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August 4, 2020 2:00 pm

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August 4, 2020 2:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- On 07-24-2020, Justin Peters will be a call-in guest on the show. They will be discussing the word of faith movement.--2- Can you explain 2 Corinthians 10-5-6---3- If all evidence for God was proven false, would you relinquish your belief in God---4- Is there a difference between the gospel of the kingdom and the gospel of grace---5- Can you explain Luke 13-23-24- What is the narrow gate---6- Matt talks about his experience at a BLM rally.--7- Why does it say that Jesus descended into hell in the apostle's creed---8- Can you explain your post-tribulation views-

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A previously recorded Nats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions or Bible doctrine earns a max Y live what it is. 22 June July Detroit January sort. 722 2020. The pod casters would want to give me a call for open lines. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 hey guess what I don't know if you know who Justin peters is but I know the guy and him. I talked in the day. I said look I want to have you on here and I'm going to talk about all the positive confession stuff. The claimant people who have quote to have stuck so Friday this Friday the 24th will do a show he; and what good do for the first half hours just he and I to be talking and then will maybe take calls after that. So let me just tell you doing this for 40 years.

I've heard a lot of stuff and so my job does not drop anymore. When I hear stupid heresy stuff is like you, I understood that I predict will he and I and another guy were speaking at a conference about a year or so ago, two years out on the East Coast and so it was my turn to sit down and he got up there and he spoke and he did his thing, and Mike John ratcheted out several several times from some of the stuff that he quoted and he didn't just quote he had the audios of the videos from people saying stuff is like are you kissing me. It was so bad. Some of it. It was just incredible.

So that's what's coming and will be on Friday so if you have questions about Joel O'Steen, Kenneth Copeland, you know, Joyce Meyer and others got a lot of stuff already but I'll tell you this because the expert and he's an interesting person because he has correctly, cerebral palsy, and so he needs a Windows those electric chairs I get you around and eat when he walks yes have crutches and some of you may have seen him. He is on the video.

American gospel and it's on Netflix and like that, but an hour and 1/2 long worth watching. Okay for watch American gospel. He was on Justin peters on Friday from Justin peters ministries a great guy and so there you go through a difficult folks. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 for three open lines give me a call let's get on the line with Oliver from Maine Oliver welcome you are on the air. Alright man and we got my question and Dick I being ready to punish every one will be complete. I never think maybe 5 foot four like to do that when we did destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ being ready to punish every disobedience when your obedience is complete. Lastly, verse six, kind well in Colorado.

In the Greek is complete tenets also means fullness when it's completed.

Done. It's filled up so I think what's going on and I missed this for long time.

In this context, so to say is, it looks like what's going on is the Corinthian church was which is pretty bad.

The Corinthians were that glyphosate little pagan in a lot of areas and so planting a church there was no pushing a rock uphill, so it looks like as you may know enforcement is five a man was having relations with his father's new wife in the sun was at what they were doing this kind of bad stuff.

So it looks like Paul's doing is he talking about the liver to punish the disobedience to God. Whenever your obedience is completed when you have done what's right and it's made in full. The disobedience of others will be taken care of.

I could be eschatological in the sense that the other. Their judgment could also be that the people in there who were doing better but bad things were going to be judged as good be adjusted upon their in their lifetimes. Something that ensures that would be like if you think about everything that at the end but could also be your everything is coming around your things are basically when they commit their life to Christ. Kind of an account punished her disobedience that one. One pocketable no kind of really missing as Christians were out of condemnation and condition adjustment. Now God will discipline us if we just at its best, disobedience to God.

Lifetimes will do is let us have our disobedience and the consequences that follow from the disobedience and other times he will actively discipline us.

I've had both happen to me to my Christian walk I been disciplined by God. I remember some instances and I'll tell you I don't want to go down that road again. I could be that what he's talking about there it is that even as Christians we can be disobedience and God can deal with this, but he so patient and so loving it comes to forces the kindness of God's repentance. But sometimes if we just know we get stupid which I like to confess that I've been stuck stupid a few times in my Christian walk, stubborn, pretty stupid and God's taking me to task on a few things a few times and praise God did what it could be that that kind of a thing is going on there, but it could also be said that his talk about that when all of the obedience is is the Christians are taking care of any untimed the disobedient organ to be taken care of and judgment could be okay okay okay so it's me know. I don't see it. We don't know the punishment that that is there. It's difficult to come to discern what it really is.

