okay okay.all right… Bless you guys drink and labor Brenda copy does.

I need that. Anyway, folks.

You have five open lines 877-207-2276 newly focus on this little bit. This is something that needs to be sent over and over again. I was thinking, incidentally, more and more of Jeremiah through the book of Jeremiah germ.

I was instructed by God to go preach the truth when he said he won't have the converts he spoke the truth to a people whose hearts were cold whose hearts were dead to the Lord who did not want to have the truth of God's word spoken to them that I was talking to that guy before.

If I were suddenly to take over church for year that time preach thousand people. I would tell the eldership know they're going to want people to be leaving because I preach the word of God. Is it supposed to be preached in the end are the Scripture and on my sing-along. Who does that. You don't not perfect like that. I would just be just what it says. Folks there there this this is it. Your call to duty are called and learned recalled the change you love God, love your neighbor was that main house about the sheep uncomfortable, but this is what needs to be preached. Initially taught from the pulpit. Furthermore, if I were in such a situation, I would be requiring the elders that were there to pass a certain theological competency test that would be things like I have to know my apologetics. But they'd have to know that they knew what they were doing the basics of the Christian faith was and if they could pass such a locale give you three weeks to bone up if you can't pass after that, then you need to step down will find somebody who can no disrespect meant, but Manley did act like Mandan and the men in the position you did not say I'm struggling to hurt your feelings and stay also know the responsibilities too great to be can't hold to the requirements of eldership, then you did step down stuff like this, it needs to be said the leadership of the Christian church and unfortunately what's happening a lot of denominations and churches.

This are adopting women pastors and elders there listen to people on TV like Joyce Meyer and Joel O'Steen and Paula White and others who just don't have a good theological grasp on a lot of stuff that might be good speakers make people feel good because of your telling the truth in the essentials and the things that are critical barely read a few things on the caller's commitment going to call 87720722760 this is what Kenneth Copeland has said Marie direct quotes from Kenneth Copeland and you can understand this guy still on TV multimillionaire is preaching and teaching a bunch of idiocy and people don't have the ability to discern what the truth is what I should say they don't have the ability they have not exercised their ability to discern the truth but it wasn't me to exercise and ability me to study the word got it and do it go get fed to get your ears tickled, this would Kenneth Copeland set heaven has a north to south and east and west. Consequently, it must be a planet. He says faith is a power force. It is a tangible force is a conductive force. He said you don't think earth was first to do you how well you don't think that man that God made man in his image and then made earth and some other image. There is not anything under the whole song that's new.

Are you hearing what I'm saying this is all a copy.

It's a copy of home with a copy of the mother planet where God lives. He made a little one just like just like us and put us on it folks.

This is blasphemy and it is so bad so wrong that the elders should be doing horizontal flying through the air need tackles get this guy out of the pulpit should have the is heretical and disqualifiers a break I got more and others so there's so much heresy the status of a charity so little time to go to the right back after these messages. Seven mass like why call 770-7276 pairs maxillary back in the show line 72072276 get Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott welcome here. Chapter 11 is the value lies in the body it and I were in Chapter 11 verse 35 a.k.a. that the light was you have any is not dark.

I'm wondering if the dog I see most. I would now come down hey hey get the light would you need they not direct they would note dark, almost you might have allied a note dark on LMA, the translation of well what your question when you major great dark only day that I like about doctrine generally is doctrine is talking with the eyes and the eyes we see lights and goes in our bodies and subject Jesus is drawing an analogy about the light that you perceive that was goes into you that what you understand.

If your light is really darkness. So what if you're in a New Age you're seeing that, so to speak, or Roman Catholicism or Mormonism, or things like that and the light is there like their colors or shade and really it's not true.

Like it's really darkness is what Jesus is talking about. She says then watch out of the light in you is not darkness he sang. Be careful what it is that your believing and seeing understanding is there for your whole body is full of light with no darkness and will be wholly illumined as when the lamp illumines you with this race is talking about the nature of the truth of him in the word of God is using it and I guess it is a simile on earth right you have no dark on my got mad dark on my video a is not very good at. Don't know why this is a literal something like that. Read corners in your body. Light has to get out into the corner between the ribbon and the vertebral spine is not what's going on is not talking time with the issue of your heart before God. If you're full.

