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August 5, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 5, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- At the church I am attending, the leadership is not evangelizing. Should they be- Is this a problem---2- Do 1 Corinthians 9-27 and Luke 9-62 refute eternal security---3- What does it mean to have an interpreter there when speaking in tongues---4- Can you explain Revelation 2, what it means that God will remove the churches' lampstand if they don't repent---5- Where do people get the idea that you can lose your salvation if it's truly not found in Scripture-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive on board you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why bless you what you recall all your to do was garlic 77207227.

Searches like normal and I think that's about it will make it disappear turn their regular regular system alright so what say we go forth in lines 772072276.

You know, curious to know what you think of the of the show if you want to email me at info carbon organ to say would like this.

We don't like that is open to hear that sentence which feedback is in the meantime you have a question you want to give me a call and let's talk about whatever we talk about theologically, biblically, even in social areas, secular areas will I like doing that because so important to secular worlds want to make sure that were what were doing. Hopefully so is pleasing the Lord. So if you have questions about that silly things can you call and when we judge upon the phones us get to Omar from Delaware, Omar, welcome your on here alright man we got what you I my brother and I leave church and had a parent is something right when it comes to ship and evangelism. Okay one probably had we see that our church does not does not evangelize and I talk. I recently talked to Ron no issues about the screen and it was that there is no biblical merit for the leadership you blew my mind the leadership to be with evangelism or did I mention is like.

How can a shepherd equip fishy to go preach the gospel. If they're not out there doing the and making basically like an excuse for and was like you know Dan gone to talk about the lack of fellowship here in this connection of no no one really really claim to do anything but they're not worth thinking should we be looking at a red flag for me and you know and we called them before about stuff like this cannot basically we asked all the questions are like really can parcel and stuff. And yes to question that night they went on to defend the kind of better stuff like like we offer to do these things with you. You don't want to do it like no you trying to talk to many people and a few magic but just to be like a week.

They were at first when I started my question with a question, are you? The question is like when we say when you know leadership is not really involved in her life, making excuses for something evangelism and disconnect the sinks of the leadership involved in evangelism as a yes and no because to be honest sometimes pastors are so busy with counseling with preparing sermons, etc. that they don't have time for evangelism now missing is okay to sing it. Sometimes it happens in churches understood situation. Sometimes they have 40 hour week job, and then you still have time. They recognize that they should do they want to, but it's not working up okay. Depending the situation I did I get.

If, however, the sailors know like you said that there is no mandate for the for the leadership to be evangelizing in Scripture that's ridiculous because so-called apostle is an example of of leadership he was evangelizing Jesus is our example he was evangelizing. We have James out there witnessing. We have Timothy out there witnessing. These are the people related leadership that with the elders and they were doing these things in the church so for them this is no biblical work for leadership is just not correct. No matter what kind of a denomination.

What was reform which reformed denomination. If you have equip. I think that they were okay so high seminary enough yet.

If they're saying this might want to contact master seminary and say that this is an issue out of Ephesians 411, 12, it talks about the pastors equipping the saints for the work of ministry. If I were a pastor of a church. My job is to cryptic the Christians and nice to a lot of open-air door to door to the beach all the stuff Southern California did a lot of it hundred hundreds hundred hundred hours so well. I don't do it very much because what I do now is to work on the Internet and that's my evangelism, but our pastor and the more people want to do this. Okay, let's go you know I'll help you. You know about with you. Watch me make mistakes and do those mistakes okay okay to that much done. It is good to go, but you don't particularly know the reform thing you know some reform people say well it's all predestined so don't worry about it.

Now that's the wrong attitude so you know maybe my want to contact master seminary. Tell him the contact information. Tell them what the conversation you had was with the pastor and elders and say is this something you approve of her. Not what should we do from here because that'll carries more weight than a guy named slick on the radio saying anything yeah yeah again, and yet with the actor, though I know I'm going to get calls from know the other one about what I just got this is how you carry out the great commission to make disciples of all nations. You personally and when would you approve or disapprove of Paul the apostle going and did missionary work and I having open-air speaking engagements like an X 17 you rethink that I be doing signet du jour is flat-out long, but I would say up by asking questions of the Scriptures are either that night when I was told was because the pastor preached a day that decked out". The band is not evangelism is not evangelism job.

