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July 16, 2020 6:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 16, 2020 6:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What's your opinion of where Israel fits int the end times---2- Matt talks about the error of social justice in place of the gospel.--3- Were other people created before Adam and Eve---4- Are there different kinds of slavery and which was discussed in the Bible---5- Should the church have a reputation for praying for the nations- Is Isaiah 56-7 a good verse for that---6- Can you explain the image of the antichrist in Revelation---7- What is meant by -burning coals- in Proverbs 25-21-22- Is it a blessing or judgment for our enemies---8- What is Deuteronomy 28-68 referring to- Does it have anything to do with the Black Hebrew Israelites-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why you have questions about why is 770-7276 like tents 2020.

Would you want to give me a call at five open lines all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and as usual the last four numbers also spell longer dial C that's short for the Christian apologetics and research ministry. You can also watch the show. Not ideal, but we have people watching is a chat room and people interact in the process of that. So if you want to check that out only to reduce public website CRM.O RG and check out their son to go to sit here and scammer on lights on it which is nice little of fellowship group that we have going to show up every day we have up to think between 100 hundred 50 viewers at a time and join us.

Also we have three online schools. If you're interested in checking them out. All you do is go to the right hand side of the page you will find the online schools. One of apologetics, one on theology and want critical thinking and we do charge for them. We use of the people on the lights and pay the staff missionaries and things like that you want you can go check them out and help us out.

They'll be great. Also get some a lot of knowledge a lot of stuff there, but if you can't afford them just emails and I just tells you can form the will is good you prefer. Okay so in it to make money wanted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But as it works the Internet missionaries ready to be able to all right and also along those lines. We have if you want to help us out financially. Can donate button right of the page will check that out for five or $10 a month monthly donations gazettes beings we can then set a budget and also Carn wish list on the right-hand side of any patients of the items are little on the expensive side but they're all there for the purpose of furthering the gospel all right before open lines and you and you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 the line with Michael from Utah I Michael, welcome. They met want to develop your income on. She's written like the harbinger paradigm Oracle now. I haven't heard the name Seminole scallop a while back and asked about it. I just haven't done the research on to build a tell you good or not. I don't know. I wish I didn't like so will really make time make like what I get complaining? Did you your physician is real good. Going forward, not what they call it replacement theology. First, when a person or place a big guy and that Israel is not supposed to cover mentally and so with the Gentiles are grafted anywhere doing what Israel was supposed to watch this is Romans 1125 2640 not want you brethren to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise estimation of partial hardening has happened to Israel until fall. The Gentiles has come in so all Israel be saved as it is written so God is not done with Israel. So we've temporarily replaced Israel, but not ultimately so my visa limit modified contributions is not doing his job.

They rejected the Messiah nationally and the so we Gentiles are grafted but God is not there's plenty more to come. So I would is a big white make like it. The harbinger equipoise from the inauguration.

George Washington got I'm just hurt my butt that we want the propitious mild head. Follow what God you got no order you like the covenantal thing that America was established on First Continental Congress based the creed in the little chapel that church great neck New York lived across from Howard actually have been there. Yeah the meeting all the parallel gun. It's like you can't make up the larger the giver by each book built on the back, but it will be there when you really think it's worth your time. I just haven't such a pivotal shirt with yell I'm organizing right now but you will thanks appreciate that but go but you know appreciate your thank you God bless. All right, I was Michael from Utah if you want give me a call.

Wide open lines. Nobody waiting. That's five open lines could be calling 772072276 so I gotta go find the guys enter or bad, but to say that you, I'm so busy right now I'm working 50 secure weeks just getting the new site ready. We have five 6000 articles to port over a got thousands of links to update. Besides that, in addition to that cyst on doing the matter fact I just just finished a major section of what I do and I sorted an article on black lives matter and I'm doing right.

