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June 30, 2020 10:45 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 30, 2020 10:45 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is amillennialism---2- Are we told where the ark of the covenant was during the life of Jesus---3- Was Paul married before his conversion---4- What are the wicked ways that we can turn from in 2 Chronicles 7-14---5- Is it okay for women to street preach to unbelievers---6- Is the sovereignty of God a secondary doctrine---7- What is the best passage to discuss federal headship-

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The previously recorded gnats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a matter why Rimes is called what was your reporting, how you doing, not only will cough up some student going on to my voice a little bit deeper than normal under this would happen sometime. So one of the residual want to give me a call. We are five open lines 877-207-2276 doing that and I would see so little liberty know that we are working on a new website just to continue to inform you about that little bit of it were a couple months I'll probably be have so much to do. I whittled it down to two other language sites languages out with about 6000 articles go through and that's a lot of work to reach one soul has good takeoff oh couple months for few of us to want to whittle through all that stuff and it will have a new website will be a modern looking and really nice and hopefully everything will really well with that. So please pray if you are so inclined to support his nuts out there efforts virtually support us is that we have three open line of escaping if I lines 877-207-2276 now has been happening for the summer and often happens is that people call in the last half of the hours of the first half because getting off work at home.

Whatever might be so watching the call to fill that in. And also we have schools three online schools that thing to talk about with out with some school with the school of theology, or school apologetics in school, critical thinking and they are there on the website on and right hand side. I really recommend that if you want to learn anything about the Bible, learn what the Bible teaches about various topics.

If you have a good theology, you'll be able to understand what the Bible's teaching and so many other areas. It'll just make sense. And that's what you need to understand is that we had a good foundation in the word of God like what the Trinity is what justification is, things like that you won't be able to understand a lot of what in the Scriptures and we want you to become well equipped so that you can thoroughly, thoroughly understand the word of God and present the word of God and I've developed the schools over. I got a year and 1/2. And there's a lot of information in there but it's easy to understand what percent so check that out as good a car that will go and if you sign up for the school.

Just give 24 hours normally works fine right away so we have glitch and which might work to be building the new schools all over again. Hopefully the be ready by the end of the year.

I am brand-new with quizzes with tests and the illegal cooking dinner for the great stuff so hope like that. All right for the lines which you may call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to John from North Carolina, John, welcome your on your money you will are you free up my mail.

I'm probably not that I will comment on that means that the when it speaks of the thousand year reign, because it's in Revelation 20, which is very very symbolic and it's a type of the thousand year reign there. In Revelation 20, multiple taken literally, but but when you look at is that I saw an angel, not literal.

Coming up in heaven that's literal, holding a key of the abyss that would be figurative and a great chain in his hand.

Everything laid hold of the Dragon that's figurative the serpent of old, that's literal with the devil and Satan literal and done it for thousand years. So does that mean well when you take the word thousand and you do some research on it, you find out that God uses it a little bit different than what we do is like saying a billion. So God owns it is so a days, days, but a thousand years without today and God's on the cattle on a thousand hills. So the word thousand is used as a just a large number like we would say you know a couple billion and so that was going on there and then when you look at other verses where it says that Satan is already bound.

That's Matthew 12 2232 Jesus talks about that. So there's some things that Jesus says that when he comes back he will take the wicked out of his kingdom. That's what he says no that's not taught from it. Hardly any pulpits, and I think because they have denominational loyalty is to keep the thing is it's it says that this was a days of Noah social would be that the Son of Man they were eating, they were drinking, they were getting their day that Noah entered the ark of the flood came and destroyed them all to middling the field was taken of the context is the wicked were taken and so taken out of this area there wiped out so this is not what I say this tell people right away were listening to my berating I wrestling what but this is not a real common view but that's what I see the Scriptures and also this is Adam I'm blabbing. Jesus says Matthew 1330 talks with the wheat and the tares, and he also talks about this age and the age to come to ages in the Bible this age. Next, the end of this age. Certain things happen. That's what he says of the Paul the apostle says. And so Jesus as you know, that we, the tears and allow both to grow together till the end of the age. I will say the reapers first gather the tears and bought lined up to be burned so thick TSS. When I read that years ago. I'm staring at what was me was that. And so it took me two years of going back and forth over its motorcycle for publicly said that's what it says. So he takes the wicked first and then the good bidder taken is what I do says in Matthew 1330 so that I will ark of the covenant. Yes, it's the the 10 Commandments, two copies of tenant. Each tenant and the jar of manna and errands run that blotted manna dry dog real quick. We told with the ark of the code. It was during that is no let's years there has been discussed. There have been discussions of and try to remember because your question back in my head read articles years and years ago and when I remember, if a member correctly that I think the guy just I can't remember. Remember, if the ark was in Jerusalem at the time of Christ or not.