The pastor Ephesians 4 read it to you. This is when it says okay now. Ephesians 411. He gave some as apostles, from his prophets, some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, so there are evangelists were called by God to do that specific thing with her. Also pastor teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service to the building of the body of Christ. So there. The pastor teacher is to build up the body of Christ for the work of service. What is the work of service to serve one another in the church is also serve people outside the church because we are called talk. I called by God to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations, so the pastor should teach that in the pastor should be able to exemplify it because the pastor was an elder by necessity at a first Timothy want 03 and Titus one is supposed build teach sound doctrine and refute error analysis know for teaching the body of Christ. But if people want to know how to go evangelize. The pastor should know how to do that because he studied the word of God, and he should live it and exemplified within reason is working 70 hour weeks of just enough time, I get it, but normally speaking okay yes thank you so much land that that's what I know we decided wanted to see what I should do because we know the next steps for to get this stuff resolved to for us either to find a new church or to stay know where China talking things over.

Instead of just leaving and not paying anything.

So thank you thank you for good plant seeds okay Scripture said you approve of what Paul did with Jesus, to suffer with the signal cycle time and they were are all examples right yes right you so much right on mark. Okay folks are going to McCall. We have four open lines so McCall we can talk you want to give me a call if the number is 877-207-2276 let's go to Andrew from Florida Andrew you are on the good evening Matt how are you today do not write God's grace we got great though. I believe in eternal security. But my friend Brad.

He thinks because he doesn't believe in 1/5 first Corinthians 927 and Luke 962 ago still says that I was right in the notes. What was the first is my first Corinthians 927 city look at the discipline my body and make it my slave, so that I preach to others, I myself will not be disqualified. Okay where is it so you lose your salvation I get is referring to be disqualified lightly and I was amazed. I don't know well if he says to lose one's salvation with a similar problem here, but I would ask, what does it mean to be disqualified from what from being a proper apostle from being a proper disciple. What is it mean he's reading into the text.

He doesn't know what he's doing. That was universe Luke nine think this is there but Jesus said no, and after putting his hand to the plow. Looking back is fit for the kingdom of God's sake you agree with that which the problem and say lose your salvation words is a little salvation. What is it mean to put your hand of the plow and look back. What is it mean to look back.

What see if you can say that these verses mean you lose your salvation will then show from the verses that it means if you lose your salvation.

Ask questions about the text. Yeah, I think you referred disqualified and granted about the back.

Here's a thing Jesus said in John 637 through 40. That's reverently recommend that you study that he will lose none all fathers given him, he will lose none that's what it says it's clear what he saying here is, let's go to these vague verses we don't exactly know what it means. Let's interpret everything else based on the vague things your your breathing into the mic and and so what is what is these were these vague with me and we have principle of interpretation when we had a have a set of Scriptures on let's say salvation security think like that in a set of scriptures and they can be divided up into two categories ones that are very clear and ones are not what you do is you interpret the not very clear Scriptures and harmony with the ones that are very clear that you do so. What he has done is he's gone to these vague things that I think you can understand God saying, but you can't read those and save.

This means you lose your salvation because it doesn't teach those things is what ask how's that possible, and I got is little point for you afterwards to okay hold on the alcohol on the phone for three of them.

I want to give me a call 72577077 charismatic welcome back to the shorter body McCall we have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get back on the phones with the Andrew from Florida Andrew, are you still there.

Okay, now I got a question for you matches and questions but this can help in this issue of eternal security think like that.

If you are saved doesn't mean that all of your sins are forgiven you. Can you be saved if all of your sins are not forgiven him out now so if someone is saved but yet loses his salvation.

Doesn't that mean that all of the sins are not forgiven, and I will work on if someone is saved, yet loses his salvation, and that means that not all of the center forgiven because he send losses salvation or sin still there so he is not normal forgiven are the right will test the case, then how can you be safe in the first place.

