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August 6, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 6, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Are people who have already died in heaven-hell now or somewhere else---2- Will there be a new earth or is this current world just remade---3- What do you think of Kanye West running for president---4- Is Bigfoot real---5- How do we reconcile our sins being forgiven through Christ with reward-loss and giving an account in eternity---6- Are we in the end times---7- What people-teachers should I avoid---8- My grandchild identifies as bisexual and is withdrawing from me. How can I best love her but not compromise---9- What is your view on preterism---10- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 14-39- Is there still a prophecy-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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A previously recorded mats like show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why live maps look to want to give me a call real for open lines. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and if you're new to the show. What we do here is Christian apologetic to defend the Christian faith doing it for 40 years over 40 years and I enjoy doing so. If you have a comment to a question or not so sure about something in the Bible truths the nature of truth. Talk about evolution about UFOs. The call to talk about Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, are so many things that we could talk about questions about Bible verses and things like that as well.

Well, it is difficult to write so well again the number is 87720722761 just jump on the lines and get to Lexi that would be a be a Carrie from Boise Idaho right my hometown.

Welcome your on-air calling on behalf of my daughter and she thought Yuri are on my computer and a couple different question and I was hoping that the moderator could post the article that my daughter can read them and and and and if you want to respond to one of the question time to take both of them just the first question okay people have Artie died are they already in heaven or hell are they still waiting for their judgment to have trusted in Christ when they die go to be with the Lord, and those who have not go to a bad place as debates on exactly whether or not it is held proper, the lake of fire cast out into outer darkness, with the goal of a bad place to save the go to hell.

There are in agony and that's with the GNU. That condition will always be there. Some one a series is to be resurrected and then judged and have degrees of punishment, increased or decreased are not increased on them, and cast out into the darkness in the lake of fire. If they are to go through judgment know there's a judgment to come a week. There are several judgments and that Christians go through judgment to, but not for salvation ago just works so all who John 317, 18, that all who have not trusted in Christ are judged already, so there judged and their loss when they die is no more hope for them. He kept praying us Catholics. I pray you don't help people out and so let's go to the go to an agonizing difficult fortress place and that condition will never end.

The Christians go to be with the Lord secretes 58 talks about that house we go to be with the Lord and will be resurrected, joined with their bodies in the future. And then we can have rewards or loss of rewards in heaven and so what that means is each person is Christian is given things to do what the Lord and gifts and so if you're using your gift things for him.

There's reward. If you don't, well, not so much work. That's kind question just did have 1/3 go-ahead.

I know, is there a new world waiting for assets are going to remake world order do we just go immediately to heaven. Here's the interesting thing about all this now. The Bible talks about the second Peter 310 talks about the new heavens and the new earth and what it appears to be is that of a resurrection of the new heavens and with her to be made and the elements will melt with intense heat. So it looks like what can happen is the earthly rate remained working to have the ability to stay here that stay with the care I stay here for a while.

They want to go be with the Lord move go places. The reason we say this is because Jesus is the firstborn from the dead, and he was able to appear and disappear at will.

Now something less because it was about maybe, maybe not. We don't know because it was after his glorified body was manifested in the resurrection. He just appeared in the room the disciples to seize the firstfruits of the resurrection to be the firstborn from the dead and then some Christian theologians think that will have similar abilities and if that is the case, which I suspect is the case then we will be able to on earth that the new heavens and new earth here and also maybe travel. I don't know.

I like to go to some different galaxies that if it's possible you know I like the idea of traveling like science-fiction planets and aliens.

Hundreds of aliens out there, but I would love to really do something like that. If I can break myself away from the sheer adoration and pleasure of being in the presence of my Lord Jesus conjecture about what really is going to happen, but within that realm of orthodoxy. Dr. Christians kind of debate, discuss help from I think that will help a lot thank you very much will you welcome very much so that your call appreciated your okay alright so you already fellowship three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield California adults with welcome your only met him yet about the question: have you heard that Connie was going to run for presidency and if he does what it think about that.

Personally, he has a right the same as anybody else does, to file for president United States. If you want to do then integrate the voters decide what they want to do X but I would say and my question is what you owe me the bum put up about the different CURVE right on the big well I don't know if the Bigfoot phenomenon is real or not real, but generally speaking, when enough people have similar dis-stories about similar occurrences in different parts of the world and you begin to think will some things up now to the imagination and things like that so I remember what I was younger boys life was in Boy Scouts and things like that and I remember as it was a Boy Scout cover of one of his mother cover some some guys expedition teamwork coming over in the Himalayas and are coming over over this high high ridge that showed the picture and or footprints. There were large footprints to walk from one side of the picture frame for the other picture frame and just went over the hill and they had no clue what was it was a boot boots, which is a single bipedal left right left right never forgot that because it was very intriguing. They talked about it. What is so we had lots of fun of people over there safe scene stuff knows lots of people over here in the United States have seen things and you know I just don't know.