So IT could be also back to the Corinthian church itself was good be disciplined by God for not acting appropriately. Okay okay think that if you were to go to two Revelation charting) 33 will see that the set the letters to the seven churches, and you'll find out that there's a punishment there's some judgment to come to them and enter Christian churches. So lifetimes of Christians think is that God has a wonderful pleasant lovely life for you and it will just coddling and hammock time. That's not the case. Okay when we disobey. He disciplines us, not always but just very patient but he convicts and there could be Christians who were not walking properly with the Lord and filled it with. I had an old boss who told the story about a guy he knew and he said that the guy went to church a little bit and it was doing some stuff was really serious with the Lord and broke his back and something happening books back, and so while he was recovering for six months. It was pretty bad break apparently this is a home he will dedicate his life to the Lord gets okay. Thank you for that and will make it through etc. so he would dedicate his life to Lord two years later he was disobedient again. He wasn't really walking with and so a second accident happen, he got his back broken a second time and so at that point he said okay I'm I'm listening and he repented it healed up and really was fine after that. Is that Melissa God is good with everybody know that it took a broken back twice to get through is that all so I had God discipline me about something once and the thing that he used it to this day. This is like 35 years later to this day still makes me just a little bit apprehensive when contact the same kind of thing that you have back them like okay so God Has His Way, God has his way there, indicating to us. I think I would like nine directors Herat goblins. Alright, today we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 let's go to Ryan Pennsylvania Ryan welcome back them out. I was the written transcript to Greg Bob Gordon 5.something and I want the Goddard bandwidth that is not what and that he thought about the harassment that there is no basis for belief in God. I would like to relinquish that belief that all logical rational all logical rational and evidential God failed would you relinquish your belief yeah I is all of them did. I think there's good evidence to relinquish and one of them would have to include a denunciation and reputation of the resurrection. So if you if salaam demonstrated the resurrection of Christ, did not happen. Somehow, someway will not have to have to give up my faith because somebody found about tomorrow.

Yes, while you live. I confounded all the oil anywhere liver is on the cards out with the thought about want to Christ out then as Paul the apostle said, faith is in vain because he didn't rise from the dead. If you didn't rise from the dead and what he said wasn't true, because he prophesied his own resurrection. Therefore, why believe it.

Well, I think the nature of evidence to all evidence on more and better.

Other yeah you know you just said that if they found the Christ were actually his rights if it really was CMS somehow they could prove it that I give up Christianity like that on ungodly price of the night for about docking, you know that the Metropolitan is superseded by more better and that's why I would not relinquish my believe is a bit on bump garage without doubt.

Anyway I saying yes on better range saying it is different tenant improvement because you do not act on it. I talked about this before they found the bones and and nail marks is the sin delivered is the wrist area there and you don't ossuary it was Christ. You know, the etchings mean the evidence at the mountain, but there's no way to prove it.

And so I find it extremely difficult because you don't know. It could be a think things like that and ossuary James was faked on the kimono 70 years ago, while also being without equipment in the same human footprint are set with dinosaurs that was on the bottle and on the other there is fraud on both bug… A very logical I think the logical lesson necessary nothing to say it because I remember what how Gordon Stein asked him and then Bronson answered one Wayne Stan Stein kind of depression.

I'm a little bit different way and then he said. Yvonne said if there were no evidences yes you would have to relinquish etc. where we have a very positive right okay already.

Folks, we have to get to open my cubicle 77207 mass like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back open lines 87772276 as a reminder just beautiful, really with me on Friday we discussing things like Joel O'Steen respire Kenneth Copeland and others who hold to some extremely aberrant views of Christian thought will be quite interesting. He knows what he's talking about let's get to Courtney from Ohio I Courtney welcome you. I got great great we make the gospel of the kingdom, the gospel of grace. You said, thinking why don't say that I don't know of any phrase in the Bible is his gospel of grace is the gospel of the kingdom is definitely there in the kingdom of God's will is there is the kingdom of heaven in the kingdom of God. So let's see gospel look gospel of grace.

Nope gospel of the kingdom.

Let's see the kingdom and I go backwards and end. It's not there so released may face both right and might help educate experiments build a gospel kingdom you that's in Luke 1616. All the prophets looking until Johnson's in the gospel of the kingdom of God has been preached so the gospel the kingdom.

It's also in Matthew 2414, the gospel kingdom shall be preached. So I parked there. It was in Matthew 2414.