With Ellison's been forgiven right questions I ask and I did not change the theology to make it suit their error mill will say some level it sends up to that point, really. So will you do is keep her salvation by what you did was of your signed member back with her issue should write make sense only on I don't know why he would adhere to active more comforting to know that your internal security field. Let me ask this too is what is yet to do to keep himself right with God. This ask and you take me to three things you do to keep yourself right with God relatively faithful so it's up to you to be faithful yeah anything else ago to do. Well, there's a civil is God who grants a believe clippings 129 so if you grant that we believe that is not the gift of God sufficient. There's all kinds of ways to tackle this issue. Lots of different ways but Tom is not in the just my opinion people to each other they can lose your salvation also takes her to keep it by the goodness I would think to their faithfulness, their ability to hang on their ability to be right and not too much bad stuff.

I think that's arrogant not Luke 952 or did the Lord mean by that is that that talk about Paul hombre.

Well, you know, I can look at the context hold and see things like that but to what it says here the Conwell context says about Jesus as foxes have holes and birds of prey have other next best etc. allow the dead to bury their own dead is for you to go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God told him follow in others it will follow you, Lord.

The first permit me to say goodbye to those at home. This is known. After putting his hand to the plow.

Looking back is fit for the kingdom of God when he saying is you give your all to Jesus you want to go back to your home security and look there. That's not what's going on what you want to do is look to me.

Jesus is saying my security security. Let God take care of those things you want the kingdom of God commit yourself to the kingdom of God. If you don't know where the that's what he saying is also, don't forget this. This is something that a lot of people forget that God works governmentally.

The covenant is a pack of agreement between two or more parties.

God covenanted with Israel is of the people of Israel.

These people here were under covenant, obligation to follow the covenant signs covenant stipulations and so is not that they keep their salvation by maintaining covenant boundaries. It's that the speaking covenantal of the people's will to be doing these things. This is what the covenant is they don't do it.

They don't if the Jews were not doing what they had to do.

They were looking back to the security, their family, their homes and their lives instead of the coming Messiah. He was right there and they were choosing to go back home over the fulfillment of the covenant promises of God to Israel in the person of Christ, and so he says in that context anyone puts us in a club you look back you not worth is I'm right here so if Jesus were walking with you and he said come follow me and you said like I do, something to do at home first. You look okay you know where you get out here. And the reason is because it's him it's Jesus it's God. And so you can't be saying look I got more important things to do than follow you. That's what it's saying there in person to tell no one, after putting his hand to the plow. Looking back, he wants to do some work with chemical back fit for doing the work of God, yet made here are really pretty good erecting map goblet. God bless you have a great day.

All right, due to all right folks at 20 McCall. We have two open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to the real Durham North Carolina you are on either, I about landmark and my question is that you are that there should be an interpreter there context in the church context. When people are speaking in tongues despite two or three. The most minimalist interpretation of the wiser grooming silence for Sprint's 14th Sperling which of tongues that you're playing by yourself and the Holy Spirit moves funniest to speak of tongue unknown tongue in a prayer language then you don't need to interpret know another form of tongues, theoretically, is that you know I like I don't speak Chinese.

What if I were witnessing. Also, the spoken Chinese every movement of the Lord. Well, that is his movement and that wouldn't require interpretation because us to the Chinese people so it says interpretation of tongues. It's in the church context the government of the believers for the edification of the body Christ is if you speak in tongues, and nobody is edified. If they don't understand what's going on.

So one of the theories about this is that it was an angelic tongue or some other tongue to be interpreted. Others might.

One other theory is that they were speaking Hebrew, and then someone would speak in let's say Egyptian speaking a different tongue so much interpretation of the tongue so that others in the church could be edified as one of the theories of what that might mean. But either way, the issue is not edification of the body Christ will speak in tongues in public speaking told that we don't do that in public in order to draw attention to ourselves like somebody's idiots people on TV you do you do that, it's just ludicrous. It's it's not what I'm about what I want to know what I like or about what great and out here and now I get overwhelmed and that end out a can and can't hurt people in church you know and I'm praying I was yet speaking and, given that the money but I haven't heard anything station and I've never had a path on because NASA says data size is my break right back after this message is 77 mass Y call 77077. Here is Matt's way back to the show. Let's get back on the burial from North Carolina you still there. Read some scriptures here will tackle the issue of a pastor speaking in tongues in certain contexts and things like that. This is our first rent is 14 for one who speaks in a tongue edifies himself in 1413 and 14. Therefore, let one who speaks in a tongue.

Pray that he may interpret for five praying a tongue, my spirit praise of my mind is unfruitful.