I remember talking to someone who told me that he was out in the Southwest of the United States was out in the somebody's were doing some camping and she said that they were in this cabin that they had to access to and heard some strange noises outside and was dark and I didn't want to go outside and then they heard strange noises. You just makes sense and hold assemblies rocks were hitting the top of the roof and rolling down the roof and they were terrified about and what was it who knows but it was real Bigfoot. I recall if it was like I think the leftist Democrats would have some company you happen to have the article on that I don't.

It's not a very common, I get asked. I get asked about you. I need to write about UFOs. Do some research on and what they teach you.

Each things the apparently so until I heard about Kanye and get a runner, not Bigfoot. Hey, I think Bigfoot around with the Democratic Party as I think that would be a good thing to good.

I think that they can really be better than a lot of people who think the improvement. Need heaven to bath more often but the formula is the far left wackos want to destroy our country have socialism and signal police and things like that.

The leftist mental people don't have frontal lobes functioning so okay okay well okay met Matt God bless Nelson a record because unless they will see something on the hills after hopefully go down Bigfoot for a bit later. Hey folks therefore open lines joining the call will do believe 772072276 before you guys forget the next call list so you know I'm not a Democrat, not a Republican and I'm a constitutionalist and I just stand in opposition to anybody think of who they are. Who would say that that we need to defund the police we need to move toward socialism and have free stuff for everybody all the time is done in Venezuela and Venezuela's economy crashed, and people are starving.

I'm not for that her United States. In fact, I think that when you look at the Democratic Party number, defect or Republican Democratic Party. It is the party of slavery. If you do your history, your research and find out that it is the party the political party that was against freeing slaves and was the one that promoted the laws against the integration of the race is what gets me is that you see these people on TV knockdown statues because a statue of somebody they might've had a slave and yet they have no problem the Democratic party existing why is that I think the hypocrisy is is is profound, and I also think that the Democrat run cities which are obviously violence and have all kind of crime levels, the Democratic ideas of all just get along together all nice and everything will work out fine demonstrates a regular incident and the danger that they have, to this country my opinion. I'm a theologian, not a politician, even though I have good last name to be a politician less than the slick radio name is my real name so that anyway hey let's go to the phones after given them around 877-207-2276 Liska today from North Carolina.

Dave welcome you are near my dad is old glory will take my folks 877072276577077 Dave still there. How are you God. Would you agree with a great day.

It really had and I work a little early in the morning about every morning in prayer and I got some bad news back to my best friend back back I'm not and want to answer one thing, but that that I did what I come up on my bike all and you that you just as God, and during that that that time goes on the record. All men are called and I'm not struggling but I want your want to go on.

I am forgiven many years back to me that there be reckoning you got me a love that part I don't bet on the judgment that we brought up here really… You got them all and I'm wondering I can't forget because if you got to know something violate his omniscience issue is that you will remember them tomorrow he will bring them up again.

Rebalance us with the issue of reward and loss of reward. God of course knows all things and is given to every Christian gifts and my gifting is different in your gift. You are not to be judged with the gifts that I have and how I did mine or didn't, and vice versa. Your responsibility is to do what you can with what God has given you whenever that might be on. We could talk about this, show how to discover your gifting scooters with do that, our hero, if you want I can shift a little bit and tell you how to discover your gifts with your and you know it for everybody who's listening. I want you to hear this because it's true. Works if you want to know what gifting is. You have before God appeared gifted because of your human being who saved you have gifts what you do is you get on your knees and you ask God to reveal to you what he's already given you asking when you ask them frequently ask him to show you what it is that you get the to do what happened sis God will answer your prayer, and he will put you in places where you have to speak the truth build a chair for an old lady cut someone's lawn because they can't do it themselves.

Give money to them because of whatever get on your knees and pray for them.

Gifting's are so different and they vary according to people and circumstances a lot of time with people think is a good thing.

They have to have this TV. That's the gift no with the gift is is what you have. Internally as you use them in the areas that God has placed you, and you'll find that the things you want to do will manifest and some people I know guys who were great is not my gifting. I got friends who come over my house and help me move stuff around the house and pack things and do stuff is not my gifting of that back. I can only work for one to two hours before he starts it starts easing up to sit down and just born with. Well, these guys will do stuff that I can't do that way segment. Love you.