Listen article on it because people are calling about and are good and bad in it does talk about stuff that's going on and stuff dilutive research and begin the souk and the feedback you get from it because this could be interesting. I believe in the righteousness of Christ, the righteousness of and that we need to do what God wants us to do and when we face injustice were the first thing we do is get our knees and pray pray for those who are persecuting. This is what the Scriptures teach and then we are to petition to do what we can to transform the lives of people don't think about this. Why is it that Jesus did not come to to Israel and in the Roman Empire just get rid of slavery do that he was in Israel, not Rome, but in Israel. There was indentured servitude, and, if anything, he and the apostles taught.

Do your job well. They had a lot of rights. Indentured servitude wasn't chattel slavery the United States from the 1800s. It wasn't the case. But Jesus didn't come to cause a social upheaval and push social justice. That's not what he came to do when he came to do with the Christians are supposed to do is preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ that he died on the cross from the dead, and that the only way to be made right before God to be cleansed of our sins is by faith and trust in what Jesus himself is God in flesh. The cross rose from the dead.

We can only receive what he has done, by faith, not by faith and baptism, not by faith and going to church by faith in whatever by faith alone, what Christ has done.

This is what changes people.

People changed society's chain.

This is how it's supposed to be what is happening now is a societal movement pushing from the outside in.

They want to force from the outside externals. This is usually oppressive for this kind of thing happens it happens in both ways with the whites on the Blacks in the early part of the century was following this was visible but saw it happens in reverse as well because your blackest meaning can be racist just because you're white doesn't mean you are racist. The issue is here that there are a lot of problems in this world and the solution is Jesus Christ want to have our hearts changed because our hearts are what govern the hands and words and if our hearts are right before God to treat each other properly treat each other with respect because all of us who we are made in the image of God. As I've said many times on the radio.

I do not believe in three races. The caucus avoid the mongoloid and the Negroid. I do not believe in three races live in one race, the human race were of different sizes were different genders were different colors and we were different temperaments and were all on the one race because we all have the same age. Parents, Adam and Eve and because of this, because are made in God's image. Genesis 126 were to treat each other with respect doesn't mean that there's not can be sin in the world and bad people who do bad things, but you see it's not just an atheistic kind of demanding thing where you impose upon others. What you want this. It's wrong all the way around the slavery of the 1800s can be transformed into a new kind of slavery. That is oppressive in its own right where it makes demands and enforces its will upon others at the cost of the health and safety of others. We have to be careful because there's some something in the Bible that a motor minded out myself about this assist therefore you have no excuse, everyone who passes judgment, for you, for in that you judge another you condemn yourself for you who judge practice the same thing now is a general principle.

There is a lot of us who condemn others are asked are we guilty of what we accuse others of doing, are we so blind by our anger by our resentments by our judgments, their self-righteousness that we cannot see the self-righteousness and bigotry within our own hearts and so we then oppress others.

It happens across all kinds of peoples and all kinds of nations and all kinds of situations. Again, the solution is found in Jesus Christ God in flesh who bore our sin, racism, our sins are bigotry's judgments, he bore them on the cross he died with them. What we need to do is lay hold to what Christ is done we need to cling to that cross and seek cleansing blood of Christ upon our souls through generative work of the Holy Spirit within us so that we will love our neighbor, which is what the Bible says to do Jesus as the second greatest commandment in Matthew 2239 this is what we call to do in the gospel needs to be preached, as our country. While this essay degrades as it is degrading because is taken God out of schools God out of our culture and it's shoved in place of God. The relativistic atheistic type morality that's based on subjectivism and desires and wants resentment and hatred and bigotry and this will not Jesus Christ affect average messages right why call 7707 we have three open lines of you want to join 877-207-2276 Lusk, Kurt from Charlotte North Carolina current welcome here on out radio what you question say basically and there were other being on earth other than Adam and Eve, creating referred to near air China referred to Janet 2028 that Eric what I Bay Area my God blessed them, I got that down, be fruitful and multiply their do it and Dan went on to say that you know and to planning Adam BMA from the dead.

It happened that there were people made for that, that's not right. It's me right is so it says in Genesis 227 God created man in his own image in the image of God he created him male and female he created them.

God blessed them and said he full fruitful and multiply. That's who the them is adamantly that's it.

Adam is the first man and so the people who say that there were other people before and stuff.

