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The Freedom of Forgiveness | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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July 28, 2020 8:00 am

The Freedom of Forgiveness | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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July 28, 2020 8:00 am

The two great enemies against the human soul are guilt and bitterness. And the freedom of forgiveness is the only thing that can combat them. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the reasons, requirements and results of forgiveness.

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We can just forgive and forget. Listen to Adrian Rogers.

It is God that works in you. Worst of all the will and when you say my sense of justice, cries out for God is just.

Also, vengeance is mine, I will repay. So the Lord God job only when you will begin with God, I don't take that which is God's and began to work after salvation and say, to love and love that person through me. Welcome to the funding featuring presented by beloved pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers over the past two weeks we've been studying Jesus model prayer in Matthew chapter 6. Trying to understand how to pray with one factor of this powerful prayer is forgiveness. Matthew 614 says for if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But what if we just can't forgive, or we do forgive but then we can't manage to forget if you have your Bible turn to Matthew chapter 6 verse 14 as Adrian Rogers gives the convicting conclusion. The freedom of forgiveness. So many people in this world are absolutely driven into the ground spiritually, psychologically and physically by guilt and bitterness there In a prison a prison called Bill and a prison called bitterness about a verse of Scripture that we are dealing with today deals with those two things. It deals with guilt and forgive us our debts, and it deals with bitterness as we forgive our debtors. Both of those problems are dealt with right here when we are forgiven we are set free from the prison of Jill.

He breaks the power of counsel sin, he sets the prisoner free and when we forgive others then were freed from the prison of bitterness. One of God's greatest gifts to you and me is forgiveness because you see the Bible called our sins a bad the only way will be set free is to be forgiving and then not only that, but friend, we must also then forget about when you forgive anybody you cancel the debt.

That's what forgiveness is seen as a debt forgiveness is the canceling of the debt. Actually the word, forgive here means to bear the burden that if you owed me $1000 and you had nothing to pay and could not pay and I said very well that I forgive the debt that cost me $1000 it cost to forgive sin is a debt when the debt is forgiven, the forgive her pay now salvation may be free to you but it cost the Lord Jesus just jotting your margin. For example, this text Ephesians chapter 1 verse seven. The Bible speaks of Jesus, in whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgive list of sins, according to the riches of his grace, the riches of his grace our Lord paid through grace, out of his riches for my forgiveness.

That's the reason we say grace is what God's riches at Christ expense GR a CE that's how I'm forgiven. God doesn't overlook my sin.

God himself pays the debt of my sin and all the cross Lord Jesus with his blood paid the debt of my sin.

God never overlooks somebody must pay. Forgiveness is the paying of the day that another cannot pay. Forgive us our days. Now, when God forgives me then God says I must forgive others as I have been forgiven and according to this verse. If I withhold forgiveness to someone else after having been forgiven, then I damn up the stream of God's forgiveness and that screen stops until I am willing to forgive those who sin against me when I talk to you about forgiving someone else. I'm talking to you about something that is extremely costly. Remember what we said somebody pays somebody pays forget this is the canceling of a debt. And when you forgive your debtor then you pay one of the costly requirements for forgiveness. Number one, you have a gift freely. Freely you have received freely did second model, you don't give freely, but you are to forgive fully fully mail our pride as many times when a person ask us for forgiveness. We so were about Sarai know about it. It doesn't matter that is not forgiveness you what caused you to say that forget it.

That matter, because you say that your pride it did matter you were hurt but you will know know know you been hurt, and so when you say it's all right for getting it doesn't matter girlfriend you have not forgiven that individual fully as you all. Forgiveness is not politeness is not acting magnanimous about it is not acting big. It is not taking delight in making out like it really did matter when you come to God for forgiveness got all the word about giving us what God so no forgiveness is not politeness. Forgiveness is not merely accepting an apology.

Forgiveness is not forgetting Adrian I have wronged you on all forget it again.

That's not forgiveness. As a matter fact he can't forget it and you can forget in the true sense of the word until it is forgiven and forgetting is never the means of forgiveness is the result of forgiveness.

Now God remembers our trespasses against us no more. Only because they have been given and incidentally if you are going to an individual asking that individual to forgive you. Make certain that it is forgiveness that you get many times we are too proud to ask for forgiveness and so we go and save you know if I'm wrong. If I did you wrong. I'm sorry. When the first place is not a confession. If I did, if you know you did say you did and then they say, on the other hand, well, don't worry about it. Forget it will throw neurons in the way you came to that brother and he's also the way he dealt with you, you come to him and say I was wrong I did you wrong, will you forgive me and is no more about no site. I am worried about it. I am concerned you look at me and tell me that you forgive me make certain that it is forgiveness that you get not merely a glossing over when you forgive freely, not after that individual has paid his price since about the forgive them when you forgive slowly and don't just say that matter, but accept an apology rather than forgiveness burdening when you forgive forgive. Finally, that is what you forgive is buried in the grave of God's forgetfulness, never to be brought up again God. When God forgives God for dance now doesn't mean that God forgets intellectually. God can never learn anything or forget anything in that realm.