I know I think it I do not and I just don't know because I've heard different things that wasn't there and that it probably was there and that it's been buried under some interesting theories about where it might be so one in Ethiopia one actually Jerusalem and I think Chuck missed I'm one who brought this up. He said remember all the stuff he said that on the Mount word Christ was crucified for sure, but the fault line there and so there's apparently some a cave underneath their some some places there is some people think the ark of the covenant might be there, and I've been to that location and you'll be the place of the skull. That's I've seen it and that's what it looks like just as a skull answer one of the theories is that when Christ's blood shed on the cross that it it went was on the ground filming all fell down in the track when the earthquake opened may be the blood then dripped on the ark of the covenant. There on the mercy seat.

That's just conjecture but it's fun. Conjecture okay okay all right you look in the goblins just North Carolina folks are going to McCall. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 blab let's go to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome here in America around the block. Adequate in the Scriptures. Paul he was single as a believer, but my question is before he became encounter Christ. Christ encountered him on the when the market was all been married under the Jewish recommendation order a requirement to be what he was that the position at the Jew liquor yet most probably once so we can go to first think is 95 and Paul says, do we not have a right to take along a believing wife, even as the rest of the apostles of the daughters of the Lord Cephas so sorry for first point is 95 first Corinthians 95 okay stared at birth rate occurred in the Roman Catholic view of the priests not being married is is doubly problematic for one will find that in Scripture. Just don't.

And second, you don't find priests in the New Testament except for the kingdom of priests that we are all believers. So we do have the right or the people and clergy do have the right to marry her do with him?

What are the graphic people I want to get into the I think it was before you begin. Now it certainly looks like it you know that you get a good working printing the blanks needed for doing anything.

A lot.

All right a photo for open lines. Let's give me a call 877-207-2276 let's go to Courtney from Ohio Courtney welcome your bank) are, I now what typically are the wicked way that we people can turn well it's actually talking about Israel and will be it a habit to do that either you and so what we can do. We can draw principles from it. So let's just relive the context okay the Seth Solomon finish the house of the Lord in the king's palace and successfully completed all that he planned on doing the house of the Lord and in his palace and the Lord appeared to Solomon at night and said to him, I have heard your prayers have chosen this place for myself as a house of sacrifice.

If I set up to heaven, so that there is no rain, or if I command the locus to devour the land or if I send a petulance among my people and my people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, and I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. So what you talking about you talk about Chris rather talk about the people of Israel the house of Israel and that if God were to judge them for what they did if they were to repent and turn to them or to God. They will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now that's which aimed at now can we apply it to us. That's the question we do what's called hermeneutics. We want to always look at what the text originally says and who directly addressed to okay to do this after the all right right. I got the call 72072276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to show McCall if open lines 877-207-2276 Courtney from Ohio you still there are so we can see by reading the context of the context is not about Christians today. It's about the house of Israel and this phrase is used in other areas the house with the Lord's name is things like that and so the first application is is is its historical context. We do not want to take something that was meant to Israel and then ported over to us and say C is for us today. Not necessarily. It might be, but it might not be so how do we find this out. What we do is relative. Tell people is when do doing this kind of analysis is to picture a target that you shoot arrows into in the center.and then there's a ring and ring and wrinkles on the · is the verse itself, and then you look just one ring out there what's its immediate context. And this is so critical and so God is talking to the covenant people of Israel and saying boys talking to Solomon stuff, but he sang that you need to abide by what I'm telling you and others principle here because covenant is a packet agreement between two or more parties, and so God had covenant with Israel for various think of the various covenants if they break his covenant curses and trouble. Follow the keep the covenant blessings follow. This is Old Testament. Some people say there's a new covenant in the New Testament. Now there is a new covenant because the old covenant is done away with this, the death of Christ.

Hebrews 813, 952 60. No question is where the stipulations of that covenant and we have to see if they they match. Have a good research on this. My spare time while five seconds of and so I'm looking at the new covenant issue in the book of Hebrews and I'm not finding what people tell me that it is people are telling.