Don't know what they're talking about is not true. Okay says no enforcement is 1547 the first man is from the earth, earth to the second man is from heaven. The first met man is referring to Adam. This had a friend, 45, the first man Adam became a living soul is called the first man okay okay close what I like it wanted your introduction alighted to explaining really know how he was made and even made cows right okay bother you on the problem I like about okay that was Kurtz from Charlotte, North Carolina, and the phones with Erica from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome your there.

Yes hi you're on the finding me between the intake.

There and slavery there different kinds of slavery and on, written are several articles 15 articles on what slavery is the different kinds of slavery that are there, but the indentured servitude is back in that culture. For example, let's say that of a certain person owed a lot of money to another person, for whatever reason he couldn't pay it back so he would do is, he can voluntarily going to is called indentured save servitude is something to put it into denture servitude was forced upon them, and it would be you know you work three years in the household, taking care of the house, sweeping, cleaning, etc. and that's how you work off your debt. And so that that's indentured and so it happened a great deal in the past of 500 years, a great deal so and a lot of that save servitude is not white or black or brown or anything.

It's just that was none in libraries is still done so. Chattel slavery and the slave is himself the person is actually property that can be bought and sold but indentured servitude. That's not the case right okay so I thank you.

You will dollars mortgage on the doctor adjusted to so there's some slaves work became slaves because they became prisoners of war.

That was a forced kind of indentured servitude and were different kinds of sets of slaves in the Hebrew context. In the Old Testament servant under contract to serve for six years and another one who sold himself into servitude. There were female servants, generic servants and mail servants you become a slave by being born into someone's house be bought with money. The thing is people so if bought with money to me to find the person and no it's not your buying the work that they can do if your bot if an object is bought with money. Let's say you know cloak and and a person steals it and another person finds that cloak. He's to return it to the owner because you return property to the owner. But slaves who were mistreated and would leave were not to be returned if they were property. They would've had to been returned but they were not property and this demonstrates is not chattel slavery, so there were different levels of periods of time that Hebrews could be slaves six years and out. One was you free to go to call the year of Jubilee and in Exodus 21. The Bible restricted the Masters power over the slave.

He could decide to go to war could inherit property could be in control of entire households and he was often a member of the Masters household slaves required to rest on the Sabbath in his treatment was not to be with severity he was going to sit required to rest the Sabbath is also required to participate in religious observances and if a like a set up a slave sought asylum. Then he was, not to be extradited.

The reason we use were slaves because we don't have English words that correspond to the different words in Hebrew for slavery just doesn't exist. There different words over the is one among us another and that is another and our shift, so these are different words that have different senses and meanings it with the idea of slavery was of the Bible. So unfortunately what happened in the 17, 1900 some people who did not study the word of God would use the word of God to their own destruction. Ultimately, by saying that slavery was a God ordained right of white people is ridiculous logical don't know incident and 300,000 white people. What were slaves in America during the same time the Blacks were slaves letting them know that is never brought up, but it did happen and a lot of whites were enslaved in Europe and in the Middle East and I think it's okay. Therefore, it's okay here they're not assignees of the facts and so a lot of people just don't understand that the Bible does not promote chattel slavery. It speaks against it, but the kinds of slavery that brought it use of the word, the kinds that existed in the Old Testament were different than what chattel slavery was when the people work through from their homes in Africa and tortuously brought over here under horrible conditions, terrifying and abuse mass Y call 770777 Dave welcome around here. Matt talk with Nick, and I think you are talking about the birth here earlier this week it out of Isaiah 7. There the earth, but the house of prayer.

Probably again in Matthew and I appreciate what you're sharing on that my additional got a question it is. Could that be used as an encouragement or may be there for an argument that the church should have a reputation for praying for nations because I don't know too many churches that have that reputation will be known for reputation for praying for nations, a reputation if you a reputation like it that my house will be called a house of prayer from make you and your saying that we should refute that understanding.

No no no not pulling I'm asking I'm asking and I don't want to take prophetic context of the so I'm asking.