The light of God is not committee darkness and you if you're full. The truth of God. Nobody lies in you, that's the idea that he's getting at.

Okay hello my name will target daily, romantically.

It's just never it is good as long as well delete the opposite. The I is the I some of the high is also talking with this spiritual eye seeing and understanding spiritually that's that's what's going on is just trying a black hole. What I'm doing. You could look like you got it. Thank you. It's okay about that again. Scott, God bless rifle could one give me call me up open lines 877-207-2276 get to Curtis from Richmond Virginia Curtis welcome your time well I look like you got that out of the very first is for steak. The worn-out rated you like I can read it was your question about II just come back to God. I slipped and fell away the first time I got baptized with my little garment. I learned that Arlene will make me feel like I mailed you well help you if you fall away to my lot now it had lost my I don't have another chance to come back light on get new start. Okay, I'm glad it's scary and it should scare you should be afraid. Good, but you put this in the proper context for him and help you out okay right okay since it's four in the case of those who have once been enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift may partake of the Holy Spirit. Would you agree with me that Judas Iscariot when he betrayed Jesus had been enlightened tasted the heavenly gift to been made to partake of the Holy Spirit. Duke agreed that that was possible with them yet, and having tasted the good word of God and the powers of the company that applies to him as well but regularly whole not just talk. One thing I can attest to the word of God.

It would apply to him and he saw, he partook of many of these things.

It never said he was saved. This text here doesn't say anybody has saved and then have fallen away very little. I'll explain all expect and then a phone away.

It's impossible to renew them again to repentance, since they can crucify themselves to themselves. A son got up and open shape was happening.

Here is the writer is addressing the Hebrew cyst. The book of Hebrews. The Hebrews are the ones who would understood the Messiah was supposed to come in. They had seen a lot of what it happened in the person of Christ for 3 1/2 years three years that he was on in Israel. Going back and forth doing miracles. They had been enlightened. They tasted the heavenly gift.

They rejected the Messiah. There was there's no sacrifice left for them is not talking about you not come to a place for penitence. You've come to the place of repentance happened to start well with the Bible says it's impossible to renew them again to repentance. But you have been renewed again to repentance. The verse doesn't apply to you okay go. I can't regularly upgrade your my graduate help you out some more okay I just get there with me and I want understand something.

This is doctrine okay you and I are the same. We are not worth being saved. There's nothing good in us that God would look at Salem to say that person work with that person because when I see you can or cannot do, or how his sincerity is all of that is filthy rags use natural cause before God.

Isaiah 64 six. You have absolutely nothing to offer God.

Nothing I have nothing to offer God he didn't pick us choose us for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 were predestined us. Ephesians Suite Romans 129 and Ephesians 145 didn't choose us and predestined us. This is 145 based upon anything he would see in us. He knows about your sin. He knows all about everything that you are chosen say you depends on him that we have a break from what you hold on and it has a little bit have the right okay okay all right both be right back after these messages to politely 77 mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Curtis told their all right now.

The reason I'm speaking about this before the break is because I want you to understand something you need to understand something you need to believe something you're not worth being saved because your center. Here's a question. Why would God save you is because I good you are logged because of him because of his love for us that I understand people like to say why were they on the sign that it's all alone cried.

No, he saved us because of the goodness in him which means he knew everything you're going to do and yet he loved you anyway. He knew all about your sin and rebellion and yet he chose to save you anyway.

Do you think you surprised by anything that you're going to do.

Not all and yet all of your sense of the place on Christ. Colossians 214 says he canceled the sin that the cross be canceled or send, not because of you because of him. Because of this your secure and if you're a Christian. Okay your secure in Christ Jesus says in John 637 to 40. The will. The father said he lose none of the ones are given to him by the father. Jesus can't lose in when you look at Hebrews 6426 you're worried about is not being saved or not been able to get saved and you work afraid that you were worried, and I said good I'm glad because that's a good thing, reason is because that means your life in Christ.