This is verse 23 perspectives. 14. Therefore, if the whole church assembles together and all speak in tongues and gifted mentor unbelievers enter will they not say that you're mad so the issue here is that we have to be careful about how people work with exerciser spiritual gifts. For example, I believe. Hope I am correct unspiritual gifted to be a teacher but there are times like I should not exercise that gift because not all situations require that is not the best, necessarily, in all times. We have to be wise in order to use what God's gift is to us. If a pastor is often the pulpits are speaking in tongues that immediately is he going to interpret.

If not, that he should stop. If you continue to do this on a regular basis in a church context. In my opinion what he's doing is showing off and try to appear spiritual and this is my opinion because why would you do that if you study the word of God are supposed to be pastor or elder who knows what the word of God teaches. Why would you be up there continuing to do this there's no interpretation of the tongues will it says it says then your own spirit is edified, but not your mind and if you speak English, they talk. If I yourself so to self-centered kind of a thing and so I would have to say that it all passionate. The best is once he does it. I think thing to speak in tongues and he doesn't know interpretation okay… Look there's no interpretation can be there anymore not to be looking a list continuing the word. I do affirm the charismatic gifts. I have no problem with them. I think they're grossly misused. So I do believe from what I've seen that most of the people on TV will do all the speaking in tongues stuff in the pulpit. In my opinion are showoffs who are not submitting to the word of God in this area. That's my opinion. It just makes me mad to see this and when the unbelievers see this, the unbelieving think these guys are crazy is making the stuff up and that brings shame upon the name of Christ, so the weight would be done properly is. Let's say I was in the pulpit, speaking, and I don't speak in tongues. I never have an accent like stub my toe once. If I was in tongues is a Chinese and some in the congregation said yes I did look at what I just I just disease but understand that and someone got up and said you spoke Chinese and said this, I believe that can happen then is not applicable if an unbelievers looking to Michael what what was that, but if I'm_hey watch this photo Lulu known all this stuff you don't got my Honda you know where all this stuff will only be you looking at the guys crazy. Why would I want to risk bringing that in defame information. Upon the name of Christ.

I just don't lenders and people who have a Geer and Garrett language and I heard of people and you know that your life and where they got exactly that open in another language if someone didn't really realize that they were like that. I'm passing it on the country where you might be stranded at the same way my hearing without leaving Kelly, but there's nobody there to either no blame Pandora anything animal while acting a lot about you.

Thank you for explaining that they give me they may not have up on standing right in the elders is what gets me is the elders of the church should be saying that was a mistake. The elders will qualify most of the elders I've ever met that I will discuss my knowledge with doubting whether the qualified and that's going to retract that because I am not really talk a lot of blood builders and headed your grill them much of a very godly people there comes a stuff like this that you come on in August 20 the word and believe the word why don't they do that and was watching TV with my wife on Sunday and she was also showing me some stuff carefully say things like this little radio wanted to start having my spiritual Tourette's kick in, but I know what I yell a tepee and one of things I want to do.

Maybe next year is good on TV and RV insert naming names and discussing these issues and say these things these people are not teaching the true doctrine not practicing biblical theology.

Why should you listen to them if they don't know the basics of this which is right there in first Corinthians 14 on the issue of how tongues are to be done. Read it so hard about reading the chapter that tells you how to behave. With this in the church and yet they don't do it. They disobey they did to be corrected and if they refuse to be corrected.

There disqualified for being pastors. It's just that simple.

Is that simple. We don't have enough in my opinion, we don't have enough men in the church who are standing up and saying sorry. It's wrong. If I were a pastor my head elders and I was preaching in and two of them came to me… Saying said look I was release it was biblical I would be saying when he got maybe I said something wrong. Let's go over it because I don't have all the answers.

Maybe this is something that's incorrect, which is certainly possible, I would listen to the elders at signal. Thank you very much and if it was an error I made. I would go back to the pulpit next week is my elders corrected me and praise God we have good men here who do that, and here's what happened. Here's what I would go through and say that it would have happened if I was a, listening to you only got do this anyway.

Disqualified these people are so many people on TV should never be on TV preaching and teaching. Never they say.