Sit down list with this. I want to be a mailing it out there doing the gifting is in the end of many areas of Joe Cameron and Nathan. These are friends that I will do this kind of a thing, and it's comforting to know that have friends you gifting my gifting is to be able to call them heretics make fun of working for help and so you we have these different gifts and and we manifest them differently and we can apply the same gift in different ways. So with people that I was not about you current organ answer darker, but my gift to get seriously radio talk without it. It is that here gift then you helping the lady across the street. Do the things I can do it because she sold which is a bigger gift. There's no way to measure where there are about 9.1 network I ever leave me out. Then yeah you know you will hear the great dirty okay I like your map goblins. Okay, you know, continue on this a little bit I was saying trust and go trust God move forward and don't be stupid. You don't trust God to catch me when I jump office building and go down 10 stories not been on know if God calls you to do something is on your heart then moving that direction.

What I would suggest you do is if you have something you want do that you're thinking about told pray about it and ask God to increase it if it's from him and decrease of it from you because you have certain desires and III really pregnant is that this is from you increase it if it's not from you, decrease it, and all notice things will decrease in a lot of areas, but the things I want to do in different ways.

He increases and it's because of his gifting is a matter what it is. So you have to trust God to do.

You can't just sit you to take chances in trying to help somebody. Whatever it might be because maybe my help somebody find out. I do not like doing this in mind of your gifting and you find something else to do and then after I say wow I cannot believe that I really like going to the bread stores getting up bread that's a little bit old and taking it to the homeless shelter. I love doing that but that's what you like and you wouldn't know that if you didn't try but then you might try that say just not for me.

Okay that's not for you try something else. But what we do is we move forward in our gifting's. That's what we do move forward. So they got right back up his messages 707 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave. 772072276 the lady here. Are you there hello you're on the I get a question, but in times and stuff hello there you go. Welcome your mismatch lick your mess look like okay yes I can as I can tell will go go way that about how children get married one day I come down God's book of Revelation seems question not quite what I did quite.

I didn't quite get the question is talk about not now. Yes, so I've written article on the website, signs of the end times I went through and I found those things in the Bible prophesies will be in place when when he gets back to the end and I can still expand on even more because there are certain plagues and things that are spoken about in Revelation better understand them contextually more which I didn't include those yet what we find out from the Gospels and epistles is that to be the rise of false Christ and false prophet still be more persecution of the faithful is giving apostasy. The Christian church, the lawlessness will increase the receipt lists all of the country, wallet, and not only here but in the rest of the world with the lawless who don't believe in right and wrong have agenda to destroy see that the earthquakes and famines and plagues an increase in selfishness, lovers of self and money and pleasure arrogant ungrateful run whole haters of good, and increase in the mocking of Christ, we see that all of the place is also to be an increase in knowledge when people go to and fro great great distances that Daniel talks about the rise of spiritism and you mentioned the decay of marriage and an increase of false teaching.

Just trying to be what Joel O'Steen, Joyce Meyer can scope see that you are limited. Also the gospel he preaches the whole world.

That's a good thing to be signs in the heavens and the moon will be darkened, and things like that so this is the kind of things that are to be around towards the end time and were seeing more and more. No one is going happen there. Hello okay little disco lost. So I think will do is move along and okay well hearing a lot of feedback noise squeaking true that is okay. I so that answer question how I write Monica Coles is holding, yes you apostasy the Christian church. I speak against the false teachers on TV a lot. Another all the more Lotta good ones. But Fred Price is bad.

Jake stay away from Joyce Meyer, Paula White's will and I owe you thought about Donald Trump while Donald Trump is not a theologian.

I am so I would love the.Donald Trump the Donald and say hey let me help you out this area. You know Publix say hey you don't see talk to a guy named slick give you some advice on God just go so well over slick.

Yes, so he he's a he's an interesting man is good and bad says good and bad things, but he's got what it takes to fight against the liberal wackos who were trying to destroy them. I say to people, those kind of personalities that can fight that hard are often defective in other areas and I know because I'm just talking to myself I'm very strong and very determined and that's a strength was to be weaknesses in other areas, but nevertheless, so the end times are approaching the hundred years were there five years. I don't know so I know how our job is to as Christians to be prepared. ICP prepare.

