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July 2, 2020 3:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 2, 2020 3:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there such a thing as being too aggressive in witnessing---2- Is it ok for a believer to smoke---3- Why was Satan in the garden of Eden to begin with- And how can Adam and Eve be blamed---4- How did Adam and Eve's children marry their own siblings---5- Will there be covenants in heaven---6- Can you explain 2 Thessalonians 2-7- Does the Holy Spirit leave---7- Who is being referred to in Romans 1-16-18---8- How do the black Hebrew Israelites claim to be the true Jews- Where do they get that idea---9- A LDS caller wanted to continue a conversation regarding Romans 9 and free will.

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded that's like show mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine.

Why would a radio name ruling could run name. All right, so today is June 24, 2020 for the podcast church. If you guys are role interested in calling it we have two open lines 87720722765 that we should just jump right in to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome you on here I'm busy but I'm always okay how are you now I you care maybe let all pee and maybe a little encouragement I happened a little bit. I think my brother together and everything where you know you a lot.

You need not live in the, and are you so that life. I like that opportunity Though now you like about politics. Even sitting across the table and started going into about how Constantine was the one that made the is not yet, so I would like where did you get that. So on trying to remember where he got it or whatever is right me. I get my head and try to like I logic be an goat more toward the content so I point blank that you think you're a good person, he would not answer. He will ramble on and on for a while about things that were just crazy like I die, but I believe you know I would be like trying to describe the color red to a blind person you went on about you and not about who created like like I'm not not like, think again. And so That I never you are what something you know God all over the place. I was trying to get the ring back and I finally got our now stop and say that yes he does think I started asking what you believe in heaven and hell and I was a whole lot of what you have a question that question I well after about that time so I find that I was a little too aggressive horrors like hearing them with the law and I went you know I had you ever know the Lord.

They, and finally stop talking. You know that I was really somewhere which are clutching which questions my quick.

My question is does that sound like I'm too hard.

You thought maybe I will Angel to take a look at. I don't know because it wasn't there. So this thing is you should preach the law of brother sister relationship and that's always adds a little bit of stuff to the conversation so you're just trying to start from dominating and you know you husband right or wrong, made a comment I'd hear it and listen to them and ask God to think I was soon he says speak your hearts, and always learn from any situation in your and witnessing those the perfect over time, but the idea is to ask the questions you do the folks in the law so it's better that you do it and make mistakes.

The not so you don't okay wonderful later be allowed to allow for you. You were witnessing. Okay like I said perfectly and I think once there was just one instance of this in my entire life and remember what I thought actually did really well, just once, and so will go will even know for sure this thing is you.

You do your best and you learn as you go through these experiences asked questions are self and you try and prove so don't worry about everything just continued to witnessing you praying. Yes, God to use you the next time. And if you say could be more patient to be more patient a little softer than the little softer. If you think it to be stronger than the strong US God and pray through it to just do your best to do. I mean right I don't want you now. I don't want to not work will it's it's better that the situation with normally speaking is better than all right. You're welcome. Later, all right, let's get to Charlie from North Carolina, Charlie. What's up again believer smoke will this considered an interesting area of discussion you not made to be a Christian and not a Christian but we smoke about what you eat or what you drink, your Christian because you trust in the Lord God and the Bible says in first Timothy was to be first 20 through 16 you are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in you. So because we have been given bodies to live and we want to glorify God and what it is we do therefore it makes sense to eat better and exercise more and do those things that are conducive to helping you stay alive longer to serve God longer smoking does not help and the it also. Speaking of this I would vegetarian months ago and one of the reasons for several reasons but one of them was seriously to be able to serve God longer because this is better for you and so it's a motivation to do that and it doesn't mean it's easy.