So many heresies and eight people just don't know what the truth is I'm hoping to somehow build it on TV's are doing this so next year or so, but I don't often have with our economy with with things going and who knows if I tried it will get sued and arrested for seeing the truth of what the Bible says, who knows what will happen.

Things are going okay you welcome the answers or enforcement is 14 all right AA okay looks like God bless and if you want to give me a call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 David from North Carolina wrong here hello are you I'm fine how are you near as I can. Adequate question about Revelation 2 and LU. Think to interpret. There's a couple of places that think in the church that the party them and that the electorate mentioning earlier that they block the first love that it dealt with and I will remove your candle Dick from its position that the question would be what does that phrase mean and then the second part of the question would be later than three where latest video members are said to be viewed out of his mouth that the don't straighten up and burn hot lukewarm about bold start of the million arguments follow what so I'm not okay.

I'm not sure what it means exactly because this revolution. I don't study it that much. I think we get some basic understanding. I have incidentally been to Ephesus, I had the privilege of going there staying there for hours and checking out just remarkable things so when he would look at this is is remove the lampstand because I've done some bad stuff they've lost your first level what is the first love of first level to the Lord Jesus Christ. Maybe they were doing some things in wrote manner.

They were doing things were not well they they weren't holding the lampstand, the light of God's word up where it needed to be the people of Ephesus were very prosperous and when you go there you see the ornate tile work in the homes that were there and the communal bathrooms in the big auditorium stadium and what they would speak sit in it was just awesome. You could see that it would be easy for them to look to their comfort to the physician rather than Christ going on the lampstand away.

Remove calling in that area.

Hold on me right back okay to read that gift to open lines 877077577077 all right, so I look at some commentaries on the break and the refined. But what I was saying a little better.

And one of them. I like what it said said that they were doing a lot of good things but the lampstand would be removed, which is that seat of of the church authority truth.

The centrality the church will be removed and the way was removed. Ephesus became later uninhabitable. So the church that was located there lost its place and eventually varying other churches had to arise and so when it was written, but I suspect that the reason this was included was a warning generically to varying peoples people groups about what it is you do and who is your your focus. So I have to. This is the one letter that bothers me. In particular, and the reason is because it says he cannot tolerate evil men, you put to test all who call themselves apostles have found that they're not and you found them to be false you perseverance and endured for my namesake and have not grown weary. Now that that remind me of me is what I do for living.

But I have this against you left your first love in this stretch of my own heart because I was first saved my relationship with Christ was just glorious.

Now, not so much so I read this I wonder, does it apply to me. We all have to look at things like that. The seven churches which I've been to each location. Geographically, what part of this applies to me personally what part applies to the church we go to hell.

The issue here is, I think that we need to draw out and take away is that Jesus, he's the most important thing above recognition of error we have to have a relationship with Christ. This is ultimately it I believe that God will guard us and keep us as long as we keep her eyes on Christ above everything else.

And this is the thing is, it's difficult for a lot of people, myself included. We get so busy doing other things does it then mean that would take her eyes off of Christ in us and we have to ask ourselves so these words speak to me that way and cause me to consider things to seek Christ all the more good thing but nevertheless back to that I think is what it was and historically they had that lampstand and was removed as me. The lampstand was was extinguished, but it was removed and probably transferred to someplace else, as at this seat of spiritual authority except that I think that the viable way of looking at it. I think for many years out of the type of you know if they had an old shadow will work shadowing and I've always wondered if there's not some type of parallel not only get into public felt like you have both types of double talk about that parallel reality of fruit in the Bible by the heavenly claimant that he plays the spiritual realm more than the heavenly clarification and that there there is like a lot of what goes on here. Electronic records then it just like right now and have them and exalt me and thought that the end of the cry Shepherd of detergents, but neither speak back a little bit to THE length, thousand three of people groups like the holy people of Israel and, like the judgment clear the club and the judgment of encouragement that their corporate their collective real not agree with you.

We certainly can meditate on Scripture and hear God speak to us personally where this is that often about their plaything become thematic reason why these churches collectively work.

No work will either positive or negative, like the little difficult in the same thing really McClave the knowledge you and you now. It does sound like objection of the sound like a punishment or a disciplined editing you have melamine. There are many and have a good point because both of these passages.