It's also not going backwards. Matthew 935 the gospel kingdom proclaiming the gospel. The kingdom just so happens I did some research on the kingdom of Christ to the kingdom of God and I did some with you and found the kingdom of heaven in the kingdom of God and I found every instance would let everyone forget everything I do work sufficiently representative and I arranged them and kingdom of God and the kingdom of God.

Jesus and so I discovered that the kingdom of God deals with the sovereignty rule reign presence and forgiveness of God the kingdom of heaven is the scope of the reign of Christ, including his people here on earth and in heaven for the gospel is that when galea the good news. The good news of the kingdom.

The kingdom of heaven in the kingdom of God a thing to be interchangeable at some of these usages shall remain the good news of Christ's reign, his forgiveness and everything that goes along with it.

I think the disc there synonymous, but slightly different usage that I sing so I can't help okay you look at the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God.

I got it. I do lots of an outline form where I just summarized the people to make up their own minds about the research provide information and I and stuff like that is a lot.

So I felt okay Courtney thanks all right, let's get on the phones with next longest person waiting at Scott's… In the North Carolina Scott not here yet.

I swear I go about 13. 24 okay Luke 1333 or 20 2323 okay for 2324 and some said to him, Lord, her other just a few who were being saved and he said to them, strive to enter the narrow door for many I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able okay. What I wanted and what is the strait gate.

Yet this drive me to ever yeah everybody fared well will work away to heaven. Teaching strait gate of yeah he's teaching in Israel he's talking to.

This is a something that people don't understand and they forget is a contextual requirement in interpreting a lot of what Jesus says and this is the covenant community of Israel. So covenant is a pack an agreement between two or more parties and so what Jesus is doing this he came to the earth because of the covenant in the intra-Trinitarian covenant within the fatherless on the Holy Spirit to redeem and the covenant with Israel to provide a Redeemer and Israel's job was to promote was recognize and promote the Messiah. This is why Jesus says in Matthew 1524 for the woman who wanted him to heal. You said you don't. I don't to the crumbs of the dogs, and things like this term for Gentiles. He said because he was sent only to the lost sheep without of Israel. He was not sent to the whole world. Jesus was not sent to save the world.

Jesus said in Matthew 1524. He said I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of inch, Israel is what Jesus said because Israel broke the covenant. Then we, the Gentiles are then grafted in the prophecy of Genesis 12, 320 God today rim in you all the nation shall be blessed with this quoted by Paul English 38 as being the gospel. Okay, having said that, if we understand that the people of Israel walking following Jesus walking on the hills listening to him speak are covenant people.

They are the Jewish people who are born under the covenant, the males had been circumcised as a covenantal act that females were counted in the males. This is a thing of federal headship of representation.

They believe that the covenant of God in the Pentateuch with Abraham, with David was was never to be broken. They believe in the covenant. In this mindset. In this mindset it says seek to find the narrow gate, because few organ to be there who who find what he's doing is speaking to them and saying you should already notice how Jesus Jesus said in John three to Nicodemus your teacher visually don't notice things you're responsible to know what the Old Testament is already set. So he saying here are a few who are being saved. If you and just drive it to enter the narrow door for many actually will seek to enter but will not there seeking to enter in a covenantal understanding of who God is, as they would serve the God of Israel, they want to do what is right before God. But they're not going to enter in and the reason I can enter it. There's different reasons. I get to some other stuff is because they're not seeking the Lord Jesus Christ you want to get to heaven, but won't make it just like the Mormons, for example, they want to make it to heaven, but they're knocking to make it because I believe in a false God, a false Christ, a false gospel.

The Catholics want to make it to heaven but are knocking to make it if they believe the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and salvation, because it's damnable heresy. And so as we know that many groups of people want to make it through trying not going to because I don't trust in the true Christ, the true gospel discover things going on okay okay that I don't like it out. They were walking up there and those that involve lab for a guy like Rick okay okay letter arriving. God bless you folks three open lines give a call 77207 mass Y call 770776 is Matt's leg. 720722763 open lines now before you get on this caller last night here in the Boise Idaho area had a black lives matter rally and I went several of us went down to we stayed on the outskirts for 45 minutes or so and it was really an interesting thing to see a Facebook post on it last night.

Unlike Facebook Matt slick Facebook page and people joined in and were listening and so it had nothing big happened, but I got to witness and I'll talk about that her second this just an update for people who are praying.