I'm not arguing about. I'm wondering if the student the church be known for praying for other people grabbing other nations with my question. Of course it should be centered that that verse BA installment of that, you know, it never prayed for the world of be like here were the kind of a neat way to encourage a church to pray for the world to me what it what you thought about that. While I think it's in verse 56 756 70 go to six and I think the wrong member. That's right so yeah I don't notice I the Christians are supposed to be praying for others. We intercede before God on behalf of others so that we can hopefully have people be the same. We praying for different countries and political leaders such my wife and we pray nightly I we pray for our leaders.

We pray for government to pray for friends, family, health in all children.

We have a prayer time and am always pray for all the nations and stuff like that but the way we want. The idea of the gospel being preached and going out know if Jesus is to make disciples of all nations and Matthew 28, 18 to 20. Willden requires that we praying for all the nations so that I can see that the great commission is the foundation for praying for, and reaching out to other nations effect on a friend of mine Randy Reames is over the here at the house. He's a local pastor and he night. About five years ago I went to the Philippines and others with admission work that he just got back last year. Earlier this year you tell me that it was a 70 something-year-old guy wanted him to walk to the church of their planting another church. Okay farmers in today's walk just one way to get there and waited while she said that this whole bladder walking to school know, yeah, uphill both ways. So yeah I'm up about and I just walked to school. This no-no's North Dakota stuff. But the thing is we are to do that. We are appreciative nations and send missionaries out to other nations work to support missionary efforts go to the jungles. People go to the other nations and states and we should support also Internet missionaries. That's what I am on Internet missionary reach out via the Internet.

Yeah, I've called myself that for years Internet missionary so you know it when people support missionaries of different kinds in their churches often have missionaries in support ministries and things like that with her doing is actually helping to further the kingdom of God and these kind of things.

None of this is really what he wanted to what we want to because we love others, but it stores up treasures in heaven, and eventually when they played anybody but you know what the thing is, God does want us to use what we have for his glory and he remembers and so it's not you have a nice cart.

Now it's not what you doing with the assets that God gave you are using it to further the kingdom of God. This is what he wants choices to make disciples of all nations. The average Christian should have as the center of his heart, the supremacy and Lordship of Jesus Christ and in and from should flow the issues of wanting to love God and love our neighbor in order to love our neighbor. It makes a support missionaries among other things to help people and I thought I'd lose this verse, Matt yeah I didn't mean I'd like you that verse to encourage pastors to pray for the world in the church service and I didn't want to be plugging the birth along context that it not you like the synagogue only back in that day that I just would hope that the church now would have a reputation like be known for praying the world. It's kind of like a gateway drug. If you learn how to pray for the world that Churchill may be be a more mission minded mobilizer in your real life. You agree you know what is the verse six and Isaiah 36. Seven. The help may also be called a house of prayer for all nations.

Jesus called to this is my house shall be called a house of prayer is a safer only shelter interesting. I've never noted that different, but he does like ladies 18 go to the cross-references in Mark 1117 he does but in Matthew 2113. He doesn't let's look at Luke 1946 it doesn't include their but interesting, that one out of three batting average. Yes, this regulating energy. I guess bundled sports and ice on the list baseball but I noted the batting averages and ulcers as I don't love 333 would be great debate about holiday this holiday on okay are you serious. I like how you could. I don't want to. I call you a question.

I don't want to gotta contact me about Michael. Maybe I'm going about it.

I want to encourage pastors to include world prayer and service the world have a Bible I great commission commission okay yeah because these passages talk about specifically speaking about Jesus being in the temple in Jerusalem. This was talking as I would just go to the great commission were required to make disciples of all nations. Can we do that without pray his request for pray for you. This first kind of edit antidote, but maybe not debate by going by the way that that but like maybe don't hang your hat on while he said it, I would hang my hat on my 47 condo Grammy Isaiah credit I'm famous yes but I'm suggesting that the better verse would be 20 18th through 20 make disciples of all nations. That's what I would because his eyes are clear how to do that without pray for them. Okay yeah okay all right that's clear and simple. Thank you ma'am that I prevented him I care thank you to God bless all rights we have two open lines 877-207-2276 Simone from North Carolina. Welcome you are on the here I are you there I yes I am? Turn your radio down in the radio the computer down the background because again the feedback is okay.