They disappear as the aunt in Proverbs is its use as an example meets prepare for the future. Proverbs 68 1030 25 answer not strong people, but they prepare the food in the summer they prepare for the lean times. I believe that what we should be doing as Christians is preparing for difficult times to come. So that's what I say.

I think it be wise to do that at least six months food supply in your house and water and stuff you get this is just good to have anyway go crazy, but with the way things are in the world with cities burning and the left doesn't do anything about it and they reject help in the media is just so leftist and bigoted. You know, in churches now are being attacked, but are not covering the news you are being attacked now teeth which is which is 880 leftist terrorist organization and BLM which is a socialist organization that desires the destruction of the family.

You can go to BLM black lives matter.calm and read through what they believe. You'll see. Towards the bottom with a believe they want to destroy and or what is it upset me from something they have a weird word. The nuclear family. The traditional heavy wanted get rid of it and wanted children to be raised in a communal environment which means the leftist organizational bid control want children to and they promote homosexuality LGBT Q and all kinds of stuff we as Christians cannot stand. And we need to save all lives matter not colored lives, as in black, white, orange, brown, green… Kinda cook all lives matter. The government image of God. That's how it should be so matter all you know way back when all that why you got any credit hello what they were. Well I think about. I don't like going on but I know maybe they are so all the more reason to prepare right right right now I'm talking to you.

Thank you were bought at a break so that three lines 87720722762 Sally after the break or talk about what she was talk about folks you know when you see the signs of the of the times.

The Bible talks about preparing praying getting ready but here's an opportunity not able to think about. We have the opportunity as Christians to go to speak that gospel to people we could talk to Christians but the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Talk to to unbelievers about Jesus. People who work angry people who are upset want justice and righteousness will point them to Jesus who is the perfect example of justice and righteousness and give the gospel we have more and more the gospel. I pray several right. That photograph is that why call 77077 is Matt's way back on the line here with Sally from Raleigh, North Carolina Sally Hall leave before I had a question about my grandchild there.

Apparently he get there, bisexual and we had a long conversation last night.

He said he just felt guilty being around me kind of drawing yet to answer my calls. Most of the time and an iPAQ, you know, very hurtful, but I don't want to lessen the fact that she no guilty that I agree with what you may not yet. I'm trying to wade have a relationship and not compromise my standing and God ending on the whole, so any you can get me be treated will the media disclose this.

I have a daughter who is that way and she does not like being around me very much this is what it is you and it gets worse and that what I do is pray for her life and pray for her all of her children every single night. We pray for our children and we pray for salvation for repentance and when she does, which is very often may lead us to just come in touch basis and little bit that she's polite, I'm polite. I'll bring up the topic.

I don't need to bring genomes. She knows my position shows my wife's position.

So what we do is we love her, but we also the same time. Never compromise so once she wanted her boyfriend that time boyfriend to come over and they want to sleep together in our house and we told them respectfully meet you.

We know you know we love you and your friend is welcome at our house. We can't allow that to occur in our house and just and not trying to to be judgmental, but it's what we hope to start your welcome and so she and he got a place to stay on their own and they both came over and we treated them both very well and so that he could see what Christian love for us but yet he knew what her position was so don't think that you will do everything perfectly, so you you can discuss it with your husband. If you're married now are some friends and and just draw some some lines so I'll all allow this and not that you discover you but inconsistent a little is taken to the Lord and ask for better behavior and understanding of things. It's a difficult, but it's worth I articulation it can guide one thing is they want to see the need to see the love of Christ.

Since Jesus with the woman caught in adultery just condemning just go sin no more. This is the kind of of attitude to help love you when I can approve of that but we don't approve that sin. But we love you see that okay all right you got the house. All right, let's get to Ron from North Carolina. Ron we lost Ron. Now let's jump over to Ryan from Des Moines I would Ryan welcome you were on the air. I about you.

I know why you are better at night. That way yes it apart but you think that bent the building and I about me and my wife that delegate one time he found it it like a bit of marker board. The plankton I get I did it really fight on it. Let me ask you where you are at kid's full plagiarism and partial full plans in this part came to clear his mission is twofold free tourism is false. Partial plagiarism can work within orthodoxy. I can glean that way myself would mean by that is that it looks like Christ. You know, since certain things Beth 2417 25 and a lot of them were fulfilled with Christ. Shortly afterwards, but not all. And so it looks like when he comes back with these talks about this at the end of the age of 24 except 70 talks about this kind of stuff and it seems to be hinting at the consummation of the ages so I partial plagiarism is within orthodoxy and it's okay. It's not false like full plagiarism is which is refuted by exit 9 to 11 so that's it.