Just like if someone is smoker to want to quit is not easy to some in Europe that Christian is me to go to keep working on. Generally speaking, we want do is take care of our bodies. Smoking is one thing, eating too much candy is another eating too much food getting overweight and I understand so you will have metabolism issues and there's all kinds of issues. If we can hopefully control at least some of it with the attempt to try to curb ourselves we can do more for the Lord then that's a good reason not's and with context smoking will do that and that the Bible doesn't say smoking is a sin, but I've had friends who smoke Christians and saying things between them and God. So if you think it's a sin, then it is a sin to you, one who thinks it's wrong and does it is actually committing sin is condemning himself. If you don't think this is a sin when nothing the Scripture says it is, then why would I would consider is what your reason for doing that and do you want to give it up and's hard sometimes hard so my dad was a smoker and he gave it up when he was just four turn 30 and was interesting is in his 60s he would saw cardiologist this woman cardiologist looked at his heart would read out whatever wasn't said to be a smoker and he said yes and you said you quit about the age 28, didn't you. It's like staring at the subject, get on your heart is a good thing you quit when you did because the damage was was repairable, and the fact that it damages your heart. It damages your lungs. Why participate in something that is going to hurt you. It's just a question you ask and pray through it and move forward okay right goblins who could be going home.

Oh boy, just like you will hear it was a good yawn and attributing the awning right now. Good DP on private thinking probably just beyond it with three open lines 877-207-2276 look at the Timothy from Virginia Timothy welcoming on their not the doctrine of open and I'm wondering about Christian why when the crew landed about 75 when Gregory W if there man wandered around the garden of all creation is land anatomy human element alcoholic element in the garden of Eden. How can you blame that on that already, following at the fee within this universe… I barely got you was discussing this with last night. Stuff though I've not so you left. I took a walk on the block and walked 7 miles was talking to people's questions on a headset. Everything so the Bible is not that I would like it was interesting.

We had a lot of conversations a lot of people so the a lot of ways of tackling this, trying to answer question. Best I can. Why was the serpent allowed to be in the garden. We can only say that God simply permitted it. I can't speak for God, and say all I can tell you exactly reason here is we can offer series 1 is that God desired to allow them to be tempted so that they would fall so the Messiah could come so he could deliver people that might be part of it might be part of it that since God alone is holy and sentient beings were created don't have that quality of holiness than their capable of sending and one of the theories I have.

Me personally I believe that all sentient beings will end up sending against God unless they intervene only seven mass Y77077 back to the show, Timothy. Are you still there alright so as I was saying.

First of all, God doesn't explain why he allowed it, we can theorize and just reiterating perhaps to allow the freedom of people to be able to act in his image, which is so having free will and so that was part and parcel to the two why Satan was allowed to fall, and Satan was allowed to enter the garden. I mean, you'd think God didn't want to fall, he would stop signal getting in there and there and deceiving the why did God allow that Molly doesn't tell us if this ever literal good little little little problem other. You don't mean but will see evidence is an abstraction that you you look for in order to fit a criterion that you developed in your mind and so you be careful what you call about what you say evidences because it's an interesting discussion but so why you say the garden of Eden is a problem of children going to marry people from other nearby villages occluded about the oh creation going on that was outside of normal. How do you Jesus.

They had other executors had other children. The Bible says let's see, and the word is in Genesis 3 or four, but they had other children and so these magic her brothers and sisters.

Now you will say well that's not right out of the problem with comic thing that they have other children going lately lately lately.late is a promise, some Pfizer problems chromosomes and women have different go make about good loving is it's a problem is a problem without that out of the garage ribbon got a set use reading stuff and with that the Bible doesn't say excluding possibilities as well. If God created Adam was created to have creating the perfect genetic line. The perfect genetics would be any junk code in their and Eve was taken from him doesn't mean she was identical to him in every area because she wasn't so God did what he did with her and then they reproduced and they had children and had lots of children and then the children married each other and then after many many many many many generations down the line got circuit would stop the this incessantly genetics were prepping work, there's no problem. Well, I divert art Myrtle like the human implied that already following element in the universe where I recall, long time ago in a court that out of the old covenant by the revelation in and got up and looked her on, or even human. In general theory is a general theory that Satan and the angels fell before Adam and Eve were created. Another theory is that Satan fell in the garden when he was trying to deceive the event. Out of all creation that it is easy to do.