He knows everything and he always knows everything. If he ever forgot in the sense that he could remember when he would've changed. He cannot change.

He would no longer be omniscient when the Bible says God forgets our sins.

What is it mean it means as he says in the Bible he remembers them against us normal. He remembers them against us normal doesn't mean that intellectually. He cannot remember. He just has no right say he does not remember that in the sense of remember it against us holding any hostility and somebody has done you wrong and you're safe when I forgive. I forget, does that mean that your mind goes blank on the it just means that you remembered against them no more and it cost to forgive freely it costs to forgive fully, it cost to forgive. Finally, that's probably the biggest test is whether or not you truly did forgive is whether or not you keep bringing it up again. I may have told you about the businessman who had everything filed in his office. He was meticulous for keeping records of everything, his secretary came. Dennis said, so we need to clean out these files. These files are so low we've got to get this stuff out of our files. There's a lot of stuff in here. We need to take out and shred. How about letting us clean files when I said I guess you're right.

Got all the stuff we can just keep saving it all right, go through it.

Clean out the files. Shred and burn but he said before you do make a copy of everything is where we do we say what we going to clean the files mentally, but somehow we do not truly forget in the sense that God wants us to forget. Now, when God forgives me. First of all God do something for me. He forgives me and then he does something through me.

He teaches me to forgive others and that calls it cost Jesus when God forgave you. You think God just forgave you. You think God was just acting magnanimous and got so that's all right go to Calvary and see if you think God was just acting magnanimous. See, the Lord Jesus, and writhing in agony and blood blessed Redeemer precious writing seems now I see him on Calvary's tree wounded and bleeding percent is pleading.

It cost Jesus, but he paid the price and why did he pay the price. The Bible said for the joy that was set before him.

He said it's worth, it is worth it. I will shed my blood for the joy of seeing Adrian Rogers saying it's all good joy that was set before.

Forgive this costs, but it is worth the price is all right, pastor, that was Jesus. I don't have what it takes. If you knew the man who raped my daughter if you knew the way my husband has squandered everything that we have and is now running around with another woman. If you do what my boss did to me. You stand there and say forgive forgive. I can't do it in your right.

You really can't, but you really can let me show you how will the Philippians chapter 2 just turn to look at me in verse 12. Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, and that's what we need is obedience, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and cream, it doesn't say work for your salvation. You cannot work for your salvation.

Salvation is the gift of God. I cannot work my soul to save that work. My Lord has done but I will work like any slave for the love of God's dear son, work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Wow, how do I do it. Look in verse 13 for it is God which worketh in you to do while both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

So don't say you can know so you can is a job that does two things in you number one God gives you the desire and number two God gives you the dynamic is God that works in you.

First of all to will and then to do when you say when a somebody and you say God I cannot forgive them.

My sense of justice, cries out for an God is just. Also, vengeance is mine, I will replace it. The Lord God job will limit you will begin with God and don't take that which is God's, and begin to work after salvation and say, God, help me to love and love that person through me and God's love will begin to flow. And that love is supernatural as God works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure be able to finish this proverb. The air is human to forgive is divine. That's exactly the air is human to forgive is divine where to forget one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven us. Corrie 10 boom beautiful Dutch girl World War II. Her family hit some Jews and Holland hid the Jews from the Nazis. Finally, the 10 boom family was arrested, Corrie and his sister were carried away to a concentration camp. They were brutalized by the Nazi prison guards at ravens Brook. They were treated all kinds of indignities. One of the indignities was so often they were stripped down naked young girls put in the showers to be the last.

The German guards would stand there and make obscene remarks and lyric them in, as it were to rate them with their eyes, absolutely, totally humiliated all modestly gone. Later Corrie 10 boom survived. Her sister died, but she survived.

She became a rated Christian was lecturing on forgiveness and at the close of that service-based person came forward with a smile on his face as she looked at him and it was a face that had been chiseled into her memory. A face that had been indelibly stamped upon her soul. It was the face of the most cruel and wicked and obscene of those guards and he was now a Christian meeting and he came up to her with a smile on his face and he said Cory I want you to forgive me and put out his hand. She said I progress.

She said it shall went over me and when I saw that man that I knew to be the very marrow. I believe she said I have the power to forgive him and I did not want to forgive him and she said I breathed a prayer and said all help me forget.