It's just a side note, people tell them it's about anybody's Christian and I'm not finding that finding it again. The house of Israel is a says house of Jacob and Israel, but nevertheless solicits cloudless concentric circles.

Is there a principal here though that we can lay claim to, and I think the rents I think that we could understand and agree that if we Christians in the land. Honor God, then God will bless us and that if we don't honor him. He will not bless us. I think this is a very basic principle and we see this kind of a thing throughout the Old Testament. We also see it in the New Testament where people do what's right before God, and God blesses them he sends them places he anoints them and when they break covenant faithfulness he destroys them like on an analysis of fire when they lied to the Holy Spirit. They were killed, and so there's a judgment that comes upon people but you know, for the most part with God will bless bless us.

So I want to really does.

But in order to get that blessing we have to walk in his way with the love our neighbor and love God did not bow before idols not put thing. Things that we like him.

I want a bighearted big bank account and all health and everything and then will follow Jesus when comfortable this kind of idolatry needs to be stopped and things like that.

So when we look at this issue it would apply to ourselves in the Christian context, we have to understand that judgment begins in the household of God and if this applies to us that we Christians need to repent a great deal and I believe that the if we do, God will bless our nation and the repentance of the Christian needs to go through is to put God first in his life in all areas and not seek those earthly pleasures for the sake of earthly pleasures is no problem with having a big screen TV and a nice car is not a problem if those get in the way of your fellowship with Christ and your love your neighbor, then it's a problem and we need to uphold the great commission and put it upon our hearts to give support and pray for those who are involved in a ministry work to the pastors and teachers, the elders, various missionaries and to support them.

The Christian church needs to be using its attributes and its talents that were given for that purpose.

And if the church is not doing it but instead is saying let's make the church comfortable for unbelievers is that of a little uncomfortable for believers comfortable for the unbelievers, which means don't be too offensive a really gentle and I see YC and that means that the Christians are really becoming equipped.

Well, if that's gonna happen in the Christians aren't being equipped with her being babysat and bottle-fed, then we Christians are not doing what we are doing or supposed be doing. If the people who are called by his name Christian will humble themselves and pray and seek his face and turn from their wickedness. He'll hear us. I believe that principle is still true and will forgive us and he'll heal, but there you have back right are Christian effect of the great I and I don't know now Manny and I can't talk I mean I get that observation that we don't know what that much on perfect side and I am not with dateline and also find anything at the event. We've had a hard time finding a church I find a lot of churches that do it that I think now you thickly want to do it that you can't find a church and not even in charge of my bride it happened and allow you not get the paper people. I want you to pray for me to hear me wait wait wait across a passage that is just better to pray for time in out anything that I would now typically I really like Ray comfort and I thought it was. I mean I would have to learn. I like my way of putting what I do find somebody when he heard I was my way of thinking when I went in like a telemarketer, like no you think you stated that like they are prepared, something like that your that. When I'm talking right now. Let's not bring just brag a little bit. I've done opener with Ray going to the beach and swapped pulpits with the more so boxes and the done opener with them. So he's a great guy and all, and is confusing warmhearted open arms and he's great at what he does but do not like that when I click the box is right that 177207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back the show at the bottom of the hour. You will recall, we have three open line 877-207-2276 Courtney are still there right now. I got good hair were black. He parked… If you want to go around and talk one-on-one. You we never talked about the rain so I don't know. I think it was predominantly woman crowded woman want to talk. I think of you fine. It's not she done elders is not a church is not in the church context. So whenever I like that break yeah it because it's a gray area, but the reason he gets on a boxes he short and said yeah and so he does that, but yet it is a great technique but one personal neglect out of the crowd. He's good at doing that and then people who work with them will grant have individual conversations when I like to do in groups like that is to when the person is doing open-air many times look to when they do what I like to watch the crowd and see there's any hecklers and I will check hecklers if there can be difficult and only got this about that it apologetics, jump right in there and then step away from them and start us a mini group that the takeover that is often what happens. So we work together we coordinate together and it's real privileged church like I have are the other out there know if I were a pastor.

The church again. What I would do is train people to do that go out with him occasionally because I'm always working like I've done years of street evangelism swap meet ministry going out of the beach and doing various things prison ministry and now I elected preach and teach over the radio and online live, but you people need to be encouraged to do it, but most people just don't know anything.