Who knew that were going and things like that so him the black lives matter. People never in my estimate most 30 40th there were hundreds and hundreds of people who were lining the streets all over the place in City Hall and they were carrying weapons. Not everybody but a lot of people carrying weapons. Mrs. Idaho AK-47s and AR 15's people caring open carry blocks and 9/11 back 11s of all kinds of stuff people were caring everywhere. And the funny thing is I felt extremely comfortable and very relaxed because everybody was in control of themselves had these weapons and it was no problem. There was absolutely no problem in the BLM people had their signs black lives matter and they were yelling and a lot of people would drive through the street and flipping us off and testing lives matter and cursing and things like that and I have been a lot is okay that your freedom of expression and so they would go around the block and do that kind of thing and then a lot of them huddled on one particular block on a corner and so after a while some friends and I we went down to that area. Not to cause any problem you have no desire to cause any problem or anything and they were's Lottie were saying really bad things about Trump okay and asked one BLM first.

I said I said look, I'm just curious and said I didn't vote for trumpet on the constitutionalist said that some what is done this so bad and she just ignored me and walked away. You know I said I want to say it, but you've been here sound mouthing what's that what's the reason and the reason they were yelling. They were chanting, holding up signs and that's the right and the police were there protecting them that English can do anything but got I got pictures of it. The police were there and weren't the case for direct. In fact what was really cool is about 12 of them in a group walked up the street across the street and walked back down the street and when they did that as he walked to the crowd. People were applauding and saying thank you when it came down by us. I said officers thank you so much for doing what you do. I talk to many officers and I said thank you thank you thank you want to do. They were very appreciative of and so I went across the street and went into the BLM crowd and again I am not there to started trouble and I wasn't open, carrying anything and I have my backpack okay water and stuff like that and I end up witnessing to a guy and he was polite.

She was a BLM guy you start talking I end up giving the gospel and he didn't accept Jesus you know that I gave the gospel he said hey thanks for the nice conversation appreciates thought. I like talking you to.

I went over to a pastor friend of mine and Josh fails and so we do know he could give me a hug and see them for a while. Give me a hug, a brother and he was talking to a Russian Muslim who speaks perfect English of the here and so I witness to him a little bit just a little on Islam and one of the other guys in the group was witnessing to a BLM Jehovah's Witness and he pointed out youthful people and politics were you here it was witnessing. It was a good time a lot of noise and there's a thing I have thought is that many of you know I am optimistic and so I guess burgers and I don't do well around a lot of noise because it overloads my my system.

It overloads and I can't handle it. I only got overloaded just a little bit once in 2 1/2 hours. It was just God's grace and it was noise from honking, people yelling, people chanting.

It was a constant noise, but you know it was all one big noise I can handle one big noise and so by God's grace is able to endure an informational issue. It is my friends all know what the names of my friends carry earplugs in case I forget mine and that is what it is what it is in the really good about so it was a good event and for understanding was peaceful and the BLM people work were outnumbered. I would say maybe 10 or 15 to 1, and so the signs really good. One of them was defined black lives matter I got a kick out of that.

And another one said squirrel lives matter and I got out, so there were a lot of people who are having fun. For the most part, people were really respectful and it was a good event. I'm glad I went. And I would suggest that interview others can have in your area. Find out which local laws are and you can open carry and go out and join people you find others doing the same thing and you be surprised how many people are conservative and who love America and recognize how good America is in so many ways and to support the police and there's a lot of us out there and we are the majority and as Christians need to be praying that there's any quality among all the races we need that that no problem with that we should not defund the police we should pray for their protection and for the police to do better jobs of what it is useful to be totally we want harmony and peace.

We don't want anarchy. And if you think that if the police go away that things will get better, you are mistaken. The Bible says the heart especially Wiccan deceitful when people who don't have God are set free to do what they want to do you wish the police were anyway. You may call 877-207-2276 Oscar to Craig from California Craig, you're on the air. Are you all right and regrettably all I got lot there will already become reluctant authority that I would've gone already got it where a lot of things I don't need to go there and that changed everything that I will know but I guess I could reiterate about about 30 teaching there that's been at that moment that I would without talk about with this question.

No, I mean you called for question. Well not really but more about you know I made it. Abu obviously operate in Maine. May or may well with you. So I think the spirit of God as I see at least with court work with them and heard you know that right guy for something that's anthropomorphism of Proverbs 8 with the Holy Spirit speaks and has a will and so is a person: he and Michael had right so anyway there came down from heaven came in the likeness of sinful flesh out there that was a Mary or anything like that go so I don't know you are struggling with what you get a question I probably called wrong all the wrong program that might lead well that's alright because I felt like something topical that we have questions.