You know what's ultimate cause and approximate cause and efficient, because our familiar with those terms will do me.

I get the probably not here right now.

I got the ultimate cause of Adam and Eve in the garden were was God's creative work declared universe. The earth garden he created them.

And when God does this, he is directly involved the proximate cause is God putting Adam and Eve in the garden and allowing the serpent took the district demonic force to come in. So God allowed these things as quick call this approximate cause he'd arrange things with the efficient cause of the rebellion is not God's adamant even if they are the ones who performed the actual act of rebellion. God did not cause them to do that so the efficient cause is the issue and it separate from the proximate cause and so when you want to say will. God did this, and he made them fall. That's not correct. He didn't make them fall. He put the circumstances there.

They freely chose to fall and so therefore God is not responsible for their fall is responsible for the proximate conditions in which they were allowed to fall just as he created you and allowed you to rebel against him. He's not forcing you to think of your own free will go.

If I could go a little further garden even and Adam and Eve are in covenant with God. They break the covenant about their vendor about what makes have been any different than that I'm even having the idea is where you know what will all perfect union with God. Under whatever government you know production everything but what what would prevent you in heaven other than retorted.

Note that with the government, you know you question was clear enough.

I'm sorry. I guess my question is regarding a "work you can live in perfect communion through their covenant with God. Originally, but now why what go to the minute. Heaven will also after the redemption and salvation walk an opportunity and have a talk with you not being cognitively will teach you to see stuff of the covenant aspect of this was a discussion can only appear some time going to check over to talk with validation of the different kinds of covenants there's eternal covenant there's the coming of workup integrates people talk about how many covenants etc. etc. so the covenant aspect is the if you obey him to be fine. If you touch the treaties that trees be lost us the covenant of boundary in the covenant of punishment and the covenant sign was that with the tree in the trees that were there so they broke the covenant. Now in heaven, it's a different situation. The eternal covenant spoke of in Hebrews 1320 with the intra-Trinitarian communion covenant that God the father would give to the son, the elect and the sun would redeem them.

The Holy Spirit apply the redemptive work that covenant is the intra-Trinitarian covenant, which is not dependent upon the font, the faithfulness of the human participant where in the garden. It was through different covenants, so we will enjoy God's faithfulness forever. We can't affect that covenant because between the father the son is reiterated to some degree in John 637 to 40.

When Jesus is all the father has given me come to me so different covenant specs okay and it for a public call again, but will call you a call. I appreciate you your politeness. I do call back sometime I'd like to discuss your human is okay to go is very close to the Lord why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show.

We have three open line 87720722761; J from California, welcome your own hardware like what you wear long in heaven about Holy Spirit had a conversation online study group that by and they said that in order for the antichrist to come that the Holy Spirit had to leave and I will that what you do with the people that are going save during the tribulation could there are those, and if it will add a lot of faith and I don't want you happy.

You can't be saved without the Holy Spirit, so that's why I called you it would.

First of all, of the mystery of lawlessness is already at work.

Only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way so we don't know who that he is taken out of the way.

We don't know what it means to be taken on the way and so some people go in and read this verse to say the Holy Spirit will be taken away from the earth because of preacher bliss rapture what they've done is presuppose two things at the Scripture doesn't teach it might be that the Holy Spirit is taken away, but it does in the Greek is neuter, so we don't know who it is really but with the Holy Spirit minutes is one of the possibilities and was me to be taken away, taken out of the way, was that mean he's gone, maybe not.

That was my thinking that stopping the lawlessness.

Allowing a Rent, but he felt that he hadn't gone anywhere. That's one of the legitimate interpretations of because people get essays taken on the way means he's removed. It doesn't say removal.

The Greek is meant to me on there simply is everywhere. Anyway, it's on the presence rep yell in it.

The Greek word is taken out of the way its neck nestle out of way and would squeak their mess sauce and its position them re-from a lexicon with any and every determined by other objects.

It's something in relationship to other things to take that away. We don't know exact what that means for some of the sacred. This is what it means to be Holy Spirit is no longer on the earth. You can't say that it's a with a look at.