I believe that part of the reason is churches are just teaching them how to how to be happy okay for a one if you don't live that nature and in line with what silent as about. I know how when the pastor great paragraph let it go. What if you know I was out in your area and and we met and we are out walking someplace in and the nonsense I hate to see this happen say aren't you Matt slick as I get known everything on the insula conversation starts right… A bunch of women start coming to the group and I look to you and you know if you want to jump in no go for disc. If that's the case against him to say I would have no problem with that little with my view kind because you can do it. I would have no problem if you're talking to a guy that surely were protected and things like that. I'd be there and keep out of it. If you're having a conversation that was saying Bill McKeever actually quote calling this with me, Saskatchewan. We clean your own fish music, talking to somebody don't have someone else come and take over and Lester asked. So I go out I just sit and let not let join people in the conversations I standing there and backing them up.

That's elected to the back people up so that they get the exposure and what about the car I like church. The person who should be teaching fellow to go out and he said I church function and he should be teaching in the church about evangelism and women should maybe ask ask to see the Bibles asked to see the and this turn to the end of Matthew and see the great commissions in the Bibles was crossed out or missing and now I have a conflict. But the other back there when I would like to know that they're not. I think they're good people like you don't have any fair.

I know that deleting God yet knows so well this is it.

You know, and opacity do to be doing what the Bible says to do instead of babysitting Christians making comfortable the Bible nowhere. So just make people comfortable as is equivalent to the work of ministry. That's what it set up your cross daily and follow after me. That's what were called to do as Christians that's it.I want to know, 63, and you know 65 was retirement retiring. I was going to continue on as long as I possibly can to serve my Lord, whatever capacity Woody. It doesn't matter if I even have to end up being a janitor someplace, then I will serve God doing that I would consider it to be work for the Lord my God and I would do it for his glory and I would look for opportunities to witness even that context. This is our hearts. The heart of Christ ever supposed to have his Christians and if we don't have that heart that is externally motivated to care for others to preach the gospel to others then were not accessing that spirit of Christ within us.

We don't have the heart of Christ in us in the sacrificial means of getting out there getting that word preached into just like Jesus did. Just like Paul did in the supper for the faith.

That's what it is that Jesus says, pick up your cross if you don't think of your cross, not worthy of me. This is what Christ is taught.

You don't hear this much in churches because people want to come back because not make a comfortable I'll tell you if I would preach and I sometimes think you know… Say it was a pastor that secure had a six-month hiatus, whatever, and they asked me to come in and fill in its are you sure you sure you will become and fill in.

Because reminders are numbers you might lose people to preach the word and say that they want doing it already, but is that kind of a thought, you know, because I'm with you. I just don't think a lot of what is is these be taught to start when I preach him prop preach for a few months I needed. I miss it but I get very enthused and I moved in and I it's the words he likes the word of God is its incredible getting to hear it, preach it, live it as Christians I'm excited to work and needed anyway. I'm okay okay alright Courtney thinker, I alright folks want to call with C4 open lines 877-207-2276 give a call.

Matt from hot Springs, Arkansas.

Matt, welcome to the show.

You're obviously highly intelligent and other person. I appreciate that the name obviously is because of the name Magus. That's just as well I think you are our software showing to, you know, making available to people the way you do and especially for your work you've done on for the four Jehovah's Witnesses in an organization between you and James why I had enough to you know have lengthy debates with regional head of Arkansas for a Jehovah's Witnesses a friend of mine is you know caught up in that and so your material is very very helpful for me gave me everything I needed to know so I didn't want to say thank you for that. First of all good when you talk to them or him did it that's it's something to Ms. Casey was stuffed up and notching a Bible lesson on the seventh but did it.

You think because in the sink. I never thought of that kind of stuff. Yes I do. You know you'd actually very easy going guy laid back very easy to talk to it.

It's just I don't know how effective anything was wheat we kinda zoned in on the deity of Christ is where I'm direct everything. I just wanted to pinpoint down on that I had about 100 things from are sitting that I was ready to speak about any talk about but we never really got into it knowing he kind of disappeared what we got to the point of the beacon about Brooklyn and just people are out there that are writing the decision to stay with my new students will translation there right when you want. Once we got to that point started going to textural discrepancies in the word and things like it kind of ended there.

He didn't have any green egg you know, training himself so that was pretty much the end of the road for about the article to say thank you for that lovely walk by God's grace still have a question mark yes sir yes my question is actually in regard to a meeting that I found and then later on found out that it was on legionnaire website Steve Lawson really refers to the sovereignty of God is not being a secondary email. Now every call.