I really got my lawn though you mean people will order email and make you like it at that puppy Thorstein Barth that Florida State is I didn't understand everything you said worship and I bet the right knee people the life yes yes that R state while mileage it means to worship to to bow down before an image is, is the equivalent of bowing down before things represents. That's the idea itself. Also, the idea of bowing for an image is bad because people have a tendency to look at the image form image in her mind as something that they bring to seeking the Bible forbids making an image of the Lord your God, or things in heaven and earth and you bow down before them. This is why so when the antichrist has an image put in the holy of holies the holy place, then report to bow down before the image he's actually working against everything that the Bible teaches.

Okay, so my you welcome so much for goblins by okay there's a break felt like that have his messages.

Please stay tuned and we have the 77 mass Y call 77077 kit from Arizona can't welcome your honor question.

I called your office earlier this week and you answered it on the air.

When I call you so that you do that earlier this week and I have a different question now. I've been to churches where were they failure supposed to pray for your your political leaders, and I got up when they did like the political leaders when they prayed they were screaming and yelling and crying those evil people would or that they would tell and what are my enemies.

I'm actually praying that they would have good health and finances. The all of that. Like I want for myself and now I'm getting the question Proverbs 25, 22, starting at 21 so that your enemy is hungry, either. They give them water to drink and doing this you will heap burning coals on his bed, and the Lord will reward you. And of course Jesus also part of this.

In the New Testament concerned about those burning coal. These good things for them to bring judgment on are we doing it reflecting on the cultural context was that you had houses next to each other but maybe not within 20 feet might be look for part because of an agrarian society for the most part in Israel and fire was a very important commodity, and so they would didn't have lighters and kerosene, so making fire was something that people fairly skilled at, but not always.

You might have a period of cold and starting a fire be very difficult. So what would you do if your fire went out in your home and you had trouble starting at because it was cold enough the middle night the fires out in the morning you get up you go to your neighbor and you say, could you give me some coals you'd wrap the coals up in a protective thing and you'd put on your head and the women were the ones who carry things on their heads. It just how they did that in the culture lot a balance in their heads so they would take this coals back to their home and start a fire with them. So was a form of blessing and assistance and help not judgment. So I made our bring good thing that I want but I thought Miami-Dade and sometimes dirt only.well, you know, for me from easy. The enemies are are those who are against the Lord Jesus Christ. So it might appraise.

Pray that they are granted repentance by God and granted faith that they come to a saving relationship with Christ.

That's what I pray for them.

Now there are imprecatory prayers as well. Imprecatory prayer is a prayer what you say basically God get them get what he deserves, and recorded in the Bible you look up on the net imprecatory prayers in the Bible. But the thing is that were supposed to do is pray for people who persecute us and to pray for those who were in office.

And you know how to tell you I don't pray enough. For the people. I believe in the horny office work antichrist but here again start our Constitution and our socialists and want to destroy your country rebuild into a socialist utopia which means the become of Venezuela in 10 years and pray for them and even NT 5 and the people full of hate who want to destroy the pray for them because as much as I would like to see them get what's coming to them. On the other hand, I don't like don't want to see them go to hell and that's when it really is hell is so bad, without hope, forever. I don't want to go there.

It's just that bad. So we need to be praying for people did give the gospel message and so everybody racist or not racist saved you to hear the gospel to for different reasons, but the on the same and the leftist wackos and the right wing wackos. The only to hear that same gospel message. The transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This will be doing is what meets pray for enemies. Okay you know my family. I pray for is can't I note you may also further good health but the same thing myself hypocritical to me that I pray for those things for my family and that their family and I think that's what you think it would be kind of precursors on them. If the Bible doesn't already have. I understand about the character I were to get that infective order whatever is perfect and I know how to pronounce that word.