It was a possibility because of his omnipresence vacancies removed and to the Holy Spirit is when it convicts this world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. 60 talks about that 7% and so if people to get save during the tribulation. If it's preacher bliss rapture how they do that the Holy Spirit is not there and I forgot you work that you asked that of the person.

What was that person's answer and quite get that with was a person you would like, but I really had a lot of faith that I go Holy Spirit to give you a good faith with the site make any sense to say they had faith because their unbelievers that unbelievers have a lot of faith that if in the patient view that Christians with was taken out of the way with the Holy Spirit is removed so the antichrist, which is not necessary for Scripture is not necessary at all. Many antichrists have already entered the world Holy Spirit is certainly here. Good for John to so called unfortunately what's happened is that the person who is spent espousing this is just reading in the text. What is not there and it is not very often. So if I had been in the Bible study which I don't go to Bible studies could admissible for people, but if I were to go and if someone said that and if I wanted to really tackle the issue politely raise my head. Excuse me, let me ask questions and you know that the danger and that is make someone look bad.

I want to do that I might take a look. Rev do this is afterwards's privately he said something and we talk about that because what you said is there and etc. it would not embarrass him and so that's the thing, and I think you did well, but we don't know we don't know what this really drains but there is something that is restraining probably the Holy Spirit, who will be not removed from the location, but removed from the sense of restraint so that the work of American writer located action.

I'm sorry, what removed from the action. You know how I say.

I learn umpiring again in a game and I go there but I stopped umpiring I stopped going to balls and strike jihadist you say that the umpire I like that analogy, the umpire steps back 10 feet in and turned his back. You know he's not involved in the game anymore, which is not a great analogy will registered involved Holy Spirit by necessity be there so there's all kinds of questions here that need to be asked of people who hold that position and plus they're just that I love doing this to all you believe in pretrip rapture right. Guess what verses are there for that motive in the field. What is taken with a mouthful and love it with all other couple of hours was that all other couple of hours Are all man like a slug going over with people, I do it very very politely, very, very carefully, because I do not want to embarrass people. But the problem is it when I do something like that in a Bible study. From then on. Usually people don't want to hear. I've been the Bible says, with a say something they look at me goes that okay is that right like a crud you know so go mess people up at all for probably 20 minutes they kicked me out in the Heights basic stuff like thank you so much appreciate your goblins. All that was Jay from California with three open lines folks 877-207-2276 Chuck from North Carolina what's up Chuck or Matt. I've always wondered how long about Romans 121 brief, yet the work that for although they knew God, not on what you like and but they became people in their thinking, and therefore part dark. I wonder a great believer know what's going on there and believe it or not. In this discussion I had last night with some people. This actually came up and back. The woman says she was saying.

I don't believe in God so in the Bible says that I know that God exists. And I said yeah what's happened is you have suppressed the truth of God's knowledge, the knowledge of God in your heart in your own in righteousness. If you read the rest of Romans.

It talks of the judgment of God upon people. The judgment of God is built is adding them believe the lies he gives them over to two there was less than believe the lie is… A form of self-deception that God allows them to participate in this part of the judgment of God and so to gets here to verse what was worse, that was a 21 I think you said even though you knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks just talking generically. They knew who God was, but they just just rejected him and is talking about are just general people, which really important also is verse 18 for the wrath of God is revealed in Greek is the present tense is more than ING to it is not an ING no walking, talking, walk and walking, and so walk is just present tense but walking is a is a participle and so in Greek the present tense is little part is just a little bit of participle reality to it little bit of ING and it and so so it's all because almost render it other the wrath of God is being revealed. But it's not a quick translation but like that idea across. It's an ongoing something that God does. This is against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men that include Christians are so that's an interesting thing.

I think judgment comes with Christians as well and the dentist meter data. Think of something to write you go take them out before they get well in his own you start one other question. The young lady you are talking to before you talked about the something being that while liking very different way I was. That on your floor on. I think that was something I started my memory is that you unbind apologetic. I know not because it looks like 10 years ago, and I've learned a lot since then, so that she thought about going through them and updating them with new stuff that I've learned and expanding them.