Here's an analogy I use a lot so let's say you and I are on a boat on the ocean couple miles from shore and were you were just talking about things we see to it. We seek a couple of men in the waters. No boat around.

There's nothing there and regular street clothes and we take a life preserver and we take a rope and throw it to them and were yelling and grabbed the lecture and one of them is struggling. One of them is trying in bad shape is trying and the other one is just floating facedown in the water. Not doing the thing which one of those two people is alive, so I grabbed all right like like that's right.

What is struggling is one is alive people who were dead in their sins with the conviction of the Holy Spirit is not upon ones who are dead and you're not exhibiting any debt, this your exhibiting the very thing you should be exhibiting a fear concern because no offense meant you don't know enough of Scripture get to know about these things and telling that's not going automatic is not me pointing her looking down at you is just I swear to us, you know, I did go through this to shelter to the thing is that you need to study the word of God. I read John 637 to 41 to given to him by the father she will not lose in the fact that he allowed you to have your sin and that he loves you to save you all that is is his grace upon you, not your goodness and you have to understand he got acceptance. He loves you, in spite of war are very trite.

Why would he love you. That's bothering me a good guy got saved and baptized loan, knowing I was going good fellow white tigers well, but I know I'm I'm good.

I'm saying good work on the door now only work Bible every day. All I study yelling out events regular, ongoing good member you're not saved by Bible reading radio listening which is good, but you don't keep yourself saved by these things. Either if you think that you to keep yourself right not I will give this guy that's it. And even that faith is given to you by God. That's just Philippians 129 so you have everything you need in Christ to read, listen, study, but remember those things don't keep you saved Christ us always looked to him always be faithful to him. Always consider him and you'll be fine and we mess up going to.

We mess up going to the cross and say thank you for loving me so for long ago, even knowing what I would. I just did just sorry he loves you even okay is not regular that every camera lets up. I ghostwrite your money.

I amen I very much like Apple have a good night to pick up last all right brisket on the skin to Harry from Kentucky, very welcome running back. I thought that it is good metric cannot cope when there is Africa.

Kauai initially found it a target about it. I am writing that's when I got on there. Remember that years ago, I will go but I just want to let you know that that ballot get out. I got on his flaming here and talk on our part. All I get it and I provided my body and I might rank all them years ago, and matter is all matter you follower is a false teacher.

She was there so it was a question you got what what you like and okay I you're not yet been reading your emails I like thousands thousand and I are going to. Here's one thing that we will agree on biblically biblically things can count down from Cupid or that meteorite because they work there or for the great Diana well will will quickly point that even okay yeah I did see that's coincidently really live my emails that one and I okay yeah and I just wouldn't know assessment, but the the coherence of the statements and slots didn't work. I wonder where not for you.

What I made what that I made your drawing on unnecessary parallels like the comment that had been confined to how I create what like for example in the lab hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I said something about the comet broke up and I think 26 pieces and the 26 relates to pieces and 21 relates to what all great art without ever thinking here about what okay okay okay hold why just 21 parts of the comet relate to that date because it your neighborhood when your neighbor who just turned 21 one that a car is 21 years 21 and wrote in the book of Revelation, correct. I don't know I haven't counted so that they haven't got all but hold on, hold on okay 21 pieces of the comet broke up ahead. Jupiter relate to. 21. Whatever's here on earth. You have no reason to draw those that parallel there's no reason to doubt that I might affect the other part that I made that you out. Where would wormwood come from yes and have a life stage exactly, but by water, but I'm saying the 21 fragments of that comment that it Jupiter years ago, you can draw a parallel to 21 in the Bible.

Okay, other than the fact that you have any hunting library table thing to do.

Okay Morgan move along you not being coherent you're not drawing necessary conclusions out of them. Your missing inferences are not justified right that's a problem I okay I appreciate you listening. I do appreciate that and don't worry folks want to give me a call number is 877-207-2276 Muscat Scott from Greenwood, Indiana Scott looking on here a Matt item brother recovering for you. Hey, are you I've called you several times concerning the music outdate Dr. Babette Paul, Evelyn, you are elevating work to give you an update.