Lines 877077 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling back at one line 772072276 from hot Springs or Arkansas.

Welcome area and again I think we are at it, I would present my question about the Lawson area terminate in out about the sovereignty of God and the doctrine of sovereignty and know stating that it not a secondary truth that it is the Mount Everett Everest of doctrine that it it is the bedrock of all doctrine are quotes from him. And so I posted the mean what what happened is that starting in the attack that will now you're trying to add to the gospel that the sovereignty of Christ to the personhood of Christ and the attributes of God, to whatever degree are not essential to the gospel so I don't believe that. Personally, but I did want to hear your thoughts on lady how you how you would handle the sovereignty of Christ the sovereignty of God in terms of a gospel presentation or the gospel being essential will when I get the gospel I don't mention the sovereignty of God mentioned the law, the gospel and the cost. The three aspects I think need to be presented and apologetics is where the issue of sovereignty of God comes in so different people have different ways of emphasizing different doctrines. Now the sovereignty of God, of courses is incredibly important doctrine and it means that God has the right to do with his creation as he desires. He sovereignty could culture whatever he desires. This is important we Christians need to know that it's really a paramount doctrine for Christians to know we arty know the doctrine of the Trinity that Jesus is God in flesh and salvation is by grace through faith in Christ, not by works, not by baptism? And also the sovereignty of God because we have to face the issues in life of losing family members, financial difficulties, health difficulties, etc. as well as blessings that come in which we have to understand that God is sovereign over all of these. Nothing occurs without his permission. And so this is what is really important for the Christians to understand sovereignty more so that I would think the unbelievers and believers can't really accept the things of the sovereignty of God, so to speak because they're not believers, yet they understand so not sure with the gentleman was getting at her trying to target your what were that were accommodated.

I would say that I mean yeah I don't believe it.

Unbelievers necessarily can understand who the picture that many came and have faith.

Faith is impossible to the unbeliever so we did a lot of things that are impossible for the unbeliever when it comes to biblical truth is for me when it comes to the person of Christ by what what I see in Scripture is that if somebody were to say that they were a believer, but Andy being given the gospel to be have no understanding of the sovereignty of Christ or of God.

They don't believe in him being above all things. They can't reduce the personhood of Christ to place worth no longer Christ. Now when I would say that saving gospel if you're given the wrong Christ will that's true, but careful because people don't know what the sovereignty of God. They may not even understand what that means. A lot of Christians don't know the word word, maybe not, but the concept of God being above all things like your own words her own understanding. At least have to recognize that that the way God is will backup using too much. When economists think you're saying sovereignty isn't exactly what it is you're saying that they need know that God above all things being above all things, is really not very descriptive and we talk what sovereignty you define your terms so it if you do it rain line ordaining if you don't define your terms we are discussing disabled people, then confusion and resentment will stick.

Look will come into play. So sovereignty, like I said earlier means that God has the right to do with his creation as he desires with good or bad to us is that right so that's what that means to say he's above all thought on a separate network very the personhood of God in Christ in terms of the gospel. Noel no I never see that is a requirement of being taught in the gospel. The gospel is a death bill resurrection of Christ and the gospel is what saves us so we did. But can you delay the name Christ without also having any. I mean just growling the word Christ means a lot more than just the work right now but not the word I hear you look if you are witnessing unbeliever, you know you have ways of saying things well. In a sense, it is somebody's Jesus Christ is God in flesh dying. The cross bar since it is body and the cross on the basics. I don't want to go into doctrines of sovereignty. Can you call me cannot have Tyler Eisele union so rate limit. Let me reframe my question a little bit. Reese Taylor current data is that what whatever we say that Christ is God in the flesh now use another word God, and I think that there has to be a deeper understanding of who God is, that you come up to the person is gotten given your your general gospel presentation of the death, burial, resurrection, I would include an attention, but it doesn't sound like I said yes you please goat you go through this thing in the weeks after they've said there saved and then you ask away Christ and they don't understand sovereignty at that.

They don't even know the most you go way too far exceed the job of the church is to equip the Christians and to train them so you can be saved, not even knowing the Trinity is not having a good understanding of the Trinity or was called the committee Connie Wiedemann somewhere.

The attributes of both natures of Christ prescribed a single person which is which validates the nature and sufficiency.