She said, is an act of obedience. I put out my hand and when his hand touched mine liquid love began to flow through me and I found out that God's grace was sufficient time for gay do that. Was that chlorine all know it was God working in her ball. Stillwell entered into his good pleasure. Well, it brings up real question is asked Rogers that prison guard evidently had repented of his sin to give his heart to Christ.

What about those who continue to sin against us. What about people who are still living in sin. Are we just to forgive them while they're stabbing us.

Are we to be forgiving them while they're kicking us. Are we to be forgiving them while they are stealing from us a way to be forgiving them. No, no, what is forgiveness. You see that there are times when people refuse forgiveness.

In order for there to be forgiveness there must be repentance. God does not forgive you without repentance, neither can you forgive someone else without repentance, colossal thinking here, so let me just give you verse of Scripture like a bricklayer. Luke 17 verses three and four, Jesus said, and he's talking to me is talking to you, take heed to your selves. If I brother trespass against the great Buchanan I Ward review Guzman's copayment means telling you done wrong and he repented forgiving BC it and if he repent, forgiving, verse four and if he trespass against the seven times in a day and seven times in a day turn again, saying, I repent, thou shalt forgive him that it's very important that you understand that repentance is necessary for forgiveness. God does not forgive, unless you repent, you cannot forgive unless another repentance. So what if they refuse repentance what they see no need for forgiveness.

What you do you do exactly the same thing that God is the you forgive them in your heart you store up forgiveness for them. When Jesus Christ died on the cross he died for every man, those who would repent and those who would not end Christ died for all, and he is the propitiation for our sins and not for ours only but for the sins of the whole and on Calvary, potentially, was that forgiveness in the heart of God is that forgiveness is already there and so for the brother who will not repent, the sister who sees no need of forgiveness stealing your heart.

It must be.

They stored already there for them to receive.

You cannot forgive them without their repentance which will forgiveness is already given all they need to do is receive is that what I'm saying. You must make very certain that you have this forgiveness in your heart quickly now and I'm finished. I've talked to you about the compelling reasons and the costly requirements. One of the certain results when you forget what they will be three I'll only mention. First of all, there will be release friend you will set a prisoner free and find out that prisoners you there will be a release you will unhook yourself from the past and God will free you and no longer will you bear the burden of an unforgiving spirit of this corrosive acid that is destroying your soul.

There will be release and if he will receive that forgiveness there be reconciliation. The brothers a precious thing. And then there will be and I thank God for this. There will be revival revival is matching what revival is revival is not just getting the rueful getting right with God.

Revival is getting the walls down. Did write one another. My friend is revival. Forgive us get the rueful as we forgive one another get the walls now and when we begin to do that there will be release there be reconciliation. There will be revival. It all begins with your getting say you know the Lord Jesus Lord God, I pray that many in this building today will come to Jesus in the same his wonderful name on do you know the Lord Jesus today not, do you know about him, but do you know him as Savior and Lord. If you're ready to surrender right now and give him your life and receive the freedom that only he can offer something like this from your heart of God in heaven, you are holy and I am not and that is why you sent Jesus to die on the cross in my place. I believe that he did that and then he rose again to new life so that I might be a new creation in him, so I receive your forgiveness right now. Come into my life change me from the inside out. I claim you now as my Savior and my Lord, in Jesus name.

If you just trusted in Jesus we want to celebrate with you and offer you some resources to get you started on your Christian walk, go to our website and check out the Discover Jesus page you'll find answers, you may need about your faith as well as a response section. Share what's happened in your life today go to and click the tab that says Discover Jesus welcome to the family of God. We can't wait to hear from you nephew like a complete copy of today's message on a single CD: 1877 love God, to order the freedom of forgiveness. This message is also part of the powerful series. The school of prayer for the complete collection. All five insightful messages: number 1877 love God or go online to or write us at love worth finding box 38, 600 Memphis, TN 38183 thanks for joining us for our program today. Perhaps God is light something on your heart. Maybe someone to forgive may seem tough right now but remember the reasons the costs and the results do whatever be sure to join us next time or more real truth never changes on love, Melissa wrote an uplifting word I have to share with you today. She said I thank God for Dr. Rogers in this ministry. It amazes me how many people around the world are being saved by his messages, even after he's gone. God is so amazing indeed he is. We are honored to share these timeless messages with you each day and were only able to do that is God brings along hateful supporters will generously pray this month as a thank you for your support. Would love to send you our journey of faith public collection.

Each journey has a beginning.

Once you start you need to be prepared to supplement your faith journey with these popular studies from Adrian Rogers such as the Holy Spirit in your best friend and blessed assurance and no soap salvation, request the bundle when you call the gift right now at 1877 love God or give online it

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