I was able to speak with our worship minister. We had a very good conversation, but E you know tried to invent me that each separate the band from the church in which they come in I would find this like my voice that they got there. Hello theology every seven voted for the line 770722 man's leg. Why call 770727. Here's Matt's leg yeah and I work currently trying. Tell me how you get that great the music you know from the theology from the curtain which they came from and I kept talking about how Stephen Burdick and Bill Don and Anita Goddard only all teachers and they got to be getting their theology, why try to use the example like if we were in there and that it be able to gather and traveling down the road on a road trip Don Mellencamp or UT or something came on start thing a law what's wrong with that. Well I don't know that God actually said I theology. He said that yeah yeah you henchmen the arm well I can look at the lament that will I'm not looking to Mellencamp and YouTube for my theology or my salvation and worship God and absolutely absolutely go directly after speaking with Dan we get basically agreed to agree on on my sleep I see missing we could disagree disagree say no I'm not disagree long greeters would have it my opinion, your opinion is somehow equal. I'm sorry your flat out wrong asking this is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful worship song to Satan. Would you want to use it was it was my Lord but you financed by Satanist to Satan, which played in your church was pretty good. You know about the bunker were playing now be played in the Mormon church your Jehovah witness Turton and they would probably thing up as a worship pastor yet he's not qualified to be worship pastor only elders that the elders of the church. I walk Québec. I was able to. I was able to get a meeting with you the out matter fact, the senior pastor and an elder who was a part of, called executive committee.

But that's neither here or there, though I was able to talk to the senior pastor and one of the elders and explain again. My problem with the van the theology is better and better at Nan felt like they were looking at me like I was wearing it while and it was that I don't like yes work at work. By analogy, you go to work. People who work they didn't think clearly. They didn't think you can up sideways all right ask the question, is it okay if we use us a song from a Satanist group that's beautiful beautiful music judicially written. This is so worshipful sound so good, etc. you use the word Lord became in it toward Satan is okay first use of the church's writing and specifically one step at a time like this. I will know okay okay but we can use a him look amazing Grace and church for good where you draw the line between them. We can and can't do, because the people who like at Bethel church Bethel America denies that Jesus Christ is God in flesh. At one point right is okay to use that because now he's actually advocating a group of promoting worship to a false Christ. Now what you do right and me. I'm telling you this because I that's me so much that what I would do if I was measured this above.

Sorry Winston, your point with us can agree to disagree. Is it okay gotcha no problem. Now what I want to do. I've gone to you. I'm now going to go to the body of Christ and still see you later when you buy that you can find out I'd radical piece of paper and I'd pass it out and for the church is a come into worship on Sunday. I've done it at churches presented here in the Boise Idaho area. Call the cops on me after they broke the word out with me all you did in the snow right you call the cops on me and wouldn't come out and help and and you know wouldn't do anything so anyway am well and you know it, but the one thing that all of me and not you know it, the more I got to thinking about it is we have 25 members in our band, and it makes me think why am I the only one that recognizes what's going on, I found that very puzzling might you know also that by the elephant being what I'm being to understand my mother when he sees this. No one else seems to see you not see the training you work on the tracks you see it.

What screen looking this way see anything look good together. That's because Roger closed her finger in her ear look this way. I don't see all they want to clear out of this push is get angry about this because it's the leadership miss out on the put the people and the people repair on our senior yard cleaned up after an elder at you guys are held to a higher level of our block that it grabbed me that Sunday you're going to stand before God and somebody in your congregation brought this to your attention and you ignored and that's what saddens me more than anything. Okay dude, you need to move out here to the Idaho area and become a friend. Okay, you're my kind of guy I like to plant you CK that you may not approve any sleep in your ear know this good man I want. I want to gather people young joke and I want to get her to Karen. I have friends like this and Mike. Here who still see the same thing and they will go and do things. These are good friends who are our men and women to men of quality and the good guys and said they're out there but I'll tell you there's not that many not enough men out there who are willing to take up spiritual arms and do the fighting. When needs to be done which happening is a big Melissa fight so passive right.

Yeah, that even the elder Jack doesn't get it. You can't have unbelief. A group of people who sing praises to God in heretical teachings and ideas, false doctrines and visiting your church and you know that they believe false things just this one up in love.