Okay, that's all right. All right, so we have four open lines folks are going to be calling 772072276 is good to Brian from New Jersey. Brian you're on the air. Brian Brian, I did click the button so I'm sorry there you go.

When he got them out on front right to a new local congregation. A lot of the local congregation. Your shutdown and I in the beginning of I've never liked maybe I let the kid when I was going to the Catholic Church with my set that I ever come across like the this. Can you hold on break break and let's talk about that' question related to his hold on a folks for open lines of what you call the last of the hour, 7776 max Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's link all right about what back to the show we have of lines 877-207-2276. Give me a call. Brian you're back on the air, my question was I heard in apostles Creed. I had not heard that little.

And something hit me in it that just didn't feel right. I have to find out what what what it meant and I extended the help and I didn't I didn't understand it, it didn't sit well with me and I know what that meant.

Jesus is held in that context, meant that he went in the bowels of the earth that he died. That's what is going on. That's what makes it is a mean to the sick okay there you go. It does not mean that he went suffered in flames and things like that just means hell, which is another word for the place in the ground and was a generic statement because of the more precise, which it should've been put meant to hurt the heartbeat are actually being there. In that context would many apostles Creed time he didn't go to the place of torment. Now ways interpret some things because one of the series is that of first Peter 318 and 19. They would make proclamation of the spirits now in prison. So, some think that what he did was he went there and proclaimed to them why they are in that place and what the truth is that one of the theories and he also went to the people in Paradise who died in expectation of the Messiah and were faithful and yet because Christ had not yet been crucified. The cannot ascended to heaven and so then when the theories is as it says in Ephesians 4. Think 89 that he held captive a host of captives as he ascended to heaven, so the theory is that in the afterlife. You spoke to the people who were present informed them why they're in bad shape. What's gonna happen and that he went to Paradise and grabbed the people who work waiting expectation about the Messiah and took him to heaven and then came back and was resurrected next to theory, hearing that it shouldn't trust me or make me feel that it needed that the concept of hell in the opposite thing that just me yes and working with a mean in the context and original sense.

This is important, particularly in America because people trying to reinterpret rules, regulations, constitutional norms and things like that in a modern sense is not Housley understood.

So the same thing will understand the context of how and apostles Creed was written back then with understand what you're talking about when this would help it didn't mean that place of judgment. We went suffered.

This is not what they would've said the document and believe that didn't teach that it was just place of the abode of the dead, and he went there.

That's thank you, all right, good. But all right goblins right let's get to Daniel from Richmond, Virginia. Daniel welcome you here are your right hand and there and then their whole well I would like great happy birthday to Pastor Rob Mark Kirk for that blog but I have a question, do you believe increase your post to bubble your posted guard) you have somebody that I watched a video about a Gallup Galilean wedding and are no abnormal like the rest are usually not want to… Like I'm nothing like it was usually Galilean wedding unless you mean the issue. The father given permission for this to the sun to go get the bribes trumps I came forth first. I think like that, some to talk about yeah this video would really, have a little dog everywhere Galilean wedding.

That exactly how you got on that condo. I did know you are familiar with. Yes I am that answers the issue of why Jesus said only the father knows best. As a Galilean wedding culture. But how is it that I don't understand how it deals with the rapture (well, they can't let you work are little bit of a fear factor. We thought that one of the and where like I could get shut out because I just wasn't ready on the come on out when I see the virgins of the oil.

Yeah, one thing we don't get made ready for the rapture like doing anything. Nothing that says that we are in the rapture because were redeemed by the blood of Christ, and with them when the rapture happened that's another discussion.