There are curses. I know there are curses in the Bible on particular people and I get that. And the Bible is free to have those yet when I pray for my enemy think I'm praying that they prosper not prosper in their but prosper. The way I want to prosper and obviously I want to prosper and you will and so I guess you think the time I do understand it yet and sometimes the right way to pray for somebody is for us to sound odd to see the right word but is for their destruction and killing.

But if you're praying for somebody and they have such great wealth that in the same having wealth is bad literacy for some people and their wealth is what stops them from coming to Christ because they their arrogant what to say will if you do pray Lord do what's necessary, remove the barriers from them in life gets tough for them because of this it is God working in. We have family members. My wife and I pray for you quite well-off. But they don't know the Lord and one of the mocks Christ a lot and we pray for their salvation as we do when I wonder why I'm not a millionaire I realized about the millionaire there's no way a Christian.

Maybe I just beat you everything that I don't need God thought maybe I get it. I some people need to be brought to their well actually all of us need to be brought to our new people were ever connect that you were not think we need help if we think we got a I know that I get that that's the case anyway, thank you for answering your question and that's what God bless you and I am praying for your wife be completely healed. She's getting better and she's able to do things on her own now including throwing fire frying pans at me and the first being the frozen dinners at me so ill, so that's just improved want to track every other very identified length of she's nice now. We had a great conversation, good woman, except for taste in men letter that she's pretty good absolutely – okay Douglas. Okay there was kid from Arizona looks good on the phone with Andre from Savannah, Georgia Andre, welcome you are on the air. I do a Mac nearly as I can in their M this month like this so voluntarily going to seminary could just seminary with 10 Midwest about their okay will for the miserly going out there pretty soon and should level off a few member of Aaron is what financially is blonde haired guy's lucky mind. What a mess… I left out there that they will have a baby you brittle. The light on but you know anything about little to do with it before they bait the thought that they do believe that they are that the defendant of the quotes of Israel and they use Deuteronomy 28 think the a quite often when defending set… And I guess I feel a bit of background on Deuteronomy 28 what it actually is that I believe that Deuteronomy 28 is not prosthetic but they believe it to be authentic and unique that check from idleness I think is prophetic but is just dealing with Israel is not dealing with Black Hebrew Israelites. Later on, it says Egypt is the site Egypt is America. It says Egypt. So with the BHI are going to do is reinterpret the achievers out of this to make their theology fit into it so you know you talk to me, say, will it says Egypt well yes that's America is a showing that I want to say that is it because of your prejudices your presuppositions about the text shall be from the text. That's what it says.

From the context it doesn't work. But a lot of people don't know this, that Josephus, who was alive in the first century, he wrote that this was accomplished under the Emperor Titus that is so you remember there was a persecution going on upon the Jews, particularly in 70 A.D. and afterwards a lot of the Jews scattered and so a lot of them are shipped back and thought to be slaves and things like so all you have to stew some some history down his restudy so yeah it's either the BHI and in Lotta cults when you're talking to them in the quarter versus just listen for diversity within the context it's quite loud usually, but you gotta try your listen to what I'll do is, though some of you know, the Bible prophesies a black to be enslaved and taken to America or Europe, whatever necessary to show me that in Scripture it's not me I'm just show me Scripture and I'll take the title 28, 60 Deuteronomy in all sake will says Egypt and by Enos of the Lord will bring you back in ships. By the way, about which I spoke to you will never see it again and there you will offer yourselves for sale or limit offer yourselves for sale is of that has to do with the Blacks in Egypt really offer themselves for sale. No doubt our enemies, and he says, but there will be no buyer right now so it doesn't fit her height.

I about that up on the about that terrible time with the you know if you have no buyer looked at the friend of Bennett's plate very little about the library that the heart of that unit you use that phraseology other terminology rather, we will slog out of that fit you how you make that for you theology and thought they can't get I get cricket. They really have an explanation for that but I cannot find you may be get them the historical background of the lightweight youth that Josephus said that he is on the Emperor who Titus. Titus in the Bible, but a different Titus. Okay right under and do you know what round about what era that is what I would do try this time delicious go to the web type in Josephus Titus and 2026 or 68 and see what you find the document all right hey folks, we are out of time.

The Lord bless you and I

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