I want to just punch him in the head, not going to but I feel I kept bringing the point of even earning like a motor with the thing that we believe that how can you separate evolution Revelation worship and even for you separate them.

It just makes you wanted to nail the brick in the judgment of God is having un-American, because the Christians are doing a job in the purification of the church is going to happen one of two ways. One, the pastors and the elders get off your lazy rear they start preaching to his God and not the congregation and the people you thinking out on the good heretical churches like United Methodists and unite apostolic and things like that for right persecution coming in the persecution is going to weed out the unbelievers which one is going to happen. While I don't know but if the Christian church wants to get off his lazy rear and start they would need to be done as a whole in the world as a holder to clearly here in America that we can invert the judgment is coming upon this nation.

This is what has to be done on the creek.

The pastors and elders need to start believing the word of God in truth and not precise as five men were becoming so warm it makes me bad network trying to coddle the world and bring the world into our church when we should be doing the co-op should be pretty our classes into the churches and yeah I'm down next to the seat that we are in getting on her knees with her elbows on the chairs look up to the pulpit and say to the man of God preach the word of truth to me. Now I'm ready yeah and you bend your ear I write. I love your showing what you do think that God bless presence only here I got my brother all right okay now man I tell you that that's a concert that just irks me. I know what we can do as Christians I know I see what God's done with people who are broken vessels you can do great things if there would cross church furniture around nominees look to that preacher teach me the word of God, and you make sure his preaching order God.

That's what we need not tickle me tickle me Elmo theology.

Let's get to Andrew from Ohio and you're welcome. You're on the air that Maddie had a question you are asking the question by APF called holy Kool-Aid during one of her debate.

I thought you answered it pretty good, but I just wanted to know the best versus when the 80th dad when we bring up that moral moral absolutes.

And they say that something to her thing in the Old Testament you go to Hebrews 813. What are the question was on the question I build a vehicle when we say that when the Christians of that morals are absolute and I heard a CSA than wire dietary laws invalid. Yes, because I see that Jesus is a safe, are you reading this from website Nancy no safe homework signals of this website go to to get your homework done for you. and you can look the stuff up and you should have already done this. I get on it is for homework.

You want me to know what a season backwards, forwards up and down all your fist different philosophical positions and if I don't know everything perfectly. You mock you come into my realm.

You asked me a question and the answers right there reading the context of the verses or going to Carmel homework for you and yet you don't want to do that. But let me help you out anyway and say it says save the sons of Israel, and it speaks for God is speaking, these are with the covenant requirements of the nation of Israel are not universal to all people.

There's a breakdown of the morals that breakdown in amine is in the decayed, but a breakdown in the division. There's actually a set of morals and earth are full of Israel only, and also something for everybody and you can find it out by going to Carmen and you look up to save the sons of Israel is a phrase and right now say to the sons of Israel and this is what we follow. Some Levitical laws and not others. Click on that only for the Jews speak to the sons of Israel.

For example, Leviticus 7 at 20 to 29 the Lord spoke to Moses speak this individual saying he who offers a sacrifice of his peace offering to the Lord shall bring his offering to the Lord for the sacrifice of his peace offerings and that's it for dinner the other column for everyone. This is a speak to Moses, saying, sons of Israel.

I sent you on the Lord your God. You shall not do what is done in the land of Egypt where you flipped and goes on any he speaks, and so I have a list of their things only for Israel and things for everybody. The atheists don't do their homework repeatedly for we repeatedly fail to look up any potential answer.

They're not interested in truth, not really interested in answers with her interested in is another excuse to deny God what you want you want them all on their heart.

You want to go to Wilmette in 1724 and Galatians 311 to 12 you want to make sure that the moral law that we are helping them by that law.

I guess absolutely to lie is against the character of God. If they lied they've offended God and is now a judgment upon them, and God has allowed them to continue to live in rebellion against him and all he has to do to bring them the judgment.

It's nothing like that. He can do that but nothing but the grace of God keeps them alive right now even Lex them mock him. His grace is stupendously wonderful activity is Christ's resurrection time to go on for call back about the prophecies, the bulge of great blessing tomorrow

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