In fact, been talking about this actually rewriting them. And making them into something new like a course on logic, a course on Mormonism course on Jehovah's Witnesses a course on whatever and then leaving those living are people pay for them will have the opportunity and I did that schools so it's a major undertaking, and that will be possible – the one I did not know I got North Carolina borrow for my call 707 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show along with Adrian from Michigan. Welcome. That's what I'm doing alright hanging in there and I have a question regarding the need for Israelites adequate, Christian, and I think it is blatantly obvious why their doctrine is wrong and with that one thing that I have been trying to look into it them is there belief that it be original to you and that you know the Jews that we see today are our imposters. I have been on the sea. If there is, yeah, been trying to get any information on act, can't seem to find anything that might really and point you know you know even like to show them why what they believe when it comes to that thought. I know what it is because their doctrine is you know so it is looking at, you know, try to find information on and I want to know if you could elaborate working that may be headed information where to find that you know to explain what they are the true dissent is not that they budget information because according to things that they have I guess looked at that yet you know they believe that they are the true Jews, you know, I just want to see if you had any information on you know, at the opposite end as to why that information is not accurate. Well, what is hard to prove a negative. They have to prove the positive. Try to prove a negative in that you're not, because it can be done so I don't have anything off the top my head that I can give you to refute with their same. What I like to do when people make assertions as to say well okay K demonstrate the truth of that and since they claim to understand the word of God, the Bible. Then Ellen asked about it and they can go to the 28th of the limitations five is different places that they can go to in the Bible to kind of imply things. The reputation comes by reading the context is read the context and then their ideas fall apart and that that's how I refute things like that.

And because BHI is so varied that you're so many factions within it that you can't say that this is what you believe because you BHI you have to ask, "what you believe to believe this, to believe that like most BHI people are peaceful and don't believe that white people are our devils, and some of BHI do believe that so you can ask you know this, some wanton violence and some don't. So just variations and stuff to find out so with this and then you ask him to show it and then you look at the context of that's how you do it just a course or to connect context so as yeah we do have a little bit of information on Carmel on the black humor is right stuff so check it out there and around. I don't want guy vocab Malone. He's out of Arizona and this guy knows BHI stuff backwards and forwards. When I was down there couple years ago. He never driving around in a circuit. Teach me and for an hour. He was just going. He knows his stuff really well and you. It really is quite a varied and deep topic in a lot of ways. So the excellent justice vocab on mom or Mary are with you not know he does very well that is pouting that doctrine, you know, I mean a lot of them are very biased. I know people personally who on a regular basis will engage with them and they they they come across as like varied diet and not open to hearing what you have to say you know is this is a people who were against them, so to speak against white and will listen or the black people talk to my mom listen to them as well they won't listen to them as well. The one like the one I bought right along that I know who is to have conversations with them are black. Well, pretty good and not accurate but you know they you notes into like for example that it can be blatantly obvious that you know it's been presented to them like a certain passage in why wonder how they interpret getting it is wrong, but they are like a moppet you know.

Still, making it seem like you're wrong right rather than a committing that it rather than admitting that there right or even saying you know I'll go back and look on that they do that, you know what here's when I meet people like that. What I do know that the they don't listen to anything I deal with issues of falsifiability and there just so close minded that the officer brainwashed. Then when I have to do is listen to them and ask questions and then they will want to tell you everything and then by listening and having them answer questions and let them just talk you know I will then be able to sooner or later find out problems with her saying and I want to book earlier you said blah blah blah. But now you're saying you so that doesn't go to the metrics.

Please explain what I'm doing is having them refute themselves and that's what I want to do and and not have a principle that says that every single religious system except for Christianity is ultimately self refuting.

Unclear which group or care what so all you do is listen and when you start finding the problems. I'm sure you you you have done this kind of thing. Talk to, then they will refuse to listen and they would all do those a site you're refusing to listen is that the pursuit of truth, or is it not the pursuit of truth. If you refuse to listening to the problems and issues is how I plant seeds. You're right on thinking that regular godless men.