The tolling work they don't know that kind of stuff, but this is essential to knowing who Christ is ultimately where would you draw the line and say this is what doctrine you had a known or to be true Christian laissez by Dr. were saved by the grace of Christ in the Christian church is there to equip us and then they go so if two weeks later someone doesn't understand the sovereignty of God doesn't mean you're not saved, it means they haven't been taught yet so their version of their version of Christ after they've you don't profess to be Christians, is a nonsovereign Christ, you still believe that person is saved. I don't know. I would have to ask more questions. I will jump all over him and say sorry to be true Christian you believe the complete sovereignty of God nondisabled would he think that will jump all over my and in terms of just getting the question, architect, it had a profound question. I know that there is any answer answer okay this thing I would do is ask more questions and I would just come alongside them and show them the word of God and show them where God is sovereign over the I do that, quietly, patiently, lovingly and and that's what has to be done. That's what we do as teachers so I'm everything you're saying that aside from I would probably person that understand that God or Christ. It who God is or who Christ is, it if the personhood of God in Christ event understood to be sovereign and I don't believe that the saving gospel light up the wrong insight and religion like this that you could glean a lot hold wears a say in the Bible, you have to believe in the sovereignty of Christ in order to be Christian. The word Christ and if you don't have that is been the gold on vanity hold on things on it. I know what you're jumping. You just going off the rails here.

I'm asking specific questions Chillingworth necessary to sit to that to be said it's not there when you say will Christ and then you you what you do is you picking this one aspect of his nature is a net of know that what about hypostatic union. The committee got to do much and you know but the committee got in the month.

Yeah I would say that the hypostatic union to be able God may believe that the limiting and if there half height understood I has to get right Matt I asked you know with the highest of its community. Can you cut to a gym item is I don't know. I don't know what that is.

I never heard that not been met and how I can save you the true Christ, do you how hippest to saving gospel don't know.

Know your video here to do it if I'm try to listen. I would term all and I did not. It would have.

I would be benign if you met look, look, I'm sorry my answers aren't you worried him to try to answer know you going off you not hearing you yourself don't know something that you want someone else to be required to know if it was the different doctrine. Why is it that they have to know about God's Christ sovereignty. But you don't have to know about the committee Connie Wiedemann from the communicative you might miss a necessity for the sufficiency, the atoning work of Christ. What are the odds that maybe I do know what that is not just a little bit early so if you are to fight if you're going to find out for me right now and I'll tell you if I do or don't know about it because maybe I study that in Scripture and I just don't know that word, I just can't help laughing about sovereignty and got look, I'm trying to help you did what you preaches Christ and him crucified.

Then you teach them the truth about Christ. More and more later on if they don't know something patiently, lovingly teach them if they continue to reject a true doctrine like that then you have to doubt their salvation takes given time. Okay are no longer to take somebody that God is sovereign when you're preventing the gospel to make sure that they understand on the front end without having all this worry about that mean I don't understand what the question how to take.

There is no answer the question okay is no answer the question because Sue is going that God reigns and ordains all things I okay move along now. I'm sorry I'm trying to work with you. You have to have a hobbyhorse that you just you just beaten this.

I'm trying to help you but look, I understand that what you can preempt right was going on. I'm sorry but that's us from Ohio. Welcome.

You're on the go while you want to talk about federal headship and that that's verses were that are what you think. Ephesians 522 522 is a representation that's manifestation of the first contents 1522, which says in Christ all to be in Adam all die in Christ almost made alive first 2015 20 to go to Romans 518 in the NASB, that's the correct translation. The other translations below it right there.

There's a reason I remember that I can explain it sometime people really want me to explain it but to others and that I thought I had that article right here that a marketer had good and the other verses are Hebrews 772 10 and those of the verses that established federal headship and you can also see the manifestation of that in the garden of chapter 3, Genesis 3 and when Adam and Eve, for they send a but she send first, but sin entered the world through him not to hurt. Romans 512 and then when they were both hiding the prerecorded Christ came and said to the man where are you signifying he had that representative authority came to him what would be the limiting factor.

All of a sudden, creatures do you or three just on their photo and probably that's all that in this time that there is none of the itchy itching ears yeah the fact it with pastors and elders exists in the church's is one of the signs of apostasy in the Christian church because men are failing to do their job. I preached know that they don't know federal headship. They don't understand federal headship that instead of the Bible in depth the in my opinion with her fingers and blown up and put up in here she was with Dr. so let's have a letter that I met is as it ran and FAF. That's right folks have a great weekend and the church hi Ray, Grace

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