It's okay, you know now personally I believe that will go through the tribulation. I don't believe the rapture out of it. I do hope I'm wrong and I hope that the people who don't believe like me their correct when I read Scripture come up with stuff like that kind okay yeah I like typically revelation I get to work like when I read Revelation, I believe them but I know that although a lot of things that are literal and so not really. They need the kind of a different blacking but where do you draw this lead to and how do I know one point, I believe that something like no what what whatever why they're in it that I don't work on what we have to do to study this stuff is is is open your Bible and taking notes. Everything is good take many many hours just what it is and you start learning things now one of the hints to give the people is to study this age and the age to come, because Jesus talked about this age as David called apostle and the other apostles believe Paul did about the end of the age. And Jesus actually make some comments about this in Matthew 1320 says the parable of the week. The tears tears of the evil one to wait for the good, and he says allow both to grow together till the end of the age.

I will say to the reapers first gather the tears to burn them to read stuff like that you how does that fit into certain eschatological views well if it doesn't fit into this logical view, then this logical view was wrong because what Jesus said to read the context read was going on is what he said so. He said the first was taken at the end of the age, or the wicked good that's what it says Matthew 1330 through 40 was read at that range read blown away here that being taught know why am I bringing that up because that's what it says. And so we start reading these things and you start put the stuff down about this and do a study on the trumpet and the resurrection and the judgment and the new heavens and new earth. And what happens and you'll find that your view of eschatology will will be like a river flows as you travel down the Scriptures, bumping into things and understanding them.

Finally, and this was can happen as you study okay you welcome. A lot. All right God bless. All right. Okay, let's get to go Ron from Florida things going on is one of the characters is Klingon in Star Trek. I think they go there. How are you okay when you first chapter 14 verse 39 where Therefore My Pregnant Desire or Net Profit.Now I Predicted Deacon Tom, I Am Out Of My Blanket so I Guess My Question Is This Gift of Prophecy That Describe in This Chapter the Previous Chapters That Still Functioning Today or At Least so I May Continuation Us. I Have Good Friends of Who Are Not Secessionist and My View Is That This Called Apostle's Enforcement Is 17.

We, the Church, Not Lack Any Charisma While We Are Awaiting the Return of Christ in a Charismatic Gift the Context of Her Sentence 14 Is in the Church Context to Prophesy Desire and Do Not Forbid Speaking in Tongues. These Are the Movements in the Gifting to the Holy Spirit That If You Can Find This out. You Go to Acts 1044 to 48 Says the Gift of the Holy Spirit and Import of the Gentiles, for They Were Hearing Them Speaking with Tongues and Exalting God Wealth.

This Is What's Prophesied of Joel Joel to I Think Is 22, 23 Memory Cells and Is Fulfilled in Next to 17 and 18 for Peter Says These Are the Last Days Daughters Shall Prophesy, so These Are Considered the Last Days the Whole 2000 Years until God's Economy Works so I Am Absolutely Convinced Biblically That All These Charismatic Gifts Are for Today. I Also Believe That You're Being Misused Incredibly and That Most of What I've Seen on TV Is Not Really True Manifestation of the Gifts, but Abuse and Fraud Account for the Baby out with the Bathwater.

So in Church Prophesying Is Acceptable As Is for Bidding As Is Speaking in Tongues Is Just That They Must Be Done According to What the Bible Says the Prophecy Is to Be Judged by the Elders and the Speaking in Tongues Must Occur for the Edification of the Body of the Individual Must Be Done with Interpretation of What Remained Silent the Whole Idea the Policy Teaching Is the Movement of the Holy Spirit in the Church Today What I Think. I'm Not Trying to Ride or Make Fun of or Condemn Secessionists Because the Ones I Know Are Incredibly Godly and Believe That the Truth of the Word of God, but I I Suspect That We As a Whole Was People Were Afraid to Take Risks for the Lord and with the Lord's Gifting's and so We Want Things a Little More Secure so We Don't Move in Those Areas. Don't Seek Them Much Because They Are Predictable and We Can Make Mistakes. That's My Opinion. But the Prophecy Is for the Hope That Helps, and You Know You Really Apprise Me with Their Answer for Than That I Don't Know Why I Was Expect to Save It Is All No Call Back Tomorrow Tomorrow and I'll Give You My Recent Biblically Wise for Today.

If You Want I'll Explain What Folk I Hope You Enjoy the Show Today with the Lord Blessed Him by His Grace


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