All right, let's get to Ryan from Utah here. I welcome your on the air that you, back in Utah after the reader and driving again that I like distracted Roman chapter denied about the elect to direct you is a more that I write. You're right right right right okay I just wanted because this is shorthand because there's a guy in Salt Lake City who's listening. He runs the radio station down there and wish that on which the show is played showing he texted me and says you want to talk to you if you want to do lunch or something. So if you are interested. That guy's name silently different guy yes is this lesson is Russ East a great guy but if you if you're interested, email negative, you know, and I'll forward it to him with not, but it's wanted to convey that information. Okay right room is not.

Go ahead, find out what I believe I look because I don't believe that I love like you challenge my thoughts are preset that I love digging deeper into the Scriptures. That's what I love about it though calling and election or being elect. I thought with a very interesting chapter, there is nothing that alarmed me birthday. There's a couple of areas that I did have the positive thing and I hope you understand what I do when I giving something I try to say okay I would get a read it and let it be for me not to try to have a pre-composer. Preconceived notions necessarily baby I cannot think that I I definitely I believe might label it didn't back in and I apologize I don't.

I have written down. Maybe you could tell me the area. There's one father talked about God. That's a murder that ruined the actual verbiage but the creature had already pretty but you know, you elected and we can't get that or become back according you I feel a little different and jump in at any point if you want you directly or are you saying this is not done on paper there this evening out of Romans nine you talking about Romans nine yeah okay so when it's made of it. If it what it what about that chapter were you saying got elected pretest and that's Ephesians 145 subject. It's what a sense and the a lot of Christians have trouble with Ephesians 145 and Romans nine 9023 all warm inside.

All Jehovah's Witnesses do all Chris Adelphi was due, but some Christians have problems with it because of the elevation of human free will and human sovereignty, and at the expense of God's greatness. Romans nine is a difficult chapter unless you believe that God elect predestines it is sovereign, then it all makes sense and would I get I done with ordination where the bill whether it would end up. I don't think about and predict amazing. And then there's like no no alternate route put it in her life that her determinism with election and predestination means biblically and theologically God elects God chooses people for salvation and he predestines those elect into salvation. He works that that salvation in them and is different ways and I generally don't believe that. I know you're Mormon. We are free will know it doesn't does it. In other words, what know it only of having the will and having the option to choose God. It doesn't mean everyone has the option read no, but you don't understand what free will is and to be don't have much time with free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with your nature that are also not forced upon you and the Bible says the unbeliever will call the references would have time says by the Bible as the unbeliever is a hater of God can do no go does not seek for God is full of evil is dead in trespasses and sins, is a hate it here. God and I cannot his heart. This pre-heart wicked heart can he be trusted so that the Bible says about the unbeliever, the unbelievers free.

He's free to choose consistent with his fallenness. He will never freely choose God, which is why the Bible says in John 665. For example, Jesus is you cannot come to me that's been granted to you from the father and first Peter 13. You have been caused to be born again in John 113 you're born again, not of your own will. You are granted belief. Philippians 129 your granted repentance second Timothy 225 they said what must we do to work the works of God and Jesus is.

This is the work of God, that you believe, on whom you sent John 622 29 so what you're doing without knowing it is your you're actually argued against the revealed word of God. You're saying no, we don't have free will know we do have free will that all believers have free will. Therefore there will is free to choose a bailout, the right because the date there are status and their negative that's right are slaves of sin. Romans 614 to 23 haters of God will be 3 to 11 and 12 so that's why God has to grant that the belief Lukens 129 because of born again. First Peter 13. Why would why would God grant everyone to believe could clarify what you think is right out because he doesn't want to tell you why would God not want everyone to be elect not want to have Evelyn come with them again because he had not live on again no live with him again but answer the question is not in with Romans 922 and 23 – 21, 22 and 23. What if guy says it does not the potter have a right don't have time to go.


What if God also willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so they can build the riches of the glory that is the only thing back again tomorrow benefit of any ability that felt great conversation that I find the guy bless you, my grace is

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