But I've heard a lot of people over the years say what you're not good enough, you'll rapture stuck here. I say to them, shall be in Scripture that I see in Scripture and the 10 virgins with the oil there being shut out. This is, this deals with with culture and it deals with the issue of being prepared and being ready and God wants the Jews to be ready. And that readiness is found in the Messiah is the oil very most probably represents the Holy Spirit. And so they don't have the Holy Spirit up and don't have that didn't have the indwelling they don't have the presence or missing a burger and a route that really what it comes back to not outlive your mouth out of your hand will be ready okay so that you are so you gonna have up for your proposed crib add to the questionnaire you got a bowl arm about the heavenly waiting right now so I can talk about this and definitely definitely posted rapture. I believe we can go through it but don't see anything in the Scriptures, in my opinion, that necessitates something rapture out beforehand. I just don't see it. I hope it's right though, in fact, all share something with you. I love you for me on the radio talk about this, but I think I have this week already talked about it were met yesterday to talk to my 1334 Jesus talks about the harvest and most people understand the time of the harvest, Christ comes back. The harvest is the rapture most people that I've understood and believe that set swell. He says that the first was taken of the wicked.

Nothing back, and he says it in Matthew 1330 success with the tears first got from the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them up, getting the wheat in my barn. So he says the first one got a look tears and 10 verses later, he says, just as a tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be the end of the age, says the Son of Man will sit with his angels will gather out of his kingdom all the stumbling blocks legitimate lawlessness of what a premillennialist would have to say here is that is that at this point what is talking about is at the end of the thousand year reign. The believers and the unbelievers are present and so the believers the unbelievers were taken out at that time.

At the end.

It was at the end of the age they would say.

And it works until you do. Further study and then you find out that note the rapture happens at the end of the age.

The judgment happened at the end of the age and other things. Only one problem is there is only one second coming is prophesied in acts 192 11 that'll be the same when he came back from the clouds. That's what it is and show you something here because nobody waiting right now if I were to go to first Thessalonians 4 reading at verse 16, read through the chapter break because of check rituals exist in the Greek just put it there for numbers. Says this for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air about the rapture. No problem. Okay. And so we shall always be with the Lord.

Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now as to the times of the ethics present. You have no need of anything to be written to you for you yourselves know full well the thing the Lord will come like a thief in the night right wedding program so that the rapture comes like a thief in the night right there in the prelude on the farm in the premillennial do a thousand years later is with the new heavens and new earth are made right yeah not exactly sure I don't really appreciate where I'm meeting up what you say you're mad I'm trying to formulate an opinion not only read the Bible all the way through one complete time to see how I've studied it over the years. Quite a bit much with the Truth Network you are starting to hire some basic knowledge, but not enough to really good good looking in on this year you help me a lot. Just keep studying his study of using pencil to study about this. You swear I read about Thessalonians, which is the rapture will come like a thief in the night.


And then when you go to second Peter 310. This is what the day the Lord will come like a thief now in process on his for this is a day of the day the Lord will come a thief in the night, the day of the Lord is one. The day of the Lord. That is just the day the Lord is when judgment occurs when several things happen the day of the Lord, you could try would suggest you go to the for of study in the phrase day of the Lord is Lord Lord and the trumpet trumpets excuse me in the last trumpet, the trumpets and the last trumpet okay really so hard to write a lot about that, but they might be there probably are, as we know is right there so I would recommend you do a study on that recent eagerness little bit but John study that and study the last day that the end of the last end of the age. The phrase end of this age, the phrase last day. The phrase day of the Lord. The phrase last trumpet and also after the tribulation because there's some interesting stuff en route to her but time but second Peter 310 says, with the day the Lord will come like a thief in which the heavens will pass with a roar and the elements be destroyed with intense heat that only one day of the Lord and that's the day of the Lord the day of the Lord is when the judgment of the good occurs, you will the references, but the judgment of the wicked occurs, the resurrection occurs. Jesus return occurs, the rapture occurs in the new heavens, North Dakota. If you do, is this just to study just brought them down. I know that's what it says start if someone introduced me to this concept. Years ago when I started expanding on it and I was just blown away by the idea that there is this agent age to come to a just and you've heard it said you know what I you look to this allotment on the radio I'll say that this section works is the Bible.


Luke 17 it says two men on the field and was taken when his left messiness. The rapture here. It's not the rapture. Absolutely it's not read the context and you find out the ones were taken of the wicked. All you got it.

It was good.

Matter right. Compare that with the wicked and the good compare Matthew 24 and Luke 17 with the same wording is used except a little bit of a change in the and the flood came and took them all away and another one is the flood came and destroyed them all to will be taken. That's the context is the wicked, and they asked where the taken heat and Jesus answers with the body is the vultures gather so a lot of this stuff is not taught from pulpits today and I I just don't know why because that's just what Scripture says one of the agendas they are pregnant or modified are you doing a good workout but my friend all right evokes that inventive Richmond, Virginia. I that'll take you right to left. You

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