At first blush. We talk about what general length of the pathogens you read it and it really have that first impression unless you go deeper go to untried understand it and make it a little delayed knowledge, though possibly the latest CI when you mentioned it to be excellent. The CIC ruins and when we walked in, everything was this incredible bounds for the switch God's judgment upon the churches he blesses the churches and then if they don't do what's required, which required us to love the Lord God and the love of your neighbor and the defense of truth and expect in refuting error but it must be because of Christ, not cross. It's easy to move away from that and get involved in habitual work.

I think this is why the lampstand were removed and moved to someplace else.

I think this is going on and especially the seagulls. I read that again and see what exact issues were. But maybe some commentaries and see that all of God bless our regular okay all right now skim the phones with Heather from California Heather welcome is only going on here.] Okay, I can see that you're not so doing, regionally's daughter. All you doing I get a lot of it's hard to state in tune with everything in and everything but your voice and a very familiar, which we haven't seen you in years with the stuff to hear from you look at my mom for me. Okay, so it's a question anywhere. The foundation would like and I didn't get question. I only heard half of what you are talking about the idea of limiting your salvation because God is the only one who noted that the truth of our heart and whether or not worth any which way of looking at it because if we could determine from Scripture that were secure in Jesus and what he has done and as he said in John 61724 that he will lose none of all the fathers given him the will of the father that Jesus is not so Jesus can't lose any so we can say that's a biblical God authored teaching when people come along this I don't know. You can lose your salvation. I don't find the Scripture and the misquote versus like one guy did earlier record this window said out of Luke 962 know what Jesus is knowing after putting his hand to the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God to salvation.

It doesn't say lose your salvation, and so I think that people read in the text too much of what they believe because they've been taught error to begin with and not going is quite a bit. It might be what you're saying there is some merit to it that it's a what if eternal security or security in Christ's work is the biblical then the contrary to what would of course be from the devil or from just man's general a depraved heart really allowed to judge righteously and thinking like my mom last week we were talking that occurred and that we will know each other by the fruit but even though we know each other by our fruit in our action. We are still not now to gag and method/righteously email Matt and I was thinking you know that. Just an idea, man. It's not righteous for any human to say while you are scared. Salvation because I would assume if you lost your salvation you never had it for 10 to 19 says they went out from us, because they never world, Izzy had been of us, they would've remained and ran the logic issues I use with people is also if you're saved doesn't mean that all your sins are forgiven. SPS can you be saved if all your sins are not forgiven answers no well if someone is saved. That means all his sins are forgiven and when Christ on the cross.

They were all future so my sentences. People today are central future to Christ. They were all forgiven, but if you can lose your salvation. It ultimately means that not all their sins are forgiven, because I go to hell for some sense well that's the case, then how could you be saved in the first place if all of your sins were forgiven right so no sister I believe Jesus is all of the fire giving will come to me and all the condiments certainly will not cast out. This is the will the father in heaven that always given me. I will raise up the last day I will lose none. He says I will lose none and raise him up on the last day will defaulted Jesus lose none.

He can't lose any because it's a group given by the father to the son.

The group is all the father gives me will come to me, that group Jesus responsibility is to keep them safe to not lose any and so the final design.

That's right in the between the father the son is not between us better people so we can lose yourself no is now the text is about the text is about the father giving them to the sun for safekeeping of this.

Your job, you keep Jesus can fill that people lose themselves in it like this. It was really dumb. Well, then, Jesus failed to do the will of the father in the end the part of the group that was given to him means he lost. He felt it's impossible know were saved by God's grace were kept by God's grace were not able to be saved by our goodness and we don't stay saved by our goodness we don't keep ourselves right with God. Based on our sincerity in our efforts and our goodness in her heart were not saved by her goodness were not kept by her goodness were saved by God's grace were kept by God's grace put salvation back where it belongs in the hands of God in our week filthy hands right right great.

I wanted like I didn't actually backing the question fell on, I had just barely heard have to let your and on that note on the fee. My dad said, though, your dad says he wants you to stay on the face look at themselves. For some reason. Okay, okay, okay. All right. God bless. Okay, I have known her for so long a David from Durham, North Carolina will have time to get into the question on Proverbs 2213, which I think it is to call them tomorrow and let's talk about the Lord bless you later buddy. There's a music concert on the